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1. A person in a dark room looking through a window can clearly see a person outside in the daylight.

But a person outside cannot see the person inside. Why does this happen? A. There is not enough light being reflected off the person in the room. B. Sunlight is not as intense as the other source of light C. Light rays cannot pass through the window twice. D. Outside light does not pass through window. 2. Since the family is the basic unit in democracy, home economics education needs to be based upon____? A. Cooperation as individual and in group B. Democratic principle C. Many cultures of families and democracies D. Sharing and cooperation 3. Matter exist in the form of unit s which can be classified in hierarchies or organizational levels. Which of the following units shows a correct hierarchal organization? A. Solids-liquids- gases-plasma B. Cell-tissue-organ-system-organism C. Atom-molecule-element-compound-mixture D. Protons-nuetrons-electrons-ions 4. Which of the following statement best explains recruitment? A. it is the process of ensuring that competent people are available B. it is a process of obtaining qualified applicants for promotion C. it is a process of hiring and firing D. it is the process of obtaining qualified applicants for job 5. what is the reason why the staff wages for the retailer and wholesaler are NOT considered as the direct cost? A. Because one person generally sells many different product s B. Because staff wages are taken from the income of the company C. Because cost is not linked to the acquisition of raw materials D. Because the direct cost have to be attributed proportionally

6. Happiness is different from pleasure in being an abiding consequence or result which is not destroyed even by the presence of pain. The best illustration of this principle is_____? A. A jackpot winner collecting his prize B. Engaged couple getting married C. Mother giving birth D. Student topping the board examination 7. Which of the following is another illustration of happiness? A. A family looking at their crops ready for harvest B. A family dining at 5-star hotel C. A family on their way to a vacation holiday D. A family admiring their newly bought car 8. Students after a long summer vacation hardly return to usual study habits. This situation is a post-vacation carry over. It takes two or three weeks to be in such situation. What postvacation theory is advanced? A. Post-vacation should be extended by 4 weeks B. Vacation is worth doing C. Pre-vacation plans are necessary D. Post vacation habits should be ignored 9. As head of the family the father is the principal bread winner. What does it mean? A. His earning determines the economic condition of the family B. It is his duty to give to give economic support to his children C. He is responsible to support the wife and children D. He should manage the family budget 10. Which of the following is one of the positive values developed as one learns handicrafts? A. Enriched vocabulary in handicrafts B. Enhanced self-esteem and well-worth C. Adeptness in eye-hand coordination D. Exposure to handicrafts principle

11. Regardless of modernization and generation gaps adolescence should give priority to this value. A. Love and respect for parents B. Optimism in life C. Involvement in extra-curricular activities D. Friendship will others 12. One of the following steps is not included in determining the proper height of working spaces. A. Ask him to place his arms closing to his body and bend his arm at the elbow B. Let a person get a chair and let him sit down C. Let a person who would use it stand D. The distance from the floor to the elbow minus two inches is the proper height for working 13. Pre-school children always watch the body language of their teachers. This means_____? A. Communication is best movement and gestures B. Communication is best by words C. Communication is best by the tone of voice D. Communication is best by group of discussion 14. In what situation is it necessary to give a ring to the parents of a drowning boy? A. To ask a classmate to join the party B. To invite the teacher to a picnic C. To inform his mother of the accident D. To tell a friend to come later 15. Pulmonary tuberculosis has affected 90% of the Filipinos. How is this disease transmitted? A. Using dishes of active TB patients B. Coughing with uncovered mouth C. TB patient allowed to work with other D. Sleeping with children

16. The yearly occurrence of red tide casualties are traced to a sewed with poison because of ____? A. Careless disposal of water B. Oil spill from water vessels C. Heavy rain and dry season D. Organic fertilizer 17. Experiments and techniques in food production are usually found in some school. The most extensive ones are in_____. A. University of the Philippines B. Don Mariano Marcos University C. University of the East D. University of Santo Tomas 18. Farmers are all enthusiastic in the campaign for Gintong Ani for mangoes. Which practice is harmful to the environment? A. Encouraging insects to do pollination B. Spraying the trees with herbicides and pesticides C. Using organic fertilizer every six months D. Using asexual propagation of mangoes 19. A children in the mountain ranges are diagnosed as suffering from goiter. Determine the cause of such disease. A. Lack of iodine in food B. Excess of iodine in diet C. Excess of vitamins in diet D. Lack of iron in diet 20. A boy got tired of getting up early to join the family prayer. He decided to change his religion. Cite the right he wanted exercised. A. Right to due process B. Right for free worship C. Right to change worship as provided by its bible

D. Right to abide by family rules 21. The MRT commuters increased in number after the public______? A. Realized the fare to be reasonable B. Appreciated the full speed C. Found the couches limited in capacity D. Reached their destination with full certainty 22. One approach to lessen vehicular air pollution is: A. Utilizing the MRT and LRT B. Ban diesel using cars on the highway C. Ask the pedestrian to use bicycle D. Revenue twenty or more year old vehicle in the street 23. Rural health centers conduct home visitation. Babies are vaccinated early to avoid pulmonary tuberculosis. However, what is the WHO findings? A. Most children suffer from pulmonary complex B. Babies are immuned from TB. C. Most fathers spit blood and infect babies D. Mother sick with TB transmit their disease by breast feeding 24. There is a non-government program that extends assistance to children who needs hospitalization and treatment. What is the non-government project? A. Tahanang walang hagdan B. Father angelos home C. Bantay bata project D. Welfareville 25. Which antidote would have a similar effect if vinegar or citrus juice were not available? A. Raw egg white B. water C. Vegetable oil D. Milk

26. the different countries around the Philippines have limits in fishing. Which incident violated this territorial boundary? A. Flying planes over free territories

B. Mining oil in tawi-tawi with amoa C. Catching fish at sarangani bay D. Establishing ports and camp with the U.N consent 27. Effective management of energy that is performed through conscious seeking of the simplest and quickest method of doing work is_____? A. Work simplification B. Dovetailing C. Time management D. Energy conservation 28. The saying a place foe everything and every in its proper place means______. A. Utensils and equipment should kept in good working condition to be ready for use needed B. Using good quality utensils C. Utensils, dishes and food supplies should be stored within easy reach for ready use D. Cooking utensils should be kept in their own place 29. Which of the following should be avoided in conserving energy while simplifying work? A. Use a circular arm motion B. Work with jerk action C. Work slowly but surely D. Work with natural rhythmic movements 30. Helping the observance of individual human rights strengthening of freedom everywhere for cooperation among nations in pursuit of their common aspirations program and prosperity and the furtherance of the world peace is one of the: A. Accountability of a child B. Rights of the child C. Responsibilities of a child D. Obligation of a child 31. In an experiment, a drop of blue ink is placed on the surface of a glass of water. In a few minutes, the drop of ink is dispersed throughout the water, turning it light blue. The result of the experiment proves that:

A. A new compound is formed by the combination of ink and water B. Heat causes the ink to disperse C. Ink molecules have less density than water molecule D. Molecules of ink and molecules of water are in constant motion 32. Why do we see the sun rise in the east? A. The sun is located in the east B. The earth rotates clockwise C. The earth rotates counterclockwise D. The earth revolves toward the east 33. Which is Not personal integrity? A. Harmony B. Place C. Time D. Order

34. The principle under which a thermostat operates is the same when: A. A chemical reaction occurs when two substances combine B. A gas expands to fill the container in which it is held C. The level of mercury rises or in a glass tube D. A pendulum swings when it is set into motion 35. In which kingdom should MOLD A. Plantea B. Protista be classified?

C. Animalia D. Fungi

36. Which of the following should you expect to be true about the rate of cellular respiration for a group of students who are the same age ,height ,and weight? A. Boys would have a higher rate of cellular respiration then girls B. Athletes would tend to have higher rates of cellular respiration then non-athletes C. Non-athletes would have higher rates of cellular respiration than athletes D. Africans would have a higher rate of cellular respiration then asians 37. Our commitments can develop us or they can destroy us, but either way, they will define us. Choose the line below that has the same meaning. A. Half-hearted commitment is what we need today B. Our commitments need not be planned way ahead

C. We must make full commitment to worldly goals D. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to 38. Workers in the service sector should be trained to act as ____as possible. A. Courteously B. Covertly C. Curtly D. rudely

39. Our guest of honor was a loquacious speaker. This means he is______. A. Verbose B. Reserved C. Reticent D. Tacitum

40. Which theory emphasizes that the period of adolescence is one that has the greatest importance in the development of the adult personality? A. Psycho-social B. Humanistic C. Confluent D. Psycho-Analytic

41. The astronauts could not communicate with one another while on the moons surface? Why? A. There is no weather that occurs B. Air waves are irregular C. There is no atmosphere D. Temperature shuts down sounds 42. Material cultures refers to the tangible and concrete objects produced by man. Which are examples of material culture? A. Ceremonies of tartans B. Morriones festivals C. Sinulog celebration D. Stone walls of tasadays 43. Which explains why work is done when blowing a balloon? A. The balloon has potential energy which is changed to kinetic energy B. The force of gravity on the balloon increases C. The balloon moves outwards as the blowing force is exerted on it D. The balloon is filled with air which has weight and occupies space 44. Which of the following physical changes involve adding heat to a substance? A. Evaporating and condensing B. Boiling and condensing C. Condensing and freezing

D. Melting and boiling 45. A radio with a strong electromagnet would NOT be placed near the navigation instruments on a plane or ship because______. A. The radio wouldnt work because of electrical interference B. The radio would draw too much electrical energy C. The accuracy of the compass would affected by the magnetic field by radio electromagnet D. None of the above 46. In plant cells, chloroplast are active in the chemical processes required to make food. Animals cells have no chloroplast. Based on this, we can conclude that____. A. Animals cells are more complex than plant cells B. Plant cells are more complex than animal cells C. Animals must obtain food from outside sources D. Animal cells are more complex than plant cells 47. Why does water boil at a lower temperature on a mountain than at sea level? A. The temperature of the sea as we go higher B. The atmospheric pressure is higher as we go higher C. The temperature of the air falls as we go higher

D. The atmospheric pressure lower as we go higher 48. Why do farmers and gardeners often treat the soil with ammonium sulfate? A. It increases the oxygen content of the soil B. It increases the nitrogen content of the soil C. It reduces the acidity of the soil D. It acts as a pesticides 49. Which statement is guaranteed by the civil ode of the Philippines ? A. Both are given freedom to choose their occupation B. The husband has the right to object to the occupation of the wife C. The wife also has the right to object to the occupation of the husband D. Both husband and wife are co-equal

50. Which metal is used to make container for soft drinks? A. Aluminum B. Copper C. Lead D. Silver