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Alternative energy sources in Thailand

By: Mintra B. Nattanai K. Panida S. Oraya A.

Wind power
Wind power is a power derived from the wind often by windmills The advantage of wind power is that the energy it produces does not cause green house effect and it is also very cheap. The disadvantage of wind power is that wind current is unreliable. The biggest windmill is in Khao Yai Taeng in Nakhon Rathchasima This wind farm belongs to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand It can generates 2,500 kilowatts of power It has been generating electricity for Thailand since 2004

how it works

Wind farm in Thailan

Solar power
Solar power is energy from the sun converted into thermal or electrical energy. The advantage of solar power is that it is infinite and free except for the receptors The disadvantage of solar power is that it can only be harnessed during the day or when its sunny There are many regions in Thailand that has been using solar power. One of the major solar power plant in Thailand is Lopburi Solar Farm in Lopburi It is one of the worlds largest solar photovoltaic power plant The power generated by the farm is expected to cut carbon dioxide emission by approximately 1.3 million tons over its projected 25-year operation.

Hydroelectric power
Hydroelectric power is generated by the force of falling water. The advantage of hydroelectric power is that electricity can be produced at a constant rate The disadvantage is that dams are extremely expensive to build and must be built at a very high standard. The biggest hydroelectric power station in Thailand is the Bhumibol Dam in Tak, Thailand. Bhumibol Dam is an arch dam on the Ping River It contributed 73.66% of Thailand's power generation It can generates 560,000 kilowatts


Biomass is plant material and animal waste used as fuel The advantage of biomass is that it doesnt release additional Carbon Dioxide and it can help in reducing disposal costs. The disadvantage of biomass is that biogas plant requires space and produces dirty smell. Today, biomass is the source for nearly 80% of Thailands renewable energy, representing over 10% of the countrys total energy consumption. One of the major companies that generates energy from biomass is Phetchaburi Biomass which is located in Phetchaburi The biomass used by this project is plentifully available for the surrounding areas

How it works

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