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Friends  of  Buker   Bessie  Buker  Elementary  School   1  School  Street   Wenham,  MA  01984        

Gearing  up  for  Summer    

Bike  Safety  Day  at  Wenham’s  Elementary  School      
WENHAM   –   Summer  vacation  is  less  than  20  days  away,  and  the  students  at  

Buker   Elementary   School   are   getting   ready.     All   classes   enjoyed   a   Bike   Safety   Assembly   Wednesday   followed   by   an   afternoon   of   bike   races   and   obstacle   courses.     The   event   is   part   of   an   annual   bike   safety   awareness   program  sponsored  by  the  Friends  of  Buker.     Wenham  Community  Police  Officer  William  Foley  and  Heather  Ross  from   the  MassDOT  Safe  Routes  to  School  program  provided  students  essential   reminders  to  keep  safe  while  riding  a  bike.       Foley   talked   to   student   cyclists   about   being   aware   of   road   dangers   like   motorists   exiting   driveways   and   using   traffic   lights   to   cross   the   street.   Ross’   message   was   clear   that   anyone   under   17   must   wear   a   helmet   every   time   they   ride   a   bike   because   “that   is   the   law   in   Massachusetts.”       After  school,  the  community  participated  in  Bike  Day  on  the   Buker   campus   to   practice   safe   riding   skills.     Pinnacle   Bike   Works  of  Beverly  transformed  fields  into  a  bike  racing  track   with  all  new  equipment  this  year.    Safety  demonstrations  and   information  was  available  along  the  School  Street  driveway.     Event   coordinator   Melanie   D’Orio   said   despite   cloudy   skies   the  afternoon  events  were  a  tremendous  success.  “Today  was   a  testament  to  our  greater  community  …  almost  100  student   participants   came   out   to   support   some   good   old   fashioned   fun,”   she   said.    “Parent   volunteers   and   Pinnacle   Bike   Works   guaranteed   safety   and   success,   while   the   smiling   faces   and   competitive  spirit  of  all  racers  added  to  the  excitement.”       Working  together  the  schools,  safety  officers,  and  students  will  make  this  the  safest  summer  of  cycling   in  Wenham.  

Melanie  D’Orio,  Parent  Voluneer,,  617.767.3395   Heather  Ross,  Safe  Routes  to  School,,  857.368.8646   Officer  William  Foley,  Wenham  Police  Department,,  978.468.4000   Stuart  Thorne,  Pinnacle  Bike  Works,,  978.922.7722