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Lesson Plan

Student teachers Name: Lesson Number: 6 Annie Hawkins of 15 Date/Time: 29.04.13 Curriculum Area / Activity: Lesson Duration: Shaping wood 1 hour KMA Number of Pupils: 19 Class: 7pd

SEN Pupils Number in lesson:

(refer to departmental register / IEPs)

Names of other adults present:

Student teacher target in relation to Standards and ITDP 7c manage classes effectively, using approaches which are appropriate to pupils needs in order to involve and motivate them 4a impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time Identified targets based upon previous lesson plan evaluation
Monitor noise level by rewarding good behaviour Encourage students to be enthusiastic about the project Maintain students engagement Build on table points and freeze command Demonstrate so that every student can see Check the end of unit test to ensure students are learning what they need to know Dont say Im thinking of a word as its too vague- say can you think of another way to describe that?

Learning Objectives
What do I intend the pupils to learn? (Knowledge, understanding, values, attitudes and skills) LO1 Working towards... All students will show their understanding of accuracy by checking right angles with a set square

Differentiated Learning Outcomes

Achieving... Most students will demonstrate accurate marking out using a rule to the closest mm Beyond... Some students will ensure work is accurate by measuring twice and using the belt sander to straiten edges

Pupils will understand the importance of accuracy and how to check their work


Students will learn about the theory of woods, knots, grain, end grain, bark and

All students will understand about emergency stop and general health and safety when working with the belt sander

Most students will use correct terminology- bed, belt sander, goggles

Some students will demonstrate understanding of quality control by checking their work with a try square

Learning across the curriculum

Maths (measuring)

Safety print out Bench hooks, set squares, pencils, tennon saws, aprons, table points

Time & Learning Objective s

Pupil Learning Activities

Including reference to inclusion strategies

Teaching Points / Strategies / Teacher Role

Including reference to how tasks have been differentiated

Organisation and Risk Assessment

Assessment for Learning Strategies

Formal and informal

Before lesson

Worksheets and folders on tables

Students must stand in a straight line before coming into the classroom. (sheets and folders on tables)


Students must say yes miss to the register. Collect in homework (mark before parents evening) Students put bags and stools away and get an apron Remind students about freeze command. Today the table who uses tools safely and efficiently and the table who work quietly will get table points Remind about names of tools and how to stand and hold the pine Students will Make notes on students ability and attitudes to inform parents on Thursday




Students gathered round the front table

Power point

learn about the theory of woods, knots, grain, end grain, bark and seasoned Remind about drilling and checking for

Students will be assessed on the knowledge they have retained (make a note of who answers questions for parents evening)

21min Students cut out their wood using a bench hook and a tenon saw When they cut the top right angle they will place their work in the vice If students finish shaping the top of the bird feeder they will learn about drill bits Students continue cutting and shaping their material using the belt sander Students will drill their 10mm hole if they have finished the top of the bird feeder If finish above 10min Pack up and tidy away When the classroom is tidy- question students on their previous knowledge What type of trees do hard/soft woods come from? What happens to the wood after it is cut down? What is a property of a hard wood/softwood? Draw a grain on the isometric block of wood Draw knots Label the end grain What does seasoned mean Demo on making a template from their design and checking for accuracy Give guidance where needed and monitor safety in the workshop H&S form Students will be assessed on accuracy of marking and ability to follow instructions


Stop class and demo on marking out and drilling

Drill bitsPillar drill Bird feeder box


What happenes if wood is not seasoned What is another name for the tree trunk? What are knots?

Lesson Evaluation
To what extent have the learning outcomes been achieved in relation to the learning objectives.


Students understand how to check for right angles, next lesson introduce new terminology of quality control. Most students understand basic theory of wood. More emphasis needs to be placed on the words coniferous and deciduous.

Targets for the next lesson based upon evaluation of pupil learning. Reflection of teaching / management / organisation strategies.

Give one student per table the responsibility of being captain making sure everyone on their table is using machines and hand tools safely and efficiently (different table captain every lesson) Students worked well during this lesson. More emphasis needs to be placed on health and safety with regard to tying long hair up when using machinery as some students needed prompting. Questioning at the end of the lesson worked well but for more able students questions need to be extended e.g. why do you think What would happen if