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B.Tech/ECE/Analog Communication Group A 1.

Answer any ten questions i) Energy signal has a) E = 0 and P = 0 b) 0< E < ∞ and P = 0 c) E = ∞ and P =∞ d) E = 0 and 0< P < ∞ ii) Power signal has a) E = 0 and P = 0 b) 0< E < ∞ and P = 0 c) E = ∞ and P =∞ d) E = ∞ and 0< P < ∞ iii) Fourier transform of unit Impulse function is a) 0 b) 1 c) ∞ d) None

iv)If the angle between two vector is θ then Correlation between two vector measured by a) Sin θ b) Cos θ c) tan θ d) None v) The condition to avoid over modulation is (A=carrier Amplitude and mp = maxm amplitude of modulating simnal) a) A < mp b) A ≥ mp c) A = 1 d) mp = 1 vi)Bandwidth of VSB-SC is a)less than SSB-SC b)greater than SSB-SC but less than DSB-SC c) greater than DSB-SC but less than SSB-SC d) double of SSB-SC. vii)Bandwidth of Angle modulation technique is ideally a) 93.5 MHz b) 107 MHz c) ∞ d) 98.3 MHz

viii) The frequency range of FM broadcasting system is assigned by FCC is a) 98KHz to 150 KHz b) 90MHz to 110 MHz c) 88MHz to 110 MHz d) 80MHz to 110 MHz ix) Amplitude modulation means a) Amplitude of modulating signal varying according to amplitude of carrier b) Amplitude of Carrier varying according to amplitude of modulating signal c) Frequency of modulating signal varying according to amplitude of carrier d) Frequency of the carrier varying according to amplitude of modulating signal x) Power of the Angle modulated signal is a) A2/2 b) A2 c) A2/4 d) A2/3

xi) Fourier transform of signum function sgn(t) is a) 1/jω b) 2/jω c) ∞ d) jω xii) Instantaneous frequency of PM signal is proportional to a) Amplitude of modulating signal b) Amplitude of Carrier c) Derivative of amplitude of modulating signal d) Integration of modulating signal

a) Define Instantaneous frequency for Angle Modulation technique.Group B Answer Any Three 2. Group C Answer Any Three 8. List the various AM techniques. a) Why we need modulation of a signal? 1+(1+1+2) b) Define Amplitude Modulation(AM).( ωc>>ωm). 2+3 b) From mathematical expression of FM wave. 4. 5. What is Parseval’s Energy theorem? Verify this theorem for the signal g(t) = e-atu(t): (a>0).5 and µ=1. derive an expression for NBFM wave. 6. b) Obtain the Fourier series representation of the signal shown in fig1 1v 1+4 …… -3T/4 -T/4 0 T/4 3T/4 …. 5 a) What do you mean by correlation? How can it measure? (1+1)+(1+2) b) What is Autocorrelation? Show that Fourier Transform of Autocorrelation function is Energy Spectral Density(ESD). 2+3 a) Sketch φAM (t) for modulation index µ=0. a) Define signal. a) Draw the block diagram of Armstrong Indirect FM Transmitter and explain the workingprinciple. 6+9 .when m(t) = B Cosωmt and carrier is C(t) = A Cosωct. -1v Fig1 3. Discuss the differences among them. b) Show that maximum efficiency ηmax = 33% for AM tone modulation technique 7. a) What is duality property of Fourier transform? 1+4 b) Find the Fourier Transform of the Rectangular pulse of width τ second and height 1v and draw the spectrum.

. iii) Find the deviation ratio β.. 4+5+6 ...( ωc>>ωm) and µ= modulation index.... ……………….2×10-4sec…………… 1v .. -1v Fig2 10.. i) show that if the detector output is to follow the envelope of φAM(t)....1)1/2 13 a) Draw the SSB-SC spectrum of tone modulation 2+2+(1+3+1+3+3) b) What are the differences between the Amplitude modulation and Angle modulation c) An angle modulated signal with carrier frequency ωc = 2π×105 is described by the equation ΦEM (t) = 10 Cos(ωct + 5 Sin3000t+ 10 Sin2000 πt) i) Find the power of modulated signal.. b) Derive the SNR for DSB-SC system...b) Estimate the bandwidth of FM & PM for the modulating signal m(t) shown in fig2. 5+(5+5) b) The input to an envelope detector is φAM(t) = A(1+µ Cosωmt) A Cosωct .. a) Draw the block diagram of simple Super Heterodyne Receiver and explain its principle. 11... a) How PLL(Phase Lock Loop) work as FM Demodulator? b) What is Preemphasis and Deemphasis Filter? c) Draw and explain the FM stereo Receiver.. ii) show that if the detector output is to follow the envelope at all times. . ii) Find the Frequency deviation Δf.The constant Kf and Kp are 2π×105 and 10 π respectively and Carrier frequency fc is 100 is required at any time 1/RC≥ ωm(µSinωmt/1+µ Cosωmt).. v) Estimate the Bandwidth of ΦEM (t). it is required that RC ≤ 1/ωm (1/µ2 . 8+7 12. a) Draw a contrasting view among the DSB-SC..SSB-SC and VSB-SC. iv) Find the phase deviation Δφ..