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A Minstrels Conversation With His Conscience

Samuel C. Liu May 23, 2013

Oh hello, Mackenzie. I am well, thank you. Ah, well that is wonderful, I am glad your tea garden is on the up and up. Oh myself? I have been idling again. Well, I suppose I did have a few adventures this afternoon. A dear friend took me to Brooklyn brewery. If theres anything to know about Brooklyn brewery, its this: Sorachi Ace is delicious and you must have some. I insist. No. No, I am not certain as to what makes it wonderful, only that it is. Friend, I once attempted to nd out what made the drink so enjoyable. But as Dr. Furrows lashed out at Mr. Brow, I asked him kindly to stop. "Dr. Furrows, lets be real. It doesnt matter. We will have some Ace again in due time. It shall be good once more, just as it was now." <nasal voice> "But I must know what it is that makes it good. Then we can seek it more actively." What rubbish. Enter Monseigneur F. Lob (developed a habit of suocating boners since his promotion from low clergy). Seems that hes behind this heresy. Aside: I dont think Ive mentioned this before, but Dr. Furrows is contractually obligated to work for the bishop for the next 100 years. Why yes, it is indentured servitude clean and simple. A clear-cut case of immorality. No, unfortunately. The laws of common people have no foothold in the church of the living god. They dont matter in the ethereal church of the dead god, either. For what its worth. On a scale of modern prison to Frederick Douglass his situation sits squarely between Mandela and Enrique. Forget Furrows, his is the tragedy of life. I was talking about my day. Before the brewery, during the morning and early afternoon hours, my friend and I took to loitering at a technology and marketing conference. This was a tragedy far more entertaining. Oh no, they arent all cutters or middle-school children. Those ones are far kinder to themselves; they spare their souls the uncertain by diving straight into the

sadness. Introducing the short production, "Copyright Law." Authors unknown. <know-it-all voice> "Copyright customs and laws are so-and-so. They should be such-and-such. But they wont change. And Im not hopeful." <optimistic-cro-magnon voice> "I hope we come up with some better ideas in the future." Scene. This is what I learned. About copyright law. About industry outlook. A xture, in this case the law, has got to change to meet my needs now. And it wont, and its screwing me. And I shouldnt be optimistic for change in timespans relevant to me, but I can be optimistic for future change. Change relevant only to my ethereal church. Bleak. Mackenzie, beautiful Mackenzie, I nearly decided to apply this view to the world at large. But its not like that, is it? It cant be. Were young. Were spry. Me less so than I. I dont see it to be true. I cant tell me why. Reassure me, friend.