Wlltshlre & Swlndon

MAPPA Annual Report
M|n|ster|a| Foreword 4
Introduct|on 5
by Oh|ef Offcers of Respons|b|e Author|ty

Reg|ona| Perspect|ve 6

W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon MAPPA 7
Key Ach|evements and Bus|ness P|an Rev|ew 7
The MAPPA Bus|ness P|an Rev|ew 7
How The MAPPA Operate Loca||y 9
How Does MAPPA Work? 9
What does MAPPA seek to do? 9
What Doesn`t MAPPA Do? 9

Wh|ch Organ|sat|ons are lnvo|ved? 10
Who Does What? 11

How MAPPA Makes Commun|t|es Safer 12
Oase Examp|es
2006-7 Stat|st|ca| Informat|on & Commentary 15
Strateg|c Management Board 20

Contact po|nts 23
These are the s|xth MAPPA annua| reports, and the frst
w|th a foreword by the M|n|stry of Just|ce. l want, frst of a||,
to under||ne the Government`s cont|nued comm|tment to
these arrangements. Protect|ng the pub||c from dangerous
offenders |s a core a|m for the new Department. Just as
the effect|veness of MAPPA |oca||y depends on the qua||ty
of work|ng re|at|onsh|ps, we w||| work w|th the Home
Offce, the Po||ce, and others, to deve|op the best poss|b|e
framework w|th|n wh|ch the MAPPA can operate.
On 13 June, the Government pub||shed a Rev|ew of the
Protect|on of Oh||dren from Sex Offenders. Th|s sets out
a programme of act|ons wh|ch |nc|ude deve|op|ng the use
of drug treatment for sex offenders and p||ot|ng the use
of compu|sory po|ygraph test|ng as a r|sk management
too|, enhancements to the reg|me operat|ng at Approved
Prem|ses, and a|so a range of act|ons |mpact|ng d|rect|y
upon the way the MAPPA work. l want to h|gh||ght two of
them here.
F|rst|y, research te||s us that the arrangements are a|ready
used successfu||y to d|sc|ose |nformat|on about dangerous
offenders but we th|nk th|s can be |mproved upon. MAPPA
agenc|es w||| be requ|red to cons|der d|sc|osure |n every
case. We w||| p||ot a scheme where parents w||| be ab|e
to reg|ster a ch||d-protect|on |nterest |n a named |nd|v|dua|
w|th whom they have a persona| re|at|onsh|p and who has
regu|ar unsuperv|sed access to the|r ch||d. lf that person
has conv|ct|ons for ch||d sex offences and the ch||d |s at
r|sk, there w||| be a presumpt|on that the offences w||| be
d|sc|osed to the parent.
Second|y, as MAPPA has deve|oped over the past 6
years, best pract|ce mode|s have been |dent|fed wh|ch
show that spec|fc ro|es and approaches are requ|red to
ensure |t |s managed effect|ve|y. We are comm|tted to
strengthen|ng MAPPA arrangements and ensur|ng that
robust performance management |s |n p|ace. To ach|eve
th|s, we |ntend to |ntroduce new nat|ona| standards, wh|ch
w||| ensure a cons|stent approach across Areas and we
w||| be mak|ng ava||ab|e £1.2m||||on to support Areas |n
|mp|ement|ng the standards.
We a|m to do everyth|ng that can reasonab|y be done
to protect peop|e from known, dangerous offenders.
We know that there |s a|ways room for |mprovement. l
commend th|s annua| report to you as an |nd|cat|on of the
comm|tment, sk|||s and ach|evements of the profess|ona|s,
and |ay adv|sers, |n manag|ng and mon|tor|ng th|s essent|a|,
often d|ffcu|t area of bus|ness.
Mar|a Eag|e MP
Par||amentary Ünder Secretary of State
Mlnlsterlal Foreword
lntroduotlon - by the Oh|ef Offcers of the Respons|b|e Author|ty
Mart|n R|chards
Oh|ef Oonstab|e
W||tsh|re Po||ce
D|ana Fu|brook
Oh|ef Probat|on Offcer
W||tsh|re Probat|on
Doug Moon
HMP Er|estoke
The management of Sex and Dangerous Offenders |n our
commun|ty |s an |mportant |ssue for the pub||c and |s an
abso|ute pr|or|ty for each of our agenc|es. Th|s report shows
how strateg|ca||y and operat|ona||y work |s undertaken to
ensure that the r|sk to our commun|t|es |s m|n|m|sed. The
MAPPA system |oca||y |s constant|y evo|v|ng and |mprov|ng
and has been strengthened by the |nvo|vement of the
W||tsh|re Or|m|na| Just|ce Board.
Th|s |nd|cates success but we must not be comp|acent and
w||| cont|nue to ensure that th|s area of work rema|ns an
abso|ute pr|or|ty s|nce |t |s |nev|tab|e that some offenders
w||| re-offend desp|te a|| efforts on our part
The respons|b|e author|t|es and our partner agenc|es are
comm|tted and ded|cated to ensur|ng pub||c safety and |t
|s p|eas|ng to report that once aga|n there have been no
'Ser|ous Further Offences` |n the h|gher r|sk cases managed
by MAPPA |n W||tsh|re. We w||| a|so cont|nue to ensure that
a|| cases are robust|y managed w|th pos|t|ve and restr|ct|ve
act|ons taken to m|n|m|se r|sk, reduce the ||ke||hood and
propens|ty for re-offend|ng, and dea| qu|ck|y and effect|ve|y
w|th any reported |nc|dents of h|gh r|sk behav|our.
Th|s area |s amongst the safest |n the Oountry and for many
the fear of cr|me |s greater than the actua| r|sk presented
to them. Work w|th|n MAPPA |s be|ng deve|oped so that
where appropr|ate, |nformat|on and reassurance can be
g|ven to the pub||c, so they can make |nformed cho|ces on
persona| safety. We, as the respons|b|e author|t|es, together
w|th the other agenc|es who contr|bute to and strengthen
MAPPA, w||| str|ve to prov|de the necessary protect|on and
reassurance to our commun|t|es.
The com|ng year w||| see many deve|opments |n th|s area
|nc|ud|ng the |mp|ementat|on of the act|ons from the Oh||d
Sex Offender Rev|ew, more forma| shar|ng of e|ectron|c
|nformat|on between the Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|sons,
deve|opments |n d|sc|osure on sex offenders and a
re-|aunch of MAPPA |n the |oca| area, w|th |mp|ementat|on
of the new Nat|ona| Gu|de||nes. These matters w||| be
ach|eved through the strong partnersh|ps between us and
a|| other agenc|es who effect|ve|y contr|bute to the MAPPA
Reglonal Perspeotlve
Reg|ona| Pub||c Protect|on In|t|at|ves - 2006/7
The South Reg|on Pub||c Protect|on Pathfnder Project
W|th the support of the Po||ce and Her Majesty`s Pr|son
Serv|ce, the SW Probat|on Reg|on was successfu| |n
secur|ng money from the centre to set up a Pub||c Protect|on
Pathfnder Project. The Project Manager, Ma| Munday,
Ass|stant Oh|ef Offcer, was appo|nted |n Oct 2006. The
project w||| run unt|| March 2008. The v|s|on for the project |s
to ensure that pub||c protect|on |nforms a|| dec|s|on mak|ng
and ||es at the heart of a|| organ|sat|ona| act|v|ty. The overa||
object|ve |s to de||ver a step change |n |mprov|ng the qua||ty
of pub||c protect|on pract|ce across the reg|on, a|m|ng to
get our pract|ce and processes r|ght on every occas|on,
ensur|ng fewer v|ct|ms and safer commun|t|es.
A|| agenc|es work|ng w|th|n Or|m|na| Just|ce face the
cha||enge of |mprov|ng pub||c confdence |n the system.
Government fgures |nd|cate that v|o|ent cr|me |s decreas|ng
overa||, but |t |s accepted that the pub||c may not perce|ve
th|s to be the case. The Project has been act|ve |n promot|ng
cons|stency between the fve MAPPA Areas wh|ch make up
the SW Reg|on, through Oase F||e Benchmark exerc|ses,
pract|ce aud|ts, and mak|ng better ||nks across the reg|on
at a strateg|c |eve|. A good examp|e of th|s was the MAPPA
Reg|ona| Oonference he|d |n March 2007 where staff
and managers were ab|e to come together to |earn more
about how to cont|nuous|y |mprove pract|ce, systems, and
The Pathfnder project |ntends to de||ver on a number of key
act|ons dur|ng |ts ||fet|me. These |nc|ude |mprov|ng offender
h|gh r|sk transfer protoco|s, prov|d|ng better tra|n|ng for
the Oha|rs of MAPP Pane|s, |nvest|ng |n |mprov|ng the r|sk
management and assessment sk|||s of pract|t|oners |nvo|ved
|n MAPPA, promot|ng reg|ona| cons|stency, and |mprov|ng
pub||c re|at|ons prof|es.
As th|s report |s be|ng prepared, a|| MAPPA Areas awa|t
rece|pt of new government MAPPA gu|de||nes and the
outcome of the Oh||d Sex Offender Rev|ew both of wh|ch
w||| further strengthen cooperat|on and effect|veness w|th|n
the system. These pr|nc|p|es are refected |n the Oross
Government P|an on Sexua| v|o|ence and Abuse |Apr||
2007ì wh|ch represents an |mportant step |n target|ng and
br|ng|ng to just|ce those who comm|t ser|ous offences,
wh||st ensur|ng as much as poss|b|e that v|ct|ms and
commun|t|es rema|n protected from the act|ons of |nd|v|dua|
offenders. lt |s for th|s very purpose that MAPPA ex|sts, and
|t |s encourag|ng to see the cont|nuous |mprovements that
each MAPPA Area |s produc|ng year on year.
Ma| Munday
Ass|stant Oh|ef Offcer Probat|on
SW Reg|on Pub||c Protect|on Manager
Wlltshlre & Swlndon MAPPA
Key Ach|evements and Bus|ness P|an Rev|ew
Dur|ng the year Mu|t|-Agency Pub||c Protect|on
Arrangements |MAPPAì |n W||tsh|re has cont|nued to
work successfu||y w|th over 800 cases |n the commun|ty,
|n pr|son and |n hosp|ta|s.
Once aga|n |t |s good to report that for the Oommun|t|es
of W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon there were no cases |nvo|v|ng
MAPPA |eve| 2 or 3 offenders |h|gher r|sk cases |n the
systemì be|ng conv|cted of further ser|ous offences
dur|ng th|s per|od.
The work of MAPPA |s at both strateg|c deve|opment and
at a pract|ca| operat|ona| |eve|.
Strateg|ca||y the |nvo|vement of the W||tsh|re Or|m|na|
Just|ce Board |WOJBì has been a pos|t|ve deve|opment.
The assumpt|on of overs|ght by th|s board |ntegrates
MAPPA |nto the w|der strateg|c management of a||
|oca| cr|m|na| just|ce matters |n W||tsh|re.
Quarter|y reports are now subm|tted to the WOJB and
Bus|ness p|ans and dec|s|ons on operat|ona| pr|or|t|es
are now shared w|th th|s w|der group.
The MAPPA Strateg|c Management Board has
author|sed mu|t|-agency aud|ts of pract|ce and
|mprovements |dent|fed as |nd|cated.
There have been connect|ons w|th reg|ona| and
nat|ona| events to ensure that |n th|s area`s
deve|opments are |n ||ne w|th and |earn|ng from good
pract|ce |n other areas.
v|ct|m Support |s strateg|ca||y fu||y |nvo|ved |n MAPPA
lnd|v|dua| agenc|es resourc|ng of staff support|ng the
MAPPA work has been h|gh||ghted and |nfuent|a|
a||ocat|ng staff to th|s work.
Operat|ona||y MAPPA has he|d more than 300 meet|ngs
over the |ast year on |eve| 2 & 3 cases.
R|sk management act|on p|ans to protect v|ct|ms,
prevent|on of the|r re-v|ct|m|sat|on and m|n|m|s|ng
the chance of new v|ct|ms be|ng created have been
agreed, act|oned and rev|ewed |n a|| these meet|ngs.
The MAPPA Bus|ness P|an Rev|ew
|ast year`s report carr|ed the fu|| ro|||ng 3-Year |oca| MAPPA
bus|ness p|an. Th|s year we are comment|ng on |ts
|mp|ementat|on and deve|opment by STRATEGlO AlMS |n
a |ess forma| and more access|b|e format as requested by
the pub||c and non-spec|a||sts.
Deve|opment Strategy - A|m: to ach|eve ded|cated
MAPPA Oo-ord|nat|on and Adm|n|strat|on capac|ty.
W||tsh|re Po||ce and Probat|on have cont|nued to fund
ded|cated staff. There have been staff changes.
Agreement on add|t|ona| staff have been ach|eved |n
||ne w|th growth of the numbers of offenders |n the
lnformat|on Techno|ogy Systems have been compared
and agreements on shar|ng data have been reached.
The ro|| out of v|SOR across the Pr|sons and Probat|on
Serv|ces |s p|anned for 2007-8 wh|ch w||| support
MAPPA adm|n|strat|on capac|ty and effect|veness
Th|s year`s report deta||s the 5th year of operat|on of the Nat|ona| MAPPA System |n W||tsh|re and covers the per|od from
1st Apr|| 2006 to 31st March 2007. lt bu||ds on prev|ous reports, wh|ch are ava||ab|e a|ong w|th those of a|| the
other MAPPA areas on http://www.probat|on.homeoffce.gov.uk/output/page30.asp
Wlltshlre & Swlndon MAPPA - Oont|nued
The |ntegrat|on of rev|sed nat|ona| gu|de||nes and forms
has been de|ayed at the centre however |oca||y they w|||
st||| be de||vered once rece|ved.
Mon|tor|ng and Eva|uat|on Strategy
Bus|ness p|ans now |ncorporate mon|tor|ng
Annua| Reports are de||vered
Aud|ts on MAPPA |eve|s have been undertaken jo|nt|y
across the reg|on and var|at|ons |n pract|ce ana|ysed.
Act|on to remedy |ncons|stenc|es |dent|fed.
Ser|ous Further Offence procedures have not been
needed on the 2006-7 MAPPA case|oad. The Nat|ona|
draft gu|de||nes w||| be |ntegrated |nto |oca| pract|ce.
Attendance of agenc|es |n MAPPA |eve| 2 & 3 meet|ngs
has been ana|ysed and resu|ts shared w|th the
Strateg|c Management Board. The aud|t d|d not revea|
a prob|em.
The D|vers|ty prof|e of MAPPA offenders |s now be|ng
co||ected and w||| be reported on |n subsequent
Draft performance |nd|cators for MAPPA nat|ona||y
have now been rece|ved and w||| be |ntegrated |nto
aud|ts and ana|ys|s dur|ng 2007-8
Further Ser|ous Offences when occurr|ng w||| be dea|t
w|th dur|ng 2007-8 as per the new gu|de||nes, current|y
|n draft.
Pract|ce and po||cy checks have been made by a||
Strateg|c Management Board agenc|es under a ¯Hea|th
Oheck" to confrm compat|b|||ty w|th MAPPA. Th|s
work |s cont|nu|ng dur|ng 2007-8
Agenc|es |n the SMB are g|v|ng regu|ar feedback on
the|r agenc|es |nvo|vement w|th MAPPA.
Key Bus|ness R|sks have been |dent|fed and cons|dered
at SMB w|th a ro|||ng work p|an to address schedu|ed
W||tsh|re Or|m|na| Just|ce Board has accepted
overs|ght of the |oca| MAPPA w|th the MAPPA SMB
Oha|r report|ng quarter|y.
Commun|cat|on & Strateg|c Partnersh|ps Strategy
Bus|ness p|ans now |ncorporate mon|tor|ng
The Annua| Report pub||shed on due date
A |oca| Oommun|cat|ons p|an has been created from
Nat|ona| Strategy and commenced
A Prem|um Serv|ce Protoco| for MAPPA cases has
been deve|oped to ensure that these h|gher r|sk cases
are dea|t w|th as a pr|or|ty by a|| re|evant agenc|es.
Oommun|ty and w|der agency engagement |n MAPPA
|s be|ng deve|oped though:
lnformat|on to the Pub||c e.g. at WOJB Open
day; presentat|on to head teacher`s forums; |oca|
Safeguard|ng Oh||dren Board.
v|ct|m Support |s now fu||y engaged w|th MAPPA at a
strateg|c |eve|
Tra|n|ng Strategy
Tra|n|ng p|an deve|oped, de|ayed due to staff shortage
but now due for |mp|ementat|on dur|ng 2007-8
Agenc|es have |dent|fed tra|n|ng needs
Reg|ona| tra|n|ng for Oha|rs of MAPPA meet|ngs has
|oca| agenc|es have cascaded tra|n|ng |nformat|on
from both Nat|ona| Tra|n|ng pack and |oca| |nformat|on
to staff.
How The MAPPA Operate Looally
How Does MAPPA Work?
Each of the Po||ce and Probat|on areas now has MAPPA.
These are Mu|t|-Agency arrangements wh|ch enab|e |oca||y
based assessment, conferenc|ng and management of
offenders who have comm|tted dangerous, v|o|ent or sexua|
W|th|n W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon these arrangements have
been runn|ng s|nce the Sex Offences Act of 1997 requ|red
c|oser work|ng between the Or|m|na| Just|ce and Oourt
Serv|ces. The arrangements now operat|ng are based
on further deve|opments requ|red by the Or|m|na| Just|ce
Act 2003 and the Sexua| Offences Act 2003. These run
a|ongs|de the estab||shed arrangements for ch||dren and
vu|nerab|e adu|ts.
The emphas|s |n MAPPA |s to assess and manage the
offender to reduce the r|sk they present to the commun|ty
at |arge as we|| as |n some occas|ons, to known |nd|v|dua|s
or staff work|ng w|th them.
What does MAPPA seek to do?
ldent|fy v|o|ent and sexua| offenders |n the area.
Share |nformat|on w|th agenc|es dea||ng w|th offenders.
Assess the r|sk an |nd|v|dua| may present.
When needed, br|ng agenc|es together to manage r|sk.
What doesn't MAPPA do?
MAPPA meet|ngs do not assume respons|b|||ty for
a case.
MAPPA does not take respons|b|||ty for a case.
MAPPA does not requ|re agenc|es to work beyond the|r
ex|st|ng statutory dut|es.
How The MAPPA Operate Looally - Oont|nued
Wh|ch Organ|sat|ons are |nvo|ved?
The Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|son Serv|ces are the core of the ¯Respons|b|e Author|ty" for the MAPPA. On pract|ca| case
management they work w|th other agenc|es to share |nformat|on and assessments, dec|de on r|sk |nd|v|dua|s pose, meet to
share p|ans and rev|ew act|ons. The partners |nvo|ved are ||sted be|ow:
W||tsh|re Constabu|ary
W||tsh|re Probat|on Area
HM Pr|son Serv|ce
Sw|ndon Soc|a| Serv|ces Department:
W||tsh|re County Counc||: Ch||dren and Fam|||es Dept
W||tsh|re County Counc||: Educat|on Dept
W||tsh|re Pr|mary Care Trusts
Avon and W||tsh|re Partnersh|p Menta| Hea|th NHS Trust
E|ectron|c Mon|tor|ng Agenc|es
Sw|ndon Borough Counc||: Hous|ng
Sa||sbury D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
Kennet D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
West W||tsh|re D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
North W||tsh|re D|str|ct Counc||: Hous|ng
Other Reg|stered Soc|a| Land|ords and Hous|ng Assoc|at|ons
W||tsh|re Youth Offend|ng Team
Sw|ndon Youth Offend|ng Team
Job Centre P|us
The MAPPA system co-ord|nates the |nter agency
management of Sex Offenders and Dangerous Offenders.
Oases meet|ng Sex Offender Reg|strat|on cr|ter|a and those
on superv|sed re|ease from pr|son for v|o|ent offences are
managed by the Pr|son Serv|ce, Po||ce, Probat|on and
Youth Offend|ng Serv|ce |YOSì w|th the |nvo|vement other
agenc|es as appropr|ate. Oentra| reg|sters of cases |n the
system enab|e track|ng of case deta||s. Dec|s|ons are made
by po||ce, probat|on and YOS consu|t|ng w|th other agenc|es
as to wh|ch |eve| a case needs to be managed to m|n|m|se
the r|sks.
The systems set up at the end of 2003/4 cont|nue to
operate a|though the |ntroduct|on of new nat|ona| Gu|de||nes
and forms has been de|ayed these are st||| ant|c|pated and
w||| be used on th|s area when |ssued. The de|ay |n
product|on of both the new Nat|ona| Gu|de||nes and
documentat|on has de|ayed the p|anned re-|aunch of
MAPPA us|ng these mater|a|s however th|s |s st||| p|anned
for short|y after they are fna||sed however throughout the
year good use of the MAPPA arrangement has been made
by a|| expected part|c|pat|ng agenc|es.
Who does what?
MAPPA |s supported by the v|SOR Pub||c Protect|on Ün|t
based w|th W||tsh|re Po||ce |n Dev|zes, and fve Reg|strars
two of whom are jo|nt|y funded by W||tsh|re Oonstabu|ary
and W||tsh|re Probat|on Area.
The MAPPA Oo-ord|nator and an Adm|n|strator both work
w|th the Po||ce |n Dev|zes, together w|th the v|SOR
lnte|||gence Offcers who ma|nta|n both v|SOR and reg|strars
for the v|o|ent and sexua| offenders. Fund|ng for the Oo-
ord|nator, Adm|n|strator and a number of the v|SOR
lnte|||gence Offcers |s shared jo|nt|y between w|th Po||ce
and Probat|on. The Oo-ord|nator and Adm|n|strator work
co||aborat|ve|y w|th a|| agenc|es to ensure |nformat|on,
assessments and r|sk p|ans on offenders are undertaken,
shared and rev|ewed so that the pub||c are protected.
The v|SOR lnte|||gence Offcers keep co||ate the |nformat|on
on the offenders from po||ce, probat|on, pr|sons and duty to
co-operate agenc|es reg|sters of the offenders wh||e a|so
prov|de ana|ys|s of offenders r|sk prof|es, estab||sh
connect|ons and ||nks between offenders.
They report:

"7|e cont|nµed deve|ooment of v|SOR as a s|ng|e
nat|ona| dataoase |o|d|ng sex and dange|oµs offende|s
|as enao|ed mo|e como|e|ens|ve and effect|ve ||a|son
oetween Po||ce fo|ces t||oµg|oµt t|e Un|ted
K|ngdom. Cases a|e ||te|a||v t|ansfe||ed at t|e toµc|
of a oµtton and ||s| management |ssµes and o|ans a|e
smoot||v t|ansfe||ed and cont|nµed. W|t| t|e
sc|edµ|ed |o||-oµt to NOMS t|ese oenehts w|||
extend to a|| MAPPA offende|s and |ead to even g|eate|
co-ooe|at|on oetween t|e oa|tne| agenc|es. P||son
access |s aga|n o|ov|ng |nva|µao|e w|t| v|ta| |nfo|mat|on
on sex offende| assoc|at|on |ead|ng to o|o-act|ve |at|e|
t|an |eact|ve |esoonses."
v|5O| |n|e|||gence O//ce|s
How Mappa Makes Communltles Safer
Oase Examp|es
Mr A Aged 35
Mr A was a violent offender who had seriously injured his
wife in a serious of domestic incidents. He had left her
very fearful of his likely actions in the future and wishing
to change her name and move away form the area. As Mr D
was sentenced to · years imprisonment he would have to be
released after I8 months but under supervision by the
probation service with conditions.
Risk Assessment
At a number of interagency meetings it was confirmed that Mr D was a very high risk
of harm to his ex-wife if in the immediate area and a medium risk to their children.
Risk Management Plan
Hostel Accommodation in another area was arranged with curfew and reporting at
intervals that would prevent his leaving the area unnoticed for long enough to
return to this before his wife could be warned.
Assistance to be given to Mr D¹s wife to clear up her affairs locally and move.
Disclosure to the relevant local school head Teachers as to Mr A¹s details, so that
if he either contacted or visited the schools the police could be alerted.
Licence conditions included non-contact with ex-wife, children and exclusion zone on
their address.
Return to the home area was planned as acceptable once risks were agreed as reduced,
his ex-wife had moved and attitudes had been demonstrated as acceptable for an
agreed time.
Mr A was accommodated at the hostel for · months before it was confirmed his wife
had moved and resettled elsewhere. Curfews were kept and positive work was done
with Mr A on his attitudes towards his ex-wife and how he had responsibility for his
situation. He moved back to a hostel in this area and continued to work positively
with the Probation Service. He found a new girlfriend and told the Probation
Officer about her. He agreed to self-disclose to her about his offences to enable
her to make an informed decision as to any risks which might be presented to her.
This happened and was checked by the probation officer in conversation with her.
He remains in this area now, stable and not in touch with his ex-wife. He appears
to be using the advice and guidance he received on the courses in prison and the
community to regulate his relations with his girlfriend.
Miss B
Miss B is a ·0 year old single woman living in an urban area.
She has a complex psychiatric history including self harm and
presents a risk to others due to her fire setting. Having
twice received substantial terms of imprisonment, · years and
4 years for Arson, she is subject to supervision on licence by
the local Probation Service. In the recent past she has been
unwell psychiatrically as well as presenting disturbed
behaviour and setting limited fires in her garden and setting
off smoke alarms. As a determinate sentence prisoner she must
be released into the community on a certain date and if not detainable under the Mental
Health Act will need accommodation in the community.
Risk Assessment
High risk of re-conviction, High risk of Harm to the Public from reckless criminal
damage by arson and high risk of harm to herself independently of the arson risks.
She was therefore assessed as both vulnerable and dangerous.
Risk Management Plan
Full multi-agency approach to both protect the community and Miss B.
Accommodation to be provided in detached Local Authority property with an alarm and
sprinkler system fitted.
Care Programme Approach from the Mental Health Services.
Strict operation of her Licence by the Probation Service.
Full involvement of the local Fire and Rescue Service to assess her property and have
their control room staff aware of the particular risks associated with a call out to her
Strategy was to try to contain and treat in the community as far as possible so that
Miss B learned to cope with the stresses of everyday life.
After release and initial co-operation behaviour deteriorated. There were 4? call
outs within I month to the Police and ?· call outs within I month to the Fire Services.
Recall was considered immediately however a possible fault with the sprinkler system in
her property cast doubt on responsibility of the initial problems. On investigation it
appeared she had been setting it off by burning toast and was then abusive when the Fire
Brigade attended. She was recalled for further threats to set fire to the bungalow.
On re-release after three months recall the same plan was re-instigated but with more
success. Miss B is now in regular contact with the Forensic Mental Health Team, keeping
to the conditions of her licence with the Probation Offender Manager. There have been no
further fires set or call outs to the Fire Service. Relevant local services have been
made aware of the risks Miss B presents. This case will remain MAPPA level ? for some
time to ensure Miss B¹s situation is monitored and any changes in risk are communicated
to all concerned so that plans remain appropriate.
Oase Examp|es
Oase Examp|es
Mr D Aged 40
Mr D was a Registered Sex Offender wanted by a North Country
Police Force for failing to notify an address following
release from prison. Mr D as a history of failing to notify.
He was shown as wanted on PNC. He had a history of travelling
the country and putting himself in positions of risk as he
did not recognise his risks or the need to comply with the
registration requirements. He had assaulted a female drug
intervention worker and accordingly has been placed on the
sex offender register.
Risk Assessment
He was assessed as a high risk to adult women of sexual assault and a general high risk
of violence
Risk Management Plan
The Police National Computer (PNC) system and Violent and Sex Offender Database (ViSOR)
had this man flagged as High risk and Wanted.
Any area coming into contact with him would identify his situation and prosecute him for
the failure to notify his details.
Monitoring to be resumed once contact is re-established.
Notify agencies dealing with him as to his risks to arrange appropriate responses
Consider disclosure to relevant public e.g. accommodation providers
At 0I.·S one Sunday Mr D was arrested by British Transport Police at Swindon Railway
Station. He was subsequently taken to Swindon Custody where it was identified that he
was wanted for failing to notify. He was charged with Drunk and Disorderly and failing
to notify, bail refused and held overnight for appearance at Swindon Magistrates.
A Probation Officer on Court Duty contacted the one of the Swindon Police Public
Protection Unit Police Officers as the Magistrates Court who wanted clarification
regarding the sex offender status of Mr D. At that time is appeared that Mr D was
only facing a D&D charge. The Police Officer who was out on Home Visits to other Sex
Offenders contacted the ViSOR Intelligence Unit at the Police HQ. Checks were made
and established that Mr D was wanted, advised the Probation Officer who arranged for
an adjournment at court in order to give time to obtain the case papers and necessary
statements from the North of England. These were then faxed to the Probation Officer
who took the paperwork to court. Mr D was given IS months imprisonment for failing
to notify with no separate penalty for the D&D. The North of England Police Force was
pleased as other forces had previously missed the opportunity to deal with Mr D.
This was a simple example of how British Transport Police, Wiltshire Constabulary,
Wiltshire Probation and Courts took the time to pay attention to the wider needs of the
public nationally, used the electronic databases available, good working relationships
fostered through MAPPA and appreciation of each others roles to protect the public.
2006-7 Statlstloal lnformatlon & Commentary
Th|s sect|on conta|ns comments spec|fc to the stat|st|ca|
sect|on common to a|| area MAPPA Annua| Reports. The
stat|st|cs reported on are as prescr|bed by the Home Offce/
M|n|stry of Just|ce. lt |s |mportant that these fgures are
v|ewed |n the context of the recorded cr|me fgures |n
W||tsh|re for the per|od. Wh||e W||tsh|re ma|nta|ns a |ower
than average |nc|dence of m|nor v|o|ence aga|nst the
person, v|o|ent cr|me and robber|es, as |n most count|es
these categor|es show some |ncreases. There has however
been a decrease |n sexua| offences. W||tsh|re compares
we|| w|th the other count|es recogn|sed as be|ng most
s|m||ar and overa|| rema|ns one of the safest count|es |n
wh|ch to ||ve and work.
Reg|stered Sex Offenders: The tota| number of reg|stered
sex offenders |n th|s area has cont|nued to r|se as expected
a|though the percentage |ncrease |s decreas|ng. The tota|s
r|se not because sexua| offend|ng or offenders are becom|ng
more preva|ent but due to the cont|nu|ng co||ect|on of
offenders w|th |ong term reg|strat|on requ|rements. Those
w|th shorter terms of 5, 7 or 10 conv|cted |n the ear|y years
of the 1997 set up of the system are |eav|ng reg|strat|on
wh||e those sentenced to substant|a| terms of |mpr|sonment
are reg|stered for ||fe and w||| rema|n |n the system. As
noted |ast year the d|str|but|on by Po||ce Bas|c Oommand
Ün|t |s approx|mate|y as expected by the popu|at|on
V|o|ent Offenders: Th|s year the number of v|o|ent
offenders has once aga|n started to r|se, th|s |s attr|buted to
the |ncreased numbers of |onger per|ods on ||cence and
superv|s|on by the Probat|on Serv|ce of offenders sentenced
under the 2003 Or|m|na| Just|ce Act wh|ch |ntroduced
Pub||c Protect|on Sentences. These offenders w||| statutor||y
rema|n |n the MAPPA system at |east at |eve| 1 for the
durat|on of the|r ||cences.
Other offenders |n MAPPA: These cases are not statutor||y
|nvo|ved |n MAPPA and are on|y referred |nto MAPPA and
he|d |n MAPPA at |eve| 2 & 3, as |ong as needed, to fac|||tate
|nteragency r|sk management. As pred|cted |ast year th|s
number appears to have |eve||ed out, after the |ntroduct|on
of c|earer rev|ew processes |n 2004-5 the numbers fe||. lt
now appears to have reached a more stab|e base||ne w|th
a cons|stent number of cases of concern rema|n|ng |n the
2006-7 Statlstloal lnformatlon & Commentary - Oont|nued
01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07
Number of RSOs
Number of v|o|ent
& Other Sex Offenders
Number of Other
Offenders |n MAPPA

2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05

2005-06 2006-07

Number of Reg|stered
185 255 234 266 316 356
Sex Offenders |RSOì
Number of v|o|ent and Other
200 214 129 150 72 97

Sex Offenders
Number of Other Offenders
5 28 78 89 50 53
Tota|s 390 497 441 505 438 506

Number of Reg|stered Sex Offenders by Po||ce Bas|c Command Un|t
Number Per 100K

¯A" D|v|s|on const|tuted by Kennet and Sa||sbury D|str|ct Oounc|| areas 84 189,000 44.4
¯O" D|v|s|on const|tuted by North and West W||tsh|re D|str|ct Oounc|| areas 137 243,000 56.4
¯D" D|v|s|on const|tuted by Sw|ndon Borough Oounc|| area 135 180,000 75
Stat|st|cs re|at|ng to Court Orders
2004-05 2005-06


Number of SOPOs app||ed for 16 11 17
Number of |nter|m SOPOs 0 0 0
Number of Not|fcat|on Orders App||ed for 0 0 1
Number of Not|fcat|on Orders Granted 0 0 1
Number of SOPOs granted 15 11 17
Number of Fore|gn Trave| Orders app||ed for 0 0 0
Number of Fore|gn Trave| Orders |mposed 0 0 0
C|v|| Orders used to contro| Sex Offenders
Sexua| Offence Prevent|on Orders (SOPOsj: Wh||e the
percentage |ncrease |n SOPOs |mposed th|s year |s
substant|a|, the base fgure |s re|at|ve|y sma|| but appropr|ate|y
proport|onate to the numbers of new cases com|ng |nto the
system on wh|ch they w||| be of beneft. Most of the orders
are made at the po|nt of sentence on the recommendat|on
of the Po||ce v|a the Orown prosecut|on Serv|ce and by the
Probat|on Serv|ce |n Pre-Sentence Reports. Th|s |s to
ensure that re|evant r|sky act|ons preparatory to offend|ng
can be proh|b|ted and acted on at an ear|y stage before
anyone |s v|ct|m|sed. Th|s can be proh|b|t|ng v|s|ts to parks,
||v|ng |n the same house as a ch||d, us|ng |nternet computers
or other spec|fc act|ons connected w|th that offender`s
patterns of behav|our. The use of SOPOs w||| vary from
year to year accord|ng to the needs of those com|ng |nto
reg|strat|on; some offenders have orders |mposed after
sentence |f the|r behav|our appears to have deter|orated.
Th|s fgure |s |nd|cat|ve of the co||aborate act|ve way |n
wh|ch th|s area of work |s managed by the Po||ce, OPS and
Probat|on Serv|ce. The tota| number of offenders subject
to SOPOs or Sex Offender Orders, the ear||er vers|on of th|s
order, at the end March 2007 was 57 of whom a substant|a|
number are |nc|uded |n the 62 |eve| 2 MAPPA cases.
Not|ñcat|on Orders: These orders are va|uab|e |n a ||m|ted
number of cases where SOPOs are not ava||ab|e and br|ngs
an offender otherw|se not on the Sex Offender Reg|strat|on
and Not|fcat|on system w|th|n |ts rem|t. The use of th|s
order w|th|n W||tsh|re |nd|cates that a w|de range of
measures are taken to protect our commun|t|es.
Fore|gn Trave| Orders: Nat|ona||y as we|| as |oca||y these
Orders have not been used as much as was ant|c|pated
when created, a|though they rema|n one of the too|s
ava||ab|e for the Po||ce |n W||tsh|re to prevent a |oca| sex
offender v|s|t|ng or mov|ng abroad to comm|t offences.
2006-7 Statlstloal lnformatlon & Commentary - Oont|nued
|ast few years. Th|s |||ustrates that w|th|n W||tsh|re we are
now more confdent on wh|ch cases need rev|ew and can
be reduced to |eve| 1 once an act|ve and effect|ve r|sk
management p|an |s shared and agreed. Th|s ab|||ty enab|es
the overa|| system to ho|d the |arger numbers of cases. The
number of |eve| 3 cases has var|ed by type rather than
overa|| number over the |ast two years.
2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
|n numbers
Number of RSOs N/A N/A 36 51 62 +11 21
Number of v&OS N/A N/A 33 35 41 +6 17
Number of Other N/A N/A 20 52 52 0 0
Leve| 2 MAPPA Cases
2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
|n numbers
Number of RSOs 36 9 3 6 3 -3 N/A
Number of v&OS 21 6 2 7 9 +2 N/A
Number of Other 28 5 1 0 1 +1 N/A
Leve| 3 MAPPP Offenders
Leve| 2 & 3 MAPPA Cases

These cases are the h|gher r|sk and more comp|ex ones
where act|ve |nteragency r|sk management |s fac|||tated by
round the tab|e mu|t|-agency d|scuss|ons |n forma| meet|ngs.
Overa|| the number of cases cont|nues to r|se however the
number of meet|ngs as rema|ned rough|y constant for the
Outcome Measures |n MAPPA Cases
Offenders |n W||tsh|re expect to have to keep to the
cond|t|ons of the|r reg|strat|on requ|rements. The stat|st|cs
prov|ded demonstrate that there |s good comp||ance, act|on
to prosecute or reca|| where offenders fa|| to comp|y and
overa|| a commendab|y good record over the |ast few years
of very few Ser|ous Further Offences |n th|s group. Sex
Offenders and those on ||cence have regu|ar contact w|th
spec|fed po||ce or probat|on offcers who know them and
the|r s|tuat|ons, and are c|ear w|th them that enforcement
act|on |s taken |f they do not comp|y. Wh||e some whether
|ow or h|gher r|sk w||| fa|| to co-operate |n context of the
tota| numbers dea|t w|th the comp||ance rate |s very good.

2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06

2006-07 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07

Oases returned to custody
9 1 1 0 0 11 9 11
for breach of ||cence
Returned to custody breach
1 1 0 0 0 1 2 0
Restra|n|ng Order/SOPO
Were charged w|th a ser|ous
1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
sexua| or v|o|ent offence
Leve| 3 MAPPA Offenders Leve| 2
Outcome Measures of MAPPA Act|v|ty

ln my ro|e as ass|stant ch|ef offcer w|th W||tsh|re Probat|on Area
l am comm|tted to cont|nuous |mprovement |n the work my
organ|sat|on performs |n conjunct|on w|th other agenc|es |n order
to manage and reduce any r|sk an |nd|v|dua| represents to others.

¯Wh||st there are few young peop|e w|th|n W||tsh|re
and Sw|ndon who are assessed to
pose a h|gh enough r|sk to be |nc|uded |n MAPPA, |t
does form the cornerstone of our r|sk management
po||c|es of those who do.

The mu|t| agency co-operat|on and comm|tment
that ex|sts w|th|n MAPPA |n W||tsh|re and Sw|ndon |s
cruc|a| |n ensur|ng the pub||c are protected from the
's|gn|fcant few` young peop|e who present a r|sk."

As the representat|ve from |oca| Author|ty Hous|ng
l have a|ways been |mpressed by the comm|tment
to rea| partnersh|p work|ng demonstrated at MAPPA
Strateg|c Management Board meet|ngs. Th|s |eve|
of comm|tment and co-operat|on he|ps to ensure
that the commun|ty |s protected from that m|nor|ty of
|nd|v|dua|s who are cons|dered to present a r|sk.
Strateglo Management Board

MAPPA prov|des a nat|ona| framework for the
assessment and management of r|sk posed by
ser|ous and v|o|ent offenders |nc|ud|ng |nd|v|dua|s
who are cons|dered to pose a r|sk, or potent|a| r|sk,
of harm to ch||dren. The SMB |s a route through
wh|ch Oh||dren Serv|ces work |n partnersh|p w|th
agenc|es to Safeguard and Promote the We|fare of
Oh||dren and Young Peop|e

As MAPPA SMB cha|r l
convene meet|ngs across
the respons|b|e author|ty and
duty to cooperate agenc|es
to enab|e effect|ve and
co||aborat|ve partnersh|p
work|ng |n respect of pub||c/
ch||d protect|on work.

As a member of the MAPPA SMB l am ab|e to
ensure that my estab||shment |s ¯we|| s|ghted" on the
w|der r|sk management |ssues. As a consequence,
|t |s ab|e to focus on cha||eng|ng the offend|ng
behav|our of |nd|v|dua|s who pose the greater r|sk
and on target|ng
ava||ab|e |ntervent|ons to m|n|m|se r|sk upon eventua|
re|ease. Work|ng c|ose|y w|th partner organ|sat|ons
wh|ch make up the SMB fac|||tates the effect|ve
management of offenders wh||st |n custody and

l fnd MAPPA SMB an exce||ent way to ensure
that the work we do |n accommodat|ng
c||ents |n our propert|es he|ps to contr|bute to
the protect|on of the commun|ty as a who|e.
The jo|nt work|ng at MAPPA
ensures everyone needs and r|ghts are
cons|dered and we rece|ve usefu| feedback
on the effect|veness of our serv|ces

MAPPA prov|des the structure by wh|ch a|| pub||c sector agenc|es can
work together, as a team, to ach|eve our mutua| a|m of protect|ng the
By work|ng together we are ach|ev|ng the a|m of safeguard|ng the
pub||c from the most dangerous peop|e |n soc|ety. Th|s cohes|on resu|ts
|n a pub||c sector effort that |s far greater than the sum of |ts parts.
The fact that W||tsh|re |s one of the safest count|es |n wh|ch to ||ve |s
due, |n no sma|| part, to the effect|veness of MAPPA

As a menta| hea|th trust, we recogn|se our duty to be
an act|ve member of MAPPA at a|| |eve|s.
lf we are to be effect|ve partners |n de||ver|ng the
|ncreased protect|on of the pub||c us|ng MAPPA, th|s
means ensur|ng that a|| our staff are aware of the|r
|oca| MAPPA and of how to access, share |nformat|on
and use these arrangements. The trust |s deve|op|ng
an |nterna| framework th|s year to support staff |n
do|ng th|s.

Our MAPPA work ensures we understand the ||nks
between offenders and the|r v|ct|ms, keep|ng the r|sks
from offenders mon|tored, and the needs of v|ct|ms
rev|ewed. We have rec|proca| object|ves w|th|n the
bus|ness p|ans of the |oca| Safeguard|ng Board and
the MAPPA p|an

By attend|ng MAPPA SMB l have an understand|ng
of the dec|s|on mak|ng processes that mean v|ct|ms
are protected and am ab|e to pass th|s understand|ng
on to staff, vo|unteers, v|ct|ms and the med|a as
appropr|ate, as we|| as ensur|ng that v|ct|ms needs
rema|n at the heart of the process.
Strateglo Management Board - Oont|nued
|eao|ng a o|sc0ss|on on ||e |o|e o/ |av /o.|se|. 7|e |av
/o.|se|s we|e a|so |n.o|.eo |n ||e con||n0|ng como|e|ens|.e
o0s|ness ||s| assessmen| ano ||e como||a||on o/ ||e
S0s|ness ||an. 7|ev |a.e a||enoeo se.e|a| |e.e| 7wo
ooe|a||ona| mee||ngs as o|//e|en| .en0es |||o0g|o0|
H|||s|||e. |av /o.|se|s |a.e 0ns0ccess/0||v |ooo|eo ||e
/|ea /anage| /o| ^O/5 |n ||e 5o0|| Hes| |n an e//o|| |o
oo|a|n ex||a /0no|ng.
7|e o.e|a|| |mo|ess|on |s ||a| ||e /genc|es |n H|||s|||e a|e
co-ooe|a||ng |oge||e| |n ||e wav //||/ o|ocesses was
oes|gneo |o o|omo|e. ano ||a| ||e |e.e| 7wo mee||ngs a|e
oe|ng |e|o |eg0|a||v w||| o|ooe| a||enoance /|om ||e
|e|e.an| oa|||es.°
The funct|on of the SMB rema|ns to prov|de |eadersh|p for
MAPPA, cons|der the strateg|c |ssues, deve|op and agree
|oca| po||c|es to enab|e the work to be undertaken and to
eva|uate performance. The cha|r|ng of the SMB revo|ves
b|enn|a||y between Po||ce, Probat|on and Pr|son
The work of the SMB has been rev|ewed and work a||ocated
to sub-groups on Oommun|cat|on, Bus|ness R|sk and
Pract|ce and Procedures. The ear||er sect|on on the
Bus|ness P|an rev|ew deta||s the SMB areas of work.
Part|c|pat|on |n the SMB has extended w|th h|gher |eve|
representat|on from Avon and W||tsh|re NHS Partnersh|p
Trust: Menta| Hea|th, v|ct|m Support, representat|ves
cover|ng the |nterests of vu|nerab|e Adu|ts.
||nks w|th |oca| Safeguard|ng Oh||dren`s Boards, vu|nerab|e
Adu|ts, Domest|c v|o|ence and Or|me and D|sorder
Partnersh|ps have a|| been fac|||tated or |mproved through
the connect|ons w|th the WOJB.
Lay Adv|sers
The |ay Adv|sers are forma||y |nvo|ved |n the Strateg|c
Management Board however they have a|so been |nvo|ved
|n aud|t, commun|cat|on and p|ann|ng on bus|ness r|sks.
They rema|n a va|ued part of the system to ensure the
pub||c perspect|ve |s construct|ve|y and cr|t|ca||y |nvo|ved |n
the work of MAPPA. They comment:
'|| |s 0s0a| /o| oo|| |av /o.|so|s |o a||eno 5/S. 7|e |av
/o.|se|s |a.e o|aveo ac||.e |o|es |n ||e 5||a|eg|c o|ann|ng
ano Comm0n|ca||on s0og|o0os. 7|e |av /o.|so|s we|e
|eo|esen|eo a| oo|| ann0a| na||ona| con/e|ence /o| |av
/o.|so|s |e|o |n |eeos |n Feo|0a|v. ano ||e //||/ 5H
/|ea Con/e|ence |n 7a0n|on |n /a|c|. w||c| |nc|0oeo
Looklng Ahead to 2007 and Onwards
The fo||ow|ng deve|opments and |n|t|at|ves are expected
over the year. The SMB w||| p|an for them and the|r
|mp|ementat|on w|th the overa|| a|m of cont|nu|ng to ensure
that W||tsh|re & Sw|ndon rema|ns a re|at|ve|y safe area |n
wh|ch to ||ve and work.
The v|SOR database on ser|ous sexua| and v|o|ent
offenders |s extended to the Probat|on serv|ce and
Pr|son serv|ce to share |nformat|on and promote qu|cker
more effect|ve act|on.
The new Nat|ona| Gu|de||nes on MAPPA w||| be
MAPPA w||| use a nat|ona| set of records and reports
enab||ng more cons|stent assessment and management
of a|| offenders and better management of offenders
who trave| between areas.
Performance Standards for MAPPA w||| be |ntroduced
The act|on from ¯The Rev|ew of the Protect|on of
Oh||dren form Sex Offenders" w||| be |mp|emented
More |nformat|on on how MAPPA works |s to be
g|ven to the |oca| pub||c, MPs, counc|||ors and |oca|
D|sc|osure of |nformat|on on offenders |s to cont|nue
and be enhanced by new gu|de||nes.
A S|ng|e Po|nt of Oontact |s to be arranged for enqu|r|es
about the work of MAPPA
Po||ce Ch|ef Constab|e
Po||ce Headquarters
|ondon Road, Dev|zes
W||tsh|re SN10 2DN
Probat|on Serv|ce Ch|ef Probat|on Ofñcer
Bythesea Road, Trowbr|dge
W||tsh|re BA14 8JQ
Pr|son Serv|ce Governor
HM Pr|son
Er|estoke, Dev|zes
W||tsh|re SN10 5TÜ
Contact Po|nts W|th|n The Respons|b|e Author|ty