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SAP Function BAPI_LIKP_PROCESS_MSG_DIRECT Process Delivery Output Without List

IMPORT Parameter Reference Typ Lengt Defau Option e h lt al Text Profile and Output Device (30 char.) for Dynamic Printer Control Processi ng Mode Sort Order for Output from Deliverie s Text Delivery Number Processing Logs for Output Processing X Criteria for Ouput Selection Return Parameters








TABLES Parameter DELIVERYNUMBER Reference Length Optional






5 548


The method includes the methods 'OutboundDelivery.GetListOutput' and

DOCUMENTATION 'OutboundDelivery.ProcessOutput. The outputs belonging to the deliveries entered in the 'DeliveryNumber' parameter are selected and processed immediately. If the 'MessageKey' parameter contains no values, all delivery outputs which correspond to the processing mode entered (Processing), are processed. The parameter 'DynamicOutputDevice' also offers dynamic control of the output device. Outputs can be sorted according to the value entered in the 'SortMessage' parameter. Error messages are stored in the BAPI return parameter RETURN with the following message types:




The processing status of each processed output can be taken from the return parameter 'MessageProtocol'.

DYNAMICOUTPUTDEVICE You can enter a print profile or an output device for dynamic print control in this structure. PRINTER_PROFILE: Specify a print profile defined in the central system. If the print profile you entered is not valid, the outputs entered will not be processed and an error will be logged in the return parameter RETURN. OUTPUT_DEVICE: Specify a printer. If you specify a printer, it will be assigned to all outputs not defined in the print profile. If no print profile has been specified, the printer will be assigned to all outputs to be processed. PROCESSING Indicator which determined the status and send time of the outputs to be selected. Only outputs with the status 0 and 3 are considered in first

DOCUMENTATION processing. An output is only selected for repeat processing if it has status 1 or 2, regardless of send time. Only outputs with status 2 are considered for error processing, regardless of send time. There can be many outputs of the same output type, which only differ in creation date and time (as a result of repeat processing or multiple transmission). The last (newest) output in a group of identical outputs is selected. A list of possible entries for both the status and send time parameters provides you with an overview. Status 0 (not yet processed) 1 (processed without errors) 2 (processed with errors) Send time 1 (next processing run) 2 (spcific time) 3 (explicit request) 4 (immediate processing) SORTMESSAGE Controls output sorting Select one of the following sort criteria: 01 Delivery/Position/Output type 02 Output type/Delivery/Position 03 Partner roll/Partner number/Output type 04 Sort fields 1-3 05 Output type/Sort fields 1-3 Using these sort criteria, you can determine which values are to be written in the sort fields from the application-specific communication structures. Default If the value you enter is invalid, outputs are sorted by criterium 01. DELIVERYNUMBER Numbers which identify deliveries can be entered in the table. MESSAGEPROTOCOL The key attributes of the outputs processed including their processing status is returned in this structure. The following processing statuses are possible (PROC_STATUS):

E = Output was processed with errors.


P = Output was processed by another user between when you selected it

and tried to process it.

L = Output was locked at time of processing.

C = Output to be processed in repeat processing. There is, however a

new output.

S = Output processed successfully.

OUTPUTTYPE You can use the parameters in this structure to limit the output selection. Value range The following parameters are available: TRANS_MEDIUM: Indicates which output should be created. You can specify that the output should be printed or issued as an e-mail, for example. OUTPUT_TYPE Indicates the type of output that is created. RETURN Error messages are stored in the BAPI return parameter RETURN with the message types E (ERROR) W (WARNING) I (INFORMATION)