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Written by Bro Henson Lim Tuesday, 04 March 2008 00:00 Have you ever poured your heart out to someone only to hear him say, "Pray lor !" - as if you didn't know to do that. Whilst it is true that many do not pray enough, I believe it is more a question of how we pray that we must address. May these seven lors of prayer encourage you. #1: Prayin the Spirit lor . My prayermaystart in the flesh, but it mustend in the Spirit. When the flesh prays, the focus is on self and what we can see in the natural. Even the psalmists started that way in many of the psalms. But the key is to consciously switch course and get into the Spirit. When my spirit prays, deep calls out to deep (Ps 42:7), spirit to Spirit, and I touch the heart of God. The Spirit makes intercession for me, praying the Father's will, bringing me into understanding and revelation of what I am going through. It is only then that I can confidently say "all things work for good" (Rom 8:26-28). #2: Changeme lor . I wantto deal with the situation,but Godwantsto deal with me first. We cannot control what happens but we can determine how we respond. Instead of asking God to change the situation or the people, it is a healthy practice always to look inward first. Ask God to show us how we are to respond. If we have contributed to the situation, we must repent or forgive. If not, then ask Him to work in us so that we can be changed by Him and be positioned to handle the situation. More often than not, whenever there is repentance, a change of heart and a renewal of the mind, God moves in that situation. #3: Cast all on Godlor . Insteadof castingblame,cast all careson God. Parenting is no walk in the park. Time and again, I have found myself asking God, "Why did you give me six children?" What I am implying is that since the children are from God, then it must be His fault that I feel the way I feel! How wrong can I be?! It's one thing to acknowledge God in every situation, and yet totally another to blame Him for what we are going through. 1 Peter 5:6,7 provides the key to remedy this faulty thinking. It is not that we don't cast our cares on God, but how we do that. Our pride refuses to admit problem in us, so we pass the blame to God. Instead, our cares are to be cast on Him in humility and submission. When He has His way in us and our situations, we are lifted up and exalted in His time! #4: Victoryis minelor . My strugglesmaybe in the flesh, but my victoryis in the Spirit. Jesus tells us that we will have tribulations. But as we focus on the tribulations we forget where these are found - in the world. What is in the world? The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life (1 John 2:16)! And what do these entice? The flesh! In the flesh is where the enemy wants to keep us. No wonder there is no victory! That is why we must get in the Spirit, stay in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit. That's where the victory is! Our weapons of warfare are not of the flesh but of the Spirit. Our victory is sure because the battle belongs to God! #5: Do it God'swaylor . If I wantto prayGod'sWord,I mustbe willingto do it God'sway. There are many who love to declare God's Word in their lives. Without doubt, they want to stand on God's Word; but on their own terms. We must be careful not to use God's Word to justify or 'Christianise' what we believe or what we want to do. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, it doesn't work. Why? Because God's Word must be done God's way! God's Word cannot be twisted to suit our fancies and desires, to fulfill our agendas and purposes. God's Word is to be sent forth to accomplish His agenda and His purpose. #6: Let go let Godlor . Whenpraying,ask Godto takeover.After praying,don't takeover.Is it not true that once we conclude our prayers, we promptly run out to 'help' God accomplish whatever we've just asked Him do? In Exod 14:13, at the edge of the Red Sea, Moses declared: "Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will accomplish for you today." I've come to understand that my power cancels God's power. We must learn to rest in the completed work of the Cross, and watch God come through for us! Our part is obedience, to do what God tells us to do. Let go. Let God! #7: Rely on Godlor . My relianceis not on prayer. My relianceis on God.The problem with Man is that we thrive on steps and methods. It's much easier to follow these than to seek God. But God is not limited by steps and methods, nor will He be held ransom to any of these. As such, our focus and reliance is not to be on these methods or steps but on God Himself! That's why what I given you above are not steps but principles, spiritual principles which will stand if our eyes are kept on God, and God alone. The focus of our prayers is God. The object of our faith is God. The next time someone tells you, "Pray lor !", remember these seven lors of prayer. James 5:16 says that "the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much". I thank God that as we believe, it is accounted to us as righteousness. Therefore, I stand righteous before Him. As such, once I get my spiritual principles and perspectives correct, my prayers will be effective prayers.

This article was taken with permission from Bro Henson Lim's website: Do visit his website for more interesting articles.