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SBI Mobile Banking Registration (Self Method

No Need to Go to Bank to do Mobile Registration for State Bank Group branch Bankings. Requirements

A State Bank Account may be what ever State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of India (SBI), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Patiala (SBP), State Bank of Travancore (SBT)

Net Banking and Other Registration not required for this. (If you have net banking then no problem it wont affect this mobile banking).

No Need To Go to bank you can do it Manually by following these steps.

Points to make clear

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Mobile Banking is Entirely different from internet banking. Mobile banking Registration is different from Net Banking Registration. You need to do different Registrations for both Mobile and Net banking. You Can have Both at same time.

Mobile Banking Having Two Different Methods

Note : But You cannot Use Both Application based and SMS Based Banking at a Time. SMS Based Mobile Banking registration will be application to use both of these. Application Based (State Bank Freedom) 2. Download State bank freedom Application from this Page http://mobile. How to Activate State Bank Mobile Banking Step 1: Type an SMS MBSREG send to 9223440000 You Will get two response SMS First SMS Welcome to State Bank Mobile Second SMS .

Step 2: After above Response you need to send the Service Terms and ConditionsMessage. Note : Text in Blue Color is unique for every user. Now Send SMS State Bank Handset validation Process Format : SMPIN USERID OLDMPIN NEWMPIN Eg: SMPIN sss000 555222 222500 Handset Validation Success.Your User ID is sss000 Your MPIN is 555222 . Please Complete Handset Validation. Complete Registration process at Branch or ATM. type sms as SACCEPT sss000 555222 .

Go to Bank and give a written request to activate your mobile banking.Then Choose Registation. One step remains. Step 3: Now You are completed with Registration from your side. Or Simple go to your State Bank ATM (Any) and Insert card choose Mobile Banking. Enter Mobile Number and confirm It. that is you need to finish final Step by Bank or ATM. Now Your Mobile Banking registration is Complete. .to 9223440000 Format : SACCEPT YOURID YOURMPIN Your WIll Get a Response "Thanks You for accepting State Bank Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions".

You will get a User ID and default MPIN  Change MPIN – It is mandatory for the customer to change the MPIN.Then the Mobile Number entered by you is displayed.Mobile Banking – Registration – Enter your mobile number. SMS Based  Getting User ID .  To Get MMID for your Account.Choose Confirm.You will be required to register for the service on ATM or at your Branch. "Smpin UserId Old Mpin New Mpin "Send following SMS to 9223440000  Register at ATM . Go to ATM and after swiping your Debit Card choose Mobile Registration–Enter your ATM PIN.. You will get a SMS regarding successful registration.Test Mobile Banking by SBAL YOURUSERID YOURMPIN to 9223440000 Thats it.Choose yes after ensuring the correctness of the entry. Please ensure that you have changed your MPIN before registering at the ATM.Send SMS " MBSREG " to 9223440000 . Send " MMID SBI" to 9223440000  Balance Enquiry Send following SMS to 9223440000 "Sbal UserId Mpin" .

Ex.up to 20 char-Alpha numeric)" . " STOPUP kde254 458723 vodafone 9245723659 101" . send following SMS to 9223440000: " IMPS Mobile No MMID amount User ID MPIN Purpose(optional field. Mini statement Send following SMS to 9223440000"Smin UserId Mpin"  Fund Transfer through IMPS ( Click to Know more about IMPS ) Based on Beneficiary’s Mobile number and MMID (Mobile Money ID) . " IMPS 9245807077 9226589 5000 jid569 458962 loanpayment "  MOBILE TOP UP Send following SMS to 9223440000 Stopup><UserId><Mpin><Service provider name of the mobile no to be topped><Mob no ><Amount> Ex. For making a funds Transfer.