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19-1825; Rev 1; 5/12


2.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
General Description Features
♦ Guaranteed Frequency Tuning Range MAX2750: 2400MHz to 2500MHz (Zero IF) MAX2751: 2120MHz to 2260MHz (240MHz to 280MHz IF) MAX2752: 2025MHz to 2165MHz (335MHz to 375MHz IF) ♦ On-Chip Tank Circuit ♦ Internally Matched Output Buffer Amplifier ♦ Low-Current Shutdown Mode ♦ +2.7V to +5.5V Supply Voltage Range ♦ Miniature 8-Pin µMAX Package


The MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 are self-contained voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) intended for use in the 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz ISM band. Each IC combines a fully integrated oscillator and output buffer in a miniature 8-pin µMAX package. The inductor and varactor elements of the tank are integrated on-chip, greatly simplifying application of the part. The only required external components are a couple of supply bypass capacitors. The IC provides direct connection to the VCO tuning voltage input and the VCO buffer output. The tuning voltage input range is +0.4V to +2.4V, and the oscillator frequency tuning range is factory adjusted to provide guaranteed limits. The output signal is buffered by an amplifier stage (internally matched to 50Ω) to provide higher output power and isolate the device from load impedance variations. The MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 operate over a +2.7V to +5.5V supply voltage range. Internal regulation of the oscillator supply voltage eliminates the need for an external LDO regulator for the VCO. The IC also provides a digitally controlled shutdown mode to permit implementation of sophisticated power-supply management. In shutdown, the supply current is reduced to less than 1µA.

Ordering Information
PART MAX2750EUA+ MAX2751EUA+ MAX2752EUA+ TEMP RANGE -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C PIN-PACKAGE 8 μMAX 8 μMAX 8 μMAX

802.11b DSSS WLAN 802.11 FHSS WLAN Home RF 2.4GHz Bluetooth ISM Proprietary Radio

+Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant package. Devices are also available in a tape-and-reel packaging. Specify tape and reel by adding “T” to the part number when ordering.

Pin Configuration appears at end of data sheet.

Typical Operating Circuit







MAX2750 MAX2751 MAX2752


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........5V...... V SHDN ≤ +2V.. VTUNE = +0..7 11..02 2 2 TA = +25oC TA = -40oC to +85oC TA = +25oC TA = -40oC to +85oC TA = +25oC TA = -40oC to +85oC CONDITIONS MIN 2..4V to +2.3V to +6V TUNE....... +3V fOSC = 2165MHz..........8 0.+150°C Storage Temperature Range .. TA = -40oC to +85oC fOFFSET = 4MHz Noise floor MAX2750 Tuning Gain (Note 2) MAX2751 MAX2752 Output Power Return Loss Harmonics fOSC = 2400MHz..8mW/°C above TA = +70°C)....4V.................... BYP......... Typical values are at VCC = +3..4V..... and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied.......3V to (VCC + 0..........-65°C to +150°C Lead Temperature (soldering.6V V SHDN ≥ 2.......6 μA V V μA μA nA mA UNITS V AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 EV kit.... +3V MAX2751 MAX2752 Phase Noise MIN 2400 2120 2025 -125 -151 140 90 175 110 170 105 -3 12 -30 dBm dB dBc MHz/V TYP MAX 2500 2260 2165 UNITS MHz MHz MHz dBc/Hz dBm/Hz 2 ..........4 ≤ V TUNE ≤ 2....387.....-0.... Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. +3V fOSC = 2025MHz...... TA = -40°C to +85°C..7V to +5. SHDN...0 12.9 12.. unless otherwise noted.. VCC = +2.. VTUNE = +0.. 10s) ......... OUT = connected to 50Ω load.0V 0... +3V fOSC = 2500MHz....1 9. TA = +25°C..0V........-40°C to +85°C Junction Temperature ..... OUT to GND ............3 14. These are stress ratings only....... OUT = connected to 50Ω load....... V SHDN ≤ +2V.0 -2 -2 0.. Typical values are at VCC = +3............. DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = +2..... +3V fOSC = 2260MHz.7V to +5.............0V...+260°C Stresses beyond those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device.....1 15.2....5 14.4V to +2.....3V) Continuous Power Dissipation (TA = +70°C) µMAX (derate 4...............7 10 12..) (Note 1) PARAMETER Supply Voltage MAX2750 Supply Current MAX2751 MAX2752 Shutdown Supply Current SHDN Input Voltage Low SHDN Input Voltage High SHDN Input Current Low SHDN Input Current High TUNE Input Current V SHDN ≤ 0...8mW Operating Temperature Range ...2 TYP MAX 5.4 17.....4V..4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS VCC to GND ..4V 2...7 12.... +3V fOSC = 2120MHz........ TA = +25°C...... unless otherwise noted.1 15....-0.2 1 0.+300°C Soldering Temperature (reflow) .5V.4V to +2....) PARAMETER Oscillator Guaranteed Frequency Limits (Note1) CONDITIONS MAX2750 V TUNE = +0.

5 VTUNE (V) 2.4V to +2.2 0.5 1. Turn-on time to within 3dB of final output power Turn-off time to output power of -10dBm.0 SHUTDOWN CURRENT (μA) TUNE INPUT CURRENT (nA) 0. OUT = connected to 50Ω load.3 8 5 MAX UNITS MHzp-p MHz/V μs μs Note 1: Note 2: Note 3: Note 4: Specifications are production tested at TA = +25°C. VCC = +3.5 3.0 2.0 2. Limits over temperature are guaranteed by design and characterization.4 0.2. VTUNE = +0. Tuning gain is measured at the oscillator’s guaranteed frequency limits.0V.) PARAMETER Load Pulling Supply Pushing Oscillator Turn-On Time (Note 3) Oscillator Turn-Off Time (Note 4) CONDITIONS VSWR = 2:1.8 0.0 2. all phases VCC stepped: +3.4 0.0 1850 0 0.5 1.5 1. Typical values are at VCC = +3. V SHDN ≤ +2V. TEMPERATURE MAX2750/51/52 toc03 15 14 SUPPLY CURRENT (mA) 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 -40 -20 0 20 40 TEMPERATURE (°C) 60 80 MAX2752 MAX2751 MAX2750 0.0 0 0. TA = +25°C.3 0.0 3 .4V to +2. VCC = +2. TA = +25°C.6 0. V SHDN ≤ 2V.5V. TEMPERATURE MAX2750/51/52 toc01 MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 SHUTDOWN CURRENT vs.0V. VTUNE = +0.8V Exiting shutdown Entering shutdown MIN TYP 4 1.4V.0 1. Typical Operating Characteristics (Circuit of Figure 1.) MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 SUPPLY CURRENT vs.3V to +2.5 3.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (continued) (MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 EV kit.5 VTUNE (V) 2.5 1.4V.5 3.2 0 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 TEMPERATURE (°C) 0 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 TEMPERATURE (°C) MAX2750 VCO TUNING CURVE MAX2750/51/52 toc04 MAX2751 VCO TUNING CURVE MAX2750/51/52 toc05 MAX2752 VCO TUNING CURVE 2350 2250 TA = -40°C 2150 2050 1950 1850 MAX2750/51/52 toc06 2600 2350 2250 2150 TA = +25°C 2050 1950 TA = +85°C TA = -40°C 2500 FREQUENCY (MHz) TA = -40°C 2400 TA = +25°C FREQUENCY (MHz) FREQUENCY (MHz) 2300 TA = +85°C TA = +25°C TA = +85°C 2200 0 0. TEMPERATURE MAX2750/51/52 toc02 MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 TUNING CURRENT vs.0 1.7V to +5. unless otherwise noted. unless otherwise noted.0 1.5 VTUNE (V) 2.1 0.

Output Buffer DC Supply Voltage Connection.2.00dB OUTPUT POWER (dBm) MAX2750/51/52 toc09 -50 -60 -70 PHASE NOISE (dBc/Hz) -80 -90 -100 -110 -120 -130 -140 -150 0. Oscillator Frequency Tuning Voltage Input. Bypass separately from PIN6 with a 220pF capacitor to GND for low noise and low spurious content performance from the oscillator.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 Typical Operating Characteristics (continued) (Circuit of Figure 1. Bypass separately from PIN5 with a 220pF capacitor to GND for best high frequency performance. VTUNE = +0.4V. TEMPERATURE MAX2750/51/52 toc08 NORMALIZED HARMONIC OUTPUT SPECTRUM Δ MKR -30. TA = +25°C.1µF capacitor to GND. Incorporates an internal DC blocking capacitor. A high-impedance input logic level low disables the device and reduces supply current to less than 1. Requires a low-inductance connection to the circuit board ground plane. 4 . A logic level high enables the device. Ground Connection for Output Buffer. VCC = +3. V SHDN ≤ 2V. Requires a low-inductance connection to the circuit board ground plane. Shutdown Logic Input. High-impedance input with a voltage input range of +0. Ground Connection for Oscillator and Biasing. OUT is internally matched to 50Ω.1 1 OFFSET FREQUENCY (MHz) -2 Δ = 30dBc Δ = 48dBc OUTPUT POWER (dBm) -3 -4 -5 10 -40 -20 0 20 40 60 80 ƒO 2ƒO FREQUENCY 3ƒO TEMPERATURE (°C) OSCILLATOR TURN-ON TIME MAX2750/51/52 toc10 OSCILLATOR TURN-OFF TIME -10 -20 OUTPUT POWER (dBm) -30 -40 -50 -60 -70 -80 -90 -100 4μs MAX2750/51/52 toc11 0 -10 -20 OUTPUT POWER (dBm) -30 -40 -50 -60 -70 -80 -90 -100 0 2 4 6 8 8μs 0 10 12 14 16 18 20 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 TIME (μs) TIME (μs) Pin Description PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NAME BYP TUNE GND SHDN VCC1 VCC2 OUT GND FUNCTION VCO Bypass.4V (high frequency).4V (low frequency) to +2.) PHASE NOISE MAX2750/51/52 toc07 MAX2751 OUTPUT POWER vs. Bypass with a 0. Buffered Oscillator Output.0V.4V to +2. unless otherwise noted.0µA. Bias and Oscillator DC Supply Voltage Connection.

etc. Thermal reliefs on GND pads are not recommended.1μF MAX2750 MAX2751 MAX2752 GND FROM SYNTHESIZER LOOP FILTER TUNE OSCILLATOR CORE OUT OUT TO MIXER/ SYNTHESIZER 220pF VCC1 GND VCC SHDN SHDN BIAS VCC2 220pF Figure 1. In addition. coplanar waveguide. Any excess noise on the tuning input is directly translated into FM noise.2.) for high-frequency signals. The amplifier is internally matched to 50Ω including an on-chip DC blocking capacitor. it may be necessary to add additional decoupling capacitors located further from the device. Typical Application Circuit Detailed Description Oscillator The MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 VCOs are implemented as an LC oscillator topology. it is important to minimize the noise introduced on the tuning input. Layout Issues Always use controlled impedance lines (microstrip. Therefore. The frequency is controlled by a voltage applied to the TUNE pin. No external DC blocking capacitor is required. Always place decoupling capacitors as close to the VCC pins as possible. integrating all of the tank components on-chip. The output amplifier has its own VCC and GND pins to minimize load-pulling effects. The loop filter provides an appropriately low-impedance source.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 BYP 0. Output Buffer The oscillator signal from the core drives an output buffer amplifier. for long VCC lines. there is a buffer amplifier following the oscillator core to provide added isolation from load variations and to boost the output power. eliminating the need for any external components. 5 . The input may incorporate an extra RC filter stage to reduce high-frequency noise and spurious signals. and keep GND vias as close to the device as possible. which can degrade the phase-noise performance of the oscillator. Applications Information Tune Input The tuning input is typically connected to the output of the PLL loop filter. The amplifier boosts the oscillator signal to a level suitable for driving most RF mixers. Always provide a low-inductance path to ground. The VCO core uses a differential topology to provide a stable frequency versus supply voltage and improve the immunity to load variations. equivalent to a VCO module. This fully monolithic approach provides an extremely easy-to-use VCO. which is internally connected to the varactor. A simple RC filter with low corner frequency is needed during testing in order to filter the noise present on the voltage source driving the tuning line.

maxim-ic. “#”. 21-0036 LAND PATTERN NO. 90-0092 TUNE 2 GND 3 MAX2750 MAX2751 MAX2752 7 6 5 SHDN 4 μMAX 6 . Note that a “+”.com/packages.2. or “-” in the package code indicates RoHS status only. go to www. but the drawing pertains to the package regardless of RoHS status. Package drawings may show a different suffix character.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 Pin Configuration PROCESS: BiPOLAR TOP VIEW BYP 1 8 GND OUT VCC2 VCC1 Chip Information Package Information For the latest package outline information and land patterns (footprints). PACKAGE TYPE 8 µMAX PACKAGE CODE U8+1 OUTLINE NO.

4 MAX2750/MAX2751/MAX2752 Maxim cannot assume responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in a Maxim product. added Absolute Maximum Ratings information. 160 Rio Robles. Maxim Integrated Products.4GHz Monolithic Voltage-Controlled Oscillators Revision History REVISION NUMBER 0 1 REVISION DATE 10/00 5/12 Initial release Added information for lead-free compliant options. No circuit patent licenses are implied.2. The parametric values (min and max limits) shown in the Electrical. 2. Characteristics table are guaranteed. . Other parametric values quoted in this data sheet are provided for guidance. Inc. CA 95134 USA 1-408-601-1000 _____________________ 7 © 2012 Maxim Integrated Products Maxim is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products. San Jose. updated TOC 11 DESCRIPTION PAGES CHANGED — 1. Maxim reserves the right to change the circuitry and specifications without notice at any time.