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Introduction ....................................................................................................................................................... 5 Chapter 1: What Cellulite Is ..............................................................................................................12 Chapter 2: Myths And Facts About Cellulite ...................................................................... 19
Myth: Cellulite Is Genetic ............................................................................................................ 20 Fact: You Can Get Cellulite Anywhere On Your Body ............................................................. 21 Myth: You Can Exercise Away Cellulite .................................................................................... 22 Fact: The Right Diet Will Have More Impact Than Exercise On Cellulite Reduction ............ 24 Myth: Liposuction Will Cure Cellulite Forever ......................................................................... 25 Fact: Stress Can Be Associated With Cellulite Development.................................................... 27

Chapter 3: Can You Spot A Scam? ...............................................................................................29
Anti-Cellulite Clothing ................................................................................................................ 31 Miracle Creams............................................................................................................................. 32 Pills/Drugs ................................................................................................................................... 34 Massage/Vibration Therapies..................................................................................................... 36 Laser Therapy ............................................................................................................................... 38

Chapter 4: The Damaging Impacts Of Crash Diets ....................................................40
The Problems Associated With Crash Diets............................................................................... 42 What Qualifies As A Crash Diet ................................................................................................. 54 The Difference Between A Crash Diet And A ‘Cleanse’ ........................................................... 57

Chapter 5: Eating To Rid Cellulite ...............................................................................................59
Setting Your Target Calorie Intake ............................................................................................. 61 Your Basal Metabolic Rate .......................................................................................................... 62 The Thermic Effect Of Food ........................................................................................................ 63 Your Daily Activity Burn........................................................................................................... 63 Foods To Eat To Banish Cellulite ................................................................................................ 66 Foods To Avoid To Become Cellulite-Free................................................................................. 72 What You need To Know About Food Combinations And Timing........................................ 75 Your Lymph Cleansing Solution................................................................................................. 77

Chapter 6: Supplements For Success .......................................................................................78
Thyroid Support........................................................................................................................... 79 Health Promotion......................................................................................................................... 81 Accelerated Fat Burning .............................................................................................................. 83 Hormonal Balance ........................................................................................................................ 85

Chapter 7: The Coffee Grind Wrap Method.........................................................................88


Ingredients ................................................................................................................................. 90

Chapter 8: Your Step By Step Plan To Ridding Cellulite For Good.................91
Step 1: Start With Detoxification And Water Retention Removal ........................................... 92 Ingredients ................................................................................................................................. 93 Step 2: Fix Your Diet .................................................................................................................... 94

Chapter 9: Maintaining A Cellulite Free Body For Life..............................................99 Conclusion ....................................................................................................................................................101


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The problem. Most people. more often than not. their cellulite will vanish immediately. And. while some people have come to believe that cellulite is primarily a ‘women’s’ condition. males can also suffer. hoping that if they just lose a few pounds. this is not the case. when they have a problem they’re unhappy with. hopeless. you aren’t alone. to at least some extent. is that they are simply using the wrong approach. While there’s definitely no denying the fact that cellulite is much more apparent in females than males.Introduction If you’re reading this right now. Cellulite is a very intricate problem that requires a comprehensive approach as you go about your treatment as it’s not just something that’s accumulate due to you having excess weight. This is what so many people have come to believe. The problem here is not their motivation. So. They think that the primary reason they are suffering from cellulite is simply because they are ‘too fat’. but unfortunately they’ve been highly misled. so it’s not something they can completely overlook either. In addition to that. Only it doesn’t and before not too long. Cellulite is a very widespread problem that impacts a vast number of people all around the world regardless of whether or not they happen to be overweight or not. cellulite. they’re left feeling incredibly depressed. when they use this wrong approach for a few days 5 . have fine levels of motivation to press onwards and see success. they go on some crash diet. and like tossing in the towel. And. you’re someone who is dealing with.

There are a wide number of factors that can influence cellulite development. 6 .and don’t start seeing the results that they’re after. then you can get right on track to seeing the success that you’re after. Keep in mind that how much cellulite you currently possess is going to determine how long it takes you to rid yourself of it from your body as well as the amount of effort that’s going to be required on your part. If you do this. If you can do this. So the mission of this book is to set the record straight so that you can finally attack the problem and see the success that you’re after. so they’re going to need a much different approach than someone who does have 30+ pounds to lose. it’s that it becomes low when you aren’t seeing the results that you were hoping for. At times. It’s not that your motivation is naturally low to get rid of this problem. so some people will definitely suffer to a greater extreme than others. The trick is to recognize what problems are at play in your own situation and then start making adjustments that will accommodate to those issues. then you will be on track and seeing the optimal state of results that you’ve been longing for all along. very thin people may also have cellulite. that leads to further frustration and then their motivation takes a nosedive.

7 . Someone who is of a normal and healthy body weight (or even too thin as it is!) isn’t likely going to want to go shedding 10-15 pounds to try and reduce the amount of cellulite they have. That’s when it’ll be time to instead assess the situation and see what other factors are contributing to cellulite development and attack the problem from those angles. fighting cellulite does need to be a bit of a customized approach. All in all.While overweight people do tend to notice more cellulite overall. it’s not just the excess weight that’s coming into play here. the faster you are going to see results and the better you are going to move forward and see the results that you’re after. The more steps you can take to combat it. as we mentioned above. Doing so may not be healthy and wouldn’t have them looking good. so it’s imperative that you keep that in mind as you go about your plan.

Cellulite is a wide-spread problem and as such. you need to learn what causes cellulite to develop so that you can better understand why you’re going to be doing the things you’re doing as you move into the various treatment phases. Before you even start concerning yourself with fixing the problem. there are far more myths out there surrounding cellulite than there is for almost any other weight loss topic. First we’re going to be going over the main facts about what cellulite is. After you fully understand cellulite. then we’re going to move into a discussion on some of the biggest myths and facts about cellulite.So what are we going to be covering in this book? We’re going to discuss a wide range of things so that you are fully equipped with absolutely everything that you need to know to say so-long to cellulite forever. everyone and everyone who wants to make a quick buck seems to have the solution. This is very important to consider as if the truth is told. 8 .

you’ll be feeling better than ever so you will simply want to continue on it for that reason if nothing else. it’s imperative that you learn what these are and how you can go about sidestepping them so that they don’t distract you from doing what really does work to achieve optimal success. If you hope to have success with your quest to rid yourself of cellulite. to cure cellulite. But not to worry. then we’ll look more specifically at some of those scams that are available so you know precisely what you don’t want to buy into. It’s a must that you don’t and we’ll be showing you exactly why in this chapter. claims. If you can’t spot a scam. 9 . you could be wasting your hard-earned dollars falling for one.As a result. Until you understand what these crash diets do to you. we’ll move on and talk about what you should be doing. you may continually be tempted to use them. When it comes to combating cellulite for good. After you know fact from fiction. We definitely do not want that and I think you’d agree that you’ll only become more frustrated if you fall victim to these marketing ploys. diet is key to success. we’ll take a closer look at the impact of crash diets and cellulite. and strategies out there that are nothing more than hype and fancy marketing. From there. Plus. how is this going to influence the results that you see? We’ll have some of your answers here so that you can see for yourself the impact it will have. you’ll find that after you start up on this diet. This will be a large chapter as we’ll be explaining a number of effective strategies that you need to know. there are many different products. From there. the diet isn’t going to be anything really unmanageable and is going to be something that almost everyone should be able to do without much of a problem at all. diet-wise. If you hop onto one of those ‘quick fix’ approaches hoping to shed pounds quickly.

Finally. then we’ll move forward and begin going over into more detail the supplements that you can use that will help you cure cellulite. From there. Remember those thin people we mentioned who are suffering from cellulite? Well. we’ll talk about one special wrap treatment that you can do right in the comfort of your own home to combat cellulite that far too many people completely overlook. Once you’ve finally removed all that cellulite from your body that you so desperately want to shed. Now. We’ll explain this all in great detail in this chapter. Estrogen is the primary hormone we’ll be talking about but we’ll also go over how the thyroid hormones may be impacting you as well. this is one of them and will produce far superior benefits. This isn’t something that’s going to go away easily either. you must know which products work and which are just going to waste your time. we’ll finish off the book going over some of the top tips to maintain a cellulite free body moving into the future. there are a number of supplements out there that claim to help combat cellulite in a hurry. 10 .After we’ve gone over all the important diet information that you need to know. we’ll move on and talk more on the hormonal aspect of cellulite. While there are few wraps or topical treatments that actually do work. This is also incredibly important to consider because many people don’t even realize that the reason they have cellulite could be primarily hormonally based. you’ll just be misled by these. so it’s imperative that you are making absolutely sure that you are taking steps to fix your situation if you are in fact suffering. If you want to see fast results. After that. but sadly. the primary reason they are suffering is due to a hormonal imbalance taking place in their body. more often than not. it’s then important that you make sure that you know some special strategies for keeping that cellulite off in the long term.

11 . we don’t want this to be yet another program just like that. With so many different diet programs out there that have you rebounding in body weight just weeks after you’ve finished. So there you have all the vital information that you’re going to learn as we go about this program plan. Make sure that you take notes along the way if necessary so that you can remember all the facts we cover and put them to good use in your own lifestyle. So now that you’re fully prepared and know what’s ahead. Don’t just use one or two of the methods that we discuss – utilize everything that we’re providing in this book so that you can see the best results possible from your effort. let’s get started with some initial discussion on what cellulite is.Clearly a program would not be effective if you regained the cellulite you lost just a few months after coming off of it. so this is something that you can’t take lightly.

especially if one gets heavy enough in terms of their overall body weight. as well as the underarms. Others might mention that cellulite is caused due to toxic build-up under the skin. Many people are under the impression that it’s simply excess body fat and while body fat does play a role in cellulite formation. a notion that isn’t correct at all (so don’t fall for this one!) Cellulite is primarily a condition involving both body fat as well as your skin structure. however it can also occur around other areas of the body where excess body fat is likely to accumulate.Chapter 1: What Cellulite Is To kick-start our discussions. we need to go over what cellulite is. All of these areas can see noticeable increases in cellulite formation. however those who are sporting a higher body weight are much more likely to notice the impacts of it and 12 . the lower back (primarily in males). Such regions include the lower abs (especially in women). you definitely don’t have to be overweight to be seeing a problem with cellulite. As we mentioned earlier. that’s not all that’s involved. Cellulite is far most likely to occur right around the butt and thigh region.

Tanning can often help to reduce the appearance of cellulite as it tends to smooth the skin out. somewhat like cottage cheese. it tends to take a rather dimpled appearance. When cellulite occurs. So what is it that causes cellulite? What causes cellulite formation to occur is the actual skin on your body along with the underlying structure underneath the skin. however it’s by no means an effective way to treat and rid cellulite from your body. 13 .see greater levels of development. and makes you look very unfit and not firm.

causing them to buckle and the dimples to be formed.Basically what occurs is that there is a herniation. The result is a dimple-free appearance on the skin. Where cellulite is involved however. Think of this as if you had a netted bag for a sleeping bag and you were pressing that rolled-up sleeping bag into the net as hard as you possibly could. of subcutaneous fat within the fibrous connective tissues in the skin. you have fat tissue and then above that. In a normal area of the body where cellulite isn’t present. What’s going to happen? 14 . pulling on the various attachments that join the skin to the body fat cells. you have a layer of smooth skin tissue. meaning a protrusion. So think of it like this. you’ll have fat tissue that is seeping into the skin structures.

The bag is going to start to press through the net, creating small protrusions of the sleeping bag throughout. This is what’s going on when cellulite is formed. The fat tissue is pressing up into the skin matrix, pressing so hard that you get that dimple effects as certain portions of the skin are pulled taught right into the body fat.

So while having fat underneath the skin does definitely play a role in cellulite formation, it is not the cause of the cellulite. The cause of the cellulite formation is due to the way the skin is structured and the fact it’s allowing the fat to press up into it, producing these protrusions. Since every single person on earth has some degree of body fat underneath the skin (except for perhaps the professional competitive body builders who get down to extremely low body fat levels), anyone can suffer from this problem and that is why you don’t necessarily have to be overweight to see it occurring. You just have to have poor skin structure and fat present and when you do, cellulite will be forming. What’s more is that the way in which a women’s skin structure is formed does tend to be quite different from the way a males is, which


explains why this problem is much more pronounced in females than males.

With males, the connective tissue that connects the skin to muscle cells tends to run in a cross-hatched pattern, which produces a more smooth and continuous appearance, reducing the chances that fat can seep into the pocket holes. With females however, it’s not the same story. For women, the connective tissue tends to run vertically along the skin with the attachments coming only so often along the skin to the muscles. Thus, there is this wide opportunity for ‘fat pockets’ to form, which is where the fat will seep inwards and begin pressing up, creating the cellulite appearance. Additionally, females also have much higher levels of essential body fat than males do due to their need to be able to reproduce, thus they are naturally going to have more body fat underneath the skin to potentially fill these voids. So as you can see, females definitely have a few serious factors working against them when it comes to cellulite formation, which is why


it can be so hard for a woman to rid herself of this unsightly tissue and why thin women are far more likely to suffer from it than thin men. Another thing to note with the formation of cellulite is that it is much more likely to form as you begin to age. When you’re young, the skin tissue and collagen matrix tends to be rather elastic and supple, therefore if the fat presses up, it’s more likely to maintain its overall structural integrity. When you’re older however, the skin loses this elasticity and that can make it far easier for the fat to move into the skin pockets, pressing up against the skin. Additionally, as one ages the skin will tend to sage more, which can further augment the situation. This is why you may not have had cellulite formation when you were younger but now that you are starting to age in years, you may be noticing more of it developing. To add to this, you have the issue of hormonal concentrations shifting in the body, which is an additional topic that we’ll be getting into with much greater detail in a coming chapter. Hormonal factors do play an integral role in the formation of cellulite so if you’re not keeping track of where your levels are at and making smart adjustments to accommodate, you could definitely be putting yourself at a higher risk for seeing it occur in your lower body region. So there you have some of the primary points to know about what cellulite is. As you can see, it’s not as simple as just saying it’s a matter of being too ‘fat’. While the more fat you have, clearly the more opportunity there will be for the fat to push up into the skin as we’ve mentioned throughout the course of this chapter, but it’s more an issue with the connective tissue coming into play than anything.


18 . let’s go into some of the biggest myths and truths that you need to remember so that you can figure out how to structure your program plan to combat this unsightly problem.So now that you know what cellulite is.

19 . This is then simply just going to have them growing more and more frustrated by the day. is anything but ideal when you are on a mission to combat cellulite – and fast. Only once you know these truths and facts are you going to be able to recognize where to place more of your efforts in terms of cellulite reduction. which as we talked about earlier.Chapter 2: Myths And Facts About Cellulite Now that you have a more clear idea of what cellulite is. it’s time to go over the dirty truths and facts that circulate around with regards to cellulite. So many people read incorrect information regarding cellulite and then go off to put together a program plan that is based around completely false logic.

The myth is that cellulite is. your genetic background is not going to establish for sure whether or not you develop cellulite. While your genetic background can have some influence on the way that you tend to store body fat on the body. however. those who believe this come to think that if their parents have cellulite. But since that linkage isn’t accurate. Basically. This. for the most part. and exercise choices. this doesn’t mean that you’re destined to have very large amounts of it yourself as long as you get on a program to help combat it and make smart lifestyle. There are a number of people in this world who have very overweight parents. but from a hereditary standpoint. As we said earlier cellulite isn’t just about being overweight. chances are they are going to be developing it too – and often they believe that there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it.So let’s take a look at the key myths and facts that you need to know. this would be the greatest potential linkage between your parents and you and the development of cellulite. diet. you really have nothing to worry about. but who have taken action in their own lives to put together a proper diet to follow and lead an active lifestyle. Myth: Cellulite Is Genetic The very first myth is that one that does circulate a great deal and has many people believing it to be entirely accurate. thus are not overweight themselves. isn’t correct at all. genetic. 20 . If your mom has cellulite.

Fact: You Can Get Cellulite Anywhere On Your Body Moving along. The more fat you have. 21 . you can in fact get cellulite anywhere if the skin structure presents the problem. one fact is that you can get cellulite anywhere on your body. that is not the only place where it can develop on the body. the more likely there is to be a problem and often you will see those who are very obese showing signs of cellulite formation in many additional places on the body. looking at a fact now. If you’re gaining enough excess weight and are moving into the obese category. and thighs and while it is true that this is the most common place for cellulite to form as it’s where the skin tends to naturally have this structure the promotes the development of cellulite. butt. Some people come to believe that cellulite can only occur on the hips.

That is simply not the case.Keep in mind that things do need to be quite extreme for this to occur. Myth: You Can Exercise Away Cellulite The next myth that surrounds the development of cellulite is that you can exercise away cellulite if you work hard enough. 22 . They know they are in for a lot of hard work. but there’s no question that you can get it all over the body if you aren’t careful. Some people come to believe that if they just put in more hours at the gym. Never come to believe that certain areas of the body are ‘immune’ to its development. but they are going to put their mind to it. they can rid cellulite completely.

If you try that. exercise is not going to influence the skin – for that. So don’t discount exercise as a method to help reduce cellulite – it can be very effective and we aren’t trying to discount that here.Only this isn’t. So while you can reduce the fat underneath. unfortunately possible. exercise is not going to change the way that the skin is structured. help with the reduction of cellulite appearance. but don’t think that you can just exercise away cellulite alone either. While a good exercise program can. Exercise alone can definitely help you lose weight. you’re going to be highly disappointed in the results that you see. you need other treatment protocols. 23 . without a question of a doubt. therefore lessening its impact on the appearance of cellulite to the naked eye. What’s more is that typically the fat that is causing cellulite for most people is the stubborn body fat that clings on for dear life and fat that you won’t ever reduce strictly through exercise. but it’s not going to get you so incredibly lean that you can eliminate all the fat under the regions where cellulite is forming.

improve skin tone. along with the overall appearance of cellulite on the body. but reducing cellulite as well. get your diet in order and it’s a win-win scenario. And. you’re looking at a calorie intake of around 400-800 calories depending on just how ‘gourmet’ that slice was.Fact: The Right Diet Will Have More Impact Than Exercise On Cellulite Reduction So now moving on to the facts side of things. firmness. which is enough to get fat loss moving along at a rate of about one pound per week. First of all. Do you know how long it would take you to burn those same numbers of calories off in the gym? One to two hours. Basically. 24 . and say so-long to cellulite forever. You’ll burn fat. Powerful stuff. If you can get your diet correct and adopt a program that is going to be highly geared towards not only reducing body fat. you’re fighting an uphill battle from the get-go. For example. then you’ll also see additional improvements in skin elasticity. If you don’t pay attention to your diet. the next thing to consider is the role that dietary efforts will play in the rate of fat loss progress as well as cellulite reduction. If you can just decrease your food intake slightly. In addition to that. you can easily see a calorie reduction occurring of 400-500 calories per day. this is going to be the best case scenario. if you eat one piece of cheesecake or regular chocolate cake. making smarter choices compared to what you used to be making. it’s far easier to create the calorie deficit that you need to be using to see fat loss success through dietary changes. if you’re focusing one eating the right foods as you go about your diet (and we’ll be going over this in much greater detail shortly). this is precisely where you see remarkable results occurring.

well guess what? That fat is coming right back. If you then proceed to keep up your normal dietary and lifestyle habits. not quite.Do not underestimate the power that a proper diet holds. your problem is solved! Not quite. this isn’t accurate. that’s all you’re doing – removing fat. If only it was that easy. you’ll just make sure that you make the proper behavioral changes in order to reduce your risk of fat regain. Surgery will not fix what made you gain weight in the first place. Myth: Liposuction Will Cure Cellulite Forever The next myth that we need to discuss is the myth that liposuction is going to cure cellulite forever. Okay. While liposuction may help to remove some of the fat that’s underneath the skin tissue that’s causing the protrusions to take place that is then causing the appearance of cellulite. right? Again. All it is will be a short-term solution to removing some of the tissue causing the problem. it can be extremely tempting to turn to procedures such as this. Problem solved. 25 . Again. that’s fine. so you might be thinking. Just a few short hours under the knife and voila. In this day and age where it seems like everyone is just out to get a ‘quick fix’ and wants to do away with their problems almost instantly – or as instantly as they possibly can.

So while liposuction can potentially help remove the fat. 26 . Then and only then should liposuction be used. it’s not going to do much for the skin and joining tendons that attach the skin to the muscles. so you aren’t going to be all that much better off in the long run. Liposuction is expensive and a temporary solution at best. you may see a greater appearance of sagging-looking skin. It’s a last resort.Remember that cellulite is both a problem of excess body fat as well as the skin structure surrounding those areas. The only times in which liposuction should foreseeably be an option for anyone is if you’re so overweight that it’s threatening your life and for the time being. it’s simply not the best way to go. Coupled with all the potential side effects and risks involved. And what’s worse is that after the body fat is removed from the impacted region. As a result. there just isn’t enough time to diet and exercise to shed some pounds and potentially save yourself. you’re still going to be at a high risk for gaining that cellulite back.

Fact: Stress Can Be Associated With Cellulite Development Looking at our next fact of cellulite. 27 . It impacts your:            Sleep quality Resting metabolic rate Recovery rate Immune system Libido levels Focus and concentration Energy levels Insulin sensitivity Diabetes risk Energy …and on and on it goes. Simply put. stress impacts everything. it’s that stress is potentially one of the most damaging elements to your health. If there’s one thing that you should know. this fact is that stress is associated with cellulite development.

you’ll be fighting an ongoing battle with your body that you likely will not win. which could then lead to fat gaining increasing the chances that you develop cellulite in the first place. Obviously you cannot combat stress entirely – it’s going to be present in some regard as it’s simply an unavoidable fact of life. the better chances you’ll have of saying so-long to cellulite forever. They can really send you on off on the wrong track and focusing on things that just aren’t going to move you forward at all and actually combat this program while getting past it. and can increase our energy in times of need.If you’re highly stressed out. So now that we’ve cleared those away. problems are on their way and cellulite is one of them. So there you have some of the primary myths and facts that you should know about cellulite and its development. Don’t let yourself fall for some of these myths. but stress will also cause a hormonal response in the body that is going to make you more prone to gaining body fat and burning up lean muscle mass tissue. but it’s when that stress becomes highly chronic that you have a serious problem on your hands. long day of work?). In that instant. Practice smarter stress management techniques and you can put this problem behind you. let’s take a look at some of the potent scams that are out there that you must know about so that you don’t fall victim to these marketing claims. 28 . but the better job you can do at managing your stress level and taking steps to reduce it as much as you possibly can. Some stress can actually be healthy for the body because it keeps us alert. focused. Overall. Not only does stress increase your potential to overeat (who’s ever gone digging through the pantry after a hard. stress is just not a good thing to have a part of your life.

Right now. but can also impact some thin people as well. Now. we want it gone. but for the vast majority of us. cellulite not only impacts all those people who fall into the weight loss crowd. Look at it this way. it’s that the cellulite reduction market is a hot one. you’ll see some people where it’s just not that noticeable or they have no desire to do anything about it (they’ve just accepted it. 29 . the weight loss industry is a multibillion dollar industry and hits home for people world-wide. Who doesn’t cellulite impact? That might be the better question to be asking. In almost every country. Almost everyone has cellulite to some degree and sure. hoping to take a nice slice of the pie. Money-hungry marketers realize this and many are entering the market themselves. obesity is rising and more and more people are starting up diet plans and workouts each and every day. as-is).Chapter 3: Can You Spot A Scam? If there is one thing that you can be sure about.

people can get very emotional and when emotions run high. Unless you educate yourself on what some of these products are. but likely will not shrink the size of your thighs. will these products actually work? That’s the age old question. When it comes to body weight and body image issues. So let’s walk you through some of the biggest product scams out there so that you can recognize them before they hit you. there is a slew of people in this market that are coming up with products that they firmly believe will appeal to the masses. more money goes into the marketing efforts of the product to make sure that it appeals to your interest than that of which goes into the research and development side of product creation.Thus. credit cards tend to come out without a second thought. In most cases. what matters is whether or not it sells. it doesn’t so much matter whether or not a product delivers. It’s the sad fact of the matter for many business operations out there. 30 . The end result of this is that you end up with a product that will definitely shrink the size of your bank account. Thus. But. you might be the next victim.

Often the theory behind these is that they’ll compress the region. 31 .Anti-Cellulite Clothing The very first scam that you need to be aware of is anti-cellulite clothing. Not to mention most of these garments are extremely uncomfortable to wear to say the least. Don’t be fooled however. smoothing out the skin and the cellulite underneath it. While you may look less dimpled immediately after removing the clothing due to the compression that occurred as you wore it. your cellulite will vanish right before very eyes. that cellulite will be coming right back in due time. There are a number of different garments out there that claim that if you wear them.

these products do take a semi-correct approach since they are recognizing that cellulite is very much a skin issue. when the problem is occurring underneath. it’s not going to permanently correct it. Some of these creams may produce your skin with certain vitamins that can and have been proven to help increase its health and help to 32 . you’ll be bombarded by full lines of skin care products. so if you think that you can use these products and kiss your cellulite away forever. while the product may help to temporarily firm the skin and reduce the appearance of the dimples. Now. They have everything from products to firm under-eye circles to products designed to plump up the lips to products designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. you’re going to be highly mistaken. If you walk into the shelves of the drug store. the only problem is they are targeting the top of the skin. Furthermore.Miracle Creams The next scam that you need to be very aware of is the miracle creams that are out there.

One thing that you may also want to consider however is the influence of self-tanning creams. the only difference is that it doesn’t appear quite so strong. ghostly skin. You’ll still be left with that cellulite just the same. As the tan fades though. but that’s going to be a mighty costly venture. you can do away with some of the appearance of cellulite. the appearance will return and you’ll be left with the same problem on your hands. 33 . however they aren’t going to reduce cellulite. so it’s a way to reduce how bad the situation appears. If the cellulite reduction cream does have tanning pigments in it that can cause the skin to darken slightly. your expectations are clear going in. If you plan to use these tanning creams forever. it’s not going to fix the problem of cellulite in any way. Tanned skin does tend to look much more cellulite-free than white. to digress.improve the recycling process of building new skin cells. this can definitely have an impact on the appearance of cellulite. then fine. But again. You just have to be very clear on that so that if you do choose to use them.

burn fat faster. but it’s just not going to do much for you in the long run. the next scam that we come to that you need to be more aware of are the pills and drugs that are out there. firm the skin – you name it. most don’t bat an eye to purchase a pill that claims it will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. They may. A pill may increase your metabolic rate ever so slightly and improve fat oxidation to some degree. realize that these pills are not going to work long term. boost your metabolism.Pills/Drugs Moving along. but beyond that. helping to again flush toxins. These products claim to work from the inside out. 34 . it’s not going to do much. for various reasons. Since the world is so accustomed to the many different fat burning products that are available now and people everywhere are shelling out good cash for them. But yet again. these pills can do it. The only way that you can effectively rid yourself of cellulite is to burn the fat and improve the skin structure. reduce the appearance of the cellulite over the short-term.

At worst they can be downright dangerous and cause a wide number of side effects to occur such as:          Increased heart rate Light-headedness/dizziness Feelings of anxiety Difficulty sleeping Stomach pains/distress Headaches Jitteriness Loss of coordination And so on. don’t mess around with them. 35 .And the rate of improvements it provides will be miniscule so if you think you can take that pill and then go off eating pizza and cheeseburgers because it’s just so powerful. Pills provide minimal support at best. you’ll likely end up with more cellulite than when you started. Basically. The benefits are simply not worth the risks and you will be far better off without those pills in your life.

36 . all you’ll be doing is wasting your time with very few results to show for it. Only it doesn’t quite work this way and in reality. you’re leaner and more defined. but guess what? That cellulite is coming right back – typically within the hour or so. along with any vibration therapies. These include the massagers out there who claim to massage away cellulite.Massage/Vibration Therapies The next set of scams to be very aware of are actually quite entertaining. you may feel the skin moving slightly and for a brief instant after the massage is finished you may find that you don’t see cellulite any more (as the fat will be pushed around and will no longer causing those protrusions to occur). You simply put the ab belt on. it vibrates the muscles and like magic. Even those ab belts that you see on late night infomercials work off this concept. Most of you have likely seen some sort of vibration fat loss product. Likewise with these products aimed to reduce cellulite.

37 . so if you want to look at them from a stress reduction point of view. that may offer some benefits in terms of preventing further cellulite from developing.This therapy is simply moving far around and is not effective whatsoever for actually causing fat to be burned off or improving the structure of the skin. The good news is that these may provide some relaxing benefits. That will be your ticket to faster success. The vibration therapies may cause some slight muscle contractions to occur. ones that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. but even then. the contractions are so minimal that they aren’t going to burn any significant number of calories and looking further. If it’s toning. you can get the same benefits from other stress reduction strategies as well. and calorie burn you want. But. firming. hit the gym and pick up some weights. they aren’t going to provide any toning or firming benefits either.

They may alter appearances for a short while. what happens? 38 .Laser Therapy Finally. Look at it this way to compare. this will be short lived. Again. You cannot actually change the shape of body tissues with all of these external methods. At the end of the day when you go to remove these pants. but eventually the body is going to regain the shape that it once had. You wore them all day long even though you could feel them pressing up on your body. often even feeling slightly uncomfortable. This is definitely a more extreme procedure and can also get quite costly in nature if you aren’t careful. which is apparently going to break up the fat cells and improve the skin structure and adhesion to the muscle underneath. Imagine you put on a very tight pair of pants. which then should produce a firmer looking appearance. Laser therapy involves subjecting the skin with laser beams. the last of the scams that you should know about is laser therapy.

So at this point you take the pants off and go sit down to watch your favorite TV show. the sooner you will be able to push past all these scams and focus on methods that do actually work and will get you to the finish line you’re aiming for. the same thing goes for all of these therapies. Only you can spot these scams and make sure you don’t fall for them. Just like the liposuction issue. let’s turn our focus to one additional problem that can occur as people go about their quest to remove cellulite from their body – crash dieting. there are definitely a very wide number of products out there that are vying for your attention and ready to drain your wallet with false hopes that they will improve the way your body looks. removing cellulite from the picture. with changes taking place on the skin’s appearance. Don’t fall for them or you will be wasting your money. So now that we’ve finished identifying all of these. 39 . what’s happened? Your skin has returned to normal. By the time you go to bed.You’re left with indents all over your body (and possibly a few red marks as well!). Well. they’re a short term solution (although much more short lived than liposuction would be). So as you can see. As soon as you accept that there really is no ‘immediate fix’ such as these claim to be. Your skin will have felt the impacts of those tight pants and shifting will have occurred. this time wearing loose and baggy sweat pants. You no longer have the red lines or indents and you are back looking to your same old self.

And. sadly. or just good times and for you. It seems like just about every single day. feelings. Crash diet are only going to set you up for a wide number of long term problems and if you don’t recognize this. giving up these foods means giving up those things as well.Chapter 4: The Damaging Impacts Of Crash Diets If there’s one big problem that hit’s home for both the fat loss industry as well as the cellulite removal industry (since the two are interconnected) it’s the occurrence of crash diets. Making dietary changes can be hard and for some people. It’s a sad occurrence but yet one that people are facing each and every day. it is. 40 . a new crash diet is coming out. They’ve been on diet after diet after diet and are sick of it. You’ve come to associate certain foods with memories. Seems too good to be true. And people fall for them. you aren’t on your way to cellulite free. you’re on your way to experiencing even more cellulite than what you initially started out with. They want results and they want results now – and these diets. they promise results. promising to give you the latest and greatest in fat loss success and help you realize fast results in obtaining your dream body. well. it’s really quite uncomfortable. that won’t be happening any time soon…. Go out with your friends on a Friday night and not have pizza? Yah. They fall for these approaches because they are so desperate to see results.

you fall off your diet plan just as fast as you went on it. And this is precisely the thought process that runs through so many people’s minds as they seek out these crash diets that promise to deliver. It’s just that 5 month business that you don’t want anything to do with. that you can do. You want your dream body bad enough that you can forego your favorite foods for this short of time period. But with the crash diets. we need to go over why these diets are so harmful and also teach you what will qualify as a crash diet. So in order to get you past the point of looking into these approaches and thinking that perhaps they will offer some hope. One week? 10 days? Sure. you’re going to have a hard time figuring out what’s a crash diet and what’s a healthy diet that may actually offer you the results that you’re going for. they’re different because they promise results in just a very short time frame. Until you know what counts as a crash diet. So let’s get started and go over some of the biggest problems that occur when crash dieting.And so. 41 .

essentially. but they can also influence how your brain functions on a day to day basis. Your body requires so much energy to survive each and every day. and to keep your brain functioning. 42 . fighting for its life. directing the central nervous system to carry out all the various tasks that it should be. And this only makes sense when you stop and think about it. Make no mistake about it.The Problems Associated With Crash Diets When looking at the problems associated with crash diets. So if you start taking you calories incredibly low to the point where you are no longer providing enough energy to carry out these basic life functions. pumping blood all around the body. what do you think is going to happen? Do you think you’re going to feel well and be able to function as you should on a daily basis? Clearly not – your body is. the issues are many. It requires energy to keep your lungs breathing. bringing in oxygen to the various tissues. crash diets are going to do a number on your health. Not only are crash diets going to impact your long-term health state. to keep your heart beating.

This is your minimum calorie requirements to sustain life. When you do that. your heart beating. Your metabolic rate represents how many calories your body is going to be burning up on a daily basis just to keep you alive. It’s the total calories that are utilized to carry out what we described above – keeping your lungs working. if you can reduce that to burning only 43 . you’re no longer providing enough calories and very often will be taking your intake below this BMR (basal metabolic rate) value. That defence mechanism? Metabolic slow-down. but just keep this in mind any time you’re considering a crash diet. When you start taking in so few calories. A crash diet is forcing your body into starvation. If you normally burned off a total of 1400 calories per day to complete all the processes described above. The body doesn’t especially like being starved so it’s going to fight back – and fight back hard. When you go on a crash diet however.Fortunately most people do come off crash diets fast enough that they don’t actually put their body through a final struggle. your body is going to dramatically reduce its resting metabolic rate so that its’ conserving as much fuel as it possibly can. Reduced Metabolic Rate The very first and major problem associated with a crash diet is the reduction that you’re going to get to your basal metabolic rate. your body does have a built-in defence mechanism to help fight further weight loss so that it can stay alive. Let’s look at the main problems associated with a crash diet. and your brain functioning.

it put a stop to your efforts. You will see fat loss progress come to a halt and you’ll be stuck in a plateau. So while you may have seen the scale go down initially by about 5 pounds when you first started the diet (and remember. And what’s really bad is that this metabolic slow-down is going to stick for quite some time.1100 calories per day. well now the body is in a better position to reduce the threat to its’ survival that it’s currently facing. So while you will stop seeing weight loss progress take place. you weren’t losing fat in the first place anyway). (and as we’ll discover shortly. but as time passed and the body caught wind of what was going on. you’re worse off than before. now you are burning fewer calories than normal thus your chances of actually gaining additional body fat are going to be that much greater. How do you expect to lose weight if your body is naturally slowing its’ metabolic rate down. So while your body is in a better position to maintain life after reducing its metabolic rate. This is why crash diets produce fast results at first and then completely fail to produce any further results after that. 44 . you’ll see it go up even further by 6-8 pounds after you come off. if you then come off the diet and resume your normal eating habits again. this especially spells doom. So now not only are you back to square one. this was not fat weight – more on that later). the bad news is that for your weight loss progress. again. Clearly needing only 1100 calories to live is better than needing 1400 to live when there is a fuel shortage in place. reducing your daily calorie burn to almost nothing? You won’t – it’s that simple. Initially the deficit was great and your body hadn’t slowed down its’ metabolic rate yet.

and on and on it goes. When you’re taking in so few calories each and every day. you’ll fall short in B vitamins. Simply put. which are important for a healthy metabolism and for proper digestion and usage of the nutrients that the foods you eat provide.Is that something that you want to do to yourself? Nutritional Deficiencies The second big problem associated with crash diets is the fact that they are going to have a high probability of causing nutritional deficiencies to occur. 45 . you’ll fall short in calcium. You will likely start falling short in iron. you will be risking serious health consequences over the long haul when you go on a crash diet. which is what helps you maintain physical performance. which is a must to promote strong bones. it’s going to be next to impossible to get in the nutrients that the body needs to sustain proper health.

After all. one or two days isn’t too much for your body to hand. But if you stay on that crash diet for two to three weeks – or you’re in a pattern where you crash diet one week. are not a replacement for the healthy foods that you should be eating on a day to day basis. if you crash diet for a day or two. it doesn’t quite work that way. crash diet again the week following. The body gets nutrients from food. Now. this won’t be too dramatic and the chances of severe deficiencies won’t be all that great.Now. and so on. But. then chances are good you’re going to experience a major calorie deficit as well. while good for back-up support. While the multi-vitamin will definitely provide you with some back-up assurance. Supplements. it’s not going to replace what you would get if you had eaten real foods. And if you aren’t getting food. you may think that you’ll just take a multi-vitamin and your problems will be solved – simple. It should fare fairly well. the real foods will also supply you with important things such as dietary fiber as well. rebound off it the next. where are you getting nutrients from? It’s simple – you aren’t. Nutrients are of a higher quality when they come from real food and furthermore. 46 .

If you’re on a crash diet plan. if anything will encourage stronger bones. and cardio training can speed up bone mass loss even more than strength training will. cardio training will deplete them. you aren’t getting enough calcium. Strength training. 47 . What’s worse is that the number one form of exercise most of these cellulite-loss enthusiasts do is cardio training (which is the worst approach as it is). as we already identified and there is going to be a high amount of stress on your bones. Keep in mind that calcium plays more roles in the body than just making sure your bones stay strong.Loss Of Bone Mass Moving along. your body will start to tap into its’ primary source of calcium reserves – your bone mass in order to put enough calcium into the blood to maintain vital life functions. As your blood calcium levels start to fall low due to lack of calcium in the diet. especially if you are doing an exercise program to help support the goal to rid cellulite. next we come to another very serious and vital issue that impacts those who are using crash diets and that is the loss of bone mass.

now you’re setting yourself up for serious problems such as osteoporosis or increased risk of stress fractures. If you start to experience bone loss due to being on a crash diet. you’re going to be setting yourself up for problems into your 50’s and 60’s. Don’t change bone health – a few week-long crash diet simply is not worth the risks. and so on and so forth. 48 . so if you’re not taking care of yourself during these decades. your body has other methods to make sure it’s getting enough.Calcium is also going to be highly important for keeping your heart beating. 30’s and even into your 40’s. keeping your muscles contracting. What’s more is that bone strength in later age is very much determined by the habits you have during your 20’s. Calcium is a key element to maintain life and when it’s not coming in from your diet.

Whenever you are going on a very low calorie diet. keep yourself alive. most crash diets hardly provide any protein in the first place). Therefore. If you’re turning to your incoming protein intake as a fuel source however (and if the truth is told. So what’s so bad about this? If you begin burning up lean muscle mass tissue. producing hormones. you would be entirely correct. Where is the primary source where protein is housed? If you said your muscle mass tissue. You’re going to start burning muscle tissue all because you were not taking in enough protein or energy on the fat loss diet you were using. your resting metabolic rate is going to slow down even further. and so on. including protein. 49 . First. That is. one thing is for certain and that you are not taking in enough energy to cover even the most basic needs. That is the loss of lean muscle mass. there are a few things that will occur. On a minute to minute basis.Loss Of Lean Muscle Mass Next we have another big problem in place that’s in addition to the loss of bone mass. it’s going to burn up the most energy just at rest to keep itself present. this means that there is going to be very little protein left over to support necessary body functions such as maintaining your lean body tissue. your body will start to dip into lean body tissues to get the amino acids it needs to again. Therefore. lean muscle mass tissue is quite costly to maintain. your body is going to start burning up all the fuel you feed it rapidly as it enters the body.

The end result? You are not seeing any fat loss at all and when you go off that diet. what does this mean for potential fat loss? It means you’re in some serious trouble. once you lose lean muscle mass. which is why men typically tend to have higher calorie needs each day than females – they simply have more muscle mass whereas women have more fat mass. unlike the metabolic slow-down that occurs due to you being on the diet which will eventually bounce back and increase once you start eating more food again. But. which is why cellulite became more apparent). 50 . but you have the fact that you’re losing lean muscle mass as well. And to put things into perspective even more. So this is a significant problem with crash diets. Now not only do you have the fact the body is slowing down its’ metabolism in the first place due to you being on the crash diet. it’s not just going to bounce back. Unless you work on building it up again. So if you start losing lean muscle mass from the mass that was hardly there in the first place (since you had such a small amount. it’s gone permanently – forever. you are in for some serious weight gain ahead. one of the issues that’s associated with cellulite development is lack of muscle tone in the impacted region that presses up into the fat and skin structure. So as your metabolic rate drops further. Maintaining lean muscle mass on any diet plan must always be the top priority and you simply won’t be doing this if you aren’t eating enough energy or enough protein. which further causes more metabolic slow-down yet. reducing the chances that the protrusions form in the first place. it’s essentially like a triple whammy only making your problem that much worse.Far more than fat tissue.

you won’t see the same rates of recovery after any physical activity that you do perform. With weaker bones and less strong muscles. which means your body stays in a weakened state for a much longer period of time than normal.Increased Risk Of Injury The next issue that’s associated with crash diets is the fact that they will also increase your risk of injury development as well. if not months. to overcome. which can take weeks. 51 . With enough tissue damage without recovery. you simply won’t be able to withstand oncoming forces as well as you should so you’ll find that you are getting injured far more frequently than you used to. You might find that you get joint pain more easily as well as the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joints become weaker and weaker and you suffer from back and neck pain as well. serious injuries can occur such as overuse injuries or muscle pulls and strains. Since you won’t be providing as many nutrients to the body on a daily basis.

Poor Concentration And Focus If you’ve ever been on a crash diet yourself before. Those who use crash diets are even just low carb diets for that matter are more likely to suffer from depression or very bad moods (being easily agitated and upset. Those who aren’t providing their body with an array of nutrients will also find that this impacts their ability to focus and concentrate as the brain. so this is yet another side effect that may be seen. 52 . As you find that your concentration. or nutrients for that matter. What’s even more is that if you aren’t taking in hardly any carbohydrates as part of your crash diet. you likely already know that a reduction in your rate of concentration is yet another side effect that’s very often seen. When your brain doesn’t have enough energy coming in. this can have a serious impact on your mood as well. which is a neurotransmitter produced upon the consumption of carbohydrates that puts you in a calmer. it’s going to start to switch over to running on ketone bodies as a fuel source. which can leave some people feeling rather fuzzy minded and unable to concentrate and think as they normally should. this will also impact your tenacity and desire to stick with the diet as well. and mood declines. focus. This is all perfectly normal and is due to the reduction of natural serotonin being produced in the brain. so clearly has negative implications in that regard also. Don’t be surprised if you have emotional breakdowns while using a crash diet or feel as though you may just snap at the next person that walks by. or irritable). just like any other organ in the body. requires a constant stream of nutrients in order to stay healthy and functioning at its’ best. and ‘feel good’ state.

the last negative side effect of being on a crash diet is the decrease to your physical performance that you’ll see as well. exercising to full intensity. This will then accelerate the process of bone loss.Decreased Physical Performance Finally. the problems are very significant with crash diets and these are not something that you want to take lightly or mess around with. So as you can see. Those who aren’t eating enough energy to meet basic energy requirements sure aren’t going to have enough energy to go out there and be active. 53 . muscle loss. and all the other problems that we discussed here. Most crash diets warn you from the start that you should not attempt to workout while on them because they simply won’t provide enough fuel to meet the demands of an exercising body. you’re just increasing the energy demands of the body that much further – energy demands when not enough energy is being provided in the first place. this can become very problematic because if you do on to add exercise while using a crash diet anyway. so declines in your performance will most definitely be seen. If you are someone who is highly athletic and really enjoys doing your workout sessions each week.

A good guideline to use that would mean a diet is moving into ‘crash diet’ territory is if it prescribes fewer than 1200 calories for women or fewer than 1500 calories for men. What Qualifies As A Crash Diet In order to be able to avoid crash diets. Insufficient Protein The second sign that you’re on a crash diet plan is if you’re not getting enough protein. so are going to be at that higher risk of experiencing a nutritional deficiency. So now that you know what the negatives are of being on a crash diet. Short-term these intakes can be okay if the diet is very well balanced and supplying enough protein. however most crash diets are not doing this at these levels. let’s take a closer look at what qualifies as a crash diet in the first place. if it’s providing fewer than 10 calories per pound of body weight.Get serious and real about them because if you don’t. Or. taking in enough protein is the most important factor if you want to side-step lean muscle mass loss on a diet plan. So what makes a diet qualify as a crash diet? There are a few ‘red flags’ to watch out for. they will hinder you and impact the long term fat loss and cellulite reduction results you see. At these levels. you are going to have a very hard time getting in the necessary nutrients that your body needs. you need to be able to spot them. 54 . Remember. A Very Low Calorie Intake The very first and the most pronounced sign that you’re on a crash diet plan is if it prescribes a very low calorie intake. alternatively.

you’ll want to rethink this approach. if not slightly more. carbs. or fats. so total omission is never a wise idea. You should be.If you aren’t getting your protein needs met. While most diets will decrease certain food groups – namely grains or other complex carbs to bring down the total calorie level. then chances are you’re along the lines of getting enough. the last sign that you’re using a crash diet as you go about striving to see weight loss success is if it’s promising you rapid results. and then taking in no fewer than 15% of your total calorie intake from healthy fats. if the diet is almost zero-carb in nature. you aren’t seeing results – period. For instance. they should not be leaving out an entire nutrient group – proteins. at the very least getting carbohydrates from fresh vegetables along with (preferably although not absolutely necessary) some vegetables. The body needs all three of these to sustain life. A good diet should provide around one grams of protein per pound of bodyweight each day. The Promise Of Rapid Results Finally. the next thing to watch out for and be aware of is if a crash diet omits entire food groups. Omitting Entire Food Groups/Nutrients Moving along. The diet should also be focusing on high quality lean sources of protein coming from lean animal related products (for the most part unless you are vegetarian or have some other reason for not eating meat). If you’re eating protein with each meal and snack that you consume. On a diet that claims to help you lose five pounds in a week? 55 .

Finally. providing it with so few calories that it clings on for dear life. If you suddenly go on a very low calorie diet. Additionally. Be very careful because if you start up on one.You might want to reconsider. the higher your metabolic rate will be. instead. you may get fast weight loss results so that claim may be accurate. before even tapping into body fat. you burn off this tissue first. so the diet isn’t providing any benefits in terms of reducing your cellulite. Cleanses tend to be quite hot right now with so many people using them thinking they will get fast fat loss success by doing so. it’s going to burn up the one tissue that only speeds up the process – your lean muscle mass. The important point to remember here is that any diet that’s promising these types of results is going to have you losing a combination of water weight off the start as well as muscle mass tissue. As a result. you’re essentially going to throwing the body into shock. But is that really the case? Will you see results from using a cleanse? 56 . so as your carbohydrate supply becomes depleted. it’s not going to start burning up the one tissue that helps it survive – body fat (which is the long term source of fuel for the body). So there you have the key things that you must watch out for if you plan on using a crash diet plan in your approach to do away with cellulite. you are only going to set yourself up for headaches down the road. your body will start excreting water as carbohydrates cause the body to store excess water when you eat them. When you crash diet. since you are cutting carbs (almost without a doubt) on a crash diet. muscle is highly metabolically active so the more of it you have. but you are not losing fat weight. this water is going to leave the body). it’s important that we also take a bit of time to discuss what the difference is between a crash diet and a cleanse. All in all. before leaving off this chapter. As we mentioned earlier.

Cleanses focus on giving the body a wide array of nutrients and antioxidants in order to remove toxic build-up (or so they claim) and reduce the amount of digestive stress on the body. a cleanse is very often almost completely calorie free.Let’s go over what you should know. they’re done over the very short term so won’t have nearly the same impact on your health status. it’s when you start pushing four to five days and beyond that all the issues we talked about above start to come into play. you could easily carry out that cleanse for a week or two’s time and make it an effective rapid fat loss diet that preserves lean muscle mass and helps speed up fat loss. so that’s yet another big difference between the two. Secondly. Done this way. whereas a crash diet can last for two weeks or longer. which is quite common amongst all cleanses. If you are going to do a cleanse. The Difference Between A Crash Diet And A ‘Cleanse’ First let’s identify the difference between a crash diet and a cleanse because they can be quite similar on a lot of fronts. you can make it a great deal healthier by adding some protein to the mix. along with lean protein that will help to make sure that you maintain your lean muscle mass stores. Crash diets. Therefore even though cleanses are very low in calories just like a crash diet is. it would be far superior than any crash diet out there. with the exception of fruits and vegetables. so then you get your fresh fruits and vegetables. One or two days on a very low calorie plan isn’t going to alarm the body too much. on the other hand. focus more on very low calories than nutrients per say. The initial difference between the two is that a cleanse is typically designed to be carried out for a period of one to three days. Done this way. 57 .

but don’t do them thinking it’s your one-stop solution to ridding yourself of cellulite. cleanses can help to lighten the burden on your digestive system for a few days if you’ve been eating a very poor diet full of processed foods and may also help to spark some weight loss (again. do cleanses work? Will doing a cleanse help you move closer to your goals? In most cases.But do keep in mind that even this shouldn’t be carried out for an extended time period as it will still have negative implications on your metabolic rate if done for longer than a week or two. let’s shift our focus now and talk about what does work in terms of producing you optimal results. Now that we’ve finished the discussion on crash diets and what they’re all about. So now the age old question is. So do them if you want to give your health a boost. 58 . mostly water weight loss). but from a pure fat loss and cellulite reduction standpoint. cleanses aren’t going to offer all that much in terms of benefits for you (apart from the variation with added protein into the mix).

59 . losing excess body fat. Simply put. nothing is going to help you move forward and onto results quite like a proper diet. reducing the appearance of cellulite. or as in our case. The problem is that most people don’t know the first thing about putting together a diet that will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. There are a number of things that we need to cover here that will help you make smarter decisions regarding your food choices and ensure that cellulite never becomes a problem for you. nothing is going to help faster and produce better ongoing success.Chapter 5: Eating To Rid Cellulite When it comes to achieving success with your plan to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Diet is king when it comes to almost all health goals. which is a primary goal of this program. First we need to discuss the concept of calorie intake. be it reducing your risk of disease. Eating the right calories each day will ensure that you do in fact lose fat.

we’ll also go on to talk about food timing. we need to look at your specific food choices. After that. Finally. it isn’t just the foods that you’re eating that influence fat gain. Eating certain foods at certain times in the day is also important if you want to see optimal results. You need to learn which foods you should never eat if you want to combat cellulite and which foods will help you reach your end goal faster. we’ll provide you with a recipe for a special drink that will really help to cleanse out your lymph system. We’ll also be discussing how to choose proper food combinations. but how you’re structuring these foods in with your overall diet plan. which will speed up the rate of fat burning taking place and help to further augment how your body looks over time. There are certain foods that hold ‘superpowers’ if you will. making sure that it’s functioning optimally and you’re burning up body fat as fast as possible throughout the day. Eat the wrong foods at the wrong times and you aren’t going to be headed towards success. let’s begin with the concept of calories. In many cases. Add foods incorrectly and problems may come about even if they are healthy foods in the first place.After that. 60 . So if you’re ready to get started. Timing can be everything.

It’s the type of foods you eat that will primarily determine which type of weight you lose (fat mass versus muscle mass). your calorie intake is going to play the largest role in dictating which direction your body weight moves. but your calorie intake is a deciding factor in the direction that your weight does move.Setting Your Target Calorie Intake The very first step to creating yourself a diet to help remove cellulite from your body and improve the way you look is to set your calorie intake. In order to properly establish your target calorie intake. They are: • Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) 61 . So. the first thing you need to do is get things straight here. there are three primary components you need to take a look at. Take in fewer calories than you burn off over the course of the day and you’re going to lose weight. Take in more calories than you burn off and you’re going to gain body weight. Simply stated.

and so on. Lean muscle mass tissue is highly metabolically active and since males have more overall lean body weight. Your Basal Metabolic Rate The very first thing that you need to take into account is your basal metabolic rate. your climate. your overall health. and your lungs taking in the oxygen they need to keep you alive. they are going to need to be consuming more calories overall. your stress level. Your basal metabolic rate is fairly determined by your body weight and lean muscle mass. This essentially refers to how many calories your body needs to consume each and every day just to stay alive as we mentioned above. So do this right now – take your current body weight (in pounds) and multiply by 10 or 11 to get your BMR. For the most part though. While there are a number of fancy calculators out there that you can use to do so. this is the amount of energy it would take to keep your brain functioning. If you were to lie in bed each day without moving a muscle. this component is fairly easy to estimate.• The thermic effect of food • Your daily activity burn Let’s look at each one individually. your heart beating. one very simplistic method to approximate your BMR is to multiply your body weight by 10 if you’re a female or 11 if you’re a male. however certain factors can influence it such as your overall activity level (more active individuals will tend to have higher metabolic rates). 62 .

you’re going to use a calorie multiplier based around your activity level. but not moving around all that much) 1. Different foods will require a different amount of energy to break down and digest (protein has the highest thermic effect of food for example). so this gets added to your daily calorie burn. This is essentially going to refer to how many calories you burn off on a day to day basis going about your normal lifestyle activities along with your workout sessions.The Thermic Effect Of Food Next you need to factor into account the thermic effect of food. but on average.4-1. you’ll be looking at about 15% being attributed to this thermic effect of food factor (TEF for short). your body is going to burn off calories digesting it.2 – sedentary (desk job and little activity apart from workouts) 1. assuming you’re eating a mixed diet. Each and every time you eat a meal. use the following for guidance: 1. So take your BMR value now and multiply by 0.3 – moderately active (job that keeps you on your feet. So taking a look at your daily activity level.5 – active (job that keeps you moving around or a lifestyle where you’re always on the go) 63 . the last thing that you must take into account is your daily activity burn. This refers to how many calories your body is going to burn simply breaking down the food you eat. For this component. Your Daily Activity Burn Finally.15 to get your new calculation.

Now.Now you are to take the number that you arrived at above and multiply it by these numbers to get your new daily calorie intake total. so you are to take that number and do your subtractions from it. Then there are some additional factors that you must take into account to ensure that you are going to be taking in the right number of calories to achieve these goals. First know that to gain or lose one pound of body fat. If your weight is staying stable. Others tend to have slower metabolic rates (they got the short end of the stick at birth!). The number we derived above is your maintenance calorie intake (or what should represent it). Keep in mind that this is just an approximate value however and it will vary from person to person. so they’ll need to be using a higher calorie intake. Some people have faster metabolic rates than others naturally. then this is a good indication that you simply are not taking in enough calories on a regular basis to maintain yourself. then you’re right on the mark and eating exactly how much you should be in order to get optimal fat loss progress. then you’re eating too much and should cut back slightly in order to see faster results. This represents how many calories you would need to eat to maintain your body weight overall assuming you’re doing 3-4 workouts per week with a bit of cardio training added in. If you’ve lost weight without effort. so they’ll have to decrease their calorie intake slightly. If you’ve gained weight (and it wasn’t the intent). we need to take this one step further. you must consume or burn off 3500 calories above or below your maintenance level. The best way to determine where you need to be is to simply eat a certain level for about two weeks and then see what direction your body weight moves. 64 . since your goal is to lose body fat and reduce cellulite here.

this is the number that you now want to be aiming for on a daily basis. you may start to experience a number of other negative side effects such as a dramatic slow-down to your metabolic rate. 65 . Half a pound to one pound seems to be about the perfect level for most people. If your goal was to lose half a pound a week because you wanted a more moderate approach. Remember too that if you try and lose weight much faster. Now that you have the facts straight on how many calories you should be consuming. I wouldn’t really recommend trying for more than a pound per week of fat loss however unless you are very overweight to start with as this will have you taking in so few calories that it may become hard to reach your nutritional goals. which would then mean saggy looking skin and this could further increase the risk that it appears as though you are suffering from cellulite.So if your goal is to lose weight for example. you could start to lose muscle along with body fat. If you aim to lose weight faster. then you want to assess your progress and adjust from there. let’s shift our focus and look at which foods you should be eating in order to banish cellulite. you’d subtract 500 calories from that number to see an approximate weight loss rate of one pound per week. not to mention with that significant of a calorie cut. then you’d subtract just 250 from that number as this would get you losing weight at a more appropriate pace. Once you’ve gone two weeks at this level. there’s a much greater chance you’ll be losing some lean muscle mass along with that fat mass you’re so desperate to shed. Once you have your target intake set.

These foods cause a slew of hormonal responses to take place. One of the biggest reasons why cellulite develops is due to our overconsumption of highly processed. man-made food. the foods you eat will determine whether the weight you lose is lean muscle mass or fat mass. but beyond that. calories will dictate which direction your body weight moves. 66 . When it comes to forming your cellulite busting diet plan the primary thing that you must be focusing on is making it as natural as possible.Foods To Eat To Banish Cellulite As we stated. deprive our body of the nutrients it needs to function optimally. and will increase the risk of fat gain occurring.

this is a great place to start. First. Since you must reduce your calorie intake in your diet to see weight loss success. This is going to ensure that your metabolism is running along at top speed. they’re going to supply you with a wide variety of vitamins. Additionally. Finally. since these foods are also so incredibly low in calories. Let’s look at each of the main food groups that will make up your diet individually so that you know where to be placing your focus. These are going to work on a number of different levels. effectively burning up body fat over the course of the day. ridding toxic build-up that can cause further issues with cellulite to appear. they will help out dramatically with the weight loss process overall. and antioxidants. their high water content is going to help to flush out the body. 67 . you’ll be feeding your body quality nutrition that is going to keep you energized and feeling well for a lengthy period of time. Now.When you transition your diet back over to foods that are occurring in their more natural state. minerals. Your Master List Of Cellulite Busting Foods The first group of foods that you need to be eating in order to banish cellulite are fresh fruits and vegetables. you rid yourself of this problem entirely.

Omega fats are critical for keeping your body running properly and ensuring muscle growth is formed while fat burning is increased. then it’s time to focus on adding plenty of lean proteins. blackberries.The top fruits and vegetables to be adding to your diet regularly (aim for at least 8-10 servings per day. Once these are in your plan (and they should form the basis of your diet). preferably those that are either very low in fat or high in omega fatty acids. The main protein rich foods to focus on include:  Chicken breast 68 . blueberries Apples Oranges Papaya Avocado (also a source of healthy fats) Grapefruit Broccoli Bok choy Spinach Cauliflower Brussels sprouts Cabbage Peppers Mushrooms Onions Kale Cucumber Celery Tomatoes All fruits and vegetables can be eaten in a cellulite reduction plan. so earn top marks for promoting a faster rate of fat loss overall. focusing on vegetables and berries):                    Berries – raspberries. strawberries. so to speak. but the above mentioned foods will give you your best ‘bang for your buck’. Protein rich foods also serve to boost the metabolism higher.

they show increased rates of fat loss from the abdominal region in particular. Full fat dairy products including the ones mentioned above are what you want to be choosing.               Turkey breast (white meat) Salmon Mackerel Cod Tilapia Perch Shrimp Crab Lobster Scallops Quail Lean steak Bison Venison Egg whites (with the occasional whole egg as long as it’s the cage-free organic variety. you’ll also want to focus on eating a few dairy products as well. and you want to avoid this.) In addition to the above animal based protein sources. but do make sure it’s in there. it’s also a great source of protein as well as calcium. two vital nutrients you need in your diet plan. Plus. provided they are the organic variety. 69 . When dieters consume healthy dairy products as part of their diet plan. The best sources of dairy products to focus on include:      Cottage cheese Greek yogurt Grass fed raw milk Hard cheeses Grass fed butter Most people make the mistake of choosing low fat or fat free dairy products. You’ll want to keep your intake of dairy to around 1-2 servings per day. so you don’t want to miss out on the potential benefits it holds.

therefore it will be essential that you are monitoring your portion sizes properly so that you aren’t over-consuming and gaining weight because of them. and sardines Some of these healthy fats also contain protein. can bring about cellulite faster. You don’t want to overdo these as they can lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful. The best sources of healthy fats to be eating include:        Nuts and natural nut butter Seeds Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil Olive oil Coconut oil Avocado Salmon. can help prevent cancer since full fat dairy will contain conjugated linoleic acid. Keep in mind that foods containing healthy fats are quite calorie dense. then we turn to healthy fats. but taking in a few of the best sources in moderation can help boost exercise performance 70 . and can help to provide far greater satiety. Eating full fat dairy products will also help to boost your nutrient absorption rates since many vitamins such as A. thus allowing you to maintain your reduced calorie with ease. full fat dairy products simply taste better so will be far more satisfying to your palate. especially the omega fats. E. After your protein in place. so you’ll definitely want to ensure you are getting enough. Finally. Plus. we come to complex carbohydrates. mackerel. Diets that are too low in healthy fats. and K are fat soluble. Full fat dairy products also help to enhance your immunes system as they can act as antiviral agents. so will help you get your intake of that nutrient up as well. Healthy fats are going to be vital for providing a long term source of energy to the body as well as making sure that you keep your hormonal levels where they need to be and skin health optimal.Eating these types of dairy products can be beneficial for helping to reduce your diabetes disease risk due to the palmitoleic acid they contain. D.

and help with muscle building. Now let’s switch our focus and go over the foods that you must avoid if you want to see best results. So there you have the main foods that you should be focusing on to help banish cellulite from your body. which will be critical to firming up the areas where you have cellulite present and reducing its appearance. 71 . The best sources of complex carbohydrates to eat include:       Steel cut oatmeal Brown and wild rice Quinoa couscous barley sweet potatoes Keep these to around the workout period only or first thing in the morning and you’ll see best results.

cookies. chances are you should be avoiding it. and so on. White Flour Based Foods The first and potentially most important category of foods that you should be removing from your diet if you want to say so-long to cellulite are white flour based foods. Basically. pastries. cakes. These are simple carbs that will just cause an insulin spike followed by crash along with you storing all the calories right in the body fat stores. 72 . These are foods such as breads. There are a number of different food types that can lead to massive problems if you’re consuming them regularly and only make your cellulite appear worse than it really is. if it comes from the bakery.Foods To Avoid To Become Cellulite-Free Just as it’s important to know what to put in your mouth to avoid cellulite formation. muffins. you also must know what to avoid putting in your mouth as well. cupcakes. Let’s go over the main ones to know so that you can be sure to stay clear of them at all times.

put that food back on the shelf immediately.Processed Meats Next. and other serious health consequences. Not only do you want to stay away from this from a cellulite point of view. and any other product that isn’t entirely natural. pepperoni. but they’re also full of nitrates and other additives that will not lend well to your mission to rid yourself of cellulite. Look for the words ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oil’ on any food that you’re picking up and if you see it on the ingredient list. bacon. heart disease. This includes foods such as deli meats. Trans Fats Trans fats are a form of fat that is created through the process of hydrogenation and is often added to snack foods and frozen foods to increase their shelf life. you’ll also want to steer clear of all processed meats as best as possible. 73 . A high intake of these fats can set you up to experience cancer. ground beef. but also from a health point of view as well. sausage. Not only do these contain low quality protein.

As you can imagine. When you look at most people who are suffering from cellulite. These are incredibly important to be avoiding as not only are they likely to contain the trans fats we just mentioned. When you eat pure sugar. Diet soda can be even worse because of all the artificial sweeteners and additives it contains. So there you have the main foods that you must stay away from. All in all. so that clearly illustrates how they have contributed to the problem. Sugar Filled Beverages Finally. most packaged snack foods offer no nutrition at all and will only promote the accumulation of cellulite.Packaged Snack Foods Next up you have your packaged foods. As that insulin floods your blood stream. And don’t think that you can avoid this by choosing diet soda. you are going to experience a sharp incline to your blood glucose when sets off a rush of insulin into your system. but they’re also riddled with sugar and white flour. the last of the foods to go on your avoid list are sugar laden beverages such as soda. their diet is largely made up of these foods. putting it straight into your body fat stores. fruit juice. it’s going to go in and rapidly remove all that excess glucose from the blood. this clearly is not ideal. Eat these at your own risk – they are only going to increase the chances that you start to see cellulite accumulation occurring. along with fruit smoothies or gourmet coffee. 74 . Convenience is not king when it comes to ridding your body of cellulite. such as that found in these beverages.

this means there will be a higher probability that the fat will be taken up and stored along with the glucose that’s present. you also need to be careful about how you pair your foods together. What You need To Know About Food Combinations And Timing While choosing the right foods is important to success. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that you want to avoid putting carbohydrates and fats in the exact same meal with no protein. As the insulin is released. your body is primed for storage and if you have lots of fat floating around the blood stream. Eat the wrong foods with each other and it may increase your risk of fat storage taking place and cause cellulite to occur. The reason this can be detrimental is because the carbohydrates will cause the blood glucose levels to increase and therefore insulin to be released. 75 .Now let’s move forward and talk a little more about food combinations.

both of which have minimal influence on blood sugar. Then save the fat and protein based meals for later on in the day instead. Protein and carb based meals are best to have around periods when you’re going to be most active since this is when your body needs those carbs for energy the most so when it’s least likely to store them as excess body fat. you want to focus on eating fats when your insulin levels are very stabilized. you are going to see much better results. So from a food timing and food combining point of view.To stay leaner and prevent fat gain. further reducing the chances of fat gain. but keep fats out of the picture. you’ll want to pair them with some protein. Then with your carbohydrate based meals. while giving your body exactly what it needs at every point throughout the day for maximum energy along with fat burning. making sure to eat multiple times throughout the day to help keep hunger and blood sugar levels lower. therefore this means having them with lean proteins along with vegetables. let’s finish up this discussion of 76 . your diet should look like this: Breakfast: Protein + Carbohydrate + fruit/veg Mid-Morning Snack: Protein + Fruit/carbohydrate Lunch: Protein + Carb + Vegetable Mid-Afternoon Snack: Protein + Fat + Vegetable Dinner: Protein + Fat + Vegetable Before Bed: Protein + Fat This will ensure that you’re getting the right mix and balance of nutrients throughout the day. So now that you know which foods to eat and which to avoid along with how to structure those into your day. If you can set your food timing up like this.

When you’re exposed to a high amount of toxins. This cleanse is going to consist of three different steps. but also keep you very well hydrated at all times. It’s responsible for removing the interstitial fluid from tissues. Mix two. Do this each morning first thing when you wake up. The second step in the process is to start sipping on cranberry water throughout the day. transporting nutrients and fatty acids from the digestive system. the third beverage to take in as part of the cleanse is one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds mixed with your cranberry water from the second step. along with the second right before you go to bed. so doing a lymph cleanse can be a great way to improve its overall functionality. Your Lymph Cleansing Solution Your lymph system is a connection of different vessels that carry fluid all around the body. of flaxseeds each and drink this in the morning as well. This solution will help to increase fat metabolism taking place and also help accelerate the fat burning process. eight ounce cups of that solution with one tbsp. Step one is to combine the juice of a lemon with eight ounces of water and drink this first thing in the morning.nutrition talking about a special lymph cleansing solution that will help push your progress even further. This is not only going to help to release trapped fat in the liver and lymph system. Lemon is great for stimulating the intestinal muscles that will help to push toxins out of your system and cleanse your lymph nodes. Do this for one week total and you should start noticing an improvement on how you feel and function. Finally. Each morning you should combine eight ounces of cranberry juice with 7 cups of water and sip this throughout the day. it sometimes will not function as well as it should. 77 . and for helping to maintain a strong immune system. moving white blood cells to the lymph nodes.

there are a number of factors to consider. muscles.So this now wraps up our section of foods to eat as you go about your cellulite reduction program. Chapter 6: Supplements For Success When it comes to supplementation to help yourself rid cellulite. bones. These include:     supporting a healthy thyroid system so that you can be sure you’re burning up as many calories as possible on a day to day basis supporting a healthy body – skin. The supplements you should be using will try and accomplish four different goals. 78 . Now let’s move forward with our focus and talk further about the supplements that you should be eating for optimal success. organs. etc so that you are maintaining an overall state of well-being increasing the rate of fat burning taking place in the body balancing hormonal levels We’re going to take a look at products that help you achieve each of these respectively so that you can come up with you arsenal of products to add to your diet and workout program.

but you’ll also see other noticeable side effects such as dry skin and hair. There are a few supplements that you can use that will help ensure optimal thyroid function. Thyroid Support Maintaining a healthy thyroid gland is important because your thyroid regulates your metabolism. low energy levels.Keep in mind however that none of these supplements are designed to replace a good workout and diet plan. so that you don’t risk suffering due to this problem. so use the products only after you have that diet and workout laid out. which controls essentially every single reaction taking place in the body. feeling cold all the time. 79 . Therefore. not only will you not be burning up calories as quickly as you should (thus weight loss will be that much more difficult). There is absolutely no way around this. thyroid management is critical for success here. They are only made to supplement it. If your thyroid is functioning optimally. you can get out of doing the work for yourself as needed. and suffering from a high level of fatigue. You still must be putting in that effort if you want to see results. Let’s look at each category and the products to use. so don’t think that by using them.

Selenium is necessary for the production of the T4 hormone as well as it is necessary for proper conversion of the T4 hormone into T3. So while you need to be eating that way to move your progress forward. but you do need to be careful because you don’t want to take in too much of it. Use this along with the diet and you’ll be attacking your cellulite from both angles and ensuring you have all your bases covered. is that it also tends to be low in salt or iodine as well. supplementation is the magical ticket you need. Selenium And Zinc Second. which is the active form of the hormone in the body. you have to be careful because doing so may cause you to fall short in this important nutrient. 80 . One of the issues associated with the diet that we mentioned above to help reduce cellulite.Iodine Iodine intake is absolutely essential for proper thyroid function. Therefore. the next two supplements will complete your thyroid support program and are selenium along with zinc.

As there will be times when you may not be eating exactly as you should due to ‘life’ happening. A multivitamin is important for getting in the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals you need when your diet falls short. the multi-vitamin can give you the peace of mind you need to know that you’re still going to be meeting your nutritional needs. your thyroid hormones will fall short and that will then lead to thyroid issues. these health support products will also help to make sure that your metabolism is optimized and that your body is primed to stay lean as you implement your diet and workout program. 81 . If you’re falling short in either of these. Get these three products and you’ll be doing all you can to optimize your thyroid. Health Promotion Health promotion products are your basic supplements that almost everyone should be taking to ensure that nutritional deficiencies are not being accumulated over time.Without enough selenium. Multi-Vitamin First you want to pick up a good quality multi-vitamin. it could lead to an underactive thyroid gland. Additionally. Be sure to pick one up that has sufficient iron in it as this will help to maintain your energy levels. which would then lead to more serious health issues. Now let’s look at health support products. Zinc compliments this process because it is going to be required in order to assist with the conversion process and for creating the thyroid regulating hormone that comes from the hypothalamus that then signals the thyroid to product the thyroid hormones required.

Take it as part of your day along with your multi-vitamin. 82 . fish oil is the next supplement that you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking in. the higher the chances you store excess glucose in the muscle cells rather than the body fat cells. you’ll also want to pick up some vitamin C. but when used properly. you may find that you constantly feel run down and tired. They are fairly basic. Vitamin C Finally. Fish oil contains the omega fats that are so critical for health promotion and for increasing insulin sensitivity. So there you have the key supplements for health promotion. so this is important for staying leaner. You will likely be taking in a good dose of vitamin C with the diet you’re using if it’s rich in the fruits and vegetables prescribed. Fish oil is especially important for those who don’t consume a high amount of fatty fish. often falling ill. Vitamin C is important for maintaining a strong immune system so without enough of it. The more sensitive you are to insulin. they can go a long way towards improving your overall health and functioning. walnuts. or flaxseeds.Fish Oil Next. but taking in a little extra will help provide additional antioxidant support that can help fend off cellulite development and also help to keep you healthier and feeling better over the long haul. which is where omega fats are found in the human diet.

especially during exercise.Accelerated Fat Burning Moving on. they can help to take your level of fat burning up a notch. Remember that these are not going to make up for a bad diet. must be eating well while using them. Finally. so you must. Caffeine The first supplement to consider is caffeine. so this can certainly come in helpful as you go about your workout sessions. now we come to the class of supplements that most of you will be highly interested in – the fat burning supplements. so keep your dosage to around 100-200 mg per day and use it at least 8 hours before bed. 83 . with ongoing use you’ll also see a slight boost to your metabolism. caffeine will also help to increase the rate of fatty acid oxidation in the body. Caffeine has been widely demonstrated to boost energy levels in the body. must. so it can help to increase your overall daily expenditure. Just do keep in mind that caffeine does have addictive properties and can interfere with sleep. so taking it may help you get leaner faster. That said. in addition to that. But.

so can be very helpful for ridding cellulite. especially in the lower body region. If you find that you get anxious or jittery after taking caffeine. helping to fend off damage due to free radicals. 84 . Green tea extra will not only provide antioxidant support. however the supplement is a more concentrated and convenient form. Yohimbe is a special product that is going to help you particularly target the stubborn body fat that you have. If you pair yohimbe with either green tea extract or caffeine. green tea extract can be a very suitable substitute. This supplement works by increasing blood flow to stubborn fat regions. but it can also help to boost your metabolism as well. the last of the fat burning supplements to consider is yohimbe. another product to consider is green tea extract. you’ll get the edge up on fat burning taking place in your body. which is necessary for corresponding fatty acid oxidation.Green Tea Extract In addition to caffeine. You’ll see best results taking yohimbe on an empty stomach and then doing a session of interval cardio training. You can drink green tea rather than taking the supplement if you prefer. Yohimbe Finally.

Hormonal Balance
Finally, the last type of supplements that you need to consider are those that are going to help you sustain optimal hormonal balance. One of the primary reasons that cellulite develops in the first place is due to a high level of estrogen in the body. As females tend to have far greater levels of estrogen than males do, this is also why cellulite is much more often found in women than men. So part of the program to help rid cellulite needs to be on reducing the levels of estrogen in the body to return the hormonal balance back to where it should be. Some of the issues that can lead to excessive estrogen formation in the body include:  having excess body fat – fat cells themselves produce estrogen, so the more weight you gain, the more problematic things tend to get. It’s an ongoing cycle that only perpetuates itself estrogen-like chemicals – there are many environmental chemicals coming from plastics and pesticides amongst other origins that will get absorbed by the body and can interact with estrogen receptors and cause serious health consequences. Stress – progesterone is another female hormone in the body that is designed to balance out estrogen levels, however when stress levels are


high, progesterone can get converted into stress fighting hormones, meaning less progesterone is left over to do what it’s supposed to do – balance out estrogen. Therefore, it only makes estrogen more concentrated in your system and your problems get worse. So the mission of these supplements is to restore proper hormonal balance in the body, decreasing estrogen levels. The following supplements will be important to help eliminate excess estrogen in the body and restore hormonal balance.        B-vitamin complex Zinc Omega-3 fatty acids (which you should already be taking from the fish oil recommendation above) Magnesium Selenium Melatonin (which does have sleep inducing effects and promotes a normal circadian rhythm, so focus on taking it before bed) Vitamin E All of these supplements play a role in decreasing estrogen levels in the body while improving the overall hormonal profile and each will also offer further health benefits as well, so are great choices to be consuming. In addition to the supplementations, you’ll also want to be sure to include as many foods with a high phytoestrogen content in them as possible. This will help to combat the build-up of estrogen in the first place. Top food choices include flaxseeds, sesame seeds, leafy greens, alfalfa sprouts, licorice root, as well as legumes. Try and eat these regularly for best results. So there you have all the information that you need to know to get together your supplement plan for success. The more of these you can pick up to go with the program you’re doing, the more you will enhance your chances of reaching your goal in record time. Now it’s time to move forward and discuss a special coffee wrap treatment that’s proven very effective for those aiming to combat cellulite


and that you can easily create for yourself right in the comfort of your own home.


Chapter 7: The Coffee Grind Wrap Method Many people have started to take note of the coffee grind wrap method and its’ impact on cellulite formation and appearance. coffee contains caffeine. so you already know very well what this has to offer. caffeine has dehydrating properties. One of the reasons that cellulite can be more pronounced in some people is due to the fact that they have poor circulation in their body. Utilizing the coffee grind wrap provides a number of key benefits as far as reducing the appearance of cellulite goes. In addition to that though. so it can help to remove excess water that is underneath the skin. causing a puffy and less 88 . Additionally. We already described the benefits of caffeine in the supplement section. First. caffeine is specifically effect when applied on the skin as it can help to increase circulation and the speed of blood flow to the regions. therefore are not regularly removing the toxins that have built-up over time and are causing the cellulite appearance to take shape.

the coffee grind wrap can definitely help you out with that. not actually remove it. green coffee beans have also been shown to help reduce high blood pressure levels. The three main benefits that green coffee beans offer over regular coffee beans are that first. keeping in mind that it is only working on an appearance point of view. with reduced blood pressure you’ll also experience less anxiety and stress. so both of these will further assist with promoting overall well-being. replacing the regular coffee beans with green coffee beans in the following recipe would be a very wise move. they can also help to increase the release of fatty acids all over the body. This is due to their caffeine content as well as their chlorogenic acid. Furthermore. helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. If you use the coffee grind wrap process on a regular basis. making it easier for you to burn them off and shed excess body fat. If you often find you’re suffering from water retention and this only makes your cellulite appear worse. In addition to that. so green coffee beans are in a much more natural state when you use them. Now. The primary difference between green coffee beans and regular is that there is no roasting process taken to create them. you’ll notice that the skin takes on a firmer and more toned appearance. which will definitely help improve the way you look overall. Green coffee beans will stimulate the body.defined and lean appearance. Green coffee beans are one of the newest trends in the weight loss industry as they appear to offer far more benefits than regular coffee beans. increasing energy as well as total calorie burn. So if you can. one thing that you may want to consider to take this wrap even further is substituting green coffee beans for regular coffee beans. This wrap should ideally be done a couple of times a week. they’ll help to boost your metabolism. so this can help anyone out who is suffering from high blood pressure. 89 . Finally.

That’s why it’s vital that you combine the coffee grind wrap with the proper diet and supplement protocols we’ve already outlined. Once the olive oil is rubbed in. Let sit like this while you relax for about 10 minutes and then remove the wrap and rinse off the mixture with warm water. So give this coffee grind wrap a try next time you’re in the mood to take your treatment plan up a step further. You may want to follow this up with a moisturizer of choice – using a self-tanner would help provide even more pronounced effects as lightly tanned skin always shows fewer signs of cellulite than skin that is not tanned. wrap the area tightly with plastic wrap to hold the mixture in place. After doing this for about 30 seconds or so. scrub it into the areas that are most impacted by cellulite and are now coated with olive oil. most notably the thighs as well as upper arms. 90 . It only takes a few minutes to do but can have pronounced effects on the appearance of cellulite on your body. Ingredients ½ cup coffee grounds ¼ cup brown sugar olive oil You’ll begin by rubbing the olive oil into the areas of the body where cellulite is forming. working the mixture around in a circular motion. Next we’ll go over your step by step plan to putting your program into action. you’ll then want to mix together the coffee grounds along with brown sugar. From there.

It’s time to transform you from being a ‘learner’. to being a ‘doer’. Implementation is the real secret to success. These four steps will help you quickly rid cellulite and will progress from one to the next in a natural pattern that’s comfortable for you and easy to take on. yet one that far too many people skip over. well. be it a fat loss diet or a cellulite reduction plan is the real ticket to results. In order to get this plan into place. It’s the doers out there that are walking around cellulite-free. At this point. Remember that adherence to any program. so what you want to be. it’s only those who put into place action steps that will achieve the results they’re looking for. it’s time for you to develop an action plan that you will now move forwards with and use to see optimal success.Chapter 8: Your Step By Step Plan To Ridding Cellulite For Good We’ve now given you the tools and resources that you need to know in order to banish cellulite from your body forever. This means you won’t feel overwhelmed immediately from the start and will be more likely to stick with the program the entire way through. which we call the Cellulite Factor. If you simply just read about what you should be doing and never implement. let’s go over the four steps that you need to know. 91 . you’re going to take four steps. So this said. you can imagine the results that you’re going to see. Remember.

Then in addition to that.Step 1: Start With Detoxification And Water Retention Removal The very first step in getting cellulite-free forever is to begin with a good detoxification and water retention removal process involving three different tasks. eight ounce cups of that solution with one tbsp. This will get you seeing immediate results in terms of how you look and will go a long way towards jump-starting your motivation to continue on with the plan. Mix two. Task 1: The Lymph Drink The detoxification that you’re using should come in the firm of the lymph drink. start sipping on cranberry water throughout the day. the protocol is to combine the juice of a lemon with eight ounces of water and drink this first thing in the morning when you wake up. For this. Finally. the third beverage to take in as part of the drink is one tablespoon of ground flaxseeds mixed with your cranberry water from the second step. of 92 . Each morning you should combine eight ounces of cranberry juice with 7 cups of water and sip this throughout the day.

Ingredients ½ cup coffee grounds ¼ cup brown sugar olive oil Begin by rubbing the oil into the area of the body impacted. you’ll also want to be sure that you are drinking plenty of water each day throughout this time as that will not only help with the toxin removal. for this you’re going to want to do your coffee grind wrap.flaxseeds each and drink this in the morning as well. wrap the area in plastic wrap and let sit for about 10 minutes before rising. every other day for the course of a week. From there. upon which you are ready to implement step two and start seeing even faster results. This phase overall should last for about one week. Task 3: The Coffee Bean Wrap As part of this step. and then scrub the coffee beans into the skin. but also assist with reducing the amount of water retention you’re experiencing as well. 93 . then you can move to a twice per week protocol for this. On the water retention side of things. also be sure to utilizing the coffee bean wrap. Once the initial week is up. daily if you can to get things kicked off. This should be done daily for the first week of the program and then reduced to 1-2 times per week thereafter. along with the second right before you go to bed. or if not. Task 2: Drink Extra Water In addition to using the lymph drink.

you need to remove all the ‘bad’ cellulite-forming foods that you’re currently eating or have stored in your kitchen. Fixing your diet comes with two components. At this point. freezer and so on. If you need a refresher on these. as you implement the second step. be sure to consult with the lists above in the dietary chapter. so what you want to be extra sure you aren’t overlooking.Step 2: Fix Your Diet Now. Task 1: Remove The Bad Cellulite Forming Foods First. 94 . Of all the things that you do on your program to rid cellulite. this easily weighs in as the most important. you want to start making some changes to your way of eating. make sure that you do keep up with your coffee grind wraps as mentioned above as it will improve your appearance and help keep you pressing forward with your diet plan. pantry.

remember that you will likely suffer from set-backs here and there. there is a much higher chance that you will reach for it when hunger strikes. soda. then it’s time to look onwards and start filling your pantry. As the saying goes. out of mind. Task 2: Add Cellulite Busting Foods Once you have cleaned out your kitchen. It’s how you deal with any set-back that presents itself that you need to be more concerned with. Getting prepared is going to take you one step in the right direction as when you’re prepared and the food is right there.The main offenders to eliminate include:          Snack foods that come from a package All white flour based products (breads. cakes) Fruit juice. If you let a small scale set-back cause you to go on a full out binge. then you will really see a 95 . As you go about the dietary change process. fridge. and freezer full of the healthy foods you should be eating. To help you learn exactly what to eat. other high-sugar beverages Processed meats Fast foods Frozen meals/desserts Candy Cold breakfast cereals White rice I would highly suggest that before you even begin the diet you go through your kitchen and remove all of the offenders. eating far more food than you should be. These will walk you through it step by step so there are no questions on what to eat and when. muffins. To expect perfection from yourself would be a mistake as no one can eat right 100% of the time. out of sight. cookies. be sure to consult our meal plans and recipe plan.

But. Assess your own situation and what you feel you will be able to manage. Balance and knowing your own body and tendencies is key. next it comes time to get some smart exercise strategies in place. the sooner you are going to see results. So stay positive and always focus on what you are going to do next to get to where you want to be. you will set yourself up for greater success. Once that’s completed. if you try and go too fast and just fall off altogether. The set-back isn’t what causes you to fail – it’s your reaction to it. Once you feel comfortable with that change. if you acknowledge the set-back has occurred and then immediately take steps to move forward from it. But. Obviously the faster you progress through making the dietary changes you need to be making. clearly that isn’t going to get you the results you’re after either. If you feel as though a complete diet overhaul is a bit too much for you. 96 . Perhaps you will first work on omitting all the snack foods from your diet. then you’ll work on making sure that you get your eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables each day.problem in your long term results and may even gain more cellulite because of it. Step 3: Learn Smart Exercise Strategies Once you have your diet in order and feel confident that you’ll be able to maintain things from here onwards. next you’ll focus on eliminating all the white breads and related products you’re eating. then consider doing it in stages. so this can’t be discounted. Some people do need progression like this or they just end up feeling far too overwhelmed and end up tossing in the towel due to high stress levels.

Plus. or machine. far away from any of the gimmicks or fads that are out there. potion. Make sure to place special emphasis on the exercises that enhance the muscle tone and definition in the lower body. These are all going to help to firm the muscles underneath the impacted region. Step 4: Avoid Gimmicks Finally. Get the workouts outlined in our guide into place in your own life. while also focusing on being more active on a day to day basis. Make sure that you are fully aware of all the gimmicks that we discussed in the earlier chapter so that you can easily spot these as they arise. the last thing you need is to be distracted by some advertisement claiming that you can lose cellulite fast with a special pill. Fall for that and you’ll just move off what works and onto what doesn’t. increasing your fat burn over the entire course of the day. the last step to making sure that you can banish cellulite for good is to stay far. these movements will also help to raise the metabolic rate as well. you’re doing everything you need to be on the fitness side of things. lunges. helping to press the fat up against the skin. which will increase your total daily calorie expenditure and help move fat loss along. Now that you have a proper program in place. There are so many of these around and people falling for them each and every day. This includes the bodyweight squats. as well as step-ups. If you can do these two things.You’ll want to consult with our exercise guide to get the complete listing of workouts that you should be doing as part of this overall program approach. These include:  Anti-cellulite clothing 97 . reducing the pockets that are formed and causing the dimple-like appearance.

If you get serious about implementing these four easy steps. 98 .    Miracle creams Pills and drugs aimed to help decrease cellulite formation Massage/vibration therapy products Laser therapy As soon as you see one of these. you will be on your way to success and your goal body is just a few short weeks away. turn away knowing that you are doing what you need to be to get to a place where cellulite is no longer an issue for you. Now let’s move onwards and go over what you should be doing to maintain a cellulite free body into the future. So there you have your four step plan to quickly become cellulite free.

so how can you make sure that you are never haunted by this problem again? It’s important that you develop an action plan moving forward so that you aren’t going to end up re-reading this book at a future date and having to move through the steps all over again. so it’s that much easier to let yourself slide thinking that just ‘one bite’ or one missed workout won’t make a big difference. Now you’re simply maintaining the status quo. The important thing to know about maintaining a cellulite free body is that prevention is key. 99 . Some people often state that maintenance is the more difficult part because the initial motivation to get from point A to point B is no longer present and you aren’t getting the re-enforcement you once were as you saw results coming along each week that passed by.Chapter 9: Maintaining A Cellulite Free Body For Life We’ve described everything that you need to know to get cellulite free.

if you should start to see cellulite beginning to develop again – take action immediately. By now you should see that you aren’t breaking your leg to stick with the diet – it’s relatively easy. Know that you will get right back on the plan on Monday and any excess calories you’ve consumed will be wiped out. This approach is also ideal because it’s going to keep you sustaining your workout program. since you don’t have to lose any more weight or fight cellulite. Furthermore. all you’ll have to do is cut out those ‘wiggle room days’ and keep following the program straight for a week or two. For maintenance purposes though.And the truth is. and your energy level should be quite fine. After a bit of time has passed. For most people. If you want to treat yourself to that slice of cheesecake – go for it. Or. This isn’t a crash diet we’ve put you on. weekends will work best since it’s when you’re naturally more social and out and about). the best strategy for maintenance is to actually maintain the program that you were using – keep the same diet along with the same workouts as both of these should be quite sustainable. you’ll have some wiggle room. 100 . enjoy yourself stress-free. it keeps you satisfied. you should have zapped whatever cellulite has started to appear and will have regained your lean body again. if you’re out for a dinner with friends. Now that you’re still utilizing the same program you were before. so something that you should be able to do for some time to come. But if that one bite turns into ten bites and the one missed workout turns into a full two weeks off from the gym. it’s not going to be long before you’re seeing the repercussions of this. This means that you can choose a couple days a week (for most people. and relax a bit. which is important for keeping that muscle tone in place that needs to be so that you look firm and toned at all times. one bite or one missed workout likely won’t make that big of a difference.

you will see the results that you’re after. you can live in your new body for years and years to come. Stay committed and remember. To Your Success! Dr Charles 101 . They sit up and take action so that it’s only a week of damage control until they are back where they are. and co-worker all likely face as well. If you can adopt this approach and be sure to continually focus on all the healthy eating strategies.The key trait between those who maintain their cellulite free body and those that don’t is that those who do take action at even the slightest amount of weight/cellulite regain. the more likely you are to see success. you didn’t gain that cellulite in a day and you aren’t going to lose it in a day either. Team up and support each other. Cellulite is a problem that impacts so many people worldwide. But. sister. with continued effort and ongoing action. The more support you have from others when it comes to eating right and maintaining a workout program. They don’t let themselves slide to the point where they need to completely redo the program. Take comfort in knowing that this problem is something that your friend. that you definitely are not alone. Conclusion So there you have the in’s and outs of what you need to know in order to combat cellulite and rid this from your body forever.

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