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Jonathan W.

Petersen, MBA, CeM

3289 Bentwood Drive SE • Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546 • 616.285.6182 (h) •
616.322.1712 (c) • • • (IM)
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Professional Profile
 Accomplished and experienced senior director with more than 25 years of
Internet marketing, general and direct marketing, strategic marketing, corporate
reputation management, national network news editing, and voice talent
 22 years longevity at Zondervan, the international Christian communications
 Big picture/strategic thinking oriented. Creative initiator of national programs
and campaigns. Experienced manager who helps people achieve their potential
and succeed through positive reinforcement.
 Possess strong knowledge and experience of both paid and earned Integrated
Marketing Communications.
 Strong proficiency and experience in Web 2.0 social media marketing strategy
and techniques.
 Awarded letter of commendation from Rupert Murdoch, Chairman & CEO, News
Corporation, and President’s Award from Bruce Ryskamp, President & CEO,
Zondervan for extraordinary service.
 Trained national radio journalist with excellent writing, editing, and news skills.
 Trained and experienced voice-over announcer with excellent voice modulation.
Professional audiobook narrator.
 Public speaker and seminar leader on a variety of public relations, integrated
marketing communications, and Internet marketing topics.
 Knowledgeable of Christian retail market and evangelical Christian subculture,
as well as general publishing market.
 Skilled in Word Of Mouth marketing best practices.
 Educator with The Council of Advisors, Gerson Lehrman Group, New York.
 Computer proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
 Thrive in an open and collaborative environment where ideas are valued and
team work is encouraged.
 Dedicated individual with a strong work ethic that combines energy, logic, and
 Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator: ENTP (Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving).
 Strengths Finder® Theme Assessment: Connectedness, Strategic, Achiever,
Intellection, Ideation.
Certifications and Professional Associations
 Certified eMarketer with the eMarketing Association.
 Currently working toward certification as a Google Advertising Professional.
 Graduate of the Four Roles of Leadership training course.
 Graduate of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People training course.
 Member: Online News Association, Public Relations Society of America, Audio
Publishers Association.
 Exhibited vision and leadership by establishing Zondervan’s Web presence in
1995, after having been (since 1993) directing Internet bulletin board marketing
campaigns and initiated and managed Zondervan’s award-winning Email Alert
 Wrote 30 extensive creative briefs, working cross-departmentally, to plan and
execute the $5 million restructuring of Zondervan’s entire multi-lingual complex
website, from multiple database integration to decentralized CMS
implementation to marketing-driven/user-centric operation.
 Initiated and grew each area of responsibility: Public Relations from one person
to six, from one category of books to the entire corporation; Academic
marketing from two people to ten, broadening it from the campus market to
include the church market and involve direct marketing with sales of $5 million;
Zondervan’s Internet presence from non-existent to robust and thriving for the
desktop and mobile environments; and Internet marketing from one person to
four, from narrow occasional online activity to broad strategic, continual, and
award-winning online programs.
 Guest lecturer in Social Media Marketing at Western Michigan University.
 Created, managed, and maintained Zondervan Radio Network of 350 member
stations representing 2,000 media outlets.
 Created, managed, and maintained Zondervan Press Syndicate of 430 member
publications representing more than 20 million readers.
 Oversaw Zondervan’s donation budget disbursement to civic, cultural, and
educational organizations.
 Judge for the Internet Advertising Competition by the Web Marketing
 Former inductee nominator for the Radio Hall of Fame.
 Former judge for the New York Festivals International Radio Awards, New York.
 Former Print/Web news editor for
 Competent Toastmaster.
 Voice talent narrating non-fiction books for digital download Internet sales.
 Seven year columnist for Religious Broadcasting magazine. Writer of more than
15 magazine articles, the latest of which is Mobile, Glocal, & Evangelism

 Winner of numerous awards including Effie, Marketing Sherpa’s Silver Mouse,
the Communicator Awards Crystal Award of Excellence, the Creativity in Public
Relations Awards Certificate of Excellence, New York Festivals International radio
Competition Silver Award, International Mercury Awards Gold Award, Public
Relations Society of America West Michigan Chapter Honorable Mention, and
Toastmaster International speech contest winner.
 Profiled in Marquis Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the Media &
Communications, Who’s Who Among Young American Professionals, Who’s Who
of Emerging Leaders in America, and Who’s Who in Advertising.
 Planned and executed national news conferences for such celebrities as Jimmy
Carter, Dan Quayle, Rosa Parks, Tom Landry, Dave Dravecky, Oliver North, Dave
Thomas, and Dr. C. Everett Koop.
 Have appeared on and been quoted by the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times,
Dallas Morning News, Chicago Tribune, CBS Radio Network, Publishers Weekly,
TIME, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Business Week, and others.
 Pioneered religion news service on United Press International Radio Network –
anchoring, reporting, writing, editing, and producing stories for stations
 MBA with an emphasis in Marketing, University of Phoenix, 2000-2008, GPA
 BA in Mass Communications, University of Wisconsin—La Crosse, 1976-1978.
 Diploma in Broadcast Communications, Moody Bible Institute, 1973-1976.
Professional Experience
 Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI, 1986-2008.
▫ Senior Director of Corporate & Internet Communications, 2007-2008.
▫ Director of Internet Marketing, 2001-2007.
▫ Marketing Director of Academic, Reference, & Ministry Resources and
Zondervan ChurchSource, 1999-2001.
▫ Chairman of Corporate Contribution Committee, 1994-2000.
▫ Marketing Director of Academic, Reference, & Ministry Resources and
Director of Corporate Affairs, 1997-1999.
▫ Director of Strategic Marketing and Corporate Affairs, 1996-1997.
▫ Corporate Internet Director, 1993-1999.
▫ Director of Media Relations and Public Affairs, 1986-1996.
 United Press International Radio Network, Washington, DC, 1984-1986.
▫ Religion News Editor.
 KTIG-FM, Pequot Lakes, MN, 1980-1984.
▫ Morning announcer, producer, news reporter, anchor, writer, network

 WIHS-FM, Middletown, CT, 1979-1980.
▫ Night announcer, producer, news reporter, anchor, writer, network
 Marketing: Internet, social media, mobile, viral, CGM, SEM, SEO, retail, direct.
 Public relations/corporate reputation management.
 Media coaching.
 Customer relationship management. Market research.
 Writing, editing, voice talent.
 Strategic planning. Branding.
Books That Have Shaped My Professional Perspective
 Permission Marketing by Seth Godin • Purple Cow by Seth Godin • The Tipping
Point by Malcolm Gladwell • Blink by Malcolm Gladwell • The Influentials by Ed
Keller and Jon Berry • The Long Tail by Chris Anderson (Anita Elberse's study
notwithstanding) • Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath • Creating
Customer Evangelists by Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba, and Guy Kawasaki
 “I have had the pleasure to work alongside Jon both at Zondervan and more
recently as a consultant to my company. In each and every business situation I
found him to be extremely bright, uniquely gifted, and completely engaged. Jon's
level of training, combined with time in grade, makes him a powerful resource
for online as well as offline initiatives. His work is rock solid and often award
winning. And his energy and willingness to do "whatever it takes" is tireless.
Moreover, he is a true maven and life-long learner which makes his ability to
research, assess, and teach a highly valuable asset to any project, team, or
company. Finally, inside and outside the workplace, Jon is a man of integrity and
a model of servant leadership.” Bill Oechsler, EVP of Marketing, Zondervan
 “I highly recommend Jonathan Petersen as a professional adept in the marketing
disciplines of Internet marketing, corporate communications, and public
relations. He truly understands the value of the Internet to connect people and
to deliver messages of significance. Jonathan is customer service oriented and
knows how important it is to stay on-budget and deliver what is promised on-
time. Jonathan is a person of solid character and adds value to each project he
works on.” John Topliff, VP of Marketing, Zondervan
 “I worked with Jonathan closely during the creation and implementation of our
company's marketing and ecommerce website. He was dedicated to the mission
of the company, the project, and to those that visited our site. Jon has a
tremendous amount of experience in Web marketing and did an excellent job in
managing and directing the tasks he was accountable for.” Sue Boylan, Sr. VP,
Business Technology Services, Zondervan
 “Jonathan is totally on top of his field, and continues to impress me with his
creativity and imagination. His contributions and reflections on twitter have
become indispensable daily readings for me, and he understands like few others
the ways in which the Internet is the chief delivery system of the future in a
Google World, while he also understands our Gutenberg World of the past 500
years. Jonathan thinks both/and naturally and is bilingual in both Gutenberg and
Google.” Leonard Sweet, Author & Futurist
 “For more than 20 years I worked with Jon Petersen at Zondervan Corporation.
He was Director of Media Relations when he hired me to be his associate. We
worked closely to not just pitch the media our products, but to serve their needs.
No one can communicate the essence of a project better than Jon. He intuitively
understands what customers need and stands ready to provide it to them. This
skill epitomizes Jon’s servant leadership and has accompanied him on his rise to
Senior Director of Corporate and Internet Communications. If you have an
opportunity to work with Jon, take it.” Sandra Vander Zicht, Associate
Publisher & Executive Editor, Zondervan
 “Jonathan was responsible for growing and developing Zondervan's Web
presence. With his natural foresight and leadership, he was able to anticipate
key developments in online communications. In addition to his professional
expertise, Jonathan possesses genuine integrity and a true collaborative spirit.”
Ben Irwin, Product Development Director, Zondervan
 “Jonathan was not afraid to lead the way when we worked together on a Web
project. He was always asking good questions to push us to excellence. Jonathan
does his homework and then applies his expertise.” Erick Mowery, Director,
Organizational Effectiveness, Zondervan
 “Having worked directly with Jonathan, I experienced his keen creative ability as
he imagined strategic "what ifs" while balancing careful thoughtfulness for the
tactical "how tos." He is an active listener and insightful thinker. Bottom line,
Jonathan gets the job done with excellent results.” Bonnie Schulte, Senior
Director of Marketing, Zondervan
 “Jonathan foresaw years ago where Internet and mobile technology were headed
and led Zondervan down the right path toward the future, pioneering mobile
marketing to name just one of his many accomplishments. You’d be hard pressed
to find a better tech-savvy visionary, copywriter, and editor, particularly one with
Jonathan’s impeccable character. It was a pleasure working with him.” Keith
Finnegan, Internet Marketing Manager, Zondervan
 “Jonathan is one of the most intelligent, motivated, and diligent men of integrity
with whom I have ever worked. He loves challenges, exhibited by his mastery of
Internet marketing, after becoming proficient in corporate communications,
which came after his stint as a journalist. It's hard to define quality, but Jon is it.”
Phil Bandy, Director of Marketing, Zondervan
 “Jon and I worked together in several different marketing positions over a 10-
year period. He has always been extremely diligent, well-organized, and
effective. Jon was the first on our marketing team to understand the potential of
digital marketing and help us exploit the Internet. He is a highly-skilled
communicator in both written and verbal formats as well as a person of utmost
integrity. I recommend Jon without reservation. He will be a tremendous asset to
any organization.” John Sawyer, Chief Strategy Officer, The Grey Matter
 “Jonathan Petersen was a consummate professional in his role of marketing and
public relations for Zondervan. For over 20 years, I've worked with him numerous
times. Throughout each exchange, I found Jonathan was detailed and excellent
at follow-through and completion of requests from outside the company for
media placement. His communication skills are remarkable and he operates with
the greatest integrity. If you have the opportunity to work with Jonathan, I urge
you to take it.” W. Terry Whalin, Owner, Whalin & Associates
 “Jonathan is smart, intuitive, hard-working and completely trustworthy. We have
worked together in several capacities and I would be happy to work with him
again anytime. He doesn't just do his job – he goes above and beyond. He has
my hearty recommendation.” Jeannette Taylor, Owner, JET Marketing
 “In the years I've known Jonathan, I found him to be an astute and gifted
professional. From time to time he as given me valuable advice and insight when
I was exploring various writing and publishing initiatives at The Dove Foundation.
I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking for a competent senior
management professional/advisor with unquestioned integrity.” Dick Rolfe, Co-
founder, CEO, The Dove Foundation
 “One of my "must read" items each day was the newsletter Jonathan produced
for Zondervan -- I still miss it! He is a talented communicator and an able
observer of trends.” Michael Duduit, Editor, Salem Communications
 “As one of Zondervan's authors, I found Jonathan to be responsive and
enthusiastic in his promotion of my work. He was quick to address any questions
or needs I had as an author. It has been a pleasure to work with him.” John
Koessler, Chair & Professor of Pastoral Studies, Moody Bible Institute