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Research from USA Department of Justice puts violent crime at a cost of $420 billion dollars per year in the USA.* T he effect of mass meditation on this cost has been shown in studies in Washington DC, and L iverpool England to reduce crime in the local region of the meditators by up to 20%.

The average minute of meditation is calculated to save $.20 cents per minute. That minute reduces crime by 0.00015 of a violent crime! We are affecting the
people around us, and also around the world!



tvam asi

- You are That.

~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Nithyanandeshwar Nithyanandeswari temple, Bidadi ashram, Bangalore

Volume 2, Issue 4, April, 2013

Who is Nithyananda: About Swami Nithyananda ... 6 My Dear Ones: Message from Swami Nithyananda ... 7 Life Strategy: Why do We Repeat Our Mistakes? .. 8, 9 Siddha & Ayurveda: Cool the Summer with Cucumbers ... 10, 11 Vedic Renaissance: Celebrating Enlightenment ...12-15 Vedic Renaissance: Satyakama - The Seeker of Truth ...16-19 Inner Awakening: Plan for a Miracle in Your Life! ... 20 Heal the World: Miraculous Spontaneous Healing! ... 21 Be Unclutched: Having Thoughts is not Thinking ... 22-24 Main Story: Responsibility Makes you Divine! .. 26-32 Esoteric Realms: Death is an Illusion!.. 34, 35 Nithyanandoham: Money = Maya ... 36 Beyond Mind: Meditation for Serenity ... 38, 39 Nithya Jyotisha: What the Future Holds: Horoscope ... 40-42 Nithyanandoham: I Builds the Identity ... 43 Nithyanandoham: No Excuses for Un-Awareness! ... 44

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Who is Nithyananda ?

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a global leader in the science of enlightenment. Coronated as the 293rd pontiff of the worlds most ancient Hindu organization, the Madurai Aadheenam, Nithyananda is revered as a living avatar (divine incarnation) by millions worldwide. The oldest apex body of Hinduism coronated him as one of their 44 spiritual heads in the 2013 Maha Kumbh. He has been honored with the title of Mahamandaleshwar of Maha Nirvani Peeth. He is the most-watched spiritual teacher on with more than 14 million views, and the author of more than 300 books published in 27 global languages. Nithyananda was recently named among the worlds top 100 most spiritually influential personalities of 2012 by renowned esoteric magazine Mind Body Spirit from Watkins. A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to spirituality, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques, kriyas and tools for lasting inner transformation. A trained yogi, a powerful spiritual healer and a siddha, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is working actively with scientists and researchers worldwide to decode the mystical yogic sciences of the East, including levitation, teleportation and manifestation (materialization). When Paramahamsa Nithyananda ascends the traditional seat of deeksha daana (initiation) every morning and starts his discourse (satsang), thousands of people from over 30 countries participate live via 2-way video conferencing, while thousands view it live on Nithyananda TV and Sadhana TV.

My Dear Ones,
When you take the responsibility, the cosmic hologram opens in you. When you see the whole, you will see a hologram image; when you go deeper and deeper, even the smallest part of the image will be the same image. The macrocosm is in the microcosm and the microcosm is in the macrocosm. That is the hologram. The cosmos is built on the structure of a hologram. You are the microcosmic hologram of the macrocosmic hologram. The microcosmic hologram is awakened in you the moment you take responsibility. You will then become the ocean in the drop; not just a drop in the ocean. Responsibility changes the way you think, the way you perceive, the way you feel; it changes the way you are. The science of responsibility should be taught to all. We are responsible for the whole world, for humanity. Take the responsibility for others irresponsibility. Take the responsibility to teach responsibility to the world.

Be Blissful!

Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Spiritual Founder of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

life strategy

Why Do We Repeat Our Mistakes?

Taken from the collected talks of Nithyananda on the Bhagavad Gita on the subject of patterns, delivered to a live audience in the year 2011 in the Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore

The lives of most people are nothing but

these patterns are, and why they exist in the

a series of repetitive patterns. We wake up in lives of people, controlling their every action. the morning, get ready in the same pattern, go When memories of certain unpleasant incidents to office in the same pattern, eat food in the are etched inside a person, they begin to run the same way, and every decision we take is based persons life. These engraved memories are the on the same ideas, in a pattern. Even responses patterns that take control of the persons mind. to people and life situations are rarely different; Every thought or action becomes controlled by people react in a predetermined manner the impact of these memories. For example, a when they meet a friend or colleague. In some child who was laughed at when performing on situations, this causes a lot of damage because stage will grow up to be an adult who is always people even repeat the same mistakes again and afraid of being ridiculed in public. Every time he again without being able to understand why that has to go up in public, the fear of being ridiculed happens. In certain challenging situations, there will present itself either subtly or vividly, making is a lack of ease and the person feels powerless him wary or being in the spotlight. He may not unable to come up with intelligent solutions at be aware that he experiences the fear because that moment. of the childhood incident, but that is the actual reason - the pattern - which is the root cause of

Even though man thinks he is the one in

control of his life, unless he infuses awareness into his engraved memories, it is the patterns that actually run each persons life. Not surprisingly, very often people find that their lives look like complete chaos inspite of all their efforts to put everything in order.

his fear.


are three ways that infuse life

into an engraved memory. The first is when the memory is acted upon. When a person acts on the memory of something, he begins to give life to that memory, without being able to perceive the situation as it is happening. Every action that


need to pause and think about what he carries out will have its roots in the memory

life strategy

of a previous incident and not in the present awakened and re-lived. situation. It is for this reason that the same kind of responses happen again and again, and the same mistakes are repeated.

Break Free of Patterns! This

vicious circle of getting caught


in a pattern can be broken by disassociating

instance that can bring oneself from the engraved memory. Once

an engraved memory to life when someone someone understands that his response is encounters a person or situation that awakens coming from some engraved memory, he can any negative emotion like anger, lust or jealousy be aware of his response the next time a similar in him or her. When there are such emotions, situation presents itself, and instead of acting even if they are not acted upon, just being in in the routine way he can respond differently, the breathing space of that individual, or in consciously disassociating himself from the that situation, can infuse life into the engraved engraved memory. This makes the memory lose memory. The final instance is that of leaving its power over the person. Awareness breaks the the physical body, or death. When a person vicious circle of repetitive mistakes and creates encounters death, all his engraved memories are the space for transformation.

siddha & ayurveda


Cool the Summer with Cucumbers!

Cucumber (Cucumis
sativus) is a vegetable that belongs to the gourd family.

It is one of the oldest cultivated vegetables and is believed to have originated in northern India. Cucumber has a high water content, vitamins A, B, C and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and silica, that makes it a healthy choice for both cooking and snacking. Here are a few benefits of this wonder vegetable.

Keeps Skin

the body hydrated

- Cucumber



water. Adding cucumber to

the diet helps in keeping the body hydrated, regulating body temperature and flushing out toxins from the body.

- The

high water content, vitamins and minerals present in

cucumber make it an essential part of skin care. Facial masks containing cucumber juice can be used for skin tightening. Cucumber juice mixed with juice of a lemon and crushed mint leaves is a wonderful cooling and rejuvenating face-pack, especially in summers. Keeping sliced cucumber on the eyes diminishes puffiness and dark circles. The cooling sensation relaxes tired eyes. Controls blood pressure

- Cucumber

juice contains a lot of

potassium, magnesium and fiber that work effectively for regulating blood pressure. This

makes cucumber good for treating both low and high blood pressure. Aids in digestion - Digestive disorders like acidity, heartburn, gastritis and even ulcers can be cured by drinking fresh cucumber juice daily. The high water content and dietary fiber in cucumber are very effective in driving away the toxins from the digestive system. Daily consumption of cucumbers is an effective remedy for chronic constipation. Promotes joint health - Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is known to promote joint health by strengthening connective tissue. Cucumber juice when mixed with carrot juice, can relieve gout and arthritis pain by lowering the uric acid levels.


as a diuretic

- Cucumber

acts as a diuretic due to the high water

content. It encourages the elimination of waste products from the body through urination. When buying cucumbers, ones that are firm to touch and dark green in color should be chosen. Overly matured or yellow colored ones are not to be bought, as they may contain more insoluble fiber and mature seeds, which are difficult to digest.


siddha & ayurveda

vedic renaissance


Celebrating Enlightment!
April is a month of many festivals in the Hindu religion. Three such festivals
that are of great importance to Hindu followers are Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti, and Hanuman Jayanti. These three festivals commemorate the birth of Lord Ram, Lord Mahavir, and Lord Hanuman respectively. By celebrating their birth, the festivals remind devotees of the extraordinary lives of these enlightened masters.

Ram Navami
Lord Ram
was the


incarnation of


Vishnu, the Hindu God of

sustenance. Ram Navami falls on the ninth day of the period of the waxing moon, or Shukla Paksha, of the Chaitra month of the Vedic Calendar. For Hindus, the reign of Lord Ram or Ram rajya was a time of great peace and prosperity. Lord Ram displayed righteousness and virtue throughout his life, and inspired those around him to live the higher truths by living the higher truths in his own life. The festival is marked by recitals of the stories of Lord Ram, with bhajans, kirtans (devotional songs), and free distribution of prasad (food offered to the deities) after the puja and arti. Vedic mantras are chanted in temples. In South India, devotees perform a marriage celebration during the festival using small deities of Lord Ram and his consort, Devi Sita. This is known as the Kalyanam.

Hanuman Jayanti
Hanuman Jayanti
is celebrated on the


day of the Shukla Paksha

or Chaitra Poornima, the night of the full moon. It is a celebration of the life of Lord Hanuman, an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and a Vedic symbol of strength and courage. According to the Shiva Purana (ancient vedic text dedicated to Lord Shiva), Lord Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. Lord Hanuman possessed the ashta maha siddhis or eight mighty powers such as the ability to fly and more. However, it is his unflinching devotion to Lord Ram that he is venerated for. Lord Hanuman was not only a great devotee of Lord Ram but also a very responsible being. In every time of trouble he took it upon himself to resolve the problem and inspire all mankind to radiate the same responsibility and authenticity which he lived in his life. At the time of dawn on the festival day, temples begin giving spiritual discourses. At sunrise, when Lord Hanuman was born, the discourses are finished and the offering of prasad, or sacred food, is then offered to the deities.


vedic renaissance

Lord R am With Lord Lakshman, Devi Sita & Lord Hanuman

vedic renaissance


Mahavir Jayanti
celebration of

Mahavir Jayanti

takes place during

the auspicious period between late March and early April. This enlightened master who was the founder of the Jain movement was born in Kundalagrama, Bihar to King Siddhartha and Queen Trishala. At the age of 30, Lord Mahavir renounced his throne and worldly possessions, and spent twelve years of his life as an ascetic. He taught non-violence, respect to all living beings, and mastery over the senses. The festival of Mahavir Jayanti consists of grand processions of chariots, horses, elephants, and bands. Jain temples are decorated with flags and alms are given to the poor. Abhishek, or sacred bath, is performed to the deity of Lord Mahavir and prayer and teachings of his work are recited.


three festivals,

Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti,


Hanuman Jayanti, are so significant for Hindus because of great truths they stand for. The chatur vedas, or four tenets of Vedic thought, authenticity, integrity, responsibility, and enrichment are brought to life through the lives and actions of these great masters. Lord Ram displayed great integrity and responsibility when, for the sake of the whole kingdom, he accepted banishment at the hands of his father to fulfill the promise given by his father to his mother Kaikeyi. Lord Mahavir showed how authenticity and integrity are more desirable than the lure of the comforts of a luxurious life. He taught the world to choose authenticity over pleasantness. Lord Hanuman displayed great integrity and responsibility towards his master and God and played an important role in defeating the mighty demon-king Ravan. As one performs the rituals of these festivities and celebrates the magnificent lives of these great masters, it is important to remember the spiritual tenets they stand for. It is only in this way that true growth can occur.


around the world

vedic renaissance


Satyakama - The Seeker of Truth

Adapted from Nithyanandas talk on the Shiva Sutras. The story is from the Chandogya Upanishad




now, This was the first step to the knowledge of the

at this moment. It is only a matter of being

receptive. The Master is a gateway to eternal consciousness. It is up to the seeker to have the courage, determination and intelligence to take the first step in the right direction. Thousands of parables exist in the vedic texts about the lives of seekers and the paths they must travel to reach the ultimate goal - that is, moksha or liberation. One such story is that of Satyakama, another part of the forest and to tend to them from the Chandogya Upanishad. carefully. He was to return after the cows had multiplied to a thousand. Satyakama had many Satyakama was a boy who lived in the doubts in his heart, but in deference to the dense forests of India with his mother Jabala. guruvaak (His Gurus words), he left the gurukul He had an intense desire to learn meditation and with the cows for the deepest part of the forest. know the nature of the brahman. His search for a guru took him to the sage Gautama. The sage Deep in the forest, Satyakama lost all asked him, Of what family are you, my boy? sense of time. At first he felt lonely, but soon Satyakama fearlessly answered, My mother he sought companionship in his cows and the said that I should tell you that her name is Jabala surrounding nature and forgot even the human and my name is Satyakama and I know nothing language. His mind had become completely more about my family. So I am Satyakama silent and even the very goal of his journey Jabala. Appreciating his honesty and courage was forgotten. He began enjoying his life in the to speak the truth, the sage accepted him as a forest. He became one with the nature around student. him and completely alive in the moment, lost in ecstasy and joy. He carefully tended the cows. The next day, sage Gautama initiated His cows ate fresh grass and drank pure water Satyakama into a meditation to quiet his mind. from the streams and soon became very healthy.

Brahman, brahma vidya - knowing the self. After teaching Satyakama to meditate, Gautama did something that was very unusual. He took Satyakama to the pasture where hundreds of cows were grazing. To Satyakamas surprise, Gautama separated out four hundred thin, weak cows. He then told Satyakama that he was about to enter a different type of journey. He instructed Satyakama to take the cows to


vedic renaissance

Satyakama deep in the forest with the cows

vedic renaissance
Satyakama experiences the ultimate


Satyakama stayed in the deep forest for many years, living a peaceful and happy life, so much so that he even forgot his goal of returning to his guru with a thousand cows. Satyakama never felt alone. Every living creature became a part of his family. When the time had come to return, a cow approached Satyakama to inform him that they were now a thousand in number, and that they should return to the Master.

Satyakama traveled back to the gurukul

with the cows, and upon seeing them all, the Master exclaimed that now one thousand and one cows had returned. In other words, Satyakama himself had lost all sense of his former identity, and had simply become one of the cows. The Master simply pronounced the Vedic declaration for enlightenment - Tat Tvam Asi, or Thou art that. Satyakama was so empty of identity, and in


vedic renaissance

a state of such pure listening, that the Masters doubts, like any spiritual seeker, but he had the words just penetrated his being and became a intelligence to listen to his Masters words and reality in him. In that moment, Satyakama got the courage to practice the Gurus instruction. In enlightened. this way, Satyakama was able to transcend the plane of the mundane and reach a higher level of consciousness. The Master is a vessel for our

The Master has the power to create the

right situation in which a disciple can flower. It own transformation, but the disciple must take is through the guidance and instruction of an the first step. Once that step is taken, then the enlightened master that a seeker can reach the possibility towards enlightenment, eternal bliss, state of the ultimate bliss. Satyakama also had becomes a reality.

Nithya Dhyaan Yoga

Apr 20th - 21st, 2013 Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India (in Tamil) Apr 27th - Apr 28th , 2013 New Delhi, India (in Hindi & English)
Venue: Hindi Bhawan, 11 Vishnu Digambar Marg. New Delhi - 110002 Have you wondered why the experience we receive from life is always the same, no matter how much we strive to alter it? Our endeavors to find happiness, success and better relationships may yield varied results, but at the end we are usually left feeling that nothing has changed. The reason for this limited experience of life is the behavioral patterns which are deeply engraved inside us. Each pattern is associated with one of the seven major energy centers (chakras) in our system, which subtly influence our emotional behavior. In this intensive 2-day workshop, we learn to apply the four sacred principles* of blissful living, to heal our chakras and go beyond the influence of these limiting behavioral patterns. * Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Enriching For details, contact 080-2727 9999 or write to

inner awakening


Plan for a Miracle in Your Life!


with your highest possibilities. Each moment of Inner Awakening will be a fresh introduction, because program will be, but one thing I can tell you, no one, no one ever returns from Inner Awakening without glimpsing atleast one dimension of jeevan mukti, living enlightenment. ~ Nithyananda

Awakening is not a program , it is a tremendous possibility! It is your intimate contact

life is introducing itself to you every moment! No one can predict what your unique experience of the

Get blessings from Nithyananda for your intention to be a part of the Inner Awakening celebration, and
see a miracle happen in your own life! Blessings from a living incarnation have the power to remove every obstacle in your life to pave the way for you to meet your highest possibility.

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heal the world

By Avani Singh, alias Ma Ananda Priya Poojitha, Standard VIII Student, New York, USA

Miraculous Spontaneous Healing!

morning satsangs (spiritual discourse) and energy darshans during meditation programs. An energy
during lunch break at school, I eat and listen to music that plays during the

darshan song played in my playlist and I was recalling when I had heard it play last. It was played

during an energy darshan during the Inner Awakening program on the day I got initiated into the

Gayatri Mantra. I felt centered in my Ananda Gandha (the chakra where the healing energy of all
Swamiji opens our Ananda Gandha chakra during the Healers Initiation as a part of the Inner Awakening program. This blesses anyone who takes the initiation to be a channel for the healing

the seven chakras is centered in the body) while listening to the song remembering everything.

energy to flow and help the other in healing himself. That day, one of my friends came near me

and I just rest my hand on my friend's head. When I put my hand down, my friend thanked me for healing her neck which was injured to due to dancing! I told her it was Swamiji and about Nithya

Spiritual Healing and how an initiated healer can heal anyone. That day I gave the healing

without being aware that I was healing! swamiji healed my friend through me! Thank you Swamiji!

be unclutched!


Having Thoughts is Not Thinking

Taken from the collected talks of Nithyananda on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras in the World Tour in 2009

Unclutching is the disassociation of yourself from your thoughts.

When you are constantly bombarded by your thoughts, you cannot think situations. By constantly being a witness to your thoughts instead of participating in them, your thoughts no longer hold the same power over you. take conflict-free decisions or experience peace. You tend to over-

The first thing you need to understand is that mind is not a thing,
it is an action. It is your very action. If you look inside, you can look very clearly that you are doing it, you are minding. The moment the

thoughts come, you decided to think, to entertain the thoughts. You are responsible for the action of thinking happening inside you.


other thing to understand

thinking; there is a subtle difference. You may be having thoughts,

is that having thoughts is not

but that does not mean that you are thinking. Your thoughts come you suddenly become aware that something is happening within

and go as they want. There is no reason for their arrival. Sometimes you. In India, there are annalayas, mostly found in temple based want, and leave when they wish to. There is no registration or principle. When you become aware of you, you respond to the thought in front of you, thats all. If it was a joyful thought, you ness is experienced by you, if the thought that came to your mind

communities. Here, anybody can come, eat, stay as long as they obligation for the people. Your mind also works on this exact

think you are joyful. When you become aware of you and the am-


be unclutched!


was a depressing thought, you think you are in and there. When it ate sweet fruits, it used to get depression. Logically, there is no such thing as joy tempted to jump to nearby branches and taste the or suffering. fruits there. But when it tasted the bitter fruits, it used to feel upset and that life too was bitter, and lose


is a beautiful story

Upanishad. There was a beautiful golden bird sitting up and saw the golden bird sitting beautifully, its

from the Mundaka interest in tasting more fruits. Suddenly, it looked

on the top branch of a tree. A small bird was sitting wings gleaming, and a peaceful expression on its

on a lower branch. It was trying to eat from here face. The small bird felt that he must become like

be unclutched!


the golden bird. He started moving in that direction, you, because you will not be fighting with yourself but suddenly on the way, he found more sweet constantly. fruits. He forgot all about reaching the golden bird and felt that he could live comfortably at the The again, he looked up to the golden bird once more.
biggest freedom that you

can achieve is to

present level. When he came across the bitter fruits realize that it is you who is in control - in control of your actions, and in control of your thoughts. This is the biggest click that can happen in you. When this happens, there is no conflict within you. You will not be constantly fighting and disrespecting yourself. You will not be saying that you tried your best, but could not stop your thoughts. You will be in complete control of your mind. Knowing this will


may also be playing

the same game in your

mind. When you are suffering, you feel that you should stop your mind. After a few minutes, when you just be silent for some time, you gain the confidence that you can restart your mind once more. The action of starting the thinking process is

your own choice. Mind is an action, it is coming as a let you unclutch from your thoughts, because it is a your experience into words. If you understand that it controlled you. Now, you control your thoughts. is you who is thinking, it can be a great freedom for Knowing this truth is unclutching.

decision from you. Every moment you are spinning conscious decision from you. Before, your thoughts


main story


Responsibility Makes
Enriching delivered in March 2013 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India



Taken from the collected talks of Nithyananda on the subject of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility &

You are the Source E verything!



means living, thinking,

speaking and acting, responding to life from

the truth that you are the source of everything happening inside and around you. Therefore you are responsible for all happenings inside and outside you.


biggest question we have now in our

minds is, How can I be responsible everything happening around me? I can be responsible for what is happening inside me. How can I be responsible for what is happening outside me? For example, if an accident happens in my life, how can I be responsible for it? Everybody asks this question. Let me answer you. not be the reason for some happenings, but if it is affecting your life, you are responsible for those happenings. Just because you are not the
person who does not feel responsible reason as per your logic, you cant say you are not

Three kinds The

of people

even for his own actions is an animal he lives responsible in truth. in a very low consciousness. The person who feels responsible for his own actions is a human


asks me ,


how can

being - he lives in a middle level consciousness. we be responsible for things for which we are not The person who takes responsibility even for the reason? Being a reason or cause is different; others actions is divine - he lives in leadership being responsible is different. Sometimes you consciousness - ishvaratva. Sometimes you may may not be directly the cause or the reason, but


main story

Responsibility brings the experience of freedom. With responsibility, your consciousness expands.

F eeling R esponsible is L ife!

you are responsible is not just

a methodology or technique to increase your productivity in the corporate circles, or making you a responsible citizen for the sake of the country. No! I am not funded by any state or corporate. I am supported by the cosmos! I am not against you being a responsible employee, but I am not teaching responsibility only to make you a responsible employee, or only to make you a responsible citizen. I am teaching responsibility to make you an enlightened being.


are the source of everything, and

you are responsible for everything. Whatever is happening you are responsible. Only when you understand you are responsible, the possibility when you understand you are responsible, you will be able to solve it. for expansion starts. Feeling responsible is life. You not feeling responsible is death. When you dont feel responsible you shrink in your
may wonder how you


can be life continuously. When you feel responsible for

responsible. You need to know - unless you take anything, your life in that zone expands. If you feel responsibility, neither you are going to improve responsible for your family your relationship with the situation, nor going to expand in your inner your family expands. If you feel responsible for space. Vivekananda says very beautifully, Take your company, the productivity of your company more and more responsibility, your shoulders expands. If you feel responsible for your city, the will become stronger and stronger. In any life standard in your city increases, it expands. field, freedom is the basic condition for growth. If you feel responsible for the world, the world

main story


becomes a better place. If you feel responsible powers, for the universe you become enlightened.






expressing through you intensely when you start becoming responsible. Responsibility expands your possibilities. Responding to the world from the best possibility is responsibility. Responding to you and the world from the best possibility is

R esponsibility Expands Your Possibilities

but leaders have, the powers higher souls have, unfortunately no one wants to take

one of us is greedy for the powers responsibility.


powers are not myth,

the responsibility for it. I tell you, the world mythological stories or just some blind faith. I has abundant. Neither the wealth nor the have already done enough scientific researches extraordinary powers are restricted when you to demonstrate the genuineness of the possibility take responsibility. Powers, wealth, spiritual of teleportation, telepathy and materialization.


main story

Look in, look into your life. When you state of a leader. I have seen them dying in start taking responsibility you can depression and suffering in suffocation due to decide the way your heart beats, you the power. They never enjoy the power. Unless can decide the way your lungs function. you achieve the state, status becomes a liability. You can also decide the functioning of Status binds you and brings suffering to you and the non-mechanical parts of your body. others if you have not achieved the state. The Each one of us has mechanical parts state of responsibility, the state of a leader of the brain and non-mechanical parts leadership consciousness or ishvaratva has to be of the brain. Mechanical parts of the achieved first. brain are responsible for the functions of your body like the functions of the





heart, lungs, liver, kidney, intestine and leadership

qualities in you, it awakens

the functioning of your nervous system leadership consciousness in you. Qualities are experiencing touch, taste and seeing. different, consciousness is different. In the The non-mechanical parts of your brain corporate life, in the outer world, if you are are responsible for extraordinary powers taking responsibility for some position you like telepathy, teleportation and vaak may express leadership qualities, but when you siddhi. When you take responsibility for take responsibility for everything happening how you think, how you feel, instead of in and around you, you express leadership leaving the responsibility to the society, consciousness. media and others, you can make the non-mechanical parts of your brain

When you do not carry the consciousness

function. When you take responsibility for all the of leader, you are bound by the powers of the happenings inside you and outside you, a new leader even if you get it, and you will bind the energy, a new possibility opens up in you. The people who come under you accepting you as first step to realize the divine in you is to take the leader also. This is one of the biggest diseases responsibility. India is suffering with. Many seats are occupied by the people who are not responsible enough for the seat they are occupying. From the individual

R esponsibility gives birth L eadership Consciousness


to a houses to the seats of official power, political

power and media power, in every field many people who have not achieved the state get the

people sit in the throne or status. They become a liability.

become a center of power without having the

main story


R eacting


R esponding

When you go on expanding, the commitments and responsibilities

you hold in your being for yourself also expand and become great possibilities. You only have two ways of relating with the world. Either you react or respond. If you feel you are not responsible, you react. If you feel you are responsible you respond. When all your actions are responding you are a karma yogi; no karma binds you, you are living in completion, expressing completion. When you feel you are not responsible, you react. Reacting puts you in bondage and keeps you in incompletion.


when you express all the possibilities out of liberation

cognition, jeevan mukta sambhavana, you are living your life. Life is lived when jeevan mukta sambhavana becomes your lifestyle. Nothing else is required for you to be a leader, just leadership consciousness is enough. When Vivekananda walked the length and breadth of India he did not have anything other than leadership consciousness in his life. But wherever he went kings washed his feet, gave their own thrones for him to sit on, received his blessings and guidance, they requested for his spiritual support. Leadership consciousness is an independent intelligence. It cannot be hidden from others. Once you have it, the whole world will know you have it. Simply the whole world listens to you. You do not need any power, political strength or infrastructure for the world to know you are a leader. Even if you walk in the street you will stand tall as a man among men, and the world will respect you.

Only E volution C an Change




need to know this one truth - constantly cognize you are

responsible for everything including what you think as accidents. When you cognize, the way you perceive and experience the world becomes different. When you perceive the truth of the world in a different way, you can change the facts of the world; not before that. No revolution can change the world. Only evolution can change the world. When you evolve, if you just sit with responsibility under a forest banyan tree, a city will happen around you who want to learn that truth from you; nothing else is required.


main story

It is very unfortunate that human beings are taught from

the beginning to put responsibility on others. I just sat taking the responsibility for the Vedic tradition and making all these truths available to the world. Now I can see the power of my cognition. Hundreds of people are taking this responsibility on their shoulders. I give my clarion call to the youth of India. Oh youth of Bharat! We are all responsible for Bharat, for India. It is only by the spiritual strength we are going to rebuild the country. Only by building human beings we are going to build the nation. Wake up! Dont waste your life just imagining an IT job and a wife, 2 kids and a small family. Dont be in that unfortunate small cognition. Wake up! We are responsible for the whole world, for humanity. Take the responsibility for others irresponsibility. Take responsibility to teach responsibility to the world. Take responsibility to teach integrity and authenticity to the world.

Oh youth of Bharath! Wake up! We are responsible for the

whole world, for the humanity. Take the responsibility for others irresponsibility. Take responsibility to teach responsibility to the world. Take responsibility to teach integrity and authenticity to the world.



esoteric realms


Death is an Illusion
Taken from Akashic Readings by Lord Kaalabhairava through Nithyananda, on 7th October, 2012

Death is the illusion as understood by human

brain. If you awaken the non-mechanical parts of the human brain it will have the capacity to see the life with a larger understanding. Children do not have even the level of the brain awareness awakened in the adults. That is why every time when they fall asleep and come out of sleep they feel they are dead and came back. They strongly believe whatever has happened in dream has really happened. That is why in the dream if they feel hungry, in the waking state they cry. And whatever has happened in the dream they feel as truth.

The lowest level of brain functioning is responsible

for taking your life as bits and pieces without having large vision. Person who thinks every dream is reality, every deep sleep is death and gets broken feels the discontinuity during sleep and waking is unconscious. When the brain grows little more and capable of looking at the life with larger vision, every night sleep does not feel like death. Every day waking up does not feel like birth. They are able to stitch every sleep and waking-ups together and call it as life. This is consciousness. If your non-mechanical parts of the brain is also awakened, kundalini also awakened, you will see lifes and deaths by stitching it together as the large life.


esoteric realms
Ability to see the large life and making your
decisions based on those understanding is jeevan mukti, living enlightenment. Ability to see the large life different deaths and different births are not discontinuity of your existence; just like births and deaths are continuity, just like sleep and waking up is the continuity of your life, births and deaths are also continuity of your life. The more you see the continuity of the life, more you become intelligent. More you become blissful, more you become alive, more you are enlightened. Awaken the nonmechanical parts of the brain by kundalini awakening or any spiritual process as prescribed by incarnations and enlightened beings. You will realize death and birth is just continuity of the different parts of life; just like sleep and waking and dream is continuity of the same life, birth death and the gap between birth and death are all continuity of the same life. Understanding this takes away all the fear, all the possible fear in your life and gives you tremendous restful awareness - vast time is in front of you to fulfill your lifes purpose and mission.



Money = Maya

Taken from the morning discourse of Nithyananda delivered on 14th March, 2012 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

Money is the most illogical thing that

all logical people on planet earth

created the superstition called money! In the movie Matrix, the artificial intelligence created by human beings takes over human beings. Same

believe! The greatest superstition on planet way, the superstition called money created by

is not God, it is money. Money is the greatest human beings has taken over human beings. parama maya the worst collective delusion. created by human beings. In truth, whatever you have is by chance. So why should somebody be called as millionaire, somebody as billionaire, somebody beggar? No reason. A few people who want to exploit others gathered together


whenever you are handling money,

be very clear: This is the language the world understands, but I am not going to believe it as a power. I am something more than all my wants. All my wants put together is not equivalent

and created the concept of holding, created the to me, it is only a part of me. Money can bring concept of money. Then unconsciously, every the cot I want, it can bring the food I want. But fellow started following it. Whoever rebelled it cannot bring me what I really am. When you against it was killed and controlled in the name are feeling gratified with whatever is obtained by of law. In the course of time, the whole world chance, your inner space drops from the worlds was drowned. They had forgotten that they have largest superstition.


nirahari lifestyle

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beyond mind


Meditation for Serenity

Taken from Nithyanandas morning discourse on Bhagavad Gita on 11th September, 2012


agitated mind is like a boat with the

oarsmen pulling it in different directions. It

Chapter 6, verse 14

causes stress and confusion. An agitated prashaantaatmaa vigata-bheehi mind struggles with conflicting thoughts brahmachaarivrate sthitaha |

fear of the past and greed for the future. manaha samyamya macchittaha yukta These thoughts often lead to bad decisions. aaseetha matparaha || A continuous pattern of agitation is like an infection or a disease. It leads to ill health and mental stress. It can also infect others in the society, leading to a breakdown in relationships.

Lord Krishna



Being serene within oneself, abstaining from apprehensions, having subdued from the thoughts, intent on the vow of living like a God, intensely reflecting on Me, live your life, devoted to Me.



Bhagavad Gita Chapter

6, Dhyan

Yoga, verses 13-14, Shri Krishna gives the direct technique for being centered in oneself and attaining serenity.


serene within oneself is to stop

having an agitated mind. An agitated mind destroys health and causes deep distress in the old age. Abstaining from apprehensions is to be free from thoughts of fear and greed. And having subdued thoughts is to reduce the number of thoughts. Shri Krishna also instructs his devotees to follow the vow of celibacy or brahmacharya vrata, and to live a

Chapter 6, verse 13
samam kaaya-shiro-greevam dhaarayanachalam sthiraha | samprekshya naasikaagram svam dishashchaanava-lokayan ||


the entire body, the neck and life intensely reflecting on Him and live a life

the head in a steady manner, look intensely at devoted to Him. the tip of the nose without being distracted in any way. This is a powerful posture in which Samadhi can be experienced.






an incarnation to human beings to save


beyond mind

themselves. If a person is drowning and he is given this instruction by the captain of the ship, the person cannot stop to question the captain. Similarly, this is a direct and unquestionable instruction from an incarnation to human beings to save themselves.

nithya jyotisha


Your Possibilities for April !




an efforts in an area of your life. Your success can be

period financial, spiritual, or social. Take time to enrich

to break free from patterns all your relationships even when you think you

of self-criticism as soon they can live alone by the principles of the tattvas. Life show up! They tend to create a habitual state of unfolds outside of you. Inner awareness is only a dissatisfaction with oneself. Take time to look into potential until we complete the process by sharing your defensive tendencies and pessimistic ideas it. Your fulfillment depends on the fulfillment of about life, future and yourself. Take responsibility those you interact with. If we do not continue to for it! These incompletions are not allowing you to expand ourselves, we fall into depression. Never be in restful awareness. Complete with yourself give up the responsibility to enrich yourselves, each time you remember yourself in a negative those around you and ultimately the whole world. way, take this as a lifestyle. It will build a restful awareness relationship with you. Your tiredness, boredom will vanish as you re-align yourself to life.

Cancer: Be

aware of the of growth

happening in your work area. Do not get stressed out and follow a routine of meditation and yoga which will help you deal with the situations in a much relaxed manner. Take good care of your health and do not ignore injuries, if it occurs. Legs and joints should be gently worked out during physical exercises. Be aware of how you create your moods throughout april. The mind constantly tells everybody else is responsible for your misery! But dont fool yourself by projecting the responsibility of what

Taurus: Time




acquire wealth through your

business. People in jobs may enjoy a promotion. You may even receive some money which was on hold for some time. To enable this, start analyzing the words you utter towards money. As you reestablish your responsibility towards these words,

you will be able to attract and celebrate it, and you create on others. Nobody can make you suffer unblock life situations related to wealth. Let your without your silent permission. intention of re-establishing responsibility into your inner space, be a conscious, integrated force. This intention will be powerful enough to express itself as reality.

Leo: Experience
of month!

the power this


Be authentic with your

Gemini: its

emotions: be it anger, lust, jealousy,

time to go out and

love, feeling of solitude, fear of losing control over life, hanging on to your identity and patterns. Go

enrich people!

Your 11th house of

gain indicates the frutification of your


nithya jyotisha

to the peak and valley of it. With any particular display ahamkara strengthen you and make emotion, just see the whole thing consciously. Feel you genuine. Then you live the four tattvas in it as a strong physical experience. Do not allow completion with yourself! other thoughts to mingle with your feeling. Be totally filled. This is the best way to be free from these strong reactions in your body and transform yourself.

Scorpio: Take


care of your health by

practicing exercise at least

Virgo: Watch
as it rises.

twice a week. You need to

your anger take some time off for yoga, swimming, jogging-


times, you need to oxygen yourself in order to keep a

because of inauthenticity, you fall good digestion and blood flow. Be aware not to in a terrible confusion and anger put too much pressure on your business partners that life cheated you. You will feel and beloved ones. You may be expecting a lot out anybody you see has cheated you. You will feel of them. Be empathetic, work on understanding this friend has cheated me by wanting me to help them by listening to their needs, their lacks and him; this guy has cheated me by wanting me to be suggestions. Find out how you can enrich them by his assistant. But nobody wanted; its only you who solving their problems with your comprehension! tried! The terrible feeling of being cheated and exploited by society, the illogical anger happens to you when you play with inauthenticity mixed with lack of integrity and irresponsibility. The only way not to fall in this is to not entertain the words which are not fulfilling your completion with life and others.

Sagittarius: April is the

right time to take care of

your daily routine and straighten out the way you organize your house, your activities, your plans. Observe how you put your will into action to create what you want in life! Find out the discrepancies and procrastinations and analyze where you give

Libra: Swapoornatva,

the process of clearing valid reasons not to do the work. Work not done and resolving our past because of valid reasons is not equal to word

conflicts, is the key to your done! It is also a good time to put properties on self-integration and success. Take it as the master sales; you may find a buyer during this period. practice this month! Nithyananda reveals how Investments are also auspicious in April. authenticity can lead you to enlightenment: When your inner image of yourself matches the image you present to others, you automatically want to take responsibility for everything around you and enrich the world. The integration of the inner self image - mamakara and the self image you


your inspiration to excel

in your main activities is real!

You are able and patient enough to work on long term lucrative business deals and becoming a

nithya jyotisha


high achiever is a key factor of your growth right give words to you. Third, it will have tremendous now. Concentrate on projects that add value to self-confidence about the words you give to you. the society where you live, such as social services, Every word you talk to yourself is a commitment spiritual services and sharing the four tattvas you are giving to you. It means a lot of awareness all around. The time is also auspicious for you to needs to be infused while you think. help your siblings, parents and family members if they have important projects to work on and to improve your relationships with them as you do so.

Pisces: Mental
increase due to

stress what



perceive as increased responsibilities and pressure. We have the wrong


opportunities expected!


understanding that too much work is

are harmful for us. When you decide to work, work,

Your colleagues work visualizing you will become healthier and

and relations will show support live long, then it will just happen! Keep a watch on and help for you to reach the words you utter to yourself. Have integrity in heights! Decide to honor the words you tell to your words, because your integrity creates your yourself. Nithyananda reminds us: When you give body. This period is a favorable for your family. a word to you and you honor it, your bio-memory Practice svapoornatva to look into your resistance will, first, be aware while you give words to you. to a relationship rather than going into dispute. Second, it will decide to remember whenever you Harsh words should be avoided.



I Builds your Identity!

Taken from the morning discourse of Nithyananda delivered on 9th January, 2012 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India
All of you have a certain concept of individuality. How it gets developed - you need to understand that. The very identity you create as I is nothing but lot of threads put together. See, just like how a piece of cloth is a lot of threads put together, weaved in a complicated way, the same way, every time you utter the idea I, that becomes one thread. More and more number of times you utter the word I and assert the identity, that many threads form your identity-cloth. And wherever you assume that identity strongly, that kind of color is given to that cloth. The fabric out of which your identity is made

is the very utterance of I. The number of times you utter I, I, I - that becomes the thread. As many
times as you utter, that many times the threads get intertwined and becomes the identity, and you start wearing the cloth. And unfortunately, you start thinking that you are the cloth itself! The only way to cause the confused I to disappear is - stop uttering more and more words that speak I. Editing the word I in all your conversations can be a powerful initial spiritual practice, because that stops the power supply for the cloth to get strengthened or colored. The supply of identity will stop when you stop using the word I both in outer conversation and inner conversation also. Please understand, you need to stop using I both outside and inside - both are required.



No Excuses for Un-awareness!

Taken from the morning discourse of Nithyananda delivered on 20th January, 2012


most cunning escape route that is not ego. Please understand, talking outside as

human mind uses is I did not do it knowingly. if you have higher identity is ego. But internally if This is the continuous unconscious pattern with you are comfortable with higher identity, it is not which human beings suffer. Who said you did it ego. knowingly? But you did it on purpose! Understand, even all unknowing things, you may be doing


most cunning pattern human beings

unknowingly but with purpose. Unknowing does carry is, trying to justify their wrong deeds not mean you can do anything you want and and wrong things with the word I did not do there is just no need to be responsible. Unknowing knowingly. See, the moment you say you did only means that somewhere, secretly, you are still not do knowingly, you justify all the actions comfortable with your patterns. You are not yet happened. If you did not do knowingly, it means feeling the suffocation of your patterns. you are still supporting the identity which has



encouraging, made the mistake. So work on your lower

inspiring, everything is just till the level you identity, be disrespectful to your lower identity,

feel uncomfortable with the lower identity and be uncomfortable with it. Become uncomfortable get comfortable with the higher existence. Thats with your lower identity, so that you can become all. Getting comfortable with the higher identity comfortable with your higher being.



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