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To be able to analyze blood and other body fluids in a safe, efficient, and comfortable way is surely the ideal solution for many laboratories.  

and back . Remotely share images via Tele-Hematology The CellaVision DM96 can share database with other CellaVision DM analyzers. allowing centralized database management. St. Moreover. Head. efficient and comfortable way. Division of Hematological Pathology. 4 4 4 4 4 1 J Clin Pathol. functionality for digitizing an entire slide is offered. Break the cycle—find the perfect workflow The CellaVision® DM96 is a digital morphology system. Automatic cell location and pre-classification improves resource utilization. for educational purposes. synovial and pleural fluids. The system also pre-characterizes parts of the red blood cell morphology and provides functionality for platelet estimation. qualified review and shorter turn around times for complicated patient cases. An additional service is the ability to create digital slides. it allows for digital archiving of samples together with patient records. Brian Sheridan. neck. connectivity and collaboration CellaVision DM96 enables laboratories to analyze blood and body fluids. Toronto Advantages of automated image analysis as compared to manual analysis Increased productivity—speed and cost-efficiency Quality assurance—competence assurance and standardized results Ability to track information—digital archiving of samples together with patient journals Improved conditions for sample assessment— enhanced communication with other information systems and instruments in the laboratory. proficiency . One particular labor benefit is that highly skilled medical technologists are able to spend more time on difficult cases that require careful analysis and assessment. an ergonomically correct and relaxed working environment is also provided. installed at the same or a remote location. including cerebro- spinal. Michael’s Hospital. for performing automatic identification of the various types of white blood cells in peripheral blood and body fluids smears. Rob D Dinkelaar and Warry van Gelder 4 ” The CellaVision DM96 will fill one of the remaining missing pieces in the Hematology Laboratory’s quest for total automation in routine testing and will endow us with a very useful tool for teaching staff and students in hematological morphology. along with unique cell views on the PC screen. reduce the time spent performing differentials and make real-time collaboration between colleagues a natural part of the classification process. giving the user more access to information Improved cooperation within and between laboratories—transfer of digital images to experts outside the laboratories Improved ergonomics—eyes. Although primarily designed for hematology smears. By using the CellaVision® Remote Review Software it is possible to transfer digital images and results within and between laboratories. In addition. in a safe. as well as sharing of digital images with experts outside the laboratory.efficiency . Time saved may reach 50 percent 1. 2006 May 12. : 16698955 Examination of peripheral blood films using automated microscopy. the quality of results and employee satisfaction. evaluation of Diffmaster Octavia and CellaVision DM96 Huib Ceelie. Automatic cell-location and suggested classification. The software allows for strengthened competence. Dr. the digitization function is also applicable to other types of samples. The ability to archive images enables hospitals to look at previous cell images of patients in case of relapse. Furthermore.

• Regions Of Interest (ROI): • Tag interesting areas for review or for educational purposes. macrocytosis and poikilocytosis as • Pre-classification of seven classes. the US. Screening for abnormalities allows fast confirmation of the CBC analyzer’s results. CellaVision® Peripheral Blood Application Enhance blood film review and make more efficient use of experienced morphologists’ time. a single patient. set by the lab. micro-. For research and education only Part of CellaVision® Peripheral Blood Application. NEW F EA T URE Digital Slide Creation Digitize desired areas of interesting specimens within hematology. • available in 10x or 50x magnifi• Complete traceability of results at cation the individual cell level.0. • Export your ROI into presentations and educational material. • Designed to utilize standard hypochromasia.NEW CellaVision® Body Fluid Application Now body fluids and blood smears can be analyzed on the CellaVision DM96 at the same time. cell class or • Handling leukopenic samples is specific cell. • Allows confirmation of cell counter Digital scan of entire sample area: results in seconds. Key features & benefits • Cells are pre-classified into 18 classes. cell class or • Export your ROI into presentations specific cell. logy review and for educational • Add pre-coded or free text compurposes ments to any slide. • Provides functionality for performing platelet estimates. software v. cytocentrifuged slides. • Multiple RBC fields can be scanned Pending 510(k). aniso-. and educational material. • navigation in a digital sample • View cell classes side by side or all overview cells in a full screen view. not available for sale in as if on a virtual microscope. annotate and share digital slides with your students or colleagues. pathology and cytology. • RBC Morphology is automatically Key features & benefits pre-characterized for polychromasia. Get new possibilities such as networking and annotating. • Regions Of Interest (ROI): • Access customized reference cell • Tag interesting areas for Patholibrary. • Permanently store images • Add pre-coded or free text com—access a patient’s image history ments to any slide. cells in a full screen view. providing you with • View cell classes side by side or all percentages of each type. • Digital scan of desired sample area: • navigation in a digital sample overview • available in 10x or 50x magnifi- cation. either batched in blue or orange magazines or in a random access mode when interfaced to an LIS. Key features & benefits • Enhance. more efficient due to the ability to • Permanently store images merge cells from multiple slides on —access a patient’s image history. 2. . • Long term storage of regions of interest. • A dynamic micrometer facilitates additional RBC measurements. Canada • CellaVision Canada Inc • 2 Bloor St West Suite 2120 • Toronto. Japan • CellaVision Japan K. Blast Cells. Jupiter. USA • Support Hotline 800-390-1374 • us. Monocytes. • 20/F Yokohama LandMark Tower 2-2-1 Minatomirai • Nishi-ku. Lym- phocytes.6 x 24. Giant Plate- lets. based on eight high power fields (100x) 4Body Fluids Slide preparation methods • Standard cytocentrifuge preparation • Default settings for Shandon™/Wescor™/Statspin™ Stains Romanowsky stains (May Grünwald/Wright/Giemsa) Number of cells counted User definable Quality control • Built-in QC module for verification of the cell location accuracy Throughput Based on 6 mm sample area • Up to 25 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10x) • Up to 7 slides/h for differential (100 WBCs + 10x + 50x) Slide image size Based on 6 mm sample area 100 WBCs: ~5 MB 100 WBCs + 10x: ~10 MB 100 WBCs + 10x + 50x: ~150 MB Result parameters • WBC pre-classification: Neutrophils. FL 33458. Lund. Digital Slides • Up to 30 slides/h for 10x10 mm in 10x • Up to 2 slides/h for 10x10 mm in 10x + 50x Slide image size Peripheral Blood 100 WBCs: 100 WBCs + RBC: 100 WBCs + RBC + PLT: Digital Slides 10x10 mm in 10x: 10x10 mm in 10x + 50x: Optional Software CellaVision® Body Fluid Application CellaVision® Remote Review Software Recommended PC specifications • 64 MB graphics RAM with Open GL 1.K .com MM-033-2008-08-18 .com U. 6268611 and 6341180) Electronical Specification all system components • Voltage input: 230 VAC (115 VAC for US) • Current input: 4A (8A for US) Size (W x D x H) • 530 x 600 x 630 mm • 20.Technical Specifications General System components • PC with Windows XP • Slide Scanning Unit • CellaVision® DM Software (U. Macrophages (including Monocytes). up to 96 slides in eight maga- zines Oil dispensing Automatic Archiving of results and images • Supported media: CD-R/CD-RW and LAN Storage capacity • Primary storage: On local hard drive 20 GB • Secondary storage: Unlimited when transferred to external storage media via LAN Printer support • Laser/inkjet printers supported by Windows XP Communications • Bi-directional LIS support. Metamyelocytes. Lymphocytes. Variant Lymphocytes. Blasts and Tumor cells) and Unidentified. Myelocytes. Platelet Clumps.S • CellaVision Inc • 1555 Jupiter Park Drive. ON M4W 3E2 • Support Hotline 800-390-1374 • Other (Basophils. Plasma Cells and Unidentified • Non WBC pre-classification: Smudge.9 x 23. Yokohama. • Continuous feed. • Non WBC pre-classification: Smudge cells and Artefacts Applications 4Peripheral Blood Slide methods (wedged) • Automated slide maker and stainers • HemaPrep®/MiniPrep® automated blood smearing device • Manual smears Stains Romanowsky stains (May Grünwald/Wright/Giemsa) Number of cells counted User definable Quality control • Built-in QC module for verification of the cell location accuracy. Sweden • Ph +46 46-286 44 00 • info@cellavision.2 support • Ethernet adapter 10/100 Mbps • 512 MB RAM • 100 MB free disk space • CPU Pentium IV CellaVision® Competency Software Accessories • Label printer kit • Barcode labeled slide magazines • Immersion oil • QC barcode labels ~5 MB ~6 MB ~6 MB ~45 MB ~500 MB World Headquarters • CellaVision AB. micro. 220-8120 • Ph +81-45-670-7110 • jp. hy- pochromasia and poikilocytosis is performed in an overview image corresponding to eight high power fields (100x) • PLT estimate: The graphical user interface allows manual estimation of the PLT concentration.S. Patent No. Suite 6. Ideon Science polychromasia. Throughput Peripheral Blood • Up to 35 slides/h for complete differential (100 WBC+RBC+PLT) • Up to 60 slides/h for RBC and/or PLT only. Eosinophils. Atypical lymphocytes.8 inches Slide handling • Requires barcode labeled slides with clipped/round corners • Slides are loaded into magazines with the capacity of 12 slides each. Promyelocytes. Basophils. ASTM • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps • E-mail Result parameters • WBC pre-classification: Segmented and Band Neutrophils. Eosinophils. Lymphoma cells. walk away.and macrocytosis. Erythoblasts (NRBC) • RBC pre-characterization: Automated pre-characterization of aniso-. SE-223 70.

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