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Poetry For My Father Volume 3 kersey chase

Table of Contents
1. title page 2. table of contents 3. dust 4. meal 5. rain 6. good night 7. preponderance 8. scent 9. paper weight 10. memorial

dust at your funeral your son (and my brother) said that you gave him a look (the moment before you passed) that told him you had taught him everything Everything he needed to know but i know that there is one thing that you forgot: how to deal with your passing

meal when will you be back can you give me a time i need to know when youll be back i made steak, one of your favorite meals for us to eat tomorrow i know you wouldnt miss it for the world

rain before your funeral, mom cried in the bathroom for an hour during your funeral, mom cried while we walked to our seats now that its after your funeral, mom cries regularly

good night mom stays up watching disney channel mom has done this for as long as i can remember mom used to stay up, waiting for you to come home from work mom stays up watching disney channel just a little bit longer just to see if youll be home

mom is going to bed

preponderance who knows the impact of your strength who knows the justification of your death who can feel the reverberations of your life who can feel the air that was once in your lungs who can remember the smile you used to own who can remember the courage you inspired it is anyone but i

scent your room still smells like you like your cologne your clothes have you around them like they used to be around you you stain everything around me you stain my dna you stain my face you stain my memories you stain my dreams i am angry, and i am angry and i am angry, and i am angry and i am angry, and i am angry i am in the gap you left here

paper weight we went to a gun range 6 months before you passed we shot revolvers you were too weak to shoot, but you still tried you took the paper target, and you hung it on the back of my door and now im convinced i can never move it


memorial there are exactly one million and one instances instances where i think of something or i learn something and i think to myself i better tell dad about the friends ive made or i better tell dad about my new ideas for a book / short story / poem and then i catch myself i look down and i distract myself


[note: thank you for reading this. this is a very hard and weird time. i am ever grateful for your support.]

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