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Important Detection by South East Distt.

South East distt has worked out a blind case of murder with the arrest of two accused persons One Sanjeev Kumar S/o Sh. Santram R/o Distt. Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) was reported missing from 14.07.2011 from the area of PS Jamia Nagar. Subsequently the missing report of missing person was converted into a case of abduction on the apprehension of relatives vide FIR No. 375/11 U/S 365 IPC. He was a trailer driver working in a transport company based in Ajmer (Rajasthan). Recently he became friendly with another driver namely Shahid Khan of Jamia nagar. As there was a marriage to be solemnized in the family on 10.07.2011 in Hamirpur, he reportedly taken Rs.60000/-(salary of 4 months) and reached Jamia Nagar to meet his friend Shahid Khan in order to purchase a second hand Maruti 800 car and some other items of the marriage. He also reportedly purchased a new touched screen mobile of Samsung for the marriage which he was carrying along with his old mobile. On 07.07.2011, he reached jamia Nagar where he was introduced by Shahid khan to his friends Wakil khan and Faizan. Infact they had already hatched a conspiracy to kill him for his money. According to plan, Faizan and Wakil Khan took him to the forest along the drain in Okhla Vihar in the area of PS Jamia Nagar at the behest of Shahid Kfan and killed him by strangulating with a wire and stabbing. They took out his money and dumped the dead body in the drain underneath the thick bushes. On the basis of analysis of the call details of Sanjeev Kumar, Jamai Nagar Police zeroed in on three suspects identified as Shahisd kahan age 32 years, Wakil Khan age 22 years and Faizan age 27 years. Further investigation revealed that Wakil Khan was already in J/C since 18.07.2011 in a case of M.V theft of PS jamia Nagar. He was taken on P/C Remand and after interrogation accused Wakil Khan and Shahid Khan were arrested. Their further interrogation led the police to the spot where the dead body of Sanjeev Kumar was dumped. The dead body of Sanjeev was recovered in the highly decomposed condition which was identified by his relatives on the basis of his clothes. Both the mobile phones have already been recovered from the possession of accused persons. They are taken for

further P/C Remand in order to verify and corroborate the sequence of case and have been booked U/S 365/364-A/392/397/302/411/120-B/201/34 IPC. It is not only a case of murder of a human being but also that of trust, friendship and relationship

Dated: 15.07.2011
Major Highlights: • MURDERER ARRESTED

Accused Sheeshpal S/o Saudan Singh R/o D-4/130, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi arrested.

• A blind murder case solved. FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES On 08-07-2011, a dead body of a male person namely Ashok @ Pappu age 45 years was found with multiple injuries on his body, lying in a pool of blood in his house at D-4/89, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. On enquiry, it came to notice that deceased Ashok @ Pappu was an Ice Cream vendor who moved in this house about two months back. His employer Jaswant Singh appointed him caretaker to keep his Ice Cream deep- freezers. On 07-07-2011 Ashok @ Pappu returned his room around 11.30 PM and next morning he was found murdered. He was staying alone. Case FIR No. 251/11 U/S 302 IPC dated 08-07-2011 was registered at PS Sangam Vihar, New Delhi on the complaint of Sh. Jaswant Singh. It was a blind murder heading nowhere. TEAM & OPERATION A special team was constituted under the leadership of Inspector Dalip Singh SHO/Sangam Vihar, comprising Inspector Tarkeshwar Singh (Inspr. Investigation), Inspector Subhash Malik (Inspr. ATO), SI Tika Ram, SI Brahmdutt, SI Veer Singh, SI Vijay Pal Singh, ASI Amar Singh, HC Chander Pal, Ct. Rajender and other staff of Police Station. One Sheeshpal S/o Saudan Singh R/o D-4/130, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi claimed to have seen the deceased with two boys just before the incident. On his instance, two portraits/sketch photographs of suspects were prepared. About three hundred persons including Ice Cream Vendors, Washermen, Ruffians, Budding Criminals, RWA members were interrogated. In the meantime, police team got information that suspect Sheeshpal confessed his crime before

somebody. On this basis, the police team zeroed on suspect Sheeshpal Singh and put him to sustained interrogation during which he confessed his crime of murdering Ashok @ Pappu. On 13.07.2011 Sheeshpal was arrested. INVESTIGATION During the course of investigation, it is revealed that accused Sheeshpal Singh S/o Saudan Singh was also an Ice Cream Vender who was employed by Jaswant Singh, an Ice Cream Trader. Accused Sheeshpal works as a tailor in a readymade garments factory during day time and in the evening from 6 PM to Mid-night used to sell Ice Cream on Ice Cream Cart. At night he used to stay at Ice Cream Store in H- Block, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi. About two months back his employer Jaswant Singh noticed that Sheeshpal is involved in stealing ice creams from the store and sacked him. Jaswant Singh entrusted his store to Ashok. Accused Sheeshpal was forced to live in a rented house but he was allowed to purchase Ice Creams from his store and sell on the Ice Cream Cart of Jaswant Singh. The other Ice Cream vendors as well as Ashok seldom used to call him a thief which he disliked. On the fateful night of 7th July- 2011, he found Ashok @ pappu taking drinks. Sheeshpal also shared a peg of drink. Thereafter, Sheeshpal asked Ashok to give him Ice Cream but Ashok abused him, which he could not bear and hit him on his head with a small empty gas cylinder lying in the room. When he fell down Sheeshpal picked up a pump which was also lying there and beat him brutally. He gagged him with the help of pump till he died just to take revenge of his defamation regarding stealing Ice Cream. 10-07-2011

Major Highlights

 A case of abduction cum murder of PS Badarpur solved.  A case of carjacking of PS Dhaulakuan solved.

A case of kidnapping was registered in P. During investigation it was found that Amit Kumar had boarded the Metro train from Badarpur and he had got down at Nehru Place Metro Station. BankeLal r/o H. A case vide FIR No. Gali No. Karawal Nagar Delhi. INCIDENT On 04.2011and to give some notes concerning study material. Delhi.2011 an anonymous phone call was received at 9. Badarpur.07. The deceased bore stab wounds on his person. Prem Vihar. The injured was removed to LalBahadur Shastri Hospital by the police.S. D Block. Gali No. aged 21 years S/o Ganga Ram R/o H N0. Badarpur on 04. 205/11 u/s 302/201 IPC was registered at PS New Ashok Nagar on 04. 1. 11.37/2. During investigation the relatives and friends of deceased were thoroughly examined. where he was declared brought dead. Delhi and (4) Lalit Kumar @ Sonu S/o Brijesh Kumar R/o C-332. New Delhi. The Vehicle used in the commission of crime has also been recovered. UP. This was corroborated by the CDR of deceased Amit Kumar as he was present at . TEAM & INVESTIGATION:Several teams were constituted to work on the case at P.1.2011. Amit Kumar belonged to Aligarh and was preparing for Competitive Exams in Delhi. 131. Delhi.07.No. However he did not reach his room in Jia Sarai. He had gone there to meet his friends on 03. The vehicle used in commission of Crime recovered.No.07. JiyaSarai. 2.2011. West Karawal Nagar. Gali No. Concurrently on 03.Rajesh Sharma reported about the missing of his nephew Amit Kumar from Badarpur area. permanent resident of Village Ukhrana. aged 22 years S/o Chander Bhan Singh R/o H-49/A. Sh. Sadat Pur.30PM at PS New Ashok Nagar about an injured person lying on the road next to the Hindon canal.2011 in this regard. DayalPur.07. aged 23 years S/o Samey Singh R/o H. Gali No. (2) Harish.16. 191/11 U/S 365 IPC was registered at PS Badar Pur. DMRC staff and local vendors were interrogated. Special Staff and PS Badarpur Staff of South-East District has solved a sensational abduction cum blind murder case of Amit Kumar.07. CDRs of several individuals acquainted with deceased were analyzed.S. With the arrest of four persons namely (1) Satpal @ Kalwa. Later the dead body was identified as that of Amit Kumar s/o Late Sh. A case vide FIR No. (3) Munesh Kumar. District Aligarh.

they stabbed him and threw him in an injured state near Hindon Canal in the area of PS New Ashok Nagar. Prem Vihar. They were put to sustained interrogations during which they disclosed that they had abducted a young boy on 03. Consts. Satish. Delhi. Gali No. DayalPur. aged 21 years S/o Ganga Ram R/o H N0.1 CrPC.No.07. aged 23 years S/o Samey Singh R/o H. Karawal Nagar Delhi. New Delhi. Sunil. Sunil and Ram Roop to develop intelligence regarding involvement of persons in this incident who escaped from the spot after committing the crime. Akhilesh Yadav. SI Jatan Singh. Sachin.07. Brijpal Malik. They use to take the ATM card/debit card/Credit card of the person and after obtaining the PIN number by threatening the person.07. were apprehended while they were coming to commit crime in the area of Sarai Kale Khan near Millenium Park in the Area of PS Sunlight colony in a white Hyndai Santro Car bearing number DL-5CAJ-0009. Delhi. Brijpal. INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI:During interrogation accused Harish s/o Samay Singh disclosed that he alongwith his associates had forcefully snatched a HyndaiSantro car from Rao Tula Ram Marg in the area of PS DhaulaKuan a few days back. All the four persons were arrested u/s 41. Sh. They robbed him of his cell phone and his bag before throwing him out of the car.37/2. aged 22 years S/o Chander Bhan Singh R/o H-49/A. After robbing the persons they use to throw them in dark and lonely places and escape. at about 2 pm four accused persons namely Satpal @ Kalwa. Incharge Special Staff. They use to drive around in areas of Delhi and Noida during night in the above mentioned santro car and used to target persons walking alone and who appeared to be carrying money or other valuables with them. D Block. Harish. Anil Kumar. . After ascertaining the engine no. Gali No. ASI Bhagirath Prashad. 1. 2. Occupants of the car were asked to produce the documents of the car but they could not produce any relevant documents. Satender. Later when he resisted. Delhi and Lalit Kumar @ Sonu S/o Brijesh Kumar R/o C-332. Virender Kalia and consisting of Inspr.Nehru Place at 8. 11. Gali No. The information was further developed. and chasis no. withdraw huge sums of money from any nearby ATM’s.30 PM on 03. West Karawal Nagar. Sadat Pur. They used to provide lift into the car and rob them by threatening them with a knife. On 09. of the said car it was found that its registration number was fake and the car had been snatched from the area of PS Dhaula Kuan. Vinod. HCs Anil Kumar.2011 and the phone was switched off after this. Gali No.11.30 pm on the pretext of giving lift up to his destination in the above mentioned Santro car. The team of Special Staff South-East District was constituted under the supervision of ACP Operations.2011 at about 8. Munesh Kumar. The team received some credible information regarding criminals who were involved in this incident.1. Arun Kumar. Jeet Singh. 131.

Satpal @ Kalwa was earlier working as a driver.College in Aligarh. His father is doing a petty job and their economic condition is poor.S. He was released from jail in Nov. Profile of accused Harish: Accused Harish s/o Samay Singh is the mastermind and has been arrested in 4 cases of attempt to murder. He has not studied beyond 8th class and is unmarried.During the sustained interogations the accused persons disclosed instances in which they had robbed persons on the point of knife by offering lift / by dragging the individual in the vehicle for the motive of robbery. He started his criminal activities in 2008 in order to earn a fast buck. He has studied upto 4th standard. He was preparing for the Competitive exams and was taking coaching from DIAS. Details of his involvements are being ascertained. Delhi which manufactures Crape Bandage. Profile of accused Satpal @ Kalwa Accused Satpal@Kalwa was arrested in a similar modus operandi Daicoty Case vide FIR No.35/09 u/s 382/395/412/34 IPC PS Karawal Nagar. He had passed the national eligibility test (NET). He was employed with a factory in Johri Pur. He has 1 brother and 1 sister. Profile of the Deceased: Amit Kumar was a Post Graduate in Physics from D. . The veracity of these incidents is being ascertained. daicoty and Car jacking. 2010 after 22 months.

Profile of accused Lalit kumar @ Sonu Accused Lalit Kumar @ Sonu s/o Sh. Brijesh Kumar r/o 332, Gali No.11, PremVihar ,Karawal Nagar, Delhi is 21 years old and has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He passed 10th class from Govt. High School, DayalPur, Delhi in the year 2006. He appeared in 12 th class examination in the current session from U.P. and has a diploma in Web Designing from CCMT BhajanPura Delhi. During this period he also worked as Auto Rickshaw driver . He came into contact with Harish, Satpal @ Kalwa and Munesh a month before and indulged himself in committing crime. Profile of accused Munesh Accused Munesh s/o Chander Bhan is 22 years old and is residing in Karawal Nagar , Delhi. He is a permanent resident of village Sher Pur, Kashiram Nagar, U.P. He was born and bought up in Karawal Nagar. He passed 12th class in 2007 and has been living separately from his parents as his parents had not approved his inter caste marriage with from the other caste. He has a 9 month old daughter. He started criminal activities by joining Harish, Kalwa and Sonu to earn easy money. DETAILS OF CASES WORKED OUT 1. FIR No. 191/11 u/s 365/302/34 IPC PS BadarPur 2. FIR No. 102/11 u/s 382/34 IPC PS DhaulaKuan. All the accused persons are being produced before the Ld. MM in the Saket Court, New Delhi in muffled face. Further investigation is in progress. Concerned police stations have been informed for necessary action. Dated: 07.07.2011

Son Arrested for Murder of Father
With the arrest of accused Mohammed Rafi (26 years) for killing his father namely Mohammed Usman Ahmed (60 years) s/o Mohammed Massu r/o Room No. 43, House No. 107, Zamrud Pur, New Delhi, the Greater Kailash police have solved a murder case within hours of the incident. A case vide FIR No. 85/2011, dated 6.7.2011, u/s 302 IPC, PS Greater Kailash has been registered. Investigation

On the early morning of 6th July’ 2011, an information was received in the police station that an individual aged 60 years was lying unconscious in his room. Inpector Vijay Kumar Singh, SHO/Greater Kailash, Inspector (ATO) Ram Kishan, Inspector (Investigation) Vijay Kumar and SI Anand Prakash with staff reached the spot immediately. On the third floor of the said house, half naked body of Mohammed Usman Ahmed @ Doctor was found lying on a bed in the small room cramped with other household articles. There was a vivid ligature mark on the neck of the deceased and rigour mortis has set in. Initial enquiries revealed that the deceased was having a clinic in the Zamrud Pur and was actually a quack and was popularly known as ‘Doctor’ in the area. His son Mohammed Rafi present there could not explain the incident and stated that his father was sleeping with other tenants on the rooftop last night and at about 10.30 PM he went up to see his father who was not feeling well for 2/3 days. He noticed that his father was having some kind of fits and he brought him downstairs in his room. Thereafter, he went outside to bring TSR, so that he could be removed to the hospital. He went to tempo stand near N-Block, GK-I and brought Kishori Lal, the driver of the tempo owned by his deceased father, along with him. When Kishori Lal saw his father, he asked about red marks over the neck of Mohammed Usman Ahmed. Mohmmed Rafi replied that he didn’t know how it was caused. He further stated that when he had left the house, there were no such marks. After a while, he went to the landlord of the house who made call to the police. In the meantime, Shri V.K. Kalia, ACP/Lajpat Nagar and Ms. Meghna Yadav, Addl. DCP-I/SED also reached the spot. Enquiries were conducted from the other inmates of the building and there were marked contradictions and inconsistencies in the statement of the accused son and other inmates about the sequence of events etc. Sustained interrogation from the accused son bore fruit and he confessed to have committed this murder with another accomplice (name is not being disclosed for obvious reasons). He disclosed that they originally belong to Bangarmau, Unnao (UP) and he was born to the earlier wife of the deceased and they are four siblings out of this wedlock – two brothers and two sisters and only the eldest sister is married. After the death of his mother, his father married again and neglected them. About 8 to 10 years back, his father came to Delhi and settled here and was now living with another woman in Delhi. He was a womaniser and was not taking care of his sons and daughters. He was unable to get his sister married and his father was not taking any interest. Moreover, his fathers had mortgaged the agricultural land for a long period and had usurped the mortgaged money. He talked this all to one of his close relatives and decided to get rid of his father. He made preparation for the same and brought ‘salfas’, insecticide, ‘ Dhature ka Beej’

with him and came to Delhi a few days back. About 6/7 days ago, he gave ‘Dhature Ka Beej’ in porridge to his father. He didn’t die, but his condition worsened. On the fateful day, he called his accomplice to Delhi and in the night of 6.7.11, he again prepared porridge and mixed above mentioned poison in the porridge (dalia) of his father. His father, who was sleeping at the rooftop, ate some of the poisoned dalia. The accused came down and after a little while he went up and observed that his father was semiconscious. He brought him downstairs and called his accomplice. They killed him with a cloth tied around his neck. Thereafter, the accused son led the accomplice to ISBT, Anand Vihar and returned to the spot. Accused Mohammed Rafi has been arrested and the poisonous materials mentioned above along with the cloth piece (ligature) have been recovered. The accused has been taken on 5 days police custody remand for the search of his accomplice. MURDER CASE SOLVED.
DATED 25-6-2011

With the arrest of three persons namely Shiv Kumar, Chandresh and Amar Nath South East Distt. Police have solved a Murder case of P.S. Badarpur in less than 24 Hrs in which one Raj Kumar @ Gallu S/o Dasa Ram Yadav R/o vill. Khajuri, PO+ P.S. Lal Ganj, Pratapganh, U.P. ( present address- BIW colony, NTPC, Badarpur ) was murdered on 24-6-2011. INCIDENT:- A PCR call was received on 24-6-2011 at 11. 30 P.M in police station Badarpur regarding a quarrel in BIW camp, near NTPC. On reaching the spot the police team found a dead body of a male namely Raj Kumar @ Gallu S/o Dasa Ram Yadav lying in open chowk. He had cut marks near left shoulder collar and there was blood lying on the spot. Complainant Rahul Kumar Yadav S/o Sh. Surya Bali Yadav R/o vill. Chadai ka Pukha, P.S. Sagirpur Kotwali, Distt. Pratapgarh, U.P. an eye witness to the murder and relative of deceased Raj Kumar @ Gallu informed the police that on 19-62011 he came to Delhi with one Raj Kumar @ Gallu in search of job and was staying with Raj Kumar at BIW Colony. Raj Kumar was his relative and was working as a beldhar. There were some other people of Distt. Pratap Garh known to them, staying in the same area. On 24-6-2011 night at about 10-30 PM he along with Raj Kumar Yadav @ Gallu were present in their room, Shiv Kumar, Chandresh and his brother Amar Nath

Tej Ram. HC Baldhari. Bir Singh. from which blood started oozing. ACP/Sarita Vihar to trace the accused.19 years S/o Sri Pal Yadav R/o vill. Bal Krishan Sharma. but Raj Kumar denied.who were are staying in a near by Jhuggi came to their room and started talking with Raj Kumar Yadav @ Gallu in loud noise about the share of gambling ( Juwa). There was a quarrel and Shiv Kumar along with Chandresh and Amar Nath started beating Raj Kumar. After sustained interrogation the blood stained clothes worn by the accused persons and the weapon of offence. was constituted under the close supervision of Sh.P Chandresh age 30 years S/o Ram Sumer Yadav R/o vill. Post Bhatani. Bhir Badrapur. Shiv Kumar asked Raj Kumar to give half share. Ct. Chandresh and Amar Nath murdered Raj Kumar @ Gallu and fled from the scene. Pratapgarh. a “ palta” (kitchen utensil) were recovered from garbage dump near jhuggis. Sanjay Bhardwaj. Shiv Kumar.S. U.P. Interrogation also revealed that the accused and deceased had old enmity over some property properties in their native village in Pratapgarh. U. Ct. Pratap Garh U. Badhua. P. Profile of Accused 1. Post Sangrampur. Post Sangrampur.P. S. Judaipur. Shiv Kumar age. SHO/Badarpur. Pratap Garh. Amar Nath age 19 years S/o Sada Ram Yadav R/o vill. 3. . On the basis of secret information from Badarpur Border while they were trying to flee to Pratap Garh. In the mean time on hearing noise other persons arrived there.P. Lal Ganj. Hence the above noted case was registered Without losing any time a devoted team comprising of Inspr.I. 2. The team apprehended all the three accused persons. In between someone informed the police. U. Jhabarmal. HC Ram Raj. When Raj Kumar raised an alarm Shiv Kumar assaulted him with a sharp article on his left shoulder.

was wanted in case FIR No. Ravinder Dilawar and Om Prakash @ Bittoo were arrested while present accused Rakesh absconded. All of them used to have intercourse with her which was not liked by Suman. About two years back his associate Rakesh enticed a girl namely Suman and kept her with him as his wife. all of them took Suman to the forest area on the pretext of marrying with Rakesh. Rakesh Kumar s/o Ledkraj Singh R/o Q. Since then he was hiding himself in order to avoid his arrest.2001. The skeleton of the dead body was recovered from the jungle at the instance of accused Ravinder and case vide FIR No. Badarpur disclosed that he along with his friends Rakesh. O. No. Sangam Vihar on 27. on 30. SI Vijay Sirotia reported that one accused namely Ravinder Kumar s/o Jagdish Chand r/o H.07.2011 One Murderer Proclaimed Offender Arrested after 12 years of incident. Dated: 18.P.06. Delhi.O. Kalindi Kunj Khurja . After one year. Then they decided to get rid of her. One day Suman told Rakesh to marry her otherwise she would get all of them involved in a criminal case. P.S. Inside the deep forest they killed Suman by strangulating her with her dupatta and hid her dead body under the stones. Devli Village who was arrested in case FIR No. 344/99 u/s 302/201/34 IPC was registered at P. Om Prakash @ Bittoo and Dilawar used to steal motor vehicles and sell them in Nepal.S. Further investigation is in progress.S. 309/99 u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act. Facts and circumstances On 26 July 1999. P. Rakesh was declared P. Charge sheet was filed in the court. During the course of investigation.05. A-42.No.344/99 u/s 302/201/34 IPC. .99. Their previous involvements in crime are being verified from native place.All the three accused persons work as labourers on daily wages and work as masons etc. Major Highlights P. 602. Sangam Vihar. Buland Shahar U.

New Delhi. Lakhpat Colony Part II.2011. Inside the deep forest they killed Suman by strangulating her with her dupatta and hid her dead body under the stones. At present he was residing in Khurja Distt.06.No. No. Feeling the heat of police action in that case he fled from Delhi and started hiding himself at different places. Ct. Manvir. 695/SE. Buland Shahar and has married with another woman and was working as driver. Vipin. All of them used to have intercourse with her which was not liked by Suman.1318/SE and Ct. Buland Shahar U. A-42.06. In the year 1999. 16. complainant Ravinder Kumar S/o Mahenti Ram R/o 909.06. Dated : 17.2011. They used to steal motor vehicles and sell them in Nepal. Meethapur. Then they decided to get rid of her. Gali No. reported that his son Gajender age about 8 years was missing since 14-6-2011 from 10 . ACP/Ambedkar Nagar to apprehend the culprit. Mahipal Singh. 1362/ SE was constituted under the leadership of Inspector Dalip Singh SHO/Sangam Vihar and under overall supervision of Sh. No. Aligarh on 17. One day Suman asked him to marry her otherwise she would get all of them involved in criminal case. No. Continuous hard work for the last one and half months and constant efforts ultimately resulted in apprehension of accused Rakesh Kumar s/o Lekhraj Singh R/o Q.P permanent resident of village Chiti Distt. Kalindi Kunj Khurja . he enticed a girl namely Suman and kept her with him as his wife.2011 MURDER OF MINOR BOY SOLVED On 15. Interrogation and modus operandi During the investigation and interrogation accused Rakesh has confessed that he used to drive TSR in Sangam Vihar area and formed a gang of auto lifters along with his friends Ravinder. Om Prakash @ Biuttoo and Dilawar. About after one year they took Suman to the forest area on the pretext of marrying with him.Team and operation A special team comprising of HC Rakesh Kumar.

They were interrogated at length by SHO/Jaitpur Inspector Surender Singh and IO Inspector Shahid Khan.45 P. a PCR call regarding murder was received vide DD No. No. There was no injury mark on the body of the boy. the accused Atul Garg and Chhotu alongwith one juvenile decided to eliminate the boy immediately. they can be caught and punished for the act.1255/SE.6.2011 BLIND MURDER CASE SOLVED HUSBAND GETS WIFE KILLED. a case vide FIR No. No. Ct. He made search for his son at his own and now he suspects that someone has kidnapped his son. Hence. Ajay.11 u/s 363 IPC was registered immediately at PS Jaitpur. No.1608/SE. They took him at the first floor of under construction building and committed unnatural act with him. in the evening at about 7. Sodomy was also confirmed by the doctor./ATO Shahid Khan and beat staff Ct. Chhotu age 18 years and one juvenile.18. The deceased had threatened that he will complain to his father.1255/SE. The Juvenile has also been traced and legal action is being taken. Accused Atul Garg and Chhotu have been arrested. Suspecting that deceased can complain to his father.No. Later. PLAN HATCHED FOR MONTHS The South East District Police has successfully solved a blind murder case of twenty eight years old married woman who was found dead in her house.06. No. During investigation one witness Deepak S/o Prem Singh revealed that deceased was last seen with three boys of the locality namely Atul Garg age 21 years. Gali No. Vikas.M.30A and dead body of boy Gajender was found in an under construction site H. Ajay. On 27/05/11 Dinesh Kumar S/o Inderpal reported to the police that he had gone to visit his sister Poonam on 26. Sudhir.1502/SE and Ct. 161/11 dated 15. The body was discovered in the early morning by her brother while her husband and nine years old son were away to their relatives place during the night. Sudhir.2011. The dead body was sent for post-mortem and doctor opined cause of death smothering.1502/SE and Ct. No. In the evening his brother-in-law Anoop Singh and his nephew Nikhil along with brother of Anoop Singh went for a customary visit at his . Ct. on the direction of Atul Garg.M. hence.P. No. Both Atul Garg and Chhotu were traced by Ct. Chhotu pressed the mouth and nose of the deceased and committed murder by smothering. 1000. Search for the boy was made by Insp.1608/SE. Vikas. New Delhi. Lakhpat Colony Part II. It was later identified by father Ravinder Kumar.05. During sustained interrogation they confessed that they lured the deceased and one Kurkure packet was also given to the deceased. Dated : 15.

BREAKTHROUGH . On 26. the brother-in-law. Mangal Singh. In the morning. It was found that most of the calls of 25th and 26th. when even her brother was sleeping at the rooftop of the house. Since the family was passing through a difficult phase and the husband used to keep his nine years old son in tow. The PCO was traced but the PCO owner could not provide profile of the person who had made calls from his booth as this was a Pan Shop cum PCO booth and callers used to take the phone at some distance to make calls. while his sister slept in her room. he never suspected her fidelity and he had even never admonished his wife.00 P. The husband of the deceased continued to evade questions about his contacts by claiming to be under shock and grief. the complainant and relatives whom husband of the deceased visited on 26. After registration of case. it was found that the entry in the house was friendly and a liquor bottle. in the meantime. were ruled out during sustained interrogation as none of them was found to be culprit.relatives place at Nangloi. But the persons. it became clear that the deceased had several male friends and many of them even visited her house in the absence of her husband. her husband Anoop Singh. It was found that everything was in order. a police team under the supervision of ACP/Kalkaji started examining aspects related to the incident including examination of family members i.05. Dinesh Singh. In the meantime. May to the deceased lady were made from a PCO.2011 at around 11. husband of the deceased continued to tell the police that there was complete harmony in the family. in view of the items found at the scene of crime and friendly entry in the house. he went to sleep on the roof of the house. The police team continued to trace those persons who remained in very close contact with the lady. score of persons who were in contact with the deceased lady were examined and from their examination. cold drink bottle.e. husband of deceased and others had indeed visited Nangloi and it revealed that the version given by her husband was correct but there was suspicion on her husband as he was not coming out spontaneously to divulge the things. The police team even travelled to other States and Districts. when he came down. Despite all. husband of deceased explained that his wife was working in an export factory and was thus. However.M. It was found that the deceased used to make and receive several calls during day time which is quite unusual for a lady of the back ground to which the deceased belonged. completed last rites of the deceased at their native village and also performed the “TERAVI” of the deceased.05. The family. 160/11 dated 27/05/11 U/S 302 IPC was registered at Police Station Okhla Industrial Area and investigation was taken by SHO/OIA himself. INVESTIGATION A case vide FIR No. the police party refrained from putting him to sustained interrogation. water bottle..2011. he found his sister lying dead in the room with apparent injury marks on her neck. He and his sister Poonam remained at the house. Police was called and upon examination of scene of crime. required to receive and make calls to several persons. Anoop Singh. it was quite suspicious that how a simple housewife would entertain a guest with liquor and cold drink after 11. Also till then there were no hard questions available with the police to grill with the husband. litchi fruit and two used condoms were found in the room. who were initially suspected to be involved in the crime.00 PM.

His movements were tracked and it was found that he had come to Delhi in the evening of 24th of May and remained present in Okhla Ph-I area. This line of action proved very productive as these persons provided suspect’s details including his name. her husband. Anoop Singh initially tried to befool the police but when confronted with the facts as well as Prem Singh. the police team once again started analyzing fresh inputs which were received by way of intelligence inputs from sources. His moments were noticed near the telephone booth from where several telephone calls were made to the deceased lady. thus. It was found that husband of the deceased was using two mobile phones which were recently put into use. Farukhabad (U. The motive of the crime was that the wife had become so independent that she had started drinking liquor at home and used to entertain her male friends at home not caring about the absence or presence of the husband or the son. This was not liked by Anoop Singh. He was not available at the house and suddenly he stopped using the mobile phone. He changed his location. Search was carried out for him. His profile was prepared. On interrogation. All the persons in contacts with this person were placed under surveillance. Distt. Prem Singh told him that his wife has left him and he was having affairs with another girl.P. Police team decided to question them before interrogating the main person. the husband of the deceased was working as a security supervisor. He. One was in the area of Badarpur on whose identity he used to obtain SIM card for his mobile. he also broke down and admitted to have hatched the entire conspiracy to eliminate his wife as she was of loose character. Tehsil Khair. Anoop Singh told him that he would help him in getting a good job if he helps him in eliminating one of his relatives. while the other person was found working in a five star hotel in New Delhi area. One of the strange factors was that on one mobile number he spoke to a person continuously on thirty occasions in three days. for taking shelter at his place.) was also apprehended after the arrest of the accused Prem Singh.P. Both Anoop Singh and Prem Singh came close to each other. thus. parentage and address. The husband of the deceased namely Anoop Singh S/o Rajender Singh R/o Karamchandpura. The girl and Prem Singh had eloped but Prem Singh was under pressure from his family members to leave his lady love. He revealed about involvement of husband of the deceased and also the fact how the women had permitted him to gain entry in her house. Distt. Anoop Singh presented a story that wife of his brother-in-law is a woman of easy virtues and is . Mobile phone of the deceased had been carried away by the accused who was identified as Prem Singh S/o Sohan Lal R/o Vill. during the course of his job met Prem Singh. At this stage. It was found that he was in touch with two other persons in Delhi. he broke down and confessed of having committed the murder. the suspect was located in Chirag Delhi area while he was visiting his brother. Sujanpur. a security guard.) aged 26 years. police team concentrated on this person. Aligarh (U. police team also changed strategy and activated secret sources in traditional manner. a security guard who was also working in the same security agency. THE CATCH Finally. He had committed consensual intercourse with the lady which was also part of the conspiracy hatched by her husband. THE CONSPIRACY Anoop Singh. Previously he was having some other numbers. This person had never been in contact with him.When the family was away at the native place.

These girls were taken into confidence and it was learnt that one minor girl aged 15 Years who is hailing from West Bengal was taken to Delhi by the operator of one placement agency about one year ago. 1931/SE. HC Sant Ram No.6. Act PS Kalkaji. who has studied upto IInd year. Anoop Singh is educated up to inter and has done work as tailor in Export Garments factories and thereafter he worked as security supervisor with a security agency and used to command more than seventy guards at one time being the security supervisor. 194/2001 u/s 376/342/34 IPC & 23/26 J.J.bringing bad name to the family. Anoop Singh introduced both of them. she managed to escape from the house of Ashish along with her colleague minor girl aged about 14 Years who was engaged for domestic help four days ago who also hailed from West Bengal and brought by the same placement agency.2011 two minor girls found feared at one of the platforms of Old Delhi Railway Station. who was none other than Prem Singh. Later on. a friend of Ashish @ Ashu on several occasions. Ct. contacted the lady telephonically from STD booth. Pradeep Kumar . On the guidance of Anoop Singh. Anoop Singh. Brij Mohan No. . Later. busted a gang who were indulging in women trafficking on the pretext of domestic help. She was confined and compelled to do body massage and sexually assaulted by Rajesh @ Tinu. got success to unearth this systematically planned murder with persistent hard work and human intelligence. SI Mukesh Kumar. THE TEAM The police team comprised of SHO/OIA Sh. harassing and sexually assaulting minor girls. Prem Singh agreed that if the lady is of so loose character then he would definitely eliminate her. New Delhi. on the other hand told his wife that if she was entertaining so many persons then why she did not entertain one big marketing manager who would pay upto seven to ten thousand rupees spending night with her. police of Kalkaji. All the above accused have been booked in case vide FIR No. SI Manoj Kumar. under the overall supervision of ACP/Kalkaji Sh. Harender No. 321/SE. she was shifted to Kalkaji where Ashish @ Ashu was residing in a rented accommodation. South-East Distt. The Police of Old Delhi Railway. MINOR GIRLS TRAFFICKERS ARRESTED With the arrest of accused Rajesh @ Tinku. His wife agreed to entertain this new guest. after formal enquiry. He has done some odd jobs including that of security guard. 2141/SE and Ct. The profile of the accused Prem Singh is that he is computer knowing undergraduate. She was engaged in the house of Rajesh @ Tinku at Malviya Nagar. Surender Kapoor. On 8. PROFILES Both the accused persons are now on police remand. Ashish @ Ashu and Ranbir Singh. handed over the girls to PS Kalkaji. gained her faith and entered the house at late night and killed her by strangulating her after having sex with her. He told him that this lady would agree to have sex for money. he came to Delhi.

Opp Shiv Mandir. solved the murder case. He is in the habit of making physical relations with girls.06.S. one person aged 70 year was found in pool of blood on the road near a Chorpoy (Cot). Princess Apartments. who was residing in the Bhogal area and used to sleep on footpath of back side of H No.2011 MURDER CASE SOLVED With the arrest of one person namely Jaswant S/o Himanchal R/o Village Laxmipur. Badaun. after reaching at the spot i.06. New Delhi. Distt. Bisoli. Ranbir used to provide girls on the pretext of domestic help.P aged 45 years. New Delhi aged 40 Years is working as Manager in a company at Okhla Industrial Area PhaseII. TEAM & INVESTIGATION: .2011 howsoever she managed to escape from there along with the other colleague minor girl aged 14 Years and reached Old Delhi Railway Station where they were spotted by the Police. Badaun. On this. On 8. the minor girl was compelled to do body massage.6. He initially engaged her in his house at Malviya Nagar as domestic help and after some days he transferred her to the house of his childhood friend and school classmate Ashish @ Ashu at Kalkaji. Bhogal. He knew Ranbir who runs a placement agency in the area of Amar Colony in the name and style of M/s Ashtha Placement Agency at 142A/15 Amrit Puri Garhi East of Kailash.e. Bhogal. Distt. On enquiry name of the decease was revealed as Himanchal S/o Late Sh. Jangpura Lane. Sector.D. Teh. Jangpura. Saini Chaupal. Further investigation is on.P. He is married and has two children aged about 16 and 13 Years.Bisoli.. Dwarka.T message was received at police post Jangpura regarding death of an old person. Ranbir provided one girl aged about 15 years to Rajesh @ Tinku.6. 752. Ashish Arya @ Ashu R/o 634. Dated:07. U.11 at about 11.PROFILE OF ACCUSED PERSONS:Rajesh @ Tinku who runs a factory in Okhla Industrial Area resides in the area of Malviya Nagar. INCIDENT: On Dated 03. and opp 39. Teh. Hazrat Nizamuddin. U. N.D. New Delhi who has separate rented accommodation in the area of Kalkaji shared with Rajesh @ Tinku for enjoyment and fulfilling their lust. On inspection it was found that there were 5-6 wounds on front side of the body with some sharp edged weapon. Later. & PS.25 pm W. Mathura Road. Nankiram R/o Village Laxmipur. sexually assaulted and confined by Rajesh @ Tinku. the staff of P. South East Distt. N.

Banay Singh (Investigation) alongwith SI Ashish S.During investigation a team under the supervision of Sh.Din. HC Malkhan Singh. near the place where he used to sleep on footpath. The accused Jaswant S/o Himanchal was got arrested from old Delhi railway station.SHO/H. Data Ram. Sudhir was constituted to nab the accused. Ct. Ct. Insp. On his instance the weapon (Kitchen knife) used in the murder was recovered.N. . Dalal. ACP/New Friends Colony headed by Inspr Ram Kumar. Sanjeev. The accused hid the murder weapon (knife) under the heap of bricks adjacent to the wall. HC Raja Ram.

During interrogation he disclosed that he killed his father after consuming liquor because his father was not supporting him for taking action against Guddu and on the contrary held him responsible for all this menace. . A search was conducted and the accused son Bittu Kumar was traced. Both the brother-in-law of accused namely Rajender @ Kallu and Meena Ram was contacted at Budh Vihar Phase-II. Further investigation of the case is in progress. There at the village it came to notice that the relation between Jaswant and his wife Meena were not good. accused Jaswant Singh. it revealed that accused Jaswant S/o Himanchal.INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI During the course of investigation. who told his son Bittu to take care of him and his sister as his father Himanchal has been killed by someone.e. Even after the murder chowkidar saw him in the area near place of occurrence. the deceased’s son was a habitual drunkard and was residing somewhere in the Bhogal area along with one of his son and a daughter on footpath. U. Badaun.e. The raids were conducted and the accused Jaswant Singh was nabbed from Old Delhi railway station. They both disclosed that there was strained relationship between their sister Meena & Jija. A raid was conducted at his village. During investigation it came to notice that on previous night there was a quarrel between son and father i. His father was also planning to dispose the agriculture land in village whereas accused was against it. Teh. Moreover. i. Jaswant Singh always blamed that there were illicit relationship between his cousin Guddu and his wife Meena. The same was verified from his native village Laxmipur. He even told the chowkidar that he is going to the Village.P. he always pointed out on his father and uncle (Chacha) to support both of them. RECOVERY  One Knife (Murder weapon)  Blood stained clothes PROFILE: Jaswant S/o Himanchal R/o Village Laxmipur. Himanchal & Jaswant. but where it revealed that he had come in the village but has gone back to Delhi after learning that his wife has gone to Delhi. He is a daily wages laborer and does paint polish job at Bhogal and neighboring area. which was witnessed by chowkidar. Accused Jaswant was contacted on his mobile phone through his son Bittu. Bhasoli. Distt.

aged 22 yrs was also doing degree in Lab. she was in deep love with Sachin and wanted to marry him.Dated 23rd May. Ghaziabad. Prabha put 5/6 Alprex tablets in the milk and after taking milk Rakesh became drowsy. . The trio strangulated him with Prabha’s chunni during that fateful night and put his dead body out the on front seat of the Alto car of Sachin. resident of 454. Saurabh Vihar. Brief fact Brief facts of the case are that on dated 6/7-05.No. who. U. He also brought Alprex tablets to make Rakesh unconscious and handed these over to Prabha after calling her outside. Om Nagar. Jaitpur. Since. Gali No. During one such visit on 6/7-05.9. she joined Delhi Para Medical & Hotel management Institute. Gali No. E-401. South East District have solved a sensational kidnapping cum murder case of police station Jaitpur. Suman Colony. they both decided to get rid of Rakesh. Ashok Nagar. Sachin followed him on Rakesh’s motor cycle. Chattarapur Extn. Then Prabha called Sachin over his mobile. They started meeting frequently and Sachin also started visiting her house in the absence of her parents. . 2011 With the arrest of three persons namely Sachin S/o Girwar Singh Sunil S/o Rattan Singh and Prabha D/o Sukh Lal . Block-4-C. 30 yrs. They had both joined some common classes and due to this reason they became intimate to each other. The body was also tied with help of seat belt and Sunil drove the Alto to Sikandarabad. she called her husband Rakesh to stay with her at Jaitpur. During such visit she narrated the story of strained relations with her husband. Sachin came to her house alongwith one Sunil R/o 282. Delhi to do a Diploma course in Nursing Assistant.3. Raj Nagar. In the year 2010.2011. when her parents were away to attend a marriage ceremony of a relative. Rakeksh Kumar had married Prabha in the year 2008 and was having strained relation with her. who is a distant relative and used to drive his Alto car. the Jaitpur Police Station staff. The mobile phone of Rakesh was thrown in River Yamuna by Sachin along the way. Technician Assistant in the same institute. She also called Sachin on that day to kill Rakesh as decided by her earlier. One boy namely Sachin. Rakesh used to visit his in-laws house even after strained relation with his wife and also used to stay with her during night. New Delhi came to Jaitpur to visit his wife Prabha D/o Sukh Lal at H. Sachin and Sunil then went back to Ghaziabad and Sachin kept Rakesh’s motor cycle in his house. PS. Due to this she started residing at her paternal house at Om Nagar. Ghaziabad.2011. one Rakesh S/o Karakh Singh R/o E-121. Sanjay Colony. The body was thrown in an isolated jungle on the same night.P. alongwith Sunil entered her house. Saurabh Vihar.

DATED: 21.). The team made sincere efforts to find out the whereabouts of the accused persons.S.Team & Recovery On 22. SI. Nagar District Bulandshahar (19 Years) the team of Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur. Kotwali police was also informed about the recovery of dead body and SI. Neeraj Kumar S/o Rajinder Singh R/o Village Lohlara. Nagar District Bulandshahar (27 Years) and Mohanbir @ Monu S/o Bansha Ram R/o Village Tiwda P. S. New Delhi has unearthed a dual case of MURDER & ROBBERY registered at Police Station Bhiwadi Phase-III.S. Rampura.S. P. the DNA profiling will also be conducted. His father owns an Alto car and since Giriwar and Sachin did not know how to drive a four-wheeler. Robbed vehicle recovered from the arrestees. MURDER CLUBBED WITH ROBBERY CASE OF PS BHIWADI. PHASE-III. Prabha.P. succeeded in third attempt With the arrest of accused namely Parmanand @ Bunty S/o Surat Singh R/o Village Laduwas. B. has also been arrested. Arrestees apprehended while fleeing after commission of murder and Robbery in Rajasthan and passing through Delhi for their destination in UP. Jitneder Malik.2011 in the area of Police Station Bhiwadi Phase-III. Rajasthan. they had kept Sunil for driving the vehicle as and when required.2011 a team was constituted consisting of Insp. The three accused persons will be produced before the court. P. old and is a private driver. The mutilated dead body of Rakesh along with his clothes and shoes were also recovered on their pointing out from Sinkanderabad.2011 SOON AFTER REGISTRATION OF MURDER & ROBBERY CASE ASSAILANTS APPREHENDED WHILE TRYING TO ENTER CAPITAL CITY OF INDIA. Bal Krishan Sharma. Extra marital affairs is the leading factor of episode.Jaitpur. Police and is doing a degree of Lab Technician.I. Rajasthan. Profile Sachin is the son of Giriwar Singh. HC. District Rewari. Haryana (28 yrs. After sustain efforts both the accused persons were apprehended by the team.S Yadav.B. . Murder took place on 19. ACP/Sarita Vihar.B.SHO. RAJASTHAN SOLVED.Since the body is mutilated.05.5. Dhirender Singh conducted the Panchnama and sent the body for postmortem .05. S. Bones and teeth have also been preserved for the same.DaraSingh. PS. Sunil is 30 yrs. a constable in U. Two earlier attempts of murder failed. Major Highlights: • • • • • Three murderers arrested. B. Harender and Ct Vikas under the over all supervision of Sh.

B. Ct. Bhiwadi and were fleeing away after taking the deceased persons vehicle. On questioning they revealed that they had killed one Ashok in Distt. The occupants were directed to produce the documents in respect of the vehicle and their identity proofs. as directed. Neeraj stated that he will call his distant Brother-in-law viz. Mohanbir @ Monu. One person namely Ashok who is resident of Parmanand’s neighboring native village was working as a driver with a Travel Agency in Bhiwadi. where his accomplice Neeraj Kumar is also working as an Electrician. Neeraj Kumar (27 Years) and Mohanbir @ Monu (19 Years). the same was immediately communicated to Sh. HC Sharavan. During this exercise. who immediately constituted a team of officials from Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur for detailed interrogation of the arrestee under the supervision of Insp. on 19. decided to remove Ashok from the way.2011.00 PM. The accused Parmanand developed intimate relationships with Ashok’s wife namely Mrs. Accordingly. but the occupants of the vehicle paid no heed and tried to escape the check.05.S. Jha. Monica. On suspicion they were brought to P. Threatening calls were also made by Ashok to Parmanand on his mobile. They all with the common intention and with a sole objective. on which barricades were placed and the vehicle was forced to stop. One day Ashok saw Parmanand with his wife in a compromising position and got Parmanand beaten with the help of his friends. Assistant Commissioner of Police. Pul Prahladpur for further interrogation. a Tavera Car having similar specifications as rendered by the informer was found coming from Mehrauli side. Parmanand in the garb of getting his love got emotional and narrated the whole story to his friend namely Neeraj.5. Ct Manoj. which would fetch love to Parmanand and possession of the vehicle which was driven by Ashok to the other two. TEAM AND OPERATION The above revelation was surprising.15 PM specific information was rendered by an informer that a white colored Tavera bearing registration No. Sub-Division Ambedkar Nagar. In lieu of the services rendered by Neeraj and Mohanbir.). Road.2011 at about 4 AM. the accused persons made two attempts which did not succeed. Monica had told Parmanand that she was not comfortable with her husband and requested Parmanand to get rid of her husband. INVESTIGATION During sustained interrogation Parmanand @ Bunty (28 yrs) disclosed that he is working as a Fitter in a Tyre Company. to whom the whole story was narrated again. Pul Prahlad Pur. Ct. Lastly in the third attempt. they were assured of getting the possession of Ashok’s vehicle. Bhiwadi. M. Praveen. New Delhi. Prashant. In order to give shape to their evil designs. DL-55-LT-5347 will be coming from Mehrauli side. The information about their detention was conveyed to higher formations. which is a robbed vehicle. The staff was checking vehicles coming from Mehrauli side.K.INCIDENT On 20. Station House Officer. finding Ashok alone at his residence. Harish Kukreti. were deputed for vehicle checking duty at Kaya Maya Picket. PS Pul Prahlad Pur. At about 10. all the above three . Later on. The checking staff signaled to stop the said vehicle. which none could produce. hence. HC Naeem. Mahipal Singh. during enquiry the occupants of the vehicle were identified as Parmanand @ Bunty (28 yrs. SI P. He and Ashok hired adjacent rooms at Sector-IV. at about 9.

A team was constituted under the overall supervision of ACP/ NFC Shri Dataram and comprising of Insp V.K. All the arrestees have been arrested under Section 41. Rajasthan and it was revealed that in this regard a case vide FIR No.O/Sunlight Colony along with SI Hanumat I/C PP Sarai Kale Khan and other staff reached the spot and found a dead body of a lady aged about 21 years near the boundry wall adjoining the railway track inside I.P. HC Rajesh Kumar.05. HC Satender.K.04. The deceased was in a bridal make up and wearing an embroidered Saree of Pink colour and some new embroidered sarees. Dated : 17.P Sarai Kale Khan of P. Phase-III.H.P..H. The disclosure of the accused was got verified from PS Bhiwadi Phase-III. Accused will be produced before the concerned trial court today.park.Khan.11 BLIND MURDER CASE OF I.near Sarai Kale Khan.S Sunlight Colony regarding murder of a lady in I.Park.S. Ct Amit. A case vide FIR No 144/11 u/s 302 IPC P.SYadav S.P. 187/11 dated 20.P.PARK SOLVED ACCUSED ARRESTED: MOBILE PHONE AND OTHER ARTICLES OF DECEASED RECOVERED.K. Rajeev Gali.P. No clue was found on the spot for the identification of deceased.K. . Ct Sheesh Ram and Ct Veer Bhan. bangles were also lying on the spot.05.P. Sindur box.S Sunlight Colony was registered and investigation was taken up by Insp V.Yadav S.S. SI Naresh Sangwan. all the three accused persons after making sure that Ashok was dead. HC Matloob HC Satpal. Thereafter.Yadav SHO/Sunlight Colony SI Hanumant I/C PP S. unstitched suit pieces . Mandawali Delhi INCIDENT & TEAM On 23.P Park P. Jitender Singh @ Vicky S/O Swarn Singh R/O H. ACCUSED ARRESTED 1. Officials of PS Bhiwadi.11 a PCR call was received in P.O/Sunlight Colony . After receiving the information Inspector V. The embroidered saree recovered from the spot was having a label of Surat (Gujarat ) . Rajasthan have been informed about the arrest of accused persons. got the keys of Tavera car from the room and decided to escape to their hiding destination in Bulendsehar (UP) via Delhi.No A-606. South-East District has solved a blind murder case of I. During interrogation.S Sunlight Colony Delhi.1(a) of Code of Criminal Procedure. Antecedents of accused persons are being verified.assailants entered into Ashok’s room and strangulated him with a rope. The deceased was having deep cut injuries on her throat and blood was also lying on the spot.2011 u/s 302/392 IPC had been registered. the other two arrestees also corroborated the version of accused Parmanand.

P. Kanpur. I. New Delhi Railway Station.S Mandawali in Sept-09 in this regard but Jitender remained in touch with Sandhya even after her marriage and was continuously making telephone calls to her. Anand Vihar Railway station and old Delhi railway station by pasting coloured Hue& Cry Notices.11 a raid was conducted at the house of Jitender Singh at Mandawali and he was made to join the investigation of the case.On 25/9/2009 a letter was also given in PS Mandawali in which it was mentioned that both will not have relation in future.05. She attempted to commit suicide by hanging on 25. On 14.04. U. After marriage she continued to call the accused by using her father-in-laws telephone. Surat. Photograph of deceased was published in news papers in M. On sustained interrogation he confessed his involvement in the murder of Sandhya. Lucknow and Bareailly and they checked records of all missing girls in these cities and Saree shops of particular design like the one recovered frpom the spot.04. Allahabad.Vigorous efforts were made to identify the deceased. For Identification of deceased all the Missing girls of same age group of all Police Stations of Delhi and NCR were checked. Anand Vihar.P.2009 but she was rescued and sent to her native village and her marriage was fixed. Wide publicity was also made at ISBT Sarai Kale Khan. In-laws of Sandhya also came to know about her extra marital relations and were having strained relations with her. He also made a complaint in P.NDeen Railway Station.Park and H. During the investigation it was told by Manohar Singh that his daughter Sandhya was having affair with one boy namely Jitender Singh r/o Mandawali Delhi for last 4-5 years prior to her marriage in May 2010and he was not happy with their relationship so he got her married in DistrictAurangabad (Bihar).10 and she came in contact with Jitender Singh.04. who also . Sandhya was sent to her relations in Nangloi but the accused continued to have relation with her.11 an information was received from one Manohar Singh r/o West Vinod Nagar Delhi that his son-in-law Paras Ram had seen the photograph of his daughter Sandhyad at ISBT Anand Vihar and later on he also saw the photograph at ISBT Anand Vihar and identified her to be his daughter namely Sandhya age 21 years who was married to Deepak s/o Ram Kumar in District – Aurangabad (Bihar) one year back. Kashmere gate. Their families objected to their relationship.conscious state. During the investigation it was revealed that the deceased left her in-laws house at Aurangabad on 15. Gwalior.05. He further told that Sandhya left her matrimonial house on 15.P.10 along with her belongings and was not traceable.9. On the day of marriage she again attempted to commit suicide by consuming phenol and the marriage was solemnized with her being in a semi. On 16.10 and reached Delhi on 16. Teams were sent to Agra.Rajasthan & Surat. Big size Flexi boards of deceased were displayed at abovementioned places.

They then performed marriage rituals in the park by putting sindoor from the box which had been brought by the accused long back and had been gifted to Sandhya at the time of her marriage. On 14th April she telephoned the accused and told him that she was coming to delhi and asked him to make arrangements for her stay with him. Photographs of deceased with accused Birthday cards and photo frame Blood stained jeans of the accused PROFILE He is aged about 26 years and unmarried and has done ITI. FARIDABAD.At that time the guard at the park asked them to leave as it was closing time for the park. APPREHENDED. He made her stay with one of his friend. Mandawali. Out of frustration the accused finally decided to get rid of her. He reached home and changed his clothes and threw his blood stained jeans near Chander Nagar. in Vijaynagar.came to know of her relationship with the accused. RECOVERY Three mobile phones of deceased Personal diary. Sandhya met him in Patparganj and then both of them came to I. voter I –card. He was working as plumber for the last 10 years and was also arrested in mobile snatching case in the year 2007 in PS Shakarpur. photographs. They had to vacate Lokesh’s house due to Lokesh’s family issues. The deceased all this while pressurized the accused to get married to her.2011 TWO CRIMINALS WANTED IN A MURDER CASE OF PS SURAJKUND. Ghaziabad.5. lokesh. After that they had physical relations. For this purpose he bought 2 paper cutter knives from Mandawali and called her to meet him in Patparganj with all her belongings. As a result they started maltreating her. The accused bought two sim cards for the deceased from Mandawali by using Sandhya’s voter I card. It was after this that the accused slit Sandhya’s throat from the front side and then from the back as she was still alive and struggling.00 pm.P. DATED: 14. Here the deceased and the accused lived as husband-wife. sim cards. diary. He then escaped from the spot and took away Sandhya’s mobile phones. Jitender was arrested from Mandawali. Park and stayed there till 9. making it difficult to identify her . Major Highlights: . The duo left at that time but after a few hours returned to the park by jumping over the railing from the railway track side.

Singh camp.) and Vikas Kumar @ Vickey S/o Lt.2.) disclosed that on 20. HC Chaman Lal. Ct. Faridabad.K. secret information was received in Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur that two brothers who are involved & wanted in a murder case in Police Station Surajkund. Station House Officer. TEAM AND OPERATION The above information was immediately communicated to Sh. New Delhi. When all the three accused found Sumit they confronted him to know the reason for the altercation held earlier. who immediately constituted a team of officials from Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur comprising of SI P. Jha. On pointing of the informer. Lateron Sumit succumbed to his injuries. Informer further informed that massive manhunt has been launched by the officials of P.) both residence of A-130.2011. Haryana.2011 in the evening they were coming to Lal Kuan along with their friend Ballu @ Lamba S/o Sh.2.5. They met Sumit and his cousin Anil both residents of Khori Village. Assistant Commissioner of Police. On statement of injured Anil .P. Mahipal Singh. Sh. the police team apprehended the accused later identified as Deepak Kumar S/o Lt. PS Pul Prahlad Pur. Haryana are concealing their presence in V. New Delhi. 2. • Arrestees are wanted in a murder case registered at PS Surajkund.• Two murderers arrested.). Sumit earlier had an altercation with Ballu and Sumit had beaten Ballu on some trivial issue. INVESTIGATION During sustained interrogation accused Deepak Kumar S/o Lt. Puran Chand (31 yrs.) and Vikas Kumar @ Vickey S/o Lt. Faridabad. near ICD. Sh. Puran Chand (31 yrs. Deepak after playing cricket at Surajkund ground. Harish Kukreti. Pul Prahlad Pur. HC Naeem. Sub-Division Ambedkar Nagar. Puran Chand (31 yrs. HC Shrawan. Faridabad. Sh. This led to a heated argument and all the accused persons started beating Sumit and his cousin Anil with cricket bat and with fists and when people gathered there they fled away. With the arrest of accused namely Deepak Kumar S/o Lt. Sh. Puran Chand (22 yrs. Haryana to arrest both the accused brothers.2011 in the area of Police Station Surajkund. Sh. Praveen and Ct. Chungi No. Puran Chand (22 yrs. Puran Chand (22 yrs.S. Lal Kuan. Faridabad near the wine shop located at the Delhi border. • Arrestees are real brothers. INCIDENT On 13. Faridabad. the team of Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur has solved a murder case which took place on 23. Ram Kishan all of PS Pul Prahlad Pur for apprehending the accused under the supervision of Insp. Surajkund.) and Vikas Kumar @ Vickey S/o Lt. Sh.

suddenly two boys came on the road and there was some altercation on giving way. Haryana and on confirmation accused were arrested under Section 41.11 at about 5:58 a PCR Call was received in PS Jaitpur that someone has caused injury to one Bijender Bindel with knife. Faridabad. a case vide FIR No.) and Vikas Kumar @ Vickey S/o Lt.11 when Bijender and Amir were coming on scooter. Hearing their screams. 124/11 u/s 307/34 IPC PS Jaitpur was registered. Team & investigation Acting swiftly on the information. Haryana Police is searching for accused Deepak Kumar S/o Lt. Sh.1(a) of Code of Criminal Procedure. Haryana have been informed about the arrest of accused.) who are wanted in above mentioned case. 3 Hari Nagar Extn.5. During investigation of the above mentioned case. On 12. Amir was also attacked with ustra and was severely injured. South-East Distt. Accused will be produced before the concerned trial court today. The calls of hurt and attempt to murder were analyzed and a police team was constituted comprising of SI Davender. Ct. Ajay and Ct. Haryana was registered. have solved a case of attempt to murder. It was found that Bijender Bindel and Amir received sharp deep injuries.2011 CASE OF ROAD RAGE & ATTEMPT TO MURDER WORKED OUT TWO ARRESTED With the arrest of two persons namely Gurmeet Singh and Mandeep Singh @ Munni. During the course of investigation.5. Puran Chand (31 yrs. Faridabad. The injured was immediately taken to Apollo Hospital. Puran Chand (22 yrs. One of the thin built boy attacked Bijender with an “ustra”. Vikas under the supervision of ACP/Under Training Ved Prakash Surya looking after work of SHO/Jaitpur. The disclosure of the accused was got verified from PS Surajkund . it was learnt that the stout built boy was Gurmeet Singh @ Happy s/o Bhupinder Singh r/o D-23 Gali No. Two “ustra” used in the commission of the crime have been recovered. Amir stated that he works at cycle repair shop of Bijender. The call was marked to SI Davender Kumar who alongwith Ct. 13. r/o Jaitpur the police of PS Jaitpur. the public gathered and fearing their apprehension the assailants ran away. The statement of Amir was recorded as Bijender Bindel was unconscious. both brothers. Incident: On 12. Vikas reached the hospital. Faridabad. Local . Sh. Jait Pur r/o Madrasi Colony and other suspect was Mandeep Singh @ Munni. Officials of PS Surajkund .05. accused Ballu @ Lamba has been arrested and is running in judicial custody at Faidabad. 48/11 u/s 302/323/506/34 IPC PS Surajkund. Ajay and Ct.a case FIR No. 1906.

Interrogation: During sustained interrogation. Finally they were arrested and two Ustra were recovered from their possession. New Delhi Age 20 Years. Police has solved a blind case of murder of a young boy. Govindpuri.intelligence was developed and their probable hideouts were raided. MYSTERY OF BODY FOUND IN JUNGLE SOLVED. and started to piece together the story. 120. Gali No. the identity of the deceased was established. Bhoomi Heen Camp Govindpuri. locally known as jungle. No identity marks were found. Further investigation is in progress. The deceased was found to be a boy namely Mahadeb Baidya S/o Prodip Baidya R/o H. Yunus had even worked for three years in Saudi Arab for three years as Electrician.04.No. 725/05 PS Badar Pur. Okhla Industrial Area. The body of the deceased was in naked condition. personal belongings and some blood stained stones etc. Govindpuri New Delhi Age 25 Years and Mukesh S/o Ram Prasad R/o A-28. 3. Within a few hours. The local police thoroughly and meticulously combed the jungle and traced the cloths. a team under the supervision of Sh. Dated: 13/04/2011 – BLIND MURDER CASE SOLVED. Surender Kapoor. The incident was reported on 11. To workout the case.00 AM when information was received about a dead body lying in jungle near Giri Nagar Mosque in the area of P.11 at around 7. The photograph of the deceased were circulated immediately through computer system as well by sending the beat constables in area and all the police stations in the vicinity were sensitized to provide details of all missing persons. – With the arrest of two persons. the South East Distt. Pradeep Kumar.S. The arrested persons are Yunus S/o Mohd. 872/05 and 725/02 PS Badar Pur and Manjeet is involved in one case of hurt vide FIR No. Sirazuddin R/o TA-215 Tugalkabad Extn. SHO/Okhla along with . it was learnt that the Gurmeet Singh is previously involved in two cases of hurt vide FIR No. There were injury marks on the face of the deceased which appeared to have been caused with heavy stones. TA-Block Tuglakabad Extn. New Delhi aged around 16 years and was student of VIIth standard at a local school. The assailants had tried to disfigure the face. ACP/Kalkaji headed by Insp. Mukesh works for a motor mechanic as a denter painter. In this matter three Juveniles are also involved. Local police reached the spot and discovered a dead body of a boy aged around 16/18 years lying in the DDA Park.

Further investigation is on. Indraj was constituted to work out the case. The accused Yunus was a tough nut to crack but the others gave all the minuets details including the fact that Yunus had taken the mobile from the deceased in jungle and Yunus knew that the deceased is very possessive about the mobile and thus he forced him to undress if he wanted the mobile back. solved a shootout incident reported on 10. Investigation.30 Years s/o Basiruddin. 3) Talib age. SI Shiv Singh. Ct. Din Basti. Din. Age. These two accused persons were arrested and during sustained interrogation it was learnt that the accused had called the deceased for a drinking session and then on the pretext of going to Temple they took him to the DDA Park and finding it isolated and dark.N. Mukesh and three Juveniles. He told the direction of going to Dargah. thinking that the child may have gone there. a number of children were examined and it was established that the deceased was last seen in the company of some accused Yunus.N. NO. 148. H. one Rasid Qureshi S/o Sh. INCIDENT: On 10. H.04. The father of the deceased informed that his son was missing since the previous night and he had been trying to locate him through his friends and at Kalkaji Temple etc. Dated: 13/04/2011 SENSATIONAL CASE OF GUN SHOT FIRING SOLVED With the arrest of three accused persons namely 1) Samimuddin @ Nanhe. police of PS H.Din.11 in area of P.N.2011. Both the accused have been arrested and the three juveniles apprehended in the case have been sent to observation home separately. Ravinder and Ct. SI Mukesh. South-East Distt. 2) Khizer age-21 S/O Jakir. Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin New Delhi and at about 08.00 pm he was going for walk from his house to MCD Park.27 years all R/O Turakman Gate Delhi.04. They immediately returned after . New Delhi aged 26 years was admitted in Trauma Hospital AIIMS with gun shot injury on his right thigh. During the investigation.Inspr. He reported that he is running a Meat shop at his residence 148. Sirazuddin R/o H.S. they forcibly sodomized him and then in order to silence his protest killed him with the stones. Nizamuddin Basti when two young boys came from Shiv Mandir side on Black Pulsar M/Cycle wearing helmet and asked the way for going to Dargah. New Delhi. ASI Nassu Ahmad.

Din South-East Distt were constituted to work out the case.N. while staying in a guest house during Police checking. After his marriage. H. They were detained in Amroha. Turkman Gate. To get rid of his wife and In-Laws he thought of a plan to stage manage a shoot out by his own hired man and implicate his In-Laws.30 Years s/o Basiruddin R/O 1121. Rakab Ganj. RECOVERIES Weapon of offence.04.S. Delhi. SHO/H. ACP/N. In this regard a case FIR No.000/. Din along with SI Ashish Dalal.N. U.S. Khizer age-21 S/O Jakir R/O 1145. Turkman Gate. The matter was settled on their own level by both the families. Delhi. He alleged that he suspects the roll of his In-Laws in this incident as they wanted to eliminate him. behind Delite Cinem. During the course of investigation.was paid in advance whereas Rs. Rakab Ganj. Inspector Special Staff along with SI Brijesh Malik. and ASI Bhagirath Special Staff South-East Distt. 90/11 u/s 307/34 IPC was registered at P. and Insp. 3. Rasid Qureshi was deeply interrogated and he told about his marriage last year and his relation with his wife were not good. Anas was driving M/Cycle and Talib fired at injured Rashid.Colony headed by Insp. Age.moving some distance and fired a shot on his right thigh above the knee. the victim Sh. Rs.was to be paid after execution of this plan.11 accused Talib and Anas came on a black colour Pulsar M/Cycle while Khizar came separately. Turkman Gate.Din. differences cropped up between Rashid and his wife and In-Laws and the In-Laws of Rashid had threatened him to initiate legal action against him and his family if they did not mend his ways. H. With his help they both hired Talib and Anas who has criminal records through one boy Khizar. 10. Profile 1. TEAM & INVESTIGATION AND ARREST : Two teams under the supervision of Sh. Samimuddin @ Nanhe. he eloped with one girl in his locality. Akhilesh Yadav. . behind Delite Cinem.P. ASI Mohinder Singh P. SI Ajeet Singh. injured Rashid contacted his friend and Talib fired a shot at his thigh and went away.N. Data Ram.F. After this. Turakman Gate Delhi is a BC of PS Chandni Mehal. 2. Recce was done one day before execution of this plan and on 10. Gali Gudriyan. a country made pistol (KATTA) has been recovered on the instance of accused Talib.27 years S/O Irfan R/O 1820. Delhi. As per plan. He contacted his relative Summuiddin @ Nanhe who resides at Rakab Ganj. Ram Kumar. Talib age.000/. 10. During interrogation many contradiction were found in his statement.

The body was covered with the shirt and there was ligature marks over the neck of the body with several abrasions. Distt. During the course of investigation the nephew of the deceased Sharif. New Delhi. Bal Krishan Sharma. M. P. INCIDENT On 07. P. M. who works as a Carpenter in and around Delhi. 17.No. TEAM & INVESTIGATION A Team under the supervision of Sh. Gali No. U. Khadar. Distt. Khadar. and the dead body was sent for Postmortem examination. S/o Rais Ahamad. During the whole day. The body was later on identified as Rafedin. Surender Yadav. 17. Muradabad.11. S/o Akbar Khan. the team of PS Jaitpur solved a sensational murder case. ACP/SVR. On further enquiry he was found missing from his house since 06. Dated: 09/04/2011 SENSATIONAL MURDER OF PS JAITPUR SOLVED With the arrest of accused (1) Firoz. New Delhi. R/o Raja Ka Mohalla. a search was made by the .11 an acquaint Firoz came and called his uncle and after some discussion they both went away. W/o Rafedin. reported that he has come to meet his maternal uncle Rafedin at his house Kacchi Colony. S/o Rais Ahmed. Kacchi Colony. South-East Distt.04. PS Bahjoi.11 by the above stated accused. Khadar. Muradabad. On the evening dt.No. Gali No. New Delhi. C-148. presently resident of H. Distt. Madanpur Khadar Extension. No. C-97/3. P. R/o H. UP. He slept after sometime and her maternal aunt also slept in a separate room along with her children. 06. Kacchi Colony. SHO/JPR. S/o Mohd. R/o Vill Pamasa. A case of Murder was registered on the statement of the Sharif. R/o H. Muradabad.04. alongwith Inspr. PS Bahjoi.P. Khadar. at PS Jaitpur who was nephew of the deceased and investigation was taken up. P.04. was constituted to workout this case. R/o Raja Ka Mohalla. which was committed on dated 07. (2) Afsana. PS Bahjoi. Gali No. he was informed by his maternal aunt that Rafedin has not turned up during the previous night. headed by Inspr. M. U.Further investigation is in progress.04.11 a PCR Call was received that an unknown dead body is lying in play ground. In the morning. M. C-97/3.P. 10. Kacchi Colony./ATO Shahid Khan & SI Dara Singh of PS Jaitpur. behind Indane bottling plant. Chaube.

Khadar. (2) Afsana. P. Khadar. P.No. P. As per plan on 07. M. ARREST AND INTERROGATION During the course of investigation. She was brought back by her parents after much persuasion. Kacchi Colony. W/o Rafedin. New Delhi. behind Indane botteling plant. No.Khadar alongwith his two brothers & parents was interrogated at length. 10. S/o Akbar Khan. Fed up with this firoz and Afsana conspired to kill Rafedin. Firoz provided her a Mobile Phone and they talked to each other several times during day and continued there relationship during the absence of Rafedin. Kacchi Colony. 17. When the affair came in notice of Rafedin. M. Then they covered his face with the shirt and left to their houses. They reached their houses safely and even after the Murder they spoke to each other the whole night on their Mobiles.P.11 Firoz called Rafedin for discussion in the locality. she also followed them and they all reached in the play ground. In the evening a huge crowd was noticed in the play ground. Gali members for Rafedin but he could not be located.04. R/o H. Firoz. behind Indane bottling plant. who run a bakery in M. . When Sharif slept. They both put off his shirt and again strangulated with it. who disclosed that the deceased used to live on rent in front of his bakery in M. his partner and Mukaram his employer and they both were examined at length. Afsana is having illicit relationship with one Firoz and they both escaped from their houses about 8 months back. C-148. During interrogation. they revealed that the wife of the deceased Smt. On this he reached there and found his maternal uncle lying dead. P. Gali No. Firoz strangulated him from the back side and Afsana sat on his leg keeping his hand tied. it was further revealed that the deceased last talked to one Shakeel.Khadar. Khadar Extension. Kacchi Colony.P. P. Inspite of that Afsana did not stop and continued her illicit relationship with Firoz. Khadar area. he vacated this house and shifted to B-Block. Khadar. New Delhi. where he developed illicit relationship with Afsana. C-97/3. M. when her husband was away for carpenter work during the day. M. where he was informed that a dead body is lying. M. PROFILE (1) Firoz. when he felt suspicioun. They both have been arrested. R/o H. All times Rafedin used to beat her with Danda.

NO. A case of attempted robbery and murder was registered at PS Badarpur and investigation was taken up. 14-A. r/o Vill Sher Pur Kalyan Distt. Akhilesh Yadav. Gali No. .NO. 20.Dated: 08/04/2011 SENSATIONAL MURDER AND ATTEMPTED ROBBERY OF PS BADAR PUR SOLVED With the arrest of accused Akram Ali. along with SI Brijesh Malik.000/-. Faridabad. in desperation. The accused stabbed his servant and ran towards the same side from which he had come. 14-A. He.2011 by the above stated accused. and ASI Bhagirath Special Staff South-East Distt. Gali No. his servant fell down and blood started oozing from his head. dark colour. 1. he felt that somebody aged 20-25 years. at about 9:45 PM. Ravi Sharma revealed that in the year 2007 a robbery incident took place with him at sector-31. after showing him a katta. he along his servant Manoj S/o Panna Lal R/o H. threw his money bag and started running and his servant also followed him. TEAM & INVESTIGATION: A team under the supervision of Sh. Sh. H. After running about 20 feet. Molarband Extn. regarding such criminals operating in the area of South-East and adjoining districts. 85. I-Block.50 Lacs from him. During the course of investigation. He immediately made a PCR call and PCR van took both the injured to Trauma Center. INCIDENT: On 31. wearing dirty clothes. 1 Sangam Vihar New Delhi. AIIMS. C-10 in the name & Style of Anchal Traders. A robbery case was registered at PS Sector-31 Faridabad in this regard. NO. Sanjay Bhardwaj SHO Badarpur along with SI Mahinder Dahiya and HC Suresh of P. Janak Raj Sharma R/o H. In order to workout the case. Bal Krishan. Age.S. who received injuries on his head at the commission of crime and robbers took away Rs. Badarpur South-East Distt was constituted to work out the case. Sangam Vihar. At that time the robbers attacked on his head by an iron rod.03. and Insp. where doctor declared the Manoj brought dead. Badarpur. after closing the shop.03. Haryana reported that he is running a general store at Gali No. ACP Sarita Vihar and Sh. the team so constituted did relentless efforts and developed local intelligence. the victim Sh. New Delhi was returning to his house. The culprit also attacked on his left arm with an object. Bijnor UP at present residing at D Block Gali No.33 Years s/o Aktar Ali. 963. Virender Kalia ACP/Ops headed by Insp. Sector-31. 42-A. On 31-032011. Ravi Sharma S/o Sh.10.2011. the team of South-East District solved an attempted robbery and murder case which was committed on dated 31. thin build & height 5”7’ is following them who pushed him from the back side and tried to rob his bag containing RS. When he reached near gali opp. while he was going to his house after closing his shop. Molarband Extn. Faridabad.

After the incident. ruffians. During further interrogation. All the listed criminals. Age. he disclosed that he is facing some financial crisis since he requires money to marry his two grown-up a share in the booty to Akram Ali and the remaining amount was kept by Zakir @ Guddu. Further. r/o Vill Sher Pur Kalyan Distt. So he planned a robbery to fulfil this desire and as a result he committed this offence as he was an easy target but failed to succeed. Profile 1.33 Years s/o Aktar Ali. Faridabad. On the basis of a credible information.S. where the incident took place.During the investigation.50 Lacs after injuring Ravi Sharma with an iron Rod at Sector-31. Bijnor UP at present residing at D Block Gali No. Due to the fear of identification and arrest Akram Ali left the tea stall and shifted to Meethapur.S. After that Zakir @ Guddu along with his associates robbed Rs. ARREST AND INTERROGATION: During the investigation accused Akram Ali disclosed that he was in jail in the year of 2007 in a murder case of P. After that Zakir @ Guddu who came out from the jail and met with the accused Akram Ali at his tea stall. the above team interrogated all workers of the complainant as well as several neighbours of the area. school dropouts and drug addicts were interrogated and the dossiers of criminals were also shown to the witnesses. in the area of P. who are involved in such type of activities previously in Delhi. 1. Akram Ali. Sarojini Nagar. Zakir @ Guddu told him to provide some information about the transportation of cash. 3000/. On this accused Akram Ali showed the shop of Ravi Sharma. where he met with another criminal Zakir @ Guddu and Manoj @ Sanjay who were also in jail in a robbery and murder case respectively. Accused Akram Ali was running a tea stall in Molarband Extn. the team received some credible information regarding few criminals. New Delhi. Further. RECOVERIES The police team recovered weapon of the offence i. the above team arrested accused Akram Ali from Batra Hospital New Delhi. a country made pistol with one live cartridge and blood stained cloths at the instance of accused Akram Ali. the victim and told him that he always carries big amount when he leaves for his residence.e. Badarpur after coming out from the jail in the year of 2007. 1 Sangam Vihar New . a knife. Zakir @ Guddu had given only Rs.

New Delhi. Murder took place on 16. by the PCR Van. Another person Parvez Khan was also easing himself there. in 2004 he along with his associates namely Sharaft and Riazul were involved in a murder case of P. Meanwhile another PCR Call was received vide DD No.S. Shivkant S/o Sh. This information was recorded vide DD No. On seeing the complainant easing with him. Sarojini Nagar. Major Highlights: • • • Two accused arrested. SHO/Sangam Vihar along with staff reached the spot and found blood scattered over road and on the wall of nallah at the gate of KSK School. Parvez Khan got annoyed and misbehaved with the complainant. Shiv Shankar met Inspector Daleep Singh. The arrestees were also declared proclaimed offender by the courts. was declared dead vide MLC No.2011.) and Pradeep S/o Jaleshwar (25 yrs.Delhi.) joint teams of Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur and Police Station Sangam Vihar has solved a murder case. 44-A at Police Station Sangam Vihar.2011 MURDER CASE OF PS SANGAM VIHAR SOLVED. At Trauma centre the injured. Injured was shifted to Trauma centre. During enquiry of which complainant Sh.3. till then unknown. 94-B regarding snatching of money at Ratia Marg which was entrusted to ASI Karan Singh for enquiry. 250052. AIIMS. Meanwhile another accomplice of Parvez Khan came there and put a knife on the abdomen of the complainant.2011 in the area of Police Station Sangam Vihar. INCIDENT On 16.3. Further investigation is in progress. Dated: 08. Sripal stopped the vehicle and came out to proceed for his residence. information was received in Police Station Sangam Vihar that a person has been stabbed by someone near KSK School. Complainant in the meantime started easing himself near nallah at the gate of KSK School. Sangam Vihar. Parvez S/o Abdul Wahab (31 yrs. Ratia Marg. At about 9. SHO/Sangam Vihar and got recorded his statement with regard to the incident. On the information Inspector Daleep Singh.45 PM when they reached near KSK School at Ratia Marg. With the arrest of accused namely Mohd. Complainant informed that he and Sripal after performing their duties at Taxi Stand located at Pushap Vihar were coming back in a Tavera car to their respective residences in Sangam Vihar.04. They both directed the complainant to handover the cash . The arrestees are robbers involved in several cases.

Manoj all of PS Pul Prahlad Pur under the supervision of Insp. Both the accused have no permanent place in and around Delhi to stay. 25 A. Parvez Khan and Pradeep Kumar. Act PS Sangam Vihar. Station House Officer. Harish Kukreti. No. In the meantime Sripal came there for his help. 25 A.2011 u/s 392/397/302/34 IPC was registered at Police Station Sangam Vihar and investigation taken up by Inspector Dalip Singh.R. Antecedents of Accused Persons: During investigation accused Parvez Khan was found involved in the following criminal cases: 2. Family of both the accused has no control over them. 83 dated 17. Sripal gave key of the vehicle to the complainant and advised him to flee and Sripal caught hold of both the assailants. Both are robbers found involved in several cases.3. who immediately constituted teams of officials of Police Station Sangam Vihar led by Inspector Dalip Singh. FIR FIR FIR FIR FIR No. This knife was used for the purpose of commission of the crime. Act PS Sangam Vihar.which he handed over to Parvez Khan. . Prashant and Ct. 3. SHO/Sangam Vihar and another team of officials from Police Station Pul Prahlad Pur comprising ASI Dilbag Singh. 4. Complainant ran away from there and later on he came to know that Sripal had expired. Sub-Division Ambedkar Nagar. No. No. 6. The Cell phones they were using at the time of commission of offence were switched off by them. Accused Pradeep Kumar’s wife had separated from him and is staying in Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh. Complainant was having Rs 2500/. 379/411 IPC P. 5. SHO/Sangam Vihar. HC Shrawan. No. Kalkaji. sources were deployed. A constant pressure was mounted which forced them from moving from one state to another and finally they were apprehended in the area of Police Station Sangam Vihar. Ct. Several of their associates were rounded off.S. Park. Assistant Commissioner of Police. PS Pul Prahlad Pur. TEAM AND OPERATION On receipt of the above information. During further investigation a buttondar knife was recovered from the possession of accused Pradeep Kumar. HC Naeem. 379 IPC PS C. RECOVERIES Both the accused persons were subjected to sustained interrogation and during interrogation they confessed commission of crime. On his Statement case vide FIR No. Mahipal Singh. 282/02 122/05 132/06 306/07 204/08 u/s u/s u/s u/s u/s 302/397/395/34 IPC PS OIA.he was carrying with him. the same was immediately communicated to Sh. INVESTIGATION During the course of investigation identity of the assailants was established as Mohd.

ASI Bhagirath Prashad. aged 21 years. 6/09 u/s 394/34 IPC PS Kalkaji. 239/08 u/s 399/402 IPC & 25 Arms Act PS Sangam Vihar. On the basis of a credible information the above team arrested five persons namely 1) Hilal. 3. In view of this a team of Special Staff South East Distt was constituted under the leadership of Inspr. the Special Staff of South East Distt. Sunil. 238/08 u/s 379/382/324/34 IPC PS Sangam Vihar. Arun Kumar. HCs Anil Kumar. Virender Kalia ACP/Ops. Bhal Singh and Satish under the overall supervision of Sh. Sunil Nagar. 229/09 u/s 25 A. Sushil. Brijpal. Jeet Singh.Act P. The team received some credible information regarding some criminals operating in South East District. aged 21 years. Brijpal Malik. the team of Special Staff South East District was specially asked to look into the matter. aged 21 years. Further investigation is in progress. 49/08 u/s 25 Arms Act IPC PS Kalkaji. Rajiv. Ashish Dalal. 3) Ram Kishan. 2) Mohd. Akhilesh Yadav. 3) Ram Kishan.2011 Gang of Desperate Burglars & Auto Lifters arrested by Special Staff of South East District & Five cases of Burglary & auto theft solved. aged 21 years.S. Shahin. to develop intelligence regarding such gangs operating in the district. Shahin five mobile phones. Dated:25.7. No. Ambedkar Nagar Whereas. With the arrest of Hilal & Mohd. accused Pradeep has been found involved in the following criminal FIR FIR FIR FIR No. 2. aged 20 years. Incharge Special Staff consisting of SIs Brijesh Malik. 44 Mobile phone batteries and recharge coupons of . TEAM & INVESTIGATION:In order to prevent the incidents of burglary and auto thefts in South East District. FIR No. The information was further developed. Satender. has busted a gang of desperate burglars & auto lifters & solved five cases of burglary & auto theft. aged 24 years. No. aged 24 years. respectively. Surender. 2) Mohd. Vikram. Shahin. cases: 1. No. aged 20 years. With the arrest of five persons namely 1) Hilal. Deepak. 4. aged 19 years & 5) Manoj Sharma. Consts.03. aged 19 years & 5) Manoj Sharma. On the instance of accused Javed & Manoj Sharma two stolen motorcycles and two stolen cars were recovered from their possession. 4) Javed. Ram Mehar. Ramroop. 4) Javed.

different cellular companies were recovered from their possession.  One Computer CPU. auto-theft & snatching. Distt. The recovered cars were yet to be disposed off. one computer CPU and two mobile phones were also recovered. On sustained interrogation accused Javed disclosed that his associates Karan Singh & Mohd. INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI:On sustained interrogation the accused Hilal & Shahin disclosed that they used to visit shops along with their associates Karan Singh and Mohd. On the search of accused Hilal’s rented room one stolen TV. New Delhi. After stealing the car he hands over the same to Rajesh.  One DVD/VCD Player of LG. Two Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles. Eight mobile phones of different make. 44 Mobile batteries. They only steal the costly items and cash and leave the empty boxes there only. RECOVERY:One Maruti Esteem car. Mobile recharge coupons worth Rs.       . one DVD player make-LG. Rajesh used to dispose of the same somewhere in Rajasthan as he is a native of Toda Bhim. On the instance of Hilal and Shahin one receiver of stolen property namely Ram Kishan was arrested and one mobile phone and recharge coupons worth Rs. Rajasthan. Mallik are previously involved in different types of crimes like robbery. Presently Karan Singh & Mohd. After committing the crime they stay with accused Javed and park the vehicles which they used in commission of crime within the premises of Javed. Dausa. Mallik in order to recce the shop during day and after that during night they come in a van with house breaking equipments and commit the burglary after breaking the shutter of the shop. Mallik left Delhi and went to Gujrat. burglary. On their direction accused Javed was disposing off both the stolen motorcycles which were parked in his premises. 3013/. After sustained interrogation accused Manoj Sharma disclosed that he is in the business of auto-lifting for the last one year with his associate Rajesh.of different cellular companies were recovered from his possession.of different cellular companies. 4143/. One Maruti Alto car.  One colour TV make Apollo. On enquiry all the recovered items were found stolen from a mobile shop in the area of PS Govindpuri.

The team so formed collected intelligence from Delhi and NCR. All the accused persons were produced before the Ld. DL-7S-BJ-8610 (Bajaj Discover) 3. Phool Singh Ki Kothi. 50/11. Further investigation is in progress. Aligarh have been arrested and a total No. PS. Tappal Distt. Gajender. u/s 379/411 IPC. PS Kashmere Gate. No. FIR No. No. Gali No. Meethapur New Delhi (2) Heera Lal S/o Rajender Singh R/o Gali No.M. I Block. Tappal. 310. MM in the Saket Court. No. Siya ram under the over all supervision of Sh. Faridabad (HR) . Krishna Nagar. Jaitpur. New Delhi. Veh. 7/11. Faridabad (HR) and one receiver (5) Amit S/o Rajender R/o Vill. PS. 108/11. Hari Nagar Vistar New Delhi (3) Rashid S/o Liyakat Ali R/o Mata Wali Colony. CT. HC Harender. S. Link Road Gaziabad (UP) have been recovered from their possession. Shyam Lal R/o H. HC Parveen. PS. PS Krishna Nagar. is as under:1. Surender Singh / SHO. FIR No. u/s 379 IPC. Sunil CT. 64/11. PS Sunlight Colony FIR No. 3. CT. Jaitpur. FIR No. Balkrishan ACP/Sarita Vihar was formed. u/s 379/411 IPC. 61/11. PS. 53/11. Baghpat (UP) (4) Ghanshyam S/o Arjun Kumar R/o Basant Colony. FIR No. PS Govindpuri. Nagar. 7/3 Shakti Vihar. Faridabad (HR) and PS. No. Then special team consisting of Inspr. 2.G. Bijeli Ghar Road. DL-3SBW-2828 (Hero Honda Splendor +) 2. Despite various pickets and motor cycle patrolling the thieves could not be located. 14. DL-3S-BK-9852 (Bajaj Pulsar) . FIR No. On the basis of information they apprehended one gang of auto lifter in which four auto lifters namely (1) Sonu @ Gaurav S/o Late Sh. 57/11. 4. Jaitpur – Veh. 5. PS. FIR No. HC Sat Nariyan. u/s 379/411 IPC. FIR No. Krishna Nagar. PS. Ballabh Garh City. u/s 379 IPC. 22. u/s 379/411 IPC PS Jaitpur – Veh. PS. u/s 380/411/34 IPC. Detail of recovered vehicles and FIR Nos. 23-03-2011 Gang of Auto lifter Busted In the recent past a lot of theft cases were reported in the area of SubDiv Sarita Vihar. 72/11.CASES WORKED OUT:1.SI Jitender Malik. of 8 vehicles including Car & Motor Cycles stolen from the area of PS. SI Dara Singh . Sabji Mandi Bagh NO. u/s 379/411 IPC. PS Krishna Nagar.

28/11.M. During interrogation accused informed that on 14. UP INVESTIGATION After verification of fact accused was arrested and put on sustained interrogatation. PS –Sahaswan Distt. HR-30G-7140 (Apaiche) 5. Harish Chand Jain at the point of revolver and knife. No. FIR No. Distt.P. 930/SE and Const.S. No. in bid to avoid his arrest and to avoid raids by U. Yashpal. U/S 395/397/398/342/412/120B IPC PSBaraut .11. Police. u/s 379 IPC PS. dated 14. u/s 379 IPC.01. Badayun (UP). Link Road Gaziabad (UP). DL-7CJ-2676 (Hyundai I-10) 7. Baghpat (UP). HR-51-T-5216 (Hero Honda Splendor +) 6. PS. PS–Sahaswan Distt.01. Without wasting time the constituted team swiftly apprehended accused Mohd. vide DD No. Ballabh Garh City. Sangam Viahr.01.11 a secret information was received in Police Station Sangam Vihar that a wanted dacoit who had committed dacoity in Bagpat District of Uttar Pradesh.11. is hiding in the area of P. vide DD No. Rakesh. P. dated 14. officials of Police Station Sangam Vihar has worked out case FIR No. U/S 395/397/398/342/412/120B IPC PS Baraut. Nagar Faridabad (HR) Veh. Sandeep No.4. 45/11. Jaitpur.11 at about 6 PM he along with his associates Mohit. Ashok No. SHO. On receipt of the above information. 9A dated 14/03/2011. One Motor Cycles Bajaj Pulsar recovered u/s 102 Cr. Baghpat.C. Veeru @ Virppal and Pardeep entered the house of Aridaman Kumar Jain S/o Sh. 45/11. Road. 8. FIR No. Neb Sarai.Distt. Umar @ Chhote S/o Mohd Aslam R/o Village Khair Pur Balli. Umar @ Chhote S/o Mohd Aslam R/o Village Khair Pur Balli. the same was immediately communicated to Sh. Dated: 14.B. FIR No. 76/11. Mahipal Singh. PS. PS. Car vide registration No.2011 A WANTED DACOIT APPREHANDED With the arrest of accused namely Mohd. Veh. u/s 379 IPC.G. PS. 9A dated 14/03/2011. Faridabad (HR). P. Dalip Singh. S. while the later was waiting for a bus near Batra Hospital. Badayun (UP). He was found wanted in FIR No. Const. They further tied the family members with ropes and looted gold jewellary and 3 kg.C. 1462/SE all of PS Sangam Vihar under the close supervision of Insp. Ajit. who immediately constituted a team comprising of ASI Amar Singh. INCIDENT TEAM AND OPERATION On 13. Sub-Division Ambedkar Nagar. Assistant Commissioner of Police. 170/11. One Motor Cycles Hero Honda Splendor + recovered u/s 102 Cr.3. M. a wanted dacoit in UP. Jaitpur.03. The informant further informed that the wanted dacoit is about to board bus from Batra Hospital bus stand and is trying to flee. silver worth lacs of rupees. They also attacked Aridman Kumar Jain with sharp edge weapon and fled away with the .

Brief Facts of the case:On 12/03/2011 at about 7. New Delhi gave his statement that at about 7. Further investigation is on. Sangam Vihar. On reaching the spot. r/o L 9.27 PM. Veeru @ Virppal and Pardeep.P. New Delhi. Yashpal. UP police has been informed about the arrest. South Distt. 14. Mohd. Ajit. Gaziabad (UP) where he came in contact with other auto drivers namely Mohit.N. Aged 15 years r/o L 9.03.10 PM where he was parking his vehicle near L block suddenly he got information from two boys that his son has been beaten up by some boys and he has sustained knife injuries also. Gupta. Govind Sharma. New Delhi. Accordingly they started conducting recce of Aridaman’s house and waited for appropriate time. Police he came in Delhi and started living with his real brother. Sri Niwas Puri. Due to constant raids by U. New Delhi in the area of PS Neb Sarai. Sri Niwas Puri. Aged 15 years. Rakesh. Shri Manmohan Gupta s/o R. accused Mohd. During interrogation.2011 MURDER OF A YOUNG STUDENT WORKED OUT A team of PS Amar Colony under the leadership of Insp. information was received from PCR regarding quarrel at L Market. r/o L 9. Umar @ Chhote disclosed that earlier he used to drive auto for his livelihood in the area of Loni. During treatment at 11. All these persons wanted to earn quick bucks as driving does not fetche enough money to meet their lavish lifestyle. Sri Niwas Puri. Islam at LIst /1582 church colony.30 PM information was received from Trauma Centre regarding admission of one Yash s/o Manmohan Gupta. They came to know that Aridaman Jain is very rich person and if they succeed in looting his house they could get sufficient money to meet their lavish lifestyle. New Delhi and apprehended 9 Juveniles. The call was marked to SI Ram Niwas. ACP Lajpat Nagar and Shri Surender Kapoor.50 PM injured Yash was declared dead by treating doctors.N. ACP Kalkaji has worked out a case of Murder of one Yash s/o Manmohan Gupta. After committing dacoity. Gupta. Sri Niwas Puri. it was revealed that injured has been removed to some hospital. A knife used in committing the crime was also recovered. He brought his son to Trauma Centre with the help of his . Aged 46 years. SI Ram Niwas and overall supervision of Shri Data Ram. who along with the staff reached Trauma Centre and met father of injured Shri Manmohan Gupta s/o R. At 9. they tried to sell the looted booty but could not find a genuine receiver.looted booty. SHO Amar Colony consisting of Inspector Sanjeev Solanki.

Deceased is having one sister who is a student of Class VII. Rajinder Nagar. Ram Prasad and Santosh. On the way Yash informed him that a group of youngsters have beaten him and have also assaulted him with knife. Diseased Yash has visited one of the JICL’s house and had informed about this to his father.11 u/s 302/34 IPC PS Sunlight Colony. they all collected near L Block market close to Sri Niwas Puri and when they spotted deceased Yash they all with common intention and motive assaulted Yash and also attacked him with Knife. In order to take revenge from Yash.03. All the Juveniles in Conflict with law were sent to Observation Home yesterday and today they are being produced at Juvenile Justice Board.20 11 BRUTAL MURDER CASE WORKED OUT – 3 ARRESTED With the arrest of threer accused persons namely Jamna Das @ Nakta. New Delhi. 93/11 dated 2. As Yash was studying in Cambridge School in order to avoid the inconvenience of travelling is father shifted to S. Accordingly on the basis of the statement of Shri Manmohan Gupta s/o RN Gupta a case vide FIR No. Ramjas Boarding School. Sarai Kale Khan registered vide FIR No. During enquiry JICL told that one of them was having some dispute with deceased regarding the money.N.friends. Dated:03. Investigation During investigation of the case it was revealed that 9 JICL together beat Yash when he was spotted near L Block Market. A PCR call was received on 01.03. Delhi Gate. has solved a case of brutal murder of Tika Ram r/o Jhuggi Jamna Khadar Opp.95/2011 u/s 302/34 IPC was registered in PS Amar Colony. Puri just two years back. Sarai Kale . All of them escaped from the spot. PS Sunlight Colony of SouthEast Distt.11 in PP Sarai Kale Khan regarding a male deadbody lying in Yamuna Khadar opp. Father of deceased is a businessman and is having shop of decoration items in Sadar Bazar and Mother is house wife. Later during investigation on the pointing out of one of the JCIL Knife used in committing the crime was recovered.3.

Amit. He was identified as Tika Ram s/o Revti Prasad r/o Jhuggi Yamuna Khadar Opp. VKPS Yadav-SHO/Sunlight Colony comprising of Inspr. A case FIR No. New Delhi. Omprakash. There was no eyewitness available at the spot and it was a brutal murder.3. Jamna Prasad felt deeply insulted and planned to take revenge by eliminating him.11 u/s 302/34 IPC PS Sunlight Colony was registered and investigation was taken up. had developed an illicit relation with accused Jamna Prasad @ Nakta. who used to work in Agricultural Farms in Yamuna Khadar. the accused disclosed that he watched the deceased’s activities and the route taken by him to return to jhuggi during late night and he planned to kill him at some isolated place near Yamuma Khadar. After this humiliating episode. New Delhi. TEAM AND INVESTIGATION: After registration of the case. During sustained interrogation. Dinesh Negi under the supervision of ACP/NFC. Ct. UP. ISBT. Harpyari. Bulandshehar. There were stab wounds on the face and a blunt injury on the head of the deceased. SI Nitin Kumar. Sarai Kale Khan. for the last two years. The source of livelihood of the deceased was to sell vegetables on rehri in Okhla. a team was constituted led by Inspr. who lived in a nearby Jhuggi. IC/PP Sarai Kale Khan. 93/11 dated 2. Jamna Prasad used to visit Harpyari at her jhuggi. he blocked his way alongwith his associates Ram Prasad and Santosh and beaten him mercilessly and dragged him to a running water nalla where he was killed by stabbing on the head. Distt. Ct. Ct.11 when the deceased was returning after selling vegetables. SHO/Sunlight Colony alongiwth IC/PP Sarai Kale Khan and staff rushed to the spot and found a deadbody of a male aged about 45 years lying in the water (nalla) adjoining Yamuna and blood was oozing out from his head. During the deceased’s absence from the jhuggi. HC Matloob. On the intervening night of 28/01. On further investigation his permanent residence was found to be village Khanpur.Khan. Kishan Kumar.03. The local intelligence was developed from the surrounding areas and after sustained efforts it was revealed that the wife of the deceased Smt. The deceased had also suspicion over the activities of accused and his wife and on one day both of them were found in an objectionable state which led to a major scuffle between the deceased and Jamna Prasad. ATO/Sunlight Colony. In a hope of light. HC Rajesh. the deceased kept screaming in the night which was heard by Harpyari who was . On receipt of this information.

SOUTH-EAST DISTT. After reaching the spot. while playing. HC Ram Mehar. ASI Bhagirath Prasad. informed Harpyari that deadbody of her husband is lying near nalla.315 BORE AND FIVE STOLEN MOTOR CYCLE WERE RECOVERD.15 PM a credible information was received that a desperate Auto Lifter Namely Rahul @ Hazari has gone to Jamia Nagar on a stolen purple colour pulsar bike and will came back to Kalkaji around 6/6. Akhilesh Yadav Incharge Special Staff and under the close supervision of Sh.2011 a team of south-east Distt. South-East District comprising SI Ashish Dalal. A¬ COUNTRY MADE PISTOL (KATTA) WITH TWO LIVE CARTRIDGES OF . Further investigation is on. Hari Ram r/o C-106 Salam Quarter DDA Flat Kalkaji New Delhi. Arun Kumar under the leadership of Inspr.30 pm on the instance of informer SI Ashish Dalal signaled the bike to stop and asked ASI Bhagirath & HC Ram . If a trap is laid on the way he could be apprehended. PROFILE: All the accused persons are illiterate labourers from the nearby jhuggies and they are not previously involved in any of the crime. age 22 years and recovered one country made Pistol (Katta) with two live cartridges of 315 bore from his possession and five stolen motor cycles.2. she felt terribly shocked and repented for not helping her husband in night scuffle which led to his murder. HC Anil Kumar & Const. On this a trap was laid between Masih Garh Chowk Red light and Modi mill flyover. On this information a team of Special Staff. TEAM & INVESTIGATION:On 22. Around 6. South-East District have arrested a desperate criminal named Rahul @ HAZARI s/o Late Sh. Kalkaji.02.waiting outside the jhuggi for the deceased which she thought of having some burglary incident with the passerby. SI Brijesh Malik. New Delhi. Virender Kalia ACP/Ops was constituted.11 A¬ DESPERATE CRIMINAL ARRESTED BY SPECIAL STAFF. PRESS RELEASE Dated:23. The Special Staff. Next day some children of the surroundings jhuggi.30 pm. DDA Flats. Around 04. special staff arrested one person namely Rahul@Hazari s/o Hari Ram R/O C-109.

315 bore • Two live cartridges of . 5. 49/11.Mehar to close the barricades. FIR No. u/s 379 IPC. RECOVERY:• One Country made Pistol (KATTA) of .F. PS N. UP. On further interrogation it was revealed that he was previously involved in 12 criminal cases. u/s 186/353/307 IPC & 25/27/54/59 Arms Act. On his personal search a live cartridge was also recovered from his possession. 2. He is on court bail and was released from the Jail in April 2010. New Delhi. 765/06. u/s 186/353/307 IPC & 25/27/54/59 Arms Act. was registered at PS New Friends Colony. INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI:On sustained interrogation accused Rahul @ Hazari disclosed that he was in the business of auto-lifting along with associate namely Guddu whom he met in the Tihar Jail. u/s 379 IPC. In this regard a case vide FIR No.36/11. The said bike DL-3SW-5235 was found stolen from the area of PS Kalakji. 4. FIR No.Colony. The accused was produced before the Ld. FIR No. 36/11. 786/10. PS Kalkaji. Presently he is not residing at his previous address but residing at Sangam Vihar in order to hide himself after committing crime. PS N. . On being got trapped. New Delhi.F. The accused along with his associates had stolen many vehicles from Delhi & Noida. FIR No.315 bore • Two mobile phones • Five stolen Motor Cycles CASES WORKED OUT:1. 3. 486/09 u/s 379 IPC. PS Kalkaji. Mean while HC Anil immediately attacked the rider on his hand with a Danda. Further investigation is in progress. PS Suraj Pur. Noida.Colony. rider of the bike namely Rahul @ Hazari immediately took out a country made pistol from his trouser and pointed it towards SI Ashish Dalal and pulled the trigger but due to some mechanical problem the said Katta could not fire. FIR No. u/s 379 IPC. Due to this the said katta fell down and the team apprehended him. MM in the Saket Court.

He normally go for duty during night and come in the morning and after coming to he used to drink alcohol daily. Bal Krishan Sharma. 39/11 dated 16.Dated: 17/02/2011 Murder case worked out With the arrest of Sudhir @ Sudeep @ Manju S/O Kishan Lal r/o Village Khojipur. PS Shiveramau. He demanded money from Ruby for liquor which she refused.P. Sahid Khan along with S. A-2/214. since she was on the first floor to collect water. Sh. M. Madanpur Khadar New Delhi. Surender Singh SHO/ P. South East District has solved the mystery of sensational murder case and recovered one blood stained knife & blood stained clothes of accused.02. South East District. murder of a woman namely Ruby at H. 18 A dated 16.2011. JJ Colony. a call was received at P. ATO.S Jaitpur vide DD No. Delhi constituted a team led by Inspr.S Jaitpur and Inspr. TEAM After registration of case vide case FIR No. Ruby W/o Sudhir R/o A-2/214. Her neck was slit with a sharp edge weapon and there was no life in her body. Shahid Khan/Inspr.I Parvesh Kasana .J Colony.02. Khadar was on the IInd floor of the building. Her neck was slit with a sharp edged weapon and a lot of blood was oozing from the neck.02. ACP/ Sarita Vihar. IInd Floor J. She went up stairs and found her sister lying on the floor in a pool of blood.2011 U/S 302 IPC PS Jaitpur. Meenu 13 years. sister of the deceased was found weeping along with the son age 2 years of the deceased. The call was entrusted to Inspr.No.2011 reg. On this he became furious and went away abusing her sister and her mother. After some time she noticed her brother in law Sudhir rushing in a huff with a bag in his hand. Her sister dislikes his drinking habits and most of the time they had quarreled on this issue. She suspected that her brother in law Sudhir had killed her sister Ruby. Her brother in law Sudhir used to work as temporary night watchmen at Jasola. After a few minutes he returned back to the house and went up stairs immediately. PS. She was enquired into and on interrogation she reported that she used to live with her sister Ruby and brother in law in the above said rented house and her mother is also staying with them at present. INCIDENT On 16. the team of Police Station Jait Pur. Jaitpur who alongwith staff reached the spot and found the dead body of Smt. . Yesterday he went for duty and came in the morning. Distt Kannauj (UP). HC Anil.

No. Const. Manish. Further investigation is on. Const. His wife was against his daily drinking habits and most of the time she quarreled. RECOVERY 1. . Udai Ram R/o Sultanpuri. New Delhi. SHO/Ambedkar Nagar. ACP/Ambedkar Nagar immediately constituted a team comprising Inspr. There were three stab wounds on the hip and thigh (right side) of the deceased. Mahender. 236/SE. On receipt of an information regarding lying of a dead body at G-block. Dated: 17. One blood stained knife. Since he could not get time in the evening hours. No. Finally the team succeeded to apprehend the accused and recovered blood stained weapon of offence ie knife and blood stained clothes within 24 hours. Ambedkar Nagar and investigation was taken up by Inspr.02. No. 2366/SE. he usually takes liquor in the morning. Dakshinpuri SHO/Ambedkar Nagar alongwith staff rushed to the spot and found a dead body of a male aged about 35 years lying on the road in pool of blood. No. There was no eyewitness available at the spot and it was a brutal blind murder. 2. 51/10. He also suspects her fidelity. 1642/SE. Clothes of the accused. Omprakash. No. Raj Kumar Saha. HC Rajender. SI Muneesh Kumar. Const. Mahipal Singh. Mohar Singh. SI Gurjeet Singh. A case FIR No.Ct Ravi to work out the Murder case. HC Inderjeet. Dr. 241/SE. INTERROGATION During interrogation Sudhir disclosed that he works as night watchmen in a security agency and performing duty in Jasola Vihar. Omprakash.S. SI Omprakash. Inspr. U/s 302 IPC was registered at P.2011 A BLIND BRUTAL MURDER CASE SOLVED BY ARRESTING TWO ACCUSED PERSONS. SHO/Ambedkar Nagar. He was identified as Ram Avtar S/o Sh. Yesterday he decided to end this daily episode and kill her in a fit of rage. TEAM AND OPERATION: After registration of the case Sh. 2917/SE.

no information could be given. 14-2-2011 .  After sincere efforts and sustain follow up investigation resulted in the apprehension of accused later identified as Nitin @ Nikki @ Ponda S/o Kamal Singh R/o H. PROFILE OF THE ACCUSED PERSONS: The accused Nitin @ Nikki is working as sweeper at Puspa Bhawan as casual worker.S. PARTICULARS OF ACCUSED PERSONS AND THEIR PROFILE: Sl.  Simultaneously the second accused was also apprehended but being a juvenile. 1. He stated that due to fear of accused persons he left for his relative house in the night. New Delhi. No. He is stout built and in habit of taking liquor. Name & Parentage Nitin @ Nikki @ Ponda Juvenile Address Kamal Singh Profession Sweeper 10th class student Age 20 16 Further investigation is on. RECOVERY: On his instance the weapon of offence i. He left his parental house in Dakshinpuri many years ago and started living at Sultanpuri. Ambedkar Nagar accused Nitin @ Nikki disclosed that he along with his friend (Juvenile) was standing near a shop in the area.  During course of investigation many local residents. He is budding criminal and nobody in the area dare to check him. Dakshinpuri. sharp edged knife has been recovered which was kept hide by the accused in a park after the crime. shop keepers and other persons were examined to collect the information. The coaccused who is a juvenile aged 16 years is a student of 10 th class and was declared failed in last year who is also in habit of taking liquor and often remain with Nitin @ Nikki.e. On the next day one local shop keeper who was the eyewitness of the incident was traced. G-224. About 4-5 days ago he came to meet his brother Dharam Singh in Dakshinpuri. 2. In his statement he stated that accused Nitin @ Nikki and his coaccused who was a juvenile had committed the crime and fled away. Deceased Ram Avtar came there and started arguing with them under influence of liquor and in the fits of rage he stabbed him.INVESTIGATION:  During course of investigation it was found that the deceased was a motor mechanic and was in habit of taking liquor. DISCLOSURE: On sustain interrogation by the team of P. No.

23.U.02. Vimla Sharma D/O Late Ram Karan Das R/O D-85. The accused was involved in a sensational case of dacoity registered at Police Station Sec-20 Noida vide FIR No. 2. 4. CRIMINAL WANTED IN A DACOITY CASE CARRYING REWARD ON ARREST CAUGHT IN DELHI South-East District police has arrested one Satish Kumar s/o Sh. police. at 3. Dated: 09. Delhi.OLD ACQUAINTANCE AND ACCOMPLICE ARRESTED – Rs.23 LACS & JEWELLERY RECOVERED With the arrest of Mohammad Ibrahim @ Sarfraj S/O Mohammad Zahir @ Tukkoo Age-21 Years and Aftab Ahmad S\O Yunus Rahmani Age. Shastri Park. Noida and tied up the guards on gun point and looted the fabric worth several lakhs of rupees. the involvement of Satish Kumar s/o Sh. The incident occurred on 16. Omkar and Ct. the accused Satish was apprehended.P. Tula Ram r/o Jhuggi A-96 Sanjay colony.30 Years both R/O D-40. a PCR call was received regarding a lady being dead in her house No. On receipt of the said information.Vil.P. D-85.10 PS Sec. The accused tried to flee but was successfully apprehended after a brief case.400/. Delhi Permanent address.10 when 5-7 persons forcibly entered a garment factory in sector-2. Okhla-II. N. Lajpat Nagar-I.8. Ct. Bihar.Jhagrua PS Jamalpur District Darbhanga. in this case. 2. Harender. INVESTIGATION On 02. Gali No.and jewellary from their possession. Vinod under the supervision was SHO/OIA was formed. the local police reached at the spot and found a dead .on arrest from U. New Delhi who carrying a reward of Rs. New Delhi and has recovered looted cash Rs.M.20 Noida. The accused is a 24 years old youth who is studying in Agra and had accompanied his brother in the crime. Tula Ram r/o Jhuggi A-96 Sanjay colony. Okhla-II was found but the accused was evading arrest and secret information was received that the accused will visit the area of PS OIA and accordingly a team comprising of Hc Jitendra.02.2011. South-East District police has solved the sensational murder case of Ms.2011 BLIND MURDER CASE SOLVED . 2500/. On the tip of the informer. 1045/10 u/s 395/412/34 IPC dated 16.00 P. His family is in the business of sale purchase of fabric scrap but he wanted to earn quick buck and was lured into crime by his brother. Lajpat Nagar-I.8. Ct.

S. During investigation it was revealed that accused Ibrahim had hatched a conspiracy to kill and rob the deceased with his accomplice Aftab Ahmad who also hails from the same village in Bihar. 31/11 U/S 302 IPC was registered at P.02. Hence his present whereabouts were ascertained through other contacts. He was asked to come to Delhi and join the inquiry. no external injuries were found on the body of the deceased and the house had not been ransacked.body of a female aged about 70 years in the store room of the said house. SI Rajkumar. Delhi for Post. Jamalpur Disst. he broke down and confessed about his plan to murder and rob the old lady along with his accomplice. he showed ignorance about the incident and kept on misleading the police team. Lajpat Nagar which was already in Bihar in connection with investigation of some other case. on 01-02-2011. Report. report was received and it was confirmed that Ms Vimla Sharma was throttled and strangulated.e. a team consisting of Inspector Ramesh Dahiya (SHO/Lajpat Nagar). the team comprising of SI Anupam Bhushan. it was found that the deceased was unmarried and was living with her elder sister Ms Sarla Sharma in Bhogal and she used to visit the said house off and on. The team reached at his native place and interrogated him regarding the death of Ms Vimla Sharma but. Darbhanga. On inquiry. Meghna Yadav for further inquiry in to the death and it came to light that the deceased was last seen with one Ibrahim @ Sarfraj in the evening of 01. the P. Ibrahim @ Sarfraj joined the investigation on 09-02-2011.S. Sandeep Ghai (ATO).2011.M.M. the back door of the house was found open. The dead body of the deceased was removed to Mortuary.S. who was known to the deceased family and used to visit the deceased now and then. It was established that Ibrahim was in touch with the deceased and after the incident his presence was found in Bihar. In the meantime. INTERROGATIONTo prove his innocence. a case vide FIR No. he informed the police. Accordingly. During the course of examination of the relatives of the deceased. Ms Sarala Sharma asked her nephew Govind Bhagat to check upon Vimla.M. it was revealed that Ibrahim @ Sarfraj belongs to Village Jhagrua P. On the examination of the dead body. Awaiting P. ASI Yash Pal. it came to the notice that on the previous day i. the Post Mortem on the body was got conducted at AIIMS Hospital. However. report. was informed and directed to trace the whereabouts of the said Ibrahim. Govind came and found Ms Vimal dead in her house accordingly. the deceased had neither gone back to her sister’s place nor had she contacted her. Thereafter. Bihar. On further inquiry. Lajpat Nagar on 08-02-2011.Ct Lokender Talhan and Ct Sudhir Kumar from P.Mortem.Ct Ashwani Kumar was formed under supervision of ACP/Lajpat Nagar Mrs. On 03-02-201. H. AIIMS Hospital. On the basis of the P. On sustained interrogation. On . SI RohitKumar. H. Insp. The deceased was identified as Miss Vimla Sharma D/O Late Ram Karan Das. Aftab Ahmad.

Both of them belong to poor families and in order to make a quick buck they committed this crime. As per their plan.000/. Dated: 08. 1. Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s accomplice. 12.02. Shastry Park. PROFILE Accused Mohd. three pairs of ear rings. Thereafter. Further investigation is in progress.  Voter I-card and other documents of the deceased. Aftab also belongs to the same village and is engaged with the work of Jarry/Embroidary and both of them were currently staying in a rented accommodation at D-40. Gali No.  Antique jewellary of the deceased (one necklace.  Rs. Ibrahim @ Sarfraj originally hails from Bihar and used to sell ‘Pan-Bidi’ on Foot path in Jama Maszid area and also used to work as part time domestic help in the house of the relative of the deceased. both of them reached Lajpat Nagar in the evening of 01-02-2011 and Ibrahim gained friendly entry from the main gate and he opened the back door of the house to facilitate the entry of his associate Aftab Ahmad. Gali No.deposited in the account of accused Aftab Ahmad on 03-02-2011. 40.400/ Rs. Kapashera.2011 HOUSE ROBBERY IN SUKHDEV VIHAR SOLVED WITHIN 12 HOURS With the arrest of three accused persons namely (1) Subhash. Ibrahim caught hold of the old lady and Aftab Ahmad throttled/strangulated manually and dumped the body in the store room of the house and decamped from the back door with the cash and jewellery from the almirah. 4. Delhi. RECOVERY  Cash Rs. Delhi at . as Ibrahim was aware of the place where the deceased usually kept her cash and jewellary.28-01-2011. r/o House No. Age.000/. 708.22 Years s/o Chattar Singh.  Mobile phone of the deceased.deposited in the account of the relative of the accused Mohd. one anklet and one ring).58. both of them reached Delhi from their village to execute their plan. 25.

the team of South-East District solved case of a house robbery which was committed along with a Juvenile in Conflict with Law on 7. New Friends Colony South-East Distt was constituted to work out the case. Age-34 years s/o Prem Raj r/o H. INVESTIGATION: A team under the supervision of Sh. 22/2011 U/s 392/34 IPC was registered at PS New Friends Colony and investigation was taken up.2. The victim also told that to verify them she asked to make a call to her son or her husband. She gave one envelop for writing and one of them wrote a letter on it and obtained the signatures of the lady as an acknowledgement. the spot investigation was carried out. Ali Gaon. Sapera Basti. ACP NFC headed by Insp. No. SHO/NFC and Insp. She stated that at around 1 PM. During the detailed interrogation of the victim Smt. On reaching the spot.present residing at A-19. Akhilesh Yadav. Sunil Kumar Singh. a case FIR No. New Delhi (3) Sonu Singh.2011 when the old lady was alone in the house.2. aged-63 years. Data Ram. The lady was terrified and she pointed towards almirahs. it was found that Smt. along with SI Brijesh Malik. 24 Masih Garg. they entered the bed-room and overpowered her. 4 lacs. One of them pinned her down on the bed & put the pillow on her face while the other asked about the cash and jewellery. s/o Anil Kumar r/o 909. The accused then started moving out but on the pretext of having left their documents. an information that two persons committed robbery by beating and assaulting an old lady in Sukdev Vihar. Lalita Devi. Taimoor Nagar New Delhi (2) Om Prakash.2011. The accused then opened the almirahs and took out cash about Rs. Age22 years. SI Ajay Yadav and ASI Bahgirath Special Staff and SI Ichcha Ram and SI Rajiv along with beat staff of P. 3 lacs and jewellery worth Rs.S. She talked to them through the side window to verify their genuineness and opened the gate after satisfying herself as the complaint was already lodged with MTNL. two persons rang the bell and on asking they told that they are telephone mechanics and had come to repair the land line. She gave . has been robbed by two persons. During the course of investigation. On entering the house one of them started talking to her and they wanted to deliver some documents to be given to her son who is an Advocate for which they need a receipt. New Delhi. Two youths have robbed her house when they entered in the house posing as Telephone Mechanics while she was alone in the house. Dog Squad and Crime Team visited the spot. INCIDENT: On 7. Lalita Devi revealed that during her conversation with the accused persons the accused had used their mobile phone and they were aware of the family details of the victim. Further they had made a few calls from their mobile phones. Hence.

Age-22 years. . New Delhi. 24 Masih Garg. (2) Om Prakash. 12. Age. 4 Lacs. had passed the complete information about the victim that she will be alone in the house from 10 AM to 2. He even told about the non-working of the land line phone and about the name of the family members. He was also one of the conspirator of this crime. Further investigation is in progress. Taimoor Nagar New Delhi is driver. One M/Cycle Pulsar that he had purchased for Rs.07 PM from one unknown number and it was a missed call. Further investigation from the address of the landline number revealed that the accused Subhash had joined as driver in a Kothi in New Friends Colony a few days ago and had not come back after leaving the children to school in the morning today. Kapashera. s/o Anil Kumar R/o 909. The further analysis of this caller’s number revealed that two landline numbers were previously used for calling on this number. 708. Age-34 years S/o Prem Raj R/o H. Profile (1) Subhash. The details given by the employer & sustained efforts led to the identification of accused persons. RECOVERIES The police team has recovered cash of Rs. The interrogation from the family member revealed that a call was made to the husband of the victim at 1. New Delhi.them their numbers. A call was also made on the landline to check whether the telephone is in working order. a handicapped. who give tuition to the grandchildren of the victim at his residence.from the looted amount from Okhla was also recovered. Gali No.22 Years S/o Chattar Singh.63 lacs and the looted jewellery worth of Rs. R/o House No. Om Prakash. Ali Gaon. Bharat Nagar. is usually coming to New Friends Colony and is aware of the affluent families residing in this area as he had studied in Govt.1. a handicapped and a graduate from Jamia University in 1996. ARREST AND CONSPIRACY FOR ROBBERY: The field investigation led to the arrest of the accused Subhash from Taimoor Nagar and his interrogation revealed that Sonu Singh had been in contact with Subhash and Juvenile in conflict with law to commit this robbery.180/. one knife and the clothes that the accused were wearing at the time of crime at the pointing out of the accused persons. 74. Sapera Basti. Delhi at present residing at A-19. No. presently taking home tuitions. The photograph of the driver was shown to the victim and she confirmed his identity. School.10 PM. (3) Sonu Singh.

14 Gali No. Shafiq R/o 761/22 Zakir Nagar Okhla. CT Ashok Kumar. 1 Mehboob Nagar Okhla New Delhi.No 356 Majid Qaidine Line Lal Bazaar Sri Nagar J&K was initially arrested & on his pointing out the main robbers who actually committed the robbery in the carpet showroom on 291-11. INTERROGATION During the course of investigation. were arrested. Sandeep Ghai (ATO/PS Lajpat Nagar). 45 lakhs were recovered from the area of Jafrabad Seelampur Delhi. Faizal S/o Sallauddin R/o 252/5 Zakir Nagar Okhla New Delhi.Dated: 31. New Delhi and (4) Suhail Khan S/o Abdul Fafiz Khan R/o House No. Ramesh Dahiya (SHO/PS Lajpat Nagar).2011 GANG OF ROBBERS BUSTED WITHIN 24 HOURS-04 ROBBERS NABBED AND COMPLETE ROBBED PROPERTY WORTH 45 LAKHS RECOVERED With the arrest of 04 persons namely (1) Sayed Sajjad Shah @ Sajjad S/o Syed Haider Shah R/o Flat No. Shafiq R/o 761/22 Zakir Nagar Okhla. Section 120-B has been added to this case during the investigation. New Delhi and Suhail Khan S/o Abdul Fafiz Khan R/o House No. 22 Hamdard Public School Campus Sangam Vihar New Delhi P. namely Mohd. CT Deshraj & CT Amit Kumar under the overall supervision of Ms. the owner of showroom Umer Hamid. SI Sanjay Prakash Bhatt. ASI Yashpal Singh. Insp. Meghna Yadav IPS ACP/Lajpat Nagar. During the course of investigation master mind behind this robbery Sayed Sajjad Shah @ Sajjad S/o Syed Haider Shah R/o Flat No. Faizal S/o Sallauddin R/o 252/5 Zakir Nagar Okhla New Delhi (3) Atif @ Sabi S/o Mohd. INVESTIGATION In the evening of 29-1-11. 14 Gali No. Atif @ Sabi S/o Mohd. South-East District police has solved a blind robbery case wherein export quality carpets worth Rs. 45 Lakhs were robbed at knife point from a showroom in Lajpat Nagar area. A team of officials of PS Lajpat Nagar was constituted comprising of Insp. Based upon the call from PCR. 30 carpets valued approximately Rs. 22 Hamdard Public School Campus Sangam Vihar New Delhi (2) Mohd. that some carpets have been stolen from C-119 Lajpat Nagar-II at knife point.01. enquiry was conducted by the police of PS Lajpat Nagar regarding stolen carpets and a case vide FIR No. information was received from PCR. 19/11 U/s 392 IPC was registered on the statement of employee of Showroom namely Ashraf Naik S/o Gulam Nabi Naik R/o K-75 Batla House Jamia Nagar New Delhi. HC Vinesh . 1 Mehboob Nagar Okhla New Delhi. On their instance the complete robbed property i. his employees and other Kashmiri traders who are into the business .e. HC Mahender Singh. address of H.

On sustained interrogation he broke down and confessed that he hatched the conspiracy and prepared 04 other boys to commit the robbery in the carpet show room. Faizal S/o Sallauddin. Suhail Khan S/o Abdul Fafiz Khan and Mohd.of carpets were examined in detail. Atif @ Sabi S/o Mohd. He was interrogated in detail and his movements were tracked which established that he was in constant touch with one person named Mohd. Atif. carried out reccee of the showroom for almost a week and materialized the plan on Sunday evening when the owner of the showroom was out for some personal work and only one employee was available in the showroom. After that they loaded the valuable carpets from the showroom in a white maruti van which was arranged by one of the accused namely Rahish. Faizal S/o Sallauddin. Sajjad was the mastermind as he provided the information regarding export quality valuable carpets being kept in the showroom situated at the basement of C119 Lajpat Nagar-II New Delhi. Shafiq and Suhail Khan S/o Abdul Fafiz Khan were arrested from the area of Zakir Nagar & on their pointing out 30 stolen carpets were recovered. Rahish and committed the robbery. they agreed to help the master mind Sajjad in this robbery of carpets. He hatched the conspiracy with the help of his 04 known persons namely Mohd. which was taken away by accused while committing robbery. . Shafiq. Faizal. All the accused belongs to lower class families and in order to become rich quickly. Sohail Khan along with their accomplice Rahis who is also resident of Zakir Nagar Delhi. Since only the export quality carpets were stolen. PROFILE The master mind Syed Sajjad Shah @ Sajjad was initially into the trade of manufacturing and selling of carpetsand he hails from Kashmir. Since there was meager income from this trading. Mohd Faizal. Based upon this information. They also took away the mobile of the employee so that he could not call police and his employer to report about the incident. he planned to rob the showroom of Umar Hamid in order to make money as well as to settle the score with him due to some old enemity. After detailed enquires it was found that one person namely Sajjad who was earlier into the business of carpers but now a day’s sitting idle without any source of income. He suffered some heavy losses in the business and started the trading of carpets on commission basis. it indicated that it is was the work of some person who is well versed with the quality & value of carpets. Sayed Sajjad Shah @ Sajjad S/o Syed Haider Shah was apprehended from Jungpura area. • One mobile phone make Nokia belonging to the employee of showroom namely Ashraf Naik. They overpowered that employee and tied his hands and legs. Atif @ Sabi S/o Mohd. RECOEVERY • 30 export quality carpets valued approximately Rs 45 Lakhs. At the instance of Sajjad. other accused Mohd.

Rahish @ Nafish r/o Vill. Further investigation is in progress and continuing efforts are being made to arrest the absconding accused Mohd. Road for patrolling and crime prevention. TEAM & INVESTIGATION:On 20. age 24 years. M.000/.000/. UP.15 PM a credible information was received that a desperate criminal namely Anish Ahmad on whom a reward of Rs.for providing any information leading to his arrest. South-East District have arrested a desperate interstate criminal named Anish Ahmad s/o Late Sh.2011  A DESPERATE INTERSTATE CRIMINAL ARRESTED BY SPECIAL STAFF. South-East District comprising SI Brijesh Malik. Distt.000/.• • The knife used by the accused to over power the employee of the showroom. PS.01. The Special Staff. Dated:22.2011 a team of Special Staff.B.  A REWARD OF RS 5.Kanth. HC Anil Kumar. 5.01.Nanak Nangli. Consts. SOUTH-EAST DISTT. Around 07. Rahis and to recover the Maruti Van in which the carpets were taken away by the accused. 5. Sushil and Deepak were present at Pipal Wala Chowk. UP Police had announced a cash reward of Rs.has been . Post-Lakra Hat. JP Nagar.HAD BEEN DECLARED BY UTTAR PRADESH POLICE ON HIS ARREST. The clothing material used to tie the employee while committing robbery.

2. The accused along with his gang had stolen many vehicles from Delhi. PS Sec-39. In this regard a case vide FIR No. PS Sec-39. Ghaziabad. u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act. UP. 452/07. He is wanted in several cases of auto theft in UP. He also informed that he might be carrying illegal arm with him. Naim and Nusrat. On personal search a button-actuated knife was recovered from his possession. UP. FIR No. 645/07 u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. Noida. Virender Kalia ACP/Ops apprehended the person namely Anish Ahmad. UP. 452/07. FIR No. PS Sec-39. While the other accused persons had been arrested in the above noted cases. MM in the Saket Court. Dated : 20/01/2011 . 4. Ghaziabad. Anish Ahamad had been absconding ever since. New Delhi. PS Link Road. 617/07 u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. One button-actuated knife FIR Nos. 297/07 u/s 379/411 IPC. 297/07 u/s 379/411 IPC. UP. u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. the team of Special Staff South East Distt under the leadership of Inspr. He further disclosed that he is wanted in many cases of MV Theft. FIR No. UP. On this. UP & FIR No. Case FIR No. 617/07 u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. UP. CASES WORKED OUT:- The accused was produced before the Ld. 645/07 u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. UP. Akhilesh Yadav Incharge Special Staff under the close supervision of Sh. was registered at PS Ambedkar Nagar. u/s 379/411 IPC & 197(i) MV Act. Noida. New Delhi.announced by UP police will be coming at the Hamdard University gate. Noida. Ghaziabad. PS Sec-39. PS Link Road. FIR No. Noida. Noida. 3. RECOVERY:• 1. INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI:On sustained interrogation the accused Anish Ahmad disclosed that he was in the business of auto-lifting along with associates namely Abid @ Alvi. Noida. Noida. PS Sec-39. 25/11. PS Sec-39. On further interrogation it was revealed that he was absconding in case FIR Nos. Further investigation is in progress.

New Delhi reported that on 14-1-2011 he along with his wife Nirmala. Sr. At about 9. Satender was constituted under the overall supervision of Sh. Investigation. Several suspects were interrogated but investigation zeroed in on Jitender . and daughter Heena went to their under construction house at Rohini around 10. one Laptop. Molarband Extn. Police has worked out a theft case and jewelry worth Rs.45 PM when he returned he found that some one had entered his house and committed the theft of Gold. Insp. Badarpur ASI. 7/11 dated 15-1-2011 u/s 380 IPC was registered at police station Badarpur and investigation taken up. The entry into the house was friendly . SHO/Badarpur. A special team comprising of Insp. ACP/Sarita Vihar. 20 lakhs and Brief facts :On 14-1-2011 complainant Deepak Kumar Dahiya. location of the keys and household articles including jewellry. Investigation and Modus Operandi:From the inspection of scene of crime it was obvious that someone known to the family could only have committed the theft as the thief appeared to have a thorough knowledge about the house. Het Ram Dahiya R/o flat No.SENSATIONAL THEEFT IN THE HOUSE OF NTPC ENGINEER WORKED OUT AND ENTIRE JEWELLERY WORTH Rs. Om Pal and Ct. NTPC. Badarpur age 40 years. recovered the stolen Gold. 20 Lakhs and one laptop Dell. Diamond and Silver jewelry worth Rs. On this a case FIR No./ 1349. Sanjay Bhardwaj.20 LAKHS AND LAPTOP RECOVERED With the arrest of accused Jitender Kumar S/o Mahender Pal Singh R/o House No. 5. HC. Badarpur. Insp. Bal Krishan Sharma. Type-IV. E-1.00 AM. D-51. Kamal Kishore. Electrical Engineer. Street No. Silver and Diamond New Delhi South East Distt. Ashok Kumar. S/o Sh. NTPC staff Colony.

2011 INTER STATE GANG OF CAR JACKERS & HIGH-WAY ROBBERS ARRESTED AND MURDER CASE OF SALES TAX OFFICER IN RAJASTHAN SOLVED. he disclosed that around 10 years back. With the passage of time.1. With the arrest of four car jackers and Auto lifters namely (1) Jagdish Meena @ Chottu @ Chhoteya @ Lohra @ Lakhan S/o Jagmohan . Dated:11. Silver and Diamond jewellery. On more than one occasion when she fainted due to illness. 766/ 07 u/s 279/304-A IPC of PS Badarpur.460 by which the complainant’s wife used to commute to her office. On sustained interrogation and cross verification. the accused helped her and even took her to Moolchand Hospital. he was a driver on a Blue Line bus of Route No. Finding a suitable opportunity around a month back. 2. Further investigations to find other involvements of the accused are still on. He was always lured by the wealth of the family and wanted to become rich overnight. One Dell Lap Top with charger More than 60 items (pieces) of Gold. Jitender stole the keys of main doors of the house from the Santro car of the complainant and committed theft of laptop in the afternoon of 14-1-2011 when he knew that the family was away and replaced all the keys in their original positions. he developed intimacy with the family and became a FAMILY MEMBER so much so that the victim / complainant Deepak Dahiya even stood surety for accused Jitender Kumar who caused a fatal accident registered vide case FIR No. Jitender broke down and disclosed having committed the theft. On further interrogation. Recoveries:1.Kumar who was a family friend of the complainant as well and like a family member.

Sultanpur. three cases of high way robberies with hurt in rajasthan.S. The driver stopped his car on the road side and tried to escape.. two cases of motor vehicle theft in Delhi and one motor vehicle theft in Harayna. Distt. and SI Virender Singh. Rajasthan. On 7-1-2011. a team comprising of Inspr. During checking at about 6. Toda bhim.Meena R/o village + P. Gunnaur. Ravinder No. Gunnaur. Dausa. On cross checking and verification the ENGINE NO. age. Police have busted an interstate gang of car jackers and Auto Lifters and recovered one Hyundai Verna Car. 332995 was found to be different. D4FA7U350349. age 25 years. Bal Krishan Sharma ACP/Sarita Vihar was constituted. CHASSIS NO.00 PM to 8. Inspr. The staff signaled the car to stop for checking. while the above noted police team was on vehicle checking duty at carriage way on Mehrauli Badarpur Raod. behind Gurdwara. Rajasthan. South East Distt. Tehsil & P. Investigation. On sustained . P. and Ct. Badaun. Badaun. Ravinder overpowered and apprehended the driver namely Subhash Kumar S/o Ompal Singh R/o village Babrala.S. In the mean time HC Pritam Singh along with Ct. Post Gunnaur. and Two Motor Cycles and solved murder case of sales tax officer in Rajasthan. One Santro Car. age 26 yearsand. DL-4CND-1189. (3) Banwari Lal Meena @ Jacki S/o Shiv Lal Meena R/o village Khochpuri ka Nagla.30 PM they saw one Hyundai Verna Car bearing registration No. Badarpur. Inspr. Delhi age 25 years.S. an abduction and rape case of rajasthan.Toda Bhim. one case of robbery in rajasthan. UP. Badarpur South East Distt. Distt. on checking of document the RC NO.20 years. Engine No. Kamal Kishore. UP. Sanjay Bhardwaj SHO. 2910/SE. (4) Khalil @ Guddu S/o Jamgeer R/o A-40.O. Distt. MALCN41VR7MO33318. Maguwa.00 PM . 1999/SE under the leadership and overall supervision of Sh. P. HC Pritam Singh.S.S. between 6. P. (2) Subhash Kumar S/o Ompal Singh R/o village Babrala. DL-4C ND-1189 Golden Colour coming from Pul Prehladpur side to Badarpur. Karoli. Distt. Post Gunnaur. Investigation and Modus Operandi :In recent past in order to curb the menace of Motor Vehicle theft in the area of P. Udham No.. Ct.

Jagdish @ Chhotu had also abducted and raped a girl Krishna (name changed) along with his associate Pintoo in the area of P.S. a Sale Tax Officer in the area of P. Toda Bhim. 213/10 dated 26-12-2010 u/s 379 IPC was found have been registered in police station Roop Nagar. PS Toda Bhim stands registered in this regard. Toda Bhim. Roop Nagar Area.S Badarpur. Mobile and Rs. The team apprehended all the other gang members during course of investigation who had committed car Jacking and thefts in the area of Haryana. Rajasthan. ATM cards. 2010 Rajasthan by shooting him during car jacking when he refused to hand over his Wagon-R car to them and escape from the scene after robbing his Wagon-R car. A case FIR No.S.S. It is pertinent to mention that accused Jagdish @ Chhotu has not yet been arrested in any of the above two cases and has also not yet been arrested in three cases of high way robberies registered under Section 394 IPC in P. Subsequent interrogation revealed that accused Subhash.S. 3/11 u/s 411/468/471 IPC was registered at P.S. Rajasthan stands registered in this regard. Salempur (Rajasthan) and one case of robbery registered U/s 392 IPC registered at P. He is one of the most wanted and desperate criminals of Karoli Distt. Karolli. Karoli. in the month of August. A case FIR No. Kishan Lal Meena. Salempur. Modus Operandi:- . Thoda Bhim. Rajasthan and Delhi. Distt. Distt. In this regard a case FIR No. 235/10 U/s 394/397/302/ 34 IPC.interrogation accused broke down and disclosed that he along with Jagdish @ Chottu and Banwari @ Jacky (a proclaimed offender and absconder involved in over ten cases and wanted by Rajasthan police in six heinous cases including dacoity with murder and of rape) and others has stolen the said car from P.000/-. had committed a number of car thefts with his associates Jagdish @ Chottu. 307/10 u/s 366/376/ 120-B IPC P. 50. A case vide FIR No. Banwari @ Jacky ( involved in 5 cases ) and Khalil @ Guddu. Distt Karoli. On further interrogation Jagdish @ Chhotu revealed that he had committed murder of Sh.S. Rajasthan.

S. Jaitpur. Rajasthan (not yet arrested). area. 75/09. Bayana. 166/10 u/s 392 IPC of P. Toda Bhim. Dousa (not yet arrested). Accused Jagdish @ Chottu age 20 years involved in: Case FIR No.  Case FIR 133/10 u/s 379 IPC Sec-5. Roop Nagar area. 110/09 u/s 379 IPC PS Jawahar Nagar.S. Accused Subhash age 25 involved in: Case FIR No. New Delhi which are being traced.S.  Case FIR No. 2. 4. Roop Nagar.S. Mahuwa. U/ 394 IPC P.  Case FIR No.  Case FIR NO.S. Karolli (not yet arrested). P. Dausa. Ballabgarh.S.S. Distt. Anand Vihar area. 2. 307/10 u/s 366/376/ 120-B IPC P. They also obtained duplicate RC of their vehicle and then sold the stolen vehicles to receivers known to them by mobile numbers in Meerut. Rajasthan (not yet arrested). Karolli (not yet arrested). Recoveries effected:1. Distt. Jaipur City. Rajasthan. Kotputali. One Hero Honda Motor Cycle stolen from Saket Court parking. one Mahindra Bolero from the area of PS Govindpuri ( N-Delhi) one Hyundai Verna Car from the area of P. 3. Distt.S. Distt. They have disclosed their collective involvements in stealing one Mahindra Bolero from the area of P.S Badarpur. 3/11 u/s 411/468/471 IPC registered at P. One Hyundai Verna Car stolen from P. 93/09 u/s 394 IPC. 451/10 u/s 382 P. Haryana. Mahuwa. Camp. Gurgoan. One Santro Car stolen from P.S.The modus operandi of accused are stealing the same vehicle which they owned and after stealing same model vehicle they remove / temper the original number plate and Chassis number.  Case FIR No. Rajasthan (not yet arrested).  Case FIR No.  Case FIR No.  Case FIR No. 235/10 U/s 394/397/302/ 34 IPC Toda Bhim. One Bajaj Discover Motor Cycle stolen from P. Salempur.S. Distt. Involvement:1. Dausa. 72/10 u/s 379 IPC PS Gurgoan DLF-II. . Dausa.

3/11 u/s 411/468/471 IPC was registered at P.77/10 u/s 399/402/120-B IPC & 25 Arms Act.00 PM. Raini. Case FIR No.S. The accused persons were produced before the duty Magistrate in Saket Court and police custody remand of the accused was obtained in order to conduct further investigations and to make further recoveries. Khalil @ Guddu age. The information was further developed. aged 40 years. Sushil. to develop intelligence regarding such gangs operating in the district. Dousa. the Special Staff of South East Distt. With the arrest of Ravi @ Akash.      Accused Banwari @ Jacky aged 26 years involved in 5 cases:Case FIR No. Consts. Distt. Brijpal. 83/08 u/s 134/187/279/337 IPC P.01. On 04. Case FIR No. The team received some credible information regarding few criminals operating in different parts of the city mainly in the parked cars. 4. Futher investigations are continuing. PS Salempur (not yet arrested). on the basis of a credible information the above team arrested one Ravi @ Akash aged 40 years from Bus Stop.11 at 11. Vikram. Akhilesh Yadav Incharge Special Staff consisting of SIs Brijesh Malik. 421/09 u/s 279/338 IPC P.S.S Badarpur. Distt. Sarai Kale Khan in the area of PS Sunlight Colony when he came to sell stolen ECMs with his associate . 137/10 u/s 394 IPC. Anil Kumar. Ashiah Dalal. Distt Alwar.2011 ECM Thieves arrested by Special Staff of South East District.S.25 years involved in: Case FIR No. TEAM & INVESTIGATION:In order to prevent the incidents of ECMs theft in South East District and other parts of the city. 148/09 u/s 399/402 IPC Mahua. 3/11 u/s 411/468/471 IPC was registered at P. Dated:07. Jeet Singh. Ramroop and Satish under the supervision of Sh. Katwali. Case FIR No. Five cases of ECM theft solved and stolen properties recovered. Virender Kalia ACP/Ops. a team of Special Staff South East Distt was constituted under the leadership of Inspr.S Badarpur.  Case FIR No.01. HCs Ram Meher. Surender.  Case FIR No. Case FIR No 682/09 379 IPC P.S Badarpur. Satbir. 3. Dousa. 3/11 u/s 411/468/471 IPC was registered at P. has busted a gang of ECM thieves. Case FIR No. Five Stolen ECMs & One Tata Sumo cars have been recovered from his possession. Mahua. Rajasthan.

3. 4.COLONY. PS N. Prakash and Manoj. as stealing ECMs from parked cars from tourist spots is very easy. FIR NO. PS AMAR COLONY. 2. They hardly take five minutes to remove the ECMs from the parked cars. After search of Tata Sumo car five stolen ECMs were recovered from under the front co-passenger seat. 5. Dated : 04/01/2011 . U/S 379 IPC.namely Lalchand Tiwari @ Lala in a Tata Sumo car. Chandigarh & hill stations like Shimla. A Tata Sumo car has also been seized from his possession which they use in committing the crime and to escape easily from the scene of crime. All recovered ECMs and Tata Sumo were taken into police possession. U/S 379 IPC. RECOVERY:• • • Three ECMs of Maruti 800 car Two ECMs of Maruti Omni car One Tata Sumo car CASES WORKED OUT:1. 101/10. Further investigation of the case is in progress. FIR NO. Manali. Amritsar. FIR NO. 106/10. 507/10. US/379 IPC.F. PS N. They visit tourist spots in peak tourist season. U/S 379 IPC.F. COLONY. FIR NO. U/S 379 IPC. The accused was produced before the duty MM Court Saket. INTERROGATION & MODUS OPERANDI:On sustained interrogation the accused Ravi @ Akash disclosed that he is in the business of stealing ECMs from the parked cars along with associates namely Lala Chand @ Lala. During further interrogation he revealed that his gang is operating in the area of Delhi & NCR as well as famous tourist spots like Jaipur. FIR NO. Lalchand Tiwari @ Lala managed to flee between the running traffic. 526/10. PS SUNLIGHT COLONY. 157/10. PS AMAR COLONY.

New Delhi. Khanpur.01. The dead body could not be identified. Virat road Dakshinpuri. S. Om Prakash. Tulsi Prasad residing at A-91. Om Parkash. Duggal Colony. Parvez. District Baroli. A case FIR No. age 28 years working as Territorial Manager in Reliance Communication.2011 u/s 302/201 IPC was registered in PS Ambedkar Nagar. New Delhi. Further investigation also revealed that deceased was having affair with a girl namely Rinki (Name changed) sister of Surender Kumar S/o Sh. From the place of occurrence a sim card of reliance mobile phone was also recovered from the park near the place of occurrence.2011. Mahipal Singh. Sh. Third Floor. Ram Babu Singh.01/2011 dated: 01.I. Further investigation revealed that deceased Vaibhav Mishra had come to attend a New Year party at about 11. New Delhi hosted by his distributor namely Pradeep Kumar @ Jhonty S/o Shri. Incident: A dead body fully burnt from front side above Knee and a burnt Motor Cycle lying on the dead body was found lying in the street near Shop No. II Floor. 135. HCs Surender & Inderjeet and Cts.I. Mahatma Gandhi Auto Market. AMBEDKAR NAGAR. The deceased was wearing ‘Reebok Shoes’ and blue jeans. Duggal Colony. New Delhi. SHO Ambedkar Ngr. aged about 22 years .45 PM (Mid Night of 31/1-01. Dakshinpuri. Dakshinpuri. Sh. After sincere efforts the dead body was identified as that of Vaibhav Mishra S/o Shanti Prakash Mishra R/o Vill & PS Faridpur. UP and presently residing at A-91. Sunil & Manish was constituted to solve the case. Duggal Colony. Investigation: A team of police officers under the supervision of ACP/Ambedkar Ngr.2011) at A block. Gurjeet Singh.A BLIND BRUTAL MURDER CASE OF A RELIANCE EMPLOYEE SOLVED AND FIVE ACCUSED PERSONS ARRESTED BY P.30 AM dated 01. by his friend Shiv Kumar S/o Sh.S. Arjun Prasad Mishra R/o A-80. Mauji Ram R/o E-337. New Delhi. S. Dakshinpuri.K. New Delhi on the night of 31 st December.01. ATO. Yasin. Mathura Road. New Delhi and Sh. Suresh Mishra S/o Sh. Deceased Vaibhav Mishra left the party at about 12. Accused . Sh. III Floor. R/o A-53. R. Shah.

Anand Prakash S/o Mohan Lal R/o J-II/18. New Delhi. Near Appughar. Which is lonely where all accused beat him with stones and Danda. Accused Surender did not like the relationship. Madangir. Surender and above said accused persons stopped his Motorcycle and overpowered him and took him to the backside of the Auto Market. Accused Surender came to know that deceased Vaibhav Mishra has come to attend a party at A Block Dakshinpuri in the backside of Virat Auto Market and decided to eliminate Vaibhav Mishra with the help of above said accused persons. aged about 21 Years. After burning the body of deceased Vaibhav Mishra and Motor Cycle. To execute their plan the accused Surender sat near Auto market waiting for the deceased to come there. Madangir. in Auto Market Dakshinpuri. he hatched a conspiracy along with above said accused persons to eliminate him as he had seen deceased Vaibhav Mishra roaming with his sister earlier. Lateron. No. Name Parentage & Address Profession Age . Thereafter.Surender Kumar was having a New Year Party with his friends namely Rajiv @ Ganja S/o Banwari Lal R/o Anna Nagar. As soon as the deceased reached near Auto Market Dakshinpuri. Subash Camp. Jhuggi New Delhi. Anil @ Lohar S/o Rajbir. Profile of the Accused Persons:Sl. New Delhi. all the accused escaped from the spot. aged about 19 years and Rahul @ Pawan Chor S/o Vijay R/o B-62. IP Estate. R/o Jhuggi Near Lal Building School. 642. Since deceased was under the influence of liquor he could not resist. aged about 20 years. Motive: The detailed interrogation revealed that deceased Vaibhav Mishra was having affair with sister of accused Surender. all the accused threw deceased on the ground and kept Motor Cycle of deceased on the body of the deceased and poured petrol on the deceased and set the body and Motor Cycle on fire. Accused Surender had seen deceased Vaibhav Mishra coming to A block Dakshinpuri. H. New Delhi. No. As soon as deceased come out after attending New Year party from his friend’s place they overpowered him and executed their plan.

New Band works as Ghoda Years Mauji Ram Delhi Bhuggi operator. Surender R/o E-337.1. 3. . Subash He is also working as a Pawan Chor Camp. New Mohan Lal Delhi He is working as casual labour with Band company. Dadri Wala Ghoda Madangir. H. Prakash S/o Madangir. Building School. Rajiv @ Ganja R/o Anna Nagar. CGO Complex. 642. S/o Banwari No. 4. Delhi Rahul @ R/o B-62. New Delhi Anand R/o J-II/18. Dakshinpuri. Band company. IP Estate. Private Sweeper working at Sanchar Mantralaya. Prahladpur. Further investigation of the case is in progress. a 24 a Years 24 Years 19 Years 21 Years 2. ND Anil @ Lohar R/o Jhuggi Near Lal An employee of Pappu S/o Rajbir. All the accused persons were formally arrested. Jhuggi New casual labour with a S/o Vijay Delhi. 5. New Bhuggi. An employee of Vijay 22 Kumar S/o Sh. Lal Near Appughar.