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SpectralWave MN9100


Term and Acronym List

Add-Drop Multiplexer Alarm Indication Signal Automatic Laser Shutdown Access Point Automatic Protection Switching Asynchronous Transfer Mode Administrative Unit Administrative Unit Group Administrative Unit Loss of Pointer Administrative Unit, level n Administrative Unit Alarm Indication Signal Background Block Error Background Block Error Ratio Bit Error Ratio Bit Interleaved Parity Bit Interleaved Parity-X Bridge Clock Clear Container-n Connection Point Connection Request Cyclic Redundancy Check Cyclic Redundancy Check-N Consecutive Severely Errored Seconds
Operation Guide

298 Appendix A Term and Acronym List CV DCC DCN DEC DEG DEGTHR DS DXC E/O E0 E11 E12 E22 E31 E32 E4 EB EBC ECC EDC EDCV EMF EOW EQ ES ET EX EXER Operation Guide Code Violation Data Communications Channel Data Communications Network Decrement Degraded Degraded Threshold Defect Second Digital Cross Connect Electrical/Optical Electrical Interface Signal 64 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 1544 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 2048 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 8448 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 34 368 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 44 736 kbit/s Electrical Interface Signal 139 264 kbit/s Errored Block Errored Block Count Embedded Control Channel Error Detection Code Error Detection Code Violation Equipment Management Function Engineering Order-Wire Equipment Electrical Section Extra Traffic Extinction ratio Exercise SpectralWave MN9100 .

Appendix A Term and Acronym List 299 EXER-R EXER-S ExSL ExTI F_B F_DS F_EBC FAL FAS FBBE FC FDS FEBC FEBE FERF FES FIFO FLS FM FOP FPM FPME FS FS FSES FS-P FS-R FS-S SpectralWave MN9100 Exercise-Ring Exercise-Span Expected Signal Label Expected Trace Identifier Far-end Block Far-end Defect Second Far-end Errored Block Count Frame Alignment Loss Frame Alignment Signal Far-end Background Block Error Failure Counts Far-end Defect Second Far-end Errored Block Count Far End Block Error (renamed as REI) Far End Receive Failure (renamed as RDI) Far-end Errored Second First In First Out Frame Loss Second Fault Management Failure Of Protocol Flicker Phase Modulation Far-end Performance Monitoring Event Forced Switch Frame Start Signal Far-end Severely Errored Second Forced Switch to Protection Forced Switched Working to Protection-Ring Forced Switched Working to Protection-Span Operation Guide .

300 Appendix A Term and Acronym List FS-W FU GNE HEC HEC HO HO HOA HOI HOP HOPM HOPT HOTCA HOTCT HOVC HP HPA HPC HP-DEG HP-EXC HPOM HPP HP-SSF HPT HP-TIM HP-UNEQ HRP HSUT Operation Guide Forced Switch to Working Functional Unit Gateway Network Element Header Error Check Header Error Control Higher Order Hold Off Higher Order Assembler Higher Order Interface Higher-Order Path Higher-Order Path Matrix Higher-Order Path Termination Higher-Order Tandem Connection Adaptation Higher-Order Tandem Connection Termination Higher Order Virtual Container Higher order Path Higher order Path Adaptation Higher order Path Connection Higher order Path Degraded Higher order Path Excessive Errors Higher order Path Overhead Monitor Higher order Path Protection Higher order Path Server Signal Fail Higher order Path Termination Higher order Path Trace Identifier Mismatch Higher order Path Unequipped Hypothetical Reference Path Higher order path Supervisory Unequipped Termination SpectralWave MN9100 .

LOP Loss of Frame Lower Order Interface Loss of Multiframe Operation Guide . LOM. generic for LOF.Appendix A Term and Acronym List 301 HTCA HTCM HTCT HUG I/F ID IEC IF IFU IG INC IncAIS IP IRA IS ISF ISID ISM ISO LCD LCN LED LO LO LOA LOF LOI LOM SpectralWave MN9100 Higher order path Tandem Connection Adaptation Higher order path Tandem Connection Monitor Higher order path Tandem Connection Termination Higher order path Unequipped Generator Interface Identifier Incoming Error Count In Frame state Interworking Functional Unit International Gateway Increment Incoming AIS Interworking Protocol International Reference Alphabet Intermediate System Incoming Signal Failure Idle Signal Identification In-Service Monitoring International Organization for Standardization Loss of Cell Delineation Local Communications Network Light-Emitting Diode Lockout Lower Order Loss of Alignment.

302 Appendix A Term and Acronym List LOP LOP LOS LOVC LP LP LPA LPC LP-DEG LP-EXC LPOM LPP LP-S LP-SSF LPT LP-TIM LP-UNEQ LSUT LTC LTCA LTCM LTCT LTI LUG MD MF MFI MI Operation Guide Loss of Pointer Lower-Order Path Loss of Signal Lower Order Virtual Container Lower order Path Lockout of Protection Lower order Path Adaptation Lower order Path Connection Lower order Path Degraded Lower order Path Excessive Errors Lower order Path Overhead Monitor Lower order Path Protection Lockout of Protection-Span Lower order Path Server Signal Fail Lower order Path Termination Lower order Path Trace Identifier Mismatch Lower order Path Unequipped Lower order path Supervisory Unequipped Termination Loss of Tandem Connection Lower order path Tandem Connection Adaptation Lower order path Tandem Connection Monitor Lower order path Tandem Connection Termination Loss of all Incoming Timing references Lower order path Unequipped Generator Mediation device Mediation function MultiFrame Indicator Management Information SpectralWave MN9100 .

Appendix A Term and Acronym List 303 MLM MO MOC MOD MON MP MRTIE MS MS MSA MS-AIS MSB MSn MSOH MSP MS-P MSPA MSPT MS-R MS-RDI MS-REI MS-S MST MSTE MSw MS-W MTIE MUX SpectralWave MN9100 Multi-Longitudinal Mode Managed object Managed object class Managed object domain Monitored Management Point Maximum Relative Time Interval Error Multiplex Section Manual Switch Multiplex Section Adaptation Multiplex Section Alarm Indication Signal Most Significant Bit Multiplex Section layer. 16) Multiplex Section Overhead Multiplex Section Protection Manual Switch to Protection Multiplex Section Protection Adaptation Multiplex Section Protection Termination Manual Switch-Ring Multiplex Section Remote Defect Indication Multiplex Section Remote Error Indication Manual Switch-Span Multiplex Section Termination Multiplex Section Terminating Element Manual Switch Manual Switch to Working Maximum Time Interval Error Multiplexer Operation Guide . 4. level n (n = 1.

Maintenance and Provisioning SpectralWave MN9100 . Administration. Administration and Maintenance Operation and Maintenance Operations.304 Appendix A Term and Acronym List N/A N_B N_BBE N_DS N_EBC NBBE NC NDF NDS NE NEBC NEF NES NLR NMON NNE NNI NPME NR NRZ NSAP NSES NU NUT O/E OAM OAM OAM&P Operation Guide Not Applicable Near-end Block Near-end Background Block Error Near-end Defect Second Near-end Errored Block Count Near-end Background Block Error Network Connection New Data Flag Near-end Defect Second Network Element Near-end Errored Block Count Network Element Function Near-end Errored Second Network Layer Relay Not Monitored Non-SDH Network Element Network Node Interface Near-end Performance Monitoring Event No Request Non-Return to Zero Network Service Access Point Near-end Severely Errored Second National Use Non-preemptive Unprotected Traffic Optical/Electrical Operation.

Appendix A Term and Acronym List 305 ODI OEI OF_B OF_BBE OF_DS OF_EBC OFS OHA ON_B ON_BBE ON_DS ON_EBC OOF OOS ORL OS OS OS/MD OSF OSF OSI OSn OW PDH PEP PERFREG PG PJC SpectralWave MN9100 Outgoing Defect Indication Outgoing Error Indication Outgoing Far-end Block Outgoing Far-end Background Block Error Outgoing Far-end Defect Second Outgoing Far-end Errored Block Count Out-of-Frame Second Overhead Access Outgoing Near-end Block Outgoing Near-end Background Block Error Outgoing Near-end Defect Second Outgoing Near-end Errored Block Count Out of Frame Out-of-Service Optical Return Loss Optical Section Operations System Operations System/Mediation Device Outgoing Signal Fail Operations System Function Open Systems Interconnection Optical Section layer. 16) Order Wire Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy Path End Point Performance Registers Pointer Generator Pointer Justification Count Operation Guide . level n (n = 1. 4.

22. 32. 4) Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Primary Reference Clock Protection Switching Protection Switch Count Protection Switch Duration Protection Switch Event Packet Switched Network Protection Switch Second Public Switched Telephone Network Path Termination Path Terminating Element Pointer Quality of Service Remote Defect Indication Remote Error Indication Remote Failure Indication Remote Information Root-Mean-Square SpectralWave MN9100 .306 Appendix A Term and Acronym List PJE PL PLL PLM PM POH PP PPDU PPI Pq PRBS PRC PS PSC PSD PSE PSN PSS PSTN PT PTE PTR QoS RDI REI RFI RI RMS Operation Guide Pointer Justification Event Physical Layer Phase Locked Loop Payload Mismatch Performance Monitoring Path Overhead Pointer Processor Presentation Protocol Data Unit PDH Physical Interface PDH path layer. 31. 12. bit rate order q (q = 11. 21.

level n (n = 1. 16) Regenerator Section Overhead Regenerator Section Termination Regenerator Section Trace Identifier Mismatch Regenerator Timing Generator Reset Threshold Report Received Signal Label Received Trace Identifier Service Access Point Identifier Signal Degrade Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Signal Degrade-Protection Signal Degrade-Ring Signal Degrade-Span Synchronous Digital hierarchy Cross-Connect SDH Equipment Clock Synchronous Equipment Management Function Severely Errored Second Severely Errored Second Ratio Synchronous Equipment Timing Generator Synchronous Equipment Timing Physical Interface Synchronous Equipment Timing Source Signal Fail Operation Guide . 4.Appendix A Term and Acronym List 307 ROSE RP RR-R RR-S RS RSn RSOH RST RS-TIM RTG RTR RxSL RxTI SAPI SD SDH SD-P SD-R SD-S SDXC SEC SEMF SES SESR SETG SETPI SETS SF SpectralWave MN9100 Remote Operations Service Element Remote Point Reverse Request-Ring Reverse Request-Span Regenerator Section Regenerator Section layer.

308 Appendix A Term and Acronym List SF-R SF-S Sk SLM SLM SNC SNCP SNDCF SOH SPDU SPI SPRING SSD SSF SSM SSMB SSU STM STM-N SVC TCM TCM TCOH TCP TC-RDI TC-REI TCT TCTE Operation Guide Signal Fail-Ring Signal Fail-Span Sink Signal Label Mismatch Single-Longitudinal Mode SubNetwork Connection SubNetwork Connection Protection SubNetwork Dependent Convergence Function Section Overhead Session Protocol Data Unit SDH Physical Interface Shared Protection Ring Server Signal Degrade Server Signal Fail Synchronization Status Message Synchronization Status Message Byte Synchronization Supply Unit Synchronous Transport Module Synchronous Transport Module-N Switched Virtual Circuit Tandem Connection Monitor Tandem Connection Monitoring Tandem Connection Overhead Termination Connection Point Tandem Connection Remote Defect Indication Tandem Connection Remote Error Indication Tandem Connection Trace Tandem Connection Terminating Element SpectralWave MN9100 .

Appendix A Term and Acronym List 309 TD TDEV TEI TF TFAS TI TIM TMN TP TP TP TPDU TPmode TR TS TSAP TSD TSF TSI TSID TSL TT TTF TTI TTP TTs TU TxSL SpectralWave MN9100 Transmit Degrade Time Deviation Terminal End-point Identifier Transmit Fail Trace identifier Frame Alignment Signal Timing Information Trace Identifier Mismatch Telecommunications Management Network Termination Point Timing Point Transmission Path Transport Protocol Data Unit Termination Point mode Threshold Report Time Slot Transport Service Access Point Trail Signal Degrade Trail Signal Fail Time Slot Interchange Test Signal Identification Trail Signal Label Trail Termination function Transport Terminal Function Trail Trace Identifier Trail Termination Point Trail Termination supervisory function Tributary Unit Transmitted Signal Label Operation Guide .

310 Appendix A Term and Acronym List TxTI UAS UAT UI UI UITS UNEQ UNI USR UTC VC VC-n VC-n-Xc VC-n-Xc VP VP ATM WDM WFM WTR Transmitted Trace Identifier Unavailable Second Unavailable Time Unit Interval Unnumbered Information Unacknowledged Information Transfer Service Unequipped User Network Interface User channel Coordinated Universal Time Virtual Container Virtual Container-n Concatenation of X Virtual Containers-n Virtual Container-n X times concatenated Virtual Path Asynchronous Transfer Mode Virtual path Wavelength-Division Multiplexing White Frequency Modulation Wait to Restore Operation Guide SpectralWave MN9100 .