HOSPITAL BACK ROOM - NIGHT James and Peter work by lamp light, setting up a number of test tubes and glass vials. This is an ELISA assay. James takes up a bit of blood serum from a vial and drops it into one of the test tubes, the liquid inside remains clear. JAMES That’s our control. James takes a bit of serra(blood) from the VHFX-164 vial and drops it into a second test tube, which turns crimson. JAMES (CONT’D) And that’s our virus. So that’s 59 through 64 confirmed. 54 dead. We’re at 84% mortality. PETER Shit, Was sure 64 had malaria. Peter pulls out his wallet, takes a 5 Sudanese Pounds note and tosses it to James. JAMES There was bleeding around the gums. Gotta watch for that. Sure sign. PETER You know, they believe the bodies still feels after death. The burning’s-JAMES --their problem, not ours. We don’t know what this is. We have no treatment protocol. Only thing we can do is take samples. Only way we figure this out. We protect ourselves first. We’re no good to anyone if we don’t. Peter’s uneasy. James flips back a few pages. JAMES (CONT’D) 65 through 73 are circling the drain. Double or nothing? INT. NZARA HOSPITAL - NIGHT James sits on the floor leaning against his cot. Peter, sitting at James’ side, pulls out a large map and spreads it out on the floor between them.

2. Peter points to a small dot near the southwestern Sudanese border. He slides his finger to a dot nearly a hundred miles west. PETER Most of the McCormick team is back at Kinshasa. Bill Warren’s team should be in Maridi soon. They may not have a radio though. JAMES I’m not really comfortable with planning for my... PETER Yeah, well we gotta contact the WHO if you...look, this is just worst case scenario. Peter looks down at the map. PETER (CONT’D) We should name this thing. You should name it. James is silent. Peter runs his finger across the map, searching. PETER (CONT’D) We could use a town. It started in Yambuku. Never good for the town though. Peter runs his finger over the Congo river, running down its tributaries. PETER (CONT’D) A river, maybe? Congo’s taken. Aruwimi, Uele, Ebola-JAMES How are you going to get my body back? Peter looks at James, silent. JAMES (CONT’D) What? You’re going to leave me here? Peter can barely meet James’ eyes. PETER Our protocol is to burn.

3. JAMES (Panicking) What about my family. They’re not gonna have anything to bury-PETER No one’s going to let an infected body out of the country. Our protocol is to burn. James falls silent. Peter waits with James for a few minutes, then leaves.

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