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“Immunocal does more than simply

maintain a strong immune system - Optimizing

It has other functions that are
particularly important to the aging
process and cancer-related weight
—Dr. Wulf Dröge, Senior Vice President,
Research & Development, Immunotec

The solution to a healthier, longer life is

giving your body what it needs to function
optimally. Immunocal® and Immunocal
Platinum® provide your body with the
building blocks needed to optimize your
glutathione level and enhance your immune
system. Equip yourself with an effective
defense against disease, environmental
challenges and the effects of aging.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products
are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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Get the Glutathione Advantage with
Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum
Immunocal is the culmination of more than 30 years of research done in
conjunction with some of the leading North American universities and
hospitals, including McGill University and its teaching hospital, the Montreal
General Hospital.

Immunocal has been clinically proven to help support healthy glutathione

levels in the body and is an important element in the process of eliminating
toxins and pollutants. Known as the “master antioxidant”, glutathione is the
most essential antioxidant known. You cannot “get” glutathione from a fruit,
vegetable or pill, it is made by your body.

“Without glutathione, our immune system could not function. As glutathione

levels drop, our ability to fight off disease also declines.” Dr. Gustavo Bounous

Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are the LEADING dietary supplements,

PATENTED and scientifically PROVEN to consistently raise glutathione levels
and enhance the human immune system.

Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum are essentially food for your immune

Glutathione is the Key

Immunocal is a specially formulated protein supplement designed to deliver
the cysteine amino acid to the cells. Cysteine is a natural precursor for the
production of glutathione in the human body. Glutathione is the key to a
strong immune system. Scientists and clinicians have known for years that
increased levels of glutathione lead to a healthy immune system. The
question was could it be accomplished in a safe and natural way that did
not cause side effects over the long term. Immunocal represents a safe
and effective way to increase and sustain glutathione over the long term.
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Experience the Benefits of Immunocal
There are many documented benefits to adding this all-important supplement
to your nutrition regimen. Optimizing glutathione levels benefits everyone,
from children to those in their golden years, from the infirm to elite athletes,
we all can improve our quality of life.

You want to add Immunocal to your diet to:

• Optimize your immune system’s performance
• Maximize the function of antioxidants in your body
• Support your body’s ability to detoxify at the cellular level
• Help to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat
• Increase your energy levels to accomplish more during your day
• Increase your physical strength and endurance as it relates to
recreational and/or competitive sports as well as day-to-day activities

Immunocal Goes Platinum

Immunocal Platinum provides all the benefits of Immunocal, plus it helps to
naturally lower inflammation, promote a healthy pH balance by reducing
acidity and support bone health by preventing calcium loss.

You will want to add Immunocal Platinum to your diet to:

• Support healthy pH balance
• Maintain normal-range blood sugar and lean body mass
• Supplement protein in healthy doses
• Promote good bone health
• Replace what you lose by engaging in strenuous exercise
• Establish lifelong good health and well-being
• Maintain proper muscular function

I had the dream to climb Mount Everest. In spring 2000, I went on Everest, but
didn’t make it to the top. In spring 2005, I went back with Immunocal in my
bag and this time I made it to the top. By taking Immunocal, my training
improved. The recovery period was much faster, and also the immune system
was much stronger. When I’m on the mountain, the immune system is
challenged every day, and it gets weaker and weaker. By having Immunocal,
my immune system can stay stronger every day so I can climb every day. I was

really proud to plant that Immunocal flag on the top of Mount Everest because
it really helped me get there.
—Gabriel Filippi, Silver Distributor, Montreal, Quebec*

4 *The Distributors giving product or business testimonials reflect the actual experience of each individual only.
Bridging the Gap Between
Science and Nature
Immunocal, a totally natural supplement, has been through over 30 years of
rigorous research and scientific scrutiny and has been awarded numerous
international patents. Immunocal studies have been published over 30 times
in medical journals and additional research is currently in progress.

Immunocal has an impressive list of credentials which include:

• Recommended for immune system support in the Physician’s
Desk Reference and listed in the Pharmacist’s Red Book.
• Approved for Medicare and Medicaid coverage in certain states.
• Recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as GRAS
(generally recognized as safe).
• Approved for safety, quality and efficacy standards by Health Canada.
• Granted a Canadian Natural Product Number (NPN) for
Principal Researchers
supporting immune function. Dr. Gustavo Bounous, MD—Director, Research & Development
• Proven to maintain muscular performance.
Dr. Gustavo Bounous’ distinguished career in medical research began as a
• Certified free of prohibited substances in 2007 by’s
research fellow in surgery at the Indiana Medical Center, Indianapolis. He
Athletic Banned Substance Screening Program.
later moved to Canada and began an academic career that led him to
become Professor of Surgery, first at University of Sherbrooke and then at
Immunotec is a company dedicated to providing nutritional solutions to
McGill University. Dr. Bounous has received numerous medical awards and
support health and immune function. Immunotec’s research team includes
citations. His research led to the discovery of undenatured serum milk
some of the leading scientists in the fields of natural supplements,
concentrate that sustains normal glutathione levels and promotes
immunology and aging.
immuno-enhancing and anticarcinogenic activity. Subsequent identification
of the active ingredients present in this concentrate led to the development
of Immunocal.

Dr. Wulf Dröge—Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Dr. Wulf Dröge has more than 40 years of active experience in basic and
clinical research. He has worked in such prestigious institutions as the Max
Planck Institute of Immunology, the University of Minnesota, Harvard
University, the Basel Institute for Immunology, the University of Heidelberg
and the National Cancer Center of Germany. Dr. Dröge has published more
than 250 articles in international scientific journals. He is actively engaged
in the design of clinical studies and organizes research activities in
cooperation with colleagues at McGill University and other leading scientific
institutions. He continues to write articles in the field of redox physiology,
cancer and aging research and teaches at McGill University. His research
has been focused on the areas of redox regulation and signaling pathways,
pathogenesis of HIV infection, the mechanisms of disease-related wasting
and aging, and the action of tumor necrosis factor. He is a part of a leading
team that has enriched the industry standard in nutritional supplements and
continues to develop safe, effective and novel products for Immunotec.

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