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Introduction of Company

East West Insurance Company (Limited) appeared on the horizon of Insurance Industry
in Pakistan in 1983,Founded by late Mr. Unus Khan woh was its first Chairman. Over the years the Company, with the half of its management and diligent staff, has successfully accomplished the essentials task of gaining the good will and confidence of its policyholders as one of the leading insurance Companies with a vast network of branches all over the country. Besides transacting traditional Insurance business like Fire, Marine & Motor, East West Insurance underwrites specialized port polios for which it has created specialilzed divisions within the company namely, Engineering, Crops & Lives tocks divisions. The Company business is thus well diversified and provides coverage to a wide range of Agricultural and commercial business activities.

Vision of Company
To be amongst most trusted Insurance security of the country by providing protection to our Insured in most effective basis ensuring prosperity for its stakeholders and growth with human force.

To ensure most effective management for sustained growth of the company. To provide reliable secure protection for the policyholders. To retain sound position of the company in industry while working with dedication & innovation. To maintain continuous pursuit for cost effectiveness, enhanced productivity for ensuring financial health of the organization, to take care of shareholder’s aspiration continuously. To inculcate value added system all cross the organization for ensuring trustworthy relationship with its clients as well as shareholders.

Classes of Business  General Insurance  Life Insurance

General Insurance:
General insurance or non-life insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event. General insurance typically comprises any insurance that is not determined to be life insurance. It is called property and casualty insurance in the U.S. and Non-Life Insurance in Continental Europe.

Under General Insurance the Company covers following risks.
Fire ( Paddy, Cotton genning, Project) Marine ( Import Export) Motor Insurance (Third party only, Third party fire and theft, Third party comprehensive) Crop Insurance Live Stock Guranntees 1. Safe Tranportation Gurantee 2. Fidelty Gurantee

fraud. Depending on the contract. other events such as terminal illness or critical illness may also trigger payment. where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money (the "benefits") upon the death of the insured person. Other expenses (such as funeral expenses) are also sometimes included in the benefits. Life policies are legal contracts and the terms of the contract describe the limitations of the insured events. Costum Bond 2. either regularly or as a lump sum. common examples are claims relating to suicide. it should be carefully considered throughout the design and funding of the policy itself. . Specific exclusions are often written into the contract to limit the liability of the insurer.Machinery breakdown Insurance Contract All risks Insurance Erection All risks Insurance Computer All risks Insurance Boiler and Pressure Vessel Insurance Bond Insurance 1. in knowing that the death of the insured person will not result in financial hardship for loved ones and lenders. Bid Bond 3. war. It is possible for life insurance policy payouts to be made in order to help supplement retirement benefits. Under Life Insurance the Company covers following Aspects. The policy holder typically pays a premium. Mobilization Advance Life Insurance: Life insurance is a contract between an insured (insurance policy holder) and an insurer. The advantage for the policy owner is "peace of mind". however. riot and civil commotion.

M Sayeed Tulu Javed Yunus Corporate Secretary : Shabbir Ali Kanchwala Legal Advisor : Rizwan Ali dodani. advocate Aditors : Anjum Asim Shahid Rehman Chartered Accountants Share Registrar : Bema Associates (Pvt.K. .) Ltd.Whole life coverage Permanent life insurance Limited-pay Endowments Accidental death Board of Directors Chairman : Chief Justice (R) Mian Mahboob Ahmad Managing Director & Chief Executive: Naved yunus Directors : Javed Yunus Pervez Yunus Maheen Yunus A.

515.A. Board of Management Managing Director & Chief Executive : NAVED YUNUS Regional Director (Central) : SAJJAD ZAFAR Executive Director (Marketing) : JAVED YUNUS Chief Financial Officer (CFO): SHABBIR ALI KANCHWALA Executive Director (Operation) : PERVEZ YUNUS Director Finance : SHABBIR ALI KANCHWALA Director : MOHAMMAD FAYYAZ KHOKHAR Director Operation : ENGR. Jinnah Road. M. KAZIM RAZA Director Development : UMEED ANSARI . Karachi. EFU House.





Rubina Regional Managers: Muhammad Sharif Ashiq Hussain Soomro Taswar Ellahi Awan Ch.TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS General Managers: Branch Managers: Iftikhar Hussain Mushtaq Ahmed Awan Jan Muhammad Ibrar Ellahi Ch. Managers: Mazhar Ali Sheikh . Muhammad Jawad Sadiq Ali Malik Muhammad Saleem Muhammad Rashid Masood Tauqir Ahmed Khan Branch Managers: Mian Muhammad Akmal Mumtaz Hussain Tahir Shahzad Zafar Ch.) Mian Aftab Rizwan Saleem Muhammad Naeem Aamir Jawad Fawad Mrs. Muhammad Ashraf Nasihar Ali khan Deputy General Managers: Maroof Hussain Kazmi Ahmed Khokhar Shaheen Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi Munir Ahmed Shakir Assistant General Managers: Muhammad Mobeen Khan Muhammad Shahbaz Ali Nazir Ahmed Baluch Shahzad Aqil Chief Managers: Syed Azhar Amin Hashmi Fayyaz Khokhar(GM MKT.

Public liability. namely. The net claim ratio in this portfolio is 58%. As a result.4 million. In the year 2007 we have written a premium over Rs. Engineering Insurance also provide cover to projects in operational period through Machinery . The motoe insurance generates substantial amount of revenue to the insurance companies. Travel Insurance.49. especially in the metropolitan cities. in Pakistan.During the year 2007. An improvement in the profitability of this portfolio is therefore expected. The Division since then is underwriting various classes of Engineering Policies. the gross premium in Fire Portfolio has increased to Rs. this class of Insurance developed rapidly following the promulgation of the Act in 1900.89. However.39. MOTOR & AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Automobile Insurance is based on two major classes of automobile insurance. Engineering Insurance is used by the Insurance Industry as a collective term to describe various types of policies for the protection of construction work as well as the erection and operational machineries. the gross premium in Marine Portfolio has increased from Rs. The net claim ratio in Fire portfolio is 24% and hence the overall claim ratio has decreased.34 million.46 million in Motor Portfolio. etc. This shows a net gain of Rs. whereas cession to reinsures has increased by almost 8%.80 million which shows an overall gain of 26% compared to previous year. MISCELLANEOUS ACCIDENT INSURANCE Personal Accident Insurance was first introduced in England in 1845 following the invention of steam engine. I addition to this. whereas the increase in net premium is 47%. and is now widely purchased all over the world. we hace earned gross premium of Rs. Because of the high rate of motor accident as well as theft. 75. Comprehensive insurance provides a broader coverage. Marine Insurance During the year 2007. You would also observe that the net premium has also increased by 208%. it provides protection to the insured for damage to his own car and may include losses due to accident as well as theft. The former provides indemnification against the bodily injuries and or property damages to the third party only. the frequency of claims on account of theft is declining. The deteriorating law & order situation in the country in general and in metropolitan cities in particular has resulted in increased demand for this type of Insurance. in the year 2007. is the prevention and avoidance of accidents causing property damage and minimizing such losses if at all such events were beyond the control of human being. profitability for this portfolio has not been encouraging due to huge losses in the past. Household Insurance. With the improvement in law & order situation and introduction of car tracking devices. As in most other countries. ENGINEERING INSURANCE East West Insurance Company Limited established its Engineering Division in 1989 under the supervision and guidance of highly qualified and experienced professional Engineers.922 million to Rs. In addintion an important function of Engineering insurance. public liability or third party liability and comprehensive insurance. Erection and testing phases.39 million in this portfolio.251. people tend to insure themselves against variety of risks.2. Cash in Safe and Transit Insurance & Workmen Compensation. Burglary.those who can afford it tend to buy comprehensive insurance inspite of its high premium rates. This includes Personal Accident. The Engineering Insurance includes the following : An All Risks Insurance cover during the period of Construction. In addition to third party liability. it is a requiement under law to have this minimum coverage before plying any motor vehicle on the road. Some of these are of special interest to the businessmen.

pest and diseases. provides several kinds of Bonds to their clients namely. It is worth mentioning here that the Draft CI Proposal which the SBP has circulated as a working paper for discussion by the representative of Banks and Insurance Companies contains many of the essential features of EWI Crop InsuranceScheme which we have been advocating for the past many years. Lending institutions feel comfortable when credit given to farmers for the purchase of livestock is insured. In the year 2007. Crop farming enterprise still remains vulnerable to the vagaries of nature including floods. EWI insures crop loans advanced by the Banks to the farmer borrowers against a wide range of perils namely. realizing this potential. The year 2004 was the first time. 2. With the population growing at the rate of foce persons per minute. It is expected that a uniform CI program will be formulanted soon in which all the Banks and Insurance Companies can participate. heavy rains.72 million. When crop losses occur. improves the credit worthiness of farmers. which can result in significant financial losses to the livestock owners. 19.We are expecting this premium to grow manifold in the years ahead when other Banks especially the large Banks (HBL. ABL) begin to offer the CI shceme to their Borrowers. CROPS INSURANCE Inspite of many technological advancements in agriculture sciences including weather forecasting. BONDS AND CREDIT INSURANCE Contractors undertaking the Construction of public works building. roads etc are required to furnish bonds for faithful execution of their obligations. Investment in animal often constitutes a large part of the farmers total capital. it continues to be a risky business indeed. Our Crop Insurance Scheme is now in the 4th year of operation and is operating succussfully to the full satisfaction of the borrowers of bank of punjab. Fidelity Bond. Custom or Excise Bond. drought. government is now talking keen interest and giving priority to the development of this sector However. Moreover. it could not materialize until the bank of punjab took the initiative and in collaboration with the East West Insurance officially launched Crop Insurance Scheme for its farmers borrowers in july 2004. In addition. The large or medium size contractors also provide the facility of mobilization advance to the contractors. NBP.22. procurement of animals is often financed through credit. premium income under this head was Rs. Now that the State Bank of Pakistan(SBP) is also interested in a CI program. hailstorm. Mindful of the role CI has played in the sustained development of Agriculture production in many countries . Bid Bond. The company provides comprehensive all risks . expressing their interest in the scheme. demand for Livestock products in the country is rapidly increasing. drought. it can also serve as an effective tool for government poverty reduction program in the rural areas. East West Insurance Co. Supply Bond. there is indeed tremendous potential for generating premium income under this portfolio. In fact. increasing dietary awareness and rising standard of living. However for one reason or another. Insurance as a security for credit. and has been holding meetings with Banksand Insurance Companies in this regard. wind storm. This advance is paid on the provision of Mobilization Advance Bond. Consequently. The net premium income in this portfolio for the year 2007 is Rs. farmers need financial protection against total and partial crop losses because of calamities happening due to these factors. Under this scheme. hail storm. MCB. Performance Bond. frost. Maintenance Bond.51 million under the CI portfolio. this sector has the potential of rapid growth and fast economic returns. Hence. Hence. at a minimum cost and indemnifies crop losses of Insured farmers to the extent of outstanding loans in a Calamity situation.767 million. East West Insurance (EWI) has been involved with Livestock insurance right from the beginning and is one of the leading insurers with good experience in this field. floods. The surety bound to indemnify the employer if the contractor fails or refuse to complete the job in accordance with the contractual obligations. Livestock insurance provides financial protection to Livestock owners against risks of these losses. Moreover. Ltd. windstorm. in the history of the Company that we generated a premium income of Rupees. Beedless to stay. the need and desirability of Crop Insurance Program for the country's farmers has been felt for a long time. This investment therefore needs to be protected. Crop Insurance provides the much needed protection in these case. they are the worst affected. which has increased to now more than Rupees 8. there are a wide variety of risks associated with the health and well being of animals and their productivity. an overwhelming majority of our farmers engaged in crop farming are small farmers with meagre financeal resources. Advance Payment Bond/Mobilization Bond. Hence. the contracts are normally awarded against the tenders duly secured with bid bonds so that the contractor does not refuse to commence the work after the award of contract. etc. as it serves as a supplementary security. pests etc. Other Banks have also approached us.57 million in 2007.Breakdown Insurance. Loss of Profit following machinery breakdown and Machinery Guarantee Insurance. LIVESTOCK INSURANCE Livestock sector has assuned an increasingly critical role in the rural economy of Pakistan as 30-35 million rural population is engaged in raising livestock for their livelihood.

we foresee a rapid and sustantial inscrease in volume of business under this head in the coming cover for individual animals as well as herds against death due to disease of accident including fire. which has now increased to rupees 11. a gross premium income of Rupees 2. lightening and snakebite as well as against risks of calving. Thus the insurance cover protects the interest of the borrowers as well as the Bank advancing loans for the purchase of livestock.94 million during the year 2007. Because of the government interest and emphasis in the expension of this industry as reflected in the liberal credit policies and easy loaning to livestock owners by the banks.85 million was generated on this account. . During the year 2004.

the low interest rates combined with liberal credit facilities by the banks for auto finance phenomenally increased the number of vehicles on the road. It mainly depend on the pace of economic activity in the country and underwriting policy of the company. Resultantantly demand for auto insurance tremendously increased. Similar factors also influenced various other portfolios resulting in our all premium distribution as under. .DISTRIBUTION OF PREMIUM PORTFOLIOS The respective contribution of portfolios in the total premium income and in the underwriting profit / loss of the company vary from the year to year . This obviously increased the motor premium portfolio by many folds.

1. ROBINA having experience of more than 20 years in the concerned field of insurance. All the employ of this department was well dressed and well mannered. Claim Department I have done my work at Under writing and Claim Department . . Branch is consisting of three major departments. They were all very experienced and they were all true professionals. Accounts 2. Their standard of dealing with customers was appetizing .Orginasational structure of branch in which I have done My Internship I have done my internship in the branch of the Company which is situated on Mall Road in Naqqi Plaza opposite to Panorama Center. Under Writing 3. This is a department which is well furnished and situated on first flore . Under writing department is assisted by Mrs. It is in easy access of every customer . Every month foreign trainee visit the branch .

(term and conditions . So the purpose of profitability in written premium is not achieved upto the satisfactory level . She told me the major risks being written be the company. If the attitude of the staff is good with the customer . the customer is never annoyed with the services of the company. companies accept / underwrite the risks at the lowest prices to be competitive in the market and not losing the customer.Mr . At Underwriting department I learnt 1. Exclusions ) 5. How to prepare the policy. How to renew the policy. The procedural methods of performing all above functions. 2. So the company is accepting the risks at reduced prices. How to Classify the risk. She made me aware of this fact that good attitude of staff with the customer reflects a sound image of the company in the market. How to decide whether a risk presented by the client should be accepted or not. I joined the company on July 21st 2012 . The company is compelled to write the policies or accept the risks at lower prices to meet with the competitive environment of the market. The most important thing which I happened to learn from Underwriting manager is the respect of client . This is the man who has the skill of professional dealing with everyone. Azeem was the person on whom this department is proud of that . 4. 6. On very first day Madam Robina introduce me with the core functions of the company. How to prepare cover note. She taught me that customer is always a king. 3. As the insurance business in Pakistan is going through the adverse soft market without taking into account the sum insured or limit of indemnity . She made me aware of this thing that there is very tough competition between the companies in the market . AZEEM. How to calculate the premium . who is young and skilled insurance professional having experience more than 5 years in the Claim settlement . All other employee of this department are very courteous and polite with the clients . It is the first and foremost principal of .Claim Department is in the supervision of Mr. Treat him like a king and never be rude with him .

Negotiation 7. 2. On getting the information from other two insurers it was revealed that the claim of that customer had been rejected by them on concrete evidences of fraud. One of them was a case in which the client had a hobby of changing the insurers and getting the fraudulent claims. Reviewing the Claim 3. In Claim Department . the other four cases were also rejecterd on the basis of concrete evidence of fraudulent intentions. During my stay at company . Which contain the following steps 1.success. more than 20 risks proposals were presented before the underwriter . Acknowledgment of defendant 4. They provided full detail of fraud to the underwriting officer. By deliberately damaging his own property or insured risk to get the claim. Decied whether to investigate or not 5. Payment of claim 8. On the basis of detailed observation underwriter after consulting senior director and claim manager decided to reject the risk proposal straight away. He was dealing in Plastic items . Investigation through surveyors or loss adjusters 6. Receiving the notifications . In the underwriting department . I learnt The whole claim settlement procedure. Claim recoveries from reinsurers or co-insurers . She dealt with every client in very polite and respectful manner. Most of the risks are presented by brokers. Out of them 5 were substandard Out of them 5 were substandard because of not satisfying the required paremeters of underwriting . On research by the underwriting manager it was explored that this customer has the intention of fraud and is in activities of changing the insurers on regular basis from the last three years he has changed three insurers and EastWest Insurance company was the 4th one. She welcome every client with warm attitude.

He . He also presented the copy of FIR before the manager. I happened to observe the practical application of above said steps in two cases. Another case which came in front of me was an interesting case of theft . An insured tractor had been theft . So company decided to repudiate the claim on the basis of concrete evidence of fraud . the claim manager appointed the loss adjuster to investigate the reality of the incident. On the basis of this evidential video and some more research the company reached at the conclusion that the claim is presented with fraudulent intention without any loss suffered by the client . Then he collected a huge quantity of waste paper and set them on fire . At final occasion the person in the neighboring of him told all about his mischief to the survey team of the company and presented the very video who he had made on the occasion of trnsfering the original stock of books to the hidden store and bringing waste collection of paper and the incident of setting them on fire by the fraudester . then told about the incident of the theft which he had suffered yesterday. On further investigation. He also met with some neighboring land owners and asked question to confirm the reality of the matter. The owner of the tractor instantly informed the company at the very branch in which I was present . The manager listened very carefully about the theft story . this fact was revealed to the company by loss adjuster on investigation .During my work in Claim Department . On accepting this notification. The person who delebrately set his property on fire with the intention of get the claim from insurance company . made snapshots of the very place where the tractor was theft. Who shifted all his items to a hidden place with very secrecy . The manager asked him for a written notification of claim is also required to initiate the claim procedure. On the basis of further research and loss adjuster’s . On the Agricultural land . this case belonged to a book shop owner. Then he handed over the written application which contained all the essential details of the incident. The loss adjuster made the visit of the site. It was concrete evidence of fraud which he could never deny . Then he notified the claim with intention of getting indemnity . All the persons verified the statement made by insured. The first case came in front of me during my stay at the claim department of the company was a unique type of case of fraudester . The manager of claim department warmly welcomed him in his office and present him tea. it was explored that it was the clear case of theft and he reported to the claim manager about the reality of the incident .

2:Third party fire and theft.If these risks fall with in the parameter of underwriting.normally following risks can also be covered on customer. Under Motor Insurance Following Policies are issued. 1:Third party only.Acceptibility of these additional risks depend upon there nature .s demand 1:riot and strike 2:burglary 3:obligue theft 4:atmospheric disturbance 5:earth quake 6:terrorism 7:impact damages Above said risks can also be added in fire policy on customer demand.then underwriter will accept those. Working at underwriting department I learnt that under fire policy.these additional risks are accepted on extra the claim manager reached at the conclusion that it is a clear case of theft and claim was straight away paid to the customer. .otherwise he will refuse to accept.

Vehicle of insured is not well as medical injuries to insured are also covered.3:Personal accident. . Hull insurance Company does not deal in this class of business.nothing would be paid to the insured in respect of damage to his own vehicle. 1:Hull 2:Cargo 3:Freight Normally policies are issued to cover.insured.loss of third party is covered. Comprehensive policy In this type of policy. Personal accident In this type of motor insurance case of damage to the vehicle of third partydue to the negligence of insured. 4:Comprehensive policy. Third party fire and theft In this type of company will pay the damages on behalf of insured up to the limit of indemnity or sum insured. 1:Marine import 2:Marine export 3:In transit cargo. These types of policies are issued by the company under marine insurance.s own vehicle.the loss to the vhicle of third party as well as insured both are covered.personal accident of insured person is covered. Third party only In this type of policy. vehicle of third party.

Aviation insurance Company does not deal in this class of business. During my work at underwriting department I learnt how to 1:assess the risk 2:deciding whether to accept it or not 3:How to prepare cover note 4:How to design policy 5:Defining terms and conditions of policy 6:defining exclusions 7:Settinng the premium.Under these policies.I got information about different guarantees issued by the company.And m. These decisions are taken by under writer. Mam robeena told us in detail about all these cllases. Professional indemnity These types of policies are taken by employers to minimize their risk towards their employees.buildings and contents are Robeena tried her best to make me well aware about all these functions. Travelling insurance Company does not deal in this class of business. 1:Bid bond 2:Mobilization advance bond. Property insurance Under this class policies are normally issued for houses.all the risks related to installment of machinery and construction related works are covered.From engineering department.offices and workplaces. Erection all risk insurance Under this class. .

2:Claim form is provided by insurer to insured to get necessary details of incident for further proceeding. who is young claim manager made me aware of practical aspects of caim handling process. .Azeem.amount and nature of claim.if there is no concealment.3:Performance bond.If initially on phone.This claim was repudiated on the basis of concrete evidence of fraud. 4:If the above terms and conditions have been fulfilled.I worked for15 days in underwriting department. 4:Retention money bond.claim department collects policy from underwriting department to know the essential details about terms and conditions of policy. 3:On receipt of claim form.To know whether the claimed peril is covered or not.In claim department.I joined claim department.This case related to the theft of sanitary items from godowns. I got information about these guarantees from engineering department with necessary detail.then later on.Mr.He told me that claim handling process vries according to the class of business.Whether the policy is enforced or not.Whether the premium is paid or not.then normally in small claims. 1:Intimation of incident by the party or intermediary via telephone or letter.During my stay at claim department I observed that common steps in claim handling process are followings. Working at claim department After working at underwriting department.claim is paid straightforwardly. written application is also required.which later on proved to be fraudulent.I practically observed the application of clim handling process in atheft case.During my work I learnt practical aspects of underwriting and its importance to the whole insurance portfolio.

he can investigate the case again for further fact finding.which was mentioned by the insured as the entrance of thieves was not of sufficient width. 6:Then in case of claim settlement.the claimmanager decides whether to pay the claim or not.This investigation is carried out by govt.through investigation.Mr.the same should be informed to the insurer. Mr.investigation is carried out by insurer to know the reality of incident.After completing the investigation.Azeem made me aware about a claim case which was about theft of sanitary items from the store.the surveyor was appointed to investigate the claim.then up to what extent.due to the exaggeration of claim amount. If fraudulent intention of insured proved on investigation .lisence holder surveyor or lossadjuster.the same should be informed by loss adjuster to the claim manager with necessary details. During my work at claim department I observed the practical application of each claim function in detail which broadened my vision and explained each and every confusion in detail. The report of loss adjuster is not always final.Because.That are.all details are given to the insured regarding settlement of claim and amount payable in context of claim was revealed that it was fictitious event created to get the claim.lator on.If payable.5:In case of large claims.if insured is not satisfied.which allows the thieves to be entered in to the store.deliberate damage. in case of reinsurer.If insured is satisfied.normally.then amount of claim is paid to him. the next step is claim recoveries.After the submission of claim form. I learnt and observed brief application of above said steps while working at claim department. 7:After the payment of claim to the insured.On the basis of this report.the way.Further investigation proved the fraudulent intention of insured and claim was refused by insurance company.In case.from reinsurer.if fraud revealed . lossadjuster submits his report to the claim manager.he can use financial ombudsman service or alternate dispute resolution if this clause is pre agreed between insurer and insured before the enforcement of contract.On investigation.Azeem .in which he defines the quantum of loss and actual amount which should be paid by the insurer.or causing the fictitious event in order to get the claim.If claim manager desires .and in case of coinsurance from coinsurer.

Furthermore the behaviour of staff should be very polite with the customer. Financial analysis .This will give a good name to the company and paint a n attractive picture of company before the people.the staff of insurance company should him in vwry respectable manner. The most important thing that I learnt from Mr. but should be firm in decision making.was very kind and true professional who explained each and every step in great detail to made me clear in return of my queries.During claim settlement procedure insurance company shold properly communicate with the customer to make him aware of yhe whole situation regarding claim settlement.the claim settlement proceedings should be with in reasonable time and customer should be made aware of proceedings time by time.Azeem is that customer is always all the staff cooperate with me and showed a true picture of insurance business in broader vision. It was a good experience of working at claim department.




ltd is operating in at the present time. the strengths and weaknesses of a business. is strategically.Swot analysis of Eastwest insurance company Ltd. This section will present main weaknesses of eastwest insurance co. SWOT stands for Strengths. Eastwest insurance co. Weaknesses are also things that place you behind competitors. meaning many people will return to eastwest insurance to obtain them. yet to simple to understand. and external factors. The analysis shows eastwest insurance co. which can only be seen as strength in their overall performance. It looks at internal factors. The following section will outline main strengths of EASTWEST insurance co. and the environment it operates . which are under their which is operating in general insurance industry. Strengths: The strengths of a business or organization are positive elements. if not above them. as this keeps them in line with their rivals. The process can give you on overview of where the business. and is an important tool often used to highlight where a business or organization is. The services/products offered by eastwest insurance co. Supplier relationships are strong at eastwest insurance co. the opportunities and threats facing the business. businesses and organizations for analysis. and where it could be in the future. Experienced employees are key to the success of eastwest insurance co. Opportunities and Threats. Opportunities and Threats. The following SWOT analysis looks at eastwest insurance co. tool used by many students. and can be what gives it the edge in some areas over the’s distribution chain can be listed as one of their strengths and links to success. helping to drive them forward with expertise and knowledge. The SWOT analysis will give you a clear picture of the business environment eastwest insurance are original.  Competitive pricing is a vital element of eastwest insurance co. The strengths of a company or group and value to it. or stop you being able to meet’s overall success. . This is an important.     Weaknesses: Weaknesses of a company or organisation are things that need to be improved or perform's Strengths. something they do well and is under their control.

eastwest insurance co. which has an effect on success. eastwest insurance as they will struggle to get’s lack of patents/proprietary technology puts it behind its rivals and is deemed as one of their as it doesn't inspire people to buy their products/services. A limited customer base is a major weakness for eastwest insurance’s R&D work is low and insignificant. eastwest insurance’s lack of innovation limits its as it means they have less people to sell or market to. The lack of business alliances is a major weakness for eastwest insurance co. as they do not reach consumers in overseas's underdeveloped distribution chain has a marked effect on performance as it affects the distribution of their products/services. Problems with stock are a weakness for eastwest insurance co. but eastwest insurance is in a poor financial position which makes it weaker than its competitors.  Not reducing costs in the same way as their competitors' means eastwest insurance co. as there is no forward thinking.  eastwest insurance co. Online presence is vital for success these days. as it shows a blinkered outlook. and lack of one is a limitation for eastwest insurance co. Good companies need loyal as they need to keep up with demand. eastwest insurance co. favours and has a poor relationship with staff which affects performance. Having higher costs than competitors is a major which is a major weakness in general insurance as it is constantly creating new’s future success. Not having an effective marketing strategy seriously hampers the success of eastwest insurance co. eastwest insurance co.              . The lack of original products/services is a major flaw in eastwest insurance does not function internationally. The weak brand name compromises success for eastwest insurance is outlaying more of their profits.

which in turn leads to lower turnover. New market opportunities could be a way to push eastwest insurance co. gain leading position and therefore boost financial performance. new resources and enter new is a limitation to their overall’s limited product line is a major eastwest insurance co. either geographically or through new products. so do the opportunities for eastwest insurance is behind its competitors with a low share of the market. Takeover and merger opportunities could be explored for eastwest insurance co. eastwest insurance co. eastwest insurance co. and a big opportunity. Expanding into other markets could be a possibility for eastwest insurance co. as it cuts ability to negotiate. eastwest insurance co. or which could be of a benefit to them. eastwest insurance co. This section will outline opportunities that eastwest insurance co. The weak market position of eastwest insurance and used to acquire new Reaching out into other markets is a possibility for eastwest insurance co. Grasping the opportunity to expand the customer base is something eastwest insurance can aim for. trends or needs that could enhance the business or organisation’s strategic position. The changes in the way consumers spend and what they buy provides a big opportunity for eastwest insurance co. The growth of the general insurance industry is an opportunity for eastwest insurance co. As the economic climate could help them raise sales and increase their product portfolio.  Changes in technology could give eastwest insurance’s weak supplier relationships also have an adverse effect on is currently to has the opportunity to enter a niche to explore. as they are well behind their an opportunity to bolster future forward. Expanding the product/service lines by eastwest insurance co.            .ltd could benefit from expanding their online presence and making more money from online shoppers/internet users.    Opportunities: Opportunities are external changes.

ltd is currently products/'s's products/services being less in demand. price cuts and so on could damage profits for eastwest insurance co. This section will outline main threats eastwest insurance business and profits.  . for instance. Being aware of the threats and being able to prepare for them makes this section valuable when considering contingency plans and strategies. New products/services from rival firms could lead to eastwest insurance co. Being undercut by low-cost imports is a major threat for eastwest insurance has a number of highly skilled which is an opportunity for them to explore as expertise of their staff can help eastwest insurance to bring the business as they could slip behind their The financial burden of increasing interest rates could be a threat to eastwest insurance co. The actions of a competitor could be a major threat against eastwest insurance co.            Price wars between competitors. Extra competition and new competitors entering the market could unsteady eastwest insurance co.  Consumer lifestyle changes could lead to less of a demand for eastwest insurance co. A slow economy or financial slowdown could have a major impact on eastwest insurance co. damage or put areas of the business or organisation at risk. Threats: Threats are factors which may restrict. They are factors which are outside of the company's control. Regulations requiring money to be spent or measures to be taken could put financial or other pressure on eastwest insurance and be a threat. Slow growth and decline of the general insurance market is a threat to eastwest insurance co. Not keeping up with changes in technology could be detrimental to the future of eastwest insurance co. Change in demographics could threaten eastwest insurance co. eastwest insurance if they bring in new technology or increase their workforce to meet demand. Changes in the way consumers shop and spend and other changing consumer patterns could be a threat to eastwest insurance co.

 The rise and/or fall of the foreign exchange rate could threaten eastwest insurance Structural changes in the industry could be a threat for eastwest insurance Substitute products available on he market present a major threat to eastwest insurance co. Rising costs could be a major downfall for eastwest insurance co. .ltd with regard to importing and exporting.    Gross Premium Break Up This SWOT analysis has been created using FREE SWOT Analysis Generator by Ivory Research Ltd: ( as it would eat into profit.php) .