Arts and Letters Tracking


The editor found the news story not so entertaining. He found it full of: a. adjectives b. verbs c. pronouns d. adverbs

Hint: content words are nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs while function words are prepositions, conjunctions, articles and pronouns. 2. Venus is an exemplification of feminine pulchritude. Pulchritude means a. plain b. beauty c. ugliness d. homeliness b. myself c. me d. himself b. myself c. me

3. Paul and ___ went to Baguio last summer. A. I

4. This exam if difficult for Paul and ___ went to Baguio last summer. A. I d. himself 5. The man in the station looks____ a. strange b. strangely c. stranger

d. more stranger

6. The man in the station looks __ towards the traffic light a. strange b. strangely c. stranger d. more stranger 7. Which has [id] sound? 8. Which has [zh] sound? A. praised A. ships A. thank b. mailed c. judged d. needed c. she c. think d. leisure d.

b. shore b. these

9. Which has voiced [th] sound? thing 10. She is riding ___ a plane A. in

b. on

c. at

d. into C. Spanish d.

11. Filipino language blossomed during ___ occupation a. Japanese b.American Commonwealth 12. She took the early train 13. She took the train early a. adverb a. adverb b. adjective b. adjective a. is

c. apostrophe d. appositive c. apostrophe d. appositive

14. One thirds of the population __ poor

b. are c. was d. were a. is b. are c. was d. were d.

15. Neither Paul nor his brothers ___ leaving the company 16. I can eat the whole cow hyperbole 17. You are like a morning star d. hyperbole a. simile a. simile b. metaphor

c. personification

b. metaphor

c. personification

Malacañan C. dayalek c. Carlos P. Filipino-English c. Constitution b. personification d. 25. Eisenhower a. Laurel 23. First American military governor in the Philippines a. English Vernacular 20. simile hyperbole b. First American civil governor in the Philippines a. the ___ may render judgment regarding the validity / Constitutionality of the same. The supreme law of the land Ordinace 24. Tagalog b. ‘t b. lahat ay tama 29. Ang salitang court para sa mga lawyer ay iba sa court ng mga atleta. English c. lahat ay tama a. b. Legislative c. metaphor c. jargon d. Congress Supreme Court D. When a Bill is not signed by the President (veto). A. Ang court ay uri ng salitang a. Chairman of 1934 ConCon d. Tagalog-English d. Claro M. Meritt c.18. it can still be a law by voting of the members of the Comgress at least ____ of the total members a. Mac Arthur d. sosyolek b. Mac Arthur d. Statutes c. ng b. ¾ 30. a. The official language of the Philippines a. You are the morning star a. 19. Senate B. When a Bill is passed into law but still on questionable status. Garcia c. nang c. Meritt c. para 27. The national language of the Philippines is a. Tumakbo ____ mabilis para makahabol 28. 2/3 d. Jose P. High official such as President as well as Justices of Supreme court can be removed by impeachment procedure conducted by ___ department Judiciary d. Executive b. . Taft b. Eisenhower 26. Taft b. ‘ng d. Filipino 21. Kape__gatas a. Cecilia MunozPalma b. Recto a. Plebiscite voting 22. Filipino d. ¼ b/ ½ c. ‘y c. at d. Jurisprudence d.

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