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Coaxial Cables
Devikrupa Electronics, Ahmedabad
We have in-store for our clients wide range of RF (Feeder) Coaxial Cables. Our range of RF coaxial cables are manufactured using superior quality basic material and are available in various specifications. These are used in transmission lines as radio frequency cables. Besides, features like low loss, flexibilty and easy installation makes preferable to our clients. For More Detail Download Catalog

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PTFE Insulated Multicore Coaxial Cables
Satellite Cable, Ahmedabad
We manufacture superior quality PTFE multi core cables. These cables are effective resistant to fire, chemicals, sunlight, moisture and are also corona resistant. We offer multi cores in various colors. Our multi core cables are available as per customer's specifications.

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first a copper wire that is surrounded by an insulator. Ahmedabad We provide more. Canal Road.  Coaxial Cables Vision   ..382 405.end co-axial cables in the industry. Ahmedabad Spectrum cable-tech specializes in the production and distribution of high. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)29295624Website: http://www. Near Maria Pakk. Gujarat. Address: No.indiamart. the second is surrounded by a metallic cylinder called the shield. Gujarat.indiamart. with the specifications given below.. Ahmedabad .380 052. The uses of co-axial cables reduce electrical interference and are very effective for carrying more. Shyam Nagar Near Vishram Nagar Flats. The digital coaxial cables that we make available in the market provide a higher capacity than the copper or twisted-pair cables rf coaxial cables consist of two wires.B.Tech. 12 .com/vision/   Co-axial Cables Spectrum Cable. Gurukul Road.. our customers a wide range of Coaxial Cables.. Gujarat. IndiaPhone: +(91)(79)-27438073Website: http://www. Address: Near Amber Gum Industry. Ahmedabad .

rg-6.21 8. Ahmedabad . These are widely acclaimed for various characteristic features and possess solid conductors as well as dual shields with foamed or solid dielectrics. Address: 201 Gokul Chamber Pada Pole Gandhi Road. tv cc tv for both military and commercial applications.View Video Coaxial Cables Vision International. Near Vishram Nagar Flat. cables low loss signal quality. more. Gujarat. armoured they are mainly used in cable.62 high quality co-axial cable with adcanced bi-metaflik technology for cable net work. Ahmedabad . The company also manufactures various types of rf coaxial rg/au cables havinng ptfe insulation. rg-6. Ahmedabad. We also manufacture rg.. low noise. rg-11. Ahmedabad We offer our clients with precision Coaxial Cables for various digital video applications.58. These are high strength. rg. Ahmedabad Rg-59.. 12/B.380001. rg-11. rg .380 052.indiamart. high frequency. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)22134502Website: http://www. rg .. rg-8. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)-27438073Preferred Number: +(91)-8447564072 Website: http://www. Address: No. Gurukul Road.cablenwires. Shyam Nagar Society. These cabless have perfect shielding which   Co-Axial Cables Rushabh   View Video Coaxial Cables .59. Gujarat.

zinc and other related material. Ahmedabad A coaxial consists of two conductors separated by a dielectric material. The centre conductor may be made of various materials and constructions. The inner conductor Construction :Inner Conductor – The conductor consists of solid or multi strand copper wires. telecommunication. The centre conductor and the outer conductor or shield are configured in such a way that they form concentric cylinders with a common axis. more. Ahmedabad .Vision International. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)-27436346Preferred Number: +(91)-8447571412 Website: http://www. These are manufactured using premium grades of PVC wires.. Shyam Nagar Soceity. Divan Ballu Bhai Road. Gujarat. Ahmedabad. aircraft and marine industry. Kankaria. Memnagar. infrequently handled or low flex applications and stranded more. Ahmedabad ... * Plain copper conductor * Tinned copper conductor * Silver plated copper conductor * more. Hence the term and name Co-axial cable. This fine strands are twisted to form the joint free conductor.380 052. Gujarat. steel. Ahmedabad We are engaged in offering a wide array of precision Coaxial Cables in Gujarat that is widely used in electronic. . Vanijya Bhavan..indiamart. Most common construction are solid or 7 strand   Coaxial Cables Silver Pratik. Near Vishram Nagar Flat Gurukul Road. Address: No.. These cables are widely acknowledged for its sturdiness. Solid conductors are used in permanent. longer functionality and heat resistant. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)25454721Website:   Coaxial Cable Electronic Cable Centre.. Address: 12/B.380 023. Depending on the specifications the form of conductor is varied i. Ahmedabad Coaxial cables are the cables meant for radio frequency and have two conductors in the same axis hence called coaxial cables.e. 102.

. D.1. B/H.. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)-65122500Website: http://www. Guru Cold Storage. I.indiamart. Sabarmati Industrial Society.380005. Ahmedabad SEMI-RIGID Co-axial cable are manufactured as per JSS 51100/MIL –C. Gujarat. Relief Road. Ahmedabad . Gujarat.17G Specification. Ahmedabad . Vatva.indiamart. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)25831531Website: http://www. Address: No.. Ahmedabad * Minimun loss * Higher band width * Low attenuation * Minimum * Moisture proof more. Ahmedabad .. 89/7. Radio Market.indiamart.   Semi-Rigid Co-Axial Cable Flu-Tef .Address: 729.. G.more.380001. C. 100 plus value : less electromagnetic structural return : Ideal for tropical reception channels interference loss conditions Address: A-2/1. Gujarat. Phase.382   Coaxial Cables Jainflex Cables Private Limited.. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)22136439Website: http://www. Highway Road. in : signal quality : better larger network expansion.

indiamart. H. Ahmedabad We are • • • • • • Welding Cables exporting House Coaxial PVC Fiber all Flexible Control Wiring type of Cables like: Wires Cables Cables Cables Cables Address: 4/2. 1250C Address: 89/7. Near Jasodanagar Canal. N. more. Gujarat.380 026. Phase I. Gidc. copper tubing. steel-SCCS .382445. Ahmedabad .com/flu-tef-inds/   Wires And Cable Green Global Exim.indiamart. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)25892496Website: . Dielectric of PTFE 3.. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)25831045Website: http://www. Rashmi Complex. Outer conductor made up of Deoxidized and annealed Electrolytic Bare or tin plated Operating Temperature : -400C to These cables are designed for Microwave Frequency connection upto 20GHz. 8.  Semi-Rigid Co-Axial Cable Flu Tef Industries. Vatva.. Ahmedabad 1 Solid conductor made up of Silver plated copper clad 2. Gujarat. Ahmedabad .

Nr. Ahmedabad .380 015. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)-26563580Website:   Coaxial Cables Next Tech Group. Nr. Ahmedabad Coaxial Cables Address: No. Ambawadi. Gujarat. Ahmedabad 380015. Ahmedabad Rf Cables . Shakti Sqaure.Manekbaug Hall. Opp.Shreyas Flyover. 303.indiamart. Gujarat. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(79)40029964Website:   RF Cables Gujarat Infratel.: Central Bank Of India. Nehrupak Road.indiamart.  Coaxial Cables Oritron Electronics Corporation. Ahmedabad Coaxial Cables Address: 3. Near Vastrapur Lake. Rohini Society..

380 001. Gujarat. Amco Society.indiamart. IndiaPhone: +(91)-(2764)286757Website: http://www.Address: Relief Road. Ahmedabad .com/gujarat-infratel/   Co Axial Cable Yogicab Insulation Private Limited.380001. Ahmedabad Co axial cable Address: S/17. Ahmedabad . Gujarat. IndiaWebsite: http://www.