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Annual Performance Review

(Regular, Ongoing Volunteers and Interns) In an effort to improve the structure of our volunteer program, an annual internal review of regular, ongoing volunteers is required to evaluate, identify objectives and set goals. Review Period From: ____________ To: ____________ Review Date: __________ Volunteer Name: _________________________ Program: _____________________ Division: ____ Area: _____ Supervisor: ___________________________________ Instructions
- The supervisor evaluates the volunteers performance of work responsibilities, performance factors, and goals/objectives using the rating scale. - The review form is then forwarded to the Volunteer Relations Department ( MC #111-2N) for additional review and filing. - The opportunity description is to be reviewed annually and updated, if appropriate. If significant changes are made, the supervisor submits an updated copy to the Volunteer Relations Department together with the completed review form. Rating Scale Use ratings as defined below or NA for Not Applicable E Exceeded Expectations: The volunteer consistently did outstanding work, regularly going far beyond what is expected of volunteers doing this type of work. Performance that exceeded expectations was due to the effort and skills of the employee. M Met Expectations: Performance fully met the established expectations, and may on occasion have exceeded expectations. The volunteer generally performs very well and requires little additional guidance. I Improvement Needed: Performance met some of the work expectations, but did not fully meet the remainder. The volunteer generally performs at a minimal level and improvement is fully needed to meet expectations. F Failed To Meet Expectations: Performance generally failed to meet the established expectations or required frequent, close supervision and/or the redoing of work. The volunteer did not perform at the level expected for volunteers doing this type of work. List the Primary Job Responsibilities in Priority Order: 1. Responsibilities:

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2. Responsibilities:

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5. Responsibilities:

Performance Factors (when applicable): Knowledge of Work: Understands assigned duties and responsibilities; establishes priorities and plans work; uses appropriate procedures, tools, equipment and materials for assigned work. Rating: Quality of Work: Work is complete, accurate, neat, timely and thoughtful. Rating: Initiative: Self-starter requires minimal supervision, requests additional volunteer assignments or responsibilities; suggests and implements improved work methods. Rating: Cooperation: Projects a positive attitude; relates effectively with other volunteers; uses tact and diplomacy/acts professionally at all times. Rating: Problem Solving: Identifies problems, secures relevant information and implements solutions. Rating: Planning and Organizing: establishes and manages volunteer priorities; efficiently allocates time and utilizes available resources appropriately; effectively handles multiple assignments. Rating: Communications: Effectively expresses self in individual or group situations; message is clear, concise and easily understood; listens carefully to others. Rating: Attention to Safety: Works in a safe manner; reports unsafe situations and accidents; follows safety procedures; requests and uses safety equipment and safety techniques; participates in safety training. Rating: Attendance/Punctuality: Dependable and follows through with set volunteer schedule. Rating: Additional Performance Factors: (these are specified factors unique to the position being

Rating: Reviewed By: _______________________________________

Supervisor _______________________________________________ Volunteer Relations

Date __________________ Date