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IF you choose to uninstall the arcade (after upgrading to 4.0.2) it will uninstall EVERYTHING (this means games and all) the upgrade functions are working correctly now so there is NO NEED to remove the application to install any new SQL queries anymore. When you choose to uninstall it will erase anything that was put into the database including any alterations made to tables such as members, groups etc... ONLY use the REMOVE APPLICATION if you are deleting your

arcade We are glad that you have decided to install the ibPro Arcade on your site, we have worked hard in getting this ready and hope that you will find the work worth the wait After downloading from the site you should now have a zip file that contains all of the arcade files • • • Unzip this package load the files from the zip package to your forums directory) CHMOD all the following directories in your forum root to 777 (including the arcade directory) o o o o o o o o o o arcade arcade/cat_images arcade/gamedata arcade/images arcade/modules arcade/tar arcade/tar/bkup arcade/tar/installed arcade/tar/tmp arcade/tar/tmp/gamedata

click on Manage Applications & Modules On the right hand side under Applications Not Installed (for new installs) click on INSTALL If this is an upgrade.x to IPB 3. log into your ACP(You may be redirected to the upgrade screen and the below steps will not matter) On the left hand side of the screen. click where it says "Click here to return to Applications & Modules overview" FILE EDIT One file edit is required to get the V2 games to score correctly this is only needed IF you are using a portal. MAKE SURE you do not delete the arcade_mysql_tables.php files • • • • • • Once you have the files loaded. in the admin/applications_addon/other/arcade/setup/versions/install/sql folder on the server you can delete the arcade_mysql_sql_1. Via FTP go to the admin/extensions/coreVariables.php files as these are no longer needed.php and the arcade_mysql_sql_2.BoardSet Up Utility.NOTE: Once you have uploaded the new 4. under the Applications & Modules section. click on the green update available button under Third Party Add Ons Under the IP.0 URLS ###### Directly below ADD # Arcade if( isset( $_REQUEST['act'] ) && $_REQUEST['act'] == 'Arcade' ) { $_RESET['app'] = 'arcade'.0.php file and make the following edit FIND ###### Redirect IPB 2. $_RESET['module'] = 'save'.don't create those tables)) Once the installation is completed. } .php and arcade_mysql_inserts.2 files. click on continue (leave the Duplicate Tables section at default (Skip .

find the ibProArcade Newest Games hook and on the right side of that row click on the + sign with the green background to install (this hook does NOT have to be installed for the arcade to work correctly) Once the hook is installed. click on the ibPro Arcade tab. with your mouse hover over the Other Apps tab and click on ibProArcade (current version) from the drop down menu that appears. click on Manage Member Groups Select the edit function (pencil icon to the right of the member group) Select the ibProArcade 4. Here you will be able to set up the arcade the way you want it. challenges and new HOF scores Again on the left side of the screen.SETTING UP THE ARCADE There have been some new items added in this version of the arcade so I will attempt to point each of those out to you and where the settings can be found for each • • On the left side of the screen.0 Beta tab Here you can set the permissions for each member group for the arcade. again on the left side of the screen. • • • • • • • • • . click on Cache Management under the Tools & Settings section scroll down the page until you find notifications. to the right side of that row. click on Manage Hooks Click on the Disabled Hooks tab. under Member Groups. downloads and challenge system. click on the double green arrows to refresh the cache this is REQUIRED if you are going to use notifications to send alerts for new high scores. click on System Settings From the Settings page.0. This step must be repeated for ALL member groups Once you have set all the permissions for each member group. Under this tab you will find the settings for the number of newest games to show in the side bar on the forums home page (not IP Content or portal on the actual forums main page) Now click on the Members tab on the main navigation bar On the left side.

This is where you will create all of your categories in which to install your games to. When you click on Tar Installer. Notify Settings .Here you can set up the various messages for the challenge system. enter – points.tar file to the arcade/tar directory in the ROOT where your forum is located. Arcade Tools . When installing games.Will have all the general arcade settings. In the “Report Game Topic Settings” you can select the forum of your choice for game reports to be sent to. IF you want your reports to be sent to (example) “Reported Games”. select the option – iPoints/IBstore/ibMarket/Perfect Points (‘points’) from the drop down there are various tools you can use to maintain your arcade Challenge Settings . a column for points has been added in the members table. Arcade Settings . you must click on “CLICK HERE TO RECACHE TAR FILES” before the game will appear for installation you MUST already have a category created in which to install the games to. BAN or UNBAN members from the arcade . You should now be able to use points for your challenges Go to Arcade Tools/Score Tools/Update Reset League and click on Run Tool • OVERVIEW .These settings will allow you to assign an Arcade Moderator.Here you can set up the various messages for new High Scores and new HOF scores. Set up the rest of ibEconomy to your liking. you must create that category and then select it from the drop down box Categorys . but can be changed to say whatever you want them you general information pertaining to your arcade Game Manager . Next select Challenge Settings from the ibProArcade application from the Other Apps tab. you must load the . default values have been placed here for you. but can be changed to say whatever you want them too. click on the update settings button at the bottom of the page. In the “What is your point field??” block. even if you do not change anything. you must have at least one category created before you will be able to use your arcade. After installing ibEconomy in the ACP under the Other Apps tab select Frontpage – General Settings from the ibEconomy application. Under General Settings – Points system drop down. again default values have been placed here for you.Here you will be able to access the Games list and the Tar Installer.• If you plan on using ibEconomy as your points system. Member Settings .

IF you have any problems please post them in the appropriate forum . hope this helps somewhat in discovering some of the new functionality.Well there you have it.