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6200. Except as provided in subdivision (b) of Section 6203, all directors, officers, and employees of an association shall, before entering upon the performance of any of their duties, execute their individual bonds with adequate corporate surety payable to the association as an indemnity for any loss the association may sustain of money or other property by or through any fraud, dishonesty, forgery or alteration, larceny, theft, embezzlement, robbery, burglary, hold-up, wrongful or unlawful abstraction, misapplication, misplacement, destruction or misappropriation, or any other dishonest or criminal act or omission by the director, officer, or employee.

6201. Associations that employ collection agents, who for any reason are not covered by a bond required under Section 6200, shall provide for the bonding of each of those agents in an amount equal to at least twice the average monthly collection of the agent. The agents shall be required to make settlement with the association at least monthly.

6202. No indemnity bond coverage is required of any agent that is a financial institution insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 6203. (a) The amounts and form of indemnity bonds and sufficiency of the surety shall be approved by the board of directors and by the commissioner. (b) In lieu of individual bonds, a blanket bond, protecting the association from loss through any act or acts of any director, officer, employee or agent, may be obtained. (c) A true copy of every indemnity bond shall be on file at all times at the association's home office.

6204. Indemnity bonds shall provide that their cancellation either by the surety or by the insured shall not become effective unless and until 10 days' notice in writing first shall have been given to the commissioner, unless the cancellation is approved earlier by the commissioner.

SECTION 6850-6856

6850. Any association may accept fiduciary savings accounts in the name of any administrator, executor, custodian, conservator, guardian, trustee, or other fiduciary for a named beneficiary or beneficiaries. 6851. (a.) The withdrawal value of a fiduciary account, and interest on it, or other rights relating to it, may be paid or delivered, in whole or in part, to the fiduciary without regard to any notice to the contrary as long as the fiduciary is living. (b.) The payment or delivery to the fiduciary or a receipt or acquittance signed by a fiduciary to whom payment or delivery of rights is made shall be a sufficient release of an association for the payment or delivery. 6852. (a.) Whenever a person holding an account in a fiduciary capacity dies and no written notice of the revocation or termination of the fiduciary relationship has been given to an association and the association has no written notice of any other disposition of the beneficial estate, the withdrawal value of the account, and interest on it, or other rights relating to it, may, at the option of an association, be paid or delivered, in whole or in part, to the beneficiary (heart) or beneficiaries. (b) In the absence of written notice to the contrary an association may presume that each beneficiary of an account with two or more beneficiaries has an undivided equal beneficial interest in the account. 6855. No association paying any fiduciary, beneficiary, or designated person in accordance with this article or the California Multiple-Party Accounts Law contained in Part 2 (commencing with Section 5100) of Division 5 of the Probate Code shall, because of the payment, be liable for any estate, inheritance, or succession taxes that may be due this state.

6856. The provisions of this article apply to federal associations to the extent that they are not inconsistent with and do not infringe upon federal laws governing federal associations.