Subject: **A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD / Talent Opp & Train Like McClane event** For  immediate  release:  27

 May  2013  

  LONDON,  UK  –  Heroes  don’t  come  much  tougher  than  John  McClane,   and  to  celebrate  the  release  of   A  Good  Day  to  Die  Hard  on  Digital  HD,   Blu-­‐ray   and   DVD   and   to   coincide   with   Father’s   Day,   Bruce   Willis’   no-­‐ nonsense  cop  is  now  getting  his  own  workout.   In  a  partnership  between  Twentieth  Century  Fox  and  London  outdoor   fitness  specialists  Army  Boot  Camp  Fitness,  Bruce  Willis’  long-­‐standing   stunt   double   Larry   ‘The   Ripper’   Rippenkroeger   is   in   the   UK   to   launch   the   Die   Hard   inspired   workout   that   says   ‘Yippee-­‐ki-­‐yay!’   to   boring   gym   regimes.   Train   Like   McClane:   The   Die   Hard   Workout   is   a   rigorous   training   session  based  on  team  work  and  designed  to  promote  father  and  son   bonding,  much  like  the  newest  Die  Hard  film,  in  which  John  McClane   (Willis)   re-­‐connects   with   his   son   Jack   (Jai   Courtney)   in   the   most   extreme  circumstances.    Launching  in  the  build-­‐up  to  Father’s  Day,  the   workout  is  designed  to  give  fathers  and  sons  –  or  just  friends  –  a  fun   and  demanding  exercise  that  they  can  enjoy  together.   Mo  Ahmed,  founder  of  Army  Boot  Camp  Fitness,  says:  “We’re  thrilled   to   be   launching   Train  Like  McClane   in   partnership   with   the   Digital   HD,   Blu-­‐ray   and   DVD   release   of   A   Good   Day   To   Die   Hard   and   hope   that   John   McClane   can   be   an   inspiration   to   get   Brits   fit   this   summer.   Our  


ethos   is   ‘Get   fit   and   have   fun’   and   this   promises   to   be   as   fun   as   working  out  can  be.   “Like   all   our   instructors,   I’ve   served   in   the   Army   and   still   work   as   a   fire   fighter   with   East   Sussex   Fire,   so   team   work   is   such   a   crucial   part   of   everything   I   do.     Train   Like   McClane   is   an   all-­‐action   programme   that   shows  how  we  can  bring  out  the  best  in  each  other  and  ourselves  by   working  together.”   Train  Like  McClane:  The  Die  Hard  Workout   will   be   launched   to   media   at   Alexandra   Palace   on   Thursday   30th   May,   with   Larry   Rippenkroeger   taking   part   in   the   first   session.     Scenario   based   team-­‐work   activities   will   include   the   Die   Hard   Sprint,   Saving   the   Hostage   and   Like   Father,   Like  Son  Pull-­‐up  Challenge.   Media   are   invited   to   take   part   and/or   interview   Larry   Rippenkroeger   and  Army  Boot  Camp  Fitness  founder  Mo  Ahmed.     There  will  also  be   photo   and   filming   opportunities   with   the   first   group   of   participants   including  fathers  and  sons.   A   Good   Day   to   Die   Hard   is   released   on   Digital   HD,   Blu-­‐ray   and   DVD   on  June  10th  by  Twentieth  Century  Fox  Home  Entertainment.   -­‐  Ends-­‐       Photography/Filming  and  interview  opportunities:   The  official  launch  of  Train  Like  McClane:  The  Die  Hard  Workout  will   take  place  at  Alexandra  Palace  on  Thursday  30th  May  from  10am  and   is  open  for  media.    It  will  include:   • Photo  call  with  Larry  Rippenkroeger  (Bruce  Willis  stunt  double),  Mo   Ahmed  (Army  Boot  Camp  Fitness  founder)  and  participants  in   the  first  session   • Interview  opportunities  with  Larry  and  Mo   • Opportunity  to  take  part  in,  photograph  or  film  the  first  Train  Like   McClane  training  session  

• Clips  and  stills  from  A  Good  Day  To  Die  Hard  available  to  enhance   any  featurs  


  Yippee  Ki  Yay,  John  McClane  is  back,  this  time  with  his  son  and  twice  the   excitement.    Keeping  audiences  on  the  edge  of  their  seats  for  25  years,  the  latest   chapter  of  the  popular  action  franchise   delivers  the  thrills  and  reveals  the  ultimate  father-­‐son  bonding  experience  as  A   GOOD  DAY  TO  DIE  HARD  debuts  on  Digital  HD,  Blu-­‐ray  and  DVD  on  June  10th  from   Twentieth  Century  Fox  Home  Entertainment.    Featuring  a  double  dose  of   McClane  power,  the  film  will  also  be  available  on  Blu-­‐ray  as  an  extended  edition   with  over  two  hours  of  extreme  bonus  material.     ABOUT  ARMY  BOOT  CAMP  FITNESS   Founded  in  2006  by  Army  Boot  Camp  Fitness  is  a  structured  60  minute  outdoor   fitness  class  based  on  basic  military  physical  training  for  people  who  want  to   build  and  maintain  their  fitness.    Founded  by  Mo  Ahmed,  all  instructors  have   served  in  the  British  Army  and  promote  the  virtues  of  team  work  to  bring  out  the   best  in  participants.    Boot  Camp  is  undoubtedly  one  of  the  best  fitness  clubs   going  and  it  is  more  than  just  a  sports  club  –  it’s  a  community.    Classes  take  place   in  London  parks  including  Victoria  Park,  Highbury  Fields  and  Wanstead  Park.     TRAIN  LIKE  McCLANE   The  Die  Hard  workout  will  include  the  following:  

THE  ULTIMATE  DIE-­‐HARD  SPRINT!     Do  you  have  what  it  takes  to  get  away  from  the  enemy,  such  as  sadistic  bad  guy   Alik?  This  exercise  will  involve:   ·∙              50  meter  sprints  x  6   ·∙              To  be  done  either  as  a  pair,  father  and  son  combo  or  individuals   ·∙              If  father  and  son  they  will  each  do  3  sprints  changing  after  each  sprint      



SAVING  THE  HOSTAGE!     This  is  a  carrying  exercise  which  will  test  participants  to  see  if  they  have  what  it   takes  to  save  a  hostage,  something  John  McClane  has  had  to  do  countless  times   over  the  years:   ·∙                  Participants  will  pair  up  and  will  carry  each  other  200  meters   ·∙                  Instructors  will  show  them  a  number  of  different  carrying  methods      


LIKE  FATHER,  LIKE  SON  –  IT’S  ALL  ABOUT  TEAM  WORK!   As  a  pair,  participants  will  complete  50  pull  ups  of  which  they  will  assist  each   other  and  work  as  a  team,  much  like  John  and  Jack  McClane  in  A  Good  Day  To  Die   Hard              


YIPPEE  KI-­‐YAY!      


Whenever  you  are  suddenly  in  a  difficult  situation,  i.e.  getting  away  from  the   enemy,  this  mini  assault  course  will  give  participants  the  chance  to  see  if  they   have  what  it  takes  to  get  through  these    obstacles  quickly  and  efficiently.    The   course  will  involve  the  following:   ·∙                  Cargo  net   ·∙                  Wall  feature   ·∙                  Hurdles  to  jump  over/go  under           ABOUT  TWENTIETH  CENTURY  FOX  HOME  ENTERTAINMENT   Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, LLC (TCFHE) is a recognized global industry leader and a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, a News Corporation company. Representing 75 years of innovative and award-winning filmmaking from Twentieth Century Fox, TCFHE is the worldwide marketing, sales and distribution company for all Fox film and television programming, acquisitions and original productions on DVD, Blu-ray Disc Digital Copy, Video On Demand and Digital Download. The company also releases all products globally for MGM Home Entertainment. Each year TCFHE introduces hundreds of new and newly enhanced products, which it services to retail outlets from mass merchants and warehouse clubs to specialty stores and e-commerce throughout the world.


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