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Read the notice below and choose the best questions that follow

DUH!? Not an English word, not Malay or Chinese or Indian. Its teenagers language meaning clueless Are you duh about duh? Are you grown ups around you duh Maybe you just need to talk in an un duh way. Then we can all understand one another Join JUNIOR BRATS CAMP Rules and Regulations:

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13 14 th March The Farm Lenggeng, N.Sembilan 5 6 June Kuala Selangor 27 28 August

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Port Dickson

Must be Malaysian, between 13 and 15 years old, What is your favorite WORD? Tells us in not more than 150 words, Submit a biodata with a passport sized photograph of yourself, Must possess a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself, The participation fee for the workshop is RM 80.00, inclusive of a accommodation and meals. DO NOT SEND the participation fee with your application form. All successful applicants will be notified by mail Please specify the camp you wish to attend For further enquiries, please e mail to brats@the

1. Who among the following would normally use the word duh? a) Adults b) Children c) Teenagers d) Older generation 2. The word clueless can be replaced by a) Unaware b) Unexpected c) Unconcerned d) Uncontrolled 3. What must applicants send in with their forms? a) Participation fee and bio data b) A slogan and a recent photograph c) Their favorite word and an essay d) A short essay, biodata and a passport sized photograph 4. Which of the following statements is correct? a) Applicants must have a sense of humor b) Applicants can be locals or foreigners c) Applicants will be notified by phone d) Applicants off all ages are eligible 5. Applicants are advised not to a) Send the fee together with the application form b) Specify the camp they want to attend c) Submit any photos of themselves d) Email to the organizer 6. The main purpose of the camp is to a) Acquire communication skills b) Learn the local language c) Improving writing skills d) Widen vocabulary

Read the text below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow
My eyes try to take in the visual spread of colors before me, also the real gastronomic treat that waited me. The feast that would begin the moment I made the most important decision in my life at that point. You see, I was about six years old and we were in the wonderland for kids MacDonalds when my dad asked me, What do you want to eat? a simple question, but for once I could not answer. I continue starring at the menu before me, tiptoeing t elevate myself for a better view. Images ran through my six-year-old head. The safe choice of nuggets or should I be more adventures and mimic the choice of adults and go for the burger? The pressure of deciding quickly, thanks to my father breathing down my neck, was too much and tears streamed down my cheeks. We choose between chap fun and chappati for lunch. We choose to watch HBO or AXN, to either take the LRT or risk getting squished like a sardine or drive and burn a hole in our pocket from the exorbitant parking fees. We also decide whether to tick Pengakap or Bulan Sabit Merah on our co curriculum forms in schools. Looking back, I never understood the importance of that day at MacDonalds. Weve come to a point where we have taken for granted our ability to make decisions, to choose. Free will. This is what defines the human race. To succeed or to fail? To steal or to bless? To love or to hate? So, what did I choose to eat in the end? Wiping my tears away, I looked up at my father, Can you choose for me? but he said You decide for yourself, Derek. That day I learnt the value of making choices. (Adapted from Starnag Jan 2011)

1. Where were the narrator and his father? a) Kids World c) Disney Wonderland b) MacDonalds d) MacDonalds Wonderland

2. The narrator was unable to answer his fathers question because? a) Of the color in front of him c) He did not like the food b) Of the wide variety of choices d) He was not hungry 3. The expression breathing down my neck means a) Grabbing me by the neck c) Making me breath heavily b) Standing very close to me d) Watching close what I am doing 4. The narrator burst into tears because a) He had to make choice quickly b) He had to pay for his food c) He had to leave early d) He had to stop eating 5. Based on the passage, human are defined by a) Courage c) Strong will b) Free will d) Determination 6. What happened to the narrator at MacDonalds eventually? a) He made his pick of food b) He could not decide what to eat c) He cried and refuse to have anything d) Father insisted that he made the choice 7. What did the narrator learn at the MacDonalds? a) The risk of making choices b) The value of making choices c) The method of making choices d) The pressure of making choices 8. The gist of the passage means every one of us has to a) Face the truth b) Live life gracefully c) Make choices in life d) Learn important lessons

Study the chart below and choose the best answer for the question that follow CARBON FOOTPRINTS What is a carbon footprint? A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and directly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Your carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of CO2 which were induced by your activities for the time period of a year. CO2 is one cause of global warming. DOs DONTs Reduce usage of electricity Throw any garbage into a at home river that will contaminate the river Turn off lights and TV when it is bedtime Use cars for short distances Recycle or drop off at any Litter recycling centre Support deforestation Plant trees Use vehicles that guzzle fuel Use solar power as much as Do open burning possible Put all garbage together Minimize use of cars use public transport Walk as much as possible for health and nature The smaller your carbon footstep, the better for Mother Nature!

1. How do we usually measure a carbon footprint? a) In a time period of one year b) By the activities we do or not do c) The way it affects global warming d) In equivalent tons of carbon dioxide 2. What does carbon dioxide do to the earth? a) It causes floods b) It triggers earthquake c) It pollutes the environment d) It contributes to global warming 3. Who is responsible for carbon footprints? a) Everyone b) People who do business c) People who walk around a lot d) People who consume electricity 4. We can cut down our carbon footprints with the following steps except a) Recycling b) Using solar power c) Walking instead of driving d) Disposing of garbage in plastic bags 5. By reducing our carbon footprints, we are a) Saving Mother earth b) Reducing global warming c) Contaminating our rivers d) Cutting down CO2 emissions 6. What are vehicles that guzzle fuel? a) Vehicles that do not need any fuel b) Vehicles that consume a lot of fuel c) Vehicles that waste fuel d) Vehicles that save fuel

Read the text below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow Tribe Koyota, a community of Koyota owners incorporated the theme of environment into their annual treasure hunt activities. They added a treasure hunt based virtual campaign called The Amazing Trails of the Econauts to the Amazing Trails activities to show the members concern towards environmental preservation. It is a story driven game where the players act upon by solving puzzles that lead to a goal the capture of the notorious eco villains named X. The Econauts are an eco crime prevention organization whose mission is to put a stop to those who commit crimes against the environment X in particular The online game was a month long virtual hunt and ended in October. It attracted 1,359 players who were all Koyota owners. A major player in the automotive industry, the company put together a two level environment theme with tips on what we, as a family, can do to make change. The top 50 winners from the virtual hunt who qualified as an elite team of Econauts were tasked with a mission to save the environment. These winners then recruited their own team of friend and family members to go on a one day treasure hunt in which environment related activities were peppered along the trail. Among the task were throwing of micro organism mudballs to clean up the floors of a lake, and reusing materials to weave placements. The event was a memorable one for the participants as they had a fun time while doing their part for the environment.

1. What is the main theme of the treasure hunt of Tribe Koyota? a) Care for the environment b) The use of recyclable material c) The excitement of online game d) Crime against the environment 2. The participants played the online game to catch a) Treasure hunter c) An eco - villain b) Koyota owners d) An econaut 3. The Econauts help keep the environment from a) Harm c) Violence b) Growth d) development 4. Which of the following statements is not correct? a) The online game lasted one month b) The treasure hunt ran on for two days c) The treasure hunt was made up of teams d) The participants had fun and helped nurture the environment 5. The phrasal verb put together means a) Check c) Locate b) Keep d) Organize 6. Koyota is involved in a) The manufacture of chemicals b) The manufacture of food products c) The manufacture of motor vehicles d) The manufacture of environmentally friendly products 7. Why were the participants asked to make mudballs? a) To carry out fun activity b) To help clean up a lake c) To capture the eco villain d) To create awareness of the importance of lakes 8. Which of the following would be suitable headline for the article? a) Koyota owners on environment hunt b) Koyota owners on eco warrior hunt c) Koyota owners on eco villain hunt d) Koyota owners on recycling hunt

Study the grid and the notes below carefully and choose the best answer for the questions that follow.

Habits of wise consumer Choose quality products at reasonable prices Dont make any decisions solely based on a lower price or the prestige of the brand Choose the best service Choose outlets that offer good customer service and satisfaction Make a list Planning your purchases will help you get the things you want without spending more Shop around and compare prices Some retailers do sell their products at lower prices compared to others Make the right decision You should think first before buying and make sure that you need the products Campaign on smart consumerism Participate in government organized campaigns to promote smart consumerism among the public Tip of the week Dont buy just because there is a sale. If you dont need the product. Dont buy it

1. A person who buy thins based on the prestige of the brand is a) A spendthrift b) Brand conscious c) Stingy about money d) Not fussy about his or her purchases 2. Why should we shop around and compare price? a) To get the best price b) To enjoy window shopping c) To save time spent on shopping d) To know what is being sold in the shops 3. By participating in campaign on smart consumerism, we will encourage everyone to a) Spend wisely and avoid unnecessary waste of money b) Save as much as possible c) Spend less and earn more d) Shop anytime, anywhere 4. What is the advantage of planning your shopping trip? a) We can make shopping fun b) We can buy anything we like c) We will spend within our budget d) We can complete our shopping quickly 5. What message is contained in the tip of the week? a) Buy when there is a sale b) Its cheaper by the dozen c) Buy only what you need d) Buy to impress your friend 6. A wise consumer will only buy a product that a) Is a symbol of status b) Is meant for higher income groups c) Is widely advertised and known d) Gives the best value for money

Read the passage below carefully and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. Remember the good around you. Your good deeds will always be well appreciated. We read of complaints every day in dailies. They may be about traffic jams, bad roads, destruction of public property, lapses in security or even bad driving. They may be about snatch thefts, lack of civic mindedness or not so neighborly acts. But, with all the bad things going round us, never forget the good. Countless times, I got lost while driving. But, there was always someone who would guide me to my destination. I also recall the time when I dropped a fifty note at a shopping mall and a woman chased me through a busy crowd to return it to me. I forgot to take the purchases I had paid for and the salesperson politely reminded me about them. I remember seeing cars stopping to allow a visually impaired man cross the road safely, even when it was the busy hour. There are many stories of people doing good things but generally they go unnoticed or do not want publicity. To all those people who helped others in need (be it small or big), thank you very much for your contribution toward making this world a better place. Keep encouraging others with your good deeds, just like you encouraged me. Looking beyond Kuala Lumpur (Adapted from NST, December 2006)

1. Which of the following would be considered as an act of lack of civic mindedness? a) Littering b) Waiting in line c) Using an overhead bridge d) Offering ones seat in a crowded bus 2. The word destination means a) The place one lives in c) The place one has visited b) The place for shopping d) The place one wants to go to 3. A visually impaired person is a person who has a problem with his or her sense of a) Touch c) Sight b) Smell d) Hearing 4. A person who has done a good deed but does not want publicity is considered a) Shy c) Arrogant b) Humble d) Ignorant 5. Helping other makes this world a better place because it shows that a) Selfishness is common b) Many people are rich in love c) People do care for one another d) The world needs lots of caring people 6. The last paragraph of the passage carries an expression of a) Hatred c) Gratitude b) Sadness d) Disappointment 7. The writer is ____________ of all deeds of kindness a) Appreciative c) Fearful b) Critical d) Mindful 8. Which of the following would be an appropriate title for the passage? a) Do good not evil b) Help is all around c) Complaining is good d) The good you do is greatly appreciated

Study the advertisement below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. A Teens Race for Action and Fun with FOOD If you Are 12 to 15 years old Are adventurous and game for fun Enjoy a healthy lifestyle This is your cup of tea! From a winning team with your buddies and come and join us for a rewarding day of fun, games, prizes and good food. Make sure all of you have good appetites. What do you have to do? Come and Be Surprised!!! Entry Form Name of Team: Position & Parents name Gender Age Name & signature Leader Asst. Leader Member Member Terms and Conditions 1. Must be Malaysian students 2. Team members must be of mixed gender and multiracial 3. All entries must include a passport size photo of each applicant and a postcard size photo of the team 4. Only teams that have short listed will be called for an interview.

1. The contest is open to a) Adults only b) Children only c) Teenagers only d) People of all ages 2. The expression cup of tea means a) A persons favorite tea b) A persons favorite drink c) Something of interest to a person d) Something important to a person 3. Why do you think the participants should have good appetites? a) There is a food fair b) The contest concerns c) The participants follow a healthy lifestyle d) The participants must have proper table manners 4. The participating teams must be of a) The same gender and same race b) Mixed gender and the same race c) The same gender and multiracial d) Mixed gender and multiracial 5. Which teams will be called for an interview? a) Teams that are blacklisted b) Teams that are shortlisted c) Teams are determinant to win d) Teams that are considered winners 6. All participants will be form a) Schools across the country b) College across the country c) Universities across the country d) All educational institutions in the country

Read the article below carefully and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. Variety is the spice of life A balanced, life is the key to great health and happy living. Take a leaf from the pages of good old classic living: everything in moderation and find a good balance in what you eat and the exercise regime you follow. For great health and happy living, have good balance in the intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fluids and fiber. These nutrients are already present in the foods we eat, so we just need to make sure we have a good mix. Aiming for a variety of foods in all our meals will help to achieve this combination. This can be done with just about everything we eat. Most of the time, our problem is that we eat too much of the same thing. Ensure that we eat in moderation so we are not lacking in any particular nutrient. Maintaining a good level of activity and incorporating some form of exercise in our routine are all part and parcel of a balanced active life. This is just as important for our health as our diets. Do some walking or a simple workout outdoors half an hour a day. Being active helps us not only to develop physically but also stimulate out minds to work better. When watching television, stay with educational programmed which stimulate the mind intellectually. Exercise, like diet, does not have to take up a lot of extra time but can be worked into our daily lives. Try our different sorts of activities like swimming, skating, cycling, Rollerblading, dancing or walking. Expose yourself to more fun and adventurous activities and this will foster a greater interest in keeping fit the right way. (Adapted from StarMag, August 2006)

1. To be healthy and happy, we should eat and exercise a) A lot c) Irregularly b) Regularly d) In moderation 2. The following are nutrients found in food except a) Sugar c) Vitamins b) Protein d) Carbohydrates 3. How can we achieve a good combination of nutrients in our food? a) Taking one type of food b) Taking a variety type of food c) Taking two types of food d) Taking three types of food 4. A balanced life requires eating in moderation and a) Watching television b) Exercising the mind c) Doing physical exercise d) Socializing as much as possible 5. We can develop physically and stimulate our minds to do work better if we stay a) Silent c) Calm b) Active d) Alert 6. What type of television programmed is recommended for intellectual development? a) Sitcom b) Comedy c) Thriller d) Educational programmed 7. Which statement about exercise is true? a) It helps to keep us fit b) It takes up a lot of time c) It should be done seriously d) We should do only one type of exercise 8. This article appeals to those who are a) Talented c) Result - oriented b) Exhausted d) Health conscious

Study the notice below carefully and answer the questions that follow e kiosk for e passport replacement Procedure Go to an e kiosk with your MyKad and RM300.00, Read the instructions on the display panel, Key in all personal details, Place the MyKad for the photo to be scanned, Pay in RM300.00 when directed to, Collect the receipt, Show receipt and collect the renewed passport at the counter the following day. Benefits No photos required Facilitate renewal of passport Process applications, verification and approvals Passport can be ready within 24 hours Help reduce congestion at passport renewal application counters Take note: the e kiosk is not for making new passport

1. This notice is most probably put up by a) Malaysian Immigration Department b) Malaysia Information Department c) Malaysia Tourist Board d) Public Service Department 2. What is the e kiosk used for? a) Renewing MyKad b) Renewing e passport c) Printing out passport d) Making new passport 3. The produce for renewing e passports is: 1 2 3 4 Go to Key in ______ Pay RM300 e - kiosk personal data The third step in the procedure is a) Show receipt b) Collect receipt c) Scan MyKad d) Collect passport 4. Which of the following is not a benefit of the e kiosk system a) No photo required b) Making new passport c) Fast processing passport d) Avoiding crowding at passport counters 5. Passport can be renewed within a) A day c) Three days b) A week d) A forthnight 6. Where can this notice be found? a) In newspaper b) In magazines c) In newsletters d) In manuals

M. Duncan Read the dialogue below carefully and answer the questions that follow Solar cars are becoming popular with racers. One such racer is M. Duncan, an avid solar car designer and racer who is taking part in the World Solar Car Challenge. Amir : Youve been designing solar racing cars for slightly more than ten years now. When exactly did you start? : When I was at university. I started to design cars in my first year and I continued to do so throughout until I graduated. After graduation, I found employment with a car company allowed me to continue this internet. I wanted to test my cars. So, four years ago I started to race the cars I designed. : How many cars have you designed so far?

: Yes, Ive started writing and have written the first five chapters already. My objectives are to create awareness of the importance of solar cars and their potential. Solar cars can reach a speed of 80 kph and our Sunman has been tested to average over 50 kph even in cloudy weather. : Im sure you are very busy. Good luck in the race. Im placing my stake on you.


M. Duncan : Thank you for the tea and your kind wishes.

M. Duncan


M. Duncan : Five different cars so far. Amir : How many races have you taken part in?

M. Duncan : Let me see. Four but Ive won only two. Amir : What have you been involved in recently?

M. Duncan : Ive been working on a new car with a team from the Australian National University. Weve both a prototype of a solar car called Sunman, but we havent completed it yet. Theres still a lot of work to be done. Amir : I understand that youre writing a book about solar cars. Could you tell us your objective in writing the book?

1. Which race will be on soon? a) The Solar Car Challenge b) The Sunman Car Challenge c) The World Solar Car Challenge d) The Universal Solar Car Contest 2. Duncan starting designing solar cars when he was a) Working b) At school c) At university d) Training for the races 3. Duncan got a job a job offer from a) A graphic design company b) A solar product company c) A race car team d) A car company 4. Which of the following is correct of Duncans achievement? a) Designed two cars, raced in four and won one b) Designed five cars, raced in five and won two c) Designed four cars, raced in four and won two d) Designed five cars, raced in the four and won two 5. The phrase working on means? a) Racing in b) Involved in c) Drawing up d) Talking about 6. What does Duncan hope to achieve with his book? a) Fame and fortune b) Selling a lot of solar cars c) Creating awareness of solar cars d) Creating awareness of solar power

7. Duncan is __________ about promoting the use of solar cars a) Curious b) Ignorant c) Confused d) Enthusiastic 8. How do you think the use of solar can would benefit us? a) Less pollution b) Fewer cars on the road c) Cheaper prices of cars d) More solar cars on the road

Read the notice below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Malay Mail big Walk 2012 Join The Biggie and put a smile on a childs face. The biggie is dedicated to bone cancer child patients who have lost the use of their legs. A sum of RM1.00 from the RM 10.00 registration fee for each participant will go towards buying artificial limbs and walking aids for the children. How to contribute: Buy RM10.00 donation vouchers from designated NST employees Companies and clubs can sponsor RM4,000.00 for a prosthetic limb Venue : Dataran merdeka Date : April 29th Theme : If They Can Walk, Why Cant You Categories : 14 categories from 5 km to 20 km For more information, please call 03 22823131 or email

1. What event is being advertised? a) The Big Walk b) The Charity Walk c) The Walk for Cancer d) The Childrens Big Walk 2. The words go towards means a) Add in b) Help in c) Give out d) Improve on 3. The children who will benefits from the charitable event are a) Physically disabled b) Hearing impaired c) Speech - impaired d) autistic 4. The public can help put a smile on a childs face in the following ways except a) Making donations b) Adopting the children c) Sponsoring prosthetic d) Participating in the big walk 5. The word They in the theme refers to the a) Participant b) Children with cancer c) Organizer of the event d) Children with bone cancer 6. The different categories vary in a) Age b) Skin c) Distance d) Duration

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Year three pupil Zaidi has turned part time petty trade, selling home grown watermelons. He is rushing to have enough money to have satellite television installed in his home. The enterprising nine year old can be seen every afternoon along the trunk road near Kampung Nyotoh here, tirelessly trying to catch the attention of motorists. Those who stop in response to his enthusiastic waving will be met with some persuasive salesmanship. The moment potential customers alight from their vehicle they are greeted with a broad grin and an opening offer of 50 sen only for half a fruit. But, when serious bargaining begins, Zaidi quickly brings the price down to an irresistible seven fruits for Rm5.00. The project took off four months ago, with the fruit grown in an empty lot behind his home in the village. They are transported in a wheelbarrow to the trunk road 1 km away. He takes in about RM 10.00 to RM 50.00 a day. I divide the profits with my mother and save my share to install satellite television service. And he is waiting eagerly for the day when he can catch the latest movies and cartoons at home. My neighbor is always boasting about the Bob the Builder series that he watches and I am also curious about the cartoon character, he said. Zaidi, the youngest of three siblings, is optimistic that the service will be in place soon because of the brisk sales his enjoying. His mother, who sells local delicacies nearby, said her son was keen on having satellite television installed in their home. I told him that we could not afford it. But, he promised to work hard and to pay the subscription fee, so I decided to let him go ahead with it, she said. [Adapted from Sunday Star, October 2006]

1. Why is Zaidi working as a part time petty trader? a) To become rich c) To raise money for satellite TV b) To pass time usefully d) To buy a house for his mother 2. The word tirelessly tells us that Zaidi works a) Very hard b) regularly c) occasionally d) reluctantly 3. The four steps in Zaidis way of selling his watermelons are: Step 1 Greets customer with bored grin Step 2 Makes an opening offer Step 3 ____ Step 4 Reduces price




7. 8.

Step 3 is a) Offers customers a slice c) weighs out fruit for customers b) Bargains with customers d) carries fruits to customers car What does Zaidi do to the profits from the sales of watermelons? a) He spends all the money b) He shares the money with his mother c) He donates part of the profits to charity d) He keeps and saves all the profits What is Zaidi looking forward to? a) Having a home theatre system b) Going to the theatre more often c) Boasting to his neighbor his new TV d) Watching movies and cartoons at home Zaidi is confident that he will be able to have satellite TV installed because of good a) Sales b) harvest c) locality d) marketing How many siblings does Zaidi have? a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four After installing satellite television, Zaidi will have to pay a) The copyright fee c) The subscription fee b) The maintenance fee d) The membership fee

Study the table below carefully and answer the question that follows. DEFORESTATION Topsoil Damaged by heavy rainfall and strong sunlight Forest ~ long time to regenerate Land not suitable for agricultural use for quite some time Greenhouse effect Large amounts of carbon released Greenhouse effect Water cycle The climate become extreme, that is, very hot or very cold Causes landslides or soil erosion Other effects Damage breeding grounds of sea creatures Sources of food endangered Blocks the flow of rivers Raises temperatures of water Causes water levels in streams to fluctuate Coral reefs damaged

1. Sea creatures are affected by logging through the I. loss of source of food II. loss of breeding grounds III. decreased temperature of river and sea water a) I, II c) II, III b) I, III d) I, II, III 2. What is the meaning of the word regenerate? a) Regrow c) Become extinct b) Redevelop d) Become thicker 3. How do heavy rainfall and strong sunlight affect the topsoil? a) Damage it b) Strengthen it c) Make it richer d) Make it loose 4. How would the changes in the water cycle affect the climate? a) Make it hot b) Make it cold c) Cause it to be stable d) Cause it to become extreme 5. What does the damage to the breeding grounds of sea creatures lead to? a) Loss of food resources b) Loss of fuel resources c) Loss of water resources d) Loss of mineral resources 6. Greenhouse effect brings about a) A rise in temperature b) A drop in world population c) An increase in crop production d) A decrease in food production

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. It may look like trees just stand around and do nothing. Actually there are very busy doing a variety of jobs that are essential to animals, people and the environment. Some animal like birds, squirrels, raccoons and insects spend their entire lives in trees. These animals are born in trees, live in trees, raise their young in trees and especially when trees are close together, seldom come down to the ground. For these animals, trees provide shelter from the weather and from enemies. Trees provide food in the form of fruits, nuts, leaves, bark and roots. What has a tree done to you lately? Very few people actually line in trees, but many of us live in wooden houses made from trees. Many of the items inside our homes are also made from wood including furniture, floors, toys, musical instruments, kitchen utensils and much more. In fact, there are many other household items, because wood is not the only product that comes from trees. Every part of a tree is used to make some important products. Ground up wood is used to make paper for tablets, newspapers, candy wrappers and cereal boxes. Sap, the liquid that flows in trees, is used to make maple syrup, chewing gum, crayons, paint and soap. Bark is used to make dyes and medicines. Leaves and roots provide oils for cosmetics and medicines. Just as important, trees provide jobs for people foresters and nurserymen, for example. All of the products made from trees create many more jobs. Trees provide food for people too. Fruits like apples, pears, peaches and cherries come from trees. So do nuts like walnuts and hazel nuts. Trees make our world a nicer place. Imagine your neighborhood without trees. Parks and campgrounds would certainly not be the same without trees. Trees are just beautiful to look at. Dont kill trees in cold blood. We humans are beholden to them. [Adapted from]

1. The words in cold blood means to kill a) Carefully c) in cold weather b) Deliberately d) for no purpose 2. Paper is made from a) Sap b) roots c) leaves d) ground up wood 3. Trees provide jobs for people because every part of a tree a) Is make to make paper only b) Is useless and thrown away c) Is used for making household items only d) Is used to make some important products 4. How do trees protect the animals? a) Provide food for animals b) Provide a place for animals to sleep c) Provide a place for them to grow d) Provide shelter from the weather and enemies 5. Name of the categories of food provided by trees a) Nuts and meat c) Fruits and nuts b) Meat and fruits d) Vegetables and fruits 6. When we look at trees, they seem to a) Grow and grow b) Wave their branches and leaves c) Be standing around and doing nothing d) Stand around and dirty the ground with their leaves 7. Medicines for the treatment for many illness are derived from a) Barks and sap b) Nuts and fruits c) Leaves and roots d) Trunks and branches 8. Trees must be saved as they are essential for a) The survival humans b) The growth of economy c) The defense of a country d) The development of technology

Study the notice below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Be a Smart Shopper Shopping online is shopping without leaving the comfort of our home. Easy, convenient, hassle free items delivered to our doorstep armchair shopping Done it via Internet, telephone or by mail order Every year, more and more sales because we can place an order for an item from all over the world Dos and Donts to avoid being cheated: Know who you are dealing with. Make sure the company is legitimate. Identify the companys name, its e mail address and telephone number. Know what you are paying for. Look for clear information about the goods or services offered. Compare the price with the local retail shops. Check for the guarantees and after sales services to ensure protection and maintenance. Understand the terms, conditions and costs involved Make sure your credit card details are protected. Check that the correct amount is debited from your account. Avoid being cheated. Do not be tempted by extremely cheap offers So, be a smart armchair shopper. Community service provided by National Consumer Association

1. The word hassle free means a) Free of charge b) Cheap and easy c) Easy and convenient d) Comfortable and copy 2. How can the credit card be abused by the company? a) The company could damage the card b) The card might be returned later than expected c) The amount debited might not reach the company d) The amount debited could be more than the actual price 3. The steps we take to ensure that the company is legitimate does not include identifying a) The companys finances b) The companys e mail address c) The companys telephone number 4. What is another term for shopping online? a) Visual shopping b) Audio shopping c) Computer shopping d) Armchair shopping 5. Dishonest companies trick people into buying their products by a) Offering extremely low prices b) Posing as their friends c) Giving loans d) Vising them 6. Shopping online is done through the following except a) Internet b) Telephone c) Mail order d) Face to face negotiation

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Termites have rendered nearly 5000 trees along public roads on Penang Islands a danger to motorists. Among the worst hit are trees along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah Penangs Millionaires Row as they are beginning to tilt. Other areas are Pantai Jerejak, Jalan Kelawei, Jalan Burmah, Jalan Masjid Negeri, Island Glades, Jelutong and Taman Sri Nibong. Lack of proper maintenance for trees, especially heritage trees in George Town, has resulted in the gradual decay of some of Penangs magnificent trees. Certified arboriculturist, Ridzuan Y., said a majority of the heritage trees were found in densely populated areas, nest to roads with high traffic volumes. Problems such as unsuitable soil, lack of earth space, trunk base covered in tar, absence of treatment, wrong pruning methods, pollution and lack of nutrients are some of the concern affecting these trees. The Penang Municipal Council has chopped down some 1500 termite infested trees since 1997. The council has also rehabilitated trees in these areas through regular pruning of the infested branches. An anti terminate specialists in the councils landscaping unit said heavy traffic and road widening works usually weaken the roots of trees, making them susceptible to termites. The council has been spraying insecticide on some 1500 heritage trees in a bid to preserve their existence. As a pre emptive move, the council has started planting new species of trees that are more resistant to terminate attack. On innovative ways to detect the sick trees, he said the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia [FRIM] has come up with the use of ultrasound for tree screening. FRIM has been conducting preliminary tests on the ultrasound equipment and the council is thinking of using this method to monitor the health conditions of the trees. [Sourced from New Straits Times, 24 October 2006]

1. The phrasal verb come up means a) Talk of b) Discussed c) Thought of d) Manufactured 2. Why are trees a danger to motorists? a) They are blocking traffic b) They are too big and tall c) They are beginning to tilt d) They are not capable of giving shade 3. The work of an arboriculturists involves the maintenance of a) Trees b) Roads c) towns d) termites 4. Ultrasound screening is used to check on the a) Color of the trees b) Strength of the trees c) Health condition of the trees d) Number of branches of the trees 5. Why are trees sprayed with insecticide? a) To make them grow bigger b) To preserve their existence c) To protect them against polluted air d) To make their leaves and branches spread wider 6. The following are concerns that affects the trees except a) Daily watering b) Unsuitable soil c) Lack of earth space d) Absence of treatment 7. New species of trees are being planted as they are capable of a) Growing fast b) Resisting termite attacks c) Producing more fruits d) Providing quality wood 8. The Penang Municipal Council has managed to rehabilitate trees by a) Fertilizing the soil b) Catching all the termites c) Replanting in other areas d) Pruning the infested branches regularly

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. Peter loves travelling. He loves a good life too and the only thing that he loves more is eating all the different kind of exotic food that is part of the country and culture. When he landed a job as an international food taster, he was ecstatic. However, there was a hitch. He had to taste and eat all the delicacies put before him. This range of food included fried bugs, barbecued rats, live worms, sheeps eyeballs and other stuff. When he was in Malaysia, he had to eat durians, fermented coconut drink which has properties of alcohol. Most of us would say that the liking for these items has to be acquired. However, if you are a food critic, then there is no such thing. For a foreigner, this can be quite a daunting task. The king of fruit in our country is something that you either like or you do not. There is no in between. Not many foreigners like the bitter or sweet fruit with its thick golden flesh. If one can get pass the smell, the fruit is heavenly. For most the smell is too strong. Peter, however was ready for this treat, he dug into the fruit that was placed before him and ate with reckless abandon. He loved it!

1. What does Peter do? a) A traveler b) A food tater c) A fruit seller 2. How did peter feel about his job? a) He was divided b) He was very happy c) He was appreciative d) He was apprehensive 3. What was the hitch in his new job? a) He has to spend long hours travelling b) He had to find his way around the world c) He had to fish for his food everywhere d) He had to eat food that most of us find disgusting 4. The king of fruit is most likely to be the a) Durian b) Coconut c) Tapioca 5. The fruit is described as a treat. What does the writer mean? a) It is smelly but tasty b) It is rare and delicate c) It is special and enjoyable d) It is preserved and treated 6. From the passage, we know that peter a) Does not like his job b) Did not eaten the durian c) Has eaten all kinds of food d) Has been to all over the world

Read the article below and answer the questions that follow. Chef Wan, Malaysias celebrity chef grew up in Pahang, studied accountancy, worked in a bank but eventually gave up his banking career for his greater love of the wok and spatula. He earned an associate degree in Professional Chef Training and Hotel Management from California Culinary Academy, San Francoise, Paris. He first rose fame when hosting The Kuali cook show o n TV3 in 1992. It was not long before he became one of the most sought after and instantly recognizable faces in Malaysia and perhaps the region. His TV cook shows have been aired in countries in the ASEAN region as well as China, Japan, India and Australia. He has also worked with Martin Yan, another celebrity chef on the US Road Channel and British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Besides cooking, the multi talented chef is also a food critic cum gastronomy writer and entertainer. His latest foray on the airwaves is as star and spokesman for the newly formed Asian Food Channel, a 24 hour regional food cable, TV Channel. For someone who cannot tell left form right and therefore does not drive, he has certainly come a long way. Adapted from The Star

1. What is Chef Wans current occupation? a) An accountant b) A bank officer c) A hotel manager d) A professional chef 2. The Ritz is a a) Cook show b) French hotel c) Cooking course d) Television channel 3. The expression the most sought after in paragraph 2 suggest that Chef Wan is a) Busy b) Popular c) Productive d) Hardworking 4. What do Chef Wan, Martin Yan and Jamie Oliver have in common? a) They are celebrity chefs b) They are famous movies stars c) They were trained in France d) They have written several cooking books. 5. Chef Wans many talents are found in all the following areas except a) Banking b) Cooking c) Writing d) Entertaining 6. Chef Wan does not drive because a) He is a celebrity b) He can afford a driver c) He has to travel long distances d) He cannot differentiate left from right

Read the speech below and answer the questions that follow Good evening, fellow students. My speech is about man destroying his environment. How are we destroying the environment? We are cutting down more trees than nature can put back in a lifetime. This is not only destroys the delicate balance involving plants and wildlife but also humans as well. The food cycle which is being destroyed will leave many animals in starvation and therefore, extinction. Man is also polluting the environment. Vehicles on the road are discharging smoke containing carbon particles and lead into the atmosphere. Factories release a lot of poisonous gases into the air. Toxic waste is being dumped into rivers, this causes the death of many sea creatures, so reducing the fish for our intake. My fellow students, we have to save our planet. We must stop this destruction and how we can do that? Factories should be stopped from polluting the air by imposing heavy fines on them. Vehicles should use lead free petrol. Toxic waste must be disposed of properly. All of us must do our bit to protect the environment. Let us all work together to save the Earth instead of destroying it.

1. The speaker is saying that trees are cut down a) Immediately b) Rapidly c) Gradually 2. The word extinction means a) Being destroyed b) Being killed c) Being carried d) Being wiped out 3. Poisonous gases are produced by a) Cars and factories b) Rivers and seas c) Plants and trees d) Animal and birds 4. Toxic waste reduces fish consumption because it a) Eats the fish b) Kills the fish c) Prevents fish from breeding d) Makes the water dirty 5. One way of reducing smoke from factories is to a) Close them down b) Manage them c) Fine them heavily 6. The aim of the speaker is to stress the need to a) Grow more trees b) Rear more fish c) Reduce traffic jams d) Clean up the environment

Read the diary entry below and answer the questions that follow. 2 October 2011 Dear Diary, How time flies! In a months time, I will be sitting for the dreaded exam and Im feeling very jittery. I look back now and wonder what I had done with my time. If only I could retrieve the days lost in the pursuit of leisure! If only I had listened to my parents and taken their advice seriously. Now, I fear that it might be too late. 3 October 2011 Dear Diary,