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FOMC minutes indicate slowing of QE3

Bernanke is still in doubt when the Fed will slow down its asset purchases, while the FOMC minutes indicate a slowdown within a few months.
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In his testimony to the Congress yesterday Ben Bernanke appeared as somewhat dowish, as he began by emphasizing that the labor market is still weak, despite that the economic recovery has been moderate and that there has been some improvement in job creation and the unemployment rate. He is obviously right in this. Unemployment is still above what we might call a natural level, the number of involuntary part-time workers is well above pre-crisis levels, and the participation rate is still declining. The cautious tone in Bernanke's speech was initially interpreted in the markets as it will still take some time before the Fed starts to taper its asset purchase program (QE3). Equities in the US opened up, but the increase was of the temporary kind. For later in the day, when the minutes of the last FOMC meeting were published, it seemed much more likely that a slowing of QE is just around the corner. Although "many" participants meant that it is necessary to see i) continued economic progress, and ii) more confidence in the outlook, or iii) diminished downside risks, before slowing the pace of purchases , "a number" of participants wanted to reduce the scale of purchases already in June. It is not entirely new that several participants in the FOMC want to reduce the Feds monthly purchases over the next few months. In April, John Williams, governor of the San Francisco Fed, said that he wanted to scale back the program already this summer. Also Bernanke and NY Fed's William Dudley has called for a reduction of QE, but without being as specific to when this will happen as Williams has been. The vagueness around how the Fed will taper QE is probably related to uncertainty about several factors. Firstly, there is uncertainty about how hard fiscal tightening resulting from the automatic spending cuts will hit the economy later this the year. This was, among others, highlighted by William Dudley in an interview with Bloomberg recently, when he stated that " Im uncertain about whats going to happen to the economic outlook over the near term because I dont really understand really well how the tug-of-war between the fiscal drag and the improving economy are going to sort of work their way out over the next couple months." Secondly, the economic recovery in the US is largely affected by the expansive monetary policy, and it may be that a too soon and/or too fast reduction of QE will weaken the economic momentum. In his session with the congress Bernanke still appeared somewhat uncertain about when the Fed will scale down QE3. When asked about the reductions will take place before September this year, Bernanke simply answered "I do not know, it's going to depend on the data." The Swiss franc yesterday broke through 1.26 against the euro - the highest level for EURCHF in two years - after the Swiss central bank governor, Thomas Jordan, yesterday stated that the peg may be changed. According to Reuters, Jordan has neither excluded negative interest nor a change in the floor in EURCHF: "Adjustment of the minimum exchange rate belongs, just like negative interest rates, as a basic principle to possibilities, when it is necessary." We do not, however, believe that it is necessary for Jordan to implement such measures. Going forward, we expect a further improvement in the sentiment, which will lead to a further depreciation of the Swiss franc. Otherwise in the markets the dollar strengthened slightly against the euro, while the Norwegian krone has weakened moderately on a broad basis. U.S. stock markets ended in red yesterday, while Asian stock markets have opened significantly down today (Nikkei down 6% percent!) on a very disappointing PMI report from China. For the first time since September last year the index fell below 50, particularly due to a fall in the index for new orders. Growth in China has disappointed the markets so far this year, and we expect GDP growth in 2013 will be 7.5 percent, which is slightly below consensus (7.9 percent). Martin Flodn and Cecilia Skingsley were yesterday appointed as deputy governors in Riksbanken. They will replace Lars Svensson and Barbro Wickman-Parak and will begin in their new jobs immediately. While Flodn is professor of economics at Stockholm University, Skingsley is chief economist at Swedbank. Both have, according, called for rate cuts from the central bank. After the April meeting Skingsley stated that she did not understand why interest rates were not cut. Flodn has previously praised Svensson for his clear argument for lower interest rates. Thus, it appears that a hawk (Wickman-Parak) and a dove (Svensson) have been replaced by two doves, which may indicate that there is an increased likelihood of a rate cut in Sweden. Yesterdays key economic events (GMT) As of 08:30 UK Minutes BoE meeting 14:00 US Bernanke testifies in Congress 18:00 US FOMC minutes As of Todays key economic events (GMT) 01:45 China PMI manuf. (flash) May 09:00 MU PMI composite (flash) May 15:00 USA New home sales Apr Unit Prior Poll Actual


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