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The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002



The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

County Durham

The Partnership Arrangements for the

Management of Registered Sex Offenders

and Dangerous People within County

Durham and Darlington

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002


In April 1997 agencies in County Durham and Darlington

comprising Police, Probation, Prisons, Housing, Health and
Social Services agreed a joint approach in dealing with Sex
Offenders and Dangerous Persons in the community. This
enabled a partnership agreement to be in place prior to the
introduction of the Sex Offender legislation, which came into
force in September of that year.

This local initiative resulted in significant work being

undertaken prior to the legislative duty placed on Police and
Probation Services contained in the Criminal Justice and
Court Services Act 2000 for the assessment and
management of dangerous offenders and for convening Multi
Agency Public Protection Panels to manage those people
considered to pose a risk of serious harm to the public.

The establishment of a unique Public Protection Unit in

November 1999 comprising Police and Probation personnel
within one team, has further strengthened the role of Public
Protection in County Durham and Darlington and improved the
level of inter-agency co-operation within the area. The
uniqueness of the Public Protection Unit has resulted in
national recognition and County Durham and Darlington is to
be a pilot area for the new national database VISOR [Violent,
Sex Offender Register].

The County Durham and Darlington Public Protection Unit is

now supported by a Public Protection Strategy Group and
Steering Group which ensures all agencies are involved in the
development and oversight of the unit’s work. The local
strategy reflects fully the legislative duty placed on the Police
and Probation Services. In addition, it also provides
arrangements agreed locally for convening Public Protection
Meetings to manage the risks posed by those people whose
level of risk falls outside that defined in the Criminal Justice
and Court Services Act 2000 but which, if realised, would
cause harm to the public. The strategy is underpinned by the
creation of productive and manageable partnerships with key
local agencies, which make a significant contribution to the

This strategy is fully supported by the following agencies:

q National Probation Service County Durham

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

q Durham Constabulary
q County Durham and Darlington Social Services
q County Durham and Darlington Housing Departments
q County Durham and Darlington Health Authority, NHS
Trusts and Primary Care Organisations
q The Prison Service
q Crown Prosecution Service
q Youth Offending Services – County Durham Youth
Offending Service and Darlington Youth Offending Service.

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002


The Public Protection q Police Sergeant As Public Protection

Strategy Group is q 2 Police work has developed
made up of Senior Constables Youth Offending
Managers from each q 2 Probation Teams have become
agency supporting the Officers full partners to the
strategy. Each q 1 Probation Strategy since its
member of the Service Officer inception. In County
Strategy Group brings q Support Service Durham and
their own specialist staff. Darlington there is a
knowledge and skill positive attitude to
relevant to their own The Unit functions joint working
discipline. However from a central location agreements and there
the crucial role is to within a Probation have not been any
bring together and Office and jointly significant difficulties
share expertise and manages the in seeking agencies’
resources to ensure responsibilities of all agreement to sign up
dangerous offenders work and liaison with to the strategy. The
are managed key partner agencies. communication of the
together within this strategy to
area. The group is In addition each Operational
responsible for agency has defined Managers and staff
reviewing and information sharing ensuring regular
monitoring the protocols. However attendance has been
effectiveness of the the key role is the an issue as personnel
partnership involvement of change.
arrangements. For Operational and
full details of this Senior Managers at An additional benefit
group’s role please Multi Agency Public from the strategy has
see Section 4. Protection Panels and been identified staff in
their active key agencies e.g.
The Public Protection contribution to the Health who have
Unit is made up of: decision making nominated key link
process and staff.
q Senior Probation subsequent action
Officer plans required.


The County Durham Protection Unit is point for all agencies

and Darlington Public available as a contact to refer to. The work

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

of the Unit falls into 3 MAPPP meetings will 2. Decide upon the
main categories: address the risk level of risk posed
actually or potentially by the person.
i. Multi Agency posed by the critical 3. Recommend the
Public Protection few offenders who are action necessary
Panels [MAPPPs] considered to pose to manage the risk
ii. Public Protection the highest risk of including any
Meeting’s [PPMs] causing serious harm contingencies.
iii Management of to the public within 4. Monitor and
Registered Sex County Durham and ensure
Offenders and Darlington. A Senior implementation of
Violent Offenders. Manager from County the agreed action.
Durham Probation 5. Review the level of
Multi Agency Public Area chairs MAPPP risk and the action
Protection Panel’s meetings. The facility plan in light of
[MAPPPs] for a MAPPP is changes in
available every week circumstances or
The Multi Agency if required and can be behaviour.
Public Protection called urgently on the 6. Consider and
Panel Meeting basis of need. manage
[MAPPP] is a central necessary
element of the Public All persons fitting any resources.
Protection Strategy. It of the following 7. Consider need for
is the purpose of a criteria must be community
MAPPP to share considered for referral disclosure and
relevant information, to a MAPPP. other community
previously held as issues.
confidential, in order 1. Imminence of 8. Agree a media
to assess if a person Serious Harm. strategy where
poses an imminent 2. May require appropriate.
risk of serious harm unusual resource
as defined in the allocation. If a MAPPP agrees
Criminal Justice and 3. Serious that a person does
Court Services Act community pose an imminent risk
2000. It is only those concerns. of serious harm to the
few critical cases 4. Serious media public, the identity of
which should be interest. that person will be
referred to a MAPPP. 5. Need to involve entered on the
The underlying other agencies not MAPPP Register of
principle should be usually involved. Dangerous People, a
that referral to a key worker appointed,
MAPPP will be The role of the and a review date set.
limited to those cases MAPPP is to:
in which the high risk Any agency having
of harm to the public 1. Share information concerns that a
can only be effectively previously held as person poses a risk
managed on an inter- confidential on of imminent serious
agency basis. those persons harm to the public
referred to it. should refer this

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

information to the Unit jointly by Public Sex Offender

Manager or his/her Protection Unit staff Treatment
deputy of the Public on the same or next Programme or
Protection Unit, who working day from Citizenship
will consider whether release. A joint home Programme, or
it is appropriate to visit to the offender referral to a partner
convene a MAPPP. will take place within a agency for specialist
further 10 working care and assistance,
Public Protection days. such as Health and
Meetings [PPMs] Social Services when
Sex Offenders dealing with young
Public Protection sentenced to a persons, persons with
Meetings [PPM] are Community mental health
an additional second Rehabilitation Order, problems or persons
tier local arrangement Community with learning
that County Durham Punishment and disabilities.
and Darlington have Rehabilitation Order
established outside of will be seen jointly by q The Public
the legal requirements Unit staff in an Protection Unit
which share relevant arranged office prepares all Pre
information previously appointment, within 5 Sentence Reports
held as confidential in working days of on offenders
order to assess risk sentence. A home charged with
of harm, below the visit by the Unit will relevant sex
threshold of a take place within 10 offences.
MAPPP and enable days of notification of q All Registered Sex
these individuals to Registration. Offenders will be
be identified, supervised in
assessed and jointly Sex Offenders subject accordance with
managed as required. to a caution, National
admonishment or final Standards and the
Registered Sex warning will have a agreed actions of
Offenders joint home visit within PPMs, MAPPPs
10 working days of and Case
The Public Protection notification of Management
Unit will ensure 100% Registration. requirements.
Registration of Sex q All Registered Sex
Offenders in the All offenders will be Offenders are
community within 3 supervised in jointly assessed to
days of the accordance with the assess risk levels
requirement to agreed actions of and inform
register, or take Public Protection management
positive action to Meetings and Case plans, which are
trace and prosecute Management. Case prepared under
those who fail. Management will the What Works
Sex Offenders include conditions of criteria.
released from Prison attendance at relevant q The Unit will seek
and reporting to intervention Restraining
Probation will be seen programmes, such as Orders or Sex

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

Offender Orders if release plans for all Enforcement

it is considered violent offenders
they are required sentenced to 12 The provisions of the
on an individual months imprisonment Sex Offender Act
basis. or more, and 1997, Criminal
q Protocols exist for sentenced post April Justice and Court
– Registration, 2000. The Unit Services Act 2000,
Foreign Travel contributes to and National
and Review supervision plans and Standards of
Process for Re- adds value to Licence Probation
offending. Supervision. Ongoing Supervision of
monitoring is Offenders are always
Violent Offenders sustained within positively enforced
existing PPM and
The Public Protection MAPPP procedures.
Unit monitors the


The County Durham Services outlined and pro formas

and Darlington Public in the Criminal used by agencies
Protection Strategy Justice and Court in the
Group is made up of Services Act implementation of
Senior Managers 2000. this strategy.
from agencies q Considering the q Agree relevant
supporting the Annual Report Multi Agency
strategy. They are prepared by Training required
responsible for Police and to implement this
reviewing and Probation in strategy.
monitoring the accordance with q To advise upon
effectiveness of the their statutory and co-ordinate
arrangements made duties outlined in an evaluation of
and for reviewing the Criminal this strategy
them as necessary Justice and Court based upon
and expedient. The Services Act principles of an
Public Protection 2000. appropriately
Strategy Group is q Submission of the validated
also responsible for: Annual Report to evaluation tool [for
Chief example, EEM]
q Agreeing any Officers/Chief and against
changes to this Executives of principles of Best
strategy beyond agencies Value/Better
the duties supporting this Quality Services.
imposed on the strategy.
Police and q Devising and
Probation amending forms

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

The Public Protection q Crown concerns that require

Strategy Group Prosecution an emergency
comprises of: Service. decision, this can be
q 1 representative undertaken by one of
q 2 representatives from each of the the group
from Durham County Durham representing the
Constabulary and Darlington Chairs of the Public
q 2 representatives Youth Offending Protection Strategy
from the National Services. Group.
Probation Service
County Durham Administrative The Public Protection
q 2 representatives Arrangements Steering Group meets
from County monthly and is made
Durham and The Public Protection up of the Operational
Darlington Strategy Group will be Managers within the
Housing convened by the Chief Unit and Senior
Departments Officer of the National Management from
q 2 representatives Probation Service Police and Probation.
from County County Durham
Durham and and/or the Head of The Steering Group
Darlington Health CID for Durham reviews the
Authority, NHS Constabulary and development and
Trusts and Chaired by them [or implementation of
Primary Care their nominated working practice and
Organisations deputy]. The Public guidelines of the Unit.
q 2 representatives Protection Strategy The Steering Group
from County Group will be held four also deals with any
Durham and times each year. This immediate issues that
Darlington Social strategy recognises do not require
Services that decisions may be referring to the
Departments required outside of Strategy Group.
q 2 representatives the Public Protection
from the Prison Strategy Group.
Service Where an agency has


As part of the wider sections of the each decision on

risk management community if it is felt whether or not to
process, one of the that is proportional disclose has to be
strategies that can be and justifiable. justified on the basis
adopted to reduce Community of the likelihood of the
risk is to make notifications are only harm which non-
notifications to made where there is disclosure might
individuals, groups or a pressing need and otherwise cause.

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

In County Durham and In the County Durham disadvantages of

Darlington whilst and Darlington Public disclosure can be
consideration to Protection Strategy considered. This is
disclose has taken there is clear an important
place the careful guidance that consideration based
management of disclosure can be on an individual’s
individuals has considered within the circumstances and
resulted in this not MAPPP structure the risks they pose to
being required. only. This ensures the immediate
We have on one that all agencies are community.
occasion moved an able to contribute their
individual to a more views and full
appropriate location. consideration of the
advantages and


Victim Support is the support and details of Public Protection

national charity for local services and Meetings and Multi
people affected by other relevant Agency Public
crime. It is an organisations. Protection Panels
independent representing the
organisation, offering The County Durham victim’s views in
a free and confidential Probation Area has a relevant cases. The
service, whether or responsibility within Victim Liaison Officer
not a crime has been Section 69 of the is also in touch with
reported. Trained Criminal Justice and Victim Support
staff and volunteers at Court Services Act Services across the
local branches offer 2000 to offer victims area as requested.
information and the ability to make
support to victims, representations about In addition to the
witnesses, their whether the offenders National Helpline
families and friends. should be subject to above the local VSS
any conditions on Area Manager is
Victim Support release. contactable as follows
provides the Witness :
Service, based in A Victim Liaison
every criminal court in Officer works within Area Manager
England and Wales, the same building as VSCD Area Office
to offer assistance the Public Protection 5 Court Lane
before, during and Unit and liases closely Durham DH1 3AW
after a trial. You can with staff sharing tel. 0191 3831389
also call the Victim relevant information
Supportline – 0845 throughout the Unit.
30 30 900 – for The Victim Liaison
information and Officer also attends

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002


The statistics for offenders who implemented. In

County Durham and present a very those early stages
Darlington are to be high risk of staff were able to
found within Appendix imminence of provide advice,
B. It is important when harm, from those support and training
considering this who present a to a wider group of
information to be high risk of harm. individuals. Now the
aware of the following The latter group workload is
information: are also dominated by the
considered within legislative
q The local Public the Public requirements and will
Protection Unit co- Protection need to grow if the
ordinates the framework and same standard of
response to all benefit from response is to be
offenders in the shared planning sustained.
County Durham and intervention.
and Darlington We believe it is If specific resources
area and therefore critical to focus were allocated to
benefits from a resources on the Public Protection
sharing of skills greatest need. issues centrally we
and disciplines would see the
q The criteria for the The costs outlined in potential to expand
length of Sex Annex C include the the units’
Offender initial set up costs and responsibilities to
Registration will staff hours. enable:
result in an
increasing number County Durham and a) The increasing
of offenders, for Darlington made a number of
several years, not deliberate decision to Registered Sex
due to the allocate staff from Offenders and
increasing level of existing resources Violent
offending but due and establish a Public Offenders to be
to the Protection Unit in monitored to
considerable anticipation of the existing
oversight of this required legislation. standards.
group within the The area has
legislative benefited from this b) Allow the Unit to
requirements. forward thinking take on
q County Durham approach for many of responsibility for
and Darlington the initial problems sex offender
differentiate had been overcome work in custody,
between those prior to the legislative which seems
critical few requirements being essential for

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

seamless challenges of the unit are outlined in

sentencing. housing these Annex C.
c) Ensure
continued efforts The additional costs
can be required to meet the
sustained work of the statutory
regarding the responsibility within

Contact details regarding the Annual Report :

Detective Chief Superintendent Assistant Chief Officer – Public Protection

Head of CID National Probation Service County Durham
Durham Constabulary Headquarters
Headquarters Forest House
Aykley Heads Aykley Heads Business Centre
Durham Durham

Tel No. : 0191 3864929 Tel No. : 0191 3839083

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

Annex B

Question 7 Number of

I. The number of Registered Sex Offenders [RSOs] in

the community on 31st March 2002 [s68 (2) CJ & CS 203
Act 2000]

The number of RSOs per 100,000 population 33

II. The number of SOs cautioned/convicted for

breaches of registration requirement 1 st April 2001 to 10
31st March 2002

III. The number of Sex Offender Orders 1st April 2001 –

31st March 2002

(a) total applied for

(b) granted
(c) not granted
(d) applications still in progress

IV. The number of violent offenders and other sex

offenders 173
1st April 2001 – 31st March 2002 [s68 (3)(4) & (5) CJ &
CS Act 2000]

The number of other offenders 1st April 2001 – 31st 3

March 2002 [s67 (2)(b) CJ & CS Act 2000]

The Annual Report for County Durham & Darlington 2001-2002

Annex C


Probation Police Other Total

Board Agencies
£’000 £’000 £’000 £’000

Staff Costs £100,000 £86,789 £186,789

Other Costs £18,500 £4,000 £22,500

Total Expenditure £118,500 £90,789 £209,289


Net Expenditure £118,500 £90,789 £209,289

Set up costs Nil Nil

In net expenditure