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This is to certify that Mr. SHIV PRAKASH GAUTAM a student of Master of business administration course with specialization in Marketing, for the session August 2004- July 2006 prepared project report entitled 1st June to 15th July under my guidance and supervision. I wish him all success in life. Sales promotion and

customer awareness of the services at Standard Chartered Finance Ltd. From

Prof. Yuvraj lahoti (Marketing)



This is to certify that Project Report titled Sales promotion and customer awareness of the services has been completed satisfactorily in partial fulfillment of Master of business administration course for the academic year 2004-2006 by Shiv Prakash Gautam, Student of Vishwakarma institute of management pune-37.

Place: Pune Date

Director, Vim, pune-37


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Sharad L Joshi. this report could not have reached its present form. Lastly.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A Project usually falls short of its expectation unless guided by the right person at the right time. I would like to extend my gratitude toward Dr. Ram S Patil (Area Sales Manager) without his critical evaluation and suggestion at every stage of the project. They provide me with the necessary recourses and atmosphere conductive for healthy learning and training. At the outset I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the very kind and patient guidance I have received from my project guide Mr. 5 . for his technical and moral support required for the realization of this project report. Director of Vishwakarma Institute of Management. This project would not have been completed without the direct and indirect help and guidance of such luminaries. Success of a project is an outcome of sincere efforts. channeled in the right direction. Place: Pune Shiv Prakash Gautam.Yuvraj Lahoti has critically evaluated my each step in developing this project report. my internal guide Prof. I would like to thank all the members of STANDARD CHARTERED and my colleagues who gave me fruitful information to finish my project. In addition. efficient supervision and the most valuable professional guidance.

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Standard Charted Bank Vision and Strategy
Standard Charted Bank has been established for over 150 years. It spans the developed and emerging economics of the world with a network of over 500 offices in more than 50 countries.

With an objective to become a world-class bank, Standard Charted has adopted the strategies of:

Building a world-class business: Focus on core business, provide superior customer services, and generate maximum returns and benefits for shareholders.

Staying lean and focused: Invest in core business, optimal usage of resource, and manage performance by balancing cost and risks.

Recognized as a wining organization: Developing capability to the fullest, instill global, inject pride into the minds of the people to get connected to Standard Charted Bank.

Overall this introduction part has been discussed under three different heads viz. Industry Profile, Company Profile, and Services and Products profile for the better comprehension.



Company profile

Standard Chartered is the world s leading emerging markets bank. Its headquarter is in London. Its business however has always been overwhelmingly international. It employees 30,000 people in over 500 offices in more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, United Kingdom and the Americas. It is one of the world s most recognized banks, with a management team comprising 70 nationalities.

The bank serves both consumers and Wholesale banking customers. The Consumer Bank provides credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, deposit taking activity and wealth management services to individuals and medium sized businesses. The wholesale bank provides services to multinational, regional and domestic corporate and institutional clients in trade finance, cash management, custody leading, foreign exchange and interest rate management and debt capital markets.

With nearly 150 years in the emerging markets, the banks has unmatched knowledge and understanding of its customers in its markets. The bank is trusted across network for its standard of governance and its commitment to make a difference in the community in which it operates.

A summary of the events in the history of Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is named after two banks, which merged in 1969. They were originally known as the Standard Bank of British South Africa and The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. Of the two banks, The Chartered Bank is the older one has been found in 1853 following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen


The Chartered bank open its first branch in 1858 in Chennai and Mumbai. 10 . Africa and to reap the handsome profit to be made from financing the trade. South Africa. Zimbabwe. In 1861. which print Hong Kong s bank notes. James Wilson. Both banks were keen to capitalize on the expansion of trade between Europe. Today Standard Chartered is still one of the three banks. the Standard Bank was founded by a group of businessmen led by another Scot. The Chartered bank was authorized to issue bank notes in Hong Kong. The moving force behind the Chartered Bank was a Scot. a privilege it continued to exercise up until the end of the 19th century. in 1862. John Paterson. Subsequently it was also authorized to issue bank notes in Singapore. who made his fortune in London making hats. which helped provide finance for the rapidly producing rubber and tin industries in Malaysia. Over the following decade both the Standard Bank and the Chartered Bank printed bank notes in a variety of countries including China. who had immigrated to the Cape Province in south Africa and had become a successful merchant. In 1862. Nine years later. the Singapore agency was upgraded to a branch.Victoria. James Wilson went on to start The Economist. still one of the world s pre-eminent publications. Asia. The following year the Chartered Bank opened a branch in Hong Kong and an agency was opened in Singapore. A branch opened in Shanghai that summer beginning Standard Chartered unbroken presence in China. and Malaysia.

Expansion in Africa and Asia The Standard Chartered Bank opened for business in Port Elizabeth.C. Some 34 years after the Chartered Bank appointed an agent in Sri Lanka it opened a branch in 1892 to take advantage of business from the tea and the rubber industries.) in 1911 and Uganda in 1912. the Philippines in 1872. During 1904. Zambia in 1906. 11 . a branch opened in Vietnam. Zanzibar and the D. Pakistan and Indonesia in 1863. In Asia the Chartered Bank expanded opening offices. Botswana in 1897. half the output of the second largest goldfield in the world passed through the Standard Bank on its way to London.C proved the most difficult and the branches soon closed. Over time. Malawi in 1901. Including Myanmar in 1862. The charted Bank gained the first branch license to be issued to a foreign bank in New York. In 1892. It pursued a policy of expansion and soon amalgamated with several other banks including the Commercial Banks of Port Elizabeth. the Colesberg Bank. Botswana. Zanzibar and the Democratic Republic of Congo (D. Malaysia in 1875. the Standard Bank opened for business in Zimbabwe and expanded into Mozambique in 1894.R.R. Kenya. The Standard bank was prominent in the financing and development of the diamond fields of Kimberly in 1867 and later extended its network further north to the new town of Johannesburg when gold was discovered there in 1885. Japan in 1880 and Thailand in 1894. South Africa in 1863. Both the Chartered and the Standard bank opened offices in New York and Hamburg in the early 1900s. A branch in Botswana opened again in 1934 but lasted for only a year and it was not until 1950 that the Bank re-opened for business in Botswana. Of these new businesses. the British Kaffarian Bank and the Fauresmith bank.

after a merger. Standard Chartered decided. Spain and Sweden as well as several major cities in the UK. These included the Union Bank of California. Standard Chartered operations in Jersey emerged from the integration of other Hodge Group Business with those of Wallace Brothers Bank (Jersey). Standard Chartered reviewed its operations and decided to focus on its core strengths of Consumer Banking. which gave Standard a Chartered a presence in Brazil and Venezuela. Corporate & Institutional Banking and Treasury in its well-established operations in 12 . By the late 1980s Standard Chartered already had considerable exposure to third world debt. Colombia. to expand the Group outside its traditional markets. It was one year later that the descendants of the Chartered Bank of India. a number of offices were opened and three banks were acquired. To this were added provisions against loans to corporations and entrepreneurs who could not meet their commitments. Canada. The opening of a branch in Istanbul in 1986 was overshadowed by a far more dramatic event when Lloyds bank of the UK made a hostile take-over bid for Standard chartered. the Falkland Islands. In the USA. Australia.Standard Chartered PLC In 1969 the decision was made by the Standard Bank and the Chartered Bank to undergo a friendly merger thus forming standard Chartered PLC. and the Wallace Brothers Group. The Hodge Group brought to Standard Chartered an extensive network of UK offices specializing in installment credit and industrial leasing and after a period of rationalization its name was changed to Chartered Trust limited. Standard chartered subsequently acquired the UK based Hodge Group. and Ireland. In Europe a number of offices were opened including Austria. Belgium. Standard Chartered won its right to remain independent but entered i8nto a period of considerable change. Panama and Nepal. Australia and China were finally permitted to open a representative office in Sydney. in which it already had a minority shareholding. Limited. Standard Chartered also opened offices in Argentina. Denmark.

associate holding disposed of. Standard Chartered acquired the global trade finance business of Union Bank of Switzerland. 13 . of dollar payments in the USA. Standard Chartered also opened a new Subsidiary. This led to a series of divestments notably in Europe. Tanzania in 1993 and Myanmar in 1995. and the senior. the United States and Africa. re-opening in Vietnam in 1990. Africa and the Middle East. unprofitable branches closed and back office functions consolidated. In 1998 Standard Chartered concluded the4 purchase of a controlling interest in Blanco Exterior de los Andes extebandes) an Andean region bank involved primarily in trade finance. Standard Chartered Nigeria Limited in Lagos. Peru and Venezuela. In1999. This acquisition makes Standard Chartered one of the leading clearers. There is. management team was radically changed and strengthened. With the opening of branches in Macao and Taiwan in 1983 and 1985 plus a representative office in Laos (1996) Standard Chartered now has an office in every country in the Asia Pacific Region with the exception of North Korea. Cambodia and Iran in 1992. During this time staff numbers were reduced.Asia. With this purchase Standard Chartered now offers full banking services in Colombia. businesses not considered core. were sold or closed. In addition expensive buildings were sold with the proceeds reinvested in the business. acquired 75 per cent of the share capital of Metropolitan Bank of the Lebanon. Standard Chartered in the 1990s Even within this period of apparent retrenchment Standard Chartered expanded its network.

by market capitalization. These acquisitions demonstrate Standard Chartered firm commitment to the emerging markets.Standard Chartered current scenario Today Standard Chartered is the world s leading emerging markets bank employing 30. Africa and the Americas. the Middle East. 14 . The new millennium has brought with it two of the largest acquisition in the history of the bank with the purchase of Grind lays Bank from the ANZ Group and the acquisition of the Chase Consumer banking operation in Hong Kong in 2000. South Asia. where we have a strong and established presence and where it sees its future growth.000 people in over 500 offices in more than 50 countries primarily in countries in the Asia Pacific Region. The bank is listed on both the London stock exchange and the stock exchange of Hong Kong and is in the top 25 FTSE-100 companies.

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3. PRODUCT FEATURES: Cash Overdraft from 60% to 80% of assessed value of car less than 8 years old. Therefore. 2. Interest outflow only on utilization. The amount withdrawn each time reduces available limit. You can withdraw funds from your mileage account up to the sanctioned limit. 2. and or payment of the minimum amount due each month. 4. limit can be reused basis repayment made. Credit Line revolves according to withdrawals and payments. 16 . You can withdraw funds from your mileage account up to the sanctioned limit. by cheque or Debit card. Limit available increases on payments into the account. The amount withdrawn each time reduces available limit. Free end use of facility.WHAT IS MILEAGE? It is an overdraft facility for the car owner in which the car is evaluated and an amount is estimated for the car. Limit available increases on payments into the account. no postdated cheques. Credit Line revolves according to withdrawals and payments. no fixed monthly installment. by cheque or Debit card. 4. Therefore. 1. WHAT IS REVOLVING CREDIT? 1. and or payment of the minimum amount due each month. Part payment at will. An account is opened in the name of the owner in the standard chartered bank and the amount is than transferred to the account. 3.

2. To buy a consumer durable 8. HOW CAN WE USE MILEAGE? Get revolving credit to meet any need.A Zero balance current or saving account in Standard Chartered Bank. with your car as security. For your child s education. For unforeseen exigencies. For renovation of the house. get multi city chequebook and Debit card. Use The Funds For: 1. 4. Working capital requirements. As a personal loan without the post dated cheques. 6. customers can use those Drop Boxes to drop their repayment cheque. For any other purpose of your choice 17 . For a holiday 5. 7. Repayment: Customer will have the flexibility of paying the entire Outstanding lump sum or repaying the minimum 5% outstanding billed each month. 3. Cheque Drop Box: Cheque Drop Boxes are placed at convenient location.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MILEAGE? Revolving credit facility.19. Sent monthly. No charges if mileage facility for repayment cheques. interestbearing balances. Flexibility of use: withdrawal and repayment. Interest charged only on debit outstanding. No charges if the auto overdraft facility is not used. Repayment flexibility. of minimum 5%of entire outstanding amounts every month.5% Cash limit: 100% of limit sanctioned 18 . Multi-city cheque books on request at no extra cost. this helps you check how the interest was calculated. Monthly statement of account on credit limits utilization.51% of Sanctioned limit Rate of interest: 18% . 24 hour phone banking including queries on the mileage account. 2. debit interest. and credit interest. Pre-closure Charges: 5. with repeated usage of money. The entire credit limit can be withdrawn in cash. Interest calculation sheet with details of dateless balances. minimum 5% of due every month. Post dated cheques: None Repayment amount: Flexible. calculated on daily basis but charged on monthly basis. Interest charged: only on amount loan utilized. 1. Account statements with minimum amount due and due date details. (Available in select cities) End use: can be used for multiple purposes.

Interest outflow only on utilization No post dated cheques to be given by the customer towards repayment Based on ability each month (subject to minimum of 5% due every month) Possible (subject to a minimum of 5% due every month) 100% of the credit limit can be withdrawn as cash ATM card and multicity chequebook. No cash limit No such facility No such facility to park free funds temporarily Cannot reuse the limit after repayment Cash limit Other facility 19 .WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF MILEAGE OVER CAR LOANS Feature End User Flexibility of use Mileage Can be used for multiple purposes You and withdraw fund as and when required and repay as and when you want. Deposit free funds in the account and reduce interest outflow for even one day Can reuse the limit after repayment Car Loan Loan only for purchase of a car You can withdraw only once at the start of the loan and have to pay fixed EMI each month Interest Charged Post dated cheque Repayment amount Fixed interest outflow commitments Repayment has to be done through post dated cheques given upfront Fixed installment Part payment No part payment is allowed Only for a car loan. subject to minimum payment of 5% of the amount outstanding.

No such facility Park free funds No such facility in the account to park free and reduce funds interest outflow temporarily for even one day Cannot reuse the Can reuse the limit after limit after repayment repayment 20 . and have to pay fixed EMI each month. Interest outflow only on utilization No post dated cheques to be given by the customer towards repayment Based on ability each month (subject to minimum of 5% due every month) Possible (subject to a minimum of 5% due every month) 100% of the credit limit can be withdrawn as cash Car Loan Can be used for multiple purposes You and can use credit limit as and when required and repay as and when you want. Use cash limit leads to transaction fees being imposed.WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MILEAGE OVER CREDIT CARDS AND PERSONAL LOANS? Feature End User Flexibility of use Mileage Can be used for multiple purposes You and withdraw fund as and when required and repay as and when you want. Park free funds in the account and reduce interest outflow for even one day Can reuse the limit 30-40% of the credit No cash limit limit is cash limit. Credit Card. subject to minimum payment of 5% of the amount outstanding. commitment Repayment has to be done through post dated cheques given upfront Fixed installment Part payment No part payment is allowed Cash limit Other facility ATM card and multicity chequebook. Interest outflow only on utilization No post dated cheques to be given by the customer towards repayment Based on ability each month (subject to minimum of 5% due every month) Possible Personal Loan Can be used for multiple purposes You and withdraw only once at the start of the loan. Interest Charged Post dated cheque Repayment amount Fixed Interest outflow. subject to a minimum amount due each month (5% of limit used and interest accrued).

WHO IS THE TARGETED CUSTOMER? Salaried and self employed individuals include sole proprietors. partners in partnership firm Customers with repayment track record from approved financiers serving as a surrogate of ability to pay 21 .WHAT IS THE TENURE FOR THE OVERDRAFT FACILITY? The overdraft facility is given for a period of one year and can be renamed for two more years. The renewal is at the sole discretion of the bank.

Used cars we fund up to fourth owner of a car subject to 5% less than normal funding. Tata Spacio. Age norms: Salaried=>21 to 60 yrs Self Employed=>21 to 68 yrs (Customers age not to exceed 72 yrs after taking 3 year Mileage Tenor into account). Esteem. Sumo. 22 . Accent.CAR TARGET Car eligible for mileage Maruti 800. Wagon R. Toyota Corolla etc. Opel Corsa (Only privileges @ 50%). tourist board Registration vehicle cannot be financed. Mercedes etc. Sienna. Opel Astra. Zen. Toyota Qualis. Travel profiles. Maruti Baleno. Mitsubishi Lancer. Santro. Cars which cannot be financed in mileage Fiat Uno. Alto. Cielo. Ambassador. Scorpio. Matiz. Omni. Tata Indigo. Tata Sumo. Ford Icon. Honda City. Fiat Palio. Tata Safari. Toyota Camry. Tata Indica.

Any Govt. . Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card. Voters ID Card 5. 3. Municipal Tax/Water Tax Bill 23 . Passport 5. KYC (Account Opening) Document. Voters Identity Card 8. 2. Driving License. KYC (ACCOUNT OPENING) DOCUMENTS Here we needs IAS (Identity. RTO Documents. Dept ID Proof For RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS 1. Electricity Bill 2. Address & Signature verification) Documents For IDENTITY 1. 3. Scheme Documents. Mobile. WLL Bill 3. 1. Driving license 6. Passport 4. 2. Life/Medical Insurance Policy 7. Telephone.MILEAGE The documentation for the Mileage proposal is divided into 3 parts 1. Ration Card 4.

A Utility Bill in the name of firm with name and address match with AOF 24 .FOR SIGNATURE VERIFICATION 1. Importer-Exporter Code Certificate 5. and partnership and Private Limited Companies names. FOR ACCOUNT TO BE OPEN IN THE NAME OF FIRM We can open account on the proprietorship. Signature Verification from the Bank where applicant is holding saving. Bank Statement of Firms account + Banker Verification of signature 4. Registered Partnership Deed 2. SEBI Registration Certificate 5. Shops and Establishment Certificate 2. Importer-Exporter Code Certificate + PAN proof OF proprietor FOR PARTNERSHIP FIRM 1. current or cash credit account. Bank Statement of Firm account for the last 6 months and Business Verification 4. FOR PROPRIETORSHIP FIRM 1. Sales Tax Registration Certificate 3. Sales Tax Registration Certificate 3. Shops and Establishment Certificate 6. 3. Driving License. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card. Passport 4. 2.

Bank Statement of Firm account for the last 6 months + Banker Verification of signature 5. MOA & AOA & True copy of Certificate of Registration 2.LTD. List of Shareholders who hold more over 20% 4. True Copy and Extract of Board Resolution 3. SEBI Registration Certificate 6. Sales Tax Registration Certificate & Shops & Establishment Certificate 25 .FOR RESIDENT (PVT.) COMPANIES 1.

26 .

MUV all variants of Opel. (No change in total loan eligible) Maximum numbers of cars for self employed 3 Limit multiple: For salaried annual income into 1. 50. VANILLA Income based Program . Debit card will be issue only to the applicant. For self-employed minimum exposure is Rs.or sum of both the income should be more than or equal to Rs 1.1. Co-applicant: For salaried & self-employed customers co applicant can be taken to increase the income eligibility or to meet the income eligibility. Rate of interest: Eligibility: 18 % Number of year at work should be 2 year.000/Maximum number of cars for salaried 2. 5 lac. For self employed annual income into 2. 27 . Funding: 60% for premium (C) segment. 000/For salaried maximum exposure is Rs. Annual income must be more than Rs. For self-employed maximum exposure is Rs. Lancer not eligible. If the co applicant is taken to increase the income eligibility then one of the two-borrower income should be 60.60. 65% for A & B segment.000and maximum 7 lacs.00000/The Co-applicant can be blood relative or spouse.000/. A Salaried Employed of top 1500 companies.7 lac.50. Loan to value 75% @ 16% p. Funding minimum 50. 000/For salaried minimum exposure is Rs.a.

Co-applicant for privilege has to be joint account holder with applicant/ For terminated loans: Loan completed less than 24 months. then last 12 months track is required. -Loan completed before 24 months. Maximum numbers of cars: Salaried-2.2. Minimum for salaried: 50. 80% 28 .5% Eligibility: Loan should be 12 months on book or one advance EMI+12 Monts -For Qualis 50% tenure should be completed -Not More than 2 cheques bounce in last 12 months. and then last 12 months track with latest Income proof will be considerable.000/. B &C segments Qualis 75% Lancer & Corsa 50% Rate of interest: Up to 65% funding: 18% More than 65%: 19. Self employed-3. .5% Lancer & Corsa: 19.000/. Loan to value: For A. Minimum for self-employed: 50. PRIVILEGES Loan is given basis of customers auto repayment track with approved financiers.Maximum: 5 Lac.Maximum: 10 Lac.

MUVs / all Opel cars (opetra allowed) / Lancer to be excluded from the program. Under privileges Pre approved program repayment track record to be on filewithout exception. Valuation compulsory for cars. Applicants to be never 30 dpd in the last 12 months to avail the privileges offer.Privileges . Verification as per current applicable.100% loan to value for salaried. Normal pricing will be applied for such loans. Segment D&E cars to include .salaried employee of top 1500 companies. 29 . SCB / Non SCB approved financier track record with >= 12 MOB or 50% tenor whichever is higher require for eligibility.Opel Opetra / Corolla / Skoda / Honda Accord / Honda CRV / Sonata. Target segment . KYC documentation is mandatory. Negative areas and / or negative profiles / caution profiles excluded from the program. 100% loan to value.

Minimum/ Maximum loan of INR 50K to INR 700K. Other criteria as per applicable as per MILEAGE PDD. Repayment track of >=18% MOB with zero dpd (no single cheque bounce) in last 12 months and zero 90 dpd in last 18 months Last 12 month repayment track record or payment proofs I. Age of car at the time of application not to exceed 6 yrs. cash receipts with last 6 months bank statement with original repayment schedule for EMI clearance validations Applicable for A & B segments car only. 30 .e. PERSONAL LOAN TRACK RECORD PROGRAM. Repayments track on personal loan from any of the approved financier for the program list as attached below. Verification RV/OV/CPV to be done. 1 car. Maximum number of car under the program Valuation compulsory for all cars.3. Loan to value of 70%.

Approved Financiers Consumer Durable ICICI GE Country wide Associates City Crop 2 WHEELERS TRACK 2 Wheeler ICICI GE Country wide Associates City Crop Bajaj Auto Financ Centurion Bank HDFC Bank Chola Mandalam PERSONAL LOANS Home Loans ICICI GE Country wide Citi Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank SCB ABN Amro Bank IDBI Bank Chola Mandalam Indusind Bank Bank of Baroda Bank Of Punjab State Bank of India Personal Loan ICICI GE Country wide Associates City finan Bajaj Auto Finc Centurion bank HDFC Bank Sundram Finc Chola Mandalam ABN Amro IDBI Bank Punjab National Bank Bank of Baroda Bank of punjab 31 .

Minimum / maximum loan of Rs. 32 . Other criteria as per MILEAGE PDD.4. Valuation compulsory for all cars. 1000/. 700K.paid for minimum of (12 MOB or 50% loan tenure whichever is higher) with zero dpd in last 12 months. Maximum number of car under the program -1car. TWO WHEELER TRACK RECORD PROGRAM Two wheeler track records from any approved financier as per the list attached. 50K / Rs. Loan to value 75%. Minimum monthly EMI amount of Rs. Original repayment track record or bank statement with original repayment scheduled for validations require. Age of the car at the time of application not to exceed 6 years. Applicable for A&B segment cars only.

Minimum monthly EMI amount of Rs.for non-metro locations. Maximum number of cars under the program Valuation compulsory for all the cars.5. 33 . Verifications RV /OV / CV to be done. Eligible for all car models as per loan to value grid except for MUVs / all variance of Opel / lancer. Last 24 months repayment track record of payment proofs with last 6 months bank statement with original repayment schedule for EMI clearance validations. 4000/. 6000/. Age of the cars at the time of application should not exceed 6 years. 1 car. Other criteria as per MILEAGE PDD. Loan to value of 70%. HOME LOAN TRACK RECORD PROGRAM Repayment tracks on home loan from any of the approved financier for the program list as attached below.for metro locations and Rs. Repayment track of = 24 MOB with zero dpd in last 12 months and no dpd in the last 18 months.

Age of the car at the time of application not to exceed 6 years. Valuation compulsory for all cars. 50K / Rs. CONSUMER DURABLE TRACK RECORD PROGRAM Consumer durable loan from any of the financiers mentioned in the list below: loan to value of 75%. 700K. Minimum / maximum loan of Rs. Applicable for A&B segment cars only.6. 34 . Maximum number of car under the program -1car. Minimum monthly EMI amount of INR 1000 for minimum 8 MOB with zero dpd in the last 8 months. Original repayment track recorded or payment proofs or bank statement with original repayment scheduled for validations required. Other criteria as per MILEAGE PDD.

of cars under the program Limit multiple: 6 time of card limit or LTV 80% Whichever is less. Card member for minimum 1 year. Card limit: A&B Rs. S C B CREDIT CARD SURROGATE. 1. 25000/Card risk score LTV is 80%.7. 35 .Rs. No.5%. 20000/- C . Rate of interest 19. 335.

3 Months statement required if card is 12 months old. GE ICICI Bank HDFC Bank 36 . Utilization to be lower than 75% of limit Repayment ratios to be at least 10% of outstanding for last three months. Card limit 25000/. Only 1 statement is required if card is 2 year old. OTHER BANK CREDIT CARD Card member for 1 year. Cash spends not to exceed more than 20% of limit in last three months.8. HSBC A B N Ambro S B I. No 30 dpd in any the three statement. Maximum Funding-70% Applicable Banks: American Express.

65% funding for all cars.Rs 5000/C. BANK STATEMENT SURROGATE Saving / current account with private / Nationalized or Multi Nationalized Bank. Segment. Segment. Segment. Average balance requires as follows in 4 months out of last 6 months B. How to calculate the average Balance Take Average balance from Day 1 to 3-higher balance A Day 12 to 16-higher balance B Day 27 to 30-higher balance C Average Balance=A+B+C/3 37 .9.Rs 25000/No inward cheque bounces in last 6 months. Minimum 15 transactions in last 6 months.Rs 7500/D. Rate of interest 18% 12 months old account required.

LIC. Only for self employed professions. INSURANCE SURROGATE 2 years old policy. 18% rate of interest. LIC policies can be clubbed.10. Joint policies can be accepted subject to the applicant being a payer in the policy. 65% funding. Maximum cars 1. 38 .Latest premium should be paid. Om Kotak. Metlife.10000 C segment 15000 . Bajaj Allianz. Prudential ICICI. Annual premium required A segment 7500 B segment . Eligible insurance companies are Royal Sundaram Aviva Insurance.

39 .

To check the satisfaction level of existing customers. 7. 4. 3. 2.OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The study was designed and conducted to accomplish the following objectives: 1. To know about decision makers. To know about customer preference. 40 . To create market awareness. To analyse the market potential of the product Mileage . 6. To judge the level of awareness for product Mileage 5. To identify the criterion on the basis of which customer selects a particular bank.

41 .

In short.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Meaning of Research: Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. Redman and Mory define research as a systematized effort to gain new knowledge. formulating hypothesis or suggested solution. comparison and experiment. 42 . According to Clifford Woody research comprises defining and redefining problems. collecting. research is an act of scientific investigation. and at last carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. making deductions and reaching conclusions. The advanced learner s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method finding solution to problem is research. In fact. organizing and evaluating data. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense. observation.

In it we study various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with logic behind them. 43 . Meaning of research methodology: Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. we may think of research objectives as falling into a number of following groups: - To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or archive new insights into it. To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with something else. situation or a group. It is necessary for researcher to know not only the research methods/ techniques but also the methodology. To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variables. Research methodology has many dimensions and research methods do constitutes a part of the research methodology. It may be understood as science of studying how research is done scientifically. Through each research study has its own specific purpose.Objectives of research: The purpose of research is to discover answer to questions through the application of scientific procedures. Thus when we talk of research methodology we not only talk of research methods but also consider logic behind the methods we use in context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research result is capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others.

44 . By observation. Through telephone interview. Research process consists of a series of action or steps necessary to effectively carry out research and the desires sequencing of these steps. Quota sampling. The following order concerning various steps provides a useful procedural guideline regarding the research process: Formulating the research problem. Multi stage sampling. Development of working hypothesis. Systematic sampling. Simple random sampling. Through personal interview. Determining sample size. Extensive literature survey. Deliberate sampling. it seems appropriate to present a brief overview of research process. Through schedules. Stratified sampling. By mailing of questionnaires.Research process: Before embarking on the details of research methodology and techniques. Cluster sampling and area sampling. Sequential sampling. Preparing the research design. Collecting the data.

Generalization and interpretation. Fundamental research. The above-mentioned are the various type of research. Qualitative research. Preparation of the re port or the thesis. Types of Research: Descriptive research. which a researcher can apply in order to achieve one s desired objective. Analytical research. Quantitative research.Execution of the project. Analysis of data. Empirical research. Therefore to achieve the objectives of my research I have used descriptive research. Applied research. Conceptual research. 45 . Hypothesis testing. This will be based on proper Research design to meet the objectives of the project / study.

Geographical / sample area: All peth area. Hadapsar. Swar Gate. Wanewari. Bibewadi.Sampling It involves procedures that use a small part of population to make conclusion regarding the whole population.Road kondhwa. Lulla Nagar.G. M. Sahakar Nagar. Sampling plan for the project. Sample size: 400 Sample procedure: Random Target Customer: Old customer of the Standard Chartered Bank who had car loan in the past. Dhankawdi. Sampling unit: Corporate offices and local residential areas. 46 .

branch seniors and colleagues working there. The primary data was obtained through observation. The questionnaires are either directly filled up or indirectly filed up by the people and through this the prospect of the areas where these campaigns were put up. The main motive for these visits was to identify the potential customers or the potential market. by visiting the offices and small business enterprises/firms under some limitations and time constraints. also enormous help was obtained from Standard Chartered. newspapers & Magazines FIELD WORK PLAN The fieldwork was carried according to the sampling plan formed. The secondary data was collected through the Internet Journals. A two-way discussion was done which the customers were made aware of the services of Standard Chartered. direct communication with the people and filling up of questionnaires.DATA COLLECTION The project was to check feasibility of the services offered by Standard Chartered using both primary and secondary data. 47 .

multi branch banking. 48 . Standard Chartered Bank gives 100% withdrawal in all the saving account. However. corporate salary accounts. investment advisory services. overdraft. de-mat.PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES The promotion of the LIABILITIES PRODUCTS of STANDARD CHARTERED is being done by 1) Setting up promotional Stalls in the premises of some Corporate Companies 2) Promoting the product through Direct Communication. phone banking automatic cheque book recorder. FINDINGS Most of the services provided by Standard Chartered Bank is almost the same as any other private or multinational banks statement charges. net banking. doorstep banking. priority banking. Study shows that customers feel a status symbol by banking with Standard Chartered Bank.

49 .

Of People 38% 62% AW AR E N E S S AB OU T MIL E AGE 0% 38% A W A RE A B OUT A BMILE OUT A GE Yes No 62% Interpretation 62% people do not know about Mileage and its features. AWARENESS ABOUT MILEAGE The study suggests that awareness level about mileage among the car owners is very low. TABLE-1 AWARE ABOUT MILEAGE Yes No No.1. as they are existing customers of Standard Chartered. 50 . most of the people who know about mileage know it. If awareness level increases market share is likely to increase.

CAs etc) SHOP OWNER GOVT.2. Outcome of the survey to find out the break down of existing customers According to Profession Table-2 SHOP OWNER BUSINESSMAN (OWNER OF SSI. CAs etc) 36% 24% 20% 12% 8% % BREAK DOWN OF EXSISTING CUSTOMERS 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% BUSINESSMAN (OWNER OF SSI. EMPLOYEES 51 . s) EMPLOYEED (PVT. SECTOR) PROFFESIONALS (Doctors.s) EMPLOYEED (PVT. Lawyers. Lawyers. SECTOR) GOVT. EMPLOYEES PROFFESIONALS (Doctors.

3. Salaried people are also very interested as it gives them an immediate source of money at the time of urgency. as they require money for short term. Of People 16% 65% 19% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% VERYSATISFIED SATISFIED DISSATISFIED 52 .Interpretation The above analysis reveals the fact that out of maximum of the masses Shop owners and owners of small-scale industries are mostly interested. Satisfaction Level of the existing Mileage customers TABLE-3 Response VERYSATISFIED SATISFIED DISSATISFIED No.

they want prompt service. Majority of dissatisfied customers are from the business class. TABLE-4 INTERESTED Yes No No. 4. where as 16% customers are very satisfied while 19% people are dissatisfied.D. Interaction with employees is a major reason behind the large number of satisfied customers. product like Mileage.Interpretation 65% of the sample from existing customer is satisfied. Percentage break down of people who are interested in subscribing for an O. Of People 67% 33% 33% Yes No 67% 53 .

D. product in the sample TABLE-5 Name of Product Mileage ICICI Car O. The people who show no interest are because they are suspicious about the product and company.D. Market share for Car based O. Of People 69% 23% 8% 54 . HDFC No. Most people are not interested in dealing with a new bank that too private sector. 5. Increase in awareness level about the product will result in increased customer base.Interpretation Mostly people get attracted to the product but are not aware about the utility and the features.

HDF C Interpretation Mileage is the market leader with 69% market share. Of People 8% 23% 69% Mileag e ICICI Car O. though the share of ICICI is increasing fast.D. 55 .No.

Highly cooperative and efficient DST. Operational efficiency WEAKNESS Target customer base very small. Poor advertising. Quality of service.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH Limited competition. High interest rates. Wide range of services and product to suit all customer segments. Promotional campaigns are nearly absent. Good reputation of the bank. ATMs etc. 56 . Exclusive Products. Less number of ATM s and Branches (In PCMC area). No presence in semi urban sector. Experience of 150 years. Use of modern technology like Tele Banking. which makes service delivery faster.

Numbers of car drivers are increasing very fast. 57 . Increasing awareness will result in increase in customer base. Spread of risk. especially with IT boom Pune has high potential. Customer education will improve the customer base. Overdraft rates have gone high.OPPORTUNITIES Can build a strong distribution network in semi urban cities to trap the untouched market. None of the players in the market is concentrating on this category of the product. Lower customer base may hinder prompt service. Challenges posed by other companies in the market. THREATS Competition with big giants like ICICI and HDFC.

58 .

Thus. They would not talk about investments made by the CEOs.LIMITATIONS Public happens to be a little hesitant in disclosing their financial dealings with everyone. Moreover. Here they are being provided with all the facilities. They do not try to break up their long lasting relationship. they are still more comfortable to share information. MDs etc. On the other hand. As far as the corporate level is concerned. to change mindset of the customer requires a lot of time and cannot be done easily. people banking with their own banks for 15 to 20 years are more loyal and are less susceptible to switch over to Standard Chartered. The aim of the research was to check the feasibility of the services provided by Standard Chartered Bank on the basis of primary and secondary data and also to check the awareness of the services offered by the same and analyze the data available with the help of various statistical methods. people are much more conscious and are of view that they have enough knowledge of the products and services provided by the various banks. The other major drawback is that the accounts personnel are not ready to give much information about customers banking with them. 59 .

60 .

CONCLUSION The Standard Chartered Bank has a global presence. as customers satisfaction is their prime concern. This can be attributed to the fact that the services being offered by the bank has been carefully developed. over the years. Bank has only 3 ATMS in Pune. Each service/product. The bank offers a wide range of products and services to meet the requirements of varied customers. It has acquired good recognition in India also. phone banking. ATM Services and so on. doorstep banking. And thus are more then 2500 satisfied customers of then special service MILEAGE of Standard Chartered. Moreover. maintaining a relationship along with standard Chartered is a status symbol for people and they really feel proud to be with Standard Chartered. offered by the bank is designed for a particular market segment. after studying the subtleties of Indian market. The adage customer is the king is at last becoming a reality with nifty banks making effort to upgrade and differentiate their services to widen their customer base. 61 . They aim at making banking convenient for their customers by offering services like Internet banking.

62 .

1. RTO Leading financier Speed to deliver service should be increased. Surveys. 3. It can be increased by. Making a separate department for service delivery. Advertising in leading News Paper regularly. 6. the service at the standard Chartered bank is satisfactory. Thus covering more area and in the reach of more customer. where as ICICI has thirty-five ATMs.RECOMMENDATIONS As far as the findings are concerned. 3. Having a good and very active sales force. 5. From the study I have conducted and knowledge i have acquired from it. 4. 2. Opening more ATM centers as it has only three. Creating awareness among the customer about the services offered. 2. 63 . Thus ICICI is the biggest rival of the bank and it become necessary to compete with ICICI to remain as market leader. Creating awareness among the customer and by promotion and advertisement can do it. Putting stalls. Participating in trade fairs. I recommend following improvements: Setting of more branches in the in pune region as there is only one branch where as the closest rival ICICI bank has eight branches. More importance should be given to increase customer base that is the most important thing to bring business and this can be done by 1. Targeting the old customer. Collecting Data from.

64 . Customer who has car loan in the past can be good scope. Retaining customer is one of the important things that the bank should concentrate on because it is cheaper to retain a customer so as to find a new customer and an old customer does not need too much only just recognition. Giving concession for continuous loan. This can be done by following ways 1. Greeting on every occasion/Festival with new proposal. 3. 2. Sending letters about the new offers. 5. Making new scheme for the old customer. 4. Making phone calls.More efforts should be made to retain the customer.

Is it lying or terminated Lying Terminated Have you subscribed for any over draft facility against you car? Yes If Yes. from where did you know about it Sales Executive E mail Advertising ____________________________ If you are an existing customer. Have you heard of Mileage before Yes No ICICI Car O.QUESTIONAIRE NAME: _________________________________ PROFESSION _________________________________ INCOME GROUP ________________________________ CAR ________________________________ Have you taken loan to purchase the car? Yes No If Yes. No If yes.D. which one Mileage HDFC Car O. How satisfied you are Very Satisfied Dissatisfied Satisfied Tele Calling Bank Employees Other Source 65 .D.

D. Borrow money from Would you like to subscribe for an O. instrument like Mileage ? Yes No If No Why? ______________________________________________________ 66 .Have you dealt with Standard Chartered before? Yes How will you rate the service level? Good Average Bad No How will you rate the interaction with employees? Good Average Bad When you require money in emergency what sources do you rely? Friends/ Relatives Personal loan Market Other ____________________________________ O.D.

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