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Certified Emergency Professionals __________________________________________________________________ Andy Tobin Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, May 22nd, 2013 House Ambulance, Medical and Social Service Transportation Study Committee Speaker Tobin; I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself. I am the the de facto representative for the private professional EMS providers at one of the major ambulance companies in Arizona. I have significant experience in dealing with the Emergency Medical System and litigating legal matters that pertain directly to that system. I think we agree that the system and its providers deserve a full system review at your level. I am aware of the House Ambulance, Medical and Social Service Transportation Study Committee and I would like to offer my services to the State of Arizona to add another, and most pertinent, discerning view of the ambulance industry as it is now and as it has been for the past two decades. I am intermittently available to attend the committee meetings and would like to be an active participant in the changes to EMS that affect the Great State of Arizona, my home for the past 39 years. I bring a great deal of experience in litigating these matters and in the delivery of Emergency medicine, transportation and the social aspects involved in this system. With Fire Department Officer, Private Ambulance Officer and Air medical evacuation being the core of my delivery experience, I feel I can give the most objective of viewpoints pertaining to this venue. My litigation experience involving the ambulance industry details my dedication to EMS. I have detailed insight that describes the legal ramifications of poor delivery. My services have been volunteer in nature and I self-fund the inter-workings of our representative organization along with dozens of other dedicated and passionate individuals that will be, and have been, directly affected by Administration of Emergency Services here in Arizona.

Therefore, I would like to formally request to be added to this committee as an active participant that represents quality professionals and the delivery of EMS to our citizens. I can offer testimony on an as needed basis and 6 years of proven litigation decisions at the Federal Level that pertain directly to the outcome the State is trying to achieve. I have another pending case on August 5th, 2013 at the NLRB Courthouse on Central and Virginia. That trial directly affects costs and delivery of Arizona EMS and is key to what the State will be discussing during these upcoming meetings. I feel that the State may be interested in the proceedings, litigation, and testimony that will be given for that week and may want to send its own Representative to take notes. To remove any stigma of my Big Labor presentation, or special interest group affiliations, I have none. I will place a reminder that I am a volunteer and have followed the Arizona States Constitution to the letter in order to provide quality health services to our citizens. I have earned my positions and they stand alone, unaffiliated with any political party, interest or partisan alliances that could be viewed as jading my opinion. It is pure and unscathed. I feel that this committee is necessary at this point for our States future EMS delivery and the cost of providing that service. The costs can be constrained, performance improved and professionals retained if the system is reformed for quality outcomes and Contractor Accountability. If we are not successful in reform at this juncture, the financial liabilities will force reform in the very near future. With this committee that you have formed, I believe the State is ahead of the situation and will have a very clear picture of the changes that need to be made by the conclusion of these meetings. On behalf of the 240 providers that I directly represent and the thousands of Arizona EMS Professionals that deserve this leadership representing their interests, I would ask for formal inclusion on the House Ambulance, Medical and Social Service Transportation Study Committee. I would also like to be included on any lists for Professionals providing testimony, depending on the need. I would like to thank you sir for your time and attention to this matter.

Joshua S. Barkley ICEP, President Emergency Medical Services Labor Alliance, Arizona Division Officer