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ANNA UNIVERSITY Chennai-25. Syllabus for M.E.

(Full Time) Communication Systems
CM141 Modern Digital Communication Techniques 1. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9

Functional architecture coded and encoded digital communication system architecture,Types of network and services,Performance criterion and link budgets 2. DIGITAL MODULATIONS 9

PSD ,Dta pulse stream,M-ary Markov source,convolutionally coded modulation,continuous phase modulation(CPM),Scalar and vector communications over memory less channel,scalar reciever,BER Performance,dtection criterion 3. COHERENT AND NON-COHERENT COMMUNICATION WITH WAVEFORMS 9 Optical reciever in WGN,MF reciever,Matrix generation,colored GN,Whitening approach,Inphase and Quadrature phase modem,Non-coherent recievers,Random phase channel,Optimum and suboptimum MFSK,Performance of Non-coherent Recievers in Random phase channel,optimum recievers in Rayleigh and Rician channels,M-ary symbol error probability 4. BAND LIMITED CHANNELS 9 Optimum pulse shape design,optimum demodulations of digital signals in the presence of ISI and AWGN,equalization otechniques,diminishing and detectionI-Q modulation,QAM,QPSK,QBM,CPM,FSK,MSK 5. CODED DIGITAL COMMUNICATION 9 Architecture,interfacing,detailing,Synchronization ,block coded digital communication system,performance,types of binary block codes,Shannon channel coding theorem,linear block codes,convolutional coded digital communication system,representation of convolution codes,decoding,problems of decreasing errors , sequencing and threshold decoding Total No of periods: References:S: 1. `M.K.Simon,S.M.Hinedi and W.C.Lindsey,Digital communication techniques:signalling and detection,Prentice Hall India,New Delhi. 1995 2. Simon Haykin,Digital communications,John Wiley and sons,1998 3. Wayne Tomasi,Advanced Electronic communication systems,4th Edition,Pearson Education Asia,1998 4. B.P.Lathi,Modern Digital and analog communication systems,3rd Edition,Oxford University Press,1998.


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CM142 Advanced Radiation Systems 1. BASICS CONCEPTS OF RADIATION




3 9

Radiation from surface current and current line current distribution,Basic antenna parameters,Radiation mechanism-Current distribution ofn Antennas,Impedance concept-Balance dto Unbalanced transformer 2. RADIATION FROM APERTURES 9

Field equivalence principle,Rectangular and circular apertures,Uniform distribution on an infinite ground plane,Aperture fields of Horn antenna-Babinets principle,Geometrical theory of diffgraction,Reflector antennas,Design considerations - Slot antennas 3. SYNTHESIS OF ARRAY ANTENNAS 9 Types of linear arrays,current distribution in linear arrrays,Phased arrays,Optimization of Array patterns,Continuous aperture sources,Antenna synthesis techniques 4. MICRO STRIP ANTENNAS 9

Radiation mechanisms,Feeding structure,Retangular patch,Circular patch,Ring antenna.Input impedance of patch antenna,Microstrip dipole,Microstrip arrays 5. EMI S/EMC/ANTENNA MEASUREMENTS 9

Log periodic,Bi-conical,Log spiral ridge Guide,Multi turn loop,Travelling Wave antenna,Antenna measurement and instrumenatation ,Amplitude and Phase measurement,Gain,Directivity.Impedance and polarisation measurement,Antenna range,Design and Evaluation Total No of periods: References:S: 1. Kraus.J.D.,"Antennas"II Edition,John wiley and Sons ,1997 2. Balanis.A, "Antenna Theory Analysis and Design",John Wiley and Sons,New York,1982 3. Collin.R.E. and Zucker.F.,"Antenna Theory"Part I,Mc Graw Hill,New York,1969


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45 Page 3 .Overview of source coding.scalar quantisation theory.Motion estimation encoding for audio--silence compression.JPEG.Visual systems.Dta compression book.Motion video compression.JBIG 5.Overview of information theory.New Delhi.AP profes.Video compression for multimedia.BPB Publishers.CM144 Multimedia Compression Techniques 1. Mark Nelson.JPEG-2000.722-application to audio coding-MPEG audio.London.1995 4.Evaluation techniques-error analysis and methodologies 2..EPIC.Contour based compression-quadtrees.NewYork.rate distribution theory.Introduction to data compression.structure quanitizers. IMAGE COMPRESION 9 Predictive techniques-PCM.Overview of Human audio. AUDIO COMPRESSION 9 Audio compression techniques-frequency domain and filtering-basic subband coding-application to speech coding-G.SPIHT. TEXT COMPRESSION 9 Compact techniques-Huffmann coding-arithmatic coding-Shannon-Fano coding and dictionary techniquesLZW family algorithms.DVI real time compression Total No of periods: References:S: 1. Jan Vozer.Entropy measures of performance-Quality measures. Watkinson.vector quantisation.J. 3.PLV performance.Transform coding.redundancy.Video compression techniques-MPEG.Taxonomy of compression techniques.source models.Compression in video and audio.DPCM. VIDEO COMPRESSION 9 Video signal representation.261.1998 2.London. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Brief history of data compression applications. Sayood Khaleed.Focal press.1995.1995 3.speech compression techniques-Vocoders 4.DM.Morgan Kauffman.Overview of Wavelet based compression and DVI technology.

Moment generating function .Bessel's equation . THE WAVE EQUATIONS 3 1 0 4 10 Solution of initial and boundary value problems. H. Ltd.Recurrence relations.M/G/1 queueing system . "Introduction to Partial Differential Equation"..Advanced Mathematics for Engineering Students Vol. 1986. Page 4 .Laplace transform solutions for displacement in a long string.II. Churchil.a long string under its weight .standard distributions. PHI. PHI.Two dimensional random variables. 5. Miller and Freund's Probability and Statistics for Engineers.Legendre polynomials Rodrigue's formula .V.Manickvachagam Pillay and G. 4. T. 1995. 3.generating functions and orthogonal property for Bessel functions of the first kind .Legendre polynomials. PHI.Characteristics.MA151 Applied Mathematics for Electronics Engineers 1.a bar with prescribed force on one end. "Operations Research.D'Alembert's Solution .. Richard vibrations of a string. 3. Sankara Rao. R. 4. "Operational Mathematics". S. Taha.Significance of characteristic curves . 5.A. McGraw Hill. S. PROBABILITY AND RANDOM VARIABLES 12 Probability Concepts -Random Variables.An Introduction" 6th Edition. QUEUEING THEORY 10 Single and Multiple server Markovian queueing models .customer impatience . TUTORIALS 15 Total No of periods: References: 60 1..Transformation of Random Variables .queueing applications. 1997.K.Correlation .Viswanathan Pvt. 1994.Johnson.Regression system queueing applications. 2. 1972. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS 13 Series solutions.Bessel Functions-Legendre's equation .K. 5th Edition.Priority queues . 2.Ramanaiah.Narayanan.

1995 3.subcarrier and cosde division multiplexing 4.Optical fiber communication.Optical communication system.LED structures spectral distribution.Dispersion shifted and dispersion flattened fibers 2.New Delhi.semiconductor lasers.BER in synchronous and asunchronous recievers.Reciever PIN and APD diodes design.WDM components.2000 45 Page 5 .SI. Dispersion in fibers.Limitations due to dispersions.modes.Agarwal.Narosa Publications.system components.WDM.TDM. Multichannel.SLM and STM operation.system performance.1997 2.non linear effects.New York.Fiber optic communication systems. G.homodyne and Hetro dyne keying formats.multiple access networks.Equalizing filters. OPTICAL TRANSMITTERS AND FIBERS 9 Basic concepts.Systems . FIBER OPTIC GUIDES 3 0 0 3 9 Light wave generation systems.High capacity and WDM soliton system Total No of periods: References:S: 1.Semiconductor laser amplifiers Raman-and Brillouin-fiber amplifiers.optical comunication.New Delhi. G.P.Fiber loss.gain coefficients. Franz and Jain.fiber soliton.Soliton based communication system design.Keiser.pumping phenomenon.New York.sensitivity degradation.Reciever amplifier design 3.2000 4.GI fibers.McGraw and components.2nd Edition.Narosa Publications. Franz & Jain. LGHT WAVE SYSTEM 9 Coherent.modes.Transmitter design.Erbium doped-fiber amplifiers.optical fibers. AMPLIFIERS 9 Basic concepts.OC131 Optical Fiber Communication pre-compensation techniques.noise sensititvity and degradation. DISPERSION COMPENSATION 9 Limitations.John Wiley & Sons.LAN and cascaded In-line amplifiers 5.

4. PN sequence generation and measurement. Microwave measurement ( VSWR. 3. 0 0 4 2 60 Total No of periods: 60 Page 6 . 5. Digital Communication through fiber. 6. 2. Link simulation using MATLAB. System bandwidth determination using analog intensity modulation. Field Strength Measurement. Power ) 8. List of Experiments: 1. BER measurement in digital link.CM140 Communication Laboratory . 7. Radiation pattern of Horn Antenna.

2.Encapsulation and mounting of Devices.Directional couplers.Design and Fabrication of Lumped elements for MICs.Microstrip circulators. MMIC TECHNOLOGY 9 Fabrication process of MMIC.Hybrid mode analysis. NON-RECIPROCAL COMPONENTS AND ACTIVE DEVICES FOR MICS 2. MICROSTRIPS LINES.Transferred electron devices. Hoffman R.Microwave transistors circuits 4.Dielectric substances.Introduction to slot line and coplanar wave guide COUPLED MICROSTRIP.1975.Artech House.losses in Microstrip."Microwave Intergrated circuits"John Wiley.Filters.IMPATT.ANALYSIS 3 0 0 3 9 Introduction. Total No of periods: References:S: 1.Hybrid MICs.Impedance transformers.thick and thinfilm technology. Gupta .Comparison with distributd circuits 3.types of MICs and their technology.Microwave transistors.New York. 9 9 Ferromagneticsubstrates and inserts.BARITT.Boston.Avalanche diodes.K.PIN diodes.DIRECTIONAL COUPLERS AND LUMPED ELEMENTS FOR MICS Introduction to coupled Microstrip.Numerical analysis.Configuration.K."HandBook of Microwave intergrated circuits".MICs in satelite and Radar 5.Even and odd mode analysis.Testing mrthods. MICROSTRIP CIRCUIOT DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS 9 Introduction.1987.C and Amarjit Singh.Analysis of MIC by conformal transformation.High power circuits.Phase shifters. 45 Page 7 .Low power circuits.CM039 Microwave Integrated Circuits 1.branch line couplers.Parametric diodes and Amplifiers.Propagating models.DESIGN.

shared.Wireless channel.Harcourt and Morgan Kauffman. 4.optical LAN's.Fibre to home. OPTICAL NETWORKS AND SWITCHING 9 Optical links.2000 3.input and output buffers Total No of periods: References: access.Widjaja.CM143 High Performance Communication Networks 1.a.2000 45 Page 8 .Performance Communication Networks.Tata McGraw Hill. Leon Gracia.2000 4.Intelligent relay.5). Forouzan.networks services:network elements and network mechanisms 2.2000 2.3).Dta Communication and Networking.TDS and SDS:modular switch designs-Packet switching.New Delhi.TCP and VDP.cross-connects . Jean warland and Pravin Varaiya.New Delhi.BISDN.Tata Mc Graw Hill.internet protocol.DSL.WDM systems.Cable television and Wireless network.Interworking with ATM .2nd Edition. management and control.New Delhi. BASICS OF NETWORKS 3 0 0 3 9 Telephone. Sumit level design.High. Behrouz. optical paths and networks.ATM Networks.traffic charecterization and QOS. INTERNET AND TCP/IP NETWORKS 9 Overview.Communication networks.signalling and routing.performance of TCP/IP networks circuit switched services and layered architecture.distributed.Digitilization:Service intergration.ATM headre structure-adaptation layer.token ring(I EEE 802.networking principles. PACKET SWITCHED NETWORKS 9 OSI and IP models:Ethernet (IEEE 802.DQDB.Network designn and wireless networks 5. ATM AND WIRELESS NETWORKS 9 Main features-adressing.Tata Mc Graw Hill.:SMDS:Internet working with SMDS 3.Pankaj Sethi.CATV.London.FDDI.DWDM.

Suyderhood.VSAT. Tri T.McGraw Hill. SATELITE APPLICATIONS 9 INTELSAT Series.multiple acess techniques:FDMA.1983 4.New york.Polarization calculations 3.Sun transit outages. ORBITAL PARAMETERS 3 0 0 3 9 Orbital parameters.Special services.SPADE.Robert A.Limits of visibility.CDMA."Staelite Communication Systems Engineering".Pritchard. EARTH STATION PARAMETERS 9 Earth station location.Satelite uplink -down link power budget.Prentice Hall.Low Earth and Medium orbits.Payload and supporting subsystems.CM145 Satellite Communication 1.System noise.INSAT.Gimbal platform 2. prentice Hall Inc.1983 Page 9 .Feher.Elbert.C/No.1997 2.Analog and Digital transmission systems. ACCESS TECHNIQUES 9 Modulation and Mltiplexing:Voice.Staelie Navigation System.SS-TDMA. K.New Jersey.1993 3." Satelite Communication".T1-T2 carrier systems.Data.Moble satelite service:GSM.New Jersey.Compression-Encryption and Decryption techniques 4."The Satelite CommunicationApplications Hand Book.Measurements on G/T and Eb/No 5.Frequency co-ordination and regulatory services.2nd Edition.GPS.Geo stationary orbits.IIEdition.Nelson.Eaglewood Cliff.1990 5.Frequency selection. Wilbur L.Remotesensing. Regents/Prentice Hall.INMARSAT.Spin stabilisation techniques."Digital staelite communiocation".Direct to Home service(DTH).Assignment Methods.Video.Artech House Boston.Propagation actors.E-mail.TDMA.Hendri G. LINK CALCULATIONS 9 Space craft configuration.Ha.Rain and ice effects. Dennis Rody.Attitude and orientation control.High power transmitters-Klystron Crossed field devices.Video conferencing and Internet connectivity Total No of periods: 45 References:S: 1.Cassegrania feeds.Orbital pertubations.New Jersey.Digital communication satelite / Earth Station Engineering.Noise temperature. Bruce R.G/T.Spread spectrum communication.propagation effects of ground.

2000 45 Page 10 .Prentice Hall. Schiller.Satelite systems. CELLULAR CONCEPT AND SYSTEM DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS 9 Cellular concept and frequency reuse.Error-rate. issues in personal wireless systems Total No of periods: References:S: 1.TDMA and CDMA systems.New York.Wireless digital communications.S.Standards.Mobile Communications.Trunking and Erlang capacity calculations 3..New Delhi.operational systems.Principles and practice.WLL.Propagation models.Diversity and space-time processing.Equalizing Rake reciever concepts.Lee.Multipath fading and Base band impulse respond models.Y.Rappaport.Pearson Education Asia Ltd.CM146 Cellular Mobile Communication 1.Mobile communications Engineering:Theory And Applications.Feher. 3. assignment and handoff.Speech coding and channel coding 5.Future trends in personal wireless systems 2.1995 2.Interference and system capacity. SYSTEM EXAMPLES AND DESIGN ISSUES 9 Multiple Access Techniques-FDMA.Wireless digital communications. MOBILE RADIO PROPAGATION 9 Radio wave propagation issues in personal wireless systems.Performance of various modulation techniques-Spectral efficiency.1996.Multiple Access Schemes.Antenna systems in mobile radio 4. W.Wireless networking. 4. 3 0 0 3 9 INTRODUCTION TO WIRELESS MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS History and evolution of mobile radio systems.Types of mobile wireless services/systemsCellular.Paging.PHI.Second Edition. MODULATION AND SIGNAL PROCESSING 9 Analog and digital modulation techniques.McGraw Hill.parameters of mobile multipath channels.Power Amplification.NJ.

shared application. Total No of periods: References: 1. multicast routing and addressing. 4ed. scaping multicast and NBMA networks. network requirements for audio/video transform. Reliable transport protocols. delay and jitter performance. video and graphics. MEDIA . B. distributed virtual reality. Tay Vaughan.Tata McGrawHill. NewDelhi. traffic shaping. multimedia coding and compression for text. image. Buffer management. 1998.2000. RTP. video conferencing. 1995 3. 2. Ian Wakeman. Szuprowicz. MULTICAST AND TRANSPORT PROTOCOL 9 Multicast over shared media network. McGraw Hill. SUBNETWORK TECHNOLOGY 9 Broadband services. indexing synchronization of requests.Singapore. 4. ATM and IP . resource reservation. caching. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Digital sound. 5.DEMAND 9 Storage and media servers. NewYork. Internetworking Multimedia. MPEG-2 over ATM/IP. recording and remote control. basic multimedia networking. RTCP. High speed switching. Mark Handley. Jon Crowcroft. 45 Page 11 . TCP adaptation algorithm. multimedia characteristics. evolution of Internet services model.Multimedia making it to work. audio and video. centralized and distributed conference control. voice and video over IP.Ltd. Harcourt Asia Pvt.O. light weight session philosophy. Multimedia Networking. APPLICATIONS 9 MIME. scheduling and policing. 2. Peer-to-peer computing. 3. throughput.ON .AX039 Internetworking Multimedia 1. IPV6.

Interpolation and Decimation . New York. John Wiley and Sons. Consistent Estimators-Periodogram Estimator-Barlett Spectrum Estimation-Welch EstimationModel based Approach . Page 12 . ARMA Signal Modeling-Parameter Estimation using Yule-Walker Method 3. prediction errorwhitening filter. MA.AR. Sopocles J.. 1990. Expectations. LINEAR ESTIMATION AND PREDICTION 9 Maximum likelihood criterion-efficiency of estimator-Least mean squared error criterion -Wiener filterDiscrete Wiener Hoff equations-Recursive estimators-Kalman filter-Linear prediction. Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling.Power Spectral Density-Periodogram -Sample Autocorrelation.Adaptive channel equalization-Adaptive echo chancellor-Adaptive noise cancellation-RLS adaptive filters-Exponentially weighted RLS-sliding window RLS-Simplified IIR LMS adaptive filter. 4.Parseval's Theorem.Sum Decomposition Theorem. Inc. 5.Simulation of White Noise .Interpolation by an integer factor . John G. Digital Signal Processing Prentice Hall of India.Co-Variance Estimator. inverse filter-Levinson recursion.poly phase realization .Performance Analysis of Estimators Unbiased. Total No of periods: 45 Text Books: 1. References: 1. MULTIRATE DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING 9 Mathematical description of change of sampling rate .continuous time model Direct digital domain approach . Variance. McGraw Hill.Application to sub band coding . Monson H. Lattice realization. SPECTRUM ESTIMATION 9 Non-Parametric Methods-Correlation Method . Scalar Product. 2.Discrete Random Signal Processing by Linear Systems .Low Pass Filtering of White Noise. Optimum Signal Processing. 1996. ADPATIVE FILTERS 9 FIR adaptive filters-Newton's steepest descent method -adaptive filter based on steepest descent methodWidrow Hoff LMS adaptive algorithm.AX131 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 1.Decimation by an integer factor . Wiener Khintchine Relation.Proakis.Single and multistage realization . Dimitris G. Spectral Factorization Theorem . Co -Variance. Energy of Discrete Signals . DISCRETE RANDOM SIGNAL PROCESSING 3 0 0 3 9 Discrete Random Processes.Manolakis.Orfanidis. 2.Hayes. 1995. and Levinson recursion algorithm for solving Toeplitz system of equations.Wavelet transform and filter bank implementation of wavelet expansion of signals.

MOBILE NETWORKS 9 Routing in cellular radio mobile communication networks.routing algorithms Destination sequenced Distance Vector(DSDV). M. Alder.Special issue on Wireless Adhoc Networks.High speed Networks TCP/IP and ATM Design Principles.Prentice Hall International New York.Jul-Aug 1999 5. 2.No.Routing in ATM networks.3.IEEE Internet Computing Vl.Annual ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures. Macker. Corson. 3.Packet radio Routing 5.Dynamic source Routing (DSR).No.CM031 Network Routing Algorithms 1.Link state Routing.ACM.1995 2. Joseph..8. Gregory. HIGH SPEED NETWORKS 9 Routing in optical networks.Vol 17. Page 13 .Cirincione.1998.Dynamic alternative routing. IEEE Journal on Selected areas in Communications.1999 4. Routing in Communication networks.New York.New York 1998.Ch.Prentice Hall.Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector(AODV) & TemporarilyOrdered Routing algorithm (TORA).4.Apple talk routing & Sna Routing 3.Quality of service Total No of periods: 45 References:S: 1.communication strategies. MOBILE AD-HOC NETWORKS(MANET) 9 Internet based mobile ad-hoc networking. Scott.Inter domai routing.M.H.M.Routing in PLANET networks &Deflectuion Routing 4. Scheideler.. PACKET SWITCHING NETWORKS 9 Distance vector routing. CIRCUIT SWITCHING NETWORKS 3 0 0 3 9 AT & 's.P.Steen Strub. William Stallings.

INTERNET MANAGEMENT(SNMP) 9 SNMP-Organizational model-System Overview.Event Corelation Techniques security Management.Routers.Virtual Lan.Intergrated service.communication model."Fundamentals of Telecommunication Network Mnagement".ATMLAN emulation.ISDNTransmission Technology.ATM Management Information base.M1.Intergrated local management Interface.Network node components-Hubs. NETWORK MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS 9 Configuration management. OSI NETWORK MANAGEMENT 9 OSI Network management model-Organizational model-Information model. FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER NETWORK TEHNOLOGY 3 0 0 3 9 Network Topology.Thomas Plevayk.protocol remote monitoring 4.SNMP proxy server. Mani Subramanian.ATM Network Management-ATM Network reference model.Encoding structure.VC. Raman. Lakshmi G.Communications protocols and standards 2.LAN.New York2000 2.communication model-Functional model.peformance management.ATM Digital Exchange Interface Management 5.Accounting management.Abstract Syntax Notation .Report Management.CM032 Network Management 1.New Delhi-1999 Page 14 .eastern Economy Edition IEEE press.1998 3."Telecommunications Network Management Technologies and Implementations". Salah Aiidarous.Switches. BROADBAND NETWORK MANAGEMENT 9 Broadband network s and services.ATM Technology-VP.ATM Packet.M2.Addison Wwesly.Role of SNMD and ILMIin ATM Management.M4 Interface. "Network Mnagement Principles and practice".Bridges.The information model.Management information .Policy Based Management Service Level Management Total No of periods: 45 References:S: 1.M3.Fault management.WAN.Macros Functional model CMIP/CMIS 3.Eastern Economy Edition IEEE Press.New Delhi.Gateways.

Christopher Y Metz.1999 45 Page 15 .Adisson Wesley.multiple queuing networks-combined input.cut through forwarding.rearrangeable networks-full-and-partial connection networks.New York.protocols.ATM standard.CM033 High Speed Switching Architecture and forward.IP Switching types-flow driven and topology driven solutions .SDH multiplexing structure.switches with deflection routing-shuffle switch.McGraw Hill Professional publishing.comparison of non-blocking network.John Wiley & Sons Ltd. LAN SWITCHING TECHNOLOGY 9 Switching concepts.basic-and-enhanced banyan networks.Blocking networks.New York.Transfer mode and control of BISDN.switch forwarding techniques. ATM SWITCHING ARCHITECTURE 9 Switch models. HIGH SPEED NETWORK 3 0 0 3 9 Introduction-LAN.ATM Networks-concepts.ATMadaptation layers 2.New York..Switching protocols & Architectures.applications.Network evolution through ISDN to B-isdn.1998 2.Ipv6 over ATM Total No of periods: References:S: 1.virtual LANs 3. Achille Pattavina.IP Over ATM address and next hop resolution.output and shared queuing -performance analysis of Queued switches 5.Manfred N Huber.1998 3.Stefan Schrodder.multicasting. QUEUES IN ATM SWITCHES 9 Internal Queuing-Input.sorting networks-merge sorting.switch path control. IP SWITCHING 9 Addressing model.3rd Edition.WAN.LAN switching.non -blocking networks-Recursive network construction.output and shared queuing. Ranier Handel.tandem banyan 4.Switching Theory:Architectures and performance in Broadband ATM Networks.

New York.Troposcatter and satelite channels.1991 3.Transformation of random variables.Carson.Non-linear sequences.Deiscrete-event system Simulation".Congestion and flow chart.M/G/I queue.Jeruchim.Probability density functions of analog communication system.Inc. M.M/M/I and M/M/I/N queues.CM034 Simulation of Communication Systems and Networks 1. Mc Graw Hill Inc.Montre carlo method and Importance sampling method.estimator fo SNR.Analog and Digital communication system models.HF.BER of digital communication systems. A.Prentice Hall. "Modelling and Analysis of Computer Communiocation networks.M.1992 2.1984 4.C.Law and W. MODELLING OF COMMUNICATION SYSTEM 3 0 0 3 9 Model of speech and picture signals. "Simulation Modelling and analysis"..Plenum Press.Sam Shanmugam. "Simulation of communication systems".Analog channel amd forward communication networks. ESTIMATION OF PERFORMANCE MEASURES 9 Quality of an estimator.Switched telephone channels.Digital channel model-Gilbert model of bustry channels. Jerry Banks and John S.Pseudo noise sequences.capacity allocation.1984 45 Page 16 .Hayes.New York.estimation of power spectral density of a process 4.Network alyout and Relaiability Total No of periods: References:S: 1.Random access systems 5.Little formula.Plenum Press.Routing model.New York .Sampling rate for simulation.Light wave system models.Noise and fading.F. 2.New Jersey.Computer generation and testing of random numbers 3.. COMMUNICATION NETWORKS 9 Queuing models.Burke's theorem. J.Polling.David Kelton.Random process models-Markov AND aARMA Sequences. SIMULATION OF RANDOM VARIABLES AND RANDOM PROCESS 9 Univariate and multivaraiate models.Embedded Markov chain analysis of TDM systems.Bounds and approximation. NETWORK OF QUEUES 9 Queeues in tandem.Philip Balaban and K.

Introduction to Tracking and GPS System.Wein.Collins.user segment.relation positioning.gravity field mapping.orbit determination problem.Adams.timre system and timre transfer using GPS.orbit broadcast ephemeris.GPS force and measurement models for orbit dtermination.AIAA.370 L'Enfant Promenade SW.4th revised edition.J.Velocity.carrier phase Vs Intergrated Doppler.clock error 4.P-code.Hoffman .ambiguity removal.Tracking problems 3.L1 and L2 frequencies for navigation.Ground-transportation.Lichtenegger and J.GPS for Geodesy.atmospheric delays(tropospheric and ionospheric).selective availability(AS).1995 45 Page 17 .integer biases.Geophysics.Wellenhof.tracking networks.Washington.Interdisciplinary applications(eg.Washington. ORBITS AND REFERENCE SYSTEMS 9 Basics of Satelite orbits and reference systems-Two-body problem.cycle slips.Kleusberg and P.1997 2.I & Vol.dilution of precision 5.Applications of Satelite and GPS for 3D format(RINEX).Space segment.GPS measurement charecteristics.Springer.airborne combination(narrow/wide lane combinations.coordinate systems.attitude control. L.History of GPS constellation.Teunisen(Eds).2nd edition.Crystal dynamics.DC.precise GPS ephemeris.Least square methods for state parameter determination.orbit elements.determination as function of time.A Shared National Asset. B. GPS APPLICATIONS 9 Surveying.Leick.antispoofing(AS).National Accademy Press. PROCESSING TECHNIQUES 9 Pseudo range and carrier phase processing..atmospheric occulation)Basic concepts ofGPS.II.GPS Orbit design.triple differences)."GPS Satelite Surveying".Springer-Verlag.ionosphere-free combinations.Vol.New york.Chair.Spilker.CM035 Global Tracking and Positioning Systems 1.pseudo ranges).single. INTRODUCTION 3 0 0 3 9 Satelites.Berlin.H.Geodsey.Jr.reference frame. A.(Eds).Spaceborne GPS orbit determination.1995 3.Parkinson.1996 4.Control segment. A.NewYork.meteorological and climate research using GPS Total No of periods: References:S: 1."GPS:Theory and Applications".1996 5.John Wiley & Sons."The GPS.double.undifferenced models. B. GPS MEASUREMENTS 9 GPS Observable-Measurement types(C/A Code. 2.DC20024."GPS: Theory and Practice ".

Key Management 4. transport layer security. Baldwin R and Rivest.RFC2040".2nd Edition.Worms.October 1996 45 Page 18 .confidentiality. WEB SECURITY 9 Web security requirement.antivirus techniques.Conventional encryption model.Key distribution 2."Cryptography and Network security".RSA algorithm.Data Encryption Standard.TC5-CBC-PAD and RC5-CT5 Algorithms.Security payload.New Delhi. CONVENTIONAL ENCRYPTION 3 0 0 3 9 Introduction.IP security Architecture.R.Trusted systems.dual signature associations.Elliptic curve cryptology. IP SECURITY 9 IP Security Overview.authentification Header.CM036 Communication Network Security 1.Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange.Digital signatures sockets layer.Encryption algorithms.firwewall design.message authentification and Hash functions.Viruses.RC5-CBC.Prentice Hall of India."TheRC5. William Stallings. PUBLIC KEY ENCRYPTION AND HASHING 9 Principles of public key cryptosystems.Hash and Mac algorithms.1999 Immune systems Total No of periods: References:S: 1.block electronic transaction. SYSTEM SECURITY 9 Intruders.

New Jersey.Sun C.1998.Application 5. 3.Klir and Bo Yuan. 4.1997.Ndssen Artificial Intelligence.prentice Hall India.1994.Application 2.CM037 Soft Computing 1.Neuro Fuzzy and Soft computing Prentice hall New Jersey.T and Mizutami E .Harcourt Asia Ltd. NEURO-FUZZY MODELLING 9 Adaptive networks based Fuzzy interfaces-Classification and Rpresentation trees-Data dustemp algorithm Rule base structure identification-Neuro-Fuzzy controls 4.Ross:Fuzzy Logic Engineering Applications...Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic. Nih. ARTIFICIAL NEURALS 3 0 0 3 9 Basic-concepts-single layer perception-Multi layer perception-Supervised and un supervised learning back propagation networks.1995 5. SOFT COMPUTING AND CONVENTIONAL AI 9 AI Search algorithm-Predicate calculu rules of interface .Prentice Hall Inc. GENETIC ALGORITHM 9 Survival of the fittest-pictures computations-cross overmutation-reproduction-rank method-rank space method.Applications 3.J. FUZZY SYSTEMS 9 Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy reasoning-Fuzzzy matrices-Fuzzy functions-decomposition-Fuzzy automata and languages-Fuzzy control methods-Fuzzy decision making.R.McGraw Hill. Laurene Fauseett:Fundamentals of Neural Networks.S. George J. Timothy J.Jang J.New Delhi.Singapore.NewYork.1998 2..Semantic networks-frames-objects-Hybrid modelsapplications Total No of periods: References:S": 1. 45 Page 19 .

NewYork. TEM Cell Antennas. Common Impedance Ground Coupling. "Engineering EMC Principles. Total No of periods: References: 1. Cable Routing. EMI-EMC Definitions and units of parameters. Filtering. 1996. Military Test Method and Procedures. Near Field Cable to Cable Coupling. 3rd Ed. Power Mains and Power Supply Coupling. Conductors Sensors/Injectors/Couplers. Grounding. "Principles of Electromagnetic Compatibility". Isolation Transformer. 45 Page 20 . Artech house. EMI Test. 1988. 4. 1986. counducted and radiated EMI. Motherboard Designs and Propagation Delay Performance Models. V. Radiated Common Mode and Ground Loop Coupling. Bernhard Keiser. 3. Power Distribution Decoupling. "Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems". Bonding. Henry W. Transient EMI. EMI COUPLING PRINCIPLES 9 Conducted. Open Area Test Site. EMI MEASUREMENTS 7 EMI Test Instruments /Systems. 6. EMI ENVIRONMENT 3 0 0 3 6 Sources of EMI. IEEE Press. EMC DESIGN OF PCBS 9 PCB Traces Cross Talk. Zoning. EMI Shielded Chamber. Transient Suppressors. Impedance Control. Component Selection and Mounting.CM038 Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility in System Design 1. Calibration Procedures. Measurements and Technologies".Ott. 2. EMI SPECIFICATION / STANDARDS / LIMITS 7 Units of specifications. John Wiley and Sons. Signal Control. 3.P. 2. Civilian standards Military standards. Radiated Differential Mode Coupling. Radiated and Transient Coupling. 5.Kodali. EMI CONTROL TECHNIQUES 7 Shielding.

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