# English Exercise # Group : ~ Anastasia Evira ~ Anna Marthea ~ Elsera Selila # Rombel : XI IA 3

1.Jack and the Beanstalk
There was once upon a time poor widow who had an only son named Jack. They were so poor that they didn’t have anything, except a cow. When the cow had grown too old, his mother sent Jack to sell it. On the way to the market, Jack met a butcher who had some beautiful beans in his hand. The butcher told the boy that the beans were of great value and persuaded the silly lad to sell the cow for the beans. Jack brought them home happily. When he told his mother about this, his mother became so angry that she threw the beans out of the window and sent jack to bed with no dinner. The morning after, when he stepped outside, jack saw an amazing sight. A gigantic beanstalk, reaching far into the clouds, had grown overnight. Being very curious, the boy climbed. . .and climbed till at last he reached the sky. Looking around, he saw a very huge castle. He was very amazed. Suddenly a handsome young man came to him and said,” Jack, see this castle. In the castle, there were a cruel giant with his wife who once stole your father’s possessions. God has planned to end their life through you because they are so cruel. Now, you task is to take your father’s treasure from them. Use them to help other people.” Before jack couldn’t say anything, the young man disappeared. As Jack drew near to the castle, he saw the giant’s wife standing at the door. He greeted her and asked for something to eat and drink because he felt very hungry. The giantees grumbled at first, but finally she gave Jack a good breakfast.

Jack hadn’t finished eating when he felt the house trembling. “ Oh no! My husband has come!” cried the giantees. “ What on earth shall I do?” Hastily the giantees opened a very big cupboard and hid Jack there. At that time he heard a heavy tramp on the stairs, and a voice like thunder cried out . . . . “ Fee, fi, fo, fum! I smell the breath of a human. Let me have him for breakfast. Hhmmmm, it will be a good one.” Jack was so frightened that he began trembling. “ My dear,” replied the woman, “ it is only the smell of a nice fresh elephant steak that I have cooked for you. “ And she fixed the food for him. After eating, the giant opened a big chest and took out a couple bags of gold. And sat down to count. The, he asked his wife to bring it, and the giant said, “ Lay,” and it laid golden eggs. Soon he giant snored till the house shook. Carefully jack opened the cupboard and crept out. He took one of the bags of gold and caught hold of the golden hen. Unfortunately, the hen gave a cackle which woke the giant. However, before he was quiet awake, Jack has escaped from the castle. He rushed off to the beanstalk and climbed down like there was a house of fire. They life happily with the bag of gold and the golden hen. Not long after that, Jack’s mother was sick. Many doctors tried to cure her, but none of them succeeded. The woman was sad, ate less and showed no interest in life although she and her son were wealthy. Jack was so confused what to do. He loved his mother very much. Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. “ Maybe there is something in the castle that can cure my mom, “ he thought. So one fine morning he rose up early, and got onto the beanstalk, climbed, and climbed till he got to the top. But this time, he hid himself in a bush in the castle’s garden. When he came approaching, he heard the giant call out, “ Darling, bring me golden harp.” So the giantees brought it and put it on the table before

him. Then, he said, “ Sing!” and the golden harp sang most beautifully. And it went on singing till the giant fell asleep, snoring like thunder. The, Jack quickly climbed on the table and ran away with the harp in his hand, but the harp called out, “ Master! Master! “ The giant woke up suddenly, didn’t know what had just happened. But then he realized it and began chasing Jack. The boy fled like lightning with the harp and finally arrived at the top of the beanstalk. He began to descend as quickly as possible. When Jack got down to earth, he called his mother, “ Look what I’ve brought to you!” The harp began to play an enchanting melody and his mother smiled happily. But up there in the clouds, the giant who lost Jack’s track heard the harp’s song. Jack soon realized with terror that the thick beanstalk was shaking under a very heavy weight. The giant was coming down to the earth. Without waiting Jack took an axe and chopped the beanstalk many times. As a result, the giant and the plant crashed to the ground wit a very loud noise. The crash instantly killed the giant. Jack and his mother embraced each other, felt happy because of what had happened. Since then, they lived happily and wealthily. They were also kind and generous toward other people.


Beuaty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there was a prince. He lived in a castle in France. One day a woman came to his castle. She was old and so ugly. The prince didn’t like her and sent her away. After the prince sent the woman away, she turned into a beautiful fairy. She cursed the prince and his castle. The prince became a beast. He was very ugly now. All his servants became furniture. The prince could be a human again if a woman fell in love with him. Meanwhile, on the other side of a mountain, there lived a girl. Her name was Belle. She lived with her father, Maurice. One day, Maurice

traveled past the castle. It was raining very hard, so he came into the castle. When the Beast saw him, he captured him. Belle was so worried because her father didn’t come back. She began to look for him. She arrived in the castle and she found her father there. Belle agreed to stay in the castle so that her father could go home. First, Belle didn’t like the Beast because he was mean. Then, slowly he changed. He was not mean anymore. Belle began to like him and finally she fell in love with him. Right after she declared her love to the Beast, the spell was broken. The Beast and his servants became human again. The Beast and Belle got married. They lived happily ever after.

3. The Story of Timun Mas
Long-long time ago, there was a farmer couple. They lived in a village near a forest. They lived happily. Unfortunately, they hadn’t had any children yet. Every day they prayed to God for a child. One day, a Giant passed their home. He heard what they were praying. Then, the Giant gave them a cucumber seed. “ Plant this seed, then you’ll get a daughter,” said the Giant. “ Thank you, Giant, “ said couple. “ But with one condition, on her 17th birthday, you must give her to me, “ said the Giant. The couple wanted a child so much that they agreed without thinking first. Then the couple planted the cucumber seed. Each day they took care of the growing plant so carefully. Months later, a golden cucumber grew from the plant. The cucumber was getting heavier and bigger each day. When it was ripe, they picked it. Carefully they cut out the cucumber. How surprised they were when they found a beautiful baby inside. They were so happy. They named the baby Timun Mas, or Golden Cucumber. Years passed by and Timun Mas grew into a beautiful girl. Her parents were very proud of her. But their happiness turned to fear when her 17th birthday came. The Giant returned to ask for their promise. He was going to take Timun Mas away. The farmer tried to be calm. “ Just a moment, please. Timun Mas is playing somewhere. My wife will call her,”

he said. In short, the mother met Timun Mas. She told her to run away from the Giant. “ My child, take this. “ she gave Timun Mas a little bag. “This will help you escape from the Giant. Now, run as fast as you can, “ she ordered. So, Timun Mas ran away. The couple were very sad about her leaving. But they didn’t want the Giant to eat Timun Mas. Meanwhile, the Giant had been waiting for too long. He became impatient. Somehow, he knew that the couple had lied to him. So he destroyed their house and ran after Timun Mas. The Giant was chasing Timun Mas and he was getting closer and closer. Timun Mas then took a handful of salt from her little bag. She spread out the salt behind her. Suddenly a wide sea stretched between them. The Giant had to swim to reach her. Timun Mas was still running, but now the Giant almost caught her. Then, she took some chilies and threw them to the Giant. The chilies suddenly grew into some trees and trapped the Giant. The trees grew some thorns as sharp as a knife. The Giant screamed painfully. In the mean time, Timun Mas could escape again. But the Giant was very strong. Again he almost caught Timun Mas. So Timun Mas took the third magic stuff, the cucumber seeds. She threw the seeds and suddenly they became a wide cucumber field. The Giant was very tired and hungry so he ate those fresh cucumbers. He ate too much that made him sleepy. Then he fell asleep. Timun Mas kept on running as fast as she could. But soon she was very tired. To make things worse, the Giant had woken up! Timun Mas was so scared. Desperately she then threw her last weapon, terasi ( a kind of shrimp pasta ). It did a miracle again. The pasta became a big swamp. The Giant fell into it, but his hands almost reached Timun Mas. Suddenly the lake pulled him to the bottom. The Giant panicked. At last, he was drowned. Timun Mas very relieved. She was safe now. Then she returned to her parent’s house. Her parents were of course very happy to see their daughter safe. “ Thank God. You have saved my daughter, “ they cried happily. From then on, Timun Mas lived with her parents happily.

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