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As You Like It (a Later Festive Comedy) In this play, Duke Frederick (the younger duke) usurps his older

brother, Duke Senior, and banishes him to the Forest of Arden. Frederick goes on to banish Duke Senior's daughter Rosalind. Frederick's daughter, Celia (Rosalind's cousin) flees her evil father with Rosalind and they head (along with Touchstone, the clown) to the Forest of Arden. Before leaving, though, Rosalind falls in love with Orlando and he with her after he beats Charles in a wrestling match. Orlando, the younger son of Sir Rowland, had rebelled at being kept a virtual prisoner by his older brother, Oliver. Duke Frederick and Oliver had hoped that Charles would kill or cripple Orlando in the match, but Orlando managed to throw and injure Charles. Soon after, Orlando flees his older brother, Oliver, after their servant Adam warns Orlando of Oliver's plans to kill him. Orlando and Adam also flee to the Forest of Arden. Duke Frederick, upon finding Celia, Rosalind, and Orlando missing, orders Oliver to find them, or face banishment himself. In the Forest, the cousins, disguised as Ganymede (a male) and Aliena, and the clown Touchstone purchase a shepherd's hut, a flock, and a pasture from two shepherds, Corin and Silvius. In another part of the forest, the banished Duke Senior discusses the philosophizing of his melancholy courier Jaques, who is even more mad and morose than usual due to the singing of another courtier, Amiens. When Duke Senior meets him, however, Jaques is now merry, having met the clever fool, Touchstone, in the forest. Meanwhile, Orlando has been desperately searching for food, and, with a drawn sword, he enters Duke Senior's banqueting place and demands food. However, Duke Senior greets Orlando with unexpected kindness and welcomes him and Adam to his camp. Orlando, knowing that Rosalind is somewhere in the forest, wanders through the forest hanging love verses to Rosalind upon the branches of trees. Rosalind finds the verses, and, pretending to be a male (Ganymede), she talks at length with Orlando about his true love, Rosalind. As Ganymede, she offers to pose as Rosalind and to allow Orlando to practice his wooing with her. Meanwhile, Touchstone is planning his own romance with Audrey (a sheepherder), though a commoner named William also seeks Audrey until Touchstone scares him off. "Ganymede" witnesses the love affair of Phebe and Silvius, two shepherds; Phebe treats Silvius coldly and "Ganymede" chides her for it, but Phebe instantly falls in love with "Ganymede", thinking Rosalind is a he. After "Ganymede" leaves, Phebe decides that she will write a love letter to "him" and have Silvius deliver it. Silvius delivers the letter, and Rosalind decides that she will remedy

while sleeping in the forest. then pretends that she was faking. Hymen. They will be married the next day. Rosalind recites an epilogue.174). causing Orlando to rejoice. spoken by the Jaques (II. Orlando returns to "Ganymede". Now. The exiled Oliver finds "Ganymede" and tells "him" that. the disguised Celia. and not more. though Oliver comes to realize that "Ganymede" is really Rosalind.140). & Touchstone and Audrey. still not knowing it is Rosalind because Oliver keeps her secret. Note that this play included the famous line "All's the world's a stage". Silvius and Phebe. Additionally. the god of marriage. Lastly. but "Ganymede" promises to make it possible via magic. a long lost brother of Oliver and Orlando arrives with the news that Duke Frederick was converted to good by an old religious man. he was saved from the attack of a lioness by his brother Orlando. Orlando and Oliver are now reconciled. Orlando was wounded and asked Oliver to bring a bloody napkin as proof of the fight and as explanation for missing his appointment with "Ganymede". and has requested that all of the banished people return home and have their estates back. At the wedding. After the wedding. Though Winter Wind" (II. in addition to the text for the song "Blow. marries Orlando and Rosalind. Blow. "Ganymede" faints. Jaques de Boys (a new Jaques).vii. He laments that he cannot marry his Rosalind tomorrow. and Oliver tells his brother that he has fallen in love with "Aliena".vii. requesting the audience enjoy the play as much as they please. Phebe is forced to marry Silvius since she can no longer marry "Ganymede". "Ganymede" reveals that "he" is actually Rosalind. .the situation and help Silvius get Phebe by eventually revealing that "Ganymede" is a she. Oliver and Celia.

but Fleance escapes. Malcolm and Donalbain. and Banquo. They return to their chambers as Macduff and Lennox appear at the castle gates. adding that they'll frame Duncan's own guards with the murder. then recants. flee to England and Ireland. The king then warmly greets Macbeth and Banquo. Consequently. Macbeth is declared king. The three witches confront Macbeth and Banquo on their way home from the battle. Duncan arrives and Macbeth tells his wife he doesn't want to murder Duncan. as Macbeth loses himself in insanity. Malcolm. though never king himself. The murderers successfully murder Banquo. Macduff and Macbeth "discover" the body. They predict that Macbeth will be King of Scotland. He also begins hearing voices. Malcolm reports to King Duncan that Cawdor admitted his traitorous deeds at his execution. She talks him into it. Duncan's sons. Past midnight. She then learns that King Duncan is coming to her castle to stay the night. King Duncan declares his eldest son. Macbeth convinces (hires) to men to murder Banquo and his son.The Tragedy of Macbeth (a Later Tragedy) In a thunderstorm. strengthening her decision to murder Duncan. At Inverness Castle. At dinner. and wonders if he should help make it happen. Macbeth's wife learns of his encounter with the witches and decides that she'll persuade Macbeth to fulfill his destiny through foul play. Prince of Cumberland (i. Macbeth forgets to return the daggers to the king's guards. The witches leave and Ross informs Macbeth that he has inherited the title Thane of Cawdor (as also predicted by the witches). At Scotland's castle (Forres). so his wife does it for him. To Macbeth's dismay. Macbeth contemplates the prediction of him being king. bloodying herself too. fearing for their own lives. Macbeth greets them and they ask to see Duncan. . Ross adds that the Thane of Cawdor was traitorous to Scotland during the battle.e. Macbeth appears and his wife tells him she'll do the foul deed herself. a captain reports to King Duncan that Macbeth beat Macdonwald in battle. then alone. Macbeth contemplates how he fears Banquo may give breed to children who may overthrow Macbeth. Subsequently. Fleance. hallucinates that a bloody dagger is in front of him. will beget rulers. Macbeth meets his wife and tells her he murdered Duncan. Macbeth scares his wife by informing her of Banquo and Fleance's impending death. the next king). Macduff and Ross discuss that all have decided that Malcolm and Donalbain bribed the guards to kill Duncan." Next. three witches decide to meet again on the heath "after the deed is done. Macbeth imagines he sees Banquo's ghost causing his wife to excuse the dinner guests. Macbeth accidentally admits of the murder. Macbeth converses with Banquo.

Macduff kills Macbeth. Macbeth will until Birnam Wood come to Dunsinane Hill. to his dismay. The witches answer: 1. They inform Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England. Lady Macduff laments that her husband. Macduff then crowns Malcolm the new King of Scotland. At Birnam wood. The army arrives and Macbeth fights and kills young Siward. Macbeth learns that his wife has died by her own hand. then learns. Ross delivers the devastating news to Macduff that his son and wife are dead. and 3. A doctor and servant observe Macbeth's wife's sleepwalking and sleeptalking about Duncan's death. double. a traitor. Caithness. showing his eight future royal offspring." Macbeth approaches and asks three questions.On the heath. Beware Macduff. In the castle. 2. toil and trouble. and thus not born of woman. Next. Macbeth is informed that an army of 10. The three witches make a brew chanting "double. . Finally. Macbeth vows to fight them at Fife. Soon after. None of woman borne will harm Macbeth. that Birnam wood is "moving" toward the castle. Villains come and kill her son since he supports his father.000 is near. the ghost of Banquo appears. In England. Macduff and Macbeth fight. An Dunsinane Castle. Macduff informs Macbeth that he (Macduff) was ripped from his mother's womb. Angus. Menteith. Malcolm orders his soldiers to cut the trees and use them as disguises. Lennox and another Lord discuss that Macduff has gone to England to convince the innocent Malcolm to join arms with Northumberland and Siward against Macbeth. Macduff and Malcolm agree to fight together against Macbeth. is virtually dead. and Lennox discuss the impending battle with Macbeth and Birnam wood.

so the spell can wear off. thinking Lysander is Demetrius. Oberon. Helena appears and awakes Lysander. Quince. and Egeus appear and awake the four. Helena hopes they will all meet in the forest. Demetrius. loves Hermia. orders him to make a thick fog to separate the four people and force them into a deep sleep. now both men love Helena. Meanwhile. In the woods. or choose between death or joining a nunnery. The actors flee. Lysander instructs Hermia to flee to the forest with him. the queen of the Amazons in four days. the troupe of players discuss the logistics of their play. Helena. Hippolyta. who Egeus dislikes. Theseus. Puck appears and transforms Bottom to have an ass' (donkey's) head. and he does.A Midsummer Night's Dream (an Early Festive Comedy) Theseus (the Duke of Athens) announces he will marry Hippolyta. The bicker that Oberon loves Hippolyta and Titania loves Theseus. Snug. learns of this and decides to inform Demetrius. and he fleeing her. and Oberon orders Puck to anoint Demetrius with it so he'll love Helena rather than Hermia. Helena pursuing him. Oberon and Titania then make up and love each other again. Lysander and Hermia lie down to rest. Oberon orders the fairy Puck (aka Robin Goodfellow) to obtain a flower from Cupid that causes on to love the first person a person sees. while she believes both are false. who immediately falls in love with her. so that they can travel to his aunt's house to marry. Oberon (the King of the Fairies) argues with Titania (the Fairy Queen) that he should have her orphan child as his page. Theseus declares Hermia must marry Demetrius. but Titania awakes and falls in love with Bottom and orders her fairy servants to attend to him. Bottom. Demetrius. Demetrius and Lysander inform the men of their love for Helena and . whom she likes (and has slept with). Puck arrives with the flower. Hermia arrives and Helena accuses her of conspiring with the men to tease her. In the forest. In the forest. However. To obtain the boy. Hermia's friend. realizing Puck has caused these problems. Titania objects. anoints him with the flower. Oberon tries to remedy this by anointing Lysander with the flower so he'll fall in love with Helena. asserting she is queen. Oberon plans to give it to Titania. yet she accuses him of murdering Lysander. and realizes he gave the flower to the wrong man. and Snout organize a play to be performed at Theseus' wedding. Oberon then anoints Titania with the flower. In the forest. Oberon awakes Titania and transforms Bottom back to a human. since she's in love with Lysander. Puck. though. Flute. Puck observes that Demetrius chases Hermia. Starveling. He hears Egeus' complaint that his daughter Hermia refuses to marry his chosen suitor. so she'll love a vile thing and give him the child. Demetrius and Helena appear.

tragical play. tedious. then the fairies appear and frolic. assumes she's dead. and kills himself Thisby arrives to find him dead. Bottom awakes and remember's the night's occurrences. The lords agree to let them marry. At dinner.Hermia (respectively). at midnight. In it. and kills herself. they all hear Quince's ten word. Separately. They vow to meet at Ninny's tomb. Pyramus arrives and finds her scarf. brief. all go to bed. After the play. but a lion (played by Snug) attacks Thisby. Thisby (played by Flute) and Pyramus (played by Bottom) whisper their love through a chink in a wall (played by Snout). .

Alone. Brabantio then arrives and orders Othello arrested. rather than Iago. proves this is not so. Iago reveals that he'll use their private meetings to convince Othello that Desdemona is disloyal. At the Duke's chambers. Privately. Brabantio accuses Othello of using spells and potions to win Desdemona. At the Citadel (Othello's lodging). He convinces Roderigo to pick a fight with Cassio to get Cassio in trouble with the local authorities. and after Iago explains (pretending not to know Roderigo). while Iago arrives with wine. Cassio and other officers arrive summoning Othello to the Duke of Venice on urgent matters. based on their flirting before Othello arrived. In private. the villain Iago complains to Roderigo that Othello the Moor chose Cassio to be his lieutenant. Othello breaks it up. Iago vows to stay loyal to Othello only as long as it works to his advantage. Othello tells Cassio he is no longer his lieutenant. reveals to the audience that he is only using Roderigo for his money. At Othello's house. Iago convinces Cassio to entreat Desdemona to ask Othello to reinstate him. They then inform Barbantio that his daughter Desdemona is sleeping with Othello. Cassio arrives. The Duke asks Othello to go defend it. and lastly. then Roderigo eggs him on. for his own part. the governor Montano reports that a tempest has droned the Turkish fleet. after supper. Iago. Alone. but he soon finds she is missing. his wife Emilia. and Desdemona asks to come with. hoping to get Cassio drunk. Othello. until he learns of the Dukes summons. Iago feels Othello will tire of Desdemona and she will again become available. Iago convinces Roderigo to make money by selling his lands and fighting in wars. When Iago and Othello appear in the distance. and Brabantio reluctantly blesses their marriage. however. since Roderigo has been an unwelcome suitor to his daughter. We then learn that the Turkish fleet (the Ottomites) is sailing toward Cypress. He. Othello asks Iago to take care of Desdemona and follow him to Cyprus. Over time. Roderigo laments to Iago that he has lost Desdemona since Othello has married her. Cassio leaves. He does. effectively eliminating their threat. That evening. Brabantio hesitates to believe them. the Moor of Venice In a street in Venice.The Tragedy of Othello. Desdemona relays Cassio's penance. and a fight ensues. then leaves herself. Next. Othello and Desdemona head to bed. Iago begins dropping hints of his "suspicions" about Cassio and Desdemona to . Cassio entreats Desdemona to help him. Iago tells Roderigo he believes Desdemona is in love with Cassio. Iago reveals his plans to make Othello jealous of Cassio and/or Roderigo for courting Desdemona. then Iago. pulling Montano into the melee. He also begins to plot his revenge against Othello for choosing Cassio. and Desdemona. At Cyprus.

When Othello . Iago tells him Othello has changed. Othello sees this and thinks they are talking about escapes with Desdemona. Iago leaves and Desdemona appears calling Othello to dinner. though Othello summons Desdemona and accuses her of being disloyal and a shore. Othello appears and claims to have a cold and asks to see it. Desdemona says she doesn't have it. Othello sees. Thus. Othello reappears. to which Othello probes Iago for his thoughts. already becoming (wrongly) suspicious. Iago plans to speak to Cassio about Bianca. Iago eggs Othello on more as Othello slowly goes crazy. Iago appears and takes it from her. The noble Lodovico from Venice arrives at Cyprus and gives Othello a letter.Othello. enraged. They leave. Cassio's mistress Bianca appears and he asks her to copy the handkerchief he found in his room (Desdemona's). Iago rejoices as Othello goes into a seizure/trance. the letter enrages Othello as it orders him home to Venice and Cassio to remain in Cyprus. and throws the handkerchief at Cassio. while Iago promises to take care of Cassio. Desdemona and Emilia look for the lost handkerchief. then privately states that he'll plant it at Cassio's room to fuel Othello's suspicions. but will not reveal more. since he likes it. This being the final straw. all while himself weeping. He. but promises it is not lost. After Cassio and Bianca leave. This. accusing him of getting it from another lady. Othello keeps stating how he genuinely believes Iago is of "exceeding honesty". is rude to her when she tries to cure his "headache" with her handkerchief. Othello. In her room. She tells him she has tried. and Emilia appears and picks up the handkerchief. eliciting laughter and smiles. since Iago tells him Cassio admitted sleeping with Desdemona. Othello wishes her dead too. Iago plants the seed that Desdemona is being disloyal to Othello. remembering that her husband Iago has asked her to steal it repeatedly before. given to her by Othello as his first gift to her. Othello names Iago his lieutenant and orders Iago to kill Cassio within the next three days. Iago then claims he has heard Cassio talk of his love for Desdemona in his sleep. In reality. but Othello has become irritable. As for Desdemona. Iago convinces Othello to hide while he questions Cassio about Desdemona. Iago comes to Othello and convinces him to strangle Desdemona in bed that night. All throughout. but fears someone will ask for it soon. and reveals to Iago how greatly depressed he has become. she swears Desdemona is honest. Iago also claims he's seen Cassio wipe his beard with Desdemona's handkerchief. taking over Othello's command. Bianca then appears. shocking Lodovico. too. Othello yells at Iago and demands proof of the suspicions which Iago has planted in his head. enraged. At his chamber. Cassio again appears and entreats Desdemona to talk to Othello. Desdemona tries to calm him and he strikes her. and Iago pretends to reluctantly reveal them. At the citadel. leaves. Othello questions Emilia about Desdemona's honesty. Already angered.

but Cassio is alive. then flees. Lodovico and Othello go on a walk. Montano. given to him by her. but he escapes and kills his wife (Emilia). if Cassio were to die. All is revealed as letters explaining Iago's deeds were found on Roderigo. At supper. professed that Iago had put him up to attacking Cassio. but Gratiano and Montano hold him back. Iago says. Alone. Lodovico leaves Iago for Cassio to sentence and torture. during which Cassio wounds Roderigo. who had left. Othello explains that Cassio had Desdemona's handkerchief. This time Othello wounds Iago. Iago tries to kill Emilia. and Roderigo would be able to have Desdemona. but is disarmed. Othello. Iago tells Roderigo to wait outside Bianca's house after midnight. She then hears Desdemona cry for help and tries to help her. though she doesn't completely die. Meanwhile. Othello would have to stay in Venice. he thus returns to Desdemona. Roderigo comes to Iago complaining that he has given Iago all his jewels to give to Desdemona. Othello then arrives back at Desdemona's chamber. Iago sets Roderigo up to kill Cassio.leaves. Iago finds Cassio. Iago promises to help. Montano. Iago. ready to kill her. In a closing speech. comes at Iago. He admits he told Othello Desdemona was sleeping with Cassio. Despite her pleadings. Montano and Gratiano take Othello's sword. and Cassio will take over in Cyprus. he finds Roderigo and stabs him. Cassio. Othello finds another weapon. Othello pulls a hidden dagger and kills himself. reappears to "investigate" the noise. Desdemona summons Iago and Emilia to comfort her. assuring his death. and Iago (captured) reappear. and he. Othello overhears Roderigo's cries for help and thinks Cassio is dead. but she dies. However. who's still alive. Bianca appears and Iago accuses her of being in cohorts with Roderigo. Lodovico and Gratiano also come. by order of Venice. Gratiano tells us Desdemona's father has died over the grief of losing her. Fittingly. Iago then "discovers" Roderigo and calls the others. Iago calms him down and explains that Othello and Desdemona are leaving. and has seen no positive results from her. in a rage. At night. Cassio appears and Roderigo attacks him. Emilia tells Iago she belies an evil villain hath put the thoughts into Othello's head. if necessary. in a street. and Othello orders Desdemona to wait. when near death. he smothers her with a pillow. then chase Iago. Emilia asks Othello why he killed her and he says Iago told him she had slept with Cassio. in her bedroom for him. Emilia appears and tells Othello that Roderigo is dead. Iago replies "it is impossible". Iago thinks to himself that both must die. . then kill Cassio when he leaves. and Iago appear and Emilia accuses Iago of being a liar. Separately. or his plotting will be revealed. Ironically. cutting off one of Cassio's legs. At this. Gratiano. then Lodovico. even though he still finds her beautiful. He calls her a strumpet and takes her into custody. alone. but Emilia laments that she found it and gave it to Iago.

throughout. Tranio and Hortensio spy on Lucentio (as Cambio) courting Bianca. in defeat/despair. On the wedding day. In fact. though Kate obviously protests. Tranio points out that he should pursue pleasures. although flabbergasted. the shrew) and Bianca (younger) appear with Bianca's suitors Gremio and Hortensio. Cambio) and tells Hortensio of his plants to let Lucentio school Bianca and speak highly of Gremio. is happy to be rid of her. Petruchio meets Kate and the two spar wits. swears with Tranio (as Lucentio) not to pursue Bianca anymore. Lucentio falls in love with Bianca. Tranio bluffs to have more wealth and possessions than Gremio. tells Tranio (as Lucentio) and Gremio that the one with the highest dowry will get Bianca. proclaiming his suit for Bianca. Lucentio and his servant Tranio (both from Paris) stroll while Lucentio ponders that he has come to Padua to pursue knowledge. He acts irrationally at the wedding. Baptista tells them they cannot pursue Bianca until Katherine is married. they are to be married on Sunday. Both reveal their intentions for her love. Then. Baptista and his daughters Katherine (older. While looking on. exhausted from the journey. At Baptista's house. and is dressed in a fool's clothes.. He decides to let his servant Tranio pretend to be Lucentio. At Petruchio's country home. Petruchio of Verona arrives in Padua with his servant Grumio to see his friend Hortensio. Petruchio arrives late.Taming of the Shrew (an Early Comedy) In Padua (Italy). then immediately leaves town with Kate. Petruchio arrives with Hortensio (as Litio) and Gremio arrives with Lucentio (as Cambio). which he announces to all. Baptista. but Baptista declares Lucentio's father Vincentio must personally assure he has the wealth and will give it to Lucentio. Gremio arrives with Lucentio (disguised as a school master. Hortensio . Petruchio has been giving Kate a taste of her own medicine. since. Upon meeting. Hortensio. upon hearing this. Hortensio then decides to pretend to be a school master and instruct Bianca in music. Tranio then arrives and announces that he (as Lucentio) will be a suitor to Bianca. Back in Padua. Privately. so that Lucentio can be a school teacher to Bianca. Biondello (another servant of Lucentio) is told to act as a servant to Tranio. Tranio (as Lucentio) is also there. Gremio and Hortensio agree to find her a husband so they can both resume wooing Bianca. Lucentio (as Cambio) and Hortensio (as Litio) school Bianca. as well. At Bianca's room. Baptista. he and Kate arrive. He continues to berate her and his servants continually. but they also begin to suspect the other of amorous intentions. making Petruchio more determined than ever to marry Kate. Hortensio mentions Katherine in passing and Petruchio vows to woo and marry her (for her large dowry).

then to apologize and admit that he is truly a man. and all agree to sup together. refusing her to have new clothes. and all travel to Padua. Vincentio. even though both know he is wrong. and Lucentio come to agreement and all celebrate the three marriages: Petruchio and Kate. and Hortensio and the widow. Back at Padua. At Petruchio's house. though the Pedant (as Vincentio) and Tranio (as Lucentio) deny Vincentio is who he says he is and call for him to be arrested.plans to marry a widow who has long loved him. . He celebrates by saying. Baptista. At length. At supper. "Kiss me Kate. causing Baptista and the real Vincentio to fume even more. They trick him to do this by saying people from Mantua are despised in Padua. Biondello then appears and tells Tranio and Lucentio he's found a man from Mantua (a Pedant) to impersonate Lucentio's father Vincentio." and they do. Petruchio informs Vincentio of his son's marriage to Bianca. Petruchio wins a wager by demonstrating that Katherine is now more obedient than Bianca or the widow. Meanwhile. Tranio (as Lucentio) introduces the Pedant (as Vincentio) to Baptista. and refusing to visit her father's house since she continues to disagree with him. Elsewhere. Petruchio and Kate travel on the road to Padua where they meet the real Vincentio (Lucentio's Father). he further tries to tame Kate by starving her. then announce that they've been married. Biondello instructs Lucentio to bring Bianca to the church to be married. Lucentio himself and Bianca arrive and set things straight. Petruchio has Kate so much under his control that he gets her to declare Vincentio is a female to his face. Vincentio arrives and asks to see Baptista. Lucentio and Bianca. At Padua.

ROMEO AND JULIET On a hot morning fighting by young servants of the Capulet and Montague families is stopped by the Prince who tells them that the next person who breaks the peace will be punished with death. to the Count Paris who would like to marry her. She learns what has happened from Friar Lawrence but she refuses to leave the tomb and stabs herself as . By a mistake of the illiterate servant Peter. Montague’s son. Tybalt picks a quarrel with Mercutio and his friends and Mercutio is accidentally killed as Romeo intervenes to try to break up the fight. and his friends Benvolio and the Prince’s cousin Mercutio. With the help of Juliet’s Nurse the lovers arrange to meet next day at the cell of Friar Lawrence when Juliet goes for confession. Juliet. not knowing of her secret contract with Romeo. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt recognises the Montagues and they are forced to leave the party just as Romeo and Juliet have each discovered the other’s identity. When the wedding party arrives to greet Juliet next day they think she is dead. To calm the family’s sorrow at Tybalt’s death the day for the marriage of Juliet to Paris is brought forward. With Friar Lawrence’s help it is arranged that Romeo will spend the night with Juliet before taking refuge at Mantua. Romeo hopes he will see his adored Rosaline but instead he meets and falls in love with Juliet. The Friar sends a colleague to warn Romeo to come to the Capulet’s family monument to rescue his sleeping wife but the message doesn’t get through and Romeo. Capulet and his wife are angry that Juliet does not wish to marry Paris. and they are married by him. hear of the party and decide to go in disguise. Romeo will then come to her tomb and take her away. Romeo takes the poison and dies just as Juliet awakes from her drugged sleep. kills him and is banished by the Prince for the deed. Romeo pursues Tybalt in anger. Romeo. Romeo lingers near the Capulet’s house and talks to Juliet when she appears on her balcony. buys poison in Mantua. Juliet is anxious that Romeo is late meeting her and learns of the fighting from her Nurse. Capulet plans a feast to introduce his daughter. hearing instead that Juliet is dead. He returns to Verona and goes to the tomb where he surprises and kills the mourning Paris. Friar Lawrence helps Juliet by providing a sleeping potion that will make everyone think she’s dead. who is almost fourteen.

. the Capulets and Romeo’s father. promising to erect a monument in their memory.the Friar returns with the Prince. The deaths of their children lead the families to make peace.