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Changing education paradigms Nowadays, there is a tendency worldwide to transform the public education system in order to teach people

how to take place in the changing economy and to have some kind of cultural identity. In order to do so, and with the aim of meeting the objectives of globalization and our changing world, we need to change the way we educate and the way in which we see education. According to Robinson, the main problem of the education system is that we are trying to meet the future doing what was done in the past and not taking into account the current needs of our students. We are educating and being educated with a system that was designed for a different age and conceived thinking of the economic circumstances of that moment. As time has gone by, many things have changed concerning the way in which students learn. Everybody knows that nowadays technology plays a very important role in peoples lives and that it is constantly changing. However, as Robinson states, there is also a tendency to think that technology distracts learners from learning and it is the reason why they do not pay attention to school and what happens there (it is really boring staff, according to him). Since people learn by doing what they like and what they feel passionate about, using technology in the classroom is a way to make students feel motivated about the class and the tasks that they have to develop. Implementing technology in the classroom is the way to transform the traditional boring classes into interesting and engaging learning experiences. Besides, it is a way to develop and awaken students creativity. For us, as teachers, to implement technology in our classes is a very challenging proposal because it is new and sometimes we can experience different kinds of problems such as few materials, little experience, little time, etc. However, we do not need to be experts if we want to implement some kind of technology. It is enough to have the necessary knowledge to teach students how to use it and also to learn from them too. Besides, we can make things work out if we plan the

classes with the materials that we have and make that everybody can participate even if the materials are few. The most important thing if we want to improve our education system and eliminate the fear towards technology in the classroom is to try it out. We will never know if something is useful if we do not try it first. So the invitation is for us to learn about technology and what we can do with it and start implementing it little by little so that we can have more meaningful and enriching learning experiences.

Maritza Rueda Juliana Nio