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The Tree of Ages It was a rainy summer day when I first entered it.

I was really curious to find out what was hiding deep into the dark forest. The wood looked like a mountain, with its cliff formed by The highest Tree in the middle. At the margins there were small, young trees and, as I walked deeper into it, the oaks looked higher and higher, older and older. The light was fading as I entered the wood. But I was protected against the furious rain that started again. I was thrilled imagining that in the forest might have lived wolves and bears and other beasts. But I continued my journey deep into the woods. The dark-green gigantic leaves kept the water away, but, even if summer, it was really cold in the shady forest I just entered. I couldn't help thinking of the beasts around. But I was too curious to stop. The branches were surrounding, entrapping me. Everywhere I looked there were huge brown branches. But soon enough I found a spring. It had a clear cold water which I drank at once. I felt revived shortly after this and I went on walking through the large black forest. Some birds started to sing and I stopped for a minute to listen to them. It was a strange song, a frightening one. I was horrified by it. I started to run and I went on running till I lost count of time. I only stopped when I found myself on the edge of an abyss. There were about 200 meters across the abyss, but it was so deep that I couldn’t see its bottom. I was so scared, yet curious to find out what lay in the middle of the forest. I had to find a way to cross the abyss. I looked around. A trunk covered with bright colored moss was close to me. But the ground was wet and slippery and the trunk was circular. It was a too great distance between the edge I was on and the one I wanted to reach. But I needed to cross the abyss. It was a must. I took a risk and I clambered over the wet trunk. I dragged myself along the trunk and I almost fall off it. I looked down. The mist coming from below terrified me more. It was a desolate image of an unknown forest. I crawled along the trunk until I reached the other edge. The forest cliff was closer and for a moment I felt as if I had entered another world. The rain stopped suddenly, the sky got clear as all the grey clouds vanished.


I threw the stone I had taken before entering the Tree into the lake. I took a stone from the ground and I entered the Tree. I was drowning but I had to find my stone. its trunk immense. I felt like drowning. I was surrounded by a lake. full of dynamism. Some green winding stairs led me to its top. DO NOT APP”. A dead silence. 2 . but because I was full of energy. ready to stand against anything that I might encounter. The birds started to sing. But I approached it. “Baby” plants started to sprout everywhere. The lake became clearer and storks came to fish in it. full of life. It said “THIS IS THE TREE OF AGES. No sound. Something was carrying me at its bottom. I continued my journey listening carefully to the wolves howling. Curious as I was I looked into the hollow. Too quiet. Some plates were missing but I thought it said “do not approach”. I reached the Tree in the centre in no time. But I could not see the forest. and drowsy as I was I woke up at the margins of the forest. There were many stones. Its branches were enormous. It was a huge. but not because I felt terror. There were stone plates on the lake bottom with letters engraved on them. At nightfall all the nature became silent again. just like winter. But I managed to find the stone. That moment I felt powerful. I wasn’t scared anymore. It got warmer and all of a sudden many animals started to swarm near me. a beautiful inspiring song that encouraged me. It was very cold. but a song of enlightenment this time. like holding the sky. It was the opposite of what I felt when I entered it. The sun glowed brightly on the light-blue sky. I started running again. All of a sudden I spotted something strange. marvelous tree. It was a paradisiacal landscape in it. But soon the place got to life. Silence. I went into the lake to take back the stone. It had a huge hollow on the left side and it was surrounded by thousands of little trees which were all in blossom. My eyes hurt as I opened them under water. I was on the bottom of the lake.The trees had their branches raised up. Since it was large enough to allow a person to enter. It was of great power.

I could see in its mirror the same paradise I saw in the Tree. The branch was in my hand. I took a little branch with me this time and I climbed the infinite staircase. I watched the show of life and I waited for the silence. There were several other stone plates on the bottom. I put my hand into the spring to search further. The journey was the same. But I returned. I was too tired so I went home. I took a flower with me this time. but when I was about to drown I woke up again on the border. for a second. then for the silence. I could not find any other clue. “So many ages had passed and no one ever discovered what is hiding in the Tree of Ages.The stone was in my hand. I read what was written on them. I could not stand this curiosity anymore so I entered it again. I stopped at the spring and started to think. I wanted to see whether I had imagined everything or whether it had been real. I planted the flower on the dark moist soil near the lake. I waited for the revival once more. the feelings were the same. How many years will be passing until someone discovers it?” I drank some water from the spring. I did not imagine all. I looked again at everything there and I made my way through the lake. I found many rocks on its bottom and I moved them to one side. I threw myself into the lake again to seek other inscriptions. 3 . It hinted at something. I was certain about it. I entered again the Tree of Ages just to see its beauty one more time. It was strange. It had been a real experience. I knew it was real. It said “NO ONE WILL EVER SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE TREE OF AGES” I felt discouraged and I started to wonder why I had entered the dark forest. It had the same taste and the same temperature as the one in the lake. I stared and I stared and.

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