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Learning & Development: Definitions o Quality & Flexibility o The Learner & Barriers to Learning o Learning Outcomes Processes of Learning Development: Definitions o Erikson & Levinson Models o Self Development o Employee Development o Management Development o Types of Learning & the Learning Organisation o Vocation Education & Training: Current Policies & Practices o German, Japanese & French Systems o Government Involvement o Competencies Training & Human Resource Development: Definitions o Creating an HRD Plan o Training Needs Analysis o Training Methods o Management Development: Definitions o Role of Management & Organisation Strategy o Open Systems Approach Unified Approach Developing Programmes Brief International Overview Management Competencies Employment Contracts: The Concept of a Contract Common Law & Statutory Regulation o Common Law Duties of Employer & Employee Statute Law & the Employment Contract The Employment Relationship Operational Control Management & Management Functions Labour Process & Management Collective Bargaining: Definitions Principles & Theoretical Approaches Historical Context Changes Since 1980s The Flexibility Issue Collective Agreements

Remuneration & Reward: Theoretical Foundation Maslow, Herzberg, Porter & Lawler Payment Systems Objectives & Equity Time Systems, Incentive Systems, Payment by Results Bonus Schemes & Collective Bonuses Performance Related Pay Variable Payments Employee Benefits Employee Involvement: Involvement & Communication International Aspects The Public Sector: Markets & the New Management Involvement Flexibility & Performance Definitions of Employee Involvement

Employment Patterns & Forms

Pay & Employee

International Human Resources Management: European, USA & Japan

Context & Culture Legislative Process

Human Resources Management & Europe: European Union EU Institutions Social Charter HR & the Single European Market HR & Eastern Europe Human Resources Management & the USA: Context & Practice Lean Approach Human Resources Management & Japan: Context & Practice Quality Circles, Kanban

Recent Developments - Teamworking & the

Management Techniques - Just in Time,

Reading List Main Text: Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Perspective - I Beardwell & L Holden (Pitman) Chapters 7-19 inclusive Alternative Texts and Further Reading: Employee Resourcing - D Torrington, L Hall, I Haylor, J Myers (Pitman) Management & Organisational Behaviour - L Mullins (Pitman) Personnel Management - S Tyson & A York (Heinemann) Personnel & HR Journals