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June 28-29, 2013 Oxnard, California

This is a must-attend event for men. and other relevant areas of a man’s life.Leadership Tools . love. located at 1251 N.00 exhibit rental fee covers both days.Fresh Material for Discipleship .Resources for Personal Growth . 2013. June 28th and will end Saturday. The Summit will begin Friday night. praise and worship services. If you have any questions. etc) . for complete details on rental space. June 28-29. The $300. We are certain that you will want to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to market your business and we look forward to your participation in the Teleios Men’s Mega Summit 2013. Pronounced “TEL-e-os.Businessmen .0333. Full payment is required for processing of your application. as well as the enclosed application and fact sheet. two (2) chairs and signage with your imprinted company name. and dynamic ministry presentations will take place. Financial Services. Reserve your space today for this extraordinary marketing experience! Please see the attached documents. marriage. finished and perfect. Thank you for taking the time to review the enclosed information.Young Adults . CA 93030.Pastors . This Summit serves as an excellent opportunity for you to market your products and/or services to several hundred attendees from the Southern California region. Rice Ave. please call Kingdom Global Ministries directly at 817. emotional pain from father-wounds.e. lifechanging messages of encouragement.Worship Materials . DVD’s . the summit invites all men to participate in both a relational and instructional setting where example and truth will be given of what it means to be a Teleios man. The Teleios Men’s Mega Summit is designed for men to experience healing and take personal responsibility in areas such as.” and meaning complete. CD’s.Counseling and Related Topics . Oxnard. June 29th. physical body.Local Services (i.Mentors What They Look For: . Our Audience is Comprised of Men Who Are: . in the auditorium of New Life Community Church. emotional and spiritual growth. Clothing.Church Attendees .Welcome Dear Prospective Exhibitor: Larry Titus and Steve Abraham are partnering and co-hosting The Teleios Men’s Mega Summit.251. It includes a 6 foot draped table.Worship Leaders .Men’s Ministry Leaders .Professionals . healing.Books.Fathers .

Rice Ave – Oxnard. Dr. Meaningful Worship. Ted Bull. you'll find the casual. Location New Life Community Church 1251 N. and others. Oxnard is a welcomed retreat any time of year. Home to the California Strawberry Festival. and saxophonist Charles Walker will lead special ministry presentations. CA – 93030 – Phone: 805-983-1890 Just sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles. Rapper Kenneth Walsh. Phil Allen. and Special Presentations: The speakers will include Larry Titus. seaside city of Oxnard where oceanfront recreation.Dynamic Speakers. and neighbor to the breathtaking Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. Kenneth Ulmer. Fernando Alvarez and Charles Humphries will minister the praise and worship. fabulous festivals. Devi Titus. . sweet strawberries. exceptional weather and miles of un-crowded beaches await your discovery. Chris Baer.

if the information is completed correctly.Exhibits are open & event check-in opens 7:00 PM .6:00 PM .Breakdown and move-out Shipping & Receiving All vendors who would like to ship their materials to the event venue. June 17thThursday. June 20th. after the event is over. Rice Ave Oxnard.Event Schedule Friday.9:00 PM . June 13th. June 10th . included in registration fee) 1:00 PM .Thursday. The church staff will schedule a FEDEX.5:00 PM .9:00 AM . DHL pick-up for you. To ship your packages back. 2013 8:00 AM . please be sure all of your packages are sealed and labeled with proper prepaid carrier fees. 2013 12:00 PM-3:00 PM . June 29.Exhibits are open Saturday.Worship & Session I 9:00 PM-10:00 PM .Exhibits move-in and set-up 5:30 PM .Exhibits are open 6:00 PM .7:00 PM . CA – 93030 HOLD FOR ARRIVAL: m/d/y • New Life Community Church does not receive packages on Fridays. prior to arrival.Worship & Session III 5:00 PM .Exhibits are open & event check-in opens 9:00 AM-12:00 PM . or include your billing account information on the label. Please be sure to schedule your delivery date between Monday. June 28.Exhibits are open & lunch (Provided onsite. or Monday. • . UPS or. may do so using the following instructions: Please use this label to mail all packages to: New Life Community Church Name of person to receive package Teleios Men’s Mega Summit 2013 Exhibitor: ______________ 1251 N.Worship and Session II 12:00 PM-1:00 PM .

(1) black tablecloth. setup. Exhibitors are NOT allowed to break down equipment until the end of the conference. 2) Shipping. moving. and breakdown. 7) Exhibitors are NOT allowed to share booth space without the expressed prior authorization of the Teleios Men’s Mega Summit Committee. or refuse. storage.Exhibit Application General Information Organization: Contact Name: Last First Title Suite/Unit # State ZIP Code Address: Street Address City Phone & Extension: Website: Nature of Organization ( ) Fax Number: E-mail Address: Types of Products: ( ) Terms & Conditions 1) Exhibit Design and Inclusions: (1) 6’x30” rectangular table. NO EXCEPTIONS. 9) Unauthorized exhibitors are NOT permitted to participate in any way in the conference. and Storage: Each organization shall be responsible for their own shipping of materials. 3) Your exhibit must be occupied by at least one member of your group or organization during the hours of operation listed on the final page of this Exhibit Package. 5) The area surrounding each vendor’s assigned space must be kept clean. free of any obstructions. Moving. Authorized vendors are encouraged to report any unauthorized activity. (1) wastebasket. 4) All exhibits must adhere to the exhibit hours. (2) chairs. . 8) Exhibitors are encouraged to exhibit their products and services in a professional manner. Standard electrical wall outlet and wireless Internet is provided at no charge. garbage. 6) All exhibits MUST fit into their assigned space.

Additional exhibit booth staff must register and pay for event admission online at www.___ ___ ___ ___ .___ ___ ___ ___ . TX 76051 We.tmms2013. All exhibit space payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. the above signed company. Exhibit Booth Price The Teleios Men’s Mega Summit (June Payment Method Credit Card (Please select from the following) ☐ MasterCard ☐ Visa ☐ American Express Credit Card Number: ___ ___ ___ ___ . Kingdom Global Ministries will no longer accept applications for prospective exhibitors. 2013): $300 – Includes (1) event admission. have read and agree to the contract. terms and conditions. 2013. (Make checks payable to Kingdom Global Ministries) Please mail all checks to: Kingdom Global Ministries Att: Felipe Hasegawa 2250 Pool Road Suite 200 Grapevine. if exhibit booths sell out prior to the deadline.___ ___ ___ ___ Name of Credit Card: __________________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____/_____ CVC: ______________ ☐ Check Enclosed.10) Applications will be reviewed and approved for participation in the Teleios Men’s Mega Summit 2013 by the Conference Committee. Sign Here: _______________________________ Date: ____________________________ . The deadline for application submission is June 1. However.