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net (530) 824-0411 A Letter to the Family of God Did you know that only between 5 and 10 percent of Native Americans are born again believers? There is much work to do in reaching precious souls in Home Missions. Please believe God with me that more members of the body of Christ will catch the vision, and begin reaching out to Native Americans. Before reading further --- decide if you love souls enough to spend 5 minutes reading this. I have decided to lay my fears aside, that people may be upset with me for continually bringing this need before the Christian community. Hearing a death sentence concerning cancer (2009) has helped me focus on the Great Commission, more than myself. I am alive, healed of cancer, and wanting to be completely submitted to God’s Call upon my life. For over seven years I’ve shared this vision with churches, individuals, newspaper articles, and through radio interviews. While the response has been small, I believe that the Holy Spirit is speaking to hearts concerning this home missions need. Often times it’s simply difficult getting started. This is easy to understand, but I have simple start-up information for anyone deciding to strengthen the Native American arm of the church. The love of God constrains me to continue fulfilling the vision He has planted so deeply in my heart – thus the reason for this communication. While we wait, souls are going into eternity without Christ. This home missions need is crucial, and it remains on our “doorstep.” I believe that God is calling upon the body of Christ to meet this need now. Small acts of kindness and the love of God manifesting through Christians, removes the walls that have blinded the eyes of many precious Native American people. Many pulpits stand empty today because pastors have had little help and encouragement, especially on the poorest reservations. I have the deepest respect for Native American pastors. I’ve seen them labor in their church, work outside the church (often their wives too), care for their families, and face isolation from the body of Christ. As I speak of working among the Native American people, I am focused upon the ministry of “Helps.” Being able to come along side of Native American pastors, with a servant’s heart, is of the utmost importance. Providing Gospel materials of excellent quality is essential. I have a resource page listing a variety of Bibles and other materials especially for Native American people. My joy is to provide creative ways in which to bless Native children and their families. I desire to inspire hundreds of Christians to begin ministering to the Native church in the U.S. In the past 13 years God’s Precious Jewels has given away thousands of Bibles and other excellent Gospel literature. A variety of types of personal outreach, depending upon needs, have been a vital part of this ministry. I do so desire to give even more, as I know that we are in the last days. I firmly believe that God is calling the body of Christ, at large, to increase their outreach ministries to our Native American people across the United States. In order to bring these precious souls into the

Kingdom, ministry efforts need to be multiplied a hundred times over. May God give us eyes to see the need and ears to hear this particular Clarion Call of our LORD! I am available to help you begin or to enlarge your ministry to Native Americans. Please email or call with questions. There are numerous options for ministering to Native Americans available right now. Purchasing one or more cases of Bibles and other suggested Gospel materials, making an offering to God’s Precious Jewels, Inc (all are tax deductable), becoming a phone or email friend and prayer partner to a Native American pastor, doing fund raising for the ministry, and most importantly praying daily for all Native American tribes across this land. I also appreciate your prayers for God’s Precious Jewels, the board members and myself. Note: This ministry serves all churches that believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. God’s Precious Jewels is also an Endorsed Ministry with the Northern CA/NV District of the Assemblies of God. Pastor J.R. Gonzales,my pastor, of New Life Assembly in Corning, CA has also personally endorsed God’s Precious Jewels, Inc. Above all, I know that God is the full covering over this ministry, and He alone deserves the glory for any and all eteral fruits. Looking forward to hearing from you! Joyously in His service, Patricia Martin

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