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First off, do NOT stop breast feeding.

This will NOT solve problem and it will o nly make things worse for baby and you could end up with breast infection. Howev er, I would avoid bottle as much as possible during this time unless that s only w ay baby will eat. You have to then sterilize all the parts over and over again. And any milk you save will have yeast in it even if you freeze so baby can get r einfected. Treat baby and mama at same time to avoid passing back and forth. Yeast replicates every 90 minutes and can be hard as hell to kill. Your immune system normally keeps it dormant and under control. Therefore, babies older than 6 months with established good bacteria and immune systems normally do not have problems with thrush. Even after symptoms disappear, keep treatment going for a t least a week and slowly taper it off. I am an RN. We had thrush for 1 month. I caught it early at 8 weeks old, but my pediatrician didn't believe me so I thought maybe I was wrong. I wasn't and it g ot way worse. Baby never showed symptoms in mouth, only my breasts and his diape r area. I tried everything. The first thing I would do is forget the nystatin un less you believe it's actually working. It only works part of the time if given every 90 minutes (most yeast is resistant to it nowadays), the sugar in it encou rages yeast growth, and it's a pain to give. I researched for hours! First thing, PROBIOTICS- klaire ther-biotic infant formula is best I've found let baby suck off finger twice a day before feeding. babies need mostly bifidus bacteria unlike adults and kids. This is the reason I recommend Klaire Lab Infan t (a pediatrician actually is how I found it). It contains 10 different strains of friendly bacteria at 10 billion per ¼ tsp. It ships pretty fast. However, if yo u want something today, I would find a local health food store that sells supple ments. They should have a quality infant probiotic, although it will probably co ntain less strains and be less concentrated. You can compare the bacteria from t he Klaire, which are: Lactobacillus rhamnosus Lactobacillus casei Lactobacillus paracasei Lactobacillus gasseri Lactobacillus salivarius Bifidobacterium bifidum Bifidobacterium infantis Bifidobacterium lactis Bifidobacterium longum Bifidobacterium breve I would probably double the amount suggested because that is a maintenance dose and you are actually trying to treat a problem. Say give amount suggested twice or three times a day. You cannot overdose on probiotics. Whatever baby body does n t use will be pooped out. If you are giving too much, baby poop will become more diarrhea like. And do NOT go to CVS etc. for probiotics, those might as well be thrown in the garbage because they are worthless. This should be enough treatment for baby if very mild case. However, you can also swab mouth with DILUTED grapefruit seed extract in distill ed water (not grape, it's grapefruit) Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract is the brand I prefer; it contains Citricidal active ingredient. The pills are only us eful if you take them. You need the concentrated liquid to dilute with distilled water for baby. MUST DILUTE. Here s good article for diluting. Make sure you prevent diaper rash till yeast is gone or it will get on diaper ar ea.

I w ould start with the other stuff first if you are unsure of GV. Wash with water or diluted vinegar or diluted GSE.. 14 days of Diflican helped me in co mbination with listed alternate it with the motherlove or extra virgin coconut oil.nbci. And then add GV i f necessary.nbci. but I use motherlove diaper rash & thrush OR Can mix lotriman AF with Boudreaux natural butt paste.. I used Kleenex hand towels for me & baby bottom. Lotrimin AF can be very i rritating so do not use alone. Diflucan does not actually kill yeast! It only stops cert ain strains of yeast from replicating and it does not solve the underlying cause !! t . call a local compounding pharmacy (they mix their own drugs). I did gentian violet and it helps especially in combo with vinegar/ointment. & drink KEFIR (at Publix next to milk ) i make smoothies with kefir or I mix it with orange juice. If you don t have motherlove. Do NOT use wipes... Don't contaminate your ointment or solutions by sticking anything in i t if it's already touched yeast area. GV is easy. Apply cream after poops and up to about 4-5 times a day Motherlove diaper rash & thrush ointment. Then call your OB and tell them this is what your pharmacist recomm ended.the motherlove and the probiotics will kill the yeast. As for you can mix in pure virgin coconut oil instead. T his is why I suggest Its like yogurt kin d of.iacprx. the zinc from the Boudreaux All Natural Butt paste worked best for me.. Make sure to get 1%!! older pharmacies have it. If using APNO.php?option=com_co. but a lot better probiotics than yogurt.. Do NOT use lanolin or expressed milk on nipples while infected. probiotics.motherlove. Don't use finger if possible. swab nipples with diluted white distilled vinegar ( i used distill ed white) or apple cidar vinegar (1 tsp to 8 oz) after every feeding. Follow jack Newman GV www. This link is how you find a compounding pharmacy: www..Diaper rash: Place baby in baking soda bath 2-3 times a day (a couple tablespoons for baby si zed tub) Expose to air when possible. but messy. To actually heal th e skin. If you don't have either yet. To get the All Purpose Nipple Ointment. When I went through this before I started mixing. This pharmacy will probably already have a Nipple Ointment hey make up.:candida-protocol&catid=5:information&Item id=17 Get some quality probiotics for you also. use olive oil or coconut oil till you get the oth er. Or Q-tips. but was not completely effective and the yeast came back even more angry. If it gets past nipples and into milk ducts. Put olive oil on baby cheeks & lips before lat ching to GV breast to reduce staining www. & Boudreaux natural butt p aste.. www. I would kill yeast and end up with a red red red bottom. Apply moth erlove diaper rash & thrush ointment or jack newman all purpose nipple ointment.

low carbs Consider ordering the 5 things (one of which is an awesome no processed food. Amazing! I am not supporting everything on this website. at minimum take 50-100 billio n 3 times a day. one is foo d for probiotic. and things used for diaper ras h. but I am saying these 5 supplements kicked it to the curb for m e www. but may not be necessary for mild case. no dairy. Soak it in some vinegar wat er and then wash. NSI YST Management. Use only air flow nursing pads (such as NU K). Do NOT use plastic lined nursing pads!! Boil pump parts. on ly at different feeding from probiotics Mom: After feeding.babycareadvice. Garlic and so me others things that specifically kill yeast) Anything else you've read that I haven't mentioned.. low carbs. rinse mout h with slight amount water and apply diluted GSE If not improving. no grapes.. I honestly have n't read it all. and one is combo of It helps to alter diet during treatment.. Add vinegar to rinse cycle of bras. 100% cotton. All treatment should be followed for at least 1 week. consider Gentian violet 1% at night per jack Newman method. RECAP Baby: PROBIOTICS 2-3 times a day before feeding If you see visible thrush in mouth and feel necessary. Custom probiotics.nbci. Wipe surfaces with vinegar water that are frequently touched with yeast hands Don't use antibacterial soap in home. I would say at least 10-14 after symptom free General Thrush Advice www.I then followed the 5 things here exactly and it was under control in just a fe w days. Wear no bra if possible for air flow. Get yourself some probiotics at health food store. Drink kefir Avoid dairy and sugars. nursing pads. some say 2 weeks even when symptoms have disappeared. bottle parts. NSI CandidaClear from vitacost. Jack Newman Breastfeeding Articles In order of importance: no sugar. swab with diluted vinegar and apply ointment. After feeding. There's more little stuff but I can't remember.php?option=com_co. pacifiers for 20 minutes every days during treatm ent. bamboo is naturally antifungal. I probably read about or tri . syntol from site above Symbiotics colostrum. two are immune boosting. Kills good bacteria which encourages growt h of yeast. no pe anuts/cashews.. What can't be boiled that touches baby's mouth.

. Side note: I tried GSE but it really wasn't effective for us so I wouldn't total ly depend on it alone especially if you see no improvement. I seriously had it BAD :) but now it's gone and my baby is still breastfeedi ng happily at 7. Sugar will feed yeast. Oh yes and make sure you aren't giving baby meds with sugar in it and then letti ng them feed such as Mylicon or Tylenol. feed. & get nipple out asap to wash nipple with diluted vinegar. My husband tells me to tell everyone I know so hop efully you don't go through what we did. Yeast dies in sunlight.ed. Give med at end of feeding of possible and give a little water to rinse mouth or give med.5 months old.