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Version 04/2007 Version 04/2007

Guidance relating to applications for an extension of stay (limited leave to remain) in the United Kingdom for Work Permit,
Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Scheme, Sectors-Based Scheme or Training or Work Experience Scheme employment.
Valid from January 2008


Who can apply on form FLR(IED)? Paragraphs1–3
Changing Immigration Categories 4-8
Dependants 9-11
What supporting documents should I include with my application for Dependants? 12-13
When should I apply? 14-16
When can I start work? 17-18
Do I need to pay a fee? 19-20
How do I make sure my application is valid? 21
Completing your FLR(IED) 22-37
Public Funds 23-25
What doesn’t count as public funds? 28-29
Housing and homelessness assistance 29-30
Personal History Questions 30
Documents required 31-35
Declaration 36-37
How to get advice on making an application 38
What if I want to use a representative? 39-45
Authorised immigration advisers 46-47
I have now completed my form. How do I apply? 48-70
Postal and Courier Service 50-59
In Person at the Croydon PEO 60-63
Multiple Applications at Croydon PEO 64-69
How long will it take to decide my application? 70-72
What if I want to travel before my application has been decided? 73
Where will the Border and Immigration Agency send the decision and any other 74
How can I contact the Border and Immigration agency?
Data Protection Notice
How do I make a complaint?

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Version 04/2007 Version 04/2007


Guidance relating to applications for an extension of stay (limited leave to remain) in the United Kingdom for Work Permit,
Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Scheme, Sectors-Based Scheme or Training or Work Experience Scheme employment.

Valid from 2 April 2007

Section 1: Introduction 7. We cannot begin the consideration process until the
payment has cleared. Payments made by cheque
1. Applications on form FLR(IED) are subject to a fee, will take five working days, credit/debit cards will take
unless the applicant is exempt (see Section 4 of one working day and postal orders will clear
these notes). These guidance notes provide details immediately.
of the fee and aim to help you complete the payment
slip. Please note that if your employer or Section 4: Exemptions
representative has agreed to pay for your application,
you should not fill in any part of the payment slip. In 8. In accordance with the 1961 Council of Europe
such a case you should complete the relevant Charter or the 1996 European Social Charter
Sections between 1 to 8 of the application form and (revised), nationals of countries, which have signed
then give the form to your employer or representative and ratified the charter are exempt from the
so that they may make arrangements for the requirement to pay the fee for applications submitted
payment and submission of the application. on form FLR(IED). Therefore, individuals making
applications on form FLR(IED) who are from
Section 2: The Fee Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia,
Georgia, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Turkey and
2. For applications made on this form, there is a fee of Ukraine will be exempt from the charge. Details of
£350 (postal service) for applications made by post further countries who sign and ratify the Council of
and £550 (premium service) for applications made in Europe Charter or the European Social Charter
person at the Croydon Public Enquiry Office. To use (revised) and subsequently become exempt, will be
the premium service at the Croydon Public Enquiry included in our website at:
Office you have to book an appointment in advance.

3. It may be necessary to refer applications submitted in Section 5: How to pay

person for further consideration if a straightforward
decision cannot be taken. If this is the case, it is 9. If you do not fall into the exempt category, the
unlikely that your case will be decided within 24 payment must accompany the application and the
hours. Should your case be referred, you will not be payment slip must be fully and accurately completed.
entitled to a refund of the difference between the Payment can be made by:
postal service charge of £350 and the premium • Postal Order;
service charge of £550. • Cheque (personal or business);
• Debit Card (Delta or Maestro UK only); and,
4. The fee for the application is payable by the • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only).
individual rather than their employer or
representative. However, your employer or Please do not send any cash.
representative may decide to pay the fee to cover the
cost of the application on your behalf. 10. Please note that we cannot accept multiple payment
methods, for example part credit card and part
5. If any of your dependants (ie a spouse, civil partner, cheque.
unmarried partner, same-sex partner or child under
the age of 18) are included in this application, there is 11. For applications made by appointment and in
no additional fee. If they apply separately they will person at the Croydon Public Enquiry Office
have to pay the fee appropriate to the application (premium service), you can pay by the same
they are making. methods (and also by banker’s draft). If you are
paying by cheque when applying in person, you will
Section 3: Consideration Procedure need a cheque guarantee card. Cheques will only be
accepted up to the limit guaranteed by the card.
6. The fee charged is for the processing and Cheques must be made payable to ‘Home Office
consideration of the application and not for the issue Leave to Remain’ and crossed A/C Payee only if
of a decision, therefore the fee will not be refunded in they are to be paid at the Croydon Public Enquiry
the event that an application is withdrawn before the Office.
decision is issued. In order for the Border and
Immigration Agency to be able to consider the
application, the full fee must accompany the
application form (unless the applicant is exempt).
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Payment Guidance Notes

12. Please note, we will not accept payment by any other 21. Please note that if you are exempt from payment (or,
means, including cheques and sterling drafts drawn in the case of employers or representatives
on foreign banks. submitting multiple applications, all the applicants are
exempt), you do not need to complete questions 8 to
13. For a payment to be valid the payment slip must be 13 of the payment slip, however you must complete
completed correctly. questions 1 to 7 even if you are exempt.

Section 6: Multiple Applications Contact Details of Payer

14. An employer or representative can submit up to 10 22. Please complete all details of the person paying for
applications in one batch, covered by one payment the application and who can be contacted if we have
slip, on behalf of several individuals. The fee must a payment enquiry in the following way:
be paid in respect of each applicant (unless any of • Question 1: contact name;
the applicants are exempt). • Question 2: contact address:
• Line 1: house number and street name;
15. For each batch of up to 10 applications, the payment
• Line 2: town;
slip should only be completed on one application
• Line 3: county; and,
form, which should be the first application in the
batch. The remaining applications in the batch • Question 3: postcode.
should be attached to the first application, in the
23. If you have allocated your own reference number to
order in which the applicants are listed on the
an application, this can be entered in question 4.
payment slip. Only one payment should be included
However it is the Payment Reference Number (PRN)
for the batch.
you should quote when contacting the Border and
16. A maximum number of 10 applications can be Immigration Agency regarding your application.
submitted for every payment slip under the multiple
Details of the Applicant(s)
applications category. If more than 10 applications
are to be submitted, they should be submitted in 24. Please enter the total number of applications
batches of (up to) 10 applications. A separate submitted at question 5 and the number of
payment slip will need to be completed for each applications to be paid for and exempt at question 6.
batch and a separate payment made for each batch. In question 7 only complete line 01 with the following
However a number of batches may be sent in one details:
envelope. For example: • your surname;
17. A postal application for 7 employees requires one • your date of birth (day/month/year, eg
payment slip plus one payment of £2,450. However, 31/01/1970);
for the premium service the payment would be • the full name of your employer in the UK (for
£3,850. TWES, SBS and WP applicants); or the name of
the operator (for SAWS work card holders);
18. An application for 25 employees should be submitted • the number of passports provided (including
in 3 batches as follows: 2 batches of 10 applications dependants passports if applicable);
(each batch covered by one payment slip and a • the number of Police Registration Certificates
payment of £3,500 for the postal service or £5,500 (PRC) (including dependants if applicable); and,
for the premium service) and 1 batch of 5 • indicate whether the application is paid for or
applications (covered by a payment slip and a exempt.
payment of £1,750 for the postal service or £2,750
25. In question 7 employers or representatives
for the premium service).
submitting multiple applications should set out the
19. The sums given for the payment due in the above above information for each application (with each
examples assume that all the applications are to be applicant on a separate line starting at 01).
paid for.
Payment details
Section 7: Completing the Payment Slip
26. You do not need to complete questions 8 to 13 of the
20. Correct completion of the payment slip is very payment slip if you are exempt from payment.
important. Any errors may prevent the payment from
27. If you are not exempt from payment please indicate
being processed, and may result in the application
the method of payment at question 8 and the amount
form being returned. This will delay the consideration
paid at question 9, ie £350 (postal service) or £550
of the application. It is therefore imperative to
(premium service), also complete the relevant
complete the payment slip in accordance with the
Sections as indicated below.
guidance below.

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Payment Guidance Notes

Postal Orders Section 9: Withdrawn Applications

28. Postal orders should be made payable to ‘Home 41. Once an application has been received, the
Office’ and should contain a valid post office stamp. appropriate fee will be charged. If a request to
withdraw the application is received after an
29. Please attach your postal orders to the front of the application is made the fee will not be refunded. It is
form. your responsibility to ensure that you wish to enter
into the application process before you submit the
30. We do not accept postal orders for payment of application form.
multiple applications.
Section 10: Insufficient payment
Cheque Payments
42. If the payment submitted does not cover the cost of
31. For postal applications, the cheque must be made the application (or, in the case of a multiple
payable to ‘Home Office’ and crossed A/C Payee application, does not cover the costs of all the
only. applications submitted) it will not be possible to
consider the application. We will inform you that
32. For applications made at the Croydon PEO, the insufficient payment has been received, and the
cheque must be made payable to ‘Home Office application and the incorrect payment will be returned
Leave to Remain’ and crossed A/C Payee only. to you.
33. Please make sure that the date and the amount 43. If you do not respond within 28 days with the correct
(words and figures) are correct and that the cheque payment amount we will presume that you do not
is signed properly. wish to pursue the application.
34. Include the account number, the sort code, and the 44. In order to avoid any delay, it is therefore important to
cheque number on the payment slip. ensure that the correct payment is submitted at the
35. Please attach your cheque to the front of the form.
45. If an overpayment is made, the application can be
36. Paying by cheque will increase the time taken to accepted and we will refund the difference.
process an application made by post.

Credit or Debit Card Payments

37. Such applications should contain the card number,

the amount paid, the payer’s name as it appears on
the card, the valid from and expiry dates, card
verification value (CVV) code, signature and date.

38. The Card Verification Value (CVV) is a three-digit

security code. You will find this code on the back of
your card on the signature strip: it consists of the last
3 digits.

39. For Maestro UK card users the issue number must

also be completed.

Section 8: Duplicate Applications

40. In the event that more than one application for the
same individual is submitted, each application will be
subject to the standard appropriate charge.

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Version 04/2007 Version 04/2007

Guidance relating to applications for an extension of stay (limited leave to remain) in the United Kingdom for Work Permit,
Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Scheme, Sectors-Based Scheme or Training or Work Experience Scheme employment.
Valid from January 2008
These guidance notes are to help you make an • a participant on the Science and Engineering
application on form FLR(IED). Graduate Scheme or the International Graduate
Section 1: Who can apply on form FLR(IED)? • a working holidaymaker who has spent more
than 12 months in total in the UK in this capacity
1. You can only apply on an FLR(IED) if you are and who holds a valid in-country work permit
applying for an extension of stay (limited leave to approval for employment in an occupation listed
remain) in the UK in one of the following immigration on the Border and Immigration Agency Shortage
categories: Occupations List;
• Work Permit arrangements (WP); • a highly skilled migrant;
• Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Scheme (SAWS); • an innovator;
• Sectors-Based Scheme (SBS); • a person undertaking the PLAB test, a clinical
• Home Office Approved Training or Work attachment or a dental observation post, who has
Experience (TWES). a valid in-country work permit approval for
employment as a doctor or dentist;
2. This form should not be used if you are seeking to
• a participant on the Fresh Talent: Working in
apply for limited leave to remain under the Highly
Scotland scheme who holds a valid in-country
Skilled Migrant Programme.
work permit approval for employment in
3. If you are unsure which is the appropriate application Scotland.
form to use in any particular situation, you may obtain
6. For individuals applying under TWES you should be
further advice by telephoning the Enquiry Bureau on
in the UK as:
0870 606 7766 or by visiting the website. • a TWES permit holder;
Section 2: Changing Immigration Categories • a student.

4. Applications for an extension of stay (limited leave to 7. For individuals applying under SBS you should be in
remain) can only be approved for applicants already the UK as:
in the UK who satisfy the requirements of the
• a SBS permit holder. (Provided that such an
immigration rules and who are in the UK within one of
extension would not extend your stay beyond 12
the following immigration categories. For group
months from when you were given leave to enter
applications approved under the Sports and
the UK as a SBS permit holder on this occasion).
Entertainment criteria of the work permit
arrangements, each individual member of the group 8. For individuals applying under SAWS you should be
should apply for their own leave to remain on a in the UK as:
separate FLR(IED) form with the fee for each
application made, unless the applicant is exempt. • a SAWS workcard holder. (Provided that such an
extension would not extend you stay beyond six
5. For individuals applying under the Work Permit
months from when you were given leave to enter
arrangements you should be in the UK as:
the UK as a SAWS participant on this occasion).
• a work permit holder (both for extensions of stay Dependants
in existing employment and change of
employment applications); 9. Form FLR(IED) can also be used to apply for an
• a student who has successfully obtained a extension of stay (limited leave to remain) in the UK
degree level qualification at a UK higher or for the following dependants if they are applying at
further educational establishment; the same time as you, and you are applying in the
• a student nurse, overseas qualified nurse, WP or TWES categories: a spouse, civil partner,
midwife, postgraduate doctor or postgraduate unmarried partner, same-sex partner, or child under
dentist who has a valid in-country work permit the age of 18.
approval for employment as a nurse, doctor or
dentist; 10. If they apply separately to you, they will need to apply
on an FLR(O) form and pay the appropriate fee, if
applicable. Dependent children aged 18 or over

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wishing to remain in the UK as your dependants need to Section 5: When can I start work?
make a separate application.
17. You are unable to start work until you have received
11. Individuals entering the UK under the SAWS or SBS approval for your leave to remain application against
schemes cannot bring other family members with your IED, unless you already have leave to enter or
them as dependants. Instead they must qualify for leave to remain in another immigration category that
entry under the Immigration Rules in their own right. allows you to continue or commence full time work.

Section 3: What supporting documents should I 18. If you are in any doubt, you should phone the Enquiry
include with my application for dependants? Bureau on 0870 606 7766 or visit our website at before taking up
12. As a guide you should include: employment.
• evidence of your dependants' relationship to you;
Section 6: Do I need to pay a fee?
• evidence that you can support them and live
without claiming any help from public funds. 19. You must pay the correct fee as required by law,
unless you are exempt. If you fail to pay the correct
13. If you are not married or in a civil partnership and are fee, your application cannot be considered and will
applying for an extension of stay in the UK for a be returned to you. Information on the current fees
partner (opposite-sex or same sex) we will need to and how to pay is given in the Payment Guidance
see evidence of a two-year relationship. This may Notes.
• evidence that any previous marriage, civil 20. If any dependants are included in your application
partnership, or similar relationship, has there is no additional fee.
permanently broken down;
Section 7: How do I make sure my application is
• you have been living together in a relationship
similar to marriage or civil partnership for two
years or more; 21. This is very important. Your application will be
• documents showing joint commitments, such as returned if it is invalid. This will delay the outcome
bank accounts, investments, rent agreements or and could also affect whether or not you have a right
mortgages; of appeal against the eventual decision, as you will
• letters linking you to the same address; and, only have a right of appeal if a valid application is
made before the end of your authorised stay in the
• official records of your address, such as your UK. To make sure that your application is valid, you
National Insurance card or health card. need to do the following:
Section 4: When should I apply? • Use the right form for the category in which you
are applying. To obtain another form, you can
14. For SBS, TWES and WP applicants, your employer telephone the Application Forms Unit on 0870
should have been informed you have been granted 241 0645. If you are hearing impaired, we have
approval for an IED, so that you can now apply for a freephone textphone service on 0800
further limited leave to remain. SAWS applicants 3898289. You can also download application
should have received a work card from their SAWS forms from or from
• Complete the relevant sections of the form by
15. We advise you to apply for your further leave to answering and completing all the questions or
remain as soon as possible following notification that ticking the boxes that apply to you, as well as to
your IED application has been approved and in any any dependants included in the application.
event before your current leave expires. If you
apply after six months of the approval of your IED, • Ensure all relevant declarations are completed,
your IED is no longer valid and your application will signed and dated.
be refused. Your employer will also need to re-apply • Provide all relevant documents and photographs,
for a new IED for any subsequent application. including passports or travel documents, needed
in support of your application and those of any
16. For those seeking an extension to an existing IED, dependants included in the form. If you cannot
you should apply for further leave to remain no provide a particular document immediately,
sooner than five weeks before your existing leave please explain the reason(s) and tell us when
expires, and within six months of you or your you will be able to let us have the missing item.
employer receiving confirmation of your approval for If this document is required, your application will
an IED. Therefore you need to ensure that your not be processed until it is received.
application for IED is applied for within these

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Section 8: Completing your FLR(IED) Housing and homelessness assistance

22. Please complete the form by typing or printing the 28. Housing and homelessness assistance are included
required details in English in BLOCK letters and in in the term public funds. However, this has a precise
BLACK INK. The notes below are designed to help definition in the Immigration Rules:
you in doing this. All sections should be completed • An allocation of housing, or grant of a licence or
on the application form, unless otherwise indicated. tenancy, by a local housing authority, for
example through the "housing waiting list"; or,
Public Funds • Housing assistance under homelessness
23. Individuals subject to immigration control who have legislation; or,
limited leave to enter or remain are not eligible for • Cases where the housing is provided for either of
benefits or services listed as public funds in the these purposes on the local authority’s behalf, for
Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 and the example, by an independent housing association.
Immigration Rules. They should also have the basic
means to support themselves and any dependants 29. However, there are other types of housing that
without the need to seek assistance from the State. individuals subject to immigration control may receive
which are not included in the definition of public funds
24. The following are regarded as Public Funds under under the Rules. These include:
the Immigration Rules: • Housing provided independently by housing
• Housing and homelessness assistance; associations.
• Attendance allowance; • Housing provided by key worker housing
• Severe disablement allowance; schemes.
• Carer’s allowance; • Housing paid for by employers, for example
• Disability living allowance; where an NHS Trust pays for housing for
• Income support; international nurses.
• A social fund payment; • Housing being received by your partner if they
are not subject to immigration control.
• Council tax benefit;
• Child benefit; Personal History Questions
• Income-based jobseeker’s allowance;
• State pension credit; 30. Please note that Section 6 must be completed for
• Child tax credit; each person included on the application form.
• Working tax credit; and
• Housing benefit. Documents required

25. In some exceptional cases, the relevant benefits, tax 31. The document checklist will help us to confirm the
credits or housing legislation allows individuals receipt of your documents and to safeguard them
subject to immigration control to claim certain public whilst they are with us. All documents must be
funds in their own right. For example, reciprocal originals. However, we will accept a certified
social security agreements allow nationals of some photocopy for the purpose of validating the
countries to claim certain funds despite being subject application if you cannot provide the original at the
to immigration control. Further information can be time of application and tell us when you will provide
found on the Home Office website it. A certified photocopy of a document is one certified either by the issuing authority (such as a
photocopy of a building society passbook certified by
What doesn’t count as public funds? the building society) or by a notary. However, we are
unlikely to grant your application without seeing the
26. The term public funds only includes non-contributory original document.
benefits, tax credits, and housing and homelessness
assistance. It does not include benefits based on 32. If all documentation is not supplied or additional
National Insurance contributions, such as: documentation is required we will contact you and
• contribution-based jobseeker’s allowance; provide a relevant correspondence address to send
• incapacity benefit; the documentation to.
• retirement pension;
• widows benefit and bereavement benefit; 33. Please provide two passport-sized (45mm x 35mm)
colour photographs with a white background for
• guardian’s allowance; and,
yourself and any dependants. These should be:
• statutory maternity pay.
• taken against a white coloured background;
27. Also, treatment under the National Health Service, or • clear and of good quality, and not framed or
education funded by a Local Education Authority backed;
(LEA), does not count as recourse to public funds. • printed on normal photographic paper; and,
• full face and without sunglasses, hat or other
head covering unless you wear this for cultural or
religious reasons.

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34. SAWS applicants: If you are applying under SAWS committing a criminal offence if they act on your
please provide a letter from your operator confirming behalf without being OISC authorised or exempted.
how long your employment has been extended for
and your new work card serial number. 42. Your employer, or prospective employer, is permitted
to give you immigration advice in connection with
35. Students: If you are in the UK as a student please your application. If they are completing the
provide your original certificate which confirms that “Representative Declarations” section of the form,
you have successfully obtained a degree level then at the appropriate point they should tick the box
qualification at a UK higher or further educational marked “Within a category of person specified in an
establishment. Order made by the Secretary of State under
subsection 84(4)(d) of the Immigration and Asylum
Declaration Act 1999”.
36. Please sign and date the declaration. Where more 43. If you choose to make an application through a
than one applicant is included in the form, the representative, such as a solicitor or other agent, we
signature must be that of the main applicant. will correspond with them directly and send our
decision on the application to them provided they are
37. If you would like documents and correspondence permitted to give Immigration advice. Whether you
relating to your application to be sent to your choose to use a representative will not affect how
employer, representative or your operator for SAWS quickly we consider your application.
applications, you should indicate this in the box
provided at the end of the declaration. They will 44. The Border and Immigration Agency reserves the
need to complete Section 9 of the application form right to contact the applicant directly to verify details
(the "Representative Declarations”). on the application.

Section 9: How to get advice on making an 45. If a representative makes an application on your
application behalf, and that representative is not permitted to
provide advice and immigration services (by section
38. If you want advice about completing an application 84 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999), the
form or clarification on these guidance notes please Border and Immigration agency will inform both you
contact the Border & Immigration Agency, Work and the representative of the requirements of the Act,
Permit Customer Contact Centre: and send further letters to you.
Telephone: 0114 207 4074 Section 11: Authorised immigration advisers
Fax: 0114 207 4000
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday 46. A list of authorised advisers is from the OISC:
(excluding public holidays).
By phone: 0845 000 0046
Email: (calls charged at local rate)

Or write to us at: By Internet:

Customer Contact Centre By post: The Office of the Immigration

Work Permits Services Commissioner (OISC)
Home Office 5th Floor
PO Box 3468 Counting House
Sheffield 53 Tooley Street
S3 8WA London
Section 10: What if I want to use a representative?
By fax: 0207 211 1553
39. This form is designed to let you make your own
application. By email:

40. Your employer, or your operator for SAWS 47. The OISC website also has links to websites for
applicants, may help you complete the form. solicitors, barristers and legal executives.
However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the
Section 12: I have now completed my form. How do I
application is sent to us with the correct fee enclosed.
41. You may wish to use an immigration adviser,
48. You can submit your application using the Royal Mail
however you should take care when choosing one.
postal service, by courier or in person at the Croydon
The Office of the Immigration Services
Commissioner (OISC) regulates immigration
advisers. If your adviser is not a solicitor, barrister or We are unable to accept emailed or faxed
legal executive you should ask if they are OISC applications.
authorised or exempt. Anyone else could be
FLR(IED) Version 04/2007 Page 8 of 11
Please note that our case working offices are not 58. If your application is sent to any address other than
open to the public. our Payment Handling address (see 53) this will
delay the processing of your application.
49. Please note that the Border & Immigration Agency is
not responsible for any items whilst in transit to or 59. All payments are processed by a Government
from our offices. approved Payment Handling Service, who will check
the following:
Postal and Courier Service i) if payment is necessary;
ii) the payment slip is completed correctly;
50. In order to simplify the validation procedure, please iii) the payment method is valid; and,
ensure that the application is packaged in the iv) the validity of an application, which has been
following order: identified as falling into the exempt category.
i) application form with cheque or postal order (if
applicable) secured to page one of the form; In Person at the Croydon PEO
ii) any supporting letters;
iii) passport(s); and 60. A same-day service is offered to people, by
iv) supporting documents. appointment only, who apply in person at the
Croydon PEO. The premium rate (£550) has to be
51. If you wish to send more than one application in the paid for applications that are dealt with under this
same envelope, please ensure that each application same-day service (unless the applicant is exempt -
is clearly distinguishable from the others by see Section 4 of the Payment Guidance Notes at the
packaging each one separately. For a batch of up to beginning of these notes). You should also note that
10 applications submitted as a multiple application, the same-day service will only be provided where the
the cheque or postal order (if applicable) should be form is completed correctly, all necessary documents
secured to page one of the first application in the are provided (to expedite the process this should
batch. include your IED), no further enquiries are necessary,
and the application is not particularly complex. If you
52. If you submit an application form accompanied by the use this service please make sure that you apply
£550 fee via the post or use a courier service to the before the end of your authorised stay.
postal address we will process the application as a
postal application and refund the excess monies. 61. Please note the premium service for FLR(IED)
applications will be carried out on an appointment
53. Completed applications should be sent to the basis only. Appointments should be made in
Payment Handling address below: advance by contacting us on the telephone number
given below. You should make an appointment only
Border & Immigration Agency - FLR(IED) when you have obtained and completed the correct
PO Box 3976 application form and have all the required documents
Sheffield and photographs.
S1 9BN
62. The address and current opening times of the
54. We recommend that you use Recorded or Special Croydon PEO are given below:
Delivery, as this helps us to record the receipt of your
application. Please make sure that you keep a Croydon
record of the Recorded or Special Delivery number. Public Enquiry Office
Lunar House
55. You may alternatively wish to submit your 40 Wellesley Road
application(s) by courier. These applications will only Croydon
be accepted between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday CR9 2BY
(excluding public holidays).
Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)
56. If you wish to send your application by courier the 8.00am to 4.00pm
delivery address is:
Tel: 0870 606 7766
Border & Immigration Agency - FLR(IED) general enquiries and appointments.
7th Floor
Fountain Precinct 63. For up-to-date information on opening times and
Balm Green services, please check the PEO page on our website
Sheffield or telephone 0870 606
S1 2JA 7766.
57. Please note that the Payment Handling Service is
independent from the Border and Immigration agency
and do not process any applications. Furthermore, Multiple Applications at Croydon PEO
they do not have the capacity to deal with public
callers. 64. Croydon PEO holds a list of recognised
representatives and organisations who are allocated

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a certain number of applications that they are able to whilst your application is with the Border and
submit on a given day. Representatives who are on Immigration Agency, then your application may need
this list may only submit the number of applications to be withdrawn. In these circumstances your
which has been allocated to them. If they want to documents and passport will be returned to you. You
submit more applications than this on a given day, will not receive a refund. If you still wish to pursue
they should submit those extra applications by post. your application a new application will have to be
made at a later date, and include a new fee.
65. Representatives who are not on this list are unable to
submit multiple applications at Croydon PEO. They Section 15: Where will the Border and Immigration
are also unable to use the appointment service at agency send the decision and any other letters?
PEO as this is for use by individual applicants
submitting their own application in person. Instead 74. We will send all letters to the applicant named on the
they should submit their applications by post. application form unless you are using a solicitor or
other representative. In most cases we will send the
66. Further information for representatives wishing to join decision and all letters to them unless they are not
this list is available on our website permitted to provide immigration advice or service under section 84 of the Immigration and Asylum Act
67. We recommend that representatives who are
attending the Croydon PEO with multiple FLR(IED) Section 16: How can I contact the Border and
applications make sure that they are very careful to Immigration Agency ?
check the validity of each case, especially when
submitting payments that are issued centrally and not 75. Please do not contact the Border and Immigration
by the person submitting the payment on the day. Agency before a decision on your application is likely
We cannot accept a cheque or banker’s draft for to have been made (see
more than the total value of the number of valid for service standards and latest performance
applications being submitted. information), unless you have an urgent enquiry. If
you do need to contact the Border and Immigration
68. In summary, we can only complete multiple FLR(IED) Agency, please use email wherever possible.
applications in the Croydon PEO if:
• you are a recognised representative or 76. For general enquiries, please contact our Customer
organisation that has agreement with the Contact Centre, the contact details are provided in
Croydon PEO to submit an agreed number of Section 9 of these guidance notes.
applications on a prescribed day;
• you use a valid method of payment; 77. If you have specific queries relating to your LtR
• the payment covers the total cost of processing application please contact the Leave to Remain
all of the enclosed applications.

69. We will not consider any of the applications within the Telephone: 0114 207 6016
Fax: 0114 207 6017
multiple FLR(IED) application until we receive valid
payment for the correct number of valid applications. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
If there are invalid applications within the multiple (excluding public holidays).
FLR(IED) application, a revised fee will be payable.
Section 13: How long will it take to decide my
application? Or write to us at:

70. Please see our website: Work Permit Leave To Remain Teams
for details of our service standards. Border & Immigration Agency
Home Office
71. Please note that all your documents, including your PO Box 3468
passport, will be returned by Recorded Delivery. Sheffield
S3 8WA
72. If you wish your passport and documents to be
returned to you by Special Delivery, you will need to 78. When contacting the Border and Immigration Agency
provide a prepaid Special Delivery envelope by telephone please make sure you have the
appropriate to the size and weight of the documents following information to hand, and when contacting
submitted. us in writing please provide the following details in
your letter or email:
Section 14: What if I want to travel before my
• applicant’s full name, date of birth and nationality;
application has been decided?
• employer name for SBS and WP and operator
73. We would advise you not to make any plans for non- and employer name for SAWS work card
urgent travel outside the UK until we have returned holders;
your own and any dependants’ passports or travel • your SBS, TWES, or WP reference number or
documents. If you do wish to travel outside the UK SAWS work card number;
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• the Recorded or Special Delivery number (if 85. If your complaint is about the behaviour, attitude or
applicable); general conduct of a member of our staff, we will
• the date on which the application was posted; reply within 12 weeks of receipt of your complaint, to
and allow time for an investigation.
• your Home Office reference number if you have 86. If it is not possible to give you a full reply within these
one. timescales, for example because a detailed
investigation is needed, we will provide you with an
79. Please do not send any correspondence about your interim reply. This will tell you how we are dealing
application to the Government approved Payment with your complaint and when you can expect a full
Handling Service in Section 12 of these Notes, as reply.
this address is for processing the payment only.
87. The full reply will include details of who to contact
Section 17: Data Protection Notice next if you believe that your complaint has not been
dealt with properly. This will normally be an
80. We will treat in confidence all information you provide appropriate senior official.
in connection with your application. But we may
disclose it to other agencies for immigration and 88. If you are still not satisfied, you can ask your local
nationality purposes or so they can carry out their Member of Parliament to contact the independent
jobs. The information in the Payment Slip will be Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (the
known to the Payment Handling Service who work for Ombudsman) to review your complaint and how it
the Home Office processing application payments. has been handled. If the Ombudsman is satisfied
that your complaint has been dealt with fairly, they
Section 18: Translations will close your case and we will not respond to further
correspondence about the matter.
81. Translations of documents are to be undertaken by
the applicant prior to submitting to the Border and 89. A copy of the Work Permits Complaints Procedure is
Immigration Agency Translated documents should available to customers on request. If you want a
have an official authenticated stamp confirming that copy, please contact our Customer Contact Centre
the translator belongs to a professional body. on telephone: 0114 207 4074.
Section 19: How do I make a complaint?

82. If you are unhappy with the standard of service you

have received and you wish to make a complaint,
please contact us at:

Complaints and Compensation Team

Work Permits
Border & Immigration Agency
PO Box 3468
S3 8WA

Fax: 0114 207 6368

83. Please be aware that you will be advised to send all

complaints in writing.

84. If your complaint is about general procedures within

Work Permits (UK) we will reply within 20 working
days of receiving your letter.

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