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Issues and challenges/ pitfalls while implementing HRIS.Advantages and Disadvantages .OBJECTIVE To Understand Various Facets of human resource information system 1. 3.Usage and Benefits 2.

and submitting of returns and reports to the external agencies. salary admin. and various kinds of reports. .  It can be used to maintain details such as employee profiles. absence reports.  It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field. decision making.INTRODUCTION  Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a systematic way of storing data and information for each individual employee to aid planning.

status changes.  Complete integration with payroll and other financial and accounting systems. Usage of HRIS * HR planning * Activity planning . and safety guidelines. emergency evacuation procedures.  Reporting and analysis of employee information.  Applicant and resume management.  Benefits administration including enrollment.The Human Resource Information Systems provide overall:  Management of all employee information. and personal information updating.  Company-related documents such as employee handbooks.

A few of them can be detailed as. and => Enhanced employee communications Barriers to the success of an HRIS Lack of direction content o Satisfaction with the status quo . => Greater information accuracy. Structure * Get IT (information technology) HRIS Benefits HRIS has showed many benefits to the HR operations. => Faster information process. => Improved planning and program development.* Job oblige planning * Work force planning * Staffing * Applicant recruitment and tracking * Employee data base development * Performance management * Learning and developing * Compensation and benefits * Pay wander * Job judgement * Salary looking * Salary cerebration * Worldwide rectification * Benefits direction * Develop innovative Org.

o o o o o o o No or poorly through needs reasoning Insolvency to allow key grouping Unfortunate to record plan a group uncastrated Sentiment / hidden agendas Unfortunate to relate / research remarkable groups Need of connection Bad timing (instant of gathering and continuance) Advantages The basic advantage of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is not only to computerize employee records and databases but to maintain an up-to-date account of the decisions that have been made or that need to be made as part of a human resource management plan.  Computer cannot substitute human beings. .  Thorough understanding of what constitutes quality information for the user.  It can be threatening and inconvenient. Critical disadvantages  It can be expensive in terms of finance and manpower.