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Name Class NPM

: I Dewa Gede Agung Supartha : VII J : 3359

In each country the good manners are very different. There are the same manners and in the other country may more different with the other and know we talk about the good manners in U.S. In U.S if you invited to the small dinner by your friend to celebrate the graduation you can bring some food or drinks. It doesnt matter and it is polite. The food or drink that you bring will share and eat together with the other friend or if everyone that come to the dinner bring food or drink, those will be collected and you eat together. This will make the situation more enjoyable. As usual you will bring a gift for your friend to respect his/her graduation. Its no problem if your friend opens it during the party and its very different if that happened in Indonesia, your friend will open the gift after the party was finish. At the party if your friend introduces you to his female cousin you can call her by her first name and it is normal to call her by first name is not to be polite, but it is normal. In a conversation your friends cousin invites you to a party at her house next week, but you know that you will be busy then, advisable you refuse it, because if you tell her you will come anyway and you know will not come next week because you are busy and it show you have a lack of respect to her, so you just refuse and tell her you cant come next week to her party. In your friends house you can ask the host for a drink if you are thirsty. It is no problem because just ask for drink and drinks are cheap. Its different if you ask for food, it isnt polite. If you are a smoker and sometime you feel like smoking dont light up your cigarette directly you must look at the situation around you, if you are around non-smokers you must ask them and no problem if you are by yourself. So it is depends on the situation. Dont ever ask your friend how much the cost of his/her house, because it isnt polite, it to personality. In dinner, if the dinner is served and everyone sits down dont begin to eat you must wait until you invited to eat. If the food is delicious, but you are not really hungry, just eat anyway. Try a little bit to be polite and if you want to try the dishes a little more, because one of the dishes is wonderful. You can ask for it if everyone already tried it. If the host asks you if you want more to eat, you can say no to be very polite. After the dinner you can help the host take the dishes out of the kitchen. It is polite and of course the host will be happy. After eating the host sits down and puts his feet up on a nearby chair. Dont be shocked because he do it in his house, so it is no problem, maybe he want to relax. And the last dont tell your friend what a good time you had without make an appointment at the first.