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Downtown Oakland Association Board of Directors Meeting Wednesday, May 1, 2013 – 1:00 P.M.

5 Star City Center Conference Center - 500 12th Street – Suite 201 Agenda 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Call to order-Michelle Lane, President Public comment and announcements Approval of the minutes of the March 6, 2013 meeting Financial Report Action Item Action Item

Review of Organization Committee Strategic Planning meeting with Tomiquia Moss Selection of public relations contractor a. DISI recommendation Action Item


Hardship Reimbursement Requests a. Youth Radio b. First Church of Christ, Scientist Action Item Action Item


SOBO Updates a. Security b. Maintenance


DISI Updates a. Newsletter

10. Gallen.Neilly Report 11. Other 12. Next Meeting Date: August 7, 2013
BROWN ACT: Government Code 54950 (The Brown Act) requires that a brief description of each item to be transacted or discussed be posted at least 72 hours prior to a regular meeting. The Corporation posts agendas with the City at 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, #101. Action may not be taken on items not posted on the agenda. Copies of the agenda are available from the Downtown Oakland Association at 388 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612. Meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you require special assistance to participate in the meeting, notify our office at 510 238-1122 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612 Phone 510.238.1122  Fax 510.452.4530  


Downtown Oakland Association Board of Directors Meeting Minutes of Wednesday, March 6, 2013 – 1:00 p.m. City Center 5 Star Conference Center - 500 12th Street Present: Michelle Lane, Sara May, Martin Ward, Jesse Nelson, Karissa Obeso-Govan, Joe Gallardo, JC Wallace, David Weltin, Keira Williams

Excused Absence: Michael McGuire Staff: Steve Snider/District Manager, Andrew Jones/District Services Coordinator, Victoria Decker/Office Manager, Fiona Simms/Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Clark/FAB Nancy Amaral/Gallen.Neilly & Associates Jason Oringer/United Service Workers West SEIU

General Counsel: PR Consultants: Guests:

Discussions held and decisions made by the Board of Directors

SUBJECT Call to order- Michelle Lane, President Public comment and announcements

DISCUSSION Michelle Lane called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.
Jason Oringer of United Service Workers West SEIU joined the meeting to inform the CBD and the property owners and managers in the room regarding ongoing security contract negotiations. He noted that though 2/3 of the employees they represent work in San Francisco, many of them live in the East Bay. Joe reported that Two Jacks Denim has opened at 2355 Broadway. Karissa noted that City Center is hosting an Irish band in the plaza for St. Patrick’s Day as well as a volunteer fair on the 27th because April is Volunteer month. Michelle brought up the Oakland Running Festival. Andrew noted that this is the 3rd year, and the event draws a large crowd to Downtown. Sara noted that they are looking for permanent office space. David suggested that they contact him.

No action taken.

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612 Phone 510.238.1122  Fax 510.452.4530  

Approval of the minutes of the December 5, 2012 meeting The committee reviewed the minutes of the December 5, 2012 meeting. Sara move and JC seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2012 meeting. Martin and Karissa abstained. The motion was approved. Martin moved and Michelle seconded the motion to approve the financial report. The motion was approved unanimously.

Financial Report

Tori reported that the district received $423,299.90 in our December disbursement. This amount is approximately $61,000 less than anticipated because the City of Oakland has not yet paid their assessment. Tori noted that the December disbursement of 2011 was also less than anticipated, but was enough to fund the district through the April disbursement, and the shortfall should pose no problem this year. The DISI committee year to date actual totals $5,312.46. The SOBO committee year to date actual totals $97,414.04. The ORG committee year to date actual totals $31,257.63. The total cash remaining equals $345,303.46. Michelle reported that the members of the Organization Committee met to determine and solidify a strategic plan outlining long and short term goals. Elizabeth Clark was in attendance and reviewed the process of formation, expansion and noted that we cannot manually bill properties that lie outside our boundaries for services. Sara has been tasked with creating a bullet point list of specific goals for 2013 and 2014, with an emphasis on district identity and administration. Jesse has been tasked with creating an outline for identifying long term goals. It was decided that a facilitator should be hired to help direct the board in creating a comprehensive strategic plan. Michelle also mentioned the Land Use committee and a discussion that Deborah Boyer had with Fred Blackwell. They discussed new staff that will be starting with Fred later this month. It was determined that a Land Use plan for working with the city should be written by the city with help from the CBDs. Sara also noted that staff will be producing a list of property owners with notes of their experience with each individual. That will be brought to the board in the hopes that each board member can facilitate outreach. Steve noted that staff has experienced a lack of clarity from property owners regarding what services we provide. Sara noted that Tori presented at DISI an example of a brief explanatory card that other districts have created. JC mentioned that Kelley Kahn from the redevelopment agency is starting with the City of Oakland as the Economic and Workforce Development Director, and could be a very good partner for the CBDs.

Review of Organization Committee Retreat

No action taken.


Michelle announced that Elizabeth is transitioning out of her role as pro bono general counsel for the CBDs. She will be working closely with staff over the next few months to prepare them. Michelle, staff, and the board thanked Elizabeth for her work and support over the past several years. Andrew reported that there was a mishap with the delivery of the Big Belly Solar advertising panels and they will be picked up shortly. Several old trash cans have been removed and Andrew noted that this is due to the good working relationship he has developed with the Public Works Agency. We are already receiving email alerts and statistical trash collection data from the Big Bellys. The BART planters have been installed and look good. The Ambassadors have reported that they are deterring loitering. We have had an issue with the theft of more than 20 plants. So far Trimacs has worked with us and replaced the plants at no charge. Several options to remedy this were discussed. Sara suggested using more mature plants that are more difficult to remove. Jesse asked about the watering of these plants. Andrew reported that Peralta Service Corporation drive the district in a watering truck and hand water each plant approximately 3 times per week. Country Garden Nursery has given us a 2 week window for the return of the hanging plants. We should have them installed by early April. The encroachment permit has been revised to include the medians and other projects. Staff is working on finalizing the contract. If it can be completed today, median work can start this weekend. Latham Square is now under our purview, but Andrew reported that he has postponed the purchase of the equipment since he has learned that the city is on a fast track to complete their renovation of the area. He is working with the city to coordinate his equipment purchase with their plans. Staff reported that we are hoping to host another Spring Unveiling in late April or early May when we anticipate all of our beautification projects to be completed. These projects include the hanging plants, the BART planters, median landscaping, the Big Belly Solar trash compactors, the utility box art wraps, and Latham Square improvements. Andrew noted that Block by Block and Peralta now have the same uniforms, are utilizing some new tools, and have gotten a good start to the year.

SOBO Update a. Big Belly Trash Compactor Installation b. BART Planter Installation c. Median Updates

No action taken.


Jesse requested an update on the CCTV program. Andrew outlined the program and reported that he is still in the “courting process” with various property owners. He hosted a demonstration of the system and software which was fairly well attended. He listed the various interested parties and the various concerns they have expressed about the program. He noted that he has given each property owner a quote specific to their site and has offered to subsidize a portion of the installation cost to strategic interested parties. There was much discussion of the best way to reach out to these property owners and JC noted that the board should leverage their connections to encourage participation in the program. He asked that Andrew send him a brief description of the program and its benefits. Steve reported on the activities of the new district 3 council member Lynette McElhaney. There was much discussion regarding First Friday and it was noted that the city has committed to funding First Friday through June. It was decided that the district will not yet take a position, but will continue to provide auxiliary services to limit to any negative effects on the district. Staff reported that the DISI committee has sponsored the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s event Bike to Work day in the amount of $3,000.00. We have also begun work with a graphic designer, Carla Radosta, on a graphic identity program to create a single, cohesive design concept which includes an updated masthead, color palette, font palette, and newsletter design. Staff also noted that Visit Oakland and the Chamber of Commerce have coordinated Oakland A’s Spirit Week to celebrate the opening week of the Athletics. Nancy noted that Galen Neilly worked with the broker focus group to create a press release listing all of the leases signed in the past 6 to 9 months which was exclusively released to Globe Street. She also noted that in response to a rising concern from the broker focus group, Nancy is working with Ted to utilize online crime mapping. Nancy noted that she is working with Andrew to create a media pitch about the Ambassador Card program, which Andrew explained. Staff noted that Derrick Pickett suggested that the districts apply for an award with IDA which they present as a part of their annual conference. Nancy mentioned that Gallen.Neilly can nominate us for the award. JC noted that just a nomination is a good opportunity to research and network with foundations in New York where the conference will be held this year. Steve also mentioned that Met Life/LISC asked us to reapply for the community-police partnership grant

DISI Update a. Newsletter

No action taken.

Gallen.Neilly & Associates Report

No action taken.


No action taken.


this year. Jesse noted that the LISC office is near the district. Steve mentioned that parties from the Kapor Foundation and the Irvine Foundation have expressed interest in participating in the districts, possibly on the board. Steve noted that Ali Schwartz from the City of Oakland and the Lakeside Green Street Project, which is involved with Measure DD and Snow Park improvements, is applying for a grant and has asked the CBDs to send in a letter of support. May 1, 2013 The meeting adjourned at 2:32 p.m.

Next Meeting Adjournment

Minutes taken by: Fiona Simms, Administrative Assistant








November 2008 The following form shall be used by Downtown Oakland Association CBD assessed property owners interested in applying for a “Hardship Reimbursement”. Please fill out the form completely and review the attached policy for clarification of eligibility with this program. 1. Name of Applicant Property Owner Company: _First Church of Christ, Scientist, Oakland______________________________________ 2. Name of Owner or Authorized Rep: Board President – Angela Hunnicutt, 510522-3732 or 3. Street Address of Applicant Property Owner: ___1701_Franklin Street________________________________________________________ 4. Parcel(s) requested to be reimbursed for Downtown Oakland CBD assessments this year: ____8-623-7_________________________________________________________________ 5. Amount of Assessment Paid this Year: _____$4,651.30_________________________ (Please show proof of CBD payment made to County) 6. Amount Requested to be reimbursed through the Hardship Policy: (Partial, full, etc.) $4,186.17 (90%)_____________________________________________ 7. Reason for Request: (Please use one of the rationale identified in policy) (3) “The Organization/Executive Committee shall make its recommendations to the full Board of Directors based upon the following criteria: a. Determination that the request for reimbursement relief is based upon genuine economic hardship and inability to afford the CBD’s annual costs; and WHEREAS the Downtown Oakland Association seeks to improve the downtown area with the special benefits funded from the new CBD, however, does not seek to create hardship for disabled, senior or other individuals, non-profit/tax-exempt organizations or those property owners who currently lack the means to pay into the Downtown Oakland


Community Benefit District” Reason for request for Hardship reimbursement from the Downtown Oakland Association: 1. The assessment amount is an increase in excess of 850% from 2008 (prior to this Special District). 2. The current membership is less than 25 and, as a result, monthly net income versus expenses is negative. 3. Because the church sits on a corner lot, the linear footage calculation/ cost is based on footage on both 17th Street and Franklin. We are a small membership working to maintain a large historic building. 5. The building is used about six hours per week for church services – only four hours of which are on weekdays. 6. In recent years in order to comply with local ordinances, we have incurred major expenses to have the building retrofitted for earthquake safety. Recommendation for documentation by the DOA Organization Committee: Request for Documentation by Organization Committee:  Last 2 year tax returns:  List of properties owned within or outside of Downtown  Last 2 years operating statements for each parcel  Most current 2 years of bank statements on parcel Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No

Organization Committee Recommendation: ________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Board Action: Date of Action: Comments:


Gallen.Neilly – March ’13 / April ‘13 Activity
To: The Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland District Associations Fr: Tim Gallen, Andrew Neilly, Nancy Amaral Here is our summary report of March/April activity undertaken by Gallen.Neilly on behalf of the Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland Districts.

Press Releases:
   “The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival Benefiting the East Bay SPCA” distributed to the media on 3/22/13 “Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland Ambassadors Reward Good Samaritans & Promote Oakland Businesses” pitched to the media on 3/19/13 “Leasing Healthy In Oakland’s Uptown & Downtown Benefit Districts” distributed to the media on 3/11/13

Media Inquiries/Pitches:
  Gallen.Neilly spoke with Sean Kennedy of Good News Oakland re: recent happenings in the Districts… including the leased square footage release. Sean says he is interested in doing a story on the amount of leases and new businesses coming into Oakland for Good News Oakland and KGO. Gallen.Neilly to target specific interview opportunities for Sean for a bigger story. Received a phone call from ABC 7 reporter Ron Lopez re: the shooting on April 23. Gallen.Neilly consulted with Ted Tarver and then returned the reporter’s call with information on the Ambassadors serving as witnesses only by reviewing surveillance footage from local merchants. Once the reporter found out that the Ambassadors do not hold their own investigations, he seemed to lose interest… but then we informed him of the other duties of the Ambassadors and Districts and the reporter then asked to be added to our newsletter & media lists. Coordinated & attended interviews between Louise Couvelaire (LeMonde Magazine), CBD staff, hospitality & maintenance ambassadors and shop owners in Oakland regarding the districts ambassador program on 4/16… toured the districts with CBD staff & Louise. o Also coordinated a photo shoot on 4/25 with the LeMonde photographer. Prepped/planned with Ted Tarver, Ambassador Nick & Andrew Jones for the photo shoot via phone. “Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland District Ambassadors celebrate A's Spirit Week w/ Mayor Quan” distributed to the media on 4/4/13 Arranged interviews for Deborah Boyer, Michelle Lane, and Andrew Jones with Julie at BisNow SF regarding recent activity and future activities in the Downtown and Uptown/Lake Merritt District Associations. Coverage resulted (please see below under the “Recent Clips” section) o Snapped photo’s in and around Oakland of Deborah Boyer, Michelle Lane, Andrew Jones, and Ambassadors in Oakland a day before the interviews. o Sent photos, with captions, to Julie for use with her story. Received a phone call from Laura McCamy at Oakland Local requesting a brief interview with Steve Snider regarding Pop-up Hood and business development improvements within the districts. Arrangements were made 4/15 - monitoring media for coverage. Received a phone call from Jim Brown at the Piedmonter/Montclarion (Bay Area News Group Publication) regarding the impact the new theater has had within the districts. Andrew Jones spoke to him 4/10/13 – monitoring media for coverage. Worked with Issabella on next month’s First Friday Cat Festival and took a part in placing a front-page cover story in the San Francisco Bay Guardian on 4/9/13 with joint team effort with the Great Wall & Issabella (please see below under the “Recent Clips” section). o Sent other recent clips to Issabella regarding the First Friday Cat Festival, per her request. Sent exclusive on leasing to Natalie Dolce (GlobeSt)- clip resulted on 3/17 (please see below under the “Recent Clips” section). Coordinated with Mike Mibach of KTVU for Ambassador Card pitch- Mike could not get the pitch approved in his morning planning meeting

 

    

      Gallen.Neilly provided a suggested quote to Steve Snider, on behalf of the Districts, for a request re: Jack London Improvement Districts. Oakland A’s Spirit Week – Gallen.Neilly suggested possibly having Ambassadors wear A’s T-Shirts/Hats for that week for media photo opp. o Pitched to Visit Oakland/A’s on KGO Radio o Tweeted and Facebooked the tie in with the Ambassadors wearing the hats and a contest that Visit Oakland promoted for A’s Spirit Week. Broker focus mtg. held on 3/26/13 – next steps include possible roundtable with the media, brokers and their senior research analysts re: stats within the districts Monitored activity feed for Uptown & Downtown Oakland on a weekly basis - Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Oakland ‘Groups’ page) CBD Monthly Eblast: Gathered content ideas each month for EBlast’s that are distributed to the CBD’s lists. (Ongoing) Gallen.Neilly attends all DISI and Board mtgs.

Recent Clips
    Bay Area News Group Publications: “Oakland: Internet Cat Video Festival to debut in Uptown district” ran on 4/25/13 Oakland Local: “Tribune Tavern opens in Oakland (Community Voices)” ran on 4/22/13 Our Oakland Blog: “First Friday Fun” ran on 4/14/13 Rockridge Patch: “Thousands of Feline Fanciers to Gather at Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival” ran on 4/12/13
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                                BisNow (SF): “Oakland's A for Activity” ran on 4/11/13 NBC Bay Area: “Sculpture Park Rises Up in Downtown Oakland” ran on 4/8/13 Bay Area News Group: “New Uptown Art Park highlights latest transformation of Oakland neighborhood” ran on 4/7/13 NREI: “String of Leasing Deals Strengthens Oakland Market” ran on 4/2/13 San Francisco Business Times: “Webster Street building on the block in Oakland” ran on 4/5/13 GlobeSt: “HFF Marketing Sale of Plaza 360” ran on 4/4/13 BANG: “'First Friday' film will highlight Oakland event and crime responses” ran on 4/4/13 Oakland North: “Oakland seniors team up with district associations to make it easier to get around” ran on 4/3/13 Upstart Business Journal: “Beware of Cats: The Internet Cat Video Festival expands east and west” ran on 4/3/13 KALW: “East Bay Express: Underground Dining Goes Online” ran on 4/2/13 The Register: “Second International Cat Video Festival coming to Oakland CA” ran on 3/30/13 San Francisco Bay Guardian: “Can't stop fashion: Style, as always, at Oakland's First Friday” ran on 3/28/13 Huffington Post: “Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival Showcases The Web's Finest Felines (VIDEOS)” ran on 3/28/13 The Bold Italic: “Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival” ran on 3/28/13 Oakland North: “Kickstarter provides a cash boost and community support to Oakland restaurants” ran on 3/27/13 East Bay Express: “Uptown Kitchen and The Sound Room/ Mixing Local Food Artisans and Jazz” ran on 3/26/13 San Francisco Bay Guardian: “Internet Cat Video Festival pussyfoots its way to Oakland” ran on 3/25/13 KQED: “Oakland to Host Popular Internet Cat Video Festival” ran on 3/25/13 East Bay Express: “Can Popuphood Revitalize KONO?” ran on 3/20/13 The Registry: “Lake Merritt/Uptown & Downtown Oakland Ambassadors Reward Good Samaritans & Promote Oakland Businesses” ran on 3/19/13 SFGate: “A doughnut renaissance in Oakland” ran on 3/15/13 San Francisco Business Times: “It’s the food: Eateries feed Oakland rise” ran on 3/15/13 BANG Publications: “Review: Oakland's Duende a stylish gem” ran on 3/12/13 East Bay Express: “Kingston 11 to Bring Jerk Chicken, Jamaican Pride to Uptown Oakland” ran on 3/12/13 The Registry: “Jones Lang LaSalle Appoints Leader for Healthcare Project and Development Group in Northern California” ran on 3/11/13 GlobeSt: “Oakland Leasing Healthy, Becomes “Cool Place”” ran on 3/7/13 GlobeSt: “HFF Closes sale of Whole Foods at Bay Place, Oakland” ran on 3/7/13 NREI: “Bond Sells Whole Foods Property in Oakland” ran on 3/7/13 The Registry: “Ohio REIT Buys Oakland Whole Foods” ran on 3/7/13 SF Eater: “Sons & Daughters' Price Cut; Lungomare Adds Brunch” ran on 3/7/13 East Bay Express: “At Duende, Uptown's Newest Hotspot, the Food Is as Grand as the Venue “ ran on 3/6/13 Oakland Local: “Downtown Oakland Eats - Can we talk tea?” ran on 3/4/13

Press Releases:
 Beautification update re: back of BART planters, big belly trash compactors etc. (awaiting further details so draft can be compiled for a Spring reveal.)

Media Inquiries/Pitches:
    Gallen.Neilly to tour the Districts with National Real Estate Investor Editor Susan Piperato on 5/1/13 & to discuss story opportunities. Good News Oakland/KGO follow-ups to be made to Sean Kennedy re: further initiatives to bring new businesses to Oakland- possible to include/interview. Crime Mapping –Several brokers like the crime mapping website – to be used by brokers, with the media, etc. as needed. Reviewing national trade publication editorial calendars for opportunities to contribute positive-positioning Oakland articles or arrange interviews for scheduled features in Spring issues o Oakland Magazine: (July/August Issue) – “Best of Oakland & the East Bay” – Deadline May 31 (this is a nomination process, forms will be available online soon.) o Diablo Magazine: (July Issue) – “Diablo Profiles Spotlight: Best of the East Bay” – Deadline May 15

 International Downtown Association Awards Nomination Forms- Gallen.Neilly reached out to the IDA and will help coordinate the districts’ entry for their annual awards. Sent out additional information as of 4/15. Deadline for submission is June 14. o IDA Feature opportunity for Oakland – Gallen.Neilly has coordinated with the IDA to have the districts featured as their “Downtown of the Month”. Kevin (Communications & Information Services Manager for IDA) will be in touch with us in May to discuss materials needed. Oakland Restaurant Survey, suggested to the districts for stats, in progress Winter 2013 Newsletter Contents Drafted – for review & placement into template with Tori & Fiona District ‘Tweet-of-the-Week’-- plan in progress to strengthen social media platform on a schedule

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