Approved: May 21, 2003 Revised: March 1, 2011




POLICY: Catholic Charities Atlanta has in place clear and concise procedures for employees to follow when filing a formal grievance against a co-worker, subordinate, supervisor, manager or other individual. The agency is committed to promptly and appropriately addressing all legitimate employee grievances. APPROVAL: Board of Directors PROCEDURE: It is the policy of Catholic Charities Atlanta to seek effective and appropriate resolutions to all employee grievances and complaints. The goal of all grievance interventions is “solution-focused.’ To find a reasonable and appropriate resolution to the identified problem, allowing all parties involved to complete their assigned tasks effectively and to maintain a supportive and positive work environment. In achieving this goal, employees are asked to adhere to the following procedures when he/she feels the need to lodge a formal grievance or complaint against an individual and/or the agency as a whole: Step 1: All employees are expected to make reasonable efforts to directly resolve any problems or conflicts that may exist between them and another staff member. If attempts at handling the situation directly with the person is unsuccessful, the employee may take his/her complaint to their immediate supervisor [Note: if their immediate supervisor is the person who they are in conflict with, the employee is instructed to take their grievance to the next level of supervision]. The immediate supervisor shall consult with the other person’s immediate supervisor to determine the best means of resolving the conflict. A typical solution would be for all four individuals to meet to discuss the employee’s concerns and to identify a solution to the problem. The discussion and resulting solution(s) shall be written in a meeting summary and placed in each employee’s personnel file. If this intervention is ineffective and the problem persists, the employee may initiate a formal grievance by completing the EMPLOYEE FORMAL GRIEVANCE FORM (#229.F1.All) and submitting it to Executive Staff. Executive staff respond to any formal grievance by contacting the aggrieved employee within one week of receiving the grievance. Executive staff shall interview all employees who have been involved in previous interventions to ascertain what solutions have already been tried. Executive staff will then meet with the parties involved and process the situation. A solution plan shall be developed and implemented, being overseen by executive staff. All parties involved shall be required to comply with the solution plan. The discussion and resulting plan shall be documented in writing and placed in the employee’s personnel file.

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Approved: May 21, 2003 Revised: March 1, 2011


Step 7:

If the aggrieved employee and the alleged offending employee are not both present during the processing meeting, executive staff shall contact the aggrieved employee and review the solution plan with him/her. A copy of this notification shall be placed in the aggrieved employee’s personnel file. A file of all formal employee grievances is maintained by the Director of Quality Improvement.

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All Employee Grievance investigations will be documented using the EMPLOYEE GRIEVANCE INVESTIGATIONS NOTES FORM (#229.F2.All). If executive staff are directly involved in the actual dispute, the issue may be brought to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for help in finding resolution. All formal grievances and their resolutions shall be reviewed by the agency’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) committee on a quarterly basis and reported to the Board of Directors by the executive staff.



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