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City of Verona

Council won’t fill seat until June
Jim Ferolie
Verona Press editor

The city has five candidates to fill a single one-year term on the Common Council, but it will be at least June 10 before the council can decide who will get it. Seven people had informed the mayor of their interest in the job by the deadline last Friday, but two dropped out over the past few days. Among the candidates are

former city administrator Larry Saeger, who has stayed active in Verona issues since his retirement in 2007, and Pat Lytle, who has served on the Plan Commission for several years. Mayor Jon Hochkammer, District 4 Ald. Heather Reekie and council president Ald. Mac McGilvray (D-1) will take the lead in recommending what the mayor said Monday night he hopes will be a single candidate to the council. However,

Hochkammer’s travel schedule has ruled out the possibility of conducting interviews before Tuesday’s Memorial Day-adjusted council meeting. That leaves June 10 as the next possible decision date. Hochkammer said Monday he did not plan to have candidates answer questions in front of the council, as some cities opt to do, unless the ad hoc committee is unable to form a consensus. But ultimately, the decision on the

process will be left to the full council. There are many different methods by which cities (and villages) fill vacancies among elected officials. One is waiting for the next direct election, which the council has not considered in this case (it would have to wait until November). State statutes have few specific rules on how appointments may be handled, other than requiring the council’s vote and prohibiting

secret ballots. City ordinances do not specifically address the matter, either, leaving most of the process up to the council’s discretion. The council has had no official discussions on the topic, only a few quick comments from the mayor during the “Mayor’s business” item on the May 13 agenda. After Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting adjourned,

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Annual police data: Thefts from cars rising
Grants help boost traffic enforcement
Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

Residents skeptical of changes to downtown traffic
Roundabout concept draws least support
Mark Ignatowski
Unified Newspaper Group

Calls for service to the Verona Police Department continue to rise, particularly for thefts from cars, while the some more serious incidents have dipped slightly. Verona police provided data this month to the Verona Press for 2012 crimes based on information from incident reports, along with information from their calls-for-service reporting system. Lt. Dave Dresser said in the report that thefts have increased steadily during the past three years. “Theft has been consistently on the rise for the past several years,” Dresser said, adding that people taking small electronics from vehicles continues to be the crime trend.

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Police data
Year 2012 2011 2010 Calls 12,407 9,774 11,109 Theft-auto 58 32 32 OWI 64 46 51 Traffic 2,821 1,804 2,292

Photo by Jim Ferolie

A young competitor dressed as Batman jumps over hay bales during part of the Kids’ Mud Run on Saturday morning at Badger Prairie County Park. The obstacle course-based event, which finishes in a mud pit, has had an adult version in Verona for three years but added a kids’ race for charity this year. All the competitors wore jersey No. 1. More photos: Page 8

Last week’s public meeting about the future of Verona’s downtown was full of opinions on how to change – or not change – the city’s central corridor. More than 50 people turned out for the public meeting, designed to help guide city staff and planners from MSA Professional Services with selecting a preferred long-term path for traffic in the area. The meeting included a presentation of three options for the intersection of Main Street and Verona Avenue: a signalized intersection, a roundabout and a pair of one-way streets, much as the city had done in 2008 during the comprehensive planning process. The selection of a preferred alternative is still in the early stages and the meeting was a chance for residents to weigh in on what aspects they liked and didn’t like about each option. A few residents acknowledged the need for some changes to help with traffic flow in the area, but the majority

of attendees wanted the city to do nothing or pick an option that could be changed easily in the future. “How many of us people here are natives of Verona and we do not want our intersection downtown changed?” one resident asked. “We don’t have much left of Verona that looks like Verona anymore.” Echoing those sentiments, several residents urged planners to get the through-traffic out of the area and to leave the city’s core intact. Residents thought that using stoplights and stop signs would make the city’s core less appealing to through traffic and that only drivers who wanted to be in the downtown area would be there. A north-south bypass route would give drivers the option to avoid congesting the downtown area if they had no intention of stopping there. Kevin Ruhland, a project manager with MSA, led the group through a discussion about the pros and cons of each of the traffic pattern options and answered questions about traffic flow. In particular, he said drivers will continue to drive the route they perceive as the shortest distance – meaning that as traffic volume

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Discover the Difference Karate • Gymnastics • Cooking • Film and Photography Gardening • Nature Studies • Art • Sports Promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness (608) 845-3245 | www. Avenue Auto. Dresser said the department tries to take a proactive approach to combating these types of crimes. Total theft reports were up to 250 in 2012. and as a result. compared with 13 in 2011 and seven in 2010.KidsExpress. decreased from 2011. The Carrasquillos recently moved to Verona from South (search: Verona Hometown Days) or follow the link at www. “They’re upping their crime from a misdemeanor (by entering a garage).August 22nd | Ages 6 Weeks .” he said. In 2012. Sweeney Construction. Only 191 traffic crashes were reported in 2012. Stafford Rosenbaum LLP. The grants allowed for more officers to be part of special enforcement initiatives. for failing to stop at a stop sign and a defective brake April 7 lamp.. A caller niles for disorderly con. Oak Bank. Overall. a white cockatoo.   Total Calls Homicide Sexual Assaults Robbery Battery/Assault Burglary Theft . ed license at the intersecPolice also cited the man tion of Geneva Way and for marijuana after find. First Business Financial Services. County Highway M.804 in 2011. Police left of playing in the street. compared to 18 in 2011 and 31 in 2010.109 total calls in 2010. There were 19 burglary cases in 2012. compared to 211 in 2011 and 167 in 2010.m. Police cited the juve4:55 p.109 0 7 1 21 31 198 40 13 32 1 11 167 51 2292 245 Traffic enforcement Traffic enforcement increased significantly last year with 2.Total Theft from VAHS Retail Theft Theft from Auto Theft of Auto Theft of Bike Traffic Crashes OWI Traffic Enforce.821 trafficrelated reports.407 0 6 1 28 19 250 68 19 58 2 3 191 64 2821 263 2011 9. – Rob Kitson 5:40 p.m. perches on the arm of Josiah Spennetta. Especially during the spring and summer. of Middleton while dad Jim. the department had 58 thefts from automobiles reported. the department has increased its minimum staffing to no fewer than two officers on duty for each shift. to draw attention to the nonprofit animal sanctuary they plan to establish in the Town of Verona. watches Sunday outside Miller and Sons Supermarket. to respond to a student fled Harriet Park call about three juveniles when Police arrived. Battery and burglary remained consistent with last year’s data. The department had 2.April 16 ons.m.Lucerne Drive. the 800 block of Walnut Street. Dresser said there was a dip in calls for service in 2011 because the department was taking part in larger investigations and was dealing staffing shortages.2 May 23.veronacc. (include OWI) 911 Disconnect 2012 12. Culver’s. Kehl School of Dance. Some more serious crime reports have dropped off slightly. The number of operating while intoxicated incidents increased by 18 between 2011 and 2012. The youths had airsoft weap. more citations related to traffic incidents were reported. The department had 11. Movin’ Shoes. 7. The believed to have automatic victim was uncooperative weapons near the cross. both up from 21 in 2010. Verona Hometown Days 2013 Run-Walk June 9th Harriet Park. where the thief will see an item in an unlocked vehicle and take it. Dresser said the department participated in many traffic safety grant programs last year.m.774 in 2011. Four stuthe roof of an apartment dents beating up another building. on the 600 block of East View Court.774 1 13 2 28 18 225 81 21 32 1 10 211 46 1804 275 2010 11. Crime: Department was staffed better in 2012 than in 2011 Continued from page 1 Dresser told the Press that there’s no real pattern to these types of thefts and that the perpetrators are both kids and adults and from Verona and other areas. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona. compared with 225 in 2011 and 198 in 2010.” Dresser said. They also make contact with homeowners who leave their garage doors open. the department had 12. Dresser said it is rare that a criminal will break into a vehicle for these crimes.informed police of a light duct and released them to pole that was tipping over their parents. There were six reported sexual assaults in 2012. officers are out on bikes and foot and will make contact with car owners who have their vehicles unlocked or have valuables visible in their 10K/5K/Walk starts at 7:45am 2K Kids Run (12 & under Free) starts at 11:30 am at Wildcat Lanes (This is a new time & location • On parade route) Sponsored by: Miller & Sons. Park Bank. Thefts from vehicles are often crimes of opportunity. Police passed April 6 the information on to 5:25 p. Zurbuchen Oil and Edward Jones. left. Dresser said the department plans to continue involvement in at least four state grant programs for traffic enforcement in 2013.407 calls for service in 2012. Boomer. almost a 27 percent increase over the 9. however. WI 53719 UN288776 UN286267 . Police also ing the drugs in a vehicle issued written warnings search.5th Grade Packet Pick-up and Late Registration from 7:00-7:30am Register on-line at active. Sixty-four OWI reports were logged last year. Inc. Police cited a cle at US Highway 18 and 24 year-old man for posCounty Highway PB and session of marijuana and arrest its 34 year-old male operating with a suspenddriver for his first OWI. Dresser noted that some criminals might not be aware of the fact that breaking into a vehicle in a garage is considered burglary and is a felony. Twenty-eight battery/assault cases were reported in 2012 and 2011.with police and released to ing of US Highway 18 and his mother. High Point Road. Only one robbery occurred in 2012 and there were no homicides. A call about the department of public an alleged drunken driver works. up from 32 reports each in 2011 and 2010. heading northbound on Highway PB helped police April 17 locate the suspected vehi1:01 a. Capitol Bank.m. Police talked Photo by Jim Ferolie Showing off Angel.m. Traffic crashes. Epic. Verona (start and finish lines) 27th Annual Incomparable School Age Camp “Summer on the Farm” June 11th . State Bank of Cross Plains. where a caller April 10 had reported juveniles on 12:32 p. Tuvalu Coffeehouse & Gallery. Jean Carrasquillo (left) and husband Carlos brought the bird and a parrot. Madison.292 in 2010. compared to 1. Since Police Report Information from Verona with girls who were drawpolice log books: ing on the 500 block of Melody Lane with chalk April 5 about the safety concerns 5:57 p. “There’s no one 3276 S.

But Conley felt Schmidt could be a flight risk. Darren Schmidt Ulatowski. While some reported that many citizens think traffic and parking problems there aren’t in need of fixing yet. “My hope for you is that you view this as the final chapter of a tragedy. And some struggled to go beyond that basic picture.-7 p. the city’s downtown got some attention.ConnectVerona. which will be the next topic of discussion at the June 17 Committee of the Whole meeting. all things in short supply here. deemed a flight risk by U. Alders worried about maintaining staffing levels and fighting obstacles to development as well as finding more ways to take advantage of the Military Ridge State Trail and its connection to a rebuilt former railroad stop at Hometown Junction. Mac McGilvray and Brad Stiner – spent much of the second hour on an interactive activity that highlighted the city’s strengths. The men. but in Verona they can get particularly deep. A brainstorming exercise drawn up by city staff revealed priorities of encouraging more varied types of May 23. 56.S. Local building code modifications extra. and ordered him to receive a mental evaluation. Saturday.” he said. “I only know I will carry scars. I do apologize. Verona Area High School’s baseball team.” Turning to face Jenkins.375.” she said later. this group spoke of apartments. All Local And Homemade From Scratch! • Ruegsegger Reuben • Stuffed Sweet Peppers • Stuffed Hamburgers • Stuffed Chicken Breasts • Eggs Benedict & Quiches • Pies & More 6895 Paoli Rd. the former owner of House of Flowers in Verona. Those are always complex topics.” prompting him to steal. senior housing and lowcost housing. the Verona Little League and Edgewood college. She said she had to take out mortgages on her alreadypaid-for home to pay debts to vendors or to pay employees. The project is being financed by the city but paid for by baseball boosters. Conley ordered Schmidt to repay $323. both men apologized to It’s Your Party owner Betsy Jenkins and other employees for betraying their trust. Former florists sentenced to prison Seth Jovaag Unified Newspaper Group UN289396 UN285857 Two men who stole from a Town of Verona event planning business to prop up a Verona floral business were sentenced to prison last Friday. when the effects of the city’s rapid growth and the conflicts with the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission are involved. where Schmidt worked 10 years before he was fired in September 2007. as well as its consideration of a rural-style development that wouldn’t require CARPC approval and the city’s existing planning policies.” Conley said. The group – which was missing Alds. however.m. Steve Schmidt.948 and Ulatowski to repay $112. 2013 The Verona Press 3 City of Verona Alders talk long-term goals. were arrested in December 2011 on 22 counts of embezzlement and fraud after a four-year federal investigation. given the tenor of discussions during the campaigns earlier this year and the current planning process. Unlike previous Committee of the Whole meetings during Mayor Jon Hochkammer’s sevenyear tenure. In February.” a claim backed by letters to the court alleging past schemes by Schmidt dating back to the 1990s. the group had an extensive discussion about Verona’s history with CARPC. “I used bad judgment. there was general agreement that long-term planning is a necessity and that the city might need to do a better job of defining how far along Main Street and Verona Avenue the downtown actually stretches. among other things. Price subject to change without notice. was taken into custody at the end of Friday’s hearing to begin serving threeand-a-half years in prison. “I have never been through such a journey. hold interactive exercise Group lists city’s strengths. cautioned Jenkins that she’s unlikely to recover all the money owed to her.” And of Schmidt. Monday’s meeting seemed to be more about educating the council’s four new alders about the background of important city issues and getting them to elaborate on their objectives than about directing city staff on specific issues or setting the table for impending decisions.m. Attorney Daniel Graber did not ask for the judge to jail Schmidt immediately. however. “I am not a bad person. One novel suggestion was to add programming such as music or movies to draw more foot traffic. Both men will have to pay a minimum of $500 a month to Jenkins and It’s Your Party. Crew travel required over 50 miles. Paoli (608) 845-3663 Open 7 days a week 8 a. WI 53521 The area’s premier Celebrating Our 16th Year! Building pictured is not priced in ad. both from Fitchburg.S. But he hoped Friday’s sentencing would bring her some “closure” to the ordeal Jenkins said consumed her for the past 10 years. As for the community’s strengths. Brooklyn.” Jenkins said. Another popular theme was improving the range of housing options. House of Flowers shut down in March 2012 after more than 15 years in business after Ulatowski filed for bankruptcy. With one candidate for the open aldermanic seat and three Town of Verona representatives attending. to buy gifts for friends and hold lavish parties at their Fitchburg homes. Schmidt pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering and Ulatowski pleaded guilty to a single count of mail fraud. But the pens got scribbling a little faster when they were asked to name challenges Verona faces. challenges and goals. as well. most agreed on recreational opportunities. Photo by Jim Ferolie Prepping the cage Workers from Madison Gas & Electric on Monday clean up after installing part of a gas line that will connect to the new indoor batting cage facility across the street in Ceniti Park. of enhancing the city’s downtown and capitalizing on the city’s recreational assets. Armtoski said while several pre-sentencing letters to the court painted Ulatowski as being duped by Schmidt. She called Schmidt “a serial fraud artist. was sentenced to a 15-month prison term that begins Ulatowski June 17. Ulatowski said he “became desperate” when House of Flowers was “hemorrhaging money. Jenkins and It’s Your Party business manager Julie Armtoski in prepared statements said both men deserve prison time. “I am ashamed of what I did. Assistant U.” “From my heart. she said she would like to shout “from the rooftops. he said. Though recent councils heavily favored single-family homes. & Sunday May 24-June 9 10:00am-5:00pm Weekdays by appointment Call (608) 334-4594 Sugar River Nursery Greenhouse Garden Center Open Memorial Day! 4600 Rome Corners Road.” Schmidt said later. They were accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars between 2003 and 2007 from the company It’s Your Party. 47. The first hour of the unrecorded discussion focused on planning. “I am truly sorry. services and small-town feel. a few themes have become apparent. but after a two-hour informal discussion Monday. The stolen funds padded their paychecks and were used to keep House of Flowers solvent. Ulatowski was “the victimizer. At separate hearings held last Friday. Conley. not the victim. District Judge William Conley. Halfway between Belleville & New Glarus 298 Hwy. UN284937 Iris Blooming Days UN286640 Friday.” Prior to the sentencing. according to court documents.” Jenkins said.” “Thankfully our company is slowly making its way back.. considers its biggest challenges Jim Ferolie Verona Press editor The Common Council of 2013 has scattered goals for Verona. ‘Do not trust this man!’” Their scheme left a “profitable business with a glowing future ravaged. beginning six months after their release from prison. As expected. 92 (Behind the wayside) • 608-424-1421 M-F 9AM-8PM • SAT/SUN 9AM-6PM Perennials • Annuals • Baskets UN289365 . Many of the issues alders discussed Monday tie in with the city’s finances. zoning and development issues.

First we will connect the Military Ridge State Trail to Brigham County Park. When you see someone that you assume to be Hispanic. 52 USPS No. that doesn’t happen much. One Year in Dane Co. but it was much more challenging than I had imagined. . we returned the week before some really serious political events began to unfold. I meet regularly with residents. . Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550 e-mail: Classifieds Kathy Woods ungclassified@wcinet. allowing cyclists to better navigate across the county for day or week long cycling trips. Verona. And you know what I instinctively did each time? I responded in Spanish. it may be difficult to imagine what it’s like to be in the minority. we were the only white people around. A Division of Woodward Communications. premier events like the IronMan competition. This trail would connect the Capital City Trail in Madison to McFarland and eventually will extend to Stoughton. Reporters Seth Jovaag. Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group. The county continues to partner with the City of Madison on the Ice Age Junction North Trail. on email and by hard copy. Shared Results. $45 Verona Press Oregon Observer • Stoughton Courier Hub SUBSCRIPTION RATES . for the first time in my life. And it shocked me to get a sense of what it is like to always stand out wherever I go. And I fully embraced the Korean culture. 658-320 Periodical Postage Paid. Special rules apply during election season or other times of high letter volume. blueeyed teenager walks down the street.aspx Joe Parisi is the Dane County Executive. it sounds scary. Construction will most likely begin sometime this summer with completion anticipated by July 2014. All letters should be signed and include addresses and phone numbers for verification. WI and additional offices. . Even as I write that now. It turned out to be incredible to see agriculture on a global level and have first hand experiences with agriculture in another country. Community Voices Trip abroad gives glimpse into life of minorities T Verona Press Thursday. and here that’s a normal thing. exports and markets on a global level Sarbacker with several other Iowa State students and faculty members. please visit: countyofdane. The trail will be a little over 1 mile long. call editor Jim Ferolie at 845-9559 or email veronapress@wcinet. Threats of war aside. . But the trip was so much more than that. either. $37 One Year Elsewhere . And I’d do it again in a heartbeat. neither the Korean speaker nor I knew much of what was going on. Most Koreans do speak English. do you assume they speak English? I have realized that I am guilty of this. I had thought I was prepared. Maybe you haven’t thought much about it. Language barriers are becoming more and more of a challenge that we are going to have to learn to face. Anthony Iozzo. Please keep submissions under 400 words. Bill Livick. We take submissions online.000 included in my county budget to enhance safety. . WI 53593. NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION Submit a letter The Verona Press encourages citizens to engage in discussion through letters to the editor. No one stops to point at a fair-skinned curvy lady. but much like when most of us took a foreign language in high school. I ate every food imaginable with chopsticks (including lettuce!). If you do find yourself in a language barrier pickle. I spent time in the mountains. I tended to push the thought out of my News Jim Ferolie General manager David Enstad david. I thought I was happy in my bubble of the United States borders. I went to South Korea. Inc. but other letters will take priority over submissions from recently printed authors. adding to our extensive network of on and offroad trails for cyclists and pedestrians that link our parks. When I first contemplated traveling or studying abroad. Planning for phase one of the Lower Yahara River Trail will also be finalized. communities and organizations will be able to apply to fund projects such as signage. Real Solutions. including those with libelous or obscene content. Deadline is noon Monday the week of publication. After spending my whole life in Wisconsin and Iowa. I had gone there under the assumption that most Koreans spoke really great English and that language wouldn’t be an issue. 2013 The Verona Press Opinion ConnectVerona. and cycling businesses that give me valuable perspective on how to increase cycling safety. I learned how much I love traveling. No one stares as a blonde-haired. As you can guess. 133 Enterprise Advertising Donna Larson veronasales@wcinet. natural spaces and communities. May 23. . with construction anticipated in 2014. I realized all the dreams I had been denying were knocking on my door. POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to The Verona Press. the trip really opened my eyes to a whole other world I didn’t really know existed. But after I got accepted for my Spring Break Website Victoria Vlisides communityreporter@wcinet.Inc. with over 200 miles of trails. . I got to feel. Macy Sarbacker is a 2011 graduate of Verona Area High School studying at Iowa State University. Verona. My traveling companions with blonde hair were awed over. Mark Circulation Carolyn Schultz This newspaper is printed on recycled parks/bicyclists. Our efforts are making this fun and easy sport for families and people of all ages safer and even easier to get into. . Maybe you’ll soon find yourself in that situation someday.4 May 23. and numerous cycling industries calling our region home. a division of A dynamic. . A number of trails will move forward this year. No. We have a decent representation of Sports Jeremy Jones ungsportseditor@wcinet. I was surprised that we needed an interpreter nearly everywhere that we went.and thirdlargest cities in South Korea. & Rock Co. Woodward Communications. In the streets of Verona. being in South Korea shocked me that I had finally started to explore the world and loved to do so. In our town. We can accept multiple submissions from local authors. and strengthen this key recreational and economic asset. They know enough to pass their classes and it ends there. and the editorial staff reserves the right not to print any letter. . what it was like to be in the minority. they don’t speak it well and only remember pieces of it. it still surprised me every single time that someone would speak directly to me in Korean. . I never really thought very much about the challenges that other students face when coming to study abroad in the United States – or that families face when moving to the United States. Legislative opinion Exciting things ahead for cycling in Dane County ane County is a nationally recognized leader in biking. road striping. . employee-owned media company Good People. . Being in such a small minority really gives you an appreciation for all the minorities here and the challenges that they face. This spring. In doing so. ConnectVerona. . I applied for the trip on a whim. And I’m sure we can all relate to this. do you assume that they speak Spanish? When you see someone you assume to be American. Everywhere we went. Even in the second. . . his spring I took the trip of a lifetime. For more cycling info and area maps. 2013 • Vol.enstad@wcinet. we were pointed at and gawked at. bike trail crossing improvements and lighting from the $25. Development of a missing trail link between the Glacial Drumlin Trail and Capital City Trail that could connect Madison all the way to Milwaukee continues as well as a county-wide trail signage project. . . Anonymous letters will not be printed. paved 10’ D wide and traverse through some of the most scenic areas of Dane County. It was an eye-opening experience. . to study agriculture imports. I also got to experience some difficult language barriers. . yes. But luckily. Because of that language barrier. cycling organizations. . Derek Spellman Unified Newspaper Group. connecting county highway PD to Raymond Road in Madison and county highway M. I recommend hand gestures and nodding. This year we’re continuing to move forward on a number of key recommendations from our Parisi community. For questions on our editorial policy.

at Fit with the same information. who will produce and stage the performance themselves. To register or find out more.” The second VAPAS show will bring The Wisconsin Singers to the high school Performing Arts Center on Saturday. Saturday. Larry believes in treating each of the people he serves as an individual. Seeing the poem and its colorful illustration in a magazine. singing of a retired Navy master chief. visit fitclubtraining. she has performed as recitalist Get tickets Advance: 2014. Transit Authority. Georgia teacher and volunteer war worker to Moina Michael made a personal pledge to always wear red silk poppies as an emblem for “keeping the faith with all who died. 1. Graphics courtesy of Metro Creative Memorial Day traditions include flag flying. Transit Authority takes its name from the band’s original title. a prayer service and bugle country will be honored at tion of colors. In honor of these two families we are having a Boot Camp Fundraiser to raise funds. The season kicks off Saturday.html The tradition of red poppies on Memorial Day was inspired by the 1915 poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrea. Tickets left with Will Call. many people carry on national traditions on this day. that’s how a health care professional should be. For him. 403 Venture Court. May 25. Many Americans make special flower arrangements and deliver them as a family to gravesites of their loved ones and ancestors. Source: pbs. and a recital of the Pledge deceased veterans will be potluck meal at the AmeriBill Livick Unified Newspaper Group The Verona Area Performing Arts Series announced its 2013-14 season last week with three shows to suit a variety of musical tastes. flag should be displayed at half-staff until noon. com. Week of show: call 848-2787 and leave name. Tickets can also be purchased by credit card at Brown Paper Tickets. be followed by a memorial moves to the cemetery for Arts Series features three who gave their lives for this There will be a presenta. the U. Here are a few traditions and their orgins. WI 53705 5565 Tancho Drive Madison. May . Donors will get a size choice and also a color choice of Red (Heart) or Pink (Cancer) to wear during the event. the flag should be raised momentarily to the top. Nov. (608) 230-4266 (608) 230-4646 6205 Mineral Point Road Madison. according to PBS. It’s your health. The Wisconsin Singers formed in 1967 and have been producing Broadway caliber shows ever since. where neighVisiting Gravesites bors come together to remember with Memorial Day was originally pride those who sacrificed so much known as Decoration Day because for our country. May 27. Walters is widely known as “The International First Lady of Piano.S. And. WI 53718 Find us on Facebook.m.oakwoodvillage. and bagpipe music. 1 There is no fee to attend but they are asking for a donation to attend. Memorial Day Poppies Displaying the Flag On Memorial Day. Americans pause wherever they are at 3 p. WI 53593. Meet Larry. 2013 The Verona Press 5 Verona Area Performing Memorial Day program to honor fallen soldiers Verona area veterans Verona Area High School. including “Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?” “Colour My World” and “Saturday in the Park. when a Chicago tribute band. Australia’s International Conservatorium and Jerusalem’s Concert Hall. It’s our calling. This last year the Fit Club Family has been touched by two families that have had a medical miracle and another family that is just starting their journey. W Memorial Day national traditions dead by decorating their graves with flowers. email vapas@mail bag. Just like the other health care professionals at Oakwood Village. Verona. comes to town. a person who loves making others Moscow’s Great Hall. The eight-piece ensemble will cover three decades of music from the rock band that incorporated elements of jazz with its brassy horn section. as well as his own. print the online order form and mail a check to VAPAS P. Assisted Living • Memory Care • Rehabilitation Call either of our communities to learn more and be sure to visit us online at www. A POW/ recited during a memorial can Legion Hall. the idea was adopted in the United States and spread to England. it’s something he feels he needs to do. address and telephone number. Through her efforts. The group features students from UWMadison exclusively.address from Ken Nyland. Chicago Transit Authority. hile the Veroan area has Memorial Day celebrations. March 19. National Moment of Remembrance: In accordance with a congressional resolution passed in 2000.m.” She also began a campaign to make the poppy a universal symbol of tribute and support for veterans. Box it was a time to honor the nation’s meaning/traditions. at 207 promptly at 10 a. Feb. France. In the morning. Suite 2. 2014. It’s also not just something he wants to do.O. Americans can also honor prisoners of war and those Memorial Day Parades The Memorial Day parade is a missing in action by flying the POW/ MIA flag. Wigmore Hall in London. Transit Authority will perform covers of the original group’s many hits. Australia and more than 50 other countries. time-honored tradition in cities and towns across America. grave site visits and symbolic poppy flowers.” In recent years. UN285803 www. 9. Renowned pianist Teresa Walters will appear in the season finale on Saturday. local time for a moment of silence to remember and honor the dating back to the late 1960s. T h e p r o g r a m b e g i n s of Allegiance. Tickets also available after Sept.ConnectVerona. Fitness For Life fundraiser set for May 25 Fit Club staff will lead a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and to the Leukemia organization of choice from 8-11 a. at MIA memorial service will service before the service Legion St. and orchestral soloist on six continents and at such venues as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in New York. T-shirts will be available for anyone who donates $25 or more. 1 at State Bank of Cross Plains-Verona and Capitol Bank-Verona. to us. helping people isn’t just a job—it’s a way to make significant differences in the lives of the people he serves. parades. Memorial Day program the “Star Spangled Banner” The names of Verona area Guests are invited to a shows in upcoming season aMonday. the Salle Cortot in Paris. then lowered to half-staff.

Lunch reservations are needed by Blood drives 90+ club A Red Cross blood drive will be held from noon .Dairyland at Historical Society Wednesday. 845-7471 • 8 a.m. Verona (608) 845-5855 sugar. – Common Council from 5-13-13 11 a. Reddan Park • USA Ultimate College Championships.m.Common Council from 5-13-13 3 p. May 26 Monday. May 31 Saturday.m. this poor widow has put in more than all of them. . Fit Club. May 28. • 3-7 p. .m. gives a single dollar.m..Healthy Aging at Senior Center 11 p. Worship Service ST.m. .com • USA Ultimate College Championships.m.Cuba at Senior Center 10 p. • (608) 347-3827 Coming up Child Development Story Time Learn how to enhance your child’s language skills through reading at a story time from 10:30-11 a.2011 Wildcats Football 4:30 p. Verona. For info. Paoli (608) 845-5641 SUNDAY 10 a.m. .Praise and worship 10:45 . . #7.. Verona City Center • 12:30 p. City Center Thursday. PD and High Point Phil Haslanger GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN CHURCH ELCA (608) 271-6633 Central: Raymond Road & Whitney Way SUNDAY 8:15. p.. City Center • 7 p..m. – Common Council from 5-13-13 9 p.2011 Wildcats Football 8:30 p.river@sugarriverumc. – Chatting with the Chamber 10 p. Wise (608) 848-1836 www.m.m.” Luke 21:3-4 Easily renew your subscription online! We’ve recently launched the option to renew your newspaper subscription electronically with our secure site at: connectverona. Billings and Peter Narum Service 5 Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant Pastor: Timothy Rosenow THURSDAY 6:30 p. It is certainly nice when the wealthy share their riches.. May 24 7 a.m. (608) 271-2811 livelifetogether.m. but Jesus tells his disciples that she has actually given more than all the others. Communion Worship SUGAR RIVER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 130 N. Join award-winning author Rochelle Pennington as she presents “A Walk Down Memory Lane” Friday. Worship SUNDAY 9 a. Main. May 25 Saturday. June 4 Tuesday. . . at the library. May 23 7 a. St. What income growth there has been in the United States during the last few years has been reaped mostly by the wealthiest of us.Daily Exercise 4 p. May 22 5 p. Paoli 9 and 11 a. info@livinghopeverona. – Common Council Live 8 p. Worship REDEEMER BIBLE FELLOWSHIP 102 N. . – Arbor Day at Senior Center 6 Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.6 May 23.Retro Swing at Senior Center 3 p.m.m.. . May 26 7 a. veronafarmersmarket. Child development story time. at the Verona Public Library. . May 28 Sunday.m. Saturday 9 a. When someone living below the poverty line. – Chatting with the Chamber 10 p. at 845-7471.Resurrection Church 7 p. fell below the poverty line in 2011. . – Retro Swing at Senior Center 3 p.m.m. . Verona SUNDAY 7:30 a.Cuba at Senior Center 5 p. Hometown Junction..m.m. Verona ST. ..4 p.m. This would have been the rough equivalent of putting in two pennies. – Resurrection Church 10 a. .org/hike-a-thon • 5:30 p. and 6 p. Epic Systems campus • 6:30 p.m. Verona Farmer’s Market. The program is for children ages 2-5 and their caregivers. Tuesday. – Common Council from 5-13-13 7 p.. PD and High Point Road. Sara Thiessen SUNDAY 9:30 a.m. The poor are indeed getting poorer. Memorial Day program. the U. May 23 Friday. May 31. Franklin Ave. Verona Pastor Dwight R. May 29.m. There will also be a blood drive at Community calendar • 11 a. . Plan Commission.Cuba at Senior Center 5 p.m.m. Verona Daily Mass: Tuesday-Saturday at 8 a. can actually heed the call of the gospels to give of our substance. William Vernon. Verona Area High School • 10:30 a.. Badger Ridge Middle School from 2-6 noon May 30 at 845-7471. .4 p. Andrew.9 per cent..m. Fitchburg (608) 273-1008 • memorialucc. Town Board. whether rich or poor.m. – Healthy Aging at Senior Center 9 a.m. Family Worship Join the senior center for lunch and music as part of the May birthday and anniversary celebration. whose net worth may be less than zero. Verona City Center.m. Verona Senior Center. worship times THE CHURCH IN FITCHBURG 2833 Raritan Road. . . As part of National Trails Day. Refreshments and fellowship are between services..Healthy Aging at Senior Center 11 p.Daily Exercise 10 a.Dairyland at Historical Society 6 p. just west of the intersection of Hwy.. .Retro Swing at Senior Center Monday. Blood drive. – Cuba at Senior Center 5 p. this hiking adventure will allow participants to see some of the best and newest Ice Age Trail in the state. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona. ALL SAINTS LUTHERAN CHURCH 2951 Chapel Valley Road. June 1. 6705 Wesner Road.m.. Verona (608) 848-4965 • rlcverona.m. Mount Vernon (608) 832-6677 for information Pastor: Brad Brookins SUNDAY 10:15 a. They have given from their abundance while she has given from what she had to live on. In the United States. Fitchburg. – Healthy Aging at Senior Center 11 SUNDAY 10 a. senior center. but she out of her poverty put in all the living that she had. – Arbor Day at Senior Center 6 p.m. Main Street. Sponsorships to benefit the Ice Age Trail Alliance are encouraged.m.m. CHRISTOPHER CATHOLIC PARISH 301 Sunday Worship: 8 and10:45 a.Salem Church Service Noon .Chatting with the Chamber 3 p. just west of the intersection of Hwy. – Arbor Day at Senior Center 6 p. Hometown Junction. city offices closed • 10 a.m.m. Those who are turning 90 years old or older are invited for lunch and a group photo at 11:30 a. Finance committee.m.Cuba at Senior Center 10 p.Chatting with the Chamber 3 p..m.redeemerbiblefellowship. – Dairyland at Historical Society Friday. – Common Council from 5-13-13 7 p. William. 845-7180 • Noon . . 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.m. Thursday.m. Guests will have an opportunity to ask questions about their child’s development during this story time led by therapists from Communication Innovations Pediatric Therapy Services. Common council.Chatting with the Chamber 3 p. 845-2010 Call 845-9559 to advertise on the Verona Press church page . May 28 7 a.2011 Wildcats Football 9 p. PD parking lot. Verona Senior Center. M..m. How many of us. .Capital City Band 8 hike-a-thon. 845-7471 • 12:30 p. Worship MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH 201 S.Daily Exercise 9 p. Verona. the rich are getting richer.m.Cuba at Senior Center 1 p. Author Rochelle Pennington talk.m. dane. . Fitness fundraiser. to make an • 6:30 p. sugarriverumc. – Arbor Day at Senior Center 1:30 p. Andrew. visit Pastor Rich Johnson 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.Sunday School (all ages) 6 p.m.m.m.Salem Church Service 7 p. Verona (608) 845-6613 Stchristopherverona. not just our abundance? “Truly I tell you. – Retro Swing at Senior Center Saturday. Lunch reservations are needed by Wednesday. Public works building • 6:30 p. May 30 Friday.m.m.Dairyland at Historical Society 11 p. . Common Council.m. May 25 8 a. The hike starts at the County Hwy. Worship ZWINGLI UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST – At Hwy.m.stjamesverona.. Lead pastor: Jeremy Scott SUNDAY 10:15 a.m. Women’s group.m.m. .Salem Church Service 8 p. Verona (608) 845-6922 www.m.m.m.m. Verona SUNDAY 9 & 10:30 a. Verona. Sunday SALEM UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 502 Mark Dr. Verona Farmer’s Market. Pastor Laura Kolden.m.m. – Arbor Day at Senior Center 1:30 p.Retro Swing at Senior Center Sunday. .org Pastor: Jeff Jacobs SUNDAY 8:45 a. The With income inequality growing in many countries we have a much larger number of both impoverished and wealthy people and consequently a “hollowing out” of the middle class. – Retro Swing at Senior Center Thursday. Worship West: Corner of Hwy. for they all contributed out of their abundance.m. May 30 7 a.m. will traverse 21 miles through southern Dane County.. 69 and PB.Capital City Band 8 p.m.m.m.. Ice Age Trail Hike-a-thon. . Verona Area High School graduation. – Dairyland at Historical Society 6 p.m. City Hall • 3-7 p.m.m. Census Bureau reports that 15.Retro Swing at Senior Center 3 p..m.Daily Exercise 9 p.. Reddan Park • 8-11 a.Daily Exercise 4 p..Hindu Cultural Hour 10 p.m. – Arbor Day at Senior Center 1:30 p. St. Family Worship Service RESURRECTION LUTHERAN CHURCH Wisconsin Synod. and more middle class folks are falling into poverty. WI 53711 (608) 271-2811 livelifetogether.Chatting with the Chamber 10 p.m. June 9 Monday. while the Wall Street Journal reports that the wealthiest 1% of Americans saw their income increase by 275% over the last three decades.5 million Americans. Yurs.Daily Exercise 10 a. Music is free and starts at 12:30 p. Town Hall • 3 p. June 1 Sunday.Words of Peace 9 p. . but when billionaires donate a million dollars they are literally giving one thousandth of their wealth away.m. and will be supported with water breaks and lunch. Franklin St.m. Pastor: Gary Holmes SUNDAY 9:00 & 10:30 Contemporary worship with children’s Sunday school. WEST MADISON BIBLE CHURCH 2920 Hwy. . Verona (608) 845-7125 MBCverona. pastor SATURDAY 5 p. .m. . . May 28. Verona Public Library.m. Tuesday. 334-5748 • USA Ultimate College 430 E.m. Dr. – Cuba at Senior Center 10 p.m. May 27 7 a.m.Cuba at Senior Center 4:30 p.m. iceagetrail.m. – Common Council from 5-13-13 9 p.m.m. .m.m. .m. Suite 2. Andrew. .m. May 30.m.m.m. – Dairyland at Historical Society 11 p. Finance committee. Churches Old Time Fiddlers Hike-a-thon Join the 2013 Dane County Ice Age Trail Hike-a-thon Saturday. JAMES EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH 427 S.m.m. Call 1-800-733-2767 or visit redcrossblood.Daily Exercise 4 • 5:30 p. – Healthy Aging at Senior Center 9 a. – Healthy Aging at Senior Center 9 a. Fitchburg (608) 276-7729 9:00AM Sunday School (for all ages) 10:15AM Worship Service Staffed nursery: 8:45am-11:30am 11:30AM Fellowship Hour SPRINGDALE LUTHERAN CHURCH-ELCA 2752 Town Hall Road (off County ID) (608) 437-3493 springdalelutheran. .Words of Peace 8 p. May 27 Monday. June 10 What’s on VHAT-98 Wednesday. and to raise some much needed funds for the Alliance. St..m. WI Phone: (608) 845-7315 Rev.m. – Cuba at Senior Center 10 p. which starts at 8 a. FITCHBURG MEMORIAL UCC 5705 Lacy Road.Small group Bible study ZWINGLI UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST – Located at Hwy.Daily Exercise 10 a. .org Pastors Kurt M. PD & Nine Mound Road. – Healthy Aging at Senior Center 11 p. they are literally giving of their very life. . Reddan Park Memorial Day Library. – Retro Swing at Senior Center Tuesday.m. St. . . S. Road G.. Verona Ave.m.Cuba at Senior Center 10 p. WI 53593 Sunday (nursery provided in a. Main St. Thursday. May 29 7 a.m. .m.m. .m. June 3 Tuesday. Worship LIVING HOPE CHURCH At the Verona Senior Center 108 Paoli St. fitclubtraining.m.Hindu Cultural Hour 9 a. 403 Venture Court.m. Associate in Ministry www.m.m.m.m. – Dairyland at Historical Society The Widow’s Mite The gospels of Mark and Luke both tell the story of the poor widow who gives two small copper coins to the temple treasury. – Retro Swing at Senior Center Thursday. Old Time Fiddlers. THE CHURCH IN VERONA Verona Business Centre 535 Half Mile Fr. . 48.m.m.m.) 9:15 a. May 24 • 7 p. at the Verona Senior Center. Public works committee. Verona Senior Center.iceagetrail. Mark E.. 92 & Ct.m.m. Sunday Vigil.

flexible terms.” said Timm Learn moredisclosure at For additional important information. Visit our website at www. • organization Our focus is on helping you be wise with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and that exists to serve our its money.Madison. 25972A R2-13 ©2013 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Go get Available evenings & weekends (by appt) 710 N. 25972A R2-13 ©2013 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Thrivent. FIC Derek Spellman Unified Newspaper Group 629480 Dairy Queen 651 Hometown Circle 848-3169 facebook.. according to the company’s press release. WI 53717 | (608) 836-1616 108 E.” Heller said. including the drive-through and an 8-foot-by-6-foot “monument sign” out front. congregations Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and its • Our focus is on helping you be wise with $165 million toin communities. The Minneapolis-based American Dairy Queen Corporation said it has more than 6. live generously and thrive.m. Contact me today. Monday–Thursday and Sunday. 115 N.–11 p. quesadillas and chili cheese dogs. 10 a. •• members—not We are a faith-based membership money. members raised. Learn more at Thrivent. fast approval. and he cited its proximity to the baseball fields just across the street as part of the location’s curb appeal. • members—not Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and its members Business May 23. It seats 76 people inside the restaurant and 34 outside. 608-848-5150 2013 The Verona Press 7 A Dairy Queen restaurant opened here March 18 at 651 Hometown Circle. $165 million to communities. FIC Timothy Pederson. WI 53593 Learn moredisclosure at For additional important information.capitolbank. A Dairy Queen restaurant opened here March 18 at 651 Hometown Circle. As for Verona. 105 The Verona Dairy Queen continues the company’s “Grill and Chill” concept. WI Main Solar Installation • Residential • Commercial Industrial • 24-Hour Service Building Relationships That Make A Difference Dawn Pratt. Brian M Wagner Agency 204 W. the operation has been settling in over the last two months and even has its own Facebook page with lots of photos. will guide you every step of the way. 629480 25972A R2-13 ©2013 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Thrivent. We’re proud to again be named We’re proud to Contact me today. Heller lives in the area. and he said he thought Verona “needed some more food options. where patrons can get not only “cool” foods like ice cream and shakes but also burgers. Canada and other who owns and operates not only the Verona Dairy Queen but also the Dairy Queen in Fitchburg. Gov. congregations and individuals in need in 2012. WI BC-224127 .1/12 UN284771 American Family Mutual Insurance Company and its Subsidiaries American Family Insurance Company www. the company said. The company is part of the Berkshire Hathaway family. WI 53593 115 N. Main FIC 115 N. Howard Cagle. live generously andor thrive. please visit 608-848-5150 608-848-5150 Verona. congregations me today.krantzelectricinc. Friday and Saturday United States. FIC Timothy Pederson. Work crews can still be seen working on the landscaping around the contributed and donated Wall Street shareholders. WI 53593 | (608) 845-0108 Home Office . Our focus isgenerously onWall helping you be wise with money. you’ll find the solution at Capitol Bank Verona. Howard Cagle NMLS#593729 Mortgage Market Manager Turn to Briefs/Page 13 Your dream is out there. organization that exists to or serve our members—not Wall Street shareholders. in front of the Farm and Fleet store and across from Connor Field. Plans for the restaurant were approved by the city’s Plan Commission last year and then Common Council. Our mortgages feature great rates. Main St. 53593 DairyQueenVeronaWi Hours: 10 a. Verona Avenue | Verona. WI (608) 845-8494 Proudly serving Verona and surrounding communities since 1986. – 10 p. 25972A R2-13 ©2013 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans 629480 Thrivent. Verona. contributed and donated money. the legendary investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. High Point Road | Madison. Construction started last year on the 629480 For additional important disclosure information. “It’s been going real well. please visit Thrivent. and individuals in needContact in 2012. WI 53593-1101 (608) 845-8304 Bus bwagne1@amfam. congregations and individuals need and in 2012. UN284944 Dairy Queen joins Verona’s plate For additional important disclosure 20132013 2013 2013 one be of the again named We’re proud to one of the again be named one of the We’re proud to again be named one more of theat Learn .veronawi. Financial Consultant Verona.300-squarefoot Dairy Queen in Verona. live and thrive.m. which employs 55 people The Verona Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the Business of the Month! and features a drive-up window to go along with outdoor seating. a company owned by Warren Buffett. heating and air quality needs. Verona Ave. 2650 N. Thrivent. Ste. and the friendly service we’re known for. is one of the new members of the state’s Council on Workforce Investment. members raised. according to a news release from Dairy Queen. in front of the Farm and Fleet store and across from Connor Field.” He has set up shop right alongside the city’s gateway. “We’ve been looking for a long time.capitolbank. Verona. WI 53593 Financial Consultant 608-848-5150 115 N. Verona’s plate has gotten a little bigger and a little cooler. Scott Walker announced earlier this month. The board is an advisory panel that “will help guide efforts to advance the Walker’s TEXT J934 To 36000 To Receive Exclusive Offers & Updates Solar Panels Saving Energy Today For a Brighter Tomorrow! UN284835 JOIN OUR VIP LIST See Howard for all your Mortgage Needs Whether you’re buying a new home or refinancing your existing one. members raised. WI 53593 (608) 845-9156 • www. the human resources/EEO officer for the Fitchburg office of Payne & Dolan. Timothy Pederson. please visit Thrivent. please visit Thrivent. Main St. Call us for all your air conditioning. Verona. contributed and donated $165 million to communities. $165 million to communities. Photos by Derek Spellman Looking for someone Looking for someone who is different … Looking for someone who is different … Someone who truly understands what is who is different … Looking for someone Someone to who truly understands important you? Consider this: what is important to you? this:what is Someone who trulyConsider understands • We are a faith-based membership who is different … important to Consider this: • organization We are a you? faith-based membership that exists to serve our Financial Consultant Financial Consultant Timothy Pederson. Our mortgage officer. wise important to you? Consider this: Street or shareholders. or contact Howard at 836-4322. com to apply online. • We are a faith-based membership Someone who truly understands what is members—not Wall Street or that exists to serve our with • organization Our focus is on helping you beshareholders.ConnectVerona.m. chicken strips. Dave Kaltenberg Verona Area Chamber of Commerce Business briefs Pratt joins Workforce council Krantz Electric Inc. making the process easy and stress-free. We’ll protect it. contributed and donated Contact me today.m. live generously Member FDIC UN287046 UN284947 For information about Verona and the business community visit www. • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and its and individuals in need in 2012. Nine Mound Road.300 stores in the 161 Horizon Dr.

See website for information on other classes and more www.570 to purchase a Billy Goat weed mower to allow for land stewardship and trail maintenance work. The grant will help pay for the creation of a mural in the school entryway showcasing the many cultures represented in the school.m.m. 6:30 p.Funding for Environmental Council grants is provided through Dane County’s Land and Water Legacy Initiative and generous donations from local businesses. which runs along the southwest side of the city and town. The school has already met with Madison artists Sharon Kilfoy and Jerry Jordan and former Verona art teacher and muralist Emida Roller. June 8 Sunday. The Ice Age Trail bisects Verona.Verona Ave. according to a commission news Verona Area School District Stoner Prairie lands 4 grants Seth Jovaag Unified Newspaper Group Photos by Jim Ferolie Mud run fun Many competitors needed a little help one way or another Saturday during the first Kids’ Mud Run at Festival Park and Badger Prairie County Park. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced the approval of $18.338 grant from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission.000 grant from the charitable foundation of home improvement store chain Lowe’s.039 to purchase cattle fencing. The adults’ race was Sunday. June 1 Sunday. The Friends of Donald Park received $1. Last week.  New Monthly Class 2-Hour Joint Movement Flow UN290108 CELEBRATE! Culver’s of Verona invites you to join in celebrating our 17th anniversary! It’s our way of saying thanks for making us part of your family and community June 1 . as well.m. The grant will pay for roughly eight iPads and apps to be used in classrooms.50 Regular Cheese Curds $4 Two Pc. The month of May has been generous to Stoner Prairie Elementary School.m. The Village of Belleville was awarded $225 to purchase directional and interpretive signage along a new trail by the Sugar River in a new conservation area. Most grant recipients also provide matching funds in order to complete their projects. Rd.m.8 May 23. Wednesday.050 “innovation grant” from the Verona Area School District that will set up a program to offer evening summer classes for roughly 150 elementary school students in the Nakoma Heights neighborhood in Fitchburg. the school received a $6. June 2 Monday. June 9 $1 Single Butterburgers® Happy 17th Anniversary $1 One Scoop Waffle Cones $2 BBQ Pork Sandwiches Join us for Karaoke from 4-7 p. 8435 Cty. Horeb Offers valid at Verona location only. Free Newcomers Class Sat.m. $1 Corn Dogs Join our Balloon Artist from 5-8 p. a 782-acre conservation area just southwest of Verona. buy new computers and offer summer classes. The school landed an almost identical grant last year from the Berbee Foundation.springdaleyoga.  As part of the Community Partner Grant Program. art teacher Jayne Baitinger Peterson and Olson applied for the arts grant. 8:30 a. The Ice Age Trail Alliance was awarded $1. who will help staff. All the projects must take place in Dane County and provide a benefit to Dane County natural resources and residents. Also last week. June 5 $1 Short Coolers Thursday. students and parents create the murals that “will celebrate the 17 nations represented by our student body through visual depictions of the multicultural society our community and our nation are moving toward. June 6 Friday. .m.  Local groups accounted for nearly $5. Inc. the school landed four grants totaling more than $25. The Ice Age Trail Alliance. Several groups earned capital equipment grants. Local groups earn county grants for environmental programs Several area conservation groups have been awarded grant money by Dane County to help purchase equipment and provide nature programs. earned $940 to hire professional services to remove brushy invasive species from an overlook of the Ice Age Trail. • 608-845-2010 • culvers.550 in grants.000 interpretive maps that will be available in containers at trailheads.295 to purchase the fabrication of an environmentally themed interpretive panel for Donald Park.” the application said. PD Between Verona & Mt. Beginning Yoga Classes Tues. the Friends of Donald Park earned $751 to produce 2. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona. the school was named a recipient of a $3.000 that will be used to paint murals on school walls. the school learned it had won $10. & Fri. Chicken Dinners $1 Short Strawberry Shakes Join us for some Face Painting from 5-8 437-4082 . Olson said he didn’t know yet what the exact contest guidelines were but that the money should be available in December and will likely be used to purchase new technology.718 in grant awards through the Dane County Environmental Council’s Community Partners and Capital Equipment grant programs in a news release last month. UN284912 Culver’s of Verona • 430 E. Principal Chris Olson said two parents – Michelle and Greg Puent – entered the school into the drawing last winter. $2 One Scoop Turtle Sundaes Join us after the parade for Clydesdale Wagon Rides until 5 p. In recent weeks. June 7 Saturday.m. a waterproof camera and a telescoping gas pole pruner for documenting and conducting stewardship work along the Upper Sugar River. Earlier this month. The school on May 10 landed a $6.-12:00 p. May 25 8:00 a.000 through the Box Tops for Education program offered by the Roundy’s supermarket chain.m. June 1 10:30 a.. School counselor Sarah Holzem.June 9 Saturday. including the MG&E foundation. The Upper Sugar River Watershed Associa tion received $1. June 3 Tuesday. June 4 $1. Expires after 6/9/13..

com Fax: 845-9550 Sports Thursday. which took third with a 314. “It’s developed into a really Turn to Tennis/Page 11 .” Bathe said.” Argall cruised to 6-0. May 20. sports editor Anthony Iozzo.” said Tackett. respectively. ninth overall). track at 4:15 p. Verona track and field made the most of the opportunity. said he was optimistic. Baltes. But out of all of Verona’s scores. but none of that matTurn to Golf/Page 11 ters when it comes to winning a conference Hosting its first WIAA Division 1 regional in a decade. Davenport claim Big 8 titles Jeremy Jones Sports editor Seniors Andrew Argall and Brian Davenport took eerily similar paths to Big Eight Conference titles last week.845-9559 x226 • ungsportseditor@wcinet. who has battled right elbow tendinitis all season. He was paired with Middleton’s Emmet Herb (76. I knew I just had to focus on me and not worry about whatever his situation was. the groups were filled with many low scores. “I said I was going to play a lot over the winter – just with basketball. until basketball was over. me go low today. It was very fulfilling to be able to make the transition so well. and I finally got some shots straight off the tee. Verona’s Jeremy Jones. junior John Tackett’s 78 might have been one of the most important for the Wildcats to stay ahead of Madison Memorial and Middleton. “I saw the clock after about the first 400 and decided I was going to try and break 12 for the first time this year. 6-4 to win his first Big Eight Conference title. 4 and No. 5. Turn to Track/Page 10 Boys tennis Senior Brian Davenport reacts to a shot against Middleton’s Joey Niesen in the championship match at No.200-meter run in 11 minutes. While both entered the conference tennis tournament as the top seeds at No. 6-0. sixth overall) and Beloit Memorial’s Kolton Kelley (78. 1 golfer senior Tyler Reinecke shot a 77 to finish seventh overall. “We won our conference season obviously for standings and all.5129. Senior Nichole Bathe won the regional championship of the 3. 6-4 victory at 2 singles. fifth overall) and Madison Memorial’s Brett Oberg (77. 7-5 win over Madison La Follette senior Adam Martin. Davenport defeated his rival 6-3. “I maybe played a couple times a month maybe. Janesville Craig (121) rounded out the top three. second overall) and Beloit Memorial’s Connor Day (78. who defeated Middleton’s Ben Luskin last year to claim his second title at No. Baltes finished first with a 72 to help Verona (308) win its first Big Eight Conference meet since moving in 2010. I think that helped Cats go wild at regionals Jeremy Jones Sports editor Photo by Anthony Iozzo Senior Caleb Baltes chips onto the 18th green Thursday in the Big Eight Conference boys golf meet at Evansville Golf Club. and he stayed steady with a one-under par 35 on the front nine and a one-over par 37 on the back to finish even.m. Verona’s No.” he said.41 seconds.” Bathe said. Senior Caleb Baltes didn’t wake up feeling like Thursday’s Big Eight Conference meet at Evansville Golf Club was going to be special.. 56. taking fourth in 12:40 as the Wildcats held off Stoughton 134. eighth overall). but he didn’t expect anything more than what he usually does. the only golfer not in the final team group that made the top 10 was Janesville Craig’s Nolan Moran (76. 2 golfer. who also plays basketball for the Wildcats varsity team. “I ski and roller ski a lot. And being in a group with Madison Memorial’s John Springer (74. 3 senior Matt Feller shot an 81. visit: ConnectVerona. decided he was really going to hit. May 23. 6-0 wins in his opening two matches.” Argall said. 1 and 2 singles. Argall. “It’s great to be able to move up to 1 singles. “It always seems like one guy always steps up and goes low with our No. As for the rest of the Wildcats. he was all smiles.” Argall said. Madison Memorial’s Peter Webb (76. love-40 in the third set and came back to win – icing his elbow. “It helps me with endurance and I’ve found a good balance between both sports. So when he came to the clubhouse with a 72 to help the Wildcats (308) edge Madison Memorial (310) for their first Big Eight Conference title in school history. “He was down 5-1. Where: Waterford High School Track and field Junior John Tackett tees off on the 16th hole Thursday in the Big Eight Conference boys golf meet at Evansville Golf Club. Argall knew he wasn’t going to be handed a title from the injured Luskin just from watching the Cardinal junior’s first match. but to come here and win was super cool. hugging rival Joey Niesen at the net following his 6-3.” It wasn’t until around November that Argall. He finished with a 78. Photo by Jeremy Jones Argall.” All the while. a win 3-6. and today it was me I guess. “It really helped having that Parker girl in front of me keeping a really good pace the whole time. after running the table during the regular season – both faced their own set of challenges in the championships. “My putter was rolling really good.” Davenport celebrated his first Big Eight Conference championship.” championship as no points are earned during Verona was 9-0 in conference during the season. 6-4 victory over Luskin.” he said. “I am super psyched to shoot that score and help the team out for sure because we have been really hoping to win conference. 10th overall). winning the girls title and finishing runner up on the boys side. 2013 9 Verona Press For more sports coverage. it didn’t really happen. who is Verona’s No. assistant sports editor 845-9559 x237 • sportsreporter@wcinet. moved up to 1 singles this season with the graduation of Alex Boomgarden And took his third title with a 6-1. fourth overall). “Making that jump you never really know how you are going to compete. third overall). 6-0 and 6-1. 2 singles. He didn’t drop a game in his first two matches Thursday. In The Boys golf Cats edge Spartans for Big 8 title Verona wins first Big Eight Conference title in school history Anthony Iozzo Assistant sports editor If you go What: WIAA Division 1 Waterford sectional When: Monday. Field events at 3:30 p.” Teammate Erica Higgins secured the final spot to sectionals. Baltes needed to keep his own on the course. Verona’s No.m. 2 singles last Thursday inside Nielsen Tennis Stadium.” Baltes was coming off wins at the Morgan Stanley Shootout May 8-9 and a second place at the Spartan Invitational May 13. “He’s a kid that never quits. 4 golfer. He was paired with Middleton’s Josh Haunty (76. distance coach Dave Nelson was telling the Alaska-Fairbacks cross country ski recruit to save something for this Thursday’s WIAA Division 1 sectional meet in Waterford. Rebholz said the regular season the regular season.

Valid during regular business hours.11).7pm SAT 9am . While the meet was finished up at 5 p. “I wanted to go back and defend my title. who has battled through injury setbacks since finishing third at the WIAA state cross country meet last fall. Senior Joe Pagura didn’t reach the finals in the discus. No minimum purchase required. 142-110. Josh Peckam and Cameron Tindall secured the final spot for sectionals in 44. taking second in the 1600 (4:41.17. The girls are now in third place behind Waunakee (9-1. Verona defeated Westside 10-8 last Thursday. Senior Noah Borchardt also advanced taking the final spot in 4:44. securing the regional title in the two mile. Sessions for grades seventh through ninth will be held the week of June 17. Sophomore Case Baio joined juniors Andrew Husbands. 8-3). sister Hannah and LaCroix raced out to a season best time of 4:02. Senior Jordan Bartholf kept her season going with a season-best throw of 37-11 in the shot put. It would be one of two titles for the Wildcats. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona. 7 inches in the discus. leaving Miller unable to compete. 9-1) and Middleton (8-3. Stoughton sophomore Hannah Posick raised the bar to a meet-best 10 feet. Photos by Jeremy Jones Senior Jordan Bartholf lets fly with a throw of 108 feet. Fellow junior Ben Feller added a runner-up finish behind another Cougar. Eight teams participated in the tournament.76. Freshman Lexi Alt and sophomore Hannah Miller joined Kerrigan and Schmaltz on Verona’s 4x100. coached by Todd Shoemaker and Sam Roberts. catalog returns. but managed to hold on for first place in the 3200 with a time of 9:57. Erik Wickstrom and Husbands opened the meet by taking third place with junior Luke Waschbusch in the 4x800 (8:27. continued to run back into form Tuesday.69 before capping the Wildcats’ regional team championship evening in the 1600 where sophomore Nichole Noltmeyer.5pm UN289737 Valid at Outlet Store location only through June 2.06).wi. Kerrigan sprinted to a third-place finish in the 100-meter dash (13. two tenths off the first place time of fellow underclassmen Alexa Deutsch of Stoughton.6 seconds.” said Miller who came back to win regionals in 47.81. Wood won the event with a time of 2:24. moved up to fourth to secure the final spot in the 200 (27.81) behind Evan Lalor. 27.THU 11am . finishing two-tenths of a second behind Janesville Craig junior Alec McCann with a time of 2:02. Sport shorts Wildcat hoop camp WED .com.84 – just record 13-7. Though he didn’t clear the latter height.buss@verona. Not valid on phone. At right: Senior Sean Happel takes the baton from junior Luke Waschbusch in the boys 4x800-meter relay. Junior Nicole Zimbrick vaulted her way to a second-place finish tying her season best with a clearance of 9-6. Oregon 13-5 Saturday and lost to Westside 16-13 Monday. Registration forms are available in the VASD Summer Offerings brochure on the VASD web site or at all local schools. who was sitting in sixth place after trials.19. Boys and girls lacrosse The Verona girls lacrosse team moved to 9-3 overall (7-3 in the Madison Area Lacrosse Association conference) after going 2-1 last week. The relay finished third in 8 minutes. or by contacting coach Alan Buss at 845-4434 or alan. finishing behind only Stoughton senior Haley Houser. Bartholf added a third-place finish in the discus (108-7) to once again finish behind Houser. 6-1) and Sun Prairie (8-2. reaching 6 feet as Verona advanced nine individuals and three of four relays. The Verona boys lacrosse team is 4-3 in the MALA red conference (5-3 overall).18. Schmaltz. Teammate Steven Queoff secured the final spot also.52. Bartholf advanced on to sectionals in both the shot put and discus. who was unable to defend her Big Eight Conference title in the 300 hurdles last week after the meet was postponed.6pm FRI 10am . but he did finish fourth overall in the shot put (453 ½) to advance on to sectionals. mail orders or at DuluthTrading. Boys ON HIGHWAY 69N IN BELLEVILLE Sophomore Ryan Nameth. The boys are also in third place. and the Verona JV White. Not valid in combination with any other offers or on previous purchases.02. and seconds in men’s and women’s clothing.5pm SUN 12pm .33). 7-2). Nameth got a battle from Fort Atkinson senior Eric Track: Cats advance plethora of athletes on to Thursday’s Waterford sectional meet Continued from page 9 Verona advanced a total of nine individuals and all four relays on to sectionals. Verona’s 4x100 relay of freshman Carson Parks and sophomores Luke Lamberson. Junior Adam Stiner unleashed a season-best 141-2 to finish second overall to Milton’s AJ Natter (153-8) in the discus.5. coached by Carl Scheumann and Brett Schnirring. Saturday. Senior Ben Hansen captured the final spot in the pole vault.66. Junior Aylise Grossenbacher-McGlammery. it was concluded in conflict with Verona’s Senior Awards night. including senior Katy Miller. Dietlin went on to finished second overall to Janesville Parker junior Devonte Scott on attempts in the high jump with a clearance of 6 feet. JUNE 2 DULUTH TRADING OUTLET STORE 1107 River Street (HWY 69N) BELLEVILLE Near Burreson’s Foods • 608-424-1227 Overstocks. Senior Sean Happel.61). who finished second to Janesville Parker.88. which finished runner-up to Janesville Craig in 51. Freshman Europa Christoffel hurdled her way to second place in the 100s with a time of 16. The Wildcats went on to advance all four relays to sectionals. “It was a really hard decision. HURRY! SALE ENDS SUNDAY. Pictured is the Verona JV Orange. They are behind Middleton (7-2. Sessions for grades first through sixth will be held the week of June 10. The Verona Area High School boys’ basketball coaches will again be leading the summer Wildcat Hoop Camp for boys entering grades first through ninth. which placed fourth. She partnered with sophomore Shannon Kerrigan. freshman Kylie Schmaltz and junior Jenni LaCroix to take the 800 in 1:44. 2013. Not valid at Mount Horeb or Port Washington locations. which placed third. clearing a season-best . Junior Alex Anderson nearly ran himself to a regional title.k12. junior Asia Christoffel and freshmen Greta Schmaltz and Emily Ford secured the final spot in the 4x800 relay with a time of 10:42. Applies to purchase total before tax.m. Feller and Anderson to take second behind Janesville Parker in the 4x400 relay (3:32.10 May 23.” Miller helped the Wildcats add two more titles in the 4x200 and 4x400 relays. but I’m just glad I left everything I had on the track tonight. Senior Matt Dietlin also secured a regional title in the pole vault on attempts with a clearance of 11-6 before moving up to attempt a VAHS school (KICK OFF GRILLING SEASON WITH SMOKING-HOT DEALS!) MEMORIAL DAY SALE ONLY AT OUR OUTLET STORE UP TO STORE HOURS 70% OFF O R I G I NA L R E TA I L PRICES Photo submitted JV lacrosse charges near the top The Verona Wildcat JV lacrosse teams participated in the Bullrush lacrosse tournament May 18-19 at Verona Area High School fields.9 in the 800. LaCroix finished runnerup to Oregon’s Jamie Wood in the 800 with a time of 2:29.

each said they are happy to be moving to the much weaker Lake Geneva Badger sectional this year. 11 seed for the WIAA Division 1 playoffs at last weekend’s seeding meetings. Baltes shot a 75. “No one was super high. but the Purgolders scored three in the third and eight in the fifth to 10-run rule Verona. Stoughton Courier Hub Verona Press: Friday. Senior Derek Witte started on the mound A play at the plate did the Wildcats in last Friday in a 3-2 loss to Oregon. They survived a 5-7. 2013 Oregon Observer.LLC Residential Trash & Recycling Customers: Residents normally serviced the week of May 27th-May 31st will be serviced one day later than their normal pickup day. “Everybody was pretty steady. “I played better on the back nine than I did on the front nine even though it was playing a little more difficult. “It definitely got a little tricky on 16 (the par 3) and 17 with the tee shot straight into the wind. 2013 NO TRASH PICKUP ON MEMORIAL DAY! It’s all about the details! Spring Clean-ups. advanced at all three doubles flights. and it also advanced. for second place and a sectional berth.” Reinecke finished second overall in the tournament as Memorial’s Webb bounced back from a double bogey on the first hole to shoot a 2-over 73. 3 singles. Junior John Moynihan rounded third but a relay from junior left fielder Jack Krueger to junior third baseman Logan Laski to junior catcher Collin Byron was quick enough to get Moynihan and preserve the lead. and it’s not a short hole. WI 53575 835-6677 135 W. 7-5 win over Janesville Parker in the first round before falling to second-seeded Middleton in the second. May 28. Verona. finishing third overall at No.” Davenport. 2013 Great Dane Shopping News: Wednesday. 6-4 in the championship match at No. 6-4 to the eventual champion and top-seeded tandem of Miles Morgan and Matt Munns of Madison West. Stoughton. 11 seed Anthony Iozzo Assistant sports editor Tennis: Cats. Advertising 4th of July deAdlines Regionals The Wildcats had to play against No. “That can definitely get us into trouble since you will never know how every team is doing. 1 through 4 singles. He defeated Middleton’s Ben Luskin 6-1. 6-7 (4). He struck out seven batters and walked three. we’ll hopefully make it. Oregon’s Grant O’Donnell (78).” said Davenport. Seniors Alex Hadjiev and Austin Gerdes played to their seed. and junior Pierce Peterson and senior Simon Turn to Baseball/Page 12 Photo by Jeremy Jones Senior Andrew Argall plays to his third Big Eight Conference title last Thursday. I am happy for these guys … It means a lot to the program. 4-14 Big Eight Conference) was given the No. which starts next week. Argall (27-1). 6 Milton at 5 p. Main St.” Davenport said. June 28 ~ noon Our offices will be closed Thursday. May 28. The second-seed. falling 2-6. Lawn Care and Complete Landscape Makeovers.m. on Thursday for the WIAA sectional meet. WI 53593 845-9559 . There is a lot of talent at our sectional. Despite the wins of Argall and Davenport over Middleton.pellitteri. the Wildcats and Madison West appear to be the front runners to earn a trip to the WIAA Division 1 team state tennis tournament. Verona 2 Madison East 13.tahort. which leads Verona. while second place Madison West (41) swept all three doubles flights. 2 doubles with a 6-4. June 27) Deadline for the July 4. 1 doubles. Verona looked to tie the game on a single by freshman Ben Rortvedt. Blessing and Hutchcroft held on 7-6 (5). 2013 The Verona Press 11 Baseball Verona is picked to be No. 6-3.West battle for team state spot Continued from page 9 good rivalry. 6-1 in the third-place bout against third-seeded Madison Memorial’s William Xiang and Jamy Dennis. Main St. Memorial subsectional Verona was back at Nielsen Tennis Stadium on Tuesday for the WIAA Madison Memorial subsectional meet. But it was Reinecke that led Verona this time with Deadline for the July 3. “If we play well. 3 and 4 singles. cruising past secondseeded Madison Memorial 6-2.” settled for fourth placed.” a 74.” Reinecke said. Rudnitzky won the four singles title a year ago. but only advanced only one of its singles players to a title match. and that is what you are looking for when it comes to playoff time. on the Lake 9 course. Four-seeded freshman Alex Pletta placed third on the strength of his 6-1. Madison West and Madison Memorial all advanced at No. including all four singles players. Oregon scored all three runs in the third inning. 22-18. Davenport (27-2). Sauk Prairie’s RJ Budd (75). Tomah and Baraboo advanced out of the Baraboo regional and will also join Stoughton at sectionals. Reinecke and Baltes were keys with the final score again. 6-1. “He’s a great player and I played great to beat him. 3 doubles.ConnectVerona. Rudnitzky (20-7) and Pletta (19-7) all moved on at No. 6-0 win over second-seeded Isaac Treves of Madison Memorial. Kruger scored on a wild pitch. Oregon 3. Verona 3 The Wildcats traveled to Madison East Thursday and lost 13-3. Sectionals are at 9 a.m. finishing ahead of Waunakee 325-332 for the fourth and final team sectional spot. Junior Jeff Reinholtz hit an RBI single to make it 2-1 at the time. however. senior Elliot Schad and sophomore Nolan Fink The Verona Area High School baseball team (5-15 overall. None of the Verona doubles teams advanced. Honorable mention Stoughton also joined the regional. Madison West. Holmen. Tuesday. dropped a threeset match to his rival in the championship at 3 singles last year. WI 53589 873-6671 UN284700 UN286774 Caring for our Green World since 1978 608-223-9970 www. Planting and Removals. Sun Prairie. Getting away from the Cardinals and Waunakee. 6-3. 6-1 at No. Tuesday. at River Run Golf Course in Sparta. 6-2 win against Madison East’s Aran Lenon and Jackson Moberg. Tree and Shrub Pruning. June 26 ~ 3pm (Classified ad deadline will be Noon on Thursday. Stump Grinding. Middleton posted 46 points with titles at No. Mulching. at Schilberg Park. July 4. 1 singles. He finished with a 78. who plays with Niesen over the winter. Pletta fell 6-3. Reinecke battled through the weather. but it means even more to win the tournament. 6-1 against Sun Prairie’s Steven May 23. The Wildcats travel to Badger High School in Lake Geneva at 8:30 a. Photo by Anthony Iozzo Junior John Tackett tees off on the 16th hole Thursday in the Big Eight Conference boys golf meet at Evansville Golf Club. 6-2 against Sun Prairie’s Nick Fredrickson and Ben Havlicek before falling 6-0. They couldn’t defeat Memorial (312) again. 6-2. 319-320. Springer also shot below 80 with a 76 for the Spartans. and finished with a 36 on the back nine. 125 N. The Wildcats advanced four of seven flights. Onalaska. however. The team with the most points after sectionals advances on to the team state meet June 7-8. Seeding.” head coach Jon Rebholz said.m. Freshman Matt Blessing and junior Jackson Hutchcroft also took third. Reinecke said the best way to approach sectionals is to not worry what other teams and individuals are doing while you are playing. The Wildcats travels to No. Oregon. Rudnitzky opened the tournament with a 6-4. 10 Middleton once more Tuesday at the WIAA Division 1 Middleton regional at Pleasant View Golf Course. who lost all three matches to Niesen last year. Golf: Cats advance to sectionals with a 319 Continued from page 9 feats means a lot to the team.” Junior Philip Rudnitzky fell 6-4. but the team was able to edge Middleton. 6-1 against topseeded Brian Bellisimo of Middleton in the championship match at No. Waunakee’s Max Murphy (78) and Madison West’s Lake Larson (79) all advanced as individuals. but it’s still going to be tough with West. 4 Madison Memorial and No. Verona’s only doubles team to earn a top • City of Fitchburg • City of Middleton • DSI/Veridian/HOA’s • Town of Dunn • Town of Pleasant Springs • Town of Verona • Village of Belleville • Village of Brooklyn • Village of Oregon • Village of Shorewood Hills • Village of Waunakee HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! www. “We are very relieved that Middleton is no longer in our sectional. which is nice. and all we can do is do the best we can and hope to move (608) 257-4285 133 Enterprise Dr. for the Wildcats. 6-2 to fifth-seeded Noah Lawrence-Holder in his first match at 4 singles. He allowed seven earned runs. a little tougher as several golfers had trouble keeping the ball straight. Tim Andrews Horticulturist . High winds made the final nine holes.

com Baseball: Cats knock off No. Verona dropped a 4-1 contest against Kaukauna. freshman Shelby Wing and freshman Ellery Roark all scored two goals last Thursday as the Verona girls soccer team blew out the Beloit coop 8-0. Showmanship Lessons all ages EMERALD INVESTMENTS MINI SToRAgE 5'x10' $27 Month 10'x10' $38 Month 10'x15' $48 Month 10'x20' $58 Month 10'x25' $65 Month UN286461 UN284780 936 Starr School Road Stoughton. Verona WI (608) 845-9700 . 11-3. Team members (front. and we try not to let one play affect how we felt overall Saturday. Senior goalie Sarah Schoeberle and freshman goalie Grace Mueller each picked up a save for Verona. The Cavaliers traveled to Waunakee on Thursday to open Central Section Night League action and lost 7-0. on Memorial Day. Senior Adam Brauns finished the Interstate Horse Center FREE Meet & Greet 873-0572 healinghorseman@aol. But that is as far as the Wildcats would get in a 7-5 loss in eight innings.” D’Orazio said. Verona quad The Wildcats hosted a quad last Saturday and split two games. 1 seed in the sectional in a regular season game and were able to take the game into extra innings. Verona (17-3) jumped on the Silver Eagles (6-10-1) with seven runs in the first but committed four errors. He walked six and struck out four. the competition is only going to keep getting better. Senior Sam Sharer. He walked one and struck out one. but could not score any more runs after the first inning. Senior Derek Witte doubled and scored on an error. “We can’t give up unearned runs moving forward and. She scored her other goal to start the second half with an assist to sophomore Teeghan Tvedt.m.. which 16 hits over five innings against Madi. Leslie Banzhaf (2-for-4) had a triple and a double to go along with two RBIs. and sophomore Connor Volker knocked in a run on an RBI ground out. Beloit Memorial 4 Girls soccer Cats crush Beloit co-op with eight goal outburst Junior Felicia Retrum. Verona 8. Verona 1 The Wildcats hosted Waunakee Tuesday and allowed three-unanswered goals in a 3-1 loss. built a 9-0 lead through three innings. He struck out three and walked four. and the final run came home on a wild pitch. Emma Ray tossed four innings and struck out five before Kori Keyes came on to face the final four hitters. Taylor Maier finished 3-for-4 as the Wildcats collected four doubles and a triple.J.moyersinc... Bailey Buisker and Steph Keryluk each drove in three runs in the win. Verona was led by Flora (2-for-3). He walked three batters and struck out two.” head coach Brad D’Orazio said. respectively. win at Jefferson Middle School. Junior John Moynihan started on the mound and went five innings. and Lodi. Claudia Bobb. Verona scored eight runs in the third inning. Buisker tripled three times for Verona. while Witte followed with an RBI single. He allowed two hits. Keryluk and Ray all doubled in the win. 10am . Rortvedt started the offense with a two-run single. and we just swung the bats more to give us more opportunities. knocked in two runs on a single to make it 7-0. Kermicle took the loss working the final three innings. Senior Zach Ragels picked up the win for Oregon.6pm Saturday . The game was eventually called due to the 10-run rule after four runs in the bottom of the sixth. Verona (3-0) hosts rival Wiota at 1 p. He struck out four and walked three. “Saturday was a step in the right direction. as he scattered five hits and did not allow an earned run. Verona’s defense continued to be cause for concern moving forward. He struck out three and walked four. Memorial 2 (5 inn.4. Retrum ended the first-half scoring with a goal in the 30th minute and an assist to Roark. A Sale to Remember ! Now Through Sunday Hours: Home Talent League Zach Spencer’s two-run home run gave Verona a lead it would never relinquish Sunday in a 14-1 Western Section rout of Dodgeville. (back) coach Sarah Stremlow. The Knights (2-1) host Ridgeway (1-2) on Friday and Monroe on Saturday.5 . held the Purple son Memorial last Thursday in a 13-2 Knights without a run after the third At Cleary Building Corp. improve to 3-0 While both team’s entered the game undefeated. and Lucas Kirch followed with RBI singles. Tvedt started Verona off well with a goal in the eighth minute from junior Morgan Dykman picking up the assist. while Luke Yapp finished 2-for-4. The Wildcats capped their regular season with an 8-4 win Friday over Beloit Memorial. Oregon. Beloit’s Abby Obando had 10 saves. the two-time defending Home Talent League champions. Rortvedt and senior Kyle Reichert added RBI singles. on five hits.. But the win was a 10-0 upset over eight-ranked Appleton North in five innings. 8am . Though five of the Wildcats’ 13 hits went for extra bases. Elyse Ziegelbauer and Megan Murphy. Thursday. The Wildcats scored after junior Mitch Flora singled and stole second and third. Emma Petta. a new team this season at 1 p. allowing four earned runs on eight hits. The final game of Saturday was not as successful. out one. 9-3. 8 Appleton North Continued from page 11 Maurice scored on a throwing error. Roark started the scoring with a goal in the seventh minute with an assist to freshman Bella Genova and another less than two minutes later with an assist to freshman Makenna McGilvray. A.Fri .” Verona head coach Todd Anderson said. Claudia Kepler. Grace Parker. He allowed an earned run on one hit. while Tyler Stone. 8am . Photo submitted Groovy Girls go undefeated The Verona Groovy Girls U9 soccer team went undefeated in the MAYSA Cup tournament at Reddan Park last weekend. Freshman Sofia Abreu and Returm picked up assists on the goals. Lexi Stremlow.) Beloit scored its four runs. beating McFarland. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona..4pm Sunday . Spruce. Stoffels and Danny Koss were both 2-for-3 at the plate. Hemlock & Pine Trees . In the fourth. Cavs crush Dodgeville. Taylor Stremlow and Delaney Wepking. The Wildcats advanced to host sixth-seeded Holmen at 5 p. allowing an earned run on one hit.left eight on base. He allowed no runs on two hits in 1 1/3 innings. Lauren Volk.Annual Flats & Hanging baskets Live Your Dream 4-H Fair Prep Packages Ride. Verona. Trevor Kermicle added an RBI single. Rogowski (2-for4). Paoli St. Verona 5 (8 inn) Verona traveled to Madison West Tuesday to take on the No. 190 S. Schoeberle finished with nine saves. The Wildcats out hit the Galloping Ghosts 10 to 5. He went 5 2/3 innings and allowed one earned run on two hits.PTSD www.5’ Container Fir. highlighted by Derek Burgenske’s threerun home run. Senior Nick Phillips worked all five innings on the mound.” Two errors in the top of the fourth allowed Kaukauna to score all four of its runs after Verona grabbed a 1-0 lead in the first. Waunakee 3. and senior Kyle Reichert (2-for-3). all of which led to runs to allow MG to hang around. who started the inning with a hit. Junior Ryan Pynnonen pitched all seven innings for the Wildcats. only one The Wildcats knocked in 13 runs on earned.m. from left) are: Anna Burse. Wing scored her two goals a few minutes a part beginning in the 68th minute. The third-seeded Verona softball team threw out the first pitch on the WIAA regional playoffs Tuesday with a 12-6 win over 14th-seeded Monona Grove at home. Mon . Lydia Bellin.. Drive. 5-0. walked two and struck Wildcats knock MG out of regionals Jeremy Jones Sports editor Softball West 7. “We are really close.m. Freshman Keaton Knueppel went 3 2/3 innings and picked up the loss. Sophomore Ari Makuch and Genova scored the other goals for Verona.12 May 23. Sophomore David Rogowski capped the inning with an RBI sacrifice fly.. “Our approach at the plate was much more aggressive.4pm (Closed Memorial Day Monday) 25% Off: . Wing had an assist on Genova’s goal. Verona 13. WI UN285921 (608) 873-9141 Learn With Licensed Judges Therapeutic Horsemanship NationallyRecognized-Autism. Verona came back with two runs in the fourth. Rogowski tied the game at five in the sixth with a two-run single. Sunday before traveling to Shullsburg (0-2). Sophomore David Rogowski brought Flora home with an RBI ground out. obviously.

Based on verbal comments at the meeting.” Campbell said.m. motor hoist. that the time was right to build their perfect home. May 27. A one-way pair would involve a greater deal of land use changes but could help move through-traffic through the area more efficiently. heavy duty floor cleaning machine.000. Inc. have a lot of traffic. 2013. they saved about $50. according to its website. of 3201 Latham Drive. 2013 beginning at 7:00 o’clock p. to Travis Anderson. an in-home office. Savannah Parks (Deerfield). Dane County has plans to make Hwy. to 5 p.m. Patricia Laufenberg. the Parade of Homes is an annual Madison tradition that goes back more than 60 years. www.palsteel. June 3. of Cleary sells 91. Representatives from MSA acknowledged that all these traffic patterns don’t mean much without a vision for the land use in the downtown area. Freeport. USED & SECONDS @ 43c SQ. computer equipment.” said Jim Campbell.. Features include an elegant master suite with a private deck and large walk-in shower.600-square-foot. ticket prices. through 4 p. antique crib.90 the undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on July 6. microwave and other misc. 2013 Oregon Observer. Neb.REBAR-GRATING PLATE-SHEET-LINTELS B-DECKING. paid at the time of the sale. Nesbitt Anytime to close for remodel The Anytime Fitness Fitchburg West will be closed starting at 7 a. Published: May 23 and 30. More homes are also integrating extra space for in-laws or children that are returning home.m. Based on traffic prediction models. The committee likely won’t make any recommendations until after the city’s planning commission has had a presentation by MSA on June 3. building envelope improvements. Cleary Building Corp. M four lanes wide from Verona to Mineral Point Road by 2017. herbal medicine and nutrition.. May MULTI-METAL DISTRIBUTION CTR PIPE-PLATE-CHANNEL ANGLE-TUBE. a large family room and lots of storage space.” a press release stated. Rivers Turn at Conservancy Place (DeForest).. while the club undergoes a complete renovation. Cruise Night. more drivers would revert to driving through the downtown area even if there were a good north-south bypass. fourbedroom. said residents need to make a value judgment about what they want the city’s core to look like for the next few decades. FT. We are seeing more ‘functionally designed’ homes than ever before. Neb. Dated May 22. to discuss the comments from the public meeting. Monday to Friday hours are 3 p. Verona. According to documents provide by MSA on the city’s website. NOTE. located at 700 North Main Street. Some residents were more receptive to a signalized intersection because it represented the least amount of change from the current traffic pattern. 2013 WNAXLP Request a FREE 2013 FREEPORT/STEPHENSON COUNTY. – in the intervening time.. Wisconsin 53593. May 23 at Noon Deadlines for the May 30. Payne & Dolan. Classified ad deadline will be Thursday. “You have a lot of traffic and a lot of congestion and its fair to say that you will always moving forward with a preferred alternative. M – is slated to become a major north-south thoroughfare. ski equipment.. domestic water conservation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that School Board of the Verona Area School District will meet at the School District Administrative Offices. We are able to give our clients the most for their money during the Parade. JEREMY HOSLER. Another steering committee meeting will be held later in June to narrow down the traffic pattern options. is a professional construction services company that is based in Waukesha but has six office locations in the state. IL 61032 FS197326 Steam Train Rides. owner of J Campbell Signature Homes in Mt. there wouldn’t be much improvement in the wait times for drivers during peak hours.stephenson-county-il.” Sponsored by the Madison Area Builders Association (MABA). preview at 10:30 A M on date of sale only: on the premises where said property has been stored and which is located at What’s In Store--211 Legion Street Verona. locations/directions and the latest updates. however. We reserve the right to reject any/all bids.m. Wisconsin 53713. of Trenton. city administrator Bill Burns told the Press.000. The parties to the Contract will be the School District and H&H Energy Services. NOTE: Call 608-848-3334 to confirm that the sale will proceed as scheduled. 2013 Dean Gorrell Superintendent Verona Area School District Published: May 23. tools and work lights. which is presenting a Parade home in Verona’s Scenic Ridge neighborhood. 11:00 A M. It offers services in acupuncture. Idaho. three-level home. Also. items. & UP New • Used • Surplus 414 3rd Street Palmyra FREE ok o 262-495-4453 fax 262-495-4100 FABRICATION & CRANE SERVICE .org al P STEEL CO.m. a home office or rehab facility. which is good for everyone. aesthetics and development. Visit holistichealingpagoda. Members are encouraged to visit the next closets clubs -. It’s the fourth time in six years the site has made the regional showcase. 4596 U. The building was sold by Doug Brooks. Published: May 23 and 30. floor jack. Neb. Bidding is on the complete contents of the unit of the personal property/goods stored therein by the below named occupant: Unit # 407 Occupant: ANDREW BRYANT. business access. 2013 Great Dane Shopping News will be Wednesday. the display ad deadline for the May 29. Stoughton Courier Hub and Verona Press will be Friday. Inc. Stock B A Division of Anich Lumber Co. golf clubs. large metal work table. Scenic Ridge (Verona) and Westbridge (Waunakee). the company said in a news release. energy efficient equipment. and Hazelton. a public hearing and possible approval by late August or September. Rt.m.m. our offices will be closed Monday. Visit maba. www. on June 3. Once a preferred option is selected. Photo by Mark Ignatowski Residents look over a map showing projected wait times at one of the proposed intersection options for downtown Verona at a meeting last Tuesday.S. Zip_________________________________________________ Mail to: Freeport/Stephenson County CVB. Residents were wary of traffic flow and had safety concerns about pedestrians and bicycle users.the door is open! Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 704. Its corporate office and manufacturing plant are located in Verona. the community can look closer at what types of land use options are available downtown. the roundabout seemed to garner the least amount of support. Cleary Building Corp. the residents and Common Council need to strike a balance between a number of different factors including land use. Sale is subject to for more information on MABA and the Parade of Homes. Wis. as desired by the School Board. Bidding is on the complete contents of the unit of the personal property/goods stored therein by the below named occupant: Unit # 209 Occupant . “There’s a value decision to be made with all of this about the kind of downtown you want and the kind of community that you want. IL Visitors Guide Call 800-369-2955 or email stephcvb@aeroinc. tires. July 1. All goods are sold “As Is” and must be removed at the time of purchase. All goods are sold “As Is” and must be removed at the time of purchase. Wis. As the homebuyer’s needs change. The fully exposed lower level provides the fourth bedroom. by taking advantage of the terrific deals offered by vendors and subcontractors. planner for MSA Professional Services. paid at the time of the sale. In addition.” Campbell’s Parade Home at 1224 Scenic Ridge Drive in Verona is a 4. Madison. city staff and the city’s steering committee will all weigh in again on the options before Scenic Ridge to be featured in Parade of Homes Mark Crawford Verona Press correspondent Briefs: Nesbitt Anytime Fitness closes June 3 for remodels Continued from page 1 comprehensive agenda to prepare workers to find jobs in the modern workforce. The following energy conservation and facility improvement measures shall be included in the contract: indoor and outdoor lighting. while additional manufacturing facilities are located in Grand Island.0133(3). so does design. Payment must be made in cash only. They will have that extra money as builtin equity. a spacious kitchen with walk-in pantry. We reserve the right to reject any/all bids. 2013 at NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY *** EARLY DEADLINES Due to the Memorial Day holiday. has sold building No. Horeb. items Payments must be made in cash only. with the intent to award an Energy Savings Performance Contract (“Contract”) to H&H Energy Services Inc. with interest rates as low as they are now. Stats.. Monday. at Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.PIPE BOLLARDS DECORATIVE IRON PARTS STAINLESS STEEL & ALUMINUM I&H BEAMS $3 & UP PER FOOT LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLIES ROOFING & SIDING NEW. employs over 800 full-time employees throughout the United States at its 77 offices. Sale is subject to adjournment. to 7 p. Located at 303 S. Holistic Healing Pagoda is a private clinic located within Four Winds Manor.” Because of that.. luggage.m.ConnectVerona. The steering committee was set to have a short meeting in the morning May 23. 2013 at 11:00 A M. The plan is tentatively slated for council review. Burns said. County Fair and More in Northwest Illinois Come on in. Saturday and Sunday hours are 11 a. “Not just colors. Jefferson St. a building sales specialist working out of North Platte. Monday.. The Council also advises the Governor and state Department of Workforce Development (DWD) on the allocation of federal workforce development funding and approves the annual Workforce Investment Act plan in coordination with Wisconsin’s 12 autonomous workforce investment boards. You’re not going to engineer your way out of that. archery equipment. May 24 at Noon In observance of the holiday. The 2013 Parade features 30 new homes that represent a wide range of prices and styles in five neighborhoods: Bristol Gardens (Bristol). 2013 WNAXLP Verona-based Cleary Building Corp. energy control equipment. safety. State. Verona’s Scenic Ridge will be one of those neighborhoods featured during next month’s annual Parade of Homes June 8-23.000th building Street Verona Wisconsin 53593. Residents pointed out and planners acknowledged the shortcomings all of three options that were presented. completed “Famous Doctor Jin’s Three Needle Combinations of Acupuncture Points” course on April 21. and a screened porch off the dining room. compared to any other time of the year.Anytime Fitness-Fitchburg East or Anytime Fitness-Midvale & Tokay Blvd. “I think the main reason people enjoy the Parade of Homes is that they get to see the new trends going on in housing. 2013 WNAXLP Legals VERONA AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD ENERGY SAVINGS PERFORMANCE CONTRACT to H&H ENERGY SERVICES. is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1978. Customers are becoming very specific about what they require in a home – for example. traffic flow. Jason Valerius. 53593. Planners from MSA. Laufenberg completes acupuncture course Holistic Healing Pagoda LLC. “But the couple decided that.90 the undersigned will sell at public sale by competitive bidding on July Name________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________ City. 20 East. This Notice is issued pursuant to Section 66. Contents are as follows. “This is a large house. 91. bicycle. including in Fitchburg. INC. clothing and other misc.” Valerius said. Inc. Main Street – also known as County Hwy. but also how the layouts are changing. The Parade of Homes is open June 8-23. 2013 The Verona Press 13 Downtown: Planners discuss Main-Verona intersection options with skeptical residents Continued from page 1 continues to grow. Contents are as follows: Office and household furniture. Household furniture. and other facility improvement measures designed to provide long-term energy or operating cost reductions. Call 608-848-3334 to confirm that the sale will proceed as scheduled. preview 10:30 A M on date of sale only: on the premises where said property has been stored and which is located at What’s In Store-211 Legion NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY *** Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 704. another public meeting about the draft plan will be held in July. May 22 at 3 for more information.

Less than 200 miles on recently replaced 5-speed tranny. WI Park Verona Apartments . 4417 Hwy 92 Brooklyn. Julie Bollig. Ski-Boats. call 608-270-0440 SENSIBLE PAINTING 20 years experience. Call 6079 (CNOW) 800-227-7636 or this newspaper.95/ month. Wisconsin Management Company “A Better Way…Of Living” is an equal housing opportunity provider and employer UN284797 1-800-346-8581 PV267626 . Christensen. MLS# 1680334. broom.000 miles.900. VERONA . Call AIM 888-242-3193 (wcan) 203 Business Opportunities NEW SCIENTIFIC Discovery offers health & wealth business opportunities. No hassle. Lease HELP WANTED. to minimize the city’s risk of an action being challenged as a conflict of interest. (608) 278-4199. (CNOW) 576 Special Services MY COMPUTER WORKS! Computer problems? Viruses. MLS# 1679825. Printer issues. Bad Internet Connections . Gutter Cleaning 608-219-1214 BROWN DEER Family Daycare Stoughton/Pleasant-Springs Licensed Childcare. 7ft hay head. (608) 219-3675. organic fertilization and weed control programs. plants. MLS# (wcan) $9995+ FSD for a new boat or pontoon pkg-both w/lots of standard features! New 16' pontoon w/furniture & 25HP or new 16' boat. Julie Bollig.$800. Shawano 866-955-2628 www.$314. Wausau: 715-845-8300. Reflections Int'l 608-583-2412 www.berries. income restrictions apply. MLS# 1675046. Excellent mechanical condition.500. supplies. OREGON . Benefits. (608) 212-5064. This message provided by PaperChain and your local community paper. or to file a complaint regarding an ad. Info: 563-608-4401 (wcan) HOLIDAY FLEA MARKET. 873-6671 or 835-6677. Consistent Miles. The vacancy means only one alder can be absent to take official Truck or Boat to Free 3-day VacaFree towing.OmahaSteaks. (wcan) 516 Cleaning Services KEDLEY CLEANING For all your cleaning needs. 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MLS# 1684666. MLS# 1682991. Price 608-219-4606 ROTOTILLING. 2013 The Verona Press ConnectVerona. 20+ years experience with excellent references.$219. Cowbred & few mares 815-291-9394 WALMERS TACK SHOP 16379 (wcan) 606 Articles For Sale 586 TV.000. 1000 RPM. Delivery/Assembly/Install & Removals. 22 yrs exp. WI. weekly. American Marine & Motorsports. feeders. (608) 235-5458. Great rates! Excellent references. John Norwell. Best area summer trip program. (608) 206-1519. TOWN OF DUNN/STOUGHTON . OREGON . FITCHBURG .Housing for seniors 62 or better. 1-888-676-2750 Use Code: 45102DJW www. 8730711 www. local/traveling Welders. Exterior. 648 Food & Drink APPLE IPOD NANO. No forms. and it puts at question the legality of several votes taken earlier this month regarding Epic after two alders were instructed by the city attorney they should abstain. Serving Belleville/ Brooklyn/Oregon/Verona /Stoughton and Madison areas. Debbie 608-877-1711 STATE LICENSED Family Childcare provider has an opening. reliable. That amount. Madison 608-221-9799. You've Got A Choice! Options from ALL major service providers. Locate the nearest club at www. farm. ram lambs. HELP WANTED . Repairs. good condition. EOE. Location-Experience-References. centraltruckdrivingschooljobs. Owner Operator. fully insured.2 million households! Advertise in our Wisconsin Advertising Network System.900. . O/O’s Welcome! deBoer Transportation 800-825At least 5 years prior experience. Fast and efficient. (608) 216-5749. (608) 212-5064. reflectionsinternational. Pet Policy. Must move Now! Selling for Balance Owed! Free Delivery! 1-800-411-5869 x171 (wcan) 636 Computers & Accessories 550 Insurance THE Verona Press CLASSIFIEDS. Buckskin. MLS# 1681685. WHISPERING OAKS. Sign On Bonus $1. Hochkammer told Reekie and the Verona Press that he hoped to get as many sitting alders as possible to attend the interviews in order to keep the process smooth. 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Are you a self-motivated person with creative ideas? If you answered yes to all three of these questions.99/mo (for 12 mo's) Options from ALL major service providers. Get FREE CPAP Replacement Supplies at NO COST. Like new. plus 2 acres. Please direct inquiries to: Middleton Community Bank Karla Homan 3207 Parmenter St Middleton. Large yard. American Marine & Motorsports Super Center. MI. testing. plus FREE Home Delivery! Best of all. 2 BEDROOM 1 1/2 bath laundry included.O. 608-835-6717 Located at 139 Wolf St. Digital Phone. 5/23. Is looking for energetic. $725 per month. Very nice.roller.N/W LOCATION 2 BR Duplex. MI. Like new household items. Fully Insured. Vegetable Pickers (mostly sweet corn) must be at least 14. Shawno. Box 930040 Verona. off street parking. water and sewer.000+ sq ft. books & much more! STOUGHTON. 608-835-8806 ATTENTION JOINT & Muscle Pain Sufferers: Clinically proven all-natural supplement helps reduce pain & enhance mobility. Sales Persons must be at least 18 with clean driving record. $850 Month +Utilities. antiques. and auditing of THonline. Great Neighborhood. Associates Degree or higher is desired.5:30 pm. 608-873-5088 RASCHEIN PROPERTY STORAGE 6x10 thru 10x25 Market Street/Burr Oak Street in Oregon Call 608-206-2347 UNION ROAD STORAGE 10x10 .com or 714-780-3025 (wcan) RESIDENTIAL CLEANER needed to work 2 to 3 days per week. 1 year lease.Proflowers.ConnectVerona. One Day Only Sale. All Appliances. didn’t you? Call now to place your ad. mint condition. We sell used parts. but YOU read this one. Professionally managed. WI 53575 OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet well kept building. Any kind of Scrap Metal. 10x20. CFR tax. Well kept and maintained. a division of Woodward Communications. 608-877-9388 Located at 300 Silverado Drive. AC. shop.cfm. 805 Commercial & Industrial Lots 750 Storage Spaces For Rent ALL SEASONS SELF STORAGE 10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30 Security Lights-24/7 access BRAND NEW OREGON/BROOKLYN Credit Cards Accepted CALL (608)444-2900 C. 10x15'. $17 base-appt. mower. If interested call 608-669-2460 GREENWOOD APARTMENTS Apartments for Seniors 55+. Days only . No Pets.TaX Deduction United Breast Cancer FOUNDATION Providing Free Mammograms and Breast Cancer Info. 608-884-3114. Next to Park. water.stevebrownapts. 845 Houses For Sale MEDICAL ALERT FOR SENIORS . Email Dennis. Monday through Friday 8 am . Stove. Retail space for rent. Two volunteers needed each shift. Experience helpful. Will divide. Plus take 20% off your order over $29! Go to www. Locally grown & potted. work with internal departments on all aspects of the assigned product lines. Mechanical aptitude or HVAC experience desired but not required. Stoughton. pictures.. Tobacco burst finish. Lease Required. dishwasher and A/C. In addition. Nationwide Services. Come & go as you please. We need volunteers who have an interest in helping to keep older adults in their own homes by providing emotional support to promote wellness and reduce social isolation. Many varieties. This institution is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and employer. you might be the TH Media’s next Web Designer. Call Now & Go Fast! 888-709-3348 (wcan) VERONA DUPLEX. Including Washer/Dryer. Cats OK. Call Kelly at 608-255-7100 or visit www.$500 +Utilities. 5/23-5/24 8am-7pm. Includes tremelo bar. Please stop at our corporate office for more information and to complete an application. Includes heat. Asking $350. private parking. Diiscount for mowing. This Web Designer position is located in Dubuque. Terms available. a leading manufacturer of commercial HVAC equipment seeks a Product Specialist for multiple product lines. All appliances. To be considered for this position.99.R. Weekends req’d.271-0101 VERONA. Text or call today 920-889-7440 or Barbara. Closing work shop. United Way 2-1-1 may be the place for you! Our volunteers staff our telephone lines. resumé and salary history to: Carnes Company/Human Resources P.95/month Call Medical Guardian today. U Call We Haul.1839 Jackson 5/23-5/25 Thurs 4pm-? Fri-Sat 8am-4pm SAVE ON CABLE TV. 1/2 bath with laundry on 1st floor. Do you like to clean and organize? Would you like to put a smile on the face of Middleton Outreach Ministry clients when they see a clean building each day? Help us clean the food pantry and organize the food shelves after hours Tues or Thurs from 2:30-4:30 pm. water. WI 53593-0040 or email Human Resources at HR@carnes. Convenient location. apply online at www. $875/Month. 715-478-2085 (wcan) CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS Noon Friday for The Great Dane and Noon Monday for the Verona Press unless changed because of holiday work schedules. 608-575-2211 or 608-845-2052 444 Construction. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about community resources and would like to assist people in finding ways to get and give help. on main highway.Call Connie 608. Laundry. For consideration. Additionally. Home Source One. Response . weekly or every other week. 873-6671 or 835-6677. Call 608-772-0234 STOUGHTON 3 Bedroom Duplex in quiet neighborhood near Fox Prairie School. 10'x30' 24/7 access. office space.CDL Drivers and Plant Yard/ Loader man. provide a high level of timely and accurate customer service. Women's and Men's M-XL. $200 Security deposit. this person should also be skilled in print design. Rent starts a $443 and includes major ROSEWOOD APARTMENTS for Seniors 55+. great written and verbal skills. A/C. TOP PRICES Paid. Close to shopping. straplocks. 5/25. Toys. $8. Choose your own builder! 608-215-5895 402 Help Wanted. Available June 1.12x30 24 / 7 Access Security Lights & Cameras Credit Cards Accepted 608-835-0082 1128 Union Road Oregon. $700-$715/month. water. Hundreds of items. Newville Auto Salvage. $525. Call Tom Eugster at 608-279-2855 GUITAR: FENDER American made Standard Stratocaster guitar. 608-329-5033.Small. Responsibilities include developing. Women's & Men's clothing. Mental health or social work experience is helpful but not necessary. 608-238-3815 STOUGHTON 2-BEDROOM All Appliances. design and online (wcan) Attention College Students and 2013 HS Grads! Summer Work. Montreal River runs through land. Asking $800 per acre. To try HydrAflexin Risk Free for 90 days. No smoking. 13 Jackson WI www. has 1 & 2 bedroom units available starting at $695 per month. Conduct in-store product demonstrations to generate excitement & brand awareness. refrigerator. Asking $950 OBO. Great central location. Farm Equipment. 2pm-7pm. sewer.middletonbank. Utilities not included. is an Equal Opportunity Employer UN288686 . C/A. experience with content management systems is a plus. Water included. OLD STAGE VEGETABLE GARDENS. Call for new price list and availability. on-site or in-unit laundry. 608-843-7098 INJECTION MOLDING PRESS OPERATOR Openings on First & Second Shift The Press Operator is responsible for placing inserts. Investment Property For Sale 664 Lawn & Garden 3'-12' EVERGREEN & Shade Trees. 608-322-2835 Universal Banker We currently have a position available for a part time Universal Banker. warehouse. An Equal Opportunity Employer 870 Residential Lots 668 Musical Instruments AMP: LINE 6 Spider IV 75 watt guitar amp. Very. including Name Brand Children's. Call 888-2375710 for more details. sunshine and free produce. $650/mo.N. 608-2196677 STOUGHTON. WI 53562 or email khoman@middletonbank. and the ability to handle multiple tasks. Send cover letter. General FULL TIME Laborer for concrete foundation work. W/D included. Shop Smith. Off Street parking. trimming. Job duties include technical support to sales reps and end-users. patio. toys. other TH Media websites. A complete job description is available at www. lute man and laborer. 850 sq ft. STOUGHTON. refrigerator and electric included. ceiling fan. Trades & Automotive ASPHALT PAVING CREW Madison Asphalt Contractor has openings for skilled paver operator. less than 2 years old. Call 888-550-4066 (wcan) ATTENTION SLEEP APNEA SUFFERERS with Medicare. tuner. water and sewer. 608-575-2607 STOUGHTON-LARGE 2-BDRM unit in quiet. Equal Opportunity Employer UN290127 UN289414 692 Electronics DONATE YOUR CARFAST FREE TOWING 24 hr. stove. 688 Sporting Goods & Recreational WE BUY Boats/RV/Pontoons/ATV's & Motorcycles! "Cash Paid" NOW. Housewares and much more! Details on Craigslist. FF Laundry. and assist the Product Line Managers as needed. answering questions about resources available in the service area. call 608-575-5984 ALPINE MEADOWS Oregon Hwy CC. 400 wooded acres.000. laundry and storage. Approx. you must have a two-year college degree in a related field (or the equivalent in experience) and one to three years’ experience with Web site creation. Call the Volunteer Center at 2464380 or visit www. Qualifications include great customer service skills. Starting at $49. Free shipping. and sewer. 1st floor. 10x10=$50/month 10x15=$55/month 10x20=$70/month 10x25=$80/month 12x30=$105/month Call 608-424-6530 or 1-888-878-4244 NORTH PARK STORAGE 10x10 through 10x40. lease. gas heat. plus 14x40 with 14' door for RV & Boats. all ages 17+. WI Located on the corner of Union Road & Lincoln Road VERONA SELF-STORAGE 502 Commerce Pkwy. Must have DL. Updated farmhouse. THEY SAY people don’t read those little ads. Call Jim: 608-334-1191 or fax 608-845-7165 EDGERTON. picking. but YOU read this one. off street parking. Honest. 845-9559. FOR SALE BY Owner: Near Copper Harbor. 8459559. Please No Pets/Smoking. 279 Hwy 59.105 West ST. This is a flexible opportunity for adults 55+ in their own community. Property Cleanouts. Asking $250 OBO. 845-9559. Packages start at $89.95/month (where available) SAVE! Ask about SAME DAY installation! Call 888-719-6981(wcan) HIGHSPEED INTERNET EVERYWHERE By Satellite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up). hard working individuals to join our team. and our mobile site. Must see to appreciate beauty and potential. teenage items. no exp nec.50 per hour. heat. Call 608-575-5984 676 Plants & Flowers HOSTA SALE COOKSVILLE (intersection of hwy 138 & 59). and stay abreast of the latest trends as it relates to web development. rarely used. 11921 W Hwy 59 May 23-27 9am-5pm. Attached ActNow or call 877-592-7090 (wcan) PLANT SALE OFF TOWER DR. DSI 696 Wanted To Buy 705 Rentals WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks. 608743-0092 STOUGHTON TOWNHOUSE 2-Bedroom. office and 1car for more information or to learn about other volunteer opportunities. 873-6671 or 835-6677. 10'x5'. Call between 8:30am-11:30am 608-695-2191 NOW HIRING Event Specialists. Detached Garage. call now for interview 608-662-2092 or apply online at www. 211 E Main (wcan) PEER SUPPORT of Dane County connects older adults with volunteers to provide needed support through friendly home visits. 26 tillable and 44 timber. self-motivated. router. High Speed Internet starting at $14. 877-8636622 (wcan) DEER POINT STORAGE Convenient location behind Stoughton Lumber Clean-Dry Units 24 HOUR LIGHTED ACCESS 5x10 thru 12x25 608-335-3337 FRENCHTOWN SELF-STORAGE Only 6 miles South of Verona on Hwy PB. No Pets. Free Appliance Pick Up. dishes. per month plus $525. Call 608-274-4932 for Details.doublejtransport. Pick up or Delivery! Planting Available! DETLOR TREE FARMS 715-335-4444 (wcan) 666 Medical & Health Supplies 1 BEDROOM apartments available in Verona for persons 62+ and/or handicapped/disabled.10x15 10x20 . NonSmoking. Will be June 8th-9th. Cars. $695/mo. currently has 1 & 2 Bedroom Units available starting at $695 per month. elec/gas extra. PRODUCT SPECIALIST Carnes Company. Tons of built in effects. Tools. 866-343-6603 (wcan) 760 Mobile Homes DISH NETWORK STARTING at $19. Water/ Sewer Included. 873-6671 or 835-6677. low prices for the novice and collector PROFLOWERS ENJOY SEND FLOWERS for any occasion! Prices starting at just $19. Batteries. on site laundry. Short/long term leases. behind Stoughton Garden Center Call: 608-509-8904 VERONA INDUSTRIAL Park 2600 sq ft. Available Now $1900/mo. 608-225-0158 THEY SAY people don’t read those little ads. Fenced yard. 2013 720 Apartments 801 Office Space For Rent The Verona Press 453 Volunteer Wanted 15 STOUGHTON. conditions apply. 1 Full Bath. newer roof and furnace-many updates. Work starts mid July. prevent red skin sores & bacterial infection! 888797-4088 (wcan) FOR SALE BY OWNER: Near Copper Harbor & Lake Medora. MANY 608-444-5496 OREGON-2 BDRM. 10'x10'. Enjoy fresh air. Non smoker 835-0339 SUMMER HELP WANTED. 690 Wanted STOUGHTON. Experienced preferred. Pfaltz craft. 608-628-9569 BROOKLYN BEAUTIFUL Modern upper 1 bedroom apartment in quiet neighborhood.3066 Shadyside Dr. 715-4782085 (wcan) FOR SALE 70 ACRE FARM near Albany. 1-bedroom. 2 car attached garage. Clothing (Excellent Condition/Brand Names).2149 Colladay Point Dr 5/24. appliances. name brand lady clothes. 2 bedroom. Bernstein@inmarketingservices. and custom fitted Fender hard-shell case. 866-955-2628 www. Available 7/01/13 $685/mo. includes heat. blinds. Will divide. Edgerton.800 Truman Rd Garage Sale/Estate Sale. 5/25 8am-noon. 1 1/2 Bath.

May 27 9 am to 5 pm 1828 Sandhill Rd. (approximately one mile) and turn right. Oregon. FISH HATCHERY RD. Kopke’s Koupon KOPKES HONOR FLIGHT BENEFIT & MEMORIAL SERVICE VISIT THE STOUGHTON AREA FARMERS MARKET ON FRIDAY MORNINGS IN FRONT OF DOLLAR GENERAL Directions from Stoughton: Take 138 toward Oregon. . OUTSIDE THE BOX STORE. into Oregon past Walgreen’s to a left on Sand Hill Rd. Turn left at Netherwood Rd. Starting at $1.00 total. May 26 • 4:00 p. 2 off $ Valid 5/22/13-5/27/13 Limit one koupon per Kustomer per day. Go past Eugster’s Farm Market. Continue on to Sand Hill Rd. 2013 We’re open Monday.16 . one mile and turn right on Sunrise Rd. UN209085 . Turn right and go to Netherwood Road. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Directions from Fitchburg: Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood Road. Valid 5/22/13-5/27/13 2 off SHOP 50 off ¢ Limit one koupon per Kustomer per day.kopkesgreenhouse. CTY. Go one more mile then turn left on Town Line Rd. M # Kopke’s Koupon Patio Planters or Patio Tubs Kopke’s Koupon $ Any Hanging Basket Limit one koupon per Kustomer per Visit Wisconsin’s Premier Grower of Quality Bedding Plants & Hanging Baskets Memorial Day Planters Come Early for Best Selection! Quality Bloomers at Reasonable Prices Sunday. Directions from Verona: Take Cty. Turn left and go into Oregon past Walgreen’s to a left on Sand Hill Road.The Verona Press . Perennials Valid 5/22/13-5/27/13 RECYCLE SUPPORT YOUR POTS LOCAL AGRICULTURE! & CONTAINERS AT OUR FARM LOCATION. Sun 9 am-4 pm www.99. WI 53575 608-835-7569 Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 am-7:30 pm. $3. Sat 8:30 am-5 pm.May 23. Limit 6.m. Memorial Service 10% OFF All Purchases will be donated to the honor flight.