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Product Information 3. Aug.2010(HK)

GEV = Association for the Control of Emissions in Products for Flooring Installation. EMICODE = Emission Code EC1 = Very Low Emission EC2 = Low Emission EC3 = Not Low Emission


For smoothing and levelling 0.5 - 5 mm in one application
especially for smoothing and levelling concrete and cement/sand screeds low dust generation during mixing free-flowing pumpable comply with DIN 18354 & JC/T 985-2005 standard

Thomsit DD is a standard smoothing and levelling compound for mineral based subfloors, especially cement/sand screed and concrete. Can be applied 0.5 - 5 mm in one application. Especially suitable for pump application. Roller castor resistant >1mm. Suitable for use over underfloor heating. Thomsit DD is not recommended as a wearing surface. For interior use only.

Special cement with selected additives. Very low emission GEV EMICODE EC1 certified product. Set to foot traffic in approximately 5 hours.

The substrate must be free from structural defects, sound i.e. of adequate compressive and tensile strength, permanently dry and free from laitance, dust, surface treatments or contamination, which would impair the bond of the Thomsit product(s). It may be necessary to mechanically prepare the surface of the substrate. Substrate requirements: Strength C15; surface hardness > 1.2MPa; humidity of subfloor 4% Ensure the correct Thomsit primer is selected prior to the application of this product if in doubt please contact Thomsit Technical Services.

Thomsit DD must be mixed in a clean container with clean water (6.0 ltrs to 25 kg bag of powder). Mix with a drill and suitable attachment. Mix to a lump-free consistency. Wait for 2-3 minutes and mix again for 1 minute. Apply the product to the required thickness using a suitable finishing trowel. Alternatively, Thomsit DD can be applied with a proprietary continuous feed mixer pump. . Avoid drafts and direct sunlight. Warm ambient conditions, warm powder and/or mixing water will reduce the working and setting times; conversely, in cold conditions working and setting times will be extended. When applying above 5 mm (in one application), substitute with either Thomsit DX (0.5 10 mm), or Thomsit DE 95 (3 40 mm).

Thomsit DD

Technical Information
Colour Supplied as Powder density Mixing ratio Consumption pH Initial setting to DIN 1164 Final setting to DIN 1164 Set to foot traffic Set to covering Application Temperature Application Time Compressive Strength Flexural/ Bending Strength Tensile Bonding Strength Flowing Property Storage Packaging Standard grey powder 1.3 kg/L. 6.0 ltrs. clean water for 25 kg of DD approx. 1.5 kg/m2 per 1 mm thickness approx. 12 * 30 - 60 minutes * 60 - 120 minutes * approx. 5 - 10 hours * approx. 1 - 2 days 5 - 30C Approx. 30 minutes 1 day = 10.4 MPa; 28 days = 30.8 MPa 1 day = 3.7 MPa; 28 days = 6.9 MPa 1.25 MPa 27 1 cm 6 months under dry and normal conditions (Max. in 7 layers) paper bag: 25kg pallet quantity: 48

Comply to JC/T 985-2005, DIN 18354

* The above information applies at normal ambient conditions, e.g. 23 C and 50-55% Relative Humidity.

Health & Safety

Contains cement. Strong alkali when mixed with water, protect eyes and skin. If the product comes into contact with skin rinse off with clean water. If the product comes into contact with eyes, rinse with clean water immediately and seek medical advice. Avoid inhalation of dry powder. Where appropriate, wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) e.g. gloves, eye protection. For further advice, please read the relevant Thomsit Safety Data Sheets, available upon request.
Apply with a suitable finishing trowel Suitable for pump application Care should be taken to inform & protect others during use VOC emission below 200 g/m3 For improved Indoor & Environmental Air Quality

Do not pour directly into drains. Retain the product for later use, or if beyond shelf life, mixes with water allow to cure and then dispose have in accordance with local regulations. Dispose of empty packaging in accordance with local regulations, or where appropriate recycle.

The information contained herein is general and not intended to be specific to any substrate, project or product system. The information is based on our experience to-date and the results of continuous and careful testing. Varying conditions and methods of use will influence the practical application of this product. The products optimum performance is also dependent upon the professional judgement of the user and their conformity to proper trade practice, relevant standards and codes of practice for installation, which are factors outside of our control. The issue of this Thomsit Product Information Sheet supersedes all previous information relevant to this product.

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