Wlltshlre & Swlndon

MAPPA Annual Report
Foreword 4
Introduct|on 5
by Oh|ef Offcers of Respons|b|e Author|ty

W||tsh|re And Sw|ndon MAPPA 6

Key Ach|evements 6
How The MAPPA Operate Loca||y 7
Wh|ch organ|sat|ons are |nvo|ved? 7
What |s MAPPA? 8
What does MAPPA seek to do? 8
What doesn`t MAPPA do? 8
How does |t work? 8

How |s |t work|ng? 9
What act|ons are undertaken? 9

Case Examp|es 10
Agenc|es Contr|but|ons to MAPPA and R|sk Management 13
MAPPA Leve| 2 Meet|ng 14
What part|c|pants say |t means to them
Stat|st|cs For W||tsh|re And Sw|ndon MAPPA 16
Strateg|c Management Board 21
Look|ng Ahead for 2006 and Onwards 22
Contact po|nts 23
Append|x 1 24
MAPPA - The F|rst F|ve Years:
A Nat|ona| Overv|ew of the Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements 2001 - 2006
Append|x 2 35
W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon MAPPA Bus|ness P|an for 2006-2009
Mak|ng our commun|t|es safer and reduc|ng re-offend|ng |s our h|ghest pr|or|ty and one of our
b|ggest cha||enges. That |s why the work undertaken through these mu|t|-agency pub||c protect|on
arrangements |MAPPAì |s so |mportant. The superv|s|on and management of sexua| and v|o|ent
offenders who pose the h|ghest r|sk of ser|ous harm, whether |n the commun|ty or |n custody, |s
comp|ex and cha||eng|ng; and |s an aspect of pub||c serv|ce where the pub||c r|ght|y expects a||
reasonab|e act|on to be taken.
A|though we have made s|gn|fcant progress |n the |ast fve years w|th the deve|opment of MAPPA
across Eng|and and Wa|es, the rev|ew th|s year of a number of trag|c |nc|dents where peop|e have
been murdered or ser|ous|y |njured rem|nded us of the |mportance of rev|ew|ng performance,
|mprov|ng pract|ce and |earn|ng |essons. lt |s v|ta| that these tasks are undertaken by the probat|on,
po||ce and pr|son serv|ces, as we|| as by those other agenc|es that contr|bute to the assessment and
management of offenders. The pub||cat|on of MAPPA Bus|ness P|ans by each Area |n th|s year`s
annua| reports offers a he|pfu| and necessary programme of |oca| deve|opment and rev|ew and must
|ead to enhanced pract|ce. lt w||| be essent|a| that th|s progress |s transparent and shared w|th |oca|
ln add|t|on to th|s, however, |t |s |mportant that no opportun|ty |s m|ssed to cons|der other measures
that w||| further enhance pub||c safety. That |s why we are undertak|ng the Oh||d Sex Offender Rev|ew,
to |ook at how a part|cu|ar group of offenders, who provoke anx|ety for many, are best managed |n
the commun|ty. The rev|ew |s consu|t|ng a w|de range of pract|t|oners and key stakeho|ders |nc|ud|ng
the MAPPA |ay adv|sers, and w||| report around the end of the year.
F|na||y, |n commend|ng th|s report to you, l want to take the opportun|ty to thank a|| those |nvo|ved
|oca||y |n work|ng w|th sexua| and v|o|ent offenders, or |n ensur|ng that these arrangements are ft for
purpose. Where MAPPA |s work|ng we|| |t |s based on ma|nta|n|ng h|gh profess|ona| standards and
effect|ve mu|t|-agency co||aborat|on |n the de||very of robust r|sk management p|ans. Wh||e |t |s not
poss|b|e to e||m|nate r|sk ent|re|y, where a|| reasonab|e act|on |s taken the r|sk of further ser|ous harm
can be reduced to a m|n|mum and fewer v|ct|ms w||| be exposed to repeat offend|ng.
Gerry Sutc||ffe MP
Par||amentary Ünder Secretary of State
for Or|m|na| Just|ce and Offender Management
lntroduotlon by the Oh|ef Offcers of the Respons|b|e Author|ty
The past year has been a very cha||eng|ng one w|th s|gn|fcant pub||c and
po||t|ca| focus on manag|ng sex and dangerous offenders. Respons|b|e agenc|es
have cont|nued to work extreme|y we|| together to ensure that pub||c safety |s
paramount. Dur|ng the |ast year there have been no recorded ser|ous further
offences comm|tted by reg|stered sex offenders |n Sw|ndon and W||tsh|re and
th|s |s testament to the ded|cat|on and profess|ona||sm of a|| our co||eagues
work|ng w|th|n a robust MAPPA framework.
We are confdent that the process for the management of sex and dangerous
offenders |s |n accordance w|th pub||c expectat|on and we str|ve to |mprove the
serv|ce further to reassure peop|e that ||ve |n, work and v|s|t W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon
of our cont|nued comm|tment. Ündoubted|y we w||| face further cha||eng|ng
t|mes ahead but we are reso|ved to prov|de |eadersh|p and strateg|c d|rect|on
to ensure MAPPA rema|ns 'ft for purpose` and de||vers a serv|ce that reassures
the pub||c and |s cont|nuous|y |mprov|ng. We are a|so very p|eased w|th the
gu|dance that the new |ay Members have prov|ded and we |ook forward to
strengthen|ng st||| further the partnersh|p ||nks that make MAPPA |n Sw|ndon and
W||tsh|re so effect|ve.
Mart|n R|chards
Oh|ef Oonstab|e
W||tsh|re Po||ce
D|ana Fu|brook
Oh|ef Probat|on Offcer
W||tsh|re Probat|on
Doug Moon
HMP Er|estoke
Wlltshlre & Swlndon MAPPA
Key Ach|evements
Pub||c Protect|on
Dur|ng the year Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on
Arrangements |MAPPAì |n W||tsh|re has successfu||y
worked w|th |n excess of 700 cases |n the commun|ty, |n
pr|son and |n hosp|ta|s. There were no cases |nvo|v|ng |eve|
2 or 3 offenders |h|gher r|sk cases |n the systemì be|ng
conv|cted of further ser|ous offences dur|ng the per|od that
they were under MAPPA overs|ght.
The strength of the MAPPA system ||es |n good |nteragency
co-operat|on where agenc|es w|th somet|mes very d|fferent
a|ms, object|ves and work|ng pract|ces come together to
focus on the common asp|rat|on of protect|ng the commun|ty
from those who are ||ke|y to cause ser|ous harm.
Strateg|ca||y, the membersh|p of the Strateg|c Management
Board has been extended w|th re|evant Soc|a| |and|ords
s|gn|ng up to the MAPPA protoco|s.
Operat|ona||y, more agenc|es are now us|ng MAPPA. More
|nd|v|dua| pract|t|oners of var|ous d|sc|p||nes have been
tra|ned or br|efed on arrangements. Spec|a||st pract|t|oners
|n the Po||ce, Probat|on and the MAPPA co-ord|nator have
benefted from further deta||ed and |mportant tra|n|ng on r|sk
assessment and the management of sex offenders. Th|s
work |s be|ng taken forward w|th the start of the work of
the new Oh||d Exp|o|tat|on and On-||ne Protect|on |OEOPì
centre. Th|s has enab|ed more |nformed and targeted work
to be done w|th those who present the greatest r|sk to our
commun|ty. v|SOR, the new Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|son
Serv|ce database on v|o|ent and Sexua| Offenders, |s now
operat|ona| and prov|d|ng good |nte|||gence to manage
offenders safe|y |n the commun|ty. v|SOR a|so fac|||tates
the |dent|fcat|on of sex offenders commun|cat|ng w|th each
other across count|es and |s prov|d|ng |mmed|ate va|uab|e
|nformat|on for current |nvest|gat|ons.
Outcomes |n the work w|th offenders can be seen |n: h|gh
comp||ance rates w|th sex offender reg|strat|on; protect|ve
measures for the commun|ty through proh|b|t|on of act|v|t|es;
enforcement w|th arrest and re-|mpr|sonment for breaches
of cond|t|ons of ||cence; construct|ve management of
offenders through hous|ng |n su|tab|e prem|ses and
|nvo|vement |n programmes to reduce re-offend|ng through
better dec|s|on mak|ng. The expected r|se |n sex offender
reg|strat|ons and part|cu|ar h|gh prof|e v|o|ent offences
outs|de of W||tsh|re creates the context |n wh|ch we a||
||ve and work, however overa||, W||tsh|re rema|ns a re|at|ve|y
safe county w|th both |ow cr|me rates and good rates of
cr|me detect|on .
The prof|e of MAPPA of has been ra|sed nat|ona||y |n
a debate on the management of sex and dangerous
offenders. MAPPA needs to be effect|ve |n commun|cat|ng
how |t works to reduce the r|sk of further offend|ng |n the
W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon commun|ty. Wh||st any agency
cannot guarantee to remove a|| r|sks of re-offend|ng |n
|nd|v|dua| cases, c|oser and more focused attent|on to
the assessment of re|evant factors of r|sk, |ead|ng to the
|mp|ementat|on of c|earer |nteragency r|sk management
p|ans cont|nues to be a bas|s of work |n MAPPA and the
ev|dence shows that th|s approach |s pay|ng off.
Th|s year`s report deta||s the 5th year of operat|on of the Nat|ona| Mappa System |n W||tsh|re and covers the per|od from 1st
Apr|| 2005 to 31st March 2006. lt bu||ds on prev|ous reports, wh|ch are ava||ab|e a|ong w|th those of a|| the other MAPPA
areas on www.probation.homeoffce.gov.uk
How The MAPPA Operate Looally
Wh|ch organ|sat|ons are |nvo|ved?
The Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|son Serv|ces are the core or the ¯Respons|b|e Author|ty" for the MAPPA. On pract|ca| case
management they work w|th other agenc|es to share |nformat|on and assessments, dec|de on r|sk the |nd|v|dua|s pose, meet
to share p|ans and to rev|ew act|ons.
The partners |nvo|ved are ||sted be|ow:
W||tsh|re Constabu|ary
W||tsh|re Probat|on Area
HM Pr|son Serv|ce
W||tsh|re County Counc||: Dept for Ch||dren & Educat|on
W||tsh|re Pr|mary Care Trusts
Avon and W||tsh|re Partnersh|p Trust: Menta| Hea|th
Sw|ndon Borough Counc||: Hous|ng
Sw|ndon Borough Counc||: Ch||dren Serv|ces
Sw|ndon Borough Counc||: Soc|a| Care
Sw|ndon Borough Counc||: Educat|on
Sa||sbury D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
Kennet D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
West W||tsh|re D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
North W||tsh|re D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
Other Reg|stered Soc|a| Land|ords and Hous|ng Assoc|at|ons
W||tsh|re Youth Offend|ng Serv|ce
Sw|ndon Youth Offend|ng Serv|ce
How The MAPPA Operate Looally - Oont|nued
What |s MAPPA?
Each of the Po||ce and Probat|on areas now has Mu|t|
Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements |MAPPAì. These
are Mu|t|-Agency arrangements wh|ch enab|e |oca||y based
assessment, conferenc|ng and management of offenders
who have comm|tted dangerous, v|o|ent or sexua|
W|th|n W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon these arrangements have
been runn|ng s|nce the Sex Offences Act |1997ì requ|red
c|oser work|ng between the Or|m|na| Just|ce and Oourt
Serv|ces. The arrangements now operat|ng are based
on further deve|opments requ|red by the Or|m|na| Just|ce
Act 2003 and the Sexua| Offences Act |2003ì. These run
a|ongs|de the estab||shed arrangements for ch||dren and
vu|nerab|e adu|ts.
The emphas|s |n MAPPA |s to assess and manage the
offender to reduce the r|sk they present to the commun|ty
at |arge as we|| as |n some occas|ons, to known |nd|v|dua|s
or staff work|ng w|th them.
What does MAPPA seek to do?
ldent|fy v|o|ent and sexua| offenders |n the area.
Share |nformat|on w|th agenc|es dea||ng w|th offenders.
Assess the r|sk an |nd|v|dua| may present.
When needed, br|ng agenc|es together to manage r|sk
What doesn't MAPPA do?
MAPPA meet|ngs do not assume respons|b|||ty for a case.
MAPPA does not take respons|b|||ty for a case.
MAPPA does not requ|re agenc|es to work beyond the|r
ex|st|ng statutory dut|es.
How does |t work?
The MAPPA system co-ord|nates the management of Sex
Offenders and Dangerous Offenders. Oases meet|ng Sex
Offender Reg|strat|on cr|ter|a and those on superv|sed
re|ease from pr|son for v|o|ent offences are managed by
Pr|son Serv|ce, Po||ce, Probat|on and Youth Offend|ng
Serv|ce |YOSì w|th the |nvo|vement other agenc|es as
appropr|ate. Oentra| reg|sters of cases |n the system
enab|e track|ng of case deta||s. Dec|s|ons are made by
po||ce, probat|on and YOS consu|t|ng w|th other agenc|es
as to wh|ch |eve| a case needs to be managed to m|n|m|se
the r|sks.
The systems set up at the end of 2003/4 cont|nue to
operate a|though the proposed |ntroduct|on of new nat|ona|
Gu|de||nes and forms w||| requ|re these to be adapted |n the
near future. The MAPPA Oo-ord|nator and an Adm|n|strator
both work at the Po||ce HQ |n Dev|zes, together w|th
the Reg|strars for the v|o|ent and sexua| offenders. lt |s
a|med that |n ||ne w|th the mount|ng tota| of reg|stered sex
offenders the number of these posts w||| cont|nue to grow
over the next few years.
W|th the |ncreas|ng |nvo|vement of the Pr|son Serv|ce |n
the MAPPA process, part|c|pat|on from pr|son staff has
|ncreased w|th |nvo|vement |n cases progress|ng through
the pr|son system. W|der use |s now made of the MAPPA
system by a|| agenc|es and the re-|aunch of the system w|th
the updated gu|de||nes |n 2006 w||| be an opportun|ty for
future deve|opment |n ||ne w|th the 3-Year MAPPA Bus|ness
P|an |Append|x 2ì MAPPA |s c|ose|y ||nked w|th W||tsh|re &
Sw|ndon |SOB ||oca| Safeguard|ng Oh||dren Boardì and
the |OJB ||oca| Or|m|na| Just|ce Boardì.
How |s |t work|ng?
The MAPPA Oo-ord|nator based at the po||ce headquarters
has day to day operat|ona| respons|b|||ty for the MAPPA
system, w|th th|s pos|t|on be|ng a jo|nt appo|ntment between
the Respons|b|e Author|ty agenc|es. The co-ord|nator
cha|rs |oca| R|sk Management Meet|ngs, h|gher |eve|
Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Pane|s and the Pract|ce
and Procedures Subgroup. The Oo-ord|nator`s work has
|nc|uded aud|ts of cases and pract|ces and the ro|| out of
updated r|sk assessment and adm|n|strat|on systems.
Offenders are |dent|fed by the agenc|es work|ng |n the
system through the|r offend|ng whether dangerous, v|o|ent
or sexua| as we|| as through the|r behav|our. There |s an
effect|ve process for the referra| of cases, wh|ch enab|es
|nformat|on qu|ck|y to be gathered from other agenc|es and
a dec|s|on made on how to proceed. The probat|on serv|ce
|eads on v|o|ent offenders subject to probat|on superv|s|on
after re|ease from pr|son. ln other cases, |nc|ud|ng reg|stered
sex offenders and agency referra|s, the po||ce have the
|ead. Oases can be managed by s|ng|e agenc|es ||eve| 1ì,
through meet|ngs of pract|t|oners at ||eve| 2ì or of sen|or
staff at ||eve| 3ì as appropr|ate.
MAPPA |s supported by the Pub||c Protect|on Ün|t at
W||tsh|re Po||ce Headquarters, Dev|zes, and two Reg|strars
who are jo|nt|y funded by W||tsh|re Oonstabu|ary and
W||tsh|re Probat|on Area. They report:
'7|e oe.e|oomen| o/ a na||ona| sex ano oange|o0s o//enoe|
oa|aoase (v|5O|¹ |as |eo |o a mo|e o|oac||.e aoo|oac| |n
manag|ng ||g| ||s| o//enoe|s oo|| w||||n ||e comm0n||v
ano a c0s|oo|a| se|||ng. /s mo|e oa||ne|s||o agenc|es
oeg|n 0s|ng ||e svs|em ||e |0o||c ||o|ec||on Un|| s|o0|o
|a.e access |o an |nc|eas|ng|v como|e|ens|.e |ange o/
|n/o|ma||on ano |n|e|||gence w||c| w||| oe essen||a| |n ||e
||s| managemen| o|ocess. Fo| |ns|ance. /ccess |o o||son
|n|e|||gence |as a||eaov |es0||eo |n ||e |oen||/ca||on o/ a
ne|wo|| o/ co||esoono|ng sex o//enoe|s. ||a|son w||| ||e
aoo|oo||a|e oa||ne|s||o agenc|es |es0||eo |n ea||v |e|ease
oe|ng |e/0seo /o| ||e H|||s|||e o//enoe| ano a |e-aoo|a|sa|
o/ ||s ||s| |e.e|.°
Sex & Dangerous Offenders Reg|strars
What act|ons are undertaken?
The case examp|es be|ow |||ustrate the type of act|ons
taken |n rea| cases. The trend |dent|fed |n |ast year`s
report for the use of a w|de range of both construct|ve
and proh|b|tory act|ons has cont|nued. For |nstance,
W||tsh|re now has 41 peop|e subject to Sexua| Offences
Prevent|on Orders |SOPOsì. These orders spec|fy act|ons
that are proh|b|ted, even |f |n themse|ves they are not
a|ways cr|m|na| but re|ated to sex offend|ng. The use
of a protoco| for hous|ng offenders |n appropr|ate |oca|
author|ty ||nked accommodat|on checked by the Po||ce
has |ncreased, and cases are a|ways assessed to |dent|fy
r|sks, tr|ggers for r|sky behav|our and |dent|fy act|ons to
reduce r|sk and protect the pub||c.
Mr A aged 30.
Mr A is a single man living in a semi-rural area. He
commenced offending by indecent exposure, then progressed
to indecent assault and an attempted rape at which point he
was caught. He received 9 years imprisonment with a further
year extension to any post release licence, accordingly he
has lifetime Sex Offender Registration requirements. This
means that he will always be a MAPPA case.
Risk Assessment
Due to the nature and level of the risks presented Mr A was managed at Level ·
in MAPPA. He was identified as High Risk of sexual harm to women while a Medium Risk of
general (non-sexual) re-offending. His victims were contacted and his release discussed
with them. They had considerable fears of further victimisation and needed reassurance
that there was no indication that they were in reality at personal and specific risk.

Risk Management Plan
On release at end of the compulsory period of imprisonment of ¬ years, Mr A was
accommodated in a hostel with ?4 hour cover. He was subject to Electronic Monitoring
(tagging) from I0pm to Iam. He had frequent meetings for supervision with a Probation
Senior Practitioner. A condition of his licence was that he should attend a sex
offender treatment group designed to reduce his risk by improving his control over his
behaviour. He was subject to further psychological assessments, as well as having
his alcohol and drug use monitored. The Local Police monitored his activities outside
the hostel while feedback from Hostel staff to Police and Probation on behaviour was
regularly shared.

MR A initially complied with the licence. He attended the meetings and started the
course but found he could not cope with the restrictions, cut off his tag and tried to
flee the country. As he was being so closely monitored this was revealed immediately.
The hostel staff and Electronic Monitoring reported to the Probation Service, who
applied for immediate revocation of his licence. He was arrested on the same day a port
and recalled to prison ? hours after arrest. The Community had been protected both
during his release to a hostel and by high level of surveillance and prompt action by
Police, Probation and Passport Control when he tried to avoid his responsibilities. He
has been returned to prison for · more years.
Case Examples
Mr B aged 40.
Mr B is a single man who while living in Swindon befriended
a teenage girl under the age of I¬ when he was a lodger with
her family. He was convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse
with her for which he received 4 months imprisonment. This
short sentence does not attract any supervision by the
Probation Service or licence conditions such as to where he
can or cannot live. He was however subject to Sex Offender
Registration requirements for I years. On release Mr B moved
in with a new girlfriend who had teenage daughters. He
exhibited considerable paranoia shortly after.
Risk Assessment
Initially Mr B was assessed as a High Risk of sexual harm to the victim as he was
obsessive about her. He was also assessed as a High Risk of Harm to other teenage girls
in any household where he lived. He appeared to be a Low risk of general (non-sexual)
re-offending. The Police together with Social Services had spoken to the victim who was
clear that she did not want any further contact with the offender. It was evident that
Mr B had mental health problems which were exacerbated by drug use and that these were
likely to hamper his co-operation with the police

Risk Management Plan
Mr B¹s case was managed at Level ? in MAPPA. The Assistant Chief Constable gave
permission for full disclosure to his new girlfriend with regard to his previous sexual
offending. Mr B was offered help through involvement with Mental Health Services, and
advice and assistance with appropriate accommodation. The local Police monitored his
addresses and shared information with other agencies.

The disclosure of the sexual offences to the new girlfriend enabled her to make an
informed decision as to the risks in the relationship so that her children were
protected. The relationship with Mr B subsequently ended. Mr B was given advice
on housing. Suitable accommodation was found. The mental health intervention was
successful with considerable improvements in stability, attitude and co-operation.
All this allowed the risk levels to be reduced. While in the longer term Police
monitoring continues. The co-operation of the offender has now been secured and he is
much safer in the community as a result.
Case Examples
Mr c Aged 35.

Mr C is divorced man with a record of extreme violence
against his ex-wife and her family. He was sentenced to
I9 months custody which would give him a short time on
licence to the Probation Service. He planned to make a
fresh start in Wiltshire away from his home area and near
a new female friend.
Risk Assessment
He was assessed as a high risk of physical harm to those he was close
to and their friends and relatives, a medium risk of psychological harm to
children in households where he lived due to his behaviour and a medium risk of
conviction for other non-violent offending.

Risk Management Plan
This case was managed at Level ? within MAPPA. The police got permission for full
disclosure to his new girlfriend given the risk to her. The Probation Service gained a
condition on his licence to prohibit him from contacting his ex-partner. With advice
and support his girlfriend was able to make an informed judgement on what she could do.
Information was shared between with Children¹s Department¹s as to the risk to children
in alternative locations. The Local Authority Housing Department and Probation Service
sought alternative accommodation for Mr C both in Wiltshire and elsewhere.

Mr C¹s new girlfriend declined to accept disclosure of background information, she
didn¹t want to know what he had done in the past. The relationship later broke
down with the new girlfriend but there was no violence. Alternative accommodation
was offered in Wiltshire initially, before Mr C¹s wider family were contacted and
alternative accommodation found. After initial reluctance Mr C co-operated with his
licence and was able to work with the agencies concerned to reduce the risks to those
with whom he is currently in contact.
Case Examples
Agenoles Contrlbutlons to MAPPA and Rlsk Management
V|ct|m Support prov|de
||nks to v|ct|m work and
together w|th V|ct|m
L|ason prov|de a v|ct|m`s
vo|ce |n |nteragency work
w|th an offender.
Youth Offend|ng
Serv|ces work w|th
young offenders to break
patterns of offend|ng
before they become
|ngra|ned and offer
construct|ve a|ternat|ves.
Probat|on run
programmes to reduce
v|o|ence or contro| sexua|
|mpu|ses prompt|ng sexua|
offend|ng are features of
many offender`s orders or
Ch||dren's Serv|ces of
the |oca| author|ty work
c|ose|y w|th MAPPA on
cases where |dent|fed
ch||dren are at r|sk and
w||| |ntervene to protect
or share |nformat|on to
partners to a||ow them
to protect ch||dren.
Reg|stered Soc|a|
Land|ords prov|de
spec|a||st accomodat|on
for offenders as we||
as genera| accomodat|on
for |ower r|sk offenders
and v|ct|ms.
Loca| Author|ty
Hous|ng approves
hous|ng for offenders |n
s|tuat|ons wh|ch reduce
or a|d management of
|dent|fed r|sks. Re-house
v|ct|ms and prov|de safer
accomodat|on adv|ce.
Menta| Hea|th Serv|ces
can offer treatment to
ca|m, contro| |||ness or |n
some cases |dent|fy s|gns
of psych|atr|c breakdown
that other agenc|es can
Po||ce surve|||ance
can be a va|uab|e
too| |n check|ng an
offender`s act|v|ty,
who he assoc|ates w|th
and where he goes.
lt can prompt |mmed|ate
enforcement act|on.

l fnd MAPPA very useful for sharing and assessing
information, working cooperatively and support with
diffcult issues. l also think that explaining its involvement
to the serious offenders we work with, helps at least
some of them to a better appreciation of how much
concern there is about their behaviour. l remember pre
MAPPA days when l quite often felt that l was operating
on my own apart from other colleagues also working in
Probation. MAPPA has been a defnite improvement.

lt is a good resource for sharing information,
and is proactive in getting things done and not
simply a 'talking shop', particularly with housing
(example of a whole family being moved in the
interests of riskï. Having been other areas, the
MAPPA process is particularly effcient in Wiltshire,
and l know who to go to for advice and discussion.
it is also a particularly good example of an open
and inclusive forum, valuing contributions from

Having been a regular attendee at MAPPA,
l have witnessed a positive change in how
different agencies approach the MAPPA process.
Links have been forged and the MAPPA is a good
practice example of joint working and 'thinking
outside the box'. Respect and understanding
between agencies is evident and, as a
representative of the local housing authority,
l have been able to contribute in terms of housing
but also as a committed member of the panel.
MAPPA Level 2 Meetlng - What part|c|pants say |t means to them

vLO inclusion in the MAPPA meetings is extremely
important; it allows the victim's views and concerns
to be heard and taken into account in terms of
risk management, thus lessening the chances of
re-victimisation. The vLO will usually have had
the most recent contact with the victim and can
update and discuss current issues with the other
agencies involoved in MAPPA. The information
shared at meetings assists us to see the whole
picture regarding a case and can help to inform our
reports and assessments and formulate requests
for licence conditions, based on risk assessment
as well as victim concerns. ln addition to raising
specifc victim concerns and views, the vLO can
also contribute a general victim perspective to
the meeting, which must contribute to better risk
management of offenders.

l co-ordinate the discussion
so we are clear on who is
at risk to who and when.
We then identify what
all agencies can do to
minimise risk and protect
the community by working

l record the concerns of the
agency reps, and the actions
to protect the public. lt is a
very rewarding role and very
reassuring to observe the
agencies working together to
minimise the risks offenders
present to the public.

On the whole participating in MAPPA meetings has
improved the way agencies work together
and share information, and provided a unifed
way of dealing with offenders. lt provides links into
other organisations with whom we do not normally
work and gives us a clear view on how we can
effectively work with them on managing risk and
protecting the public.

Children services value the opportunity to be
part of MAPPA. Childrens services are able to
contribute their expertise around child protection
in the Risk Management Process. The LRMM
provides an important opportunity for agencies to
share their expertise, knowledge and resources
and for clear plans to be made to protect both
the public and individuals from harm. The plans
made frequently contribute to protecting individual
children from harm.

One of the greatest challenges facing Community
Forensic Psychiatry is striking the right balance
between our DUTYåOFåCAREåto the mentally
disordered offender whilst promoting PUBLICå
PROTECTION. Meeting the needs of our clients is
extremely challenging and complex and requires
the co-operation of many agencies.
We share responsibility for risk assessment,
management and evaluation of interventions.
Through MAPPA the levels of co-operation with
other agencies has greatly improved with less
exclusion, more access to services and their needs
are responded to more swiftly.
Statlstlos for Wlltshlre and Swlndon MAPPA -
Year 2005 - 2006 w|th compar|sons for 2001-2002, 2002-2003 and 2003-2004

2001-02 2002-03 2004-05 2005-06
D|fference D|fference
|n numbers %
Number of Reg|stered
185 255 266 316 + 50 + 19
Sex Offenders |RSOì
RSO per 100K for fu|| Sw|ndon
30 42 43 52 n/a + 20

and W||tsh|re MAPPA area
RSO conv|cted or caut|oned
5 13 11 12 +1 +1
for breaches of the requ|rement

2001-02 2002-03 2004-05 2005-06
D|fference D|fference
|n numbers %
Number of v|o|ent and
200 214 150 72 -78 -52
other Sex Offenders
Number of Other offenders
5 28 89 52 - 37 - 41
Stat|st|cs re|at|ng to Court Orders
2004-05 2005-06
|n numbers
Number of SOPOs app||ed for 16 11 -5
Number of |nter|m SOPOs 0 0 0
Number of SOPOs granted 15 11 -4
Number of Fore|gn Trave| Orders app||ed for 0 0 0
Number of Fore|gn Trave| Orders |mposed 0 0 0

Number of RSO by Po||ce Bas|c Command Un|t
Number Per 100K

¯A" D|v|s|on const|tuted by Kennet and Sa||sbury D|str|ct Oounc|| areas 76 189,000 40
¯O" D|v|s|on const|tuted by North and West W||tsh|re D|str|ct Oounc|| areas 126 243,000 52
¯D" D|v|s|on const|tuted by Sw|ndon Borough area 114 180,000 63
2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
|n numbers
Number of RSOs 36 9 3 5 +2
Number of v&OS 21 6 2 7 +5
Number of Other 28 5 1 0 -1
Leve| 3 MAPPP Offenders


0-06 0-0 0-0 02-0
Number of RSOs
Number of v&OS
Number of Other
2004-05 2005-06

Number of RSOs 36 51
Number of v&OS 33 35
Number of Other 20 52
Leve| 2 MAPPA Offenders
Statlstlos for Wlltshlre and Swlndon MAPPA - Oont|nued

2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

2004-05 2005-06

Oases returned to custody
9 1 1 0 11 1
for breach of ||cence
Returned to custody breach
1 1 0 0 1 0
Restra|n|ng Order/SOPO
Were charged w|th a ser|ous
1 0 0 0 1 0
sexua| or v|o|ent offence
Leve| 2 MAPPA Offenders Leve| 2
Outcome Measures of MAPPA Act|v|ty
Commentary on the stat|st|cs
Th|s sect|on conta|ns comments spec|fc to the stat|st|ca|
sect|on common to a|| area MAPPA Annua| Reports. lt |s
|mportant that these fgures are v|ewed |n the context of the
recorded cr|me fgures |n W||tsh|re for the per|od. Overa||
recorded cr|me rose by 5.3% There was a 10% r|se |n
reported Sexua| Offences, a 25% r|se |n v|o|ence aga|nst
the person 2004/5 and a 17% r|se |n robbery. Th|s |s
part|y attr|butab|e to |n|t|at|ves on a|coho| re|ated ant|-soc|a|
Detected cr|me, wh|ch br|ngs offenders |nto the MAPPA
system, rose more for v|o|ence aga|nst the person and
sexua| offences, 29% and 19% respect|ve|y. W||tsh|re has
one of the |owest numbers of reported cr|mes |n Eng|and
and Wa|es and now has the |owest number of v|o|ent cr|mes
per 1,000 popu|at|on |n our most s|m||ar Po||ce area group.
lt therefore |t cou|d be |nterpreted that W||tsh|re |s st||| one
of the safest count|es.
Category 1 MAPPA offenders:
Reg|stered Sex Offenders |RSOì
The Number of Reg|stered Sex Offenders RSOsj
||v|ng |n the commun|ty as at 31st March 2005.
Th|s number, as expected, cont|nues to r|se refect|ng
the cumu|at|ve effects of |nd|v|dua|s jo|n|ng the
system w|th |engthy reg|strat|on per|ods |nc|ud|ng ||fe
reg|strat|on. A|so pub||shed th|s year are the numbers
of reg|stered sex offenders by Po||ce Bas|c Oommand
Ün|t |BOÜì ln W||tsh|re the d|str|but|on refects both the
popu|at|ons of the BOÜs as we|| as accommodat|on
prov|s|on w|th ¯A" D|v|s|on cons|st|ng of Kennet and
Sa||sbury D|str|ct Oounc|| areas hav|ng a popu|at|on
of 189,000; ¯O" D|v|s|on cons|st|ng of North and West
W||tsh|re D|str|ct Oounc|| pop 243,000 and ¯D" D|v|s|on
cons|st|ng of Sw|ndon Borough Oounc|| area hav|ng
180,000 popu|at|on. |F|gures from 2001 census.ì
The number of RSOs per 100,000 head of
As expected th|s number has r|sen at approx|mate|y
the same percentage as |ast year and that for the
same reasons as above: th|s number w||| cont|nue to
r|se stead||y for 20 years. W||tsh|re`s overa|| fgures per
100,000 are c|ose to the Nat|ona| and reg|ona| fgures.
The number of aj Sexua| Offences Prevent|on
Orders SOPOsj app||ed for bj |nter|m SOPOs
granted and cj fu|| SOPOs |mposed by the
Over th|s year W||tsh|re cont|nues to make extens|ve
and appropr|ate use of the ava||ab|e Sex Offences
Prevent|on Orders w|th good co-operat|on between
the Orown Prosecut|on Serv|ce, Po||ce and Probat|on
Serv|ce |n |dent|fy|ng who shou|d be subject to such
orders, what to |nc|ude and ga|n|ng the orders |n
The number of aj Not|ñcat|on Orders app||ed for
bj |nter|m Not|ñcat|on Orders granted and cj fu||
Not|ñcat|on Orders |mposed by the courts
The number of Fore|gn Trave| Orders aj app||ed
for and bj |mposed by the courts
||ke other areas, W||tsh|re has not found |t necessary to
app|y for Not|fcat|on Orders for any offenders.
2. Category 2 MAPPA offenders:
v|o|ent offenders and Other Sexua|
Offenders |v&OSì
The number of v|o|ent and other sexua| offenders
as deñned by Sect|on 327 3j, 4j and 5j of the
Cr|m|na| Just|ce Act 2003j
Th|s number has fa||en as the adm|n|strat|on of
the MAPPA system |n W||tsh|re has enab|ed more
soph|st|cated record management system to both
remove |ower r|sk Oategory 2 cases at the po|nt of
||cence exp|ry and, where appropr|ate, to refer cases
to Oategory 3 where there |s a need for further mu|t|-
agency management.
3. Category 3 MAPPA offenders:
Other Offenders
The number of 'other offenders' as deñned by
Sect|on 325 2j bj of the Cr|m|na| Just|ce Act
More se|ect|ve use of the need for rev|ew meet|ngs
and weed|ng of case reduced to ord|nary |eve|s of r|sk
management have reduced the overa|| numbers |n th|s
category from |ast year. Th|s number of act|ve cases at
th|s |eve| cont|nues to |ncrease as more use |s made
of the system now ava||ab|e. lt |s ant|c|pated that th|s
number |s now reach|ng |ts max|mum at 52 cases
cons|dered at |eve| 2.
Statlstlos for Wlltshlre and Swlndon MAPPA - Oont|nued
4. Offenders managed though Leve| 3
|MAPPPì & Leve| 2 ||oca| |nter-agency
Number of MAPPA offenders |n each of the
three Categor|es has been managed through the
MAPPA |eve|s 2 & 3.
Th|s year has seen an |ncrease |n the use of |eve| 3
MAPPP a|be|t from a sma|| base fgure |n the prev|ous
year. The overa|| numbers of |eve| 3 cases |n W||tsh|re
|s sma|| so var|at|ons by percentages can appear
to exaggerate trends. There have been a few more
|nd|v|dua|s |dent|fed th|s |ast year who were cons|dered
a very h|gh r|sk pr|or to re|ease and were reg|stered w|th
the Pub||c Protect|on Oourts Ün|t to fac|||tate appropr|ate
accommodat|on on re|ease.
The number of |nd|v|dua|s managed at |eve| 2 over
the |ast year has substant|a||y |ncreased a|though the
overa|| number of meet|ngs at |eve| 2 has shown on|y
a sma|| |ncrease. The numbers of meet|ngs needed |n
order to assess, p|an and confrm management p|ans
on offenders has reduced, w|th a substant|a| number of
s|ng|e meet|ngs.
Of the cases managed at |eve|s 3 or 2 how many,
wh||st managed at that |eve|:
aj Were returned to custody for a breach of ||cence?
W||tsh|re Probat|on Area manages cases accord|ng to
Nat|ona| Standards as set out for the Nat|ona| Probat|on
Serv|ce and have returned offenders to custody for
breaches of ||cence before ser|ous re-offend|ng has
occurred. No |eve| 3 cases were returned wh||e 11
|eve| 2 cases were returned. These have |nc|uded cases
where offenders have removed e|ectron|c tags, fa||ed
to report as |nstructed or attempted to make contact
w|th peop|e they were proh|b|ted from contact|ng.
These cases show the extent of co||aborat|ve work w|th
Po||ce, E|ectron|c Mon|tor|ng prov|ders and Probat|on
bj Were returned to custody for a breach of a
restra|n|ng order or sexua| offences prevent|on order?
There rema|ns a good comp||ance rate for sex
offenders w|th|n W||tsh|re and th|s years fgures refect
th|s. These are act|ve|y managed and offenders are
aware of the ||ke||hood of return to court |f they breach
these orders.
cj Were charged w|th a ser|ous sexua| or v|o|ent
Dur|ng th|s year there have been no |eve| 2 or 3 cases
where an offender has been charged w|th one of the
spec|fed offences. As wou|d be ant|c|pated w|th the
numbers of cases w|th|n MAPPA some are ||ke|y to
re-offend a|though agenc|es have worked together
to m|n|m|se the r|sks presented. Some |ess ser|ous
offences have been comm|tted. Overa|| however |t |s
noteworthy that none of the cases at |eve| 2 and 3
have comm|tted any spec|fed ser|ous offences.
Strateglo Management Board
The Strateg|c Management Board |SMBì has cont|nued
to meet on a quarter|y bas|s current|y w|th the po||ce
cha|r|ng the meet|ngs under the agreed rota amongst
the respons|b|e author|t|es. The add|t|on of HM Pr|son
Serv|ce to the po||ce and probat|on serv|ces as the core
¯Respons|b|e Author|ty" has now been conso||dated
w|th representat|on at Governor |eve| on both regu|ar SMB
meet|ngs and a p|ann|ng day. Add|t|ona| members have
been brought |nto the SMB w|th W||tsh|re v|ct|m Support
now once aga|n represented and c|earer defned ||nks w|th
the educat|on serv|ces at SMB |eve|.
Lay Adv|sers
|ast year W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon MAPPA SMB recru|ted
two |ay members, they have cons|stent|y attended SMB
meet|ngs, ass|sted w|th aud|t and case ana|ys|s. They
have been fu|| and act|ve member of the SMB and the|r
presence |s apprec|ated as prov|d|ng an |nte|||gent and
usefu| |ndependent v|ew on the strateg|c operat|on of the
MAPPA system.
One of the |ay Adv|sers comments:
'|n ||e co0|se o/ ||e |as| vea| | |a.e a||enoeo |wo ||a|n|ng
wee|enos ano ||e /G/ |n |onoon a||. o/ w||c| we|e
o|gan|seo na||ona||v.

H||||n H|||s|||e | |a.e a||enoeo a|| ||e 5/S mee||ngs. one
|e.e| 3 case mee||ng. |wo |e.e| 2 case mee||ngs ano |a|en
oa|| |n a case |e.|ew a0o||.

/|| | |a.e seen |eaos me |o |||n| ||a| w||||n H|||s|||e //||/
|s wo|||ng as || s|o0|o.
7|e |eco|o o/ ||e o|//e|en| /genc|es a||eno|ng 5/S
mee||ngs |s gooo. ano mv |mo|ess|on |s ||a| ||e|e |s
gen0|ne ano w||||ng co-ooe|a||on oe|ween ||em.
|| |s gooo ||a| o0| Co-o|o|na|o| now |as a new oe|son
|e|o|ng ||m w||| ||e aom|n|s||a||on.

/v oa|||c0|a| conce|n |as oeen |o oe.e|oo a Comm0n|ca||ons
s||a|egv. o0| we |a.e |o awa|| na||ona| g0|oe||nes oe/o|e
we can oo |||s e//ec||.e|v. | 0noe|s|ano ||a| ||ese w||| oe
com|ng o0| s|o|||v.
|ay Adv|ser
Strateglo Management Board - Oont|nued
The funct|on of the SMB |s to prov|de |eadersh|p for
MAPPA, cons|der the strateg|c |ssues, deve|op and agree
|oca| po||c|es to enab|e the work to be undertaken and to
eva|uate performance. The who|e MAPPA process needs
to work w|th|n the Nat|ona| Gu|de||nes and to |earn from
nat|ona| deve|opments and |n|t|at|ves. The SMB and |ts
subgroup the Pract|ce and Procedures Group, undertake
th|s. Where any |eve| 2 or 3 MAPPA offender |s charged
w|th any ser|ous sexua| or v|o|ent offence, a ¯Ser|ous
Offence Oase Rev|ew" |s undertaken by them and |essons
commun|cated to |oca| agenc|es and profess|ona|s.
Strateg|c work over the |ast year has |nc|uded:
Exam|nat|on of the Jo|nt HM lnspectorate of Probat|on,
HM lnspectorate of Oonstabu|ary report ¯Manag|ng
Sex Offenders |n the Oommun|ty" and |dent|fcat|on
of strateg|c and pract|ce |ssues for |oca| MAPPA
Preparat|on of the 2006-9 Bus|ness p|an |Append|x 2ì
Pract|ca| work over the |ast year has |nc|uded:
Rev|ew of the proposed Nat|ona| forms for use w|th|n
Aud|t and Oase rev|ew |ook|ng at the use of r|sk
assessment too|s, qua||ty of r|sk assessments and
qua||ty of r|sk management p|ans.
Shar|ng of d|fferent agenc|es r|sk assessment systems
to fac|||tate appropr|ate referra| |nto MAPPA and
common understand|ng of r|sk.
Look|ng Ahead for 2007 and Onwards
At the t|me of the preparat|on of th|s report the prof|e of
the Or|m|na| Just|ce System, MAPPA and the protect|on of
the pub||c has been ra|sed nat|ona||y by |dent|fed fa|||ngs
|n part|cu|ar cases |nvo|v|ng sexua| and v|o|ent offenders,
dec|s|ons on the|r re|ease and management |n the
commun|ty. These |nc|uded prob|ems w|th both systems
structure and the|r operat|ons. W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon
MAPPA w||| |ncorporate any new pract|ce |nstruct|ons that
emerge from these cases and cons|der the need for other
2006 |s expected to see the deve|opment of new nat|ona|
gu|de||nes, performance standards, records and tra|n|ng
requ|rements wh|ch w||| |nvo|ve an effect|ve re-|aunch
of MAPPA for a|| assoc|ated agenc|es |nc|ud|ng both
Respons|b|e Author|ty and Duty to Oo-operate Agenc|es.
The Respons|b|e Author|ty Nat|ona| Steer|ng Group |RANSGì
has prescr|bed a format for the Bus|ness P|an 2006 - 9
|Append|x 2ì. Th|s forms a deta||ed p|an for act|on over the
com|ng years and w||| be rev|sed and updated |n ||ne w|th
otherdeve|opments |nc|ud|ng those |dent|fed |n the current
debates on better management of pub||c protect|on.
The next few years are set to be a t|me of cons|derab|e
change. The p|anned changes to the agenc|es const|tut|ng
the Respons|b|e Author|ty are substant|a| and w||| have
an |mpact on the organ|sat|on of MAPPA. Wh||e the
reg|ona||sat|on of Po||ce Oonstabu|ary has been she|ved the
|ntegrat|on of the Nat|ona| Probat|on Serv|ce w|th the Pr|son
Serv|ce w||| fundamenta||y affect the operat|on of these
agenc|es w|th |mp||cat|ons for MAPPA to be assessed and
managed by the SMB.
Sex Offenders
As |dent|fed |n prev|ous years the number of reg|stered sex
offenders |n a|| areas w||| cont|nue to r|se for the foreseeab|e
future to a nat|ona| fgures of 125000. lt |s very |mportant
to draw attent|on to the fact that th|s |s not a refect|on on
the r|sk to the pub||c or the work of |oca| agenc|es but |s
the pred|cted consequence of the 1997 and 2003 Acts
wh|ch g|ves ||fet|me reg|strat|on to sex offenders who are
sentenced to more than 30 months |n custody. ln W||tsh|re
the pract|ca| consequences of th|s w||| be act|ve|y managed
by staff who are tra|ned and supported to undertake the
V|o|ent Offenders
The management of v|o|ent offenders |n the commun|ty
has been the subject of some h|gh prof|e nat|ona| press
coverage. Th|s has h|gh||ghted the need for |mprovements
|n the r|sk management of v|o|ent of offenders cases. lt |s
ant|c|pated that there w||| be new |eg|s|at|on |nvo|v|ng the
superv|s|on of offenders by the Probat|on Serv|ce as we||
as new orders ava||ab|e through the courts to manage
offenders. These deve|opments are to be we|comed and
w||| be |ntegrated |nto the pract|ce of MAPPA over the
com|ng year.
Other Offenders
The |ncrease |n the number of meet|ngs on Oategory 3
cases |n MAPPA has been amongst two usua||y separate
groups of offenders: those w|th menta| hea|th or |earn|ng
d|ffcu|t|es and those |nvo|ved |n domest|c v|o|ence. These
cases are not |ega||y bound to be |n MAPPA but they can
be referred |nto the system because the agenc|es work|ng
w|th them recogn|se the va|ue and benefts of shar|ng
assessment, r|sk p|ann|ng and jo|nt act|ons. Over the next
year th|s aspect of the W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon MAPPA work
w||| be aud|ted to cons|der qua||ty of pract|ce, scope for
|mprovements and re-assess the potent|a| capac|ty |ssues.
The |ntegrat|on of the v|ct|m`s serv|ces w|th |oca| MAPPA
processes w||| cont|nue to be |mproved. The need to
adopt a v|ct|m perspect|ve |n a|| re|evant MAPPA work w|||
be further deve|oped a|ongs|de c|ose|y re|ated new v|ct|m-
focussed meet|ngs |n Domest|c v|o|ence cases. Where
these have been p||oted e|sewhere |n the country there
have been rea| reduct|ons |n repeat v|ct|m|sat|on and these
reduct|ons w||| be sought |n th|s area as we||.
Po||ce Ch|ef Constab|e
Po||ce Headquarters
|ondon Road, Dev|zes
W||tsh|re SN10 2DN
Probat|on Serv|ce Ch|ef Probat|on Ofñcer
Bythesea Road, Trowbr|dge
W||tsh|re BA14 8JQ
Pr|son Serv|ce Governor
HM Pr|son
Er|estoke, Dev|zes
W||tsh|re SN10 5TÜ
Contact Po|nts W|th|n The Respons|b|e Author|ty
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years:
A Nat|ona| Overv|ew of the Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements 2001 - 2006
lt |s now just over 5 years s|nce the |mp|ementat|on of the Or|m|na| Just|ce and Oourts` Serv|ces Act 2000 that |ed
to the format|on of the Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements, common|y known as MAPPA. As the nat|ona|
strateg|c body oversee|ng the |mp|ementat|on and deve|opment of these arrangements |t |s |mportant for us to rev|ew
the progress made, to |dent|fy the cha||enges ahead and set out the nat|ona| p|ans for |mprovement. lt |s a|so an
opportun|ty for the frst t|me to prov|de a nat|ona| commentary on the MAPPA annua| stat|st|cs and to exp|a|n what they
are te|||ng us about the growth and comp|ex|ty of these arrangements.
Much has been ach|eved |n terms of enhanc|ng pub||c safety |n the |ast 5 years and the arrangements are r|ght|y
descr|bed as wor|d |ead|ng. Yet we are acute|y consc|ous that a number of ser|ous case rev|ews and other reports
pub||shed th|s year |nd|cate there |s st||| much to do to ensure that the arrangements are ft for purpose and app|y
cons|stent|y across Eng|and and Wa|es. Ün|ess those operat|ng these arrangements ensure that a|| reasonab|e act|on
|s taken to reduce the harm caused by sexua| and v|o|ent offenders they w||| have fa||ed. Wh||e we recogn|se that |t |s
never poss|b|e to e||m|nate r|sk ent|re|y the pub||c are ent|t|ed to expect the author|t|es to do the|r job proper|y. Mak|ng
our commun|t|es safer and reduc|ng re-offend|ng |s our h|ghest pr|or|ty and one of the greatest cha||enges fac|ng the
agenc|es and staff |nvo|ved.
Over the |ast year a|| agenc|es respons|b|e for estab||sh|ng, ma|nta|n|ng or contr|but|ng to these pub||c protect|on
arrangements have been extreme|y busy: the probat|on serv|ce, the pr|son serv|ce, the po||ce serv|ce who form the
Respons|b|e Author|ty |n each area, p|us the range of agenc|es who have a duty to co-operate |n these arrangements
and |nc|ude hea|th, hous|ng, educat|on, soc|a| serv|ces, youth offend|ng teams, Jobcentre P|us, and e|ectron|c
mon|tor|ng serv|ces.
ln add|t|on to the agenc|es, each area has th|s year benefted from the |nput of |ay adv|sers. These are peop|e recru|ted
|oca||y but appo|nted by the Secretary of State to offer key support to the strateg|c management of the MAPPA
process. The|r ro|e |s essent|a||y to ask often fundamenta| quest|ons of sen|or pract|t|oners and br|ng a commun|ty
perspect|ve to a process that cou|d otherw|se |ose s|ght of |ts ma|n funct|on: to protect members of the pub||c from
ser|ous harm. Together, a|| of those |nputt|ng to MAPPA have ensured that more h|gh r|sk sexua| and v|o|ent offenders
have been |dent|fed and proact|ve|y managed th|s year than ever before.
The Natlonal MAPPA Statlstlos
As the sca|e and comp|ex|ty of MAPPA has |ncreased so the ana|ys|s of the annua| report stat|st|cs has become more
|mportant |n understand|ng |oca| and nat|ona| deve|opments |n these arrangements. The nat|ona| ana|ys|s offered be|ow,
based upon reports from the areas, h|gh||ghts a number of |mportant trends, part|cu|ar|y |n respect of the vo|ume of
referra|s for mu|t|-agency management at |eve| 2 and |eve| 3 |MAPPPì, and the outcomes of that management. The
|nd|v|dua| area MAPPA annua| reports are pub||shed e|sewhere on th|s web-page and shou|d be consu|ted for deta||ed
|oca| commentary.
MAPPA Offenders
The number of offenders |n the commun|ty that come w|th|n the rem|t of MAPPA |ncreased th|s year, as ant|c|pated,
a|though the rate of that |ncrease has s|owed from |ast year |13% to 7%ì - see Tab|e 1. A number of factors may have
contr|buted to th|s s|ow down. F|rst|y, the |ncrease of reg|stered sex offenders |RSOsì |s much |ess than |n prev|ous
years at just over 3%; second|y, fewer offenders than expected have been referred |nto MAPPA under Oategory 3.
|These are those offenders who are ne|ther reg|stered sex offenders nor current|y superv|sed by the probat|on serv|ce/
youth offend|ng team but do have a h|story of phys|ca| or sexua| v|o|ence and are cons|dered by the Respons|b|e
Author|ty to pose a current r|sk of ser|ous harm to the pub||c.ì The reasons for these var|at|ons from expectat|on are
unc|ear but the RSO var|at|on may |n part be due to a number of areas |ast year |2004/5ì |ncorporat|ng offenders who
were st||| |n pr|son and to refnements areas have cont|nued to make to referra| procedures and the management of r|sk
thresho|ds. Reg|stered Sex Offenders cont|nue to form by far the |argest category - see Ohart 1.
* ln 2003/4 the cr|ter|a for v|o|ent offenders |Oategory 2ì changed to exc|ude those offenders he|d |n custody.
Category 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

1. Reg|stered Sex Offenders 21513 24572 28994 29973
|RSOì 14.22% 18% 3.38%
2. v|o|ent Offenders and other

29594 12754* 12662 14317
sex offenders -56.9% -0.72% 13.07%

3. Other Offenders
1802 2166 2936 3363
20.2% 35.55% 14.54%

52909 39492 44592 47653
-25.36% 12.91% 6.86%
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years - Oont|nued
Chart. 1 - Tota| number of MAPPA Offenders |n the Oommun|ty 2005/6
Reg|stered Sex Offenders
For the frst t|me th|s year the MAPPA annua| reports |nc|ude a breakdown of the tota| RSO popu|at|on for the bas|c
po||c|ng un|ts w|th|n each area |see |nd|v|dua| area reportsì. Th|s, together w|th the dens|ty of RSOs per 100,000
of the popu|at|on, wh|ch ranges from 36/100,000 to 81/100,000 across the 42 Areas of Eng|and and Wa|es,
|||ustrates the var|ab|e d|str|but|on of RSOs w|th|n the commun|ty. There are no obv|ous or s|mp|e exp|anat|ons for the
d|str|but|on of RSOs, wh|ch |n any case |s bare|y s|gn|fcant stat|st|ca||y.
MAPPA management |eve|s
lt |s |mportant to remember that the major|ty of offenders w|th|n MAPPA do not pose a s|gn|fcant r|sk of ser|ous
harm to the pub||c and can therefore be proper|y managed through the norma| superv|s|on arrangements prov|ded
by the probat|on serv|ce, youth offend|ng teams and by po||ce sex offender reg|strat|on. Th|s |s descr|bed as |eve| 1
management and accounts for about 71% of the MAPPA popu|at|on. However, for offenders whose r|sk of ser|ous
harm |s h|gh or comp|ex and requ|res act|ve management by more than one agency, referra| to |eve| 2 or |eve| 3
|MAPPPì meet|ngs |s v|ta|. A case w||| genera||y on|y qua||fy for |eve| 3 management where the |ntervent|on of sen|or
agency representat|ves |s requ|red to effect the r|sk management p|an w|th the author|ty to re|ease or pr|or|t|se
except|ona| resources. Ohart 2 shows the breakdown of management |eve|s th|s year.
Leve| 3
¯The Or|t|ca| Few"
Leve| 2
Leve| 1
¯Norma| Agency"
Tota| number of MAPPA Offenders by Leve| 2005/2006
Chart 2 - MAPPA Offenders by Management |eve|
Th|s |s the second year |n wh|ch both |eve| 2 and |eve| 3 |MAPPPì data has been ava||ab|e and Tab|es 2 and 3
|||ustrate the number of offenders now subject to co||aborat|ve/ mu|t|-agency r|sk management |29% of the MAPPA
tota|ì. For each of these 13,783 offenders agenc|es w||| be requ|red to meet on a number of occas|ons and to
progress act|ons that reduce the ||ke||hood of re-offend|ng. The tab|es a|so prov|de a fu||er p|cture of the comm|tment
and resources be|ng prov|ded by the Respons|b|e Author|ty and other partner agenc|es w|th|n MAPPA. The |eve|
3 MAPPP, the h|ghest |eve| of r|sk management, cont|nues to focus on the most comp|ex offenders, somet|mes
referred to as the 'cr|t|ca| few`, and |nvo|ves sen|or managers w|th|n each area.
The use of |eve| 3 MAPPP has been refned over the |ast 3 years as part of a concerted effort to ensure that
resources are focused where they can be most effect|ve |n enhanc|ng pub||c protect|on. Th|s year they have been
emp|oyed |n under 3% of the tota| MAPPA case|oad. At the same t|me, |eve| 2 r|sk management meet|ngs, wh|ch
are |oca||y based, have |ncreased |n number |12,505ì and become the eng|ne room for MAPPA. Wh||st there |s
an e|ement of focus on |eve| 3, a|| Areas have recogn|zed the necess|ty of ensur|ng adequate management and
adm|n|strat|ve support for |eve| 2; and th|s |s refected |n Bus|ness P|ans.
Category 3
A|| other offenders
Category 2
v|o|ent and Non
Reg|stered Sex
Category 1
Reg|stered Sex
MAPPA Offenders by Category 2005/2006
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years - Oont|nued
Tab|e 2. Breakdown of |eve| 2 and |eve| 3 MAPPA Offenders for 2005/6
Tab|e 3. Offenders referred to |eve|s 2 and 3 -
Oompar|son w|th |ast year |% Ohangeì
Intervent|ons and Outcomes
lnformat|on about the sca|e and categor|es of offender |s comp|emented by |nformat|on on d|rect |ntervent|ons and
outcomes for th|s MAPPA managed group ||e those under |eve|s 2 and 3ì. These measures dea| w|th breaches of
||cence and court order, w|th sex offender reg|strat|on requ|rements and re|ated court orders, and w|th further offend|ng
- see tab|es 4 and 5.

Leve| 2 Leve| 3 Tota| per Category
% of MAPPA Tota|j % of MAPPA Tota|j % of MAPPA Tota|j
1. Reg|stered Sex Offenders 6014 580 6594
|RSOì 12.62% 1.22% 13.84%
2. v|o|ent Offenders and other 4280 506 4786
sex offenders 8.98% 1.06% 10.04%
3. Other Offenders
2211 192 2403
4.64% 0.4% 5.04%

Tota| Per Leve|
12505 1278 13783
26.24% 2.68% 28.92%
Category 2004-05 2005-06 2004-05 2005-06

1. Reg|stered Sex Offenders 5381 6014 626 580
|RSOì 11.76% -7.35%
2. v|o|ent Offenders and other

3615 4280 547 506
sex offenders 18.39% -7.49%

3. Other Offenders
2292 2211 305 192
-3.53% -37.05%

11288 12505 1478 1278
10.78% -13.53%
Leve| 2 Leve| 3
The head||ne fgure |s, no doubt, that refect|ng the number of offenders who, wh||e managed at |eve|s 2 or 3, are
charged w|th a ser|ous sexua| or v|o|ent offence. Oompared w|th 2004/5, th|s year saw a reduct|on |n the number of
ser|ous further offences |n th|s popu|at|on from 79 |0.6%ì to 61 |0.44%ì cases th|s year. And the b|ggest |mpact was
where you wou|d want and expect |t - w|th the more |ntens|ve|y managed |eve| 3 cases. On the face of |t the fgures
are encourag|ng but they shou|d be treated w|th caut|on for 2 reasons. F|rst|y, we have on|y co||ected the data for 2
years; second|y, w|th such sma|| numbers any change can tr|gger a who||y d|sproport|onate, m|s|ead|ng percentage
var|at|on. What |s apparent, however, |s that the fgure |s |ow and wh||st any ser|ous re-offend|ng |s a matter of great
concern, such a |ow ser|ous re-offend|ng rate for th|s part|cu|ar group of offenders |s to be we|comed and supports
the v|ew that MAPPA |s mak|ng a rea| contr|but|on to the management of dangerousness |n commun|t|es.
The data re|at|ng to breach of ||cence and court orders |s pos|t|ve as th|s refects an |ncrease |n act|on taken |n |eve|
2 and 3 cases pr|or to them hav|ng opportun|ty to comm|t ser|ous further harm; |e to reca|| offenders to pr|son. A
s|m||ar|y encourag|ng p|cture emerges from a read|ng of the data on var|ous sex offender prov|s|ons - see tab|e
5. Act|on taken to enforce the sex offender reg|strat|on requ|rements through caut|on and conv|ct|on |ncreased
by 30% from |ast year and affected 1295 offenders, 4.3% of the tota| reg|stered |n the commun|ty. There was a|so
cons|derab|e use made of the range of new c|v|| orders ava||ab|e under the Sex Offences Act 2003 |sexua| offences
prevent|on orders, not|fcat|on orders, fore|gn trave| ordersì. ln tota| 973 orders have been granted th|s year an
|ncrease of 446.
Tab|e 4. Outcome measures: |eve| 2 and |eve| 3 act|v|ty for 2005/6 |% Ohangeì
Category 2004/05 2005/06 2004/05 2005/06 2004/05 2005/06

1. Breach of 1084 1321 222 219 1306 1540
||cense 21.86% -1.35% 17.92%
2. Breach of 55 82 18 22 73 104
Orders 49.09% 22.22% 42.47%

3. Oharged w|th 47 50 32 11 79 61
SFO 6.38% -65.63% -22.78%
Leve| 2 Leve| 3 Tota| of Leve| 2 & 3
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years - Oont|nued
Tab|e 5. Outcome measures: RSO arrests and Sex Offences Act
O|v|| Orders 2004/5 and 2005/6 |% Ohangeì
A Year of Cha||enges
The raw data prov|ded |n the nat|ona| stat|st|cs |s he|pfu| but necessar||y quant|tat|ve. ln order to get a better fee| for
the qua||ty of MAPPA bus|ness |t |s necessary to work w|th other forms of ana|ys|s and, dur|ng the course of th|s year,
a number of |nspect|on reports and a sma|| number of management rev|ews of spec|fc cases have been pub||shed
wh|ch have both deta||ed shortcom|ngs |n pract|ce and h|gh||ghted many pos|t|ve deve|opments |n pub||c protect|on
lt |s essent|a| that the product of these, and future, rev|ews and reports shape the deve|opment of MAPPA through
centra| gu|dance and |oca| pract|ce and |t |s |nstruct|ve to set out the |essons |earned th|s year.
Strengthen|ng Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements |Pub||shed |n October 2005 and ava||ab|e on www.
homeoffce.gov.uk/rds/pubs|ntro1.htm| ì
Th|s research was undertaken by De Montfort Ün|vers|ty and found ev|dence of greater effect|veness and effc|ency
across MAPPA teams |n Eng|and and Wa|es, compared to an ear||er rev|ew of pub||c protect|on arrangements, wh|ch
had been conducted before the MAPPA |eg|s|at|on was |ntroduced |n 2001. lt found that areas were meet|ng the
MAPPA Gu|dance spec|fcat|on to a |arge extent.
RSO Enforcement Number of Offenders 04/05j Number of Offenders 05/06j

1. Reg|stered sex offenders 993 1295
|RSO`sì charged/caut|oned 30.41%
Sex Offences Act Orders Number of Offenders 04/05j Number of Offenders 05/06j

2. Sexua| offences prevent|on 503 933
orders |SOPOsì granted 85.49%
3. Not|fcat|on Orders |NOsì 22 39
granted 77.27%

4. Fore|gn Trave| Orders 1 1
|FTOsì granted 0%

Tota| Number of Orders
526 973
lt a|so found that the arrangements had been strengthened by the |nc|us|on of the Pr|son Serv|ce w|th|n the Respons|b|e
Author|ty and by the des|gnat|on of a number of duty-to-co-operate agenc|es | a consequence of the Or|m|na| Just|ce
Act 2003ì. The MAPPA process fac|||tated effect|ve contr|but|ons by agenc|es so that representat|ves cou|d make
operat|ona| dec|s|ons and deve|op r|sk management p|ans.
The report made a number of recommendat|ons for po||cy and pract|ce deve|opment wh|ch are be|ng
taken forward through the rev|s|on of the MAPPA Gu|dance and the MAPPA bus|ness p|ann|ng process.
Manag|ng Sex Offenders |n the Oommun|ty |A jo|nt themat|c |nspect|on by Her Majesty`s lnspectorates of Probat|on
and Po||ce pub||shed |n November 2005 and ava||ab|e on http://|nspectorates.homeoffce.gov.uk/hm|probat|on ì
Th|s |nspect|on found that there was greater focus by po||ce and probat|on on |mprov|ng the assessment and
management of h|gh r|sk sex offenders wh|ch offered the prospect of |mproved performance. However |t noted a
number of defc|enc|es |n re|at|on to MAPPA case management records; po||ce home v|s|ts for reg|stered sex offenders
and tra|n|ng for both po||ce and probat|on staff on assessment and management of r|sk of harm.
These deñc|enc|es have been addressed through the Nat|ona| Offender Management Serv|ce R|sk of Harm
Improvement strategy and the deve|opment and |mm|nent pub||cat|on of the Po||ce Pub||c Protect|on
An lndependent Rev|ew of a Ser|ous Further Offence case: Dam|en Hanson and E|||ot Wh|te |pub||shed |n February
2006 and ava||ab|e on http://|nspectorates.homeoffce.gov.uk/hm|probat|on ì
Th|s was a report by Her Majesty`s Oh|ef lnspector of Probat|on |nto the murder of John Monckton and attempted
murder of h|s w|fe Homeyra |n November 2004 by two men under the superv|s|on of the |ondon Probat|on Area. The
report |dent|fed overa|| fa||ures and some spec|fc defc|enc|es |n the way the two cases were managed.
A|though ne|ther offender was referred to MAPPA Dam|en Hanson, who was assessed as present|ng a h|gh r|sk of
ser|ous harm, shou|d have been. lmportant|y the report has estab||shed a number of pr|nc|p|es aga|nst wh|ch future
case management w|th|n MAPPA and the Nat|ona| Probat|on Serv|ce w||| be judged. Key amongst these |s that the
pub||c |s ent|t|ed to expect that the author|t|es w||| do the|r job proper|y |.e. to take a|| reasonab|e act|on to keep r|sk to
a m|n|mum.
In response to th|s report, an act|on p|an was |ssued to the Nat|ona| Probat|on Serv|ces to ensure de||very
of effect|ve |mp|ementat|on of the report's ñve 'key' recommendat|ons and 31 pract|ce recommendat|ons.
An lndependent Rev|ew of a Ser|ous Further Offence case: Anthony R|ce |pub||shed |n May 2006 and ava||ab|e on
http:// |nspectorates.homeoffce.gov.uk/hm|probat|on ì
Th|s report was comp|eted fo||ow|ng the murder of Naom| Bryant |n August 2005. The |ndependent rev|ew was
requested by the Respons|b|e Author|ty for MAPPA |n Hampsh|re who were concerned by a number of |ssues that had
contr|buted to the r|sk management fa||ure.
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years - Oont|nued
The report deta||s pr|nc|pa| fnd|ngs and recommendat|ons for a range of agenc|es w|th|n and outs|de MAPPA. Each
of wh|ch |s be|ng taken forward. lmportant|y |t revea|ed the fa||ure to manage the offender`s r|sk of harm to the pub||c
was not due to any s|ng|e act of neg||gence or defc|ency. Rather |t was a cumu|at|ve fa||ure of processes and act|ons
throughout h|s sentence superv|s|on, both |n pr|son and |n the commun|ty. Th|s |s an essent|a| po|nt to grasp and
re|nforces the |mportance of hav|ng an |ntegrated offender management system from start to end of sentence w|th
c|ear and cons|stent pract|ce between the three core MAPPA agenc|es, pr|sons, probat|on and po||ce.
The key recommendat|on for MAPPA was about ma|nta|n|ng a better ba|ance between human r|ghts
of offenders and protect|ng the pub||c, and us|ng ex|st|ng MAPPA gu|dance proper|y. Work |s a|ready
underway to rev|se and strengthen nat|ona| gu|dance and |mprove MAPPA's foundat|ons by way of the
nat|ona| and Area MAPPA bus|ness p|ans.
Jo|nt Po||ce/Probat|on/Pr|sons Themat|c lnspect|on Report: Putt|ng R|sk of Harm lnto Oontext - pub||shed |n September
2006 and ava||ab|e on http://|nspectorates.homeoffce.gov.uk/hm|probat|on
Th|s report found that much had been ach|eved, |nc|ud|ng that p|anned |ntervent|ons were genera||y effect|ve |n
conta|n|ng offend|ng behav|our. There were a|so many areas for |mprovement and the report makes recommendat|ons
for the more cons|stent use of MAPPA and shar|ng of MAPPA good pract|ce, |mproved r|sk of harm assessments and
sentence p|ann|ng and greater v|ct|m awareness.
lt |s |mportant to note that the fe|dwork to support the |nspect|on conc|uded |n the autumn of 2005, pr|or to the |aunch
of the R|sk of Harm lmprovement Act|on p|an and other act|ons referred to |n th|s overv|ew. Neverthe|ess, the report
has been we|comed and w||| be cons|dered |n further deta|| by the Nat|ona| Offender Management Serv|ce |NOMSì R|sk
of Harm lmprovement Board as we|| as the Respons|b|e Author|ty Nat|ona| Steer|ng Group |RANSGì.
Act|ons to deve|op MAPPA
Effect|ng change to these pub||c protect|on arrangements requ|res concerted act|on from a range of agenc|es and key
stakeho|ders. MAPPA |s not an agency but a set of nat|ona| arrangements that requ|res each contr|butor to ensure that
the|r own agency`s pract|ce |s ft for purpose and that the manner of the|r co||aborat|on |s effect|ve |n assess|ng and
manag|ng the r|sk posed by sexua| and v|o|ent offenders.
lt |s |mportant to note that MAPPA has benefted s|gn|fcant|y th|s year from the work undertaken by |nd|v|dua| agenc|es;
work that has a d|rect bear|ng on how dangerous offenders are assessed and managed. Th|s |nc|udes the OASys
Qua||ty Assurance Programme |mp|emented from Ju|y 2005; |mp|ementat|on of the offender management mode| from
Apr|| 2006; the |aunch of the NOMS R|sk of harm Gu|dance and Tra|n|ng resource pack June 2006; and the p|anned
ro||-out of the Po||ce Pub||c Protect|on Manua|.
MAPPA w||| |ncreas|ng|y beneft from the expans|on of v|SOR |the v|o|ent and Sex Offenders Reg|sterì. v|SOR |s an
|ntegra| part of p|ans to strengthen pub||c protect|on through |mproved r|sk assessment and management and w|||
prov|de e|ectron|c support for MAPPA a||ow|ng effc|ent data shar|ng between Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|sons. The
po||ce have been us|ng v|SOR s|nce Apr|| 2005 and the system w||| be |mp|emented |nto the pr|son and the probat|on
serv|ce dur|ng 2006/7. For the frst t|me the Respons|b|e Author|t|es w||| be work|ng together on the same l.T system
to Reduce Re-offend|ng.
The Nat|ona| MAPPA Bus|ness P|an
As the nat|ona| coord|nat|ng body for the Respons|b|e Author|ty, the RANSG, |s tasked w|th exerc|s|ng overs|ght of
MAPPA and ensur|ng |ts cont|nued deve|opment. To he|p meet these a|ms the RANSG pub||shed, |n November 2005,
a three year Nat|ona| MAPPA Bus|ness P|an 2005-8. The p|an |dent|fes four broad areas of MAPPA where s|gn|fcant
and cons|stent |mprovement |s necessary. These |nc|ude the fo||ow|ng;
MAPPA Deve|opment Strategy
º Ach|eve ded|cated MAPPA coord|nat|on and adm|n|strat|on capac|ty |n a|| areas dur|ng 2006/7 |underwayì
º Deve|op RANSG to |nc|ude nat|ona| representat|on of Duty to cooperate agenc|es |ach|evedì
º Rev|se and pub||sh MAPPA Gu|dance |by Apr|| 2007 - see ex|st|ng Gu|dance at: http://www.probat|on.
homeoffce. gov.uk/output/page30.aspì
Mon|tor|ng and Eva|uat|on
º Areas to |mp|ement a MAPPA Bus|ness P|an for 2006/7 |ach|eved - see area annua| reportsì
º Deve|opment of mu|t|-agency pub||c protect|on performance |nd|cators |underwayì
º lmprove the record|ng and co||at|on of data |underwayì
º Deve|op gu|dance for a ser|ous case rev|ew process |p|anned for consu|tat|on |ater th|s yearì
Commun|cat|on and Strateg|c Partnersh|ps
º The pub||cat|on of the MAPPA Annua| report |ach|evedì
º Deve|opment of the annua| report to |mprove pub||c understand|ng and engagement |ongo|ngì
º Nat|ona| MAPPA conference |ach|eved - November 2005ì
º Deve|op a nat|ona| commun|cat|on strategy ||ssued |n June, but Oh||d Sex Offender Rev|ew may add further
º De||very of |ay adv|ser nat|ona| tra|n|ng |de||vered but a|so deve|op|ng so farì
º Nat|ona| coord|nators conference |de||vered - May 2006ì
º Oo||ate core tra|n|ng mater|a| |underwayì
º Areas to |mp|ement a tra|n|ng strategy for new pract|t|oners, new members of the strateg|c management board
and for coord|nators and adm|n|strators |underwayì
MAPPA - The Flrst Flve Years - Oont|nued
Areas have been asked to produce annua| reports on th|s mode| and |oca| bus|ness p|ans are attached to area annua|
reports for the frst t|me. Future reports w||| record the progress that has been ach|eved.
The |ntroduct|on of MAPPA enab|es agenc|es to work more c|ose|y than ever before to exchange |nformat|on and
manage offenders co||aborat|ve|y, ensur|ng that potent|a||y dangerous offenders are be|ng proper|y r|sk assessed and
robust|y managed |n the commun|ty.
Effect|ve management of h|gh-r|sk offenders, as a d|sc|p||ne, |s st||| re|at|ve|y |n |ts |nfancy. There |s cont|nuous
deve|opment and the standards and good pract|ce of tomorrow are ||ke|y to be d|fferent from today`s, ach|eved through
exper|ence and research. The cha||enge therefore |s not on|y to match current pract|ce w|th what we know, but a|so
to respond rap|d|y to new |earn|ng.
The lnspectorate he|pfu||y suggests that what they are descr|b|ng can be better understood as the |dent|fcat|on of
stages on a journey rather than a dest|nat|on reached. S|nce the|r |ntroduct|on |n 2001, the 42 MAPPAs cover|ng
Eng|and and Wa|es have trave||ed a great d|stance |n a short t|me to estab||sh the new arrangements. The v|ta| pub||c
protect|on work of MAPPA |s undertaken by sk|||ed and comm|tted staff and everyone engaged |n the arrangements
acknow|edges the need for constant v|g||ance and |mprovement. The journey |s not easy, but commun|t|es are safer
because, as th|s report demonstrates, the Respons|b|e Author|t|es are trave|||ng together |n the r|ght d|rect|on.
John Scott
Head of the Pub||c Protect|on and ||censed Re|ease Ün|t
Nat|ona| Offender Management Serv|ce
Terence Grange
Oh|ef Oonstab|e of Dyfed Powys Po||ce and AOPO Pub||c Protect|on |ead
Tony Robson
Her Majesty`s Pr|son Serv|ce
On beha|f of the Respons|b|e Author|ty Nat|ona| Steer|ng Group
Swlndon & Wlltshlre Multl Agenoy Publlo Proteotlon Arrangements
Bus|ness P|an 2006 - 2009
1. MAPPA Deve|opment Strategy
Strateg|c A|m
aj From Nat|ona|
P|an: Ach|eve
Oo-ord|nat|on &
De||very P|an
º Respond to
º Oonsu|t w|th
Duty to Oo-
operate agenc|es
|oca||y v|a SMB.
º D|scuss Gu|dance
at SMBs
º Draft bus|ness
p|an 2006/07
object|ve to
support a|m
º Reassess
res|||ence capac|ty
of both MAPPA
ded|cated staff
and Pub||c
Protect|on Ün|ts.
Assessment of
future capac|ty
and needs
Üs|ng adv|ce of
|dent|fy ded|cated
fund|ng to support
adm|n|strator and
SMB, SMB Oha|r
and Oo-ord|nator.
Determ|ne fund|ng
requ|rements for
|eve| of res|||ence
º Ma|ntenance of
coord|nator &
posts |n p|ace to
standards set by
Nat|ona| Gu|dance
º Bus|ness P|an
created wh|ch
d|rects strateg|c
progress of
MAPPA w|th|n
º Bus|ness Oase
and cast|ngs to
be d|str|buted
for contr|but|ons
Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on
Arrangements - Key to Abbrev|at|ons
ACC - Ass|stant Oh|ef Oonstab|e
HMIC - Her Majesty`s lnspectorate of Oonstabu|ary
HMIP - Her Majesty`s lnspectorate of Probat|on
LCJB - |oca| Or|m|na| Just|ce Board
LSCB - |oca| Safeguard|ng Oh||dren Board
MAPPA - Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on Arrangements
P & P - Pract|ce and Procedures a sub-group of the |oca|
Strateg|c Management Board
PPLRU - Pub||c Protect|on & ||censed Re|ease Ün|t, a
centra| Home Offce/Probat|on department w|th a nat|ona|
|ead on MAPPA
RANSG - Respons|b|e Author|ty Nat|ona| Steer|ng Group
SFO - Ser|ous Further Offence |v|o|ent or sexua|ì as defned
|n MAPPA Nat|ona| Gu|dance.
SMB - Strateg|c Management Board
Strateg|c A|m
aj - cont|nued
bj lntegrate Rev|sed
MAPPA Gu|dance
|nto |oca|
procedures and
re-|ssue to Duty to
De||very P|an
º lncorporate
surve|||ance of
MAPPA cases
w|th|n Force
Task|ng and
meet|ng to
ensure effect|ve
mon|tor|ng and
management of
º Pr|son Serv|ce
to rev|ew
resources to
dup||cat|on of
effort and re|ease
personne| to focus
on MAPPA cases.
º Rev|ew
of lT systems |n
order to |mprove
effc|ency wh||st
reta|n|ng secur|ty
of data.
Üpdate and rev|se
to |ncorporate new
|eg|s|at|on and
from RANSG, tak|ng
account of feedback
from consu|tat|on
process and
from HMlP
|nspect|ons on Sex
Offenders and
Pub||c Protect|on
and from De
Montfort Ün|vers|ty
1st and 2nd
quarter of 2006
On go|ng
throughout fu||
year per|od
W|th|n 2 months
of rece|pt of rev|sed
Pub||cat|on of
themat|c - Target
date Spr|ng 2007
Po||ce |eve| 2
surve|||ance teams
to |ead through
Task|ng &
Pr|son Governor
to |ead
A|| partners
Rece|pt of
º lncreased act|v|ty
and detect|on of
breaches of
º lmproved jo|ned
up approach to
resourc|ng MAPPA
º lmprove data
shar|ng and speed
of access to
º Rev|sed MAPPA
|ntegrated and
re-|ssued to duty
to co-operate
Mon|tor|ng by
SMB Oha|r

For report back to
For report back to
Awa|t|ng rev|sed
Bus|ness P|an 2006 - 2009 - Oont|nued
2. Mon|tor|ng & Eva|uat|on Strategy
Strateg|c A|m
Bus|ness P|an for
2006/07 wh|ch w|||
arrangements to
º pub||cat|on of
Annua| Report
º ana|ys|s of use of
MAPPA r|sk
thresho|ds at
|eve| 2 & 3
º ana|ys|s of
MAPPA offenders
who comm|t
ser|ous further
º ana|ys|s of
attendance and
|eve| of
co-operat|on of
contr|but|ng to
|eve| 2 & 3
º Ana|ys|s of
d|vers|ty prof|e of
assessed at |eve|
2 and |eve| 3.
De||very P|an
lmp|ement SMB
Bus|ness P|ans for
º Pub||cat|on of
Annua| Report
º Aud|ts to
exam|ne MAPPA
r|sk management
thresho|ds |n
conjunct|on w|th
other area |n the
reg|ona| group.
º lnter|m |oca|
procedures used
unt|| SFO
rece|ved from
º ana|ys|s of
attendance and
|eve| of
co-operat|on of
contr|but|ng to
|eve| 2 & 3
º ana|ys|s of
d|vers|ty prof|e of
assessed at |eve|
2 and |eve| 3
October 2005
Apr|| 2006 Draft
Ongo|ng unt|| target
re|ease date of
March 2007

Ongo|ng from Apr||
Ongo|ng from Apr||
SMB, SMB Oha|r
and Oo-ord|nator.
SMB, SMB Oha|r
and Oo-ord|nator.
Oo-ord|nator and
Pract|ce and
Procedures group
SMB, SMB Oha|r
and Oo-ord|nator.
º Th|s document:
the ro|||ng 3 year
bus|ness p|ans |n
p|ace from Apr||
2006 onwards
º |OJB, |SOB
and Oommun|ty
partnersh|p to
rece|ve SMB
bus|ness p|ans
º New procedures
are |mp|emented
when rece|ved
º lnter|m |oca|
procedures used
unt|| SFO
rece|ved from
º lntegrat|on of
attendance |n
annua| reports
º lntegrat|on of
ethn|c|ty prof|es |n
annua| reports
record|ng Apr|| 2006
then ongo|ng
Bus|ness P|an 2006 - 2009 - Oont|nued
Strateg|c A|m
bj lntegrate mu|t|
agency pub||c
|nd|cators as per
RANSG d|rect|on
cj Ach|eve
cons|stency w|th
the Nat|ona|
gu|de||nes through
the use of Nat|ona|

dj Oons|stency w|th
nat|ona| pract|ce
|s ach|eved
through Ser|ous
Further Offences
at |eve| 2 and 3
rev|ew accord|ng
to the new
De||very P|an
Report on bus|ness
p|an outcomes |n
Annua| Report
Üs|ng new mu|t|
agency |nd|cators.
º lntegrate new
Nat|ona| Temp|ates
|nto pract|ce |n
th|s area to
shar|ng, referra|
to MAPPA, M|nute
tak|ng and rev|ew
º lntroduce a
qua||ty assurance
process that
comp||ance and
º lntegrate nat|ona|
gu|dance |n |oca|
May 2006 - Apr||
As rece|ved dur|ng
1st Quarter 2007
Ju|y 2007
A|| Duty to Oo-
operate Agenc|es
New Nat|ona|
º SMB and Annua|
Report have
ava||ab|e for use
pub||c protect|on
Pract|ce |s |mproved
|n accordance w|th
|nformat|on from the
Oons|stency and
qua||ty of record|ng
|mproved, temp|ates
support case
transfer processes.
lmproved qua||ty of
case management
and systems.
O|ear process for
Ser|ous Oase
Rev|ews for |eve| 2
and |eve| 3 MAPPA
cases. Th|s w|||
have ||nks to other
mu|t| agency rev|ew
and seek to avo|d
Not Due
Not Due
Awa|t|ng rev|sed
Awa|t|ng rev|sed
Awa|t|ng rev|sed
Strateg|c A|m
aj The Respons|b|e
Author|ty for
MAPPA to pub||sh
annua| report, |n
consu|tat|on w|th
|ay Adv|sers and
bj Annua| reports are
|mproved and
deve|oped to
|mprove pub||c
and engagement.
Strateg|c A|m
ej Process ana|ys|s
of workfows |n
MAPPA cases and
De||very P|an
partners to
carry out 'hea|th`
assessment of
to ensure they
are 'ft for
purpose` and
º Oonduct a
assessment of
º Draft bus|ness
recovery p|an to
be wr|tten
2nd Quarter 2006
2nd Quarter 2006
2/3rd Quarter 2006
A|| partners v|a
Pract|ce &
Procedures sub
A|| partners
A|| partners
lmproved effc|ency
and reduced
dup||cat|on of effort
resu|t|ng |n spare
capac|ty to meet
future demands
O|ear |dent|fcat|on
of stakeho|der
|nvo|vement |n
MAPPA process
Bus|ness recovery
p|an produced and
Not yet due
3. Commun|cat|on & Strateg|c Partnersh|ps Strategy
De||very P|an
Üse of Gu|dance
|ssued to MAPPA
SMB to ensure
cons|stency of
co||at|on of data and
adherence to
shared process.
Draft SMB Annua|
reports subm|tted
to PP|RÜ
Nat|ona| data
assemb|ed and
pub||cat|on date
determ|ned by
Apr|| 2006
June 2006
Pub||c confdence
agenda enhanced
through pub||cat|on
and engagement
w|th med|a of
MAPPA annua|
Bus|ness P|an 2006 - 2009 - Oont|nued
Strateg|c A|m
cj A cons|stent
Strategy as |ed by
Nat|ona| Gu|dance
|s de||vered |oca||y
dj Deve|opment of a
Prem|um Serv|ce
Protoco| for
ej lmprove
partnersh|p and
engagement |n

De||very P|an
Pub||cat|on of
Annua| Reports,
supported by
nat|ona| and |oca|
º Oreate a
De||ver a mu|t|-
agency prem|um
serv|ce protoco| for
º lncorporate
Reg|stered Soc|a|
|and|ords on to
SMB to ensure
for MAPPA cases
2nd qtr of 2006
º lnform |oca|
Oh||dren Board
||SOBì as to
MAPPA processes
º Prov|de
|nformat|on on
MAPPA to Head
Teachers Forums
Nat|ona| - Apr|| 2006
|oca| - March 2007
Apr|| 2006
2/3rd Quarter 2006
2nd Quarter of 2006
2nd Quarter of 2006
3rd Quarter of 2006
A|| partners to
Oha|r of SMB to
|nv|te and secure
Oha|r of SMB
|oca| Author|ty
Educat|on SMB
representat|ve and
Nat|ona| MAPPA
strategy contr|butes
to |mproved pub||c
understand|ng and
Area SMBs ab|e to
deve|op |oca|
strategy bu||d|ng
from nat|ona|
Awareness ra|sed of
MAPPA Oases are
managed correct|y
and speed||y
through the cr|m|na|
just|ce system and
they are subject to
the same cr|ter|a of
1ì prevent and deter
2ì catch and conv|ct
and 3ì rehab|||tate
and resett|e
awareness of
partners and
lncreased awareness
and operat|ona|
effect|veness of
partners when
||nk|ng the|r work
w|th MAPPA
lncreased awareness
and operat|ona|
effect|veness of
partners when
||nk|ng the|r work
w|th MAPPA
|oca| report
strategy rece|ved
strategy rece|ved
Not yet due
Stonham Hous|ng
|nv|ted to part|c|pate
|n SMB


Not yet due

Strateg|c A|m
|nc|ude a tra|n|ng
strategy |n
bus|ness p|ans, to
º lnduct|on to
MAPPA for new

º Tra|n|ng for
º Tra|n|ng for
co-ord|nators and
Strateg|c A|m
- cont|nued
De||very P|an
º lncorporate v|ct|m
Support w|th|n
SMB to ensure
v|ct|m |ssues
are addressed
1st quarter 2006
Oha|r of SMB to
|nv|te and secure
lncreased v|ct|m
focus w|th|n MAPPA
v|ct|m Support
|nv|ted to SMB
4. Tra|n|ng Strategy
De||very P|an
Nat|ona| resource
pack assemb|ed
e|ectron|ca||y and
June 2006
Nat|ona| resource
pack assemb|ed
e|ectron|ca||y and
tra|n|ng strategy
De||very of
Nat|ona| Resource
Pack rece|ved