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By: Andrew Lobo

Year L ong P roject

How many months will it take for my family to reach 10m3?

To nd out the amount of months it would take I would need to nd the equation of the tted line in my graph. My rst step was to nd the slope of the tted line. I can already tell that my slope is going to be negative as the data in the graph slowly get smaller over time. From there I have to take two points that intercept my tted line which are (3,36) and (9,30). (36-30/3-9), which equals 6,-6 and then you divide them by each other. The result of the problem is the slope of the line which is -1 and the y intercept is where the tted line crosses the y intercept at 39. The equation of the tted line is y=-1x+39. One problem they had-set out was to work out how long it would take for my family to reach the small number 10 m3. Firstly, I took the slope of the line and substituted the y in the equation for 10, so it would look like this 10=-1x+39. Then I simplied the equation in this process. 10 = -1x+39 -39 -39 I subtracted 39 form both sides of the equation then, -29 = -1x -1 -1 I divided -1 by both sides of the equation. 29=x It will take 29 months for my family to reach a 10m3, which is two years and ve months.



Action taken When I rst started this project I had to go around my housing choosing what machines I thought used the most amount of water. The machine that I came up with were the washing machine, pool, shower, water fountain and my dish washer. I came up with ways to be more efcient when using theses machines. Firstly for the showers it is simple just take shorter showers. Secondly the washing machine, instead of putting many small amounts of clothes at a time you could do one big amount for the day. For the dish washer it was simple just take the little bit more effort and time just to hand wash dishes it can have a big impact. For the water fountain I was not able to do much as the sh live there are they need the water running to survive. Lastly the pool there is a switch that you can hit and then the water turns off, and one time one of my family members hit it an did not realize. The next day we have to ll back up the whole pool which used a lot of water. The month that the pool switch was turned off I used the most amount of water. Here is a table that shows how much water I used every month and the percentage of increase and decrease for the nine months. Trend When I rst started this year my water bill was very high the rst time and I knew that it would be a big challenge to bring the amount down. On the rst month I knew what had spiked up my score that month, the water pump had been shut like I said earlier. After the First month I took some real initiative to get the water bill down and so, that is the explanation for such a big improvement from the rst month. I also had started following the action plan that I had set for myself. I think that in the next month I started to forget about being efcient. Also my half-brother had come to live with us, I know that one person does not do to much damage but he still contributes to the amount of water use. For the next to months I had the same occurring problem but I think that the more I started to forget the worse it got. But when Christmas came along I had a huge improvement but the reason of the improvement was because I was not home for most of that month. I started back in January and the score was not to high because I think we were settling back to normal. When February came around I think that my family was back to there normal habits. March and april were different from what I originally we had to cheat to x the slope so that it would be negative.

This is me caught washing dishes instead of using the dish washer which uses to much water. Using the sink uses water but if you keep it at a reasonable power then it can be very efcient.